Cool Spider Wall Art Craft For Kids

Paint with Spiders

Cool Spider Wall Art Craft For Kids

If you follow this blog, you know we love to explore painting with many different kinds of materials. Paintbrushes are great, but sometimes we just to try something new. Some of our favorites have been painting with rocks, pine needles, pom poms, tea bags, vegetables, and corn kernels, to name a few.

While watching the girls play with the spiders in our collection of Halloween materials, I thought why not see what kind of painting we could create with spiders. So one morning I set up this invitation to create…

And create they did…


The full invitation included:

  • Large piece of paper (Ours was taped to the top of our craft table outside.)
  • Assorted colors of paint
  • Small plastic ring spiders (Ours are from Walmart and they are more sturdy than traditional spider rings. You will want rings that basically lay flat when you press them down in order to get the full spider print.)
  • Larger spiders (I tied a rubber band to a couple of them to see how the girls might use them to paint.)

 Tinker was the first to try the spider with the rubber band. She had him jump, jump, jumping all over the paper.

 Lovey was more focused on stamping so that she could see the full spider imprint.

Soon she realized the rubber band could come off and be used as another painting tool itself.

She started making spider webs using the rubber band.

At one point you could see a lot of different spiders. It looked really neat.

 But soon the girls decided they might add their own personal touch and decided to explore painting with their fingers (to create bigger spiderwebs, mom!)

From there the activity got a bit messy, but you can tell by the joy in this little face that it was well worth it. And it led to a very fun soapy bubble soup clean up party after we were finished.

The Amazon affiliate widget below includes some of our favorite books about spiders if you’d to read any to go along with your spider activities.

More Spider Fun on Fantastic Fun and Learning

And Don’t Forget to Read Some Great Books About Spiders, Too!

Books About Spiders

Save time and get right to the playful learning with our printable lesson plan sets. Each set includes over 30 playful learning activities related to the theme, and we’ve provided different versions for home preschool families and classroom teachers so all activities are geared directly toward your needs.

The full 31-page Spider Theme Lesson Plan Pack also includes:

  • My Spider Emergent Reader
  • Spider Babies Fine Motor Activity Mat
  • Spider Patterning Task Cards
  • Spider Roll and Add Counting Game
  • Spider Letter Building Mat
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider Story Sequencing Pieces
  • Spider Calendar (or general number) Cards

Home Preschool Spider Theme Lesson Plans (in our shop or on TpT)

Preschool Classroom Spider Theme Lesson Plans (in our shop or on TpT)

Hands-On Holidays eBook

Less stress, more connecting this holiday season? Yes, PLEASE!

From the arrival of fall to Halloween to Thanksgiving and Christmas, the last four months of the year can be a wonderful opportunity for making family memories and spending time together, but they can also be stressful as we try to collect ideas, recipes, and activities to try together.

Stephanie Morgan, founder of Modern Parents Messy Kids, a site that’s been voted Best Craft Blog in Parents Magazine and one of’s Top 50 Craft Mom Blogs, recently released a new eBook to help us have a little less stress and more time to connect with family this year.

Stephanie’s goal is to make it easier on all of us to enjoy the holidays with our kids. Hands-On Holidays is 100 pages full of her family’s very favorite ways to connect as a family over the holiday season. I love the convenience of having so many ideas in one place, and most of them are simple enough for even my toddler to participate in.

The book includes picture book suggestions, DIY decor, activities, and treats. Bonus sections also offer even more ideas to enjoy. Click here to view more details.

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20 of Our Best Indoor Halloween Decorations

Cool Spider Wall Art Craft For Kids

Ted Cavanaugh

Lure in your guests with an entrance that transports all who dare to step inside.

Ted Cavanaugh

You've probably spent weeks planning your family's Halloween costumes for an upcoming celebration or a trick-or-treat session around the neighborhood, but have you thought of how you're going to dress up your own home? Believe it or not, you don't need to make a mad dash for the stores in order to get your space ready for the spookiest holiday of the year—in the days and weeks leading up to Halloween, roll up your sleeves and get crafty and create unique décor that gives your guests a delightful sense of foreboding as they nosh on delicious treats all night long. 

