Quick Answer: Is Poco X2 A Good Phone To Buy?

Should I buy Poco x2 or wait for Poco f2?

Buying the F2 over there Poco X2 not only future proof you but also add more value for what you are paying.

For the extra 10k money that you’ll pay, the Poco F2 will cover all those gimmicky features and extra raw performance that the Snapdragon 865 will bring..

Why is Poco x2 best?

Design: A fine balance For instance, the flat matte finish on the side panel of Poco X2 offers better grip quality than phones with curved side with glossy finish, like last year’s Redmi K20 Pro. In terms of overall looks, Poco X2 leaves a positive impression.

Is Poco x2 a gaming phone?

-The Poco X2 is high on performance and that can be attributed to the Snapdragon 730G chipset, which is a rare chipset in this price point. This is a gaming-grade chipset and it will run all your latest mobile games in the second-best way to the Snapdragon 855-powered phones.

Is Poco f1 better than Poco x2?

Unlike the F1, the Poco X2 focuses on design, build quality, cameras and the overall user experience. And, when you consider the starting price of Rs 15,999, the Poco X2 comes across as the best value for money phone you can buy today, even better than the Poco F1.

Is Poco Indian brand?

Xiaomi-owned Poco is now an independent brand in India. Xiaomi India head Manu Kumar Jain just announced that the company’s sub-brand Poco is now an independent entity. The Poco F1 made quite the impact on the market back in 2018, and that’s why Xiaomi is confident that it can operate on its own.

Is Poco a good brand?

It had flagship-grade features for its time with a combination of great features and a low price tag. The phone garnered immense praise from across the world with both reviewers and users calling it a great value for money phone. Its 2020 and the POCO F1 still sells, according to Jain.

Is Poco x2 better than Realme x2?

Apart from that, the Poco X2 has a faster refresh rate with 120Hz display. It is bigger in size with a bigger battery and slightly smoother performance at a lower price than Realme X2.

Which is better Realme 6 Pro or Poco x2?

The Poco X2 offers an IR blaster, HDR10 display and slightly more consistent rear camera performance. The 6 Pro offers a dedicated card slot, better selfie performance, a wide-angle selfie camera and a dedicated telephoto lens at the back.

Is Poco x2 worth buying?

In a nutshell, well worth a buy. Poco X2 was launched on 4th February 2020 & you can say that it has similar features of Redmi K30. The price in India is around Rs 15999 for 6GB RAM + 64GB internal storage, 16999 for 6GB RAM + 128GB internal storage, 19999 for 8GB RAM + 256GB internal storage, expandable up to 512GB.

Which phone is better than Poco x2?

Best Poco X2 Alternatives: Price & AvailabilityPhonesPriceRealme 6 Pro6GB+ 64GB: Rs. 16,999 6GB+ 128GB: Rs. 17,999 8GB+ 128GB: Rs. 18,999Redmi Note 9 Pro Max6GB+ 64GB: Rs. 14,999 6GB+ 128GB: Rs. 16,999 8GB+ 128GB: Rs. 18,999Redmi Note 8 Pro6GB+ 64GB: Rs. 14,890 6GB+ 128GB: Rs. 15,999 8GB+ 128GB: Rs. 17,9994 more rows•Mar 18, 2020

Is Poco x2 water resistant?

The Poco X2 will be water resistant as it features P2i Splash-proof technology. For all those who love to stay wired to their music, the latest Xiaomi Poco X2 has a 3.5 mm headphone jack and 1217 linear speakers.

Why is Poco x2 unavailable?

Poco X2 price in India increased by Rs 1,000 after GST hike Post-hike, the Poco X2 6GB/64GB variant will be priced at Rs 16,999, instead of its previous price of Rs 15,999. … The revised prices are already live on the Flipkart website but due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it is temporarily unavailable.

Is Poco x2 better than Samsung m31?

However, the Poco X2 holds the title for the best smartphone for capturing portrait selfies. In terms of camera, software and battery, the Galaxy M31 is the best of the lot. However, where it excels in these three areas, it falls short in terms of performance and design.

Is Poco a Chinese company?

Yes, POCO is a Chinese brand, it’s just a Xiaomi(Redmi) subbrand.

Which is better Poco or redmi?

While Redmi Note 7 Pro offers Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor with up to 6GB of RAM, Poco F1 is powered by Snapdragon 845 processor, which is Qualcomm’s 2018 premium chipset. … But if you’re a power user and love to play graphic intensive games, Poco F1 is a good alternative.

Which is better Poco x2 or m31?

In comparison, the POCO X2 is powered by a Snapdragon 730G processor, paired with 6GB/8GB of RAM and 64GB/128GB/256GB of expandable storage. It also offers a LiquidCool technology for improved thermal management. Winner: Galaxy M31 for its marginally faster processor (around 5.3% faster).