Personalized DIY Camera Bag

DIY Hack 2-for-1 Luggage and Camera Roller Bag

Personalized DIY Camera Bag

Can we really have enough camera bags? In this article, I will show you a DIY hack to easily convert a small travel bag with wheels into a camera roller bag. Basically, you get two bags for the price of one.

A piece of luggage with wheels on the left and with a padded camera insert on the right – and voila it’s now a camera roller bag!

The one main drawback to being a photographer is the amount of gear you have and what type of bag to store your equipment in. This is especially true whether you are a professional, semi-professional or hobbyist photographer. There is no getting around it, once you invest in any type of camera with interchangeable lens, the add-on extras are similar to lego…you just keep building!

And herein comes the next must-have for any photographer, the camera bag.

A very inexpensive luggage bag on wheels H54.5 X W34 X D20cm

So much choice

Courtesy of Peak Design – Everyday Backpack.

With such a plethora of camera bags on the market, it can become a bit of a quandary to know which bag to choose. For me, the one that proves the most comfortable in hauling around gets my vote. Although that said, I do love to see what company is launching the next must-have-camera-bag.

Peak Design’s marketing campaign video for their Everyday Backpack was just brilliant. I had to physically sit on my hands to stop myself pressing the buy button. Oh, I was so tempted!

Assess your needs

My main focus when going to a location shoot is to try and limit the amount of gear I bring. At the same time, I can’t afford the risk of not having that one extra bit of kit that may be crucial to a shot.

As I do a lot of location shooting, there have been many occasions where I had to improvise and change the direction of the shoot. This was only possible as I had the extra camera gear with me in my bag.

It is about good planning and being professional.

I also find it’s the non-camera gear that is really useful to have with you on a shoot. Even an elastic band comes in handy.

Look at options in non-camera stores

I was at my local shopping center recently and browsing at travel luggage bags. I was on the lookout for one of those carry-on size bags with wheels. Whoever thought of putting wheels on a travel case is a genius.

This bag from itLuggage proved a great solution for my dual combo – a travel bag that converts into a roller camera bag!

My thinking was two-fold. I needed a small travel bag for trips away, plus I could use the same bag as a camera roller bag. I have always loved the idea of dual functionality with one product, especially when it’s not marketed as such. Plus, storage space in a house can be a premium, so the idea of doubling up on my bags to save space seemed an obvious solution.

The average camera roller case is expensive. One can range from €250 – €500 ($265USD – $530USD) here in Ireland (Europe). If you are a hobbyist photographer, this price tag may seem pretty high and way above your budget range.

DIY camera roller bag

The simple idea of turning a travel bag into a DIY camera roller bag is just brilliant. What I really d most about this hack is there is no DIY or customization to be done to the actual bag and it looks great.

An in-expensive travel bag from itLuggage.

I first saw the concept of turning a luggage bag into a DIY camera roller bag on Fstoppers a few years back. So, I’m in no way claiming this as my idea. However, it is so simple and easy that it is worth sharing the idea again in case you missed it.

This bag which caught my eye was ridiculously cheap at €39, approximately $41 USD. It is extremely lightweight and the size was perfect. H54.5 x W34 x D20cm (21.4 x 13.8 x 7.8”). Plus, this size of the bag meets the strict dimension requirements of European budget airlines.

Customize or DIY the bag

I was able to source this padded camera divider with an egg crate foam from B&W International. Even with the Sterling conversion to euros plus shipping. It cost me €50 ($53 USD) and in my opinion, was well worth it.

The dimensions of this padded camera divider were perfect for my travel bag:  H43 x W30 D12.5cm (with the egg foam 15cm). (16.9” x 11.8” x 4.9”). Do a search on Amazon for padded dividers by B&W or Pelican to find more size options to fit your bag snugly.

Inexpensive travel bag with wheels with a padded camera insert and egg crate foam from B&W International. DIY camera roller bag. 

I was impressed with the overall quality and robustness of the material. The dividers are all easily removable and can be configured to your own setup.