These craft tricks aren't too spooky—most are tame enough for younger ghouls and goblins who would enjoy them throughout a Halloween event. From floral elements to furniture that you can temporarily modify, there are many how-tos to get you in the spooky spirit.

Using crafty essentials hot glue and shears, you can create essentials cobwebs and other visual effects for tabletops, bookcases, lighting fixtures, and even staircases, which can be transformed into a trick-of-the-eye rodent landscape with a pair of scissors and craft paper in all the right places.

If you want to up the scream factor, try making a a modified mirror, which can become hauntingly eerie with just a few additions.

While twinkling candlelight casting mysterious shadows is a mainstay on front porches for trick or treaters, you can bring these elements inside too with handmade lanterns that can be made a few days in advance. 

There's a project for every room in the house on this list—whether you plan to keep guests in the dining room, or wish to turn the entire space into a haunted house, these projects will help you get the job done.



The Morrisons

Get the Paper Bats Template

Sometimes, there's safety in numbers. But this Halloween, there's fear—and fabulousness—in a flock. To summon a swarm of nocturnal nomads, use our downloadable template to cut out your own—stick on removable adhesive dots, bend the wings for extra eeriness, and let 'em loose. To spook-ify your nearby windows, mirrors, or your fridge, use vinyl clings instead of paper cutouts.

Martha Stewart Vinyl Bat Clings, $13 for 9,

Addie Juell

Get the Haunted Mirror with Ghost Hands How-To

Our print-and-adhere template conjures up a ghostly vision. Entwine a pair of wall sconces with hissing snakes, arrange black calla lilies in vessels dark as tombstones, and unleash the ghost who's been trapped behind the glass. One glimpse at it, and people will never forget the night they reached for your candy bowl.


Addie Juell

Get the Floral Skull and Skeleton Hands Centerpiece How-To


Get the Plaster Bones How-To

Go larger than life. This “Flintstones”-size femur and the heap of humeri posing as logs in the fireplace are made from newspaper wrapped in plaster cloth.

Bryan Gardner

Get the Decoupage Halloween Lanterns How-To

Halloween isn't all orange and black—it's a burst of bright colors and fun motifs. Bedeck a pair of paper lanterns with découpaged clip-art: owls, flowers, and star bursts.



Ellie Miller

Hair-raising party decorations don't need to be costly or fussy. You can make these frightening flourishes with some inexpensive craft supplies in just a few minutes.

Ellie Miller

Cast a sinister glow over any setting with a cluster of white tapers dripping with “blood” (actually red candle wax).

Fill a cup or a small pail with sand, and plant white candles inside so they stand upright.

Light a red candle and tip it over the white candles so the wax drips down the tops and sides, being careful not to burn yourself. Let wax cool completely before removing candles from sand.

Frankenstein saw inspiration in the most grotesque of scavenging—here, we took a note from his book and constructed a bare-bones table decoration. The table legs are legs indeed—store-bought faux bones. To make it, trim the thigh bones: Use saw to cut the legs to 1 inch less than the desired table height (to account for tabletop).

Next, stabilize the knees: Take each leg apart at the knee; unscrew the hardware, and remove the kneecap. Connect shin bone to thighbone with one double-threaded screw (3/16-by-3 inches). Lastly, stabilize the ankles: Position one foot so it rests flat on the floor, and generously squeeze epoxy into the hinge that makes the ankle flex.

Repeat with the remaining legs. Let it dry and cure overnight at least before moving onto the next step. Attach the legs to the table: Decide where you want the legs, and drill pilot holes through tabletop. Place each leg underneath the pilot hole, then screw to attach. Put putty over the screws, and let it dry. Sand until smooth.

Paint the tabletop a skeletal white.


Jaunty jack-o'-lanterns, foreboding bats—these are Halloween-appropriate versions of the classic paper-doll chain. To make it, print our template onto card stock, fold the paper to its width, trace, and cut it out. Then, use scissors for the outline, and a craft knife or hole punch for facial features and smaller details. Intersperse with fringed garlands to add color.

