Simple DIY Cork Wall Clock

DIY Wall Clocks – Great Gift and Decoration Ideas

Simple DIY Cork Wall Clock

DIY wall clocks can add both functional and decorative finish to your home. Adding a custom and bright wall clock is one of the easiest ways to inject a little bit of color into your home decor and provides a quick decor upgrade. Funky wall clock designs make a statement and personalize interior decorating nothing else.

When searching on the Internet, you will find a ton of both decorative and functional DIY wall clock ideas that genius crafters showing us on the web without a blow.

For example, you can make a wall clock with plastic items, wooden blocks, paper, chess boards, cloth pins, fabric or yarn, which can satisfy any decorative needs and show off original design and amazing creativity.

Today we’ve selected some easy but beautiful DIY wall clock ideas and tutorials for your best inspiration. Follow these tutorials and learn how to make wall clock designs you are sure to love, from DIY embroidery hoop clock to wood slice wall clock, in this wonderful collection of DIY wall clock projects. Go and find some supplies to make wall clock with some spare time, and fancy ideas.

Recycle Unwanted CD into Musical Clocks

Check out the steps here.


Ways to use your Corkboard: DIY tips and tricks

Simple DIY Cork Wall Clock

Whether you are at the office or at home, corkboards are a helpful tool to have around. They’re extremely functional as they come, but sometimes it’s nice to have more than just a plain brown board hanging in your office. This is why we put together some corkboard DIYideas to make your corkboard a little more exciting.

DIY Corkboard Ideas

There are lots of different ways to DIY a push pin boardand make it more personal. Here are a few corkboard ideas for workor home. Whatever your corkboard usesare, these tips will help you make them beautiful.

Make a fabric cover.

Making a fabric cover is one of the simplest ways to personalize your corkboard to fit your vibe.

Step 1: Measure your corkboard. Measure the length and the width of your corkboard, as well as the edge. This ensures you have plenty of fabric to cover the whole board. 

Step 2: Pick out a fabric! This is the fun part. Choose a fabric you know you’ll love and that fits your décor style. Be sure to choose a fabric that isn’t too busy, otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed by your corkboard before you’ve even posted anything on it.

Step 3: Cut the fabric to fit your board. Even though you’ve measured the board, give yourself an extra inch allowance so that it can cover the whole board and still reach the back. It’s always better to have too much than too little.

Step 4: Fold the fabric evenly. Hold the fabric tight across the front of the board and fold one side of the fabric down over the edge. Make sure there aren’t any folds or crinkles in the fabric. Then, take the adjacent side and fold the fabric over. If there is any excess fabric, you can choose to cut it off or fold it back.

Step 5: Attach the fabric. You have several different options for attaching the fabric to the board. You can go old school and use hot glue or a stapler, but you also have the options to use a spray adhesiveto attach your fabric.

If you use the adhesive spray, spray it directly on the front of the board before you  place the fabric on it (Step 4). Again, watch out for any wrinkles. If you want to use a hot glue gun or a stapler, you’ll need to attach the fabric from the back.

Start at each of the four corners, and then, if needed, add more staples or glue around the edge.

Turn your corkboard into wall art

This is a fun option, because you get to choose everything about your corkboard!

Paint it. Whether you want a solid color or a design, you choose. This truly makes your board your own.
Photo Source
Cut the corkboard. You can buy a cork wall covering roll, which is just the cork part of the board. With the cork board wall covering, you can cut the cork out into different shapes and sizes and arrange them however you .
Photo Source
Stamp it up. You know those old school rubber stamps? You can use those to create a pattern across the board.
Photo Source
Make your own corkboard with actual corks. You can glue corks together to form a board that functions the same as an actual corkboard. The only difference is that it looks pretty sweet and completely unique.
Photo Source

As a teacher, you want to give your students fun and engaging opportunities. So, how can you make the best notice boardthat will stimulate enjoyment and learning? Here are some DIY bulletin board ideasyour students will love.

