Quick Answer: What Is The Reply For No Worries?

What can I say instead of No worries?

What is another word for no worries?think nothing of itde nadano mentionit makes no differenceit was nothingcertainlyyou are welcomesureit’s all rightit’s no trouble12 more rows.

Can you reply no response to thanks?

Most people who reply with “no problem” following an expression of gratitude intend to convey that they acted out of politeness and were not inconvenienced, and, really, no expression of thanks is needed. … This expression implies that saying “thank you” is not necessary and that the person was glad to do the favor.

What to reply to how have you been?

When someone asks, “How have you been?” you should answer with more than just a short word like “Good” or “OK”. You should respond by giving news about how your life has been lately. For example, you can answer: Pretty good.

Is saying no need to apologize rude?

It is not rude to say ‘no problem’ or ‘it is OK’ in response to someone apologizing for something that didn’t affect you much.

Is saying sure rude?

Usually it means the person didn’t understand the question and instead of asking for clarity or for the question to be repeated they would say “sure”. This is why it could be considered rude because the person is discounting what was said and doesn’t take the time to ask that what they missed be repeated.

What is best reply for thank you?

10 English Phrases for Responding to “Thank You”You’re welcome.No problem.No worries.Don’t mention it.My pleasure.Anytime.It was the least I could do.Glad to help.More items…

Why is you’re welcome a response to thank you?

O’Conner and Stewart Kellerman, “welcome” was being recast as a response to “thank you” as soon as 1603, in Shakespeare’s “Othello.” By the early 1900s, “you’re welcome” had emerged as a reflexive retort to “thanks.” What began as an invitation was now a nod to your own generosity.

What does it mean when someone say no worries?

Definition. No worries is an Australian English expression, meaning “do not worry about that”, or “that’s all right”. It can also mean “sure thing” and “you’re welcome”. … The expression has been compared to the American English equivalent “no problem”.

How do you apologize?

Elements of a Perfect ApologySay you’re sorry. Not, “I’m sorry, but . . .”, just plain ol’ “I’m sorry.”Own the mistake. It’s important to show the other person that you’re willing to take responsibility for your actions.Describe what happened. … Have a plan. … Admit you were wrong. … Ask for forgiveness.

Is it rude not to say you’re welcome?

It is not rude not to say “you’re welcome” after a compliment. When “thank you” is the initiating phrase, your response should be “you’re welcome” or any substitute of that which seems most appropriate; however, when the initiating phrase is a compliment, “you’re welcome” becomes the response.

What does it mean when a man says no worries?

It could mean “I’m not worried” if someone says “sorry you’re going to the proctologist”, or “don’t worry because I’ve decided to not make a big deal of it” in response to “sorry I was late”. Context 2: Person A: Sorry I was late. Person B: No worries [“don’t worry… I’m not going to fire you over it.”]

Can you reply no worries to Sorry?

Explanation: This is very commonly in both regular daily life and in the work place. It can be used after an apology or after someone says thank you. In both cases, it is telling the person that the event was no big deal and it does not require an apology or a thank you. “No worries, we can get it done tomorrow.”

What is the reply of sorry?

For something formal or written, you can say I accept your apology. A very common phrase, as @CookieMonster mentions, is It’s OK or It’s all right. Sometimes, people apologize out of politeness, just in case the other person might be offended. In such a situation, people often respond with No worries or No problem.

Is it polite to say no worries?

The simple answer is it doesn’t really matter what words are used; it’s how you say it. You can use no problem or no worries or anything else that you like to say to let the person know that it is not a big deal.

What does it mean when a woman says no worries?

No worries is an expression seen in Australian, British and New Zealand English meaning “do not worry about that”, “that’s all right”, or “sure thing”. … Every time she said, “no worries,” I felt a patronizing sense of inferiority. Somehow I suddenly did not measure up. I am not alone.