Quick Answer: How Do You Enter Codes In WildCraft?

What is the best animal in wildcraft?

Poll For Best Animal Fast And AttackWolf.





How do you get free acorns in WildCraft?

They can only be earned by obtaining duplicate items from chests. Note that playable animals and home items must be obtained multiple times before you can receive acorns from them. The maximum amount of acorns a player can have is 5,999.

How do you get diamonds in WildCraft?

Aside from buying them, gems can also be obtained through completing achievements (which can be found under the trophy icon in the game menu). There is currently a total of 1,890 Gems that a player can be earn from achievements.

How many babies can you have in wildcraft?

6 childrenThe maximum number of members in one family is 8. You can have up to 6 children in one family. The levels to have a child in this game before level 100 are levels 10, 20, 40, and 80.

What is the strongest animal in wildcraft?

crocodileGuest Answered: The animal with the most health is the bear, and the strongest is the crocodile, and the fastest is the cheetah.

How do you eat in wildcraft?

Guest Answered: You have to kill something, then walk over to where it dropped and eat it like you would as a normal animal, like a wolf. It will look like a bush.

How do you have a baby in wildcraft?

To get pregnant or lay an egg, they need a female mate to sleep in her den after both mates are level 10, 20, 40, 80, 120, and 200. After the female becomes pregnant, they have a special experience bar that they need to fill before having an offspring.

How do I redeem a code on WildCraft?

codes for WildCraftGo to the game.Go to the store.Click on “Redeem Code”

How do you get animals in WildCraft?

They can be obtained from chests or bought with gems. Pets can be used in both single player and multiplayer mode, but cannot be used during clan sessions. Like playable animals, pets can gain experience, increase in power, and have accessories.