These easy, inexpensive window treatments are a spooky addition to windows for Halloween.

Trim a paper window shade from a home store to fit your window, then print our templates before cutting them out and tracing them onto thin white paper (such as white kraft paper).

Cut these out, and then stretch and tape your window shade flat onto a safe work surface. Spray the back of the ghost cut out with adhesive, then press it onto the shade.

Redi Shade Paper Black Out Window Shades, from $6 each,

Create giant gothic lanterns using nothing more than our instructions, clip-art designs, and simple supplies. First, print out all of the following templates: this snake lantern, another spooky snake option, and the frog lantern as well. To begin, cut out one of the lantern templates, and trace it four times, side by side, on black paper.

Use a bone folder to crease the areas where the sides meet before cutting it out. Print four copies of your chosen design onto vellum using a laser printer, and then cut each piece just larger than the frame's windows. Tape the vellum into a frame, and form into a lamp shape before taping the edges.

To finish, cut a 26-inch length of wire and twist a loop in the middle of it; poke the wire ends through the paper to make two holes at the edge of the lantern. Use pliers to roll ends of wire to secure; and then use monofilament to hang two battery-operated votive candles, taped end to end, inside the lantern.

Finally, use twine and a removable advise hanger to suspend the lantern in your chosen space.


When the sun goes down, set a spooky scene with these dramatic lanterns made from simple supplies and our exclusive clip-art designs. Start by choosing one of the following templates—this creepy cat, this spooked feline, or a crescent moon—and cutting out the lantern template on the second page.

Trace the template four times, side by side, on 24-by-36-inch heavy black paper. Using a bone folder, crease the sides of the template where they meet, and then cut it out. Print four copies of your chosen illustration out on onto vellum paper using a laser printer.

Cut these pieces just larger than the frame “windows,” and then tape the vellum into the frame.

Get the Cheesecloth Spirits How-To

Inviting these spooky floating guests inside will keep other ghouls on their toes. Making these foreboding decorations is actually very easy—styrofoam mannequin heads are sold at wig shops, and while they can stand on their necks, suspending them lets the cloth flow freely.

Barbara Donninelli

A giant spider that dangles overhead requires very little legwork. To begin, use wire cutters to cut eight 26-inches pieces of wire, and then cover the length of one wire with a piece of double-sided tape.

Unroll your streamers onto tape and cut them to the proper length; turn the wire over and repeat the process on the other side. Then, create a half-inch fringe on the sides of the streamers using fringe scissors—repeat the process on the other legs as well.

Finally, open up a flutter ball and poke your top end of each leg into the ball, securing with tape. Suspend the ball from the ceiling using filament wire.


Get the Plaster Hands How-To Get the Eyeball Tableware How-To

The plates, glasses, and pitcher here are adorned with our clip-art eyeballs—and they capture the fear that everyone in extreme close-up.

Simon Watson

Create this arm-bone frame to display our clip-art sea-life print or another suitably spooky work of art. To make your own, download an illustration of urchins and coral. Take the file to a copy center to have it printed full-size (24 by 36 inches).

You can choose a print of your own in a similar size instead. Using spray adhesive, adhere the print to foam board. Since you will not need the shoulder blades, unscrew them from the arms.

Determine placement of arm bones: Place them on foam board, so their elbows are at the corners and hands reach along the sides.

Anchor one arm at a time to foam board: Using a tapestry needle threaded with monofilament, and starting on the back side, sew through the foam board, loop monofilament over a bone, then push the needle back through; knot. Repeat a few times in the same spot. Then repeat this stitching in several other spots along the arm.



Beautiful butterflies seem to float off the pages of a dusty old tome, growing as they flit around this library. You can make these creatures in different sizes for your display.

You can print the butterflies using our three templates: One for an orange butterfly, another for red specimens, and the last for smaller varieties overall. Print them on heavyweight paper.

Trim butterflies roughly, then use some spray adhesive to adhere them to black paper. Carefully cut out each butterfly.


Tempt your Halloween party guests with an array of candies masquerading as botanical or nautical artifacts.

