Summer Vacation Memory Craft For Kids

15 of Our Favorite Summertime Crafts for Kids

Summer Vacation Memory Craft For Kids

Annie Schlechter

You'll find tons of projects—sunprints, rock and seashell animals, and bubble wands—to keep the kids busy, building, and inspired all season long.

Annie Schlechter

To a child, the notion of two weeks' vacation (and maybe three personal days) simply does not compute. Vacation means summer—the happiest, freest two months of the year. It is a time to go barefoot. It is a time to “collect” frogs. It is a time to ride along wherever your imagination takes you. Fuel up for that journey with our kids crafts for the summer.

It's just the thing—or 15 things—those gloriously unscheduled hours of summer call for, loaded with charming ideas for making puppets, games, gifts, and accessories; doing cool science experiments; and crafting their own little worlds, this dollhouse.

Packing a few easy-to-transport crafts will keep a creative crew entertained—no messy paint or glue required. Before you leave, print out templates and full how-tos from our tutorials. This collection is filled with ideas for memorable summer activities.

Our papier-mâché toys is one of our favorites, with a great messy craft for summer (you can do it outside). At the beach, inspire them to build sandcastles with seashells and rocks that wash up on shore from the tide. Party favors can be filled with delicious treats that are great for birthday parties, the Fourth of July, or anytime at all.

And if you have prolific young crafters, fill your summer scrapbook with photographs of their masterpieces. When they grow up and look back, they might be pleasantly surprised by their first aspirations.

This treasure trove will inspire them to become makers and doers. And that doesn't fill just a rainy afternoon or a summer vacation—it lasts a lifetime.



Get the Seashell Crafts How-To

The sea can inspire you to create animals of all sorts—and not just the kinds with fins, scales, and tentacles.

You can glue seashells together to make land-loving creatures, too; collect a bunch and then experiment with shapes and sizes before gluing them in place.

Sturdy bivalve shells make fine bodies and heads, while tall, skinny augers are perfect for legs and arms. If you can't collect them from the shore, inexpensive bags of shells can be found at crafts stores or gift shops.

When it comes to bubble-making contests, those wands that come in the little plastic bottles just don't do the job. Luckily, it's easy to create a blower that produces oversize bubbles—and a homemade solution that will keep you in steady supply. You can also use store-bought solution.

To make bubble solution, pour 10 cups water, four cups dishwashing soap, and one cup corn syrup into a large shallow container. Stir to combine. (You can also use store-bought solution.

) Thread cotton twine through two straws (cut off any flexible section of the straws), and make a rectangle with straws as long sides and string for short dies; knot, and trim excess. Holding the straws, and keeping the blower slack, dip in solution and lift out.

Then, carefully pull the straws apart so string is tight, and blow (you may need to practice a bit). You can shift position of straws to form bubbles of different shapes and sizes.

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Get the Ocean Diorama How-To

Making a vacation “scrapbox” of your seaside finds lets you take a little bit of the beach home with you. The inside of empty sardine cans are especially appropriate here; not only do they make great frames, but their labels feature classic nautical images—fish, lighthouses, and the —that you can cut out and use to enhance the overall effect

Get the Sponge Ball How-To

Great for a game of tag on a scorching hot day, squishy sponge balls (made from kitchen sponges) are summer's alternative to snowballs. They also make a family chore car-washing more fun.

Everything will go just swimmingly when you're wearing this aquatic-themed tee. Using fabric paint and a rubber fish, it couldn't be easier to give your outfit a splashy update. Mix paints to find a shade that suits the fabric.

Brush a thin layer of fabric paint onto a rubber fish, making sure to cover all the textures of the surface. Place the fish on work surface. Lay the shirt over the fish and, with fingers, press thoroughly all over to pick up the details (but be careful not to shift the mold). Carefully lift shirt up.

Let it set according to paint manufacturer's instructions.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart Family Friendly Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint, $2.49, Martha Stewart Crafts Basic Brush Set, $20,



These cool accessories find their inspiration in summer camp projects. To make the center necklaces, cut two pieces of lanyard about twice the length of the desired finished product. Slide a bead over both pieces to just off center; leave at least a 12-inch tail.

Loop the ends of both pieces back over the bead and thread through again (creating a backstitch). Repeat with all beads; finish with another tail at least 12 inches long. Secure around neck with a double knot. To make the necklace on the right, cut enough pieces to the desired length to fill hole in bead.

Thread all pieces through the holes of each bead, spacing as desired (the tight fit will hold the beads in place).

Shop Now: Bead Landing Natural Wooden Round Beads, 15mm, $3, Parachute Cord, $3.49,

Get the Tie-Dyeing How-To

Wet, wild, and, yes, a little messy, tie-dyeing is the perfect way to keep kids entertained on a summer day. Even adults will appreciate that moment of anticipation just before the unraveling of rubber bands reveals their own vibrant creations.