Padded camera divider insert with modifiable velcro attachments, typical of most camera bags.

Quality padded camera insert from B&W International.

The whole camera bag insert fits snugly into the travel bag with ease.

Try it out

I brought my new roller camera bag to a local event recently and it worked a dream. More importantly, my shoulders were not screaming at me the next day, as those little wheels did all the work.

Camera gear packed into the padded camera insert with lots more room to spare.

Now, I can’t wait to go away on a trip and use my new travel bag with wheels. I’ll keep you posted!

Have you already done this DIY camera bag hack? Would you consider doing it? If so, please leave your comments in the section below.


How To Make a DIY Camera Bag

Personalized DIY Camera Bag

Yes, photography is an expensive hobby. I am sure we can all agree on that. Cameras, lenses, flashes, more lenses and more accessories…when you get bitten by the photography bug you really feel the need to have all of it. And it is not cheap. Not even the bags that you store it all in.

Camera bags that hold a camera and a couple of lenses are generally over $100. And you are limited in style. Sure there are some cool looking camera bags out there, but they can get pricey and sometimes come with stuff you don’t need or don’t have exactly what you need.

To solve this dilemma and to save some money we can make our own camera bag.

What we will need for this DIY project:

A messenger bag of your choosing and style – It should be at least 12″ wide x 6″ deep x 6-10″ high.

Camera padding (with hook & loop aka velcro)- you can take padding from an old bag or you can now purchase inserts that are ready to drop in to your bag. I found this padded insert on Amazon that would fit perfectly into a messenger style bag

Found this slip in camera padding on Amazon

That’s it…that is all we need to make a custom camera bag that fit your style without breaking the bank.

You can complete this project for less than $80. That is if you have to purchase both the bag and the camera padding. If you have extra padding laying around then, score! Your only cost will be the bag of your choice.

This is an easy two step project that will only take you less than 5 minutes once you have the materials.

Step 1 – Prep the bag by taking out any trash and removing tags. You will want to keep the silicate bags in there. This helps prevent moisture from building up on your camera…especially on humid days.

Step 2 – Place your padding into the bag in a configuration that makes sense for the gear you want to hold.

I want my bag to hold a DSLR body and 3 lenses. I made 3 partitions with some extra padding I had from an old photo backpack. I plan on always having at least one of the lenses on the camera at all times. It makes it easy for me to grab and go when I see a shot I want to take.

I guess there is a 3rd step in the process. That would be pack the bag with your equipment bag.

Yet another thing I love about my custom messenger camera bag is that it hold a laptop or iPad perfectly on the side of the padding. I have plenty of pockets on this particular bag for any extra accessories I want to pack.

Now the extra pockets are padded so I do need to be a little extra careful if I am packing something a flash in one of them.

There you have it. Your own custom camera bag. I hope you enjoyed this quick and simple How To. I think it is a great way to show off a little style, ingenuity and creativity. Have fun building your own bag. I can't wait to see your DIY camera bag.

If you taking portraits of your kids or pets then invest in a good portrait lens a 50mm, 85mm or 105mm lens. These lenses are more flattering to photograph with rather than a wide angle lens.


8 Fashionable Camera Accessories You Can Make Yourself (or Buy, If You’re Not Crafty)

Personalized DIY Camera Bag

Welcome to Time Out with Tanya, where I’ve put my fast paced graphic design career on hold in favor of adventures in motherhood. I’m capturing every moment on camera and you can come along, if you’d . Sign up for my weekly email here so you’ll never miss a Time Out.

I to think I’m pretty crafty. I the idea of DIY. My Pinterest boards are full of make-it-yourself projects.