To begin, fill large glass jars with sweets, and then mark each jar with a label that sounds convincing—here, the meringues are “jellyfish skeletons”—while being completely made up.

If you don't have a cabinet, you can create your own by arranging the jars in wooden cubbies or crates; we painted these a deep slate gray.

Ted Cavanaugh

Make a big bang with a tumble of pumpkins studded the starry bands of the Milky Way.

Pick a few to be part of the inter- stellar arc, then hollow them out from below and punch holes in them using a drill and two different-size bits.

Have fun with the placement of your planets and stars—random patterns have universal appeal. Arrange them with a few uncarved gourds, tuck battery-powered candles inside, and imagine a galaxy far, far away.



20 Examples of Amazing DIY Wire Art Projects

Cool Spider Wall Art Craft For Kids

Wire art may be one of the more interesting ways to create a beautiful canvas. Artists use all kinds of materials to make magic, and this is one of the most trendy and favorited of the bunch right now. Check out all 20 examples of amazing DIY wire art projects and maybe give one of them a go!

1. Explore

Brit + Co showed of how to make this “explore” piece for your walls with the help of some wire. Follow along after the jump.

2. Tulip

Isn’t this tulip bookmark adorable? Add a bit of art to your reading with this DIY. Check out the video and learn how now!

3. Triangle

Here’s a piece of wearable art that we’re loving. This triangle wire bracelet is a great DIY gift idea or a way for you to stretch your handmade skills. (via)

4. Spiders

True Blue Me & You whipped up some wire spiders. Dress yourself for Halloween with the help of these creepy, pretty crawlers.

5. Crowns

You could make a crown with the help of some wire too. Follow along True Blue Me & You again and learn how!

6. Hearts

Celebrations whipped up these adorable hearts that will dress any corner of the house. We can’t help but think how charming these would be dawning a hallway or staircase wall.

7. Ear Cuff

You could even whip up one of those trendy ear cuffs we keep seeing all over the place. And they’re small, so they’re aren’t especially intricate! (via)

8. Feathers

Infarrantly Creative made these wire feathers and we love all the possibility that can come from them. On a wreath or in a vase, they work!

9. Hello

You could make some wrapped, wired words for the wall with this tutorial. But we especially love this little “hello” decorating the telephone wall. (via)

10. Dream Big Little One

Here’s another wire word art piece that we’re loving. Perfect for a nursery, learn how to make this happen after the jump. (via)

11. Copper

If you abstract styles check out this piece from Idle Hands Awake. Grab some copper wire and start getting creative!

12. Clouds

We’re swooning for these clouds too. Easy and simplistic, they’d be a great addition to a home office, craft room or play room! (via)

13. Boo

Cupcakes & Cutlery whipped up a perfect little number to add some festivity to your homes throughout Halloweentime. A simple Boo will do.

14. Hangers

Personalized hangers can be a great addition to a wedding or a fun DIY gift. Learn how to make one yourself over at This Fairy Tale Life.

15. Display

Liz Marie shows us how to make a wire art display. So the wire is actually helping you display your art choices in this tutorial.

16. Buttons

Kitsch and Curious made a wire tree and decorated it with buttons. This is such a fun afternoon project to do with your gals.

17. Trees

Of course you could coil wrap some Christmas tree too. It’s the perfect look for a modern, holiday set up. (via)

18. Jewelry

Crafty Nest turned a jewelry organizer into an artsy piece for the wall too. It’s provides function and style!

19. Pumpkin

Someday Crafts used rope and wire to make this funky little pumpkin. Display it all throughout the fall months.

20. Bon Appetit

And finally, if you visit Brit + Co you’ll learn how to add a bit of Bon Appetit to your kitchen walls. Take the jump now!


DIY Halloween Spider Decor

Cool Spider Wall Art Craft For Kids

I have more bins full of Halloween goodies than any other holiday. Several bins of Halloween costumes accompany more bins of decor and these seem to multiply every year. Because you have to make original Halloween decorations each year right? Yes!

