Question: What Does The Abbreviation G Stand For?

What G stands for?

Generation for wireless technology”G” stands for Generation for wireless technology and generation count increased when new technology come.

2G,3G,4G,(and now 5G) are not technology , they just denotes advancement of technology better than older one.

Lets compare all the technology from starting..

What is up my G?

Meaning: It’s a greeting that basically means what’s up, what happening, what’s going on. Meaning: Originally this is hip hop slang that means “Gangster” , but it has become more common.

What does it mean when a guy calls you everyday?

He calls you every day. Typically, they use phone calls or text messages to relay information, not to chitchat. But if your guy is calling you regularly to see how your day is going or just to hear your voice, then he’s most likely a keeper.

Why does he say my name in bed?

‘Shout out his name often’ Another thing that a man loves to hear during love making is his name. Keep your eyes closed and say his name when you like something that he is doing. This is also a way of telling him you only think of him during sex and it is his body that gives you satisfaction.

What does a straight G mean?

When you are a Straight G, it means just that, you are a straight gangster and only like the female gender. Gay G’s, explains itself. As you may have guessed, there are also Bi-Sexual G’s.

What does G stand for in money?

one-thousand dollarsThat Symbol is a “G” and It Means Money. … That symbol stands for money. An urban term for “one-thousand dollars” is “G”. As in, “There are about a G’s worth of sneakers in that closet.” The term “G” is also used as an endearment for a friend or loved one.

Is GM the same as G?

gm (gram): The abbreviation gm stands for gram, a unit of measurement of weight and mass in the metric system. In weight, a gram is equal to a thousandth of a kilogram. In mass, a gram is equal to a thousandth of a liter (one cubic centimeter) of water at 4 degrees centigrade.

What does G stand for in science?

universal gravitational constantIn physics ‘G’ stands for universal gravitational constant . According to Newton’s law of gravitation every two objects are attracting each other with a specific force . This force is equal to the ratio of product of the masses of that two objects and squaring of there distance from one another. F = G×M×m/ r×r.

What does G mean in a report card?

Often E is for excellent, G is for good, S is for satisfactory, and NI is for needs improvement. Some schools may also have their own alternative letter scale.

Is giving nicknames flirting?

Nicknames: Yes, again. One of the main ways to flirt is to give him a nickname. Some good flirty nicknames can also be the kinds where it’s as if you’re calling HIM out on flirting with YOU. Like, “Flirty-Pants” or whatever you want.

What does G mean in text message?

good to goacronym for “good to go”. Used mainly in computer-based conversation (instant messaging, email, text messaging, etc.) See more words with the same meaning: Internet, texting, SMS, email, chat acronyms (list of).

What is G in medical terms?

G. gram (or grams); gingival; glucose; gonidial.

What does G stand for in school?

Grade PendingArticle Content. The “G” (Grade Pending) mark is used as an administrative placeholder when a student’s grade is pending the outcome of a possible policy violation or disciplinary matter.

What does it mean if a guy calls you g?

It just basically means you are on great terms with the person. It means “a good friend” Although I don’t really know,I’m not sure, but people say “G” as in “guy”. And the word “guy” as stated above, is synonymous to the word “friend” But the word “guy” is not stereotypical to males only.

What does thank G mean?

phrase. You say ‘ Thank God’, ‘Thank Goodness’, or ‘Thank heavens’ when you are very relieved about something. [feelings] I was wrong, thank God.