Bulletin board cover ideasto make your bulletin board

  • Use paper. You can buy big sheets of paper that will fit over your bulletin board. Get paper that’s colorful, fun, and age appropriate. Older kids may not be as interested in bright colors as young kids, so take that into consideration when you’re picking a color.
  • Add a border. If you don’t want to entirely cover your board in colors, you can always add some trim. This is super easy to do and gives your board a little dash of fun.
  • Choose a theme. If your classroom has a theme, incorporate it into your bulletin board. If not, try to coordinate your theme with something your class is studying, or with the seasons of the year.
  • Make it interactive. This will engage your students and excite them when they get to take a part in more than just sitting at a desk. Let them use sticky notes to post questions about the lesson or ask them a question and let them post their answers.

These fun DIY notice board ideas are sure to turn your classroom into the favorite across the whole school. 

Photo Source: Fun In Fourth

Corkboard Uses

So, we know there are some awesome ways to make your corkboard beautiful, but what about ways you can use it? Whether you’re at school, in the office, or at home, any workspace can use the help of a corkboard.

Why is Cork so great?

You might be asking yourself, what is so great about corkboards? Why should I use them? Not only are corkboards useful, but the characteristics of cork are part of what makes cork items so appealing.

It’s buoyant, and even a big piece is not too heavy to carry. This is helpful when you are moving houses, offices, or classrooms. No matter how big your board is, it won’t weigh you down.

It has insulator characteristics which makes cork a desirable building material. However, this is also useful for a large, echoey office space. Putting up a corkboard will help minimize those echoes.

It’s flexible, which is why it makes such a great bottle stopper. While corkboards themselves are made to be stiff and straight, other cork materials you might use such as cork wall covering rollor bottle stoppers have flexible abilities which may be helpful for you while you DIY.

It’s water-resistant. You don’t need to worry about ruining your board by hanging it too close to the kitchen sink. Cork’s water-resistant qualities will keep your board in good quality.

Corkboard uses at home

  • Photo boards. Corkboards are a fun way to display your photos. You can hang multiple photos at once and change them out whenever you want. Depending on your style, you might to neatly arrange your photos across your board. You might prefer to randomly assort them, or even crowd as many as possible. The great thing is there are no rules about how to place your photos on your corkboard.

Photo Source

  • Family calendar board. Turning your corkboard into a family calendar is another simple DIY project. It keeps you from having to buy a new calendar every year, since you can reuse your family calendar corkboard.
    • Tape out enough boxes for the longest month of the year, 31 days.
    • You can either choose to paint in lines, draw them, or even just leave the tape there.
    • Make sure you label your boxes Sunday through Saturday at the top of your corkboard.
    • Buy some numbered thumbtacksor make your own numbers and place them in the corner of each box.

Then, your family calendar board is ready to go! Keep a stack of post-it-notes, or small notecards nearby to write different events. You can use thumbtacks to post whatever events that are happening throughout the week, so that the whole family can stay in the loop 

Photo Source

  • Push pin world map. This is one the most popular corkboard usesand is a fun way to record your travels. Mark on a world map where you have been by investing in a travel map with pins.There are a couple different popular world travel map styles to choose from.
    • A map attached to a corkboard
    • A corkboard cutout map
    • A map printed on the corkboard

Photo Source

Corkboard ideas for the kitchen

DIY Push Pin World Map

The other option is DIY! Make a personalized world travel mapby cutting it out yourself. Buy some cork wall covering. Rollit out and trace a world map. You also have the option of using a stencil to paint a world travel mapdirectly on the corkboard. If you purchase a world map, you can use adhesive spray and attach it straight to the board.

Photo Source

Corkboard ideas for the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most frequented places in the house. Everyone makes at least one kitchen stop a day. So, this room might be the best place to hang your family corkboard.

Use your kitchen corkboard to hang the kid’s chore charts or family memos and invitations. A kitchen corkboard is also great for creating a meal schedule or making grocery lists each week.

You might hang your family calendar in the kitchen as well.

Throw in a little DIY, and you can turn your kitchen corkboard into an organizational tool.

Buy hooks and attach them to the bottom of your corkboard to create a place to hang your keys.

Try attaching thumbtacks to the backs of clothespins. You can stick them to your corkboard, and use the clothespins hold papers, reminders, or receipts.