Here’s a collection of DIY Halloween Spider Decor to spark some creative inspiration for the upcoming spooky season.

DIY Halloween Spider Decor: The Doorway Spider and Web

This has to one of my favorite Halloween front door decor ideas. It works perfect on our front door that has a full window backed with white blinds. During the evenings I to turn the light on behind the door and it create the perfect silhouette that can be seen from the street. Get the Doorway Spiderweb tutorial here

Halloween Spiderweb Placemat

These spiderweb placemats by Delia Creates are so much fun for a Halloween tablescape. Made with black puff paint on wax paper, Delia mentions that they’re very fragile and could be used as window clings…hmmm the ideas!

Get the tutorial here

DIY Spiderweb Doormat

Another Delia Creates DIY Halloween spider decor project, this spiderweb doormat is made by reshaping a half circle doormat and adding fabric paint. So easy and effective!

Learn how to make it here

Yarn Spiderweb

These are some of the most authentic looking yarn spiderwebs I have ever seen. The Crafty Lumberjacks used up some wall space to create these very cool Halloween decorations.

Click here to learn how

DIY Spiderweb Halloween Wreath

An easy DIY Halloween Wreath made with just a few materials. The black and white wreath is wrapped with cheesecloth, spiraled with a spiderweb, has wire spiders attached, and a black glitter bow. Make this project in under an hour!

Click here for the whole tutorial

Trash Bag Spiderwebs

A quick and disposable DIY Halloween spider decoration idea on HGTV. This folded snowflake style concept could be applied to fabric, paper, or plastic.

Click here for the picture tutorial

Front Door Halloween Cobwebs with Cheesecloth

Hanging tattered and torn cheesecloth on anything and everything is a must for my outdoor Halloween decor. It’s so easy to make look creepy and the more haphazard, the better.

Click here to learn more

Arachnophobia – Spooky Spider Wreath

I’m in love with this idea. Really anything spray painted is a win in my book! Eclectically Vintage got it just right and the outcome is perfect with the use of chalkboard paint.

Learn how to make it

Spider Covered Halloween House

Over-the-top Halloween decorations are the way to do it! And this kind of gives me the heebie-jeebies (i.e. it’s perfect!).

Click here for more pictures

Handmade Paper Spiders

This is such a simple Halloween DIY idea that could be applied to many things. I’m thinking a stencil for a fabric painted t-shirt or tablecloth, pages in a scrapbook, or a Halloween pillow.

Learn how to make them

Cobweb Covered Haunted Halloween House

Another house covered in Halloween decorations FTW! These oversized cobwebs that cover this Victorian house are fantastic and the look is so easy to achieve.

Featured on Mom Home Guide

DIY Halloween Spider Decor – Spider Eggs

When I find spider eggs in our home I’m pretty disgusted. Just the thought of hundreds of tiny baby spiders sprawling throughout a room makes me shutter. That’s why these DIY cobweb clusters on HGTV are the perfect creepy DIY Halloween spider decor.

Get the tutorial here

Large Spiderweb Doormat

When you have a large grand entrance to your home, you adorn it with an equally grand display during the holidays. Katie from Bower Power made this large spiderweb doormat and Webster the spider to accompany it.

Get the tutorial here

Giant Yarn Spiderweb

Another oversized yarn spiderweb made for outdoor Halloween decorations. I the use of white yarn and how it’s spread on a corner of the front porch. Laura from The Experimental Home did a wonderful job executing this DIY Halloween spider decor.

Get the tutorial here

DIY Halloween Wreath Spiderweb

This Halloween wreath is the perfect way to put some torn up fishnets to good use! Just slide the tights onto the pool noodle, form the noodle into a ring, and add accessories.

Learn how to make it here

DIY Halloween Spider Hoop Art

I’ve always been impressed with hoop art but have never gotten into it myself. Seeing how cool this DIY Halloween spider hoop art makes me want to give it a try! Flamingo Toes shares her free pattern along with a great tutorial to follow along with.

Get the free pattern and tutorial here

Halloween Spider Clock

It was time to upcycle an old clock at Just A Girl‘s house. Chris disassembled the clock parts, painted over the existing pattern, created spiderwebs to stick on, and attached spiders in place of the numbers.

