Quick Answer: Why Did All My Apple Music Delete?

Why did Apple Music delete my playlist?

Most of the time, when Apple Music deletes your library, there might be something wrong with iCloud Music Library.

Sometimes if your Apple Music playlists are not showing after iOS 13/12 update, it might because your iTunes account has synced across the devices or your Show Apple Music option is off automatcially..

Why does Apple keep deleting my music?

If you navigate to Settings > Music, you should see a setting called “Optimize Storage” in the Downloads section. If you have this enabled, your iPhone will automatically remove music content that hasn’t been played in a while to help you conserve storage space on your device.

How do I get all my Apple music back?

Question: Q: signed out of apple id and lost all apple musicGo to settings on your iPhone.Go down to “Music” and press it.Under the “Library” heading turn on “iCloud Music Library”Now go back to the Music app and it should be there (assuming you have your phone backed up on iCloud)

How do I get my Apple music library back?

Apple Music library missing? Check your iCloud Music settingsOpen Settings.Swipe down to Music.Tap the toggle next to iCloud Music Libary to recover your Apple Music Library.It make take some time for your library to repopulate in the Music app.

Why did all my Apple music disappear?

My entire songs library disappeared. Go into Settings –> Music and make sure the option to show Apple Music is turned on. If it is, try turning it off and then on again, then check your music library (and be patient – give it a minute or two for your music to show up).