Photo Sources: Driven by Decor, Moms by Heart, Young House Love

Corkboard uses at the Office

Office notice boards are a great way to keep your office connected and informed, but sometimes they can feel a little mundane. It’s easy to walk by your big office bulletin board and forget to even look at it. Here are some office notice board ideasthat will make your bulletin board more appealing to your employees.

Make a corkboard wall. If you purchase a cork wall covering roll, then you can make an entire office wall into a corkboard. This not only gives you more space to post information, but it also creates a unique look when compared to the traditional office style bulletin board.

Photo Source 

Split up the announcements. Instead of having one big board where announcements are easily crowded, try spreading smaller boards throughout the office. This way you don’t have to worry about a bulletin board getting overly crowded and people not reading the notices.

Photo Source

Make an office calendar. A big office-wide calendar will keep your employees informed and involved in office life. This is an easy way to announce when events are happening – just pin them up where everyone can see.

Photo Source

Create a fun facts board. This can be anything from random life facts to office facts. It’s really easy to turn this into an interactive board, too. Let your employees post things and compete for the best fun fact.

Photo Source

Feature employees. Use your office bulletin board as a form of introducing your employees to each other. Feature an employee every week or month so that coworkers can get to know one another.

Photo Source

Corkboards are very versatile. There isn’t one way to use a corkboard and there is no wrong way to use one . We hope these corkboard DIYtips will help you make your corkboard into exactly what you want. But if you aren’t interested in DIY-ing and are looking for a good quality corkboard, we got you! Check out our corkboards and our whiteboard and corkboard combination boards.

If you have any questions about corkboards or office supplies, we would love to answer them. Check us out on , Instagram, or . And, of course, if you have any more questions, concerns, or if you just want to say hey, send us an email at We’d love to hear from you! 

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25 Wine Cork DIY Ideas

Simple DIY Cork Wall Clock

Are you a wine cork hoarder? Do you save all the corks from the wine bottles you’ve gone through in the past years? Here are 25 amazing wine cork DIY ideas for you to try. If you don’t have that many wine corks saved up, try asking a restaurant or a local winery for used corks.

1. Make a trivet with wine corks.

This is probably the most popular wine cork DIY project, and for good reason. Everyone needs a trivet and wine corks make such handsome ones! Here are some great tutorials that will give you nice-looking wine cork trivets.

Herringbone Wine Cork Trivet

Reclaimed Cork Trivet and Coaster Set

Framed Wine Cork Trivet

Vertical Wine Cork Trivet

2. Create a message board.

Wine corks are made of the same material as cork boards, so it makes sense that wine corks can be used to create attractive and functional message boards. You could make a large message board covered with wine corks and a nice frame or a long, thin strip of wine corks to hold letters, postcards, and Christmas cards.

Herringbone Corkboard

Wine Cork Christmas Card Holder

3. Build a charming Christmas tree.

Do you drink a lot of wine during the holidays? Decorate for Christmas with a fun wine cork Christmas tree that you can build yourself! Here are two different versions; both are equally cute.

Mini Wine Cork Christmas Tree

Wine Cork Christmas Tree

4. Turn wine corks into jewelry.

These beautiful wine cork pendants were made with sliced wine corks, stamps, a little paint, and eye screws. Make one for yourself and another for a fellow wine lover!

5. Make magnets that can hold tiny plants.

It’s easy to turn wine corks into magnets, but why not take a step further and craft your wine cork magnets to act as tiny planters, too? Mini succulents and air plants work great for this wine cork DIY idea.

Mini Wine Cork Planters

Air Plant Wine Bottle Cork Magnets

6. Construct a wine cork monogram.

A monogram made with wine corks is an elegant home decor item that would work well in a kitchen, a dining room, or even on the mantel. You could use a large flat wooden letter to glue on your wine corks or freehand your monogram yourself with a bit of planning and a lot of hot glue.

Wine Cork Monogram on Wood Letter

Freehand Wine Cork Monogram Letter

7. Make a large dart board.

Love darts? Make your own dart board on a large piece of wood and protect your walls from stray darts by surrounding your dart board with lots of wine corks. This would be perfect for a game room or a man cave!