Aaron Dyer

Get the Friendship Bracelets How-To

Patterned bracelets woven from embroidery floss are fun to make and to share. Once you learn the basic technique, you can expand your repertoire to include a range of stylish necklaces and even belts (use yarn instead of floss).


You can keep vacation memories a little stronger a little longer with vacation memory jars. Filled with souvenirs collected on trips and pictures developed afterward, they are little worlds that can be visited again and again. Kids can also add to them or rearrange them anytime they . Bent wire can be used to lower and position objects in a thin-necked jar.

Shop Now: Ashland Wide-Mouth Pint Mason Jar, 97¢ each,

Jennifer Causey

On a sunny day, take the kids outside to collect objects with interesting shapes and silhouettes (the more intricate the negative space, the better). Place the objects flat, being careful not to bend stems or break leaves. The magic of sunprinting turns a sheet of light-sensitive paper into a work of art preserving the specimens they find.

Annie Schlechter

Get the Rock Crafts How-To

Those smooth stones you collect on nature walks and on strolls along the shore have a lot of life in them—you just need to apply some paint and glue to form alligators, ladybugs, frogs, and more. You can even paint a whole school of fish the one shown here.


Here's a quick, fun, foolproof way to dress up even the most plain-Jane rubber sandals. A butterfly fluttering near your toes is pretty; a slithering snake or spotted lizard might just make your friends jump their suits!

Play around with the arrangement of the animals until you the look; we embellished each flipflop with only one figure but you can use as many as you . An adult should hot glue the creature in place (make sure glue gun is on a high setting). Alternatively, adhere with a thick, clear-drying glue, such as magna tac. Let them dry before wearing.

Shop Now: Old Navy Solid-Color Flip-Flops, $4, Safari Ltd. TOOBS Coral Reef, $12, Craft Smart Low Temp Mini Glue Gun, $3,

Johnny Miller

For a portable version of classic board games, try making a roll-up board from a place mat. Stamp one side with a checkerboard and the other with a tic-tac-toe grid.

When the fun is over, shake off the fabric and toss it in the bag.

Before your game, go on a hunt for game pieces: Stones, shells, even larger pieces of sea glass will work—assign lighter hued pieces to one player, and darker ones to the other.

Using a ruler and a disappearing-ink pen, draw guidelines for tic-tac-toe on the back and checkers on the front of a fabric place mat. Then, dip a vinyl eraser into fabric paint and stamp the design along the guidelines. (An adult may have to use a utility knife to cut the eraser to an appropriate shape; for thinner lines, use the side of the eraser.) Let dry.

Shop Now: West Elm Cotton Canvas Placemat, in Bluebird, $15.20 for 2, Loops & Threads Disappearing Ink Pen, $7.49, Martha Stewart Family Friendly Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint, $2.49,

These finger puppets are a snap to make with squares of paper and a set of markers. Make a few folds, and watch as the characters' personalities start to emerge; finish by drawing facial details. If you start with origami paper, which comes in convenient squares, you don't even have to do any cutting.

Fold the top corner of square paper down to the bottom; reopen. Fold the bottom corner up to the middle; refold the top down. Fold the left and right corners down to the bottom. Fold the bottom points up, angled, beyond the top edges.

(Where you fold will determine length of ears; make some shorter than others if desired.) Fold the sides in at an angle, as shown. Fold the bottom point up to meet the top center point; flip over. Fold the tips of center points to the back.

Draw on facial details.

Shop Now: World Market Mini Origami Kit, $8,


Gentl and Hyers

Rather than waiting until you get home, put together little “scrapbooks” while you travel using a hole punch and loose-leaf rings. You might, for example, draw interesting looking cars and trucks on plain tabs (these have prepunched holes), or record highlights on postcards.

Or try tucking souvenirs into envelopes (one for each stop on a multi-stop trip), using a map cut to size for the cover; mark each city on the map with a sticker, and add a matching sticker to color-code each envelope.

Punch holes in the corners of your assembled books, and hold them all together with a ring.

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10 Summer DIY Craft Ideas For Your Child |

Summer Vacation Memory Craft For Kids

3 to 7 years

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Apr 15, 2018

Summer-time brings the fun time for children. Summer holidays for children comprise of a lot of playing, yet they tend to get bored in no time.

Parents dread hearing a lot of “I am bored” from their children and if you fear the same, worry not as I am giving you a number of summer craft ideas for your child. Let this summer holiday not only be all about playing but also about getting creatively crafty.

With these summer vacation craft ideas for your child, your child will be happily engaged in creating something beautiful and wonderful. Summer crafts are not only fun but also hold an educational purpose.

10 Summer Crafts Options for Kids and Toddlers

Look out for these DIY summer arts & craft ideas for your child. Check these..

