Funny Qumi-Qumi Paper Dolls Craft

Funny Qumi-Qumi Paper Dolls Craft

Funny Qumi-Qumi Paper Dolls Craft

The best way to pull your kids away from watching cartoons is to make a cartoon yourself. You won’t need anything complex, only glue, scissors and a lot of colored paper.

I’m sure that playing puppet theater with funny Qumi-Qumi characters and inventing your own exciting story will be no less interesting than watching cartoons on the screen.

Have a fun evening with Yusi and her funny friends from the bright world of Qumi-Qumi! It will take you a lot of colored paper and colored cardboard but the craft is worth it!

Step by Step Funny Qumi-Qumi Paper Dolls Craft

  1. The supplies are a lot of colored paper, colored cardboard, ice cream sticks, scissors, a sharpie, a pencil, a glue stick

  2. First of all, let’s make Yusi. Cut out some doll parts of burgundy paper

  3. Take some pieces of pink paper and glue them to the doll’s hair, then add some yellow paper pieces there, too, then place a piece of white paper on top. Attach the hair on top of the doll

  4. Grab two circles of white paper and glue them to the doll to form eyes. Draw two lips on pink paper, cut them out and glue under the eyes. Glue a white paper line and three yellow triangles underneath

  5. Now make two arms: cut out two lines of black paper, glue burgundy and then white pieces of paper on them, and the resulting pieces are to be attached to the doll

  6. Now make legs: cut out some black lines, attach pieces of burgundy and yellow paper on them, cut the excess and glue the legs to the doll

  7. Line up the doll and draw the details with a sharpie. Attach some eyelashes of black paper and a blue earring

  8. Add an ice cream stick and voila!

  9. The second character is Juga. Cut out a silhouette of blue paper and attach some blue hair using a glue stick. Glue a yellow and a green paper line to the doll, attach pieces of blue paper to the hair and cut off the excessive paper.

    Attach two eyes, which are circles of white paper, and a blue circle for the nose, and purple lips, add a white line for the teeth. Then glue a blue line to the body underneath. Cut out two legs and arms and glue them to the doll. Take a black sharpie to draw the details and line up the whole doll.

    Attach an ice cream stick and add some decor with a sharpie if you want

  10. The third character is Shumadan. Cut out a larger silhouette of green paper, make hair of darker green paper and spruce it up with bold yellow and green touches trimming off the excessive paper. Glue the hair to the body and add eyes – these are kidney- pieces of white paper.

    Glue yellow lips to the bod, attach two white teeth and add yellow lines to the body. Make short green legs and longer green arms decorated with yellow and green paper of another shade. And again – take a black sharpie to draw every detail and line up the character.

    Attach an ice cream stick decorating it as you

  11. Now it’s time for some decor! Fold a sheet of black paper and then draw a tree with a pencil, cut it out getting two trees

  12. Decorate them with green and yellow and pink and burgundy circles

  13. Line up each decoration with a black sharpie

  14. Cut out large blue flowers and decorate them with details of lighter shade of blue and pink, then line up the details with a sharpie

  15. Make matching blue stands for the flowers

  16. Now your children can play with the characters from their favorite cartoon!

Video Showing How To Make Funny Qumi-Qumi Paper Dolls


Homemade Paper Doll Craft

Funny Qumi-Qumi Paper Dolls Craft

Make a set of Homemade Paper Dolls  a cereal box, fabric scraps, buttons and ribbons. They’re fun for preschoolers to decorate and play with and a great way to use up the scraps of material in your craft cupboard. 

The hooligans and I have been working on an ongoing project for the past week or so. We’ve been making a set of homemade paper dolls, using scraps from my fabric bin.

We’ve done several homemade doll crafts here in my daycare. Our paint stick dolls were a HUGE hit with the hooligans, as were our craft stick dolls. We’ve made these very simple Flat People dolls in the past as well. 

There’s something so magical and nostalgic about a paper doll. Their simplicity is lovely, and decorating and dressing up a paper doll with bits of yarn and fabric scraps is just delightful for a child.

A great way to explore textiles with your child:

I don’t know about you, but I’m a kid in a candy store when it comes to fabric and buttons and crafty odds and ends, and the hooligans love them too.  

Rummaging through a bin of fabric scraps is such a wonderful sensory experience for kids. There are so many textures to explore: satin, flannel, tweed, felt, cotton, fleece etc.

I’m a quilter, and most of the quilts I’ve made have been for babies and children, so many of the fabrics I have are bright, colourful, kid-friendly patterns, so they are a delight for children to look at and pour over.

Sifting through a pile of buttons is also a great sensory activity.  There are so many colours and styles to look at, and the feel of the buttons, and the sound that they make as they rattle together is wonderful.  

You wouldn’t believe how many adults I’ve heard from who say that one of their fondest childhood memories is playing with their mother’s or grandmother’s button collection.

Homemade Paper Doll Supplies:

If you don’t have white cardboard, you can use a cereal box and your kids can paint first.  

How to Make your Paper Dolls:

I began by drawing a very basic paper doll on a sheet of white paper.  I more or less used a “gingerbread man” shape.

Then I folded the piece in half, right down the middle of the drawing, and cut it out, using one side of the drawing as a guide, so the cut-out would be perfectly symmetrical.

I traced that shape on to my white cardboard, and cut it out, and voila… a Paper Doll! 

Making the Hair

To make the hair for our paper dolls, I looped a long length of yarn several times, knotted it in the middle, and cut through the looped ends. You can add a ribbon to cover the knot in the hair if you want to.

 Dressing Our Dolls:

For the clothes for our paper dolls, the hooligans picked the fabrics and ribbons that they d, and I roughly cut the pieces to fit the dolls, and they glued them in place.  Don’t worry about being too exact here, you can trim them to fit later.

They dressed their dolls with skirts, tops, leggings, belts, buttons and shoes (which we cut from craft foam pieces).

To finish, we used googly eyes, pink craft foam circles and markers to make the dolls’ faces.

Aren’t they just the sweetest?

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