Get the tutorial here

Covered in Cobwebs Halloween House

It’s houses this that keep me expanding my Halloween decoration collection. Because one day I’ll be able to have an over-the-top display this house covered in cobwebs and creepy creatures.

More pictures featured on Between Naps on the Porch

Many of these DIY Halloween Spider Decor projects can be made in an afternoon! Which one are you going to try?


42 Fun DIY Halloween Crafts Moms Can Enjoy with Kids

Cool Spider Wall Art Craft For Kids

DIY Halloween crafts are great fun! You can make a great variety of crafts for your Halloween party décor. Halloween celebrates the spooky and the creepy, the dejected and the shadowy outcasts.

With a few inexpensive art supplies, you can make a lot of interesting Halloween decoration ornaments.

Jack o Lanterns are a Halloween classic, but if you think they are cliché or want to add more decoration items, browse these DIY Halloween crafts ideas.

Kid Friendly DIY Halloween Crafts                              

Making Halloween crafts with your kids is a nice way to spend some time together. There are many kid friendly Halloween crafts you can try out- Halloween balloon decors, Halloween jack o lantern candle holders, pumpkin crafts, Halloween paper crafts etc.

You can find lots of inspiring DIY Halloween crafts ideas for cards, gift bags, costumes, garlands and more. Carved pumpkin crafts are fun, but if you want to make pumpkin Halloween crafts with your kids, you can try out some DIY no carve pumpkin crafts.

Simple and Affordable DIY Halloween Craft Ideas for Moms

There are so many ways you can make incredible crafts for Halloween. For e.g., Pumpkin wreaths for Halloween can be made with the simplest art supplies and orange burlap.

If you have old paper lanterns lying around at your house, you can repurpose them and give them a makeover for Halloween décor.

  DIY trick or treat trees, trick or treat collection bags for your kids, Halloween special cushions and much more with inspiration from these amazing DIY Halloween crafts ideas.

Go through this interesting gallery ofDIY Halloween craft ideas and enjoy fun time with kids. We have many more craft ideas for you here.

You can also check:

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Last Minute Easy Halloween Craft with Paper Via

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Paper Cup and Pipe Cleaner Crafted Spider for Kids Via

Perfect Wall Hanging Villain for Halloween Craft Via

Pom Pom Colorful Wreath with Ribbon Bow Via

Popsicles and Thread Crafted Spider Web with Spider Via

Pumpkin with Paper for Preschoolers Via

Quick Handmade Easy Halloween Craft for Little Girl Via

Scary Cat and Pumpkin with Paper Plate for Preschoolers  Via

Spider with Colorful Web for Kids Via

Superb DIY Paint Chip Crafts Via

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Wall Art with White Paper Roll and Spiral Via

Wonderful Popsicle Crafted Spider for Kids Via

Absolutely Gorgeous Floating Witch Hat Luminaries Tutorial

Awesome DIY Halloween Crafts for Kids with Upcycled Plastic Bottles

Boo-tiful Mason Jar Luminaries

Brightly Colored DIY Plastic Cups Halloween Decor

Candy Ghosts Crafts for Halloween

Celebrating Autumn- Mason Jar Halloween Crafts

Colors of Autumn with Halloween Roses- DIY Mason Jar Halloween Crafts

Cool DIY Ninja Turtle Pumpkins for Halloween

Creepy and Fun DIY Crafts for Halloween with Ordinary Things Balloons, Orange Peels, Yarn

Cute DIY Clay Flower Pot Halloween Decor

DIY Skull Decor with Colorful Plasticine Clay and Household Items

Easy Halloween DIY Decor with Crepe Bandage, Buttons and Jiggly Sour Candy Sticks

Ghastly Looking Vanilla Pudding for Halloween- Draw Faces on Plastic Cups and Add a Dash of Green Food Coloring to Your Pudding!

