Question: Where Did Dennis Prager Go To College?

Is Prageru a 501c3?


2017Organization zip code91403-2442Organization citySHERMAN OAKSInvestment income ($)100,808Tax code designation501(c)(3)24 more rows.

Where did Dennis Prager go to school?

School of International and Public Affairs1970–1972Brooklyn CollegeUniversity of LeedsYeshivah of FlatbushDennis Prager/Education

Is Prager University a real school?

The organization relies on donations, and much of its early funding came from fracking billionaires Dan and Farris Wilks. PragerU is not a university or academic institution, and does not hold classes, grant certifications or diplomas, and is not accredited by any recognized body.

How old is Dennis Prager?

72 years (August 2, 1948)Dennis Prager/Age

Where is Dennis Prager from?

Brooklyn, New York, United StatesDennis Prager/Place of birthDennis Prager was born in Brooklyn to Hilda Prager (née Friedfeld; 1919–2009) and her husband, Max Prager (1918–2014). Prager and his siblings were raised in a Modern Orthodox Jewish home. He attended the Yeshiva of Flatbush in Brooklyn, New York, where he befriended Joseph Telushkin.

Who is Dennis Prager’s wife?

Susan Reedm. 2008Francine Stonem. 1988–2005Janice Pragerm. 1981–1986Dennis Prager/Wife

How tall is Dennis Prager?

1.93 mDennis Prager/Height

What time is Dennis Prager on the radio?

Friday, 9:00 AM to NoonDennis Prager is one of America’s most respected radio talk show hosts. He has been broadcasting on radio in Los Angeles since 1982. His popular show became nationally syndicated in 1999 and airs live, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to Noon (Pacific Time) from his home station, KRLA.