  • Bubbles are a piece of magic and tend to grab the attention of children. So why not teach your child making their very own bubbles? The best part in making bubbles is that you will find all required ingredient in your kitchen. All you will need is dish washing soap, glycerine, water, a jar and a string to blow the bubbles from. If you wish to make colourful bubbles, food colouring can be added to it
  • This is no ordinary painting job and sure your child will love this craft to the core. You can ask your child to go hunting for smooth looking rocks, the size that can fit in his/her hands. With the painting colours, he/she can paint the rocks as per the desired character. Be it little bugs, a caterpillar, butterfly and so on. Let your child’s imagination fly high
  • This is similar to the above mentioned idea. All you will need is a few bottle caps or even plastic spoons will do along with some painting colours, glue and googly eyes. Ask your child to paint the bottle caps in the form of a bug. With the spoons, your child can make a grasshopper or a dragonfly it, with googly eyes stuck on it. If you have plants at home or in your backyard, you can place these crafts in the pot
  • You will need a pair of sunglasses, glue and colourful glitter and some feathers if you want to get more creative. Ask your child to put some glue on the rim of the sunglasses and dip them in to the colourful glitter. You can even add feathers on either side to get crafty
  • This craft idea is a perfect example of best waste. On the days when the heat outside is unbearable, let your child stay indoors, while you can help him/her to make a newspaper fort the old newspaper stock. Just roll the sheets of newspaper in to tight rolls to create a fort- structure, which can be secured with a tape. You can cover up this fort with a huge cloth, which is not in use. Your child can invite his/her friends to play in this fort
  • The idea behind this game is to get creative as well as add some learning to the same. You will need colourful yarn, straws and some glue. All your child will have to do is wrap the yarn around the straws and create letters it. He/she can even create their name it, which can be later used to hang in their bedroom wall.

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  • Your child will absolutely love this idea as it contains their favourite superhero/Disney princess toy. If your child has a small plastic figurine, use it to the best. You will need a glass jar or a glass mug, which can be filled with sand half way up. Make the plastic figurine stand tall in it and ask your child to decorate it with adding items seashells, artificial flowers and glitter in it. You can keep this craft on your table or on your child’s study table as a showpiece.
  • This is my personal favourite as I made a bunch of them when I was young. This thrilling craft will only require a few supplies. Your child can begin by decorating the outside of his/her kaleidoscopes and then attaching those papers to construction paper. Add cardstock with foil attached to make the inside and then fold. You can use glue or tape to keep them together and then you just need to add the sequins and glitter
  • A child who has a great time on a vacation gets bummed on coming back home. If your child loves to collect keepsakes from all the places you have been till date, help him/her make a memory jar for the same. You will only need a glass jar for every place you visit and add the little items collected, from each particular place to the jars. This will bring back the memories of the vacation that will enlighten the mood of your child
  • How about doing a summer craft as well as some social work hand in hand? Sounds a fantastic idea to teach some values to your child whilst getting crafty? You will need a milk carton to make this bird feeder that can be hanged up on the wall of your front or backyard. Just ask your child to cut out a medium sized hole on the carton where sufficient amount of grains can be stored. Your child can even paint and decorate it as he/she s. Apart from being one great project, your child will have the benefit of watching birds come over to have some snack

These are some of the best child friendly craft ideas that your child will enjoy indulging in, thus, escaping from the scorching heat outside. 

Did you the blog? Did you find it useful? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below; we’d love to hear from you.

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Kid’s Journal Album – An Easy DIY & Free Printables

Summer Vacation Memory Craft For Kids
This post may contain affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy here.

If you have summer vacation or travelling with the kids coming up, this kid’s journal album is an amazing tool for your child to record their vacation memories!

I wanted to get my kids their own journals for summer vacation. I looked for the little school journals with a blank top half and lined bottom half, so they could draw or write a journal entry each day. Well where I live, there are basically no school supplies to be found in May — they arrive in late July or August.

So I worked my hamster wheel to come up with a similar journal I could make myself, in the easiest way possible. Here’s what I came up with.

I took a photo album for 100 4×6 photos (2 per page) and added 4×6 index cards that are ruled on one side and blank on the other.

I painted the photo album cover with acrylic craft paint and added the cover title card “My Summer Memories.” I also made monthly title cards for June, July, August and September.

And voila! A summer journal album that’s even better than the original journal I had in mind.

The cover is more durable, the pages are better protected, and it’s more versatile because any slot could be a drawing card, a writing card, or a photo!

When I realized how perfect this is for a kid’s memory journal, and also how affordable and easy it is for anyone to do, I knew I had to share this with you all!

Your child can draw pictures, write notes or stories, and include photos, for each day of their vacation (or more or less often as they want).

Plus, you can make this very easily for under five dollars!

Let’s go through how to make it yourself.

DIY Kid’s Journal Album Tutorial

A quick note — painting the album cover is totally optional, but it’s a great way to personalize it for your child and make it special to them. I painted mine in each of my girls’ favorite colors. You could even get your kid to do the cover makeover, to really make it their own.


