Question: What Does It Mean To Abate A Nuisance?

What is an abatement process?

1 : the act or process of reducing or otherwise abating something abatement of pollution : the state of being abated a storm continuing without abatement [=without weakening] 2 : an amount abated especially : a deduction from the full amount of a tax ….

What is abatement action?

Abatement of action refers to the entire overthrow or destruction of an action, resulting from the fact that the defendant pleads a matter which defeats the action either for the time being or permanently. At common law, a suit, when it abates, is absolutely dead.

What does abated mean?

to reduce in amount, degree, intensity, etc.; lessen; diminish: to abate a tax; to abate one’s enthusiasm. Law. to put an end to or suppress (a nuisance). to suspend or extinguish (an action).

What is being a nuisance?

noun. an obnoxious or annoying person, thing, condition, practice, etc.: a monthly meeting that was more nuisance than pleasure. Law. something offensive or annoying to individuals or to the community, especially in violation of their legal rights.

What is another word for nuisance?

What is another word for nuisance?annoyancebothertrialtroubleboreproblemdraghassleirritantplague231 more rows

What is considered an attractive nuisance?

To be considered an attractive nuisance: A potentially dangerous condition exists on the property. The landowner created or maintained the potential danger. The landowner should have known the condition would attract children. The landowner should have known the condition could harm children.

What does it mean to abate a property?

An abatement refers to a tax break offered by a state or municipality offered on certain types of real estate or business opportunities. A real estate tax abatement may reduce a home’s property taxes for a period of time, or may grant tax breaks to businesses.

What are the two types of nuisance?

There are two classes of nuisance under the American law: a nuisance in fact, or “nuisance per accidens”, and a nuisance per se.

What is the meaning of hordes?

a large group, multitude, number, etc.; a mass or crowd: a horde of tourists. a tribe or troop of Asian nomads. any nomadic group. a moving pack or swarm of animals: A horde of mosquitoes invaded the camp.

What does abate the nuisance mean?

Nuisance abatement is a growing area within policing and code enforcement. The term refers to using building codes, fire codes, zoning, etc. in order to improve the quality of life and resolve life safety issues within neighborhoods. … In most Canadian jurisdictions, bylaw enforcement officers handle nuisance abatement.

What is an abnormal?

(Entry 1 of 2) : deviating from the normal or average a person with abnormal [=exceptional] strength abnormal powers of concentration often : unusual in an unwelcome or problematic way abnormal behavior abnormal test results. abnormal. noun.

How do you use the word abate?

Sentence ExamplesIn an hour or so the storm would abate and they could leave.I took Laura some homemade cookies, hoping to abate her sadness.Taking pain medicine can cause headaches to abate.The crowd’s roar began to abate after a few minutes of excitement.More items…

What does vindictive mean?

adjective. disposed or inclined to revenge; vengeful: a vindictive person. proceeding from or showing a revengeful spirit: vindictive rumors.

Abate Definition: To put an end to, to nullify or to become void. Related Terms: Abatement. In Englewood, at ¶39, Justice Walters of the Court of Appeals of Ohio, used these words in the context of a nuisance case: “(The) District Court of Appeals rejected the contention that abate means demolish and destroy.

What is an example of a nuisance?

A few examples of private nuisances are: vibration, pollution of a stream or soil, smoke, foul odors, excessive light, and loud noises. Private nuisance lawsuits typically arise between neighbors, with one property owner being negatively affected by the acts of his or her neighbor.