8. Turn wine corks into floating keychains.

Keys are always a concern when you’re going swimming. Do you leave them with your towel on dry land or do you take them with you and risk losing them in the water? Use your wine cork collection to make wine cork keychains that will help your keys float, making it easy for you to find them if they escape your pocket.

9. Assemble wine corks into a kitchen or bath mat.

If you have lots of wine corks on hand, consider turning them into a beautiful and unique mat! Use shelf liner as the base to give your DIY rug some grip on the floor and glue on wine corks for a stunning result that will amaze everyone, including yourself.

Wine Cork Kitchen Mat

Wine Cork Bath Mat

10. Turn wine corks into candles.

Add some romantic ambiance to your home by lighting up your wine corks! This wine cork DIY idea is SO easy to achieve and fun to look at!

11. Create decoration balls with wine corks.

Decoration balls are great home decor items; they can be arranged in a pretty bowl on your coffee table, hung from the ceiling, or be the finishing touch on a console or side table. Construct a couple of cork ball decorations with your leftover wine corks and sprinkle your home with them!

12. Make a cute wine cork reindeer for Christmas.

Here’s another wine cork DIY project that would be perfect for the holidays: a wine cork reindeer or two!

13. Turn wine corks into stamps.

There are two ways to use your wine corks as stamps: carve shapes on one end or glue on wooden or foam shapes that you buy or cut out yourself. Both methods will give you a nice collection of stamps that you or your kids will enjoy using.

14. Replace old drawer knobs with champagne corks.

If you have a couple of champagne corks mixed in with your wine corks, grab them and turn them into unique drawer knobs!

15. Craft unique tacks for your message board with wine corks.

This wine cork DIY project is very easy to do, with really cute results! Cut wine corks in half and glue tacks on them. Ta-da, you’ve got a couple of new tacks for your command center.

16. Make a piece of wall art honoring your favorite state with wine corks.

This tutorial has downloadable, printable templates for the states of California and Washington for you to make your own wood or cardboard backing for this wine cork DIY project. You can easily make a template of another state by searching for your state online and printing that out.

17. Jazz up cheap glass vases with wine corks.

If you’ve got a couple of glass vases lying around and contributing nothing to your home decor, you could glue wine corks on them to create some unique and fun vases. Or you could easily find a few glass vases at your nearest dollar store.

18. Use wine corks and a piece of plywood to DIY a planting board.

A planting board helps you make evenly distributed holes for planting seeds in your garden. DIY your own planting board with the exact measurements you need with the help of this tutorial.

19. Make a fun clock wine corks.

This DIY clock would be perfect for the kitchen or a bar area in your home!

20. Add a wine cork backsplash to your kitchen.

You’ll need lots and lots of wine corks for this project, but you’ll have an unique backsplash that none of your friends will have! Learn how to create a DIY wine cork kitchen backsplash with this tutorial.

21. Frame a mirror with wine corks.

This wine cork mirror would look great in a dining room or bar!

22. Make a chandelier with wine corks.

What a fun wine cork DIY project! Hang your awesome wine cork chandelier over your dining room or kitchen table and you’ll be receiving compliments every time you have guests over.

23. String together wine corks to make a garland.

You could add beads, painted corks, and any other fun additions you can think of to take your wine cork garland to the next level. Use it to decorate your Christmas tree, mantel, TV set, or bar area!

24. Craft tiny figurines with wine corks and turn some of them into Christmas ornaments.

Have fun with your wine corks by painting them and adding tiny items to them to turn them into figurines, such as snowmen and ballerinas! If you want, you can add little hooks on top to use them as Christmas ornaments.

This nativity scene is too cool and kids can take part in the fun, too, as evidenced by these cute little robots. See more creative cork figurine creations here.

25. Build a wine cork sculpture.

With some newspaper and wood glue, you can build an amazing sculpture for your home with wine corks. See how this giraffe sculpture was made and then create your own!

What other wine cork DIY projects have you tried or want to try? It’s so amazing to see just how many different things can be made with wine corks!

For more fun DIY projects, check out 15 Fabulous DIY Plumbing Pipe Projects and 20 DIY Geometric Projects for Your Home.