  • 4×6 photo album
  • 4×6 ruled index cards
  • Cardstock (for cover card and/or monthly cards, if using)
  • Acrylic paint, your choice of color
  • Craft sponge brush
  • Painter’s tape
  • Craft sealer (Mod Podge, Decou-Page, etc)
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors
  • New pen


1. Print and trim out the album title card and monthly title cards.

2. Tape over the album spine with painter’s tape. (I didn’t paint the spine because I thought the paint would crack with bending.) If you want you can also tape off the inside edge to paint as well.

3. Use the sponge brush to first paint the inside edge (optional). Then prop some jars or whatever you have under the album to give you space to paint the outside cover. Make a good solid coat to cover so you won’t need two coats. Let dry a couple of hours.

4. With a wet sponge brush for a thinner and smoother application, cover the painted area with craft sealer. Let dry a few hours.

5. Remove the painter’s tape. Add the printable cover title card and frame with Washi tape.

6. Attach a new pen to the front cover with a strip of Washi tape.

7. Finally, fill the album pockets with the index cards and the monthly title cards (these can be moved around as needed).

This kid’s journal album would be a really special gift. You could include a disposable camera or kid’s camera, or a pack of crayons, colored pencils or felts.

Depending on your child’s age and interests, they may have more drawings, or more photos, or more writing, and that’s the best part! This album is so flexible — it works for many ages and stages, and they choose how they want to record their memories.

Why A Kid’s Journal Album Is Awesome

Journaling is a great way for kids to enjoy some quiet time during a busy vacation, and to reflect on their exciting experiences that will become precious childhood memories.

As they record their daily activities and thoughts at the end of each day, they’re able to retain the fresh details for more vivid memories. And they may even become more aware of their experiences as they happen, as they try to notice details and appreciate the life that they’ll journal about.

Alright, it’s time for me to stop talking about it and you to start making it!

First up, grab the free printable cover title card and monthly cards! These free printables are for my blog followers, so if you’d to download them just follow my blog here and I’ll hook you up


100 Awesome Crafts for Kids – Mommy Poppins – Things to Do with Kids

Summer Vacation Memory Craft For Kids

Did you know plastic milk jugs make awesome fairy houses, or sugar cubes are a fun substitute for Lego bricks? Sometimes we all need a little inspiration to get our creative juices flowing. And we're here to help, with a mega list of 100 arts and crafts projects you can do with your kids in the comfort of your own home.

Our list of creative boredom busters, includes everything from paper crafts, crafting a decorative paper mache bowl, to our best slime recipes, inventive STEM activities, and projects perfect for the artsy preschooler in your life.

So, embrace your inner maker, and your newfound homebound existence, roll up your sleeves, and craft some memories and pretty cool finished projects in the process!

String paintings are an easy craft project that produces stunning, surprising artistic creations.

Yarn, String, Fabric, and Fiber Crafts

1. Surprise yourself with these one-of-a-kind paint creations made with string.

2. Tie-dye without the mess? Yes, it can be done! Learn how to create beautiful swirls with Sharpies.

3. Adorn T-shirts and tote bags (or anything else made of fabric) with this super simple no-wax batik method.

4. If the weather outside isn't cooperating, craft some paddles and enjoy a game of balloon tennis; it's the perfect way to get out some of that energy!

5. Create unique jewels to rival the queen's using nothing more than buttons and pipe cleaners.

6. Boring paintbrushes are so last year! Watch the colors spread across the paper when you paint with a straw.

7. Turn swirls and whirls of glue into mini masterpieces with an easy salt painting.

8. Arm knitting is the perfect way to introduce kids to the yarn craft. Learn how to make an awesome infinity scarf without a cumbersome time commitment.

9. Being on-trend has never been so easy: Make this adorable pompom necklace.

10. Simply wrap colorful yarn around a chenille stem to create these stunning yarn words and shapes.

11. Macrame is the art of knotting cord or yarn to create different patterns. Learn how to make a simple wall hanging here.

12. There is a lot of prep involved in making string art. But the quiet time spent winding embroidery floss around tiny nails may make it worth it.

13. Popsicle stick weaving is wonderfully colorful and brings up nostalgic camp memories.

14. Create hundreds of tiny bubbles in a single breath with this bubble snake gun.

15. Finger crocheting is the perfect travel craft—you need very few supplies (just yarn and your fingers), and the possibilities are endless.

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Your little one will look a pretty princess with a beautiful, hand-crafted flower crown.

Arts and Crafts Inspired by Nature

16. These nature crowns are suitable for any royal occasion.

17. Keep the magic of summer alive by crafting a nature wand.

18. Create a beautiful bouquet of stamped roses using paint and a celery stalk.

19. Not only are bird feeders enjoyable to make, but they also provide hours of entertainment for the kids, plus nourishment for the neighborhood flock.

