Quick Answer: Where Are The Hidden Packages In GTA 3?

Why can’t I find the briefcase in GTA 5?

Go to the spot, and look for it.

If it’s not there go back to the surface and move away a bit, then quicksave and quit.

Reload the game and go back to the location and the cases usually spawn.

This can be done to make them respawn, but you need to wait a while to do it again..

Where are all the hidden packages in GTA Vice City?

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City hidden package location guide10 packages: Body armor – Ocean View Hotel and Vercetti Mansion.20 packages: Chainsaw – Ocean View Hotel and Vercetti Mansion.30 packages: Colt Python – Ocean View Hotel and Vercetti Mansion.40 packages: Flame-Thrower – Ocean View Hotel and Vercetti Mansion.More items…•

How do you view the map in GTA 3?

You will have to navigate using nothing but the minimap in the bottom corner. After a while you should get the hang of it as the game map is quite small and there arent too many dead ends that you can get stuck in assuming you have learned your way around the map.

How many hidden packages are in Portland?

33 Hidden PackagesIn Portland Island there are 33 Hidden Packages, with 2 of them unreachable (that means you will need to unlock Staunton Island).

Where can I find Securicar in GTA 3?

Securicar: Can be found driven by civilians near Fort Staunton and rarely around Chinatown. Grand Theft Auto III, also known as GTA 3 or GTA III, is the third instalment of the Grand Theft Auto series, and was released in 2001.

Do hidden packages Respawn in GTA 5?

Once done saving, reload the game, the character will be in the exact location to dive down and retrieve the package again. This is a beneficial way to earn a lot of money easily and early in the game for as long as the player is willing to grind for it. … They will respawn again after one in-game day.

What can you do in GTA 3?

10 Awesome Things To Do in GTA 3Complete the game to 100%Steal a Banshee.Blow up stuff with the RC car.Turn the tables completely with Vigilante missions.Crush cars (at the junkyard)“Car Surfing”Start a fire and steal the fire truck.Rig a vehicle to explode and toy with criminals.More items…

Do GTA 3 cheats work on ps4?

All Weapons: During gameplay press R2, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up. During gameplay press R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1, R1, Triangle. …

Can you buy houses in GTA 3?

A new feature for the Grand Theft Auto series is the ability to save cars in the garages of the safehouses. … The player can acquire up to three safehouses in the game, unlocking them as the player progresses through the storyline.

Where are the hidden packages in GTA 5?

Hidden Packages are cases spread out in whole San Andreas. All of them but one are located under water and those are often locations with ship or plane wrecks. Usage of bathyscaphe or other boat with diving equipment is recommended.

How do you get 100% on GTA 3?

In order to complete GTA 3 100%, you have to complete all 51 Storyline missions.Pay-Phone Missions. There are a total of 4 contractors in Liberty City that will give Claude orders, … Off-Road Missions. Patriot Playground. … RC Missions. Diablo Destruction. … Emergency Vehicle Missions. Paramedic. … Import/Export. … Miscellaneous.

How long does it take to finish GTA 3?

All StylesSingle-PlayerPolledAverageMain Story28716h 03mMain + Extras16923h 39mCompletionists9241h 23mAll PlayStyles54822h 39m