While I haven’t ventured into many technical DIY camera accessory projects, the thought of creating something fashionable for toting my camera around sounds fun, right ladies? Sometimes my DIY ideas are miserable failures, though, or just not worth the time, so I’ve listed some buying options along with my picks for fashionable camera accessories you can make yourself. Here they are…

1. DIY Retro Camera Bag by Happy Sew Lucky

This super cute DIY bag is actually a printed panel on fabric that you just cut out and sew (it’s not available as a finished bag). The kit is available at

Just follow the tutorial for completing the project on Happy Sew Lucky’s blog here. Make sure you check to make sure your particular camera will fit inside, before you decide to make the bag.

The bag holds a small camera up to 5″ W x 3.25″ H x 2″ D.

While I couldn’t find a similar bag for purchasing, here’s a close alternative retro style case for a small point-and-shoot (click here).

2. DIY Lens Case by Sewplicity

I’m not sure about other brands, but when you buy an L series lens ( the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II I bought last year) it arrives packaged in a nice suede pouch. This comes in handy for storing the lens on a shelf or keeping if free from scratches inside your camera bag. This tutorial from Sewplicity for a DIY Lens Case is a project I could actually do (I’m a little sewing challenged).

If you just want to buy a similar case (though not in a cute fabric pattern of your choosing, another benefit of DIY) check out these neoprene cases by FotoTech.

3. Scarf Camera Strap by Laura Ashley

The latest camera accessory trends include the “scarf strap”. Brilliant. Cute. Cozy. Find out how to make one over on the Laura Ashley blog. Or just buy one on Amazon for $37.

4. More Custom Camera Strap Ideas from Brit + Co

If a scarf strap isn’t really your thing, maybe try one of these DIY camera strap ideas from Brit + Co. The possibilities are endless.

5. Camera Strap Bracelet by Silvia Chelazzi

One more camera strap idea. This one is more of a wristlet and would work for a point-and-shoot. Isn’t it cute? I honestly couldn’t find anything comparable to buy, so if you want something this unique you’ll have to make it yourself.

6. DIY Padded Camera Bag Insert by Make It & Love It

This tutorial for a DIY Camera Bag Insert could come in handy if you already have a great bag you want to use for carting around your camera gear. Or, if you want to cleverly disguise your camera bag as something a little less expensive, a diaper bag, to ward off thieves. Check it out here.

Would you rather just buy an insert? For the price, I actually think I would snag this one made by BBP bags.

7. Lens Cap Cozy By Polka Dot Chair

Are you constantly losing your lens cap? Not sure where you set it down? Why not make a lens cap cozy to attach to your camera strap. This is another sewing project I could actually tackle. There’s an excellent tutorial over at The Polka Dot Chair.

If you can’t sew to save your life, or want something you can attach to your belt, I recommend the Fishbomb by Undfind. They come in really fashionable patterns, too.

8. Accessory Clutch by Sew Crafty Jess

Organizing my photography accessories in a clutch style bag has literally changed my life. I use a jewelry organizer from Thirty-One Gifts. Read about how I organized ALL my photography accessories and in-person sales materials in my article, How I Organized My Photogoraphy Accessories (Once and For All).

If you’d rather make one yourself, here’s an excellent tutorial by Sew Crafty Jess for a similar clutch. There are so many zippers on that thing that I don’t even think I would attempt it. If you do, send me a picture!

CREDITS: All photographs are copyrighted and have been used with permission for SLR Lounge. Do not copy, modify or re-post this article or images without express permission from SLR Lounge and the artist.


Upscale Personalized Diy Camera Bag That Will Make You Go Crazy

Personalized DIY Camera Bag
View in Gallery Make camera bag

There is something to be realized and adored in each of these images that are personalized diy camera bag you will discover in this post.

Make sure just take a good look at these and to seek out a spot that is quiet. Seem in the photos and find everything you and what you never.

The mo Re you notice, the more you know, the mo Re you understand what genuinely functions for you.

So here we go:

Today I’ll present 34 best images ideas which will whack your mind to you. How awesome are these personalized diy camera bag? I ADORE it. Especially the first one! It seems real and stunning.

Welcome from some of our preferred companions below function custom personalized diy camera bag to our gallery! We desire this photograph may inspire you, notably in your next style project! Please appreciate!