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Kids love collecting things, and making a frame is a great way to keep all their keepsakes together.

20. Use found objects to create a memory frame and preserve your family vacation.

21. Part art, part meditation, mandala art is a calming activity you can do almost anywhere.

22. Let your kids discover the textures of different seashells by painting them fantastic colors!

23. Create kindness and cultivate compassion—all by painting a rock!

24. Sundials have been around since ancient times. See if you can figure out what time it is by crafting one of your own.

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This beautiful nature weaving craft takes just a few items to make. Photo by DirtyKids HappyKids via Instagram

25. Grab some twine, sticks, and whatever you can find around the yard to make a stunning nature weaving.

26. Create glistening original artwork using frozen water and natural elements such as leaves, sticks, and flowers.

27. If nature provides the best inspiration, then nature paintbrushes are sure to take creativity to the next level.

28. After you've peeled your avocado, turn the skin into a boat!

29. Whimsical flower crowns are easier to make than you may think. Get all the details here.

30. Make sun print paper with construction paper, contact paper, and a little bit of patience. Learn how here.

31. Nature provides us with such a beautiful canvas. Examine the structure of a leaf or the texture of tree bark by making nature rubbings.

32. Take a hike and make an awesome nature bracelet.

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Turn scraps of paper in a crafty paper mache bowl.

Paper Crafts

33. The more colors, the merrier! Turn leftover scraps of paper into a functional paper mache bowl.

34. Any greeting card can be transformed into a bookmark with some ribbon or string.

35. Make a cute, easy kite from a paper lunch bag.

36. Just about any leftover scraps of paper can be transformed into paper beads. A little attention to detail and a whole lot of Mod Podge results in these awesome designs.

37. Up-cycle those magazines into something useful. Make envelopes following these simple directions.

38. With enough practice, you can fold squares of origami paper into just about anything.

39. Originally from Panama, molas are colorful fabric panels. Learn how to make them paper here.

40. Pinwheels are one of those things that makes us all wish for “the good old days.” Lucky for you and the kids, they are easy to craft!

41. Cool off while looking cool with these handmade paper fans.

42. Grab some tissue paper and create a beautiful bouquet. 

43. Paper airplanes are fun, but giant paper airplanes are even better.

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These whimsical flower paintings are an easy, fun, and relatively mess-free craft project.

Preschooler-Friendly Crafts

44. Transform pompoms and clothespins into paintbrushes to create these simple flowers.

45. A few twirls of a pipe cleaner around a finger opens up a whole world of imaginative play.

46. Nothing makes my kid smile more than bubbles—add paint to those bubbles and watch the fun begin.

47. Make a cute garden-themed busy box from felt scraps.

48. Ice paints are a perfect way to spend a warm afternoon with your favorite toddler.

49. Paper plate twisting is an action art activity perfect for a tactile learner.

50. Bathtubs are the ideal place for a little messy play! This bathtub finger paint does not disappoint.

51. Q-tip painting produces stunning works of pointillist-style art.

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Watercolors on coffee filters make a magical masterpiece.

52. The swirls and whirls of watercolors on coffee filters are pure magic. Transform these creations into a coffee filter butterfly.

53. Salad spinner art is budget-friendly and easy to set up. Plus, the paint splatters are contained for easy cleanup!

54. You can never have enough bubbles! Tape together a handful of straws and become a human bubble machine.

55. There is nothing quite as thrilling to a toddler as watching marbles race through this homemade cardboard tube run.

56. When in doubt, make play dough.

57. Little ones will love digging into these sensory bins for exploratory play.

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Have fun crafting a verdant little world in a Mason jar.

STEAM-Inspired Craft Projects

58. Introduce your kids to gardening with Mason jar terrariums.

59. The possibilities are endless when you mix glue and a few other materials to create the perfect slime.

60. Learn about the Japanese art of Gyotaku, or fish printing, to measure the daily catch.

61. Sugar cubes are suitable for way more than sweetening beverages! Engineer structures houses or sugar cube igloos.

62. Send secret messages with crayons and watercolors. Find out how here.

63. Learn how to make a rainbow walk.

64. Edible science is always a win in my book. Homemade rock candy is a surefire hit!

65. Engage in a marshmallow toothpick building competition. She who builds the tallest tower gets to eat all the marshmallows!

66. We all know what happens when you mix oil and water. Add a little food coloring and salt to this scientific reaction and create a lava lamp.

67. Believe it or not, you don't need fancy equipment to make homemade ice cream: Try these step-by-step instructions for making ice cream in a bag.

68. Explore the intricate balance of nature in a Mason jar with a tabletop biosphere.

69. Here's a no-mess activity: Race your soap boats all while learning about friction.

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Garbage never looked so cute as when crafted into these egg carton flowers.

