Quick Answer: How Can I Activate Free Data On Etisalat?

What is free UAE WiFi?

About WiFi UAE WiFi UAE means free nationwide WiFi access for everyone.

What’s more, you can also enjoy high-speed access to all UAE government online services.

WiFi UAE is currently only available to UAE mobile numbers.

Soon you’ll be able to connect using an international mobile number..

How can I get Internet in Dubai?

Through an initiative called Wifi UAE, there’s also free public wi-fi in the Dubai Metro, on public beaches, in shopping malls and at hundreds of other locations in the country. Alas, for now you need a UAE mobile phone number to access this service. Consider buying a local SIM card, which costs just a few dirhams.

How can I get free Etisalat Internet?

Etisalat Free Wi-Fi You not only have to be an Etisalat subscriber, you have to have a data subscription package that you already use with Etisalat to avail of free internet. If you don’t have a data subscription, you can still use the Wi-Fi but you’ll have to pay Dh5 per day which gives you unlimited access.

How do I subscribe for Etisalat unlimited data?

How can I activate the data packs and plans?Via My Etisalat UAE app.Logging on to www.etisalat.ae.Texting the relevant code to 1010 (Note: AED 0.30/SMS, 5% VAT excluded)Dialling *170# and following the instructions.Calling 101.

What is the code for buying Etisalat data?

If you need 1.5 GB for 30 days, use the code *229*2*25# or text ‘AND11’ to 229. This plan will cost you ₦1,200. If you need 2.5 GB for 30 days, use the code *229*2*8# or text ‘AND2’ to 229.

Is du or Etisalat better?

1. Re: “du” or Etisalat – which one is better? du – much cheaper as you are charged by the second, the SIM package is cheaper (60 Dhs as opposed to Etisalat 160 Dhs) and their rates for international calls better. 2.

How can I get free WiFi in Dubai?

Other places where you can get free WiFi Dubai include the Dubai Mall and in Dubai Metro stations. WiFi is available throughout the entire mall as well as the metro stations and trains. The best part is that even if you are in a taxi you can use free WiFi Dubai.

How much is data in Dubai?

Data feature packagesGeneral dataSocial dataPrice1 GB1 GBAED 1003 GB2 GBAED 1505 GB3 GBAED 2007 GB4 GBAED 2503 more rows

Can I get a shower at Dubai airport?

Free showers are available at Terminal 3, between Gates A1 – A24 and Gates B13 – B19; and at Terminal 1, between Gates C18 – C22. Business and first-class lounges have their own private showers.

How can I get free data in UAE?

Also read: Make video calls on new app in UAE The free mobile data, free high speed WiFi and freeview documentary is for Emirati postpaid and prepaid customers. To avail the free 48 GB national data offer, Emirati customers need to dial *055*48# between December 1 and 3.

How do I get free internet?

How to Get Free Internet at Home without Paying AnythingBest Ways to Get Free Internet.Freedom Pop for Free Internet.NetZero for Free Internet.Wi-Fi Free Spot for Free Internet.Check with your service providers for Free Internet.Search for a Municipal Wireless Network in Your Area.Use your Phone as a Hotspot for Free Internet.Ask a Neighbor for Free Internet.More items…

How can I use Etisalat mobile data?

Simply by dialling *777# to start or stop a data session. Customers will only be charged for the minutes in between, Etisalat says. There’s no volume limit on usage – and therefore no need to worry about MB or GB anymore.

How can I check my Etisalat prepaid offer?

To check your balance: dial *121# To find prepaid offers and promotions: dial *101# To get Deal of the Day: dial *050# To transfer credit: type the command *100*mobile number*amount# and press ok.

How do I stop Etisalat Data renewal?

Etisalat data renewal cancel process is quite simple, to stop Etisalat data renewal you just need to send “STOP” to the number 229. You can always disable Etisalat auto renewal any time you want!

How can I use VPN for free internet?

Get free internet for Android using DROID VPNDownload and install DroidVPN application on your android device;Register your account using Username, Password & Email Address;Next go to Connection Settings and Click on ‘Connection Protocol’ & Select TCP option;Now ‘HTTP Headers’ should appear.More items…•

Does Dubai have free WiFi?

Free internet service WiFi UAE launched by Smart Dubai and du last year has spread from 200 locations across Dubai to 300, including Dubai’s public transport. … However, WiFi premium isn’t free. It costs Dhs20 for six hours of internet access over three days, or Dhs50 for 20 hours of internet access over seven days.

How can I check my Etisalat offer?

How can I subscribe to the Deal of the Day offer?Dial *050# or text “DEAL” to 1204.You will receive an SMS (from sender ID 1204) which will carry the eligible offer.Reply to the message by texting “YES” to subscribe to the offer.You will receive a confirmation message confirming that the offer is activated.

What is social data in Etisalat?

The Daily Social Data Plan offers all etisalat prepaid users 150MB daily to access the Facebook, WhatsApp, BBM, Twitter, LinkedIn, BOTIM* and C’Me* applications for only AED 2/day. *The Social Data allowance may be used for messaging.

How do I load Etisalat Data Card?

Come visit us. Buy an Etisalat recharge card or eVoucher from any outlet or an Etisalat partner near you and then recharge by simply dialling *120*#.

How can I activate Etisalat monthly social data plan?

By texting “DATA” to 1010 – AED 0.30/SMS (5% VAT excluded)…Other ways to get:Via the My Etisalat UAE app.By dialling *170# or *101#By texting “DS2” to 1012.

How do I activate one day data on Etisalat?

150MB Daily PlanVia the My Etisalat UAE app.By dialling *170*1# or *101#By texting “DATA” to 1010 – AED 0.30/SMS (5% VAT excluded)

How do I stop Etisalat data?

How can I manage my Start/Stop Data sessions?Dial *777*1# to START.Dial *777*2# to STOP.Dial *777*3# to CHECK.

How do I get free 2020 Internet?

3- Trick to get 500mb dataDownload official MyAirtel App.Go to apps section after download.Search for Airtel Movies App banner with 500 mb free data offer.Click on the banner and install Airtel movies app on your mobile phone.Register on it to get the promotional 500 mb data which will be credited within 24 hours.More items…•

How can I get free WiFi at home?

Jump to…Share Your Smartphone’s Internet Connection.Use a Hotspot Database App.Buy a Portable Router.Visit Popular WiFi Hotspot Locations.Look for Hidden WiFi Networks.