Question: What Do The Lights On My Xfinity Modem Mean?

How do I reboot my Comcast cable box?

Restart Using the Power ButtonEnsure your cables are tightly secured.Press and hold the Power button located on the front of the TV Box for 10 seconds.The TV Box should automatically restart..

Why is my internet not working?

If the Internet works fine on other devices, the problem lies with your device and its WiFi adapter. On the other hand, if the Internet doesn’t work on other devices too, then the problem is most likely with the router or the Internet connection itself. … If your router and modem are separate, restart both.

How can I tell if my router is bad?

To test if your router is working, try to ping one computer using another computer in the same network. You should be able to do this if the router is working properly. Your computer’s firewall must be disabled as well. To learn more on how to check the computer’s connectivity with the router, click here.

How do I test my modem?

To view the status of your cable modem or modem router initialization:Launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device that is connected to your network.Enter your cable modem or modem router’s user name and password. The user name is admin. … Select Cable Connection. The cable connection information displays.

Why is the online light on my Xfinity modem not on?

The Xfinity system has a light to show connectivity. When the Xfinity router online light is off, internet is not available. A reset may still solve the problem but the lack of a light can also indicate a disconnect between the router and the hard line.

What lights should be on my router?

On a modem (or a router/modem combo) Similar to routers, most modems (both Cable and DSL) have a light dedicated to the broadband connection. … Under normal conditions, this light should be solid green (or amber).

What does a blue light mean on a modem?

Receive Light Solid Blue Light: Downstream channel is connected with bonded channels. The Blue Light is better as it indicates that the modem is connecting at higher speed using DOCSIS 3.0 technology. Flashing Blue Light: Searching for a downstream channel connection.

Why does my modem randomly stop working?

Packet loss can be caused by network congestion, low hardware capacity, hardware damages or buggy software in your network devices. … Restart the router and other hardware devices and make sure that your device software is updated frequently. You can also try using a cable to connect to your internet service.

How do I reboot my modem and router?

To reboot your modem and your WiFi router:Unplug the power cord from the back of the modem and remove any batteries.Unplug the power cord from the WiFi router.Wait 60 seconds, and then reinsert any batteries and reconnect power to the modem.Wait at least two minutes to allow the modem to power up.More items…

Why is the online light on my modem not on?

Online light: Off Assuming that the other indicators on your modem/gateway (covered above) aren’t exhibiting any problems, the Online light failing to illuminate may mean that there is a problem with the modem configuration or the service has not been activated.

What does the yellow light mean on the Xfinity cable box?

A yellow light came on in the front of the cable box. I read that it means there is a message from Comcast. I cleared the message but the light is still on.

How do I fix my modem not connecting to the Internet?

Troubleshooting routers and modemsTest your Wi-Fi on different devices. … Restart your modem and router. … Try a different Ethernet cable. … Upgrade your equipment. … Call your internet service provider. … Reset your router to default settings.

How do I turn off the blue light on my Xfinity cable box?

Set the Brightness on Your X1 TV BoxUsing the remote, press the xfinity button.Use the left arrow or right arrow button to highlight Settings (the gear icon) and press OK. … Use the down arrow button to highlight Device Settings and press OK.Use the down arrow button to highlight Device Lights and press OK.Select Power Light Brightness and press OK.More items…

What color should the light be on my Xfinity modem?

Device Status and Light ActivityLight ActivityStatus of DeviceNo lightOffWhite steady light or white steady light with purple tint (post-activation)On/OperationalWhite steady or blinking light / white steady or blinking light with purple tint (during activation)Limited OperationalRed steady lightNo Internet connection2 more rows

What do the lights on my modem mean?

POWER: A solid green light indicates the unit is properly connected to power. A blinking red light indicates a possible modem failure. … If your modem is connected to power, and yet no lights are lit, check to ensure the power switch on the back is toggled to the “on” position.

What does data light on Comcast box mean?

Re: RNG110 cable box data light continually flashing “One Moment Please, Available Shortly, Ref code S0a00” and similar messages are generated by the cable box when the signal for the channel you are trying to watch is too weak or has too much noise.

Why isn’t my modem connecting to the Internet?

If you can’t connect to the internet at all, take a look at your modem and router. … Once its lights are on, plug in your router (if applicable) and wait for it to boot up as well. If you still don’t see lights after plugging them in, you may have a failed power adapter, a faulty power strip, or a fried router.