Arts and Crafts Using Recycled Materials

70. Don't recycle that empty egg carton before pulling out the paints to make pretty egg carton flowers.

71. Shrinky Dinks were pretty much a staple of my childhood, but did you know you can make them from recycled plastic you probably have in your home? Learn how here.

72. Kids go through a lot of T-shirts. You can turn them into market totes with this simple, no-sew method. 

73. Say hello to summer breezes by making earth-friendly wind chimes.

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I-spy bottles are a great way to recycle materials and keep your kids entertained at almost no cost. 

74. Keep your road trip entertainment screen-free by making an I-spy bottle.

75. When you bend and cut cardboard tubes, you can create stamps that are perfect for chubby little hands.

76. Transform an old plastic milk jug into an awesome fairy house. Bonus: It's waterproof—so it can live outdoors in the yard.

Make boats with your old pool noodles. 

77. Repurpose those worn out pool noodles into a boat and keep the fun afloat!

78. You may have outgrown your favorite T-shirt, but that's no reason to toss it. Transform rags into riches with this easy T-Shirt Bracelet.

79. Pop! Pop! Pop! Who can resist bubble wrap? Mix in a little paint, and these crafts are pretty much irresistible.

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A simple collection of straws can be crafted into a nifty whistle.

Musical Crafts

80. Follow these three easy steps to make a straw whistle, and you will be humming a happy tune!

81. If you find the sound of rain pattering against the windows soothing, then this rain stick is the perfect project.

82. Get pitch perfect by creating a harmonica using craft sticks and elastic bands.

83. Grab some beans, old coffee cans, elastic bands, cardboard boxes, and whatever else moves you to make a recycled musical instrument.

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Kids love squirt guns, and when you fill them with paint, it takes art-making to a whole new level. 

More Creative Arts and Crafts Projects We Love

84. Fill water guns with paint and watch the colors swirl, drip, and splatter with squirt-gun painting.

85. We all know thumbprints are unique. So, it makes sense to turn them into original pieces of art.

86. Munch your way through a rainbow with this food art project!

87. Simply freeze a shallow pan of water to create this mini Winter Olympics venue.

88. Create a winter wonderland inside a Mason jar with water, glitter, and some corn syrup.

89. Make a healthy popsicle with fruit, yogurt, and a touch of honey.

90. Simply mix vanilla pudding with food coloring and presto: You have pudding paint.

91. Even the youngest artist gets incredible results from tape resist name art. Bonus idea: Use the same technique to craft a DIY Mother's Day Card.

92. Make dream catchers paper plates to capture all those whimsical childhood ideas.

93. Sponge balls are just as fun as water balloons—and reusable! Learn how to make them here.

94. Puppet play is excellent for social-emotional growth and early literacy skills. These super-simple popsicle stick puppets bring imagination to life.

95. Popsicle stick puzzles don't have lots of little pieces that can get lost, which makes them even more fun.

96. Turn all those souvenir theme park and amusement park maps into magnets and let the family fun memories “stick” with you.

97. Wiggly worm puppets take about 10 minutes to make—and leave zero mess behind. Plus, they inspire hours of imaginative play.

98. Watching tiny spheres of color explode onto a canvas is mesmerizing when you create water balloon art.

99. Your kids will never have as much fun getting clean as they will with these DIY bath bombs.

100. Turn cookies, candies, and cereals into beads with this deliciously creative candy necklace.

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FAMILY VACATION CRAFTS FOR KIDS: How to Make Memory Saving Family Travel Arts & Crafts Projects & Activities for children, Teens, and Preschoolers

Summer Vacation Memory Craft For Kids

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What a wonderful trip with the kids this year. Could you have imagined that they would be so well behaved on that long car ride? Of course they never would have put up with it without the help of all those great travel crafts to keep them busy during that otherwise boring trip.

So much better seeing the smiles from doing traveling crafts in the car and playing the travel games they made before the trip than just listening to the beeps and boops from electronics and the stale cold faces with glazed over eyes from watching videos all those hours.

Now that we're back we definitely have to make some vacation memory crafts to immortalize the trip. This one was definitely worth remembering. Good times.

Binder Ring Travel Journal

You will need 2 – 14 inch x 22 inch sheets of sturdy poster board (for the covers), a bunch of 14 inch x 22 inch pieces of paper (for pages), 3 small binder rings (or jump rings), paper punch, and pens. Punch 3 holes along the left edge of the covers and inside pages so all of the holes line up perfectly when they are stacked together.

Insert the three binder rings as in illustration a. Name the book something “Travel Journal Summer 2014” or something similar such as “Hawaii Vacation 2014”. On the inside, tape or glue postcards and pictures from your trip. Write the date before each entry and then write about your day on the vacation.

You can use it as your personal diary during your vacation.

How to Make Vacation Destination Memory Key Chains – This is a great idea for making keychains that showcase the places you went on vacation.