Have a small break and get inspired by personalized diy camera bag pictures your evening and relish!

Personalized Canvas Tote Bag Bridesmaids Anyone

Are you searching for personalized canvas tote bag bridesmaids anyone? Here, you have found the correct spot to get a start. We are going to provide the gallery with a few stunning pictures. We're pleased to help you. Now, it is the first image:

View in Gallery Personalized canvas tote bag bridesmaids anyone View in Gallery One creative housewife diy camera bag

Make Camera Bag

You can find more than enough make camera bag ideas throughout our website with many different images. You'll find hundreds of methods to to create your own.

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Diy Padded Camera Bag Melly Sews

The image below is a stunning layout about diy padded camera bag melly sews. We've chosen you countless pictures accessible on the web. Read the image below for Inspiration.

View in Gallery Diy padded camera bag melly sews

Pocketful Pretty Camera Purse Diy

How about our gallery about pocketful pretty camera purse diy image above? Is which outstanding? I'll supply you with pictures that are a few again underneath:

View in Gallery Pocketful pretty camera purse diy View in Gallery One creative housewife diy camera bag

Make Custom Diy Dry Bag Faraway Visions

Actually if you do not know everything you are looking for or are uncertain of where to begin with the make custom diy dry bag faraway visions, visiting our posts will be a great place to get your begin.

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Diy Camera Bag M43 Micro Four Thirds

How about our gallery about diy camera bag m43 micro four thirds picture above? Is which amazing? I'll provide you with pictures that are a few again underneath:

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Transform Backpack Into Diy Camera Bag Digitalrev

Our gallery of suggestions that are transform backpack into diy camera bag digitalrev has expert advice on whatever before you create a start you need to know, from locating the perfect one. A great place to start is our gallery below budget and to get a few ideas for each style.

View in Gallery Transform backpack into diy camera bag digitalrev View in Gallery Wellsprings life purse into camera bag diy View in Gallery Diy camera bag purse can find right one make your own

Fabulous Features Anders Ruff Custom Designs

The picture below is a stunning design about fabulous features anders ruff custom designs. You have been chosen by us hundreds of images available on the internet. Take a look at the picture below for Inspiration.

View in Gallery Fabulous features anders ruff custom designs View in Gallery Diy camera bag grace elizabeth View in Gallery Personalized tote bags kid craft monday View in Gallery Happy lark diy camera bag View in Gallery Items similar diy kit stylish canvas tote bag etsy View in Gallery Diy personalized easter bags princess her pirates View in Gallery Diy camera rolling equipment case vimeo View in Gallery Diy vinyl craft ideas kids personalized glitter tote bag View in Gallery Shumi momagazine View in Gallery Diy padded camera bag insert View in Gallery Diy custom pennyboard suitcase View in Gallery Classroom diy personalized tote bag View in Gallery Personalized diy hangover kit first aid wedding guests View in Gallery Sew diy dslr camera bag anti june cleaver

Bottom line:

These some ideas could be just everything you’ve been looking, in case you have been searching the internet for personalized diy camera bag. In the photos that present a stunning approach to, these images are sure to supply you with ideas and an idea.


How To Make a DIY Camera Bag from Any Backpack

Personalized DIY Camera Bag

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to make your own camera bag –  maybe you don’t the quality of construction of the bags that you can afford, or you have a bag that you really wearing.

Whatever your reasons, you can certainly turn your favorite backpack into a safe, secure carrying case for your camera and lenses.

Don’t get tied down to carrying your gear in just one camera bag. This DIY insert turns any bag into a camera bag—so you can switch between using backpacks, messenger bags, purses, and other bags while protecting your expensive equipment

How To – 6 Steps for Making Your Backpack a Camera Bag

You can go to Walmart or a hobby store to pickup your supplies. You will need:• Camping pad – ¼ inch foam material to protect your equipment• Heavy duty glue and tape – Gorilla brand works well• X-Acto knife• Scissors• Sharpie for marking the foam• Paper or cardboard for making patterns

• Cutting surface – to safely cut the foam using the X-Acto knife

Decide what you want to carry in the bag – your camera and whatever lenses you want to take, and then build your template from there.

