Quick Answer: Is There Any Issue With Paytm?

Can we block someone on Paytm?

Steps to Block Someone On Paytm Once the chat option is selected, search the contact that you wish to block by scrolling down.

On tapping the contact, the chatbox of the contact will appear on the screen.

Tap on the name of the contact; another screen will appear showing two options mute and block..

Can Paytm be hacked?

Paytm relies on your mobile as a substitute for debit cards. If your mobile is lost/stolen, your paytm account can be easily hacked since your password can be reset by sending a simple OTP to the mobile. … If a hacker were to reset the OTP for 100K mobile numbers, then the probability of hacking goes upto 1 per 10.

Which is better Google pay or Paytm?

In terms of average transaction value, Google Pay’s ATV is higher by 50 per cent compared to PhonePe and Paytm. According to recent data revealed by BharatPe, Google’s Pay ATV hovers around $4.6 while PhonePe and Paytm recorded their ATV as $2.6 and $2.4 respectively.

Can Paytm be trusted?

3 Security Tips for Paytm Wallet, Paytm Payments Bank & Paytm BHIM UPI. Mobile payments and banking are safe — especially with Paytm, as we use world-class security and encryption to keep your data as safe as possible.

How can I unblock Paytm instantly?

To unblock your account, please write to us at paytm.com/care from your Paytm registered email ID with your bank statement that clearly shows transactions made on Paytm, and we will unblock your account.

Why Paytm showing something went wrong?

@ritika1956 its a clear indication that they have flagged ur primary accounts for abusing their promo offers and will block them very soon so very first thing u have to care about is to transfer ur money to some other PayTM account.

Why my Paytm FASTag is blacklisted?

If adequate balance is not maintained by the customer, the FASTag gets blacklisted at the toll plaza. In such a scenario if the customer travels through a toll plaza without recharging then he won’t be able to avail the NETC services and would be required to pay the toll fare through cash.

Is there any problem with Paytm today?

Paytm servers were hit with what appears to be a congestion issue on Thursday with the mobile payments company working to update its systems for higher capacity. … All banks and payment networks undertake scheduled down-times to upgrade and carry out maintenance on their servers and infrastructure.

Why does my messenger say something went wrong?

To fix this, go to your app settings and clear Messenger’s data. Log back in and it will be fixed. So most of the time the real cause of this error is that too many logged in sessions to Messenger are causing a conflict.

Why is Paytm postpaid unavailable?

After facing flak about the suspension of the service, Paytm has confirmed that Postpaid service has been entirely discontinued. The move has come as a surprise because Paytm decided to discontinue the lending business without notifying users.

Why Net banking is not working in Paytm?

In case you are unable to add money to your Paytm Wallet using net-banking, it may be due to the following reasons: Your bank account may not have net banking enabled. You may be entering incorrect credentials for net banking. You may have insufficient balance.

How can I talk to Paytm executive?

Our earlier CallMeBack number 0120–3888–388 is also operational in all Indian languages in case you want to request a call back from our end. Quick word here, we would also recommend you use the ‘Help & FAQ’ section within the Paytm app.

Why Paytm app is not working?

DNA webdesk. If your Paytm or other mobile wallet is not working then you could blame the recent KYC norms, that are being effective from today. The Reserve Bank of India on Wednesday denied to extent the February 28 deadline for mandatory KYC-compliance by prepaid wallet customers.

Is Google pay better than Paytm?

Based on the Economic Times Report, Google Pay leads in terms of aggregate transaction values for payment (Google Pay-55,000Cr, PhonePe-44,000Cr, Paytm-38,200Cr). Paytm however has a higher market share than the competitors. … Based on efficacies and market value, all three seem to be at a deadlock of sorts.

Why I Cannot use Paytm wallet?

Users who didn’t complete their KYC continue to receive money from other Paytm users if they had given any document ID at the time of sign up. They can also transfer money to the merchants but cannot pay to any other users. … To send more money, the user has to be added as a beneficiary.

How can I refresh Paytm?

myaccount-profile-updateLaunch your Paytm App.Tap on the Profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.Tap on ‘Edit Profile’ at top right corner of the screen.Choose your name/DOB/gender you want to add/update.Click on ‘Save’.