Make Denim Jeans Travel Tote – Hold all of your vacation stuff inside the pockets and legs of your pants. This hooks on to the seat in front of you…

and NO SEWING AT ALL if you hot glue the pants legs instead of sew them (that is what I did)! I did this for my own kids and they carry so much more than any other store-bought totes can hold – and they are great for hiding stuff when you go into a restaurant.

Seashell Jewelry – These bracelets or necklaces are perfect ways to remember your beach vacation.

Coin Earrings – Learn how to make coin earrings – a great craft for travelers coming back from a foreign country…remember your vacation forever.

Sand Casting – Next time you visit the beach, make a design in the sand, and then use plast of paris to make a casting of your sand design. You can even press sea shells into it.

Seashell Painting – The next time you go travel to the beach, take away a huge shell and make a beautiful painting within it. You will always remember your vacation to the beach.

Coin Necklaces & Bracelets – A lesson on making coin bracelets and necklaces coins from different countries…great after travels to foreign lands.

Hold Your Memories in an Accordion Journal – This craft was originally meant for a year-long memory book – but it is just the perfect size to make a memory journal for your favorite Summer vacation.

Make Earrings with Sea Shells from the Beach – If you are going to the beach, pick up matching shells to decorate and turn into earrings. You will have these always to remember your beach vacation.

Sea Shell Tortoises -Sea Shell Turtles or Tortoises can be made the next time your travel to the beach.

Permanent Sand Castles – Save sand from your beach trip and use it to make this permanent sand castle when you get home. You make the structure with cardboard boxes and cylinder tubes. Then you paint on the sand with glue and sand.

Vacation Memories Scrapbook – Make a scrapbook of your favorite vacation with the following craft idea.

Activity Travel Tray – – Find out how to recycle an old cookie sheet into a fun activity tray. This makes a great Gift for kids of all ages and makes for a nice travel activity.

Bag Tags for Kids – – Whether it's back to college or on vacation, it will be easy to find your bags in a crowd of look-as when you attach these colorful tags.

Beach Scene Collage – – What’s to love when you play and swim at the beach? Remember the fun times in the sand, sun, and waves!

Beat-a-Leaf Journal – – This project combines your kids' most primal gathering instincts with another activity they love: banging rocks.

Although the name sounds decidedly un-eco-friendly, leaf-beating is a favorite with the thousands of kids who take part in the naturalist programs run by the Appalachian Mountain Club in New Hampshire's White Mountains.

Put the finished print on the cover of a blank notebook, and your kids have a journal for recording their juiciest summer adventures.

Roadtrip Travel Timeline – Help your kids pass the time in the car by making a roadtrip timeline.

Travel Keepsake Boxes – A great idea from Martha Stewart…these would be perfect for journaling and keeping note of vacation travels.

Bubbling Up Pictures – – Have fun with your favorite photos! Let only parts of them show through cut-out bubble letters that sum up your party or vacation fun!

Campfire Caps : Camping Vacations Crafts Ideas – – My four- and five-year-old day campers got a big kick these hot headbands. When setting up your cap-making station, be sure to include at least twice as many marshmallows as the hats call for, as they tend to quickly disappear.

DIY Travel Journals – Here is a great idea for making keepsake travel journals…your kids will love this craft.

Driftwood Photo Holder – – Here's a fun way for your child to display his favorite beach snapshot or a collage of your best vacation photos.

Fabulous Footprints – – Bring home memories of a fun day at the beach long after the vacation is over.

Footprints in the Sand – – Capture that barefoot-on-the-beach feeling — and a record of your feet — with this simple plaster-casting project.

Friendship Sticks – – These vibrant sticks are banded with six colors, one for each letter in the word friend. At a recent camp for seven- to 13-year-old girls, the campers made these trinkets for one another and wore them around their necks as a token of their camp-forged bonds.

Friendship Quilt – – A great way to begin or finish summer camp or any other gathering. Memories will last for years with this fun and easy paper “quilt”.

Glittery Shell Fish – – Compare and contrast various forms of ocean life, identify shellfish by their shell characteristics, and create ocean scenes inside shells.

God's-Eye Memory Keeper – – Kids love this traditional Mexican yarn craft because of its fun weaving technique, and this framed variation is perfect for displaying your family's summer vacation mementos.

Keepsake Suitcase – – Make a personalized suitcase to hold all your vacation souvenirs.

Jumbo Treasure Sack – – Instructions to make a large sack for carrying special treasures.

Leaping Dolphin Photo Holder – – Bring the ocean indoors! Create a fabulous photo holder that features a leaping dolphin and crashing waves. Funky wire spirals hold photos or postcards of your favorite friends or vacation memories.

Make Your Own Portable Game Set – – This homemade 3-in-1 game board lets players take their pick of challenges, with tic-tac-toe and checkers on one side and a penny-pitching target on the other. Roll it up a scroll and take it on vacation for a rainy-day diversion.

