Will MI A3 Get Android 11?

Which Xiaomi phones will get Android 11?

Here’s the official list of Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO, and Black Shark devices eligible for Android 11DeviceStatusXiaomi Mi 10 ProAndroid 11 Beta 2 – MIUI 12Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth EditionInternal TestingRedmi K30 Pro/POCO F2 ProAndroid 11 Beta 2 – MIUI 12Redmi K30/POCO X2Confirmation by POCO India6 more rows•Aug 3, 2020.

Is MI a3 a good buy?

The Mi A3 is now available in India and is a pretty good deal for anyone who wants a stock-Android like experience at a budget. Combined with a 48MP camera, in-display fingerprint reader and a decently large battery, the Mi A3 is a decently equipped package that falls just a bit short of the Redmi Note 7 Pro.

Is MI a3 camera good?

In low light, both phones have good detail, but we prefer the white balance of the Mi A3’s shots. In very low light using the screen flash, the Mi A3 clearly has the better lit and more detailed selfie. The colour tone is a lot more pleasing and you can see a lot more detail in the background.

Why MI a3 is not full HD?

Xiaomi Mi A3 display, camera, battery and performance. … The Mi A3 comes with a resolution of 1560 x 720 pixels. It’s not FullHD (1080P). Instead it is HD (720P) but because the phone packs 1560 pixels diagonally Xiaomi calls its HD+ display.

Which Colour is best in MI a3?

The Mi A3 comes in three beautiful colours — More Than White, Not Just Blue and Kind Of Grey. “My favourite “More than White”.” This is what I said in the review of the smartphone. –The Triple Gorilla Glass protection not only makes the Mi A3 looks stunning but also makes the smartphone durable.

Will MI a3 get Android 12?

Since, the device is under the Android One program, the device will not receive MIUI 12. So, you will get a pure Android 11 user interface on the Mi A3, when Xiaomi decides to push the updates.

Can I play PUBG on MI a3?

Powerful And Better Gaming Phones Available In The Market PUBG Mobile started with low settings on the Mi A3 and the gameplay experience was not very smooth. Graphics looked mediocre due to low frame rate while playing PUBG mobile and other popular game titles.

How bad is MI a3 screen?

MI A3 have 6.1 inch super AMOLED HD+ display which is not bad but Xiaomi should have gone with the FHD+ Display. Viewing angles are good and colors are punchy. … Snapdragon 665 is used in MIA3 it’s good chipset built on 11nm . You will get smooth performance in day to day usage.

Should I buy MI a3 2020?

5 reasons why the Mi A3 is a great buy at Rs 11,999 -In 2020, there are only a handful of Android One phones on sale and the Mi A3 is the one offering a very compelling specifications list. The A3 comes with a Snapdragon 665 chipset that’s good enough for most tasks and even casual gaming.

Can I play 1080p video on MI a3?

Yes you can stream the videos of 1080p quality or even higher but the thing is A3 has a 720p panel which means that whatever video quality above 720p looks same like 720p. The reason is the Mi A3 can’t show 1080p qualty on 720p display.

Is MI a3 will get Android 10?

After months of promises and rumors, the Mi A3 is finally receiving the much-awaited Android 10 update. The OTA weighs in as a 1.3 GB download and brings all the typical Android 10 features. The update, however, appears to be a rather buggy one, as has become typical of Xiaomi’s Android One OS updates.

Is MI a3 waterproof?

Mi A3 is not waterproof, but it comes with P2i coating which protects the phone against accidental spills.