Ghosts Cloche for Halloween Crafts

Glow in the Dark Ghostly Faces with Plastic Cans

Glowing DIY Plastic Cup Ghosts

Googly Eyed Spidey- Handprint Toddler Halloween Crafts

Hilariously Spooky DIY Halloween Crafts Ideas

Icky Monster Spiders with Garbage Bags for Halloween Decor

Illuminated Ghost with Plastic Soda Bottle

Incredible Halloween Cloches DIY with Styrofoam Discs, Balls and Plastic Soda Bottles

Literally Lit Halloween Lighting with Mason Jars

Mason Jars for Halloween Decor

Mummified Candy Jars with Plastic Bottles and Bandage- DIY Halloween Crafts for Kids Tutorial

Orange Pumpkin Monsters with Mason Jars

Overlooking Ghost Family for DIY Halloween Crafts and Decor

Paper Bag Halloween Kids Craft

Patio Decor Halloween Craft Idea with Plastic Cup Spiders

Preschool and Kindergarten Mummy Craft for Halloween

Pretty Painted Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween Crafts

Pumpkin Mason Jar for halloween

Purple and Green Halloween Cute Witch Wreath

Repulsive DIY Popcorn Hands

Scary Halloween Decor with Flasks and Creepy Figurines

Skull Eggs with Candies-DIY Crafts for Kids

Sparkly Mason Jar Snow Globes for Halloween

Spook-tacular DIY Halloween Ghosts Tutorial

Spooky Mason Jars Halloween Crafts

Trick or Treaat Candy Corns and Tooth Fairy DIY Decor Idea

Unique Mason Jar Witch

Upcycled Spooky Faces with Old Plastic Cards for DIY Kids Halloween Crafts

Wonderful Pumpkin Witch Hat

Source for Images: .com

4 Unique Craft Projects for Kids to Celebrate Every Season

47 Spooky and Fun Halloween Kids Crafts to Enjoy Halloween to the Maximum


25 Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids – Fun Halloween Kids DIY Ideas

Cool Spider Wall Art Craft For Kids

Mike Garten

The main excitement of Halloween — costumes and candy — might not happen until October 31, but that doesn't mean your kids can't celebrate right up until the big day.

And while carving pumpkins is fun for the whole family, if that's all you're doing, you're missing out on a whole host of other fun holiday crafts! Well, miss out no more.

Whether you're prepping for a Halloween party, decorating the front porch for trick-or-treaters, or just making crafts for the fun of it, these simple DIY ideas will fill your fall weekends with all kinds of crafty entertainment.

This year, think beyond the pumpkin and kick off the spookiest season of the year with these Halloween crafts for kids, which include ghosts, bats, spiders, and lots of googley eyes. Your little monsters will love 'em.

All you need to create these easy kid-friendly DIYs are a few supplies from Amazon or a trip to the local craft store! For more crafty Halloween ideas, check out our favorite DIY Halloween decorating projects and Halloween party ideas.

2 of 25

Pumpkin Stress Balls

Don't worry: These rice-filled DIY pumpkin stress balls are super easy to make. Just fill up orange balloons with rice and draw on a cute face.


3 of 25

Splatter Paint Candy Bags

Use these treat bags to dole out assorted candy to trick-or-treaters, or as party favors. To make them, just mix water with acrylic paint until it reaches the consistency of heavy cream.

Coat a craft brush with paint and then lightly tap it repeatedly over a small muslin drawstring bag. You can also use an old toothbrush by dipping it into paint and then, using your finger, flick the bristles onto the bag.

Let it dry completely and repeat on other side.


4 of 25

Ghost Garland

These cute lil ghosts make easy decor for your mantle or anywhere else you decide to hang them. Start by accordion folding paper
into approximately 3″ sections. Then, trace a ghost shape on the top piece, making sure it has arms that connect to the edges of the paper, and cut out the shape. Repeat with more paper if you want to make it longer, and attach the strands with clear tape.


5 of 25

Paper-Plate Spider (with Shoes!)

6 of 25

Spooky Bright-Eyed Cat Garland

To get started, trace a cat face shape on your choice of colored paper approximately 20 times (depending on how long you want the garland to be). Then, use a hole puncher to punch out eye holes on the cat faces. Slide string lights into the hole-punched eyes, then plug in and enjoy!