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Very Beautiful Simple Diy Cork Wall Clock That Might Serve You As Inspiration

Simple DIY Cork Wall Clock
View in Gallery Fun easy ways make diy wall clocks

I am really pleased to switch things up in the post and discuss of today’s largely simple diy cork wall clock. You will discover tips and many images and get influenced. Pin, save and have a great time!

Therefore let us begin:

Here we’re going to show you ideas that are simple diy cork wall clock that are Charming that are 36. These images provide ideas that are creative that showing anybody may easily make to update their need. All the under are featured ideas come with stage-by-step tutorials. A number of these have tutorials that are easy. Examine them out!

Check these fantastic examples of simple diy cork wall clock out. Click through this gallery for explanations and some great ideas of the various shades. We also ask you to pin aside and bookmark this page as we’ll be adding more photos each of the moment.

Pin, conserve and discuss this incredible gallery. The custom has shared all the details. I hope you sense influenced!

High Quality Large Diy Wall Clock Simple Adhesive

Are you really searching for high quality large diy wall clock simple adhesive? Here, you've found the proper spot to get a start. We'll provide the gallery with some stunning pictures. We are pleased to assist you. Now, it is the first image:

View in Gallery High quality large diy wall clock simple adhesive View in Gallery Diy cork clock lily val living

Karlsson Modest Cork Wall Clock Black Hurn

How about our gallery about karlsson modest cork wall clock black hurn image above? Is which remarkable? I'll supply you with pictures that are several again underneath:

View in Gallery Karlsson modest cork wall clock black hurn View in Gallery Easy diy large wall clock home decor project View in Gallery Frames make wall clock out View in Gallery Simple wood wall clock ash grey

Eco Cork Wall Clock Blue Silver Hands

How about our gallery about eco cork wall clock blue silver hands image above? Is which outstanding? I'll supply you with pictures that are a few underneath:

View in Gallery Eco cork wall clock blue silver hands View in Gallery New 2014 gold metallic diy simple wall clock modern design

Eco Cork Wall Clock Blue Hands Ashortwalkltd

You can find plenty of eco cork wall clock blue hands ashortwalkltd suggestions throughout our web site with various pictures. You will find hundreds of methods to to create your own.

View in Gallery Eco cork wall clock blue hands ashortwalkltd View in Gallery Silver black simple digits diy clocks mirror effect wall View in Gallery Aliexpress buy modern simple design home decoration View in Gallery Vintage simple style strips diy wall View in Gallery Max3 brief simple elegant digital diy mirror wall View in Gallery Beautiful flower romantic rose diy wall clock View in Gallery Large inch bamboo wood wall clock simple modern design

Simple Wall Clock Quartz Movement Hand Mechanism Repair

This simple wall clock quartz movement hand mechanism repair idea can be really challenging but our specialist will assist you enormously. You are going to visit a big selection of different.

View in Gallery Simple wall clock quartz movement hand mechanism repair View in Gallery Set diy wall clock replacement movement parts repair View in Gallery Digital vintage metal texture wall View in Gallery Eco cork wall clock ashortwalk notonthehighstreet View in Gallery Simple modern design diy mirror wall clocks large

Simple Wall Clock Ideas Clocks

You can find more than enough simple wall clock ideas clocks suggestions throughout our website using many different images. You can find hundreds of methods to to create your own.

View in Gallery Simple wall clock ideas clocks View in Gallery Wall clock simple gray brick View in Gallery Easy diy large wall clock home decor project View in Gallery Easy see wall clock buy cheaply essential View in Gallery White hands diy quartz black wall clock movement mechanism View in Gallery Diy wall clock paper plate easy kids crafts ideas View in Gallery Natural smoke cork bark wood grain look wall clocks zazzle View in Gallery Reproduction wall clock antique look simple design wood View in Gallery Clocks wall modern View in Gallery Handmade zakka elaine hack jewelled clock View in Gallery Simple wooden wall watch square clock isolated stock View in Gallery Simple wall clock quartz movement hand mechanism repair View in Gallery 100 simple digits diy wall clock View in Gallery Compas quartz clocks contemporary wall View in Gallery Tutorial orologio muro gufo diy owl wall clock

Last term:

I’ve really some decisions to make here it seems! I chose several of the items I cherished the many, and I Will have to pick those ideas that may suit my need. I believe there’s nothing we we can not do with some creativity.

