What Do You Put In Kitchen Glass Containers?

What do you store in glass canisters?

Whether you have open shelving or an envy-inducing walk-in pantry, one thing that every kitchen needs is a good glass jar or canister.

From storing baking supplies like flour and sugar, to housing bulk grains like rice, quinoa, and farro, you just can’t argue with the utility of a glass jar..

What do you put in apothecary jars in the kitchen?

Arguably the most common way to style apothecary jars is by purchasing bags of “filler”. Petals, potpourri, and balls of varying sizes and textures are easy to find and can achieve a cohesive look quickly. These white anemones were purchased together as “filler”.

Are mason jars good for storing flour?

Cardboard boxes and plastic bags are messy and may enable pests to get into your flour (not great when you need to make something for the bake sale at 11 p.m,). Glass Mason jars keep all dry goods fresh and ready to use, and their uniform size means they fit together well, too.

Can I store flour in glass jars?

The easiest way to keep your flour fresh and prevent little bugs from getting in is to transfer your flour to an airtight plastic or glass container.

Why are old Mason jars blue?

Those blue mason jars were mass produced until 1937 using sand from around Lake Michigan. It was that sand that gave the glass its blue hue.

What can I use instead of a Mason jar?

Try glass cylinder vases, mercury glass and more instead. Planning a wedding or party? Try glass cylinder vases, mercury glass and apothecary jars instead.

What do you put in a kitchen canister?

Flour. Baking supplies, such as different types of flour, keep well in kitchen canisters. Airtight canisters with silicone or rubber seals that are seated on the cover and fit tightly to the lip of the canister work best to keep out humidity and moisture that can make the flour clump together.

What can you do with glass containers?

Fifteen Uses for Glass JarsMake salad dressing. Put the ingredients in a jar, screw on the lid tightly, and shake until your arms ache to emulsify the dressing. … Make pickles.Mix drinks. An empty jar with a tight-fitting lid makes an excellent cocktail shaker. … Serve iced beverages. … Pack lunch. … Store utensils. … Make butter. … Make refrigerator jam.More items…•

What are kitchen canisters used for?

Whether they take up space on an open shelf, are resting on the counter, or are put away in a cupboard, glass canisters are a decorative way to make the “clutter” of your kitchen look pretty. If you are going to be storing supplies like flour and sugar anyways, then it is time to put some of your food on display!

Are mason jars airtight?

True Mason jars should always be made of glass, not plastic, and have a lid that creates an airtight seal. … After spending time in the fridge, after being boiled for canning, or if the jar contains something that consumes oxygen, a properly sealed lid will pop when opened due to the pressurized air inside.

What can I do with old glass cups?

10 Things to Do With Your Old GlassesCupcake Stand. As an alternative to wineglasses, place the wineglass upside down and use the bottom as a cupcake stand during parties. … Office Supply Holder. Need a splash of color in your workspace? … Mini Lamp. … Succulent Planters. … Photo Display. … Floral Display. … Catch-All Bowl. … Teacup Candle.More items…