Memorabilia Shelf – – Baseball-loving kids will be all over this grand slam of a decoupaging idea.

The theme here is a visit to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, but any motif will shine: your kids could pay homage to a trek into the Grand Canyon, or their Smoky Mountains summer camp, or that Route 66 road trip. We chose a shelf, but you can easily apply the technique to other furniture, such as a desk or nightstand.

Memorable Times Together – – Make and save your memories on vacation, at camp—or wherever and whenever you go away!

Message in a Bottle – – Add a few special tokens of summer to kids' wish-you-were-here vacation greetings with this alternative to plain-old postcards.

My Summer Vacation T-Shirt – – Preserve summertime memories on a T-shirt—a great way to “show and tell” everyone at school how your spent your vacation.

Ocean Keepsake Box – – What to do with the shells, postcards, and other beach-related trinkets? Keep vacation memories safe inside this keepsake container.

On The Beach – – Remember that exciting day on the beach by saving your favorite photo in a cool, custom picture frame! It’s being there all over again.

Outback Memory Mirror – – Remember the fun you had a camp every time you look in the mirror.

Passport to Adventure – – Travel the world, explore a neighborhood, or record classroom adventures. Keep track of discoveries with colorful stamps in a hand-crafted journal.

Personalized Nature Pals – – This take on a classic camp craft inspires your family members to create versions of themselves with natural treasures from your own backyard.

Photo Frame Postcard – – Looking for a unique way to share family pictures, travel photos, or great pet shots? Create your own postcard in a photo frame!

Picture Postcards – – Send news and photos from the home-front with these simple homemade postcards.

Ribbon Roadway – – Follow this Ribbon Roadway to green pastures, your last vacation, or anywhere your kids' imaginations take them. The more details the better.

Rock Necklace – – Use a rock collected from a special place or during a special outing.

Rock Necklaces – – A variation on the age-old nature necklace, these wire-wrapped pendants are fun for kids to trade. Some girls paint their names on one side and their best friend's on the other, and wear them as a proclamation of their unbreakable bond.

Rockin' Garden – – This tabletop Zen rock garden lets kids display a collection of souvenirs from their summer travels.

Sand Candles – – Bring home some sand from your camping trip or vacation and make a candle to remember the good times.

Sand Castle Scrapbook – – A scrapbook that contains the memories of your exciting summer adventures deserves a cover with true grit – such as this castle made of sandpaper.

Seashell Picture Frame – – Use sea shells and sand gathered during your vacation to frame your favorite vacation photo.

Seashell Refrigerator Magnet – – This pretty vacation craft is made from shells and corals collected from a beach outing.

See the Sea – – What to do with your seashell collection? Relive your warm beach memories with these colorful shells.

Shadow Box – – Do try this at home! Want to help your kids turn their own beloved junk into a work of art? You don't need to spend your life scouring flea markets; chances are good you've got plenty of meaningful objects right at home. Set your kids loose to gather their stuff, arming them with two vital questions: 1) What do you most want to remember? 2) What do you think makes art beautiful?

Souvenir Rings – – Souvenir + Earrings = Souvenir-rings. Get it?

Souvenir Suitcase – – Children always need places to store their travel treasures. Take a dream vacation with them as they cover their suitcase with handmade travel stickers.

Sporty Sculpture – – Ride the waves, dudes, with this fun sculpture. Use Crayola® Model Magic® to sculpt a surfer—or whatever your favorite summer sport!

State and Province Plates – – Kids make this colorful license “plate” for your next trip. They search for license tags from the U.S. and Canada, or anywhere in the world, then fold back tabs to keep track of their finds.

Summer Welcome Window – – Welcome summer with colorful decorations. Show fun in the sun, your favorite flowers, or other summery messages-all in your windows!

Sunset Scene – – Just beachy! Smell the salt air as you look over the harbor at sunset—or is it sunrise? Create a memorable 3-D scene.

Traveling in Style – – Plan an imaginary trip anywhere in the world then draw and paint your group in the clothes of the culture.

Travel Scrapbook – – Decorate a journal or photo album for camp or vacation. This is a great craft for making mini scrapbooks to record your summer experiences.

Travel Totes – – Decorate a tote with real tire tracks!

Vacation Map Picture Frame – – Save old maps from your vacation to make this unique picture frame that doubles as a wonderful conversation piece.

Walking Stick Grip – – Personalize a favorite walking stick with a braided grip and wrist strap that are as comfortable as an old T-shirt.

Waterproof Beach Bag – – This colorful, rinseable carryall is the perfect beach bag for kids – great for packing up gear, collecting sandy treasures,
or toting wet suits and towels.

Writing on the Waves – – Ride that wave! Paddle a kayak! Keep that summer feeling alive with an action-packed vacation diary.