Additionally with all these ideas that are great to encourage us, what may go wrong, right? Hope you were given some ideas by these simple diy cork wall clock Ideas also.

It’s been plenty of fun visiting these ideas and allowing my imagination fly!


15 Creative Cork Ideas

Simple DIY Cork Wall Clock

INSIDE : Wine Cork Crafts might be one of the easiest craft supplies to use but check out the other creative Cork Craft Ideas that you could also make! 

Please respect the makers and pin from original source.  Thank you!

What crafts can you make from cork?

I love cork.  It can be such a simple material to use but has so much to offer!  I have done quite a few projects using cork, from using wine corks, creating coasters, to creatively making shaped bulletin boards and wall decor.  

And don’t get me started on wine cork projects… they are endless!  Today I have rounded up 15 Creative Cork Ideas and honestly, you should give one a try. I can’t wait to see what you make.

DIY Colorful Cork Pennants :
This is a great organization project.  You can use all different paint colors to customize to your decor style.

DIY Cork Bench :
I love the simple look of this bench, it is both modern and utilitarian.

Easy DIY Ikat Coasters :
With a little paint you can create any pattern you , so why not a fun summery Ikat design!

Cork Conversation Bubble Coasters :
How fun are these coasters!  I love the conversation bubbles they add such modern whimsey.

Scalloped Cork Placemats :
I love a good scallop and these placements are the perfect spot to sponge paint this fun pattern.

Mini Cork Flower Vases :
The best wine cork craft idea!  Turn those extra wine bottle stoppers into mini flower vases.  They are perfect to display fresh flowers or faux flowers.

Hexagon Cork Board : Create a fun hexagon grid to hang all your inspirational items.

What are the best cork supplies?

DIY Cork Clutch

If this isn’t the most adorable clutch idea ever!

Felt + Cork Donut Coasters : Talk about a simple but fun craft project for kids to play with!  These donuts are adorable.

DIY Geometric Coasters : This has long been one of my favorite coaster projects.  I adore the unique shape of the coaster and the paint colors are just so good!

Easy Colorful Triangle Cork Board : Stack them up!  Create yourself a small little island to tack all your important notes to.

Woven Cork Trivet :
UHM, this is amazing!  What a great way to use strips of cork.

Brushstroke Gold Cork Board :
Get organized with a little bit of glam in your life.

Cork Tree : This is such a fun little project idea.  It would be such a good craft for around the winter holiday season.

Creative Asterisk Board :
Take your organization to the next level with this fun asterisk star shaped board!

DIY Triangle Trivets for Shrimp Salad Circus : Trivets are so essential when hosting and cooking meals so why not add a little drama to yours!

DIY Cork Clock : Sign me up for a wall clock made cork, gorgeous!

Colorful Striped Coasters : Summer is more fun with stripes.


29 DIY Wall Clock Ideas that will Give Your Interior a Unique Look

Simple DIY Cork Wall Clock

The philosopher William Penn once famously said, “Time is what we want most but what we use worst.” This is not only true of time itself but of the décor we use to keep time. Don’t waste your time and wall space on an ugly or dated clock. Our list of 29 DIY wall clock ideas offers up many fashionable and functional ways to display the time.

29 Creative DIY Wall Clock Ideas for On-Trend Interiors

It wasn’t so long ago that a clock was considered a necessary staple in every household. Now it seems every accessory you own has a time function. Wall clocks may not be as necessary as they once were, but they’re still an important part of your interior design. Don’t underestimate the impact of a well-made and well-placed wall clock.

With the following gallery of DIY wall clock ideas, you’ll find the perfect piece to integrate into your existing décor. Better yet, you’ll find a piece that you can make yourself. From two-tone mod inspired looks to a simple, rustic log slice design, we’ve got over two dozen distinctive wall-hanging timepieces to educate and impress your company.

29. Bespoke Bicycle Wheel Chalkboard Craft

DIY Project Details: