Quick Answer: How Can I Get Extra Data In Jio 1.5 GB?

How do I add more data to my Jio?

To redeem the additional data, subscribers need to open the MyJio app and tap on the Redeem icon in the My Vouchers section.

Then, simply purchase a recharge of the requisite minimum value, and the extra data will be credited to your account..

Is Jio data free from 2am to 5am?

Jio users can enjoy 4G data for absolutely free between 2 am and 5am daily. This means the data that they consume between these hours will not get deducted from their daily allowance.

How can I increase my Jio speed after 1.5 GB limit?

Jio Proxy trick The first step is to open the setting in the Jio app installed in the mobile device or Jio device. Then navigate to the mobile networks and select Jio SIM to create a new address point. Then the user has to enter the profile name and enter ‘SaveGyd’. Then enter APN as JIONET.

Is Jio free at night 2020?

2) Reliance Officially announced Jio”Unlimited at Night” pertains to 4G data used between 2Am–5Am absolutely free.

How can I get extra data from Jio after 1gb?

If you want to check whether you have also got the extra data part of Jio Celebration Pack, follow these steps:Open the MyJio app.Login using your Jio number.Enter One-Time Password (OTP) in the app for authentication.Tap on the three horizontal lines icon on the top left corner.Tap on My Plans.More items…•

What is 1.5 GB add on in Jio?

199 ships 1.5GB data per day for 28 days. It includes access to the Jio application and 100 messages per day. On the other hand, Rs. 249 ships 2GB data per day of 28 days.

Is Jio giving extra data?

Starting today, the telecom company is offering 2GB per day 4G data to its select prepaid customers. This extra data is being offered starting today for the next four days, till May 2. … However, not all prepaid Reliance Jio customers can see the additional data.

Do Jio vouchers expire?

The Double Data voucher will be credited within 48 hours of every successful recharge and can be accessed under the ‘My Vouchers’ section of the MyJio application. You need to redeem the voucher to activate the same. Double Data vouchers will expire if not redeemed within three months from date of credit.

What is add on 10 GB in Jio?

You can get up to 10GB free data from Reliance Jio. In order to celebrate the milestone, Reliance Jio is said to be offering 10GB additional data to all its users. This 10GB data is being broken down into 2GB data per day for the next five days.

Which plan is best for Jio?

Best Prepaid Plans from Jio For Type B users, I would recommend the Rs 329 plan that has a validity of 84 days and gives you 6 GB of high-speed data, unlimited calls to Jio numbers, 3,000 minutes worth of calling to other networks, and 1,000 SMS.

How can I get more Internet for free?

DOWNLOAD These 5 Apps to Get FREE Internet Data on Your PhoneSTEP 1: Install the Gigato app from Google Play Store. … STEP 1: Install hike messenger on your smartphone. … STEP 1: Install the app from Play Store. … STEP 1: Download the new version of the app from Play Store. … STEP 1: Download and install the app from Play Store.

How do I get free Jio data?

Dial 1299 Toll-Free Number from your Jio number. After the call gets connected, just listen to all the instructions, if you get any choice to claim the data, tap that. Now, You’ll get 10 GB of add-on pack after the call is disconnected and to claim that use MyJio app.

How can I get free 2gb data?

To check for the free data on your Jio number, head to the My Plans section of the MyJio app. Jio is offering free additional data to select users in India once again. This free data credit of 2GB per day high speed data comes with a validity of 5 days.

Why is Jio giving free data?

These select users have received the free data on top of their existing plans. For instance, if a user has active on Jio recharge that gives them 3GB data per day, they got an additional 2GB on top of their daily data. This means that these select users used 5GB of data per day for five consecutive days.

How many days will Jio work without recharge?

90 daysThat certain period has not been specified yet. According to Reliance Jio’s terms and conditions, if you do not recharge after the validity expiration of your existing recharge, you will only be able to receive incoming calls and messages. If you do not do any recharges in 90 days, your number will be disconnected.