8 of 25

Halloween Bat Candy Holder

A light-weight mailing tube or an oatmeal canister make the perfect base for this DIY treat bucket. We know your kids will go batty for it!

Get the tutorial at Project Kid »

12 of 25

Glitter Pumpkin Snow Globes

22 of 25

Popsicle Stick Haunted House

25 of 25

Flying Bats


Spider Web Art for Kids

Cool Spider Wall Art Craft For Kids
The other day my mum (and the kids' beloved Nana) came over to hang out. I thought that we could all do some art, as being creative together provides time for chatting, learning, connecting and bonding.

Not only would we end up with some lovely artwork but also memories of togetherness that will last a lifetime.

I'd been saving some watercolour paper to create something cool with for a while, and thought we could use it to paint some vibrant watercolour spider-web designs.

You'll need watercolour paint, permanent marker and paper. A ruler could be handy as well. We all used watercolour paper except for the youngest as he wanted to do multiple paintings so we just stuck to regular paper for him. (Special watercolour paper is not super cheap but is lovely and thick and holds watercolour paintings just beautifully. For general watercolour painting we just use regular paper but for special pieces of art this, a good watercolour paper will really make it special) The design of your spiderweb is up to you but a simple way to draw one is by using a ruler for your straight lines. A basic web could have 4 crossing lines above. Add extra lines for a more intricate web. Then it is a matter of filling in the inside of the web. You can join line to line with straight or curved lines and make the gaps as big or small as you choose. When you've completed your spider-web template, it's time to paint. You don't need to worry too much about going over your lines as you can go back over them again when the paint is dry. The great thing about using water-colours is that you can clean areas by adding extra water and can blend and change colours easily. When you've finished all the painting, allow to dry (doesn't take long with watercolours) and then trace back over the original lines with your permanent marker.

Both adults (myself and Nana) finished our pieces in the one sitting but they did take quite some time. Maddie (aged 6) did her piece over 2 sittings as she lost patience with it in the first sitting so we put it aside for her to come back to when she felt it on another day. 

She was very proud of herself for finishing. I helped her trace back over the lines and she was completely delighted with the result.

Maddie's spider-web art. Aged 6
Noah's spider-web art, aged 3
Nana's spider web art, age category 50-60 years 😉 How's that mum?
My spider web art. Aged 32 😉

Handy Tips:

– Simplify this activity for younger children by drawing their spider web for them and encouraging them to choose different colours to fill each of the gaps. Talk about the colours they choose as they paint.

– Extend this activity by having children make their own spider-wed designs. They might want to try multiple spider webs or include other details branches or insects in their design. Adding these details in 3D later to the piece could work well.

Take it further by using books and the internet to look at pictures of spider-webs for inspiration. Do different types of spiders use different designs?

Mix it Up. Take your art to the next level by stitching over the spider-wed lines of your finished piece. This is possible if you've used a good watercolour paper we do as it is nice and thick and will hold your thread. It will probably be not as effective if you've just used a regular piece of paper but still doable. 

Creating works of art that are aesthetically pleasing can give children a real sense of pride and accomplishment. Children learn a lot about complimentary and contrasting colours when faced with placing colour after colour beside one another.

Art Teachers will love this one as it can be done by children of all ages but can look spectacular, especially if done with a whole class and displayed together. It's amazing how different all the designs end up when they often start looking very similar. As easy way to bring a very vibrant splash of colour to a hallway or classroom.

– Talk with your child about what they are doing while they are creating. This will help them understand the physical and mental processes they are going through as well as giving them the vocabulary to describe it. While children are being creative and focused,  it can be a great time to talk about sensitive issues and their feelings.

– Use new language and descriptive words , “space,” “contrast,” “complimentary colours,” “design” etc. This will help with their language development.

– Still feeling creative? Here are some of our other arty ideas for kids. You can see more in our Arts and Crafts category in the sidebar on the right-hand side.

Happy creating,

Look where else we are. Are you following along? 🙂

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