The easiest type of container to build is one that sits on the bottom of the bag and has dividers for each item.

For instance, you can make a container that has two dividers, which would give you space for three items – camera, telephoto lens, standard lens.

You want to make a template to use for cutting your foam material. Both paper, paper grocery bags, and cardboard can be used.
Situate the paper in the bag to simulate the shape of the container you want to make the foam. Now you have a template.

Place the template(s) on the foam and mark the edges with your sharpie. Take the X-Acto knife and cut the foam along the marks.

Use tape and glue to bond the foam pieces together.

To have full protection, you will need to line the front and back with foam.

Apart from DIY your backpack, you can also give a try to our ITR One backpack,
With an internal layout designed around travelers and commuters, you can switch the ITR One Backpack into your camera backpack whenever you want.

Each camera compartment can carry:

  • a standard size DSLR camera
  • an extra lens, your extra battery, and all your camera accessories
  • DJI Mavic pro with its extra battery.

Combining style, organization and comfort, the ITR One backpack,is the ideal camera carry-case for both traveler and professionals. This lightweight backpack has ample storage space for all daily essentials.

Here at ITR, we put together functionality and durability at affordable prices. For updates on our new bag launch, sign up at .



Also published on Medium.


DIY Padded Camera Bag Insert

Personalized DIY Camera Bag

Ever have the issue of wanting to take your big, DSLR camera with you, but don’t want to carry two bags? Want a bag that can fit your camera, your ipad/laptop, plus you’re other purse essentials…but can’t find one for less that $100+? Well, then this post is for you!! With just a few supplies & a little bit of time, you can transform your favorite purse or tote bag into a camera bag too by making you’re own padded camera bag insert!

This post is LONG overdue! In fact, I made this last July, right before leaving for our Disneyland and BlogHer trips! The inspiration came from Sara, the Clever Pink Pirate, and her DIY camera purse tote! I had long been eyeing JoTotes and Epiphanie Bags, but had a hard time deciding to shell out that kind of money if I wasn’t sure I would the bag. So, when I saw Sara’s at an event just before BlogHer, I knew I had to make something similar! I bought a large black bag at TJ Maxx and, with the help of my mom (who has all the sewing skills), we came up with this great insert to put inside. 9 months later, it’s still awesome and it will be traveling with me to SNAP this week! The bag with the padded insert is perfect for conference traveling because I can fit my camera with an extra lens, wallet, iphone, business cards, pen, notepad, and laptop all inside!!!

DIY Padded Camera Bag Insert Tutorial

What you’ll need:

  • 1-2 yards of your fabric of choice (amount depends on the size of the fabric & of your bag)
  • 1″ High-Density Foam ( I used purchased by the yard at JoAnn’s or this would be great too:
  • Velcro (I didn’t measure the amount we used, but you’ll probably need about a yard)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Hot Glue (*Note: You could actually probably do this project completely no-sew if you wanted, or you could sew the whole thing. We did a mix of sewing & hot glue.


    A DIY Camera Bag is the Best Travel Camera Bag

    Personalized DIY Camera Bag
    Pinterest Email Pocket

    Alright peeps, I’ve had a number of camera bags along the way and honestly, most of them have been downright ugly. So my rec is to make the perfect DIY camera bag by using a padded camera bag inserts.

    For some reason, most camera bags on the market are all just black, strappy, “technical” and super rugged. Why are there so few stylish camera bags?

    , are all photographers planning on paratrooping into enemy territory before shooting some cats and sunsets?

    Most of us, I think, just want an easy way to carry a camera safely and adapt to a variety of situations – a hike, a trip, a wedding, a photowalk, a kid’s birthday.

    See? Nothing on my list requires looking this guy right here:

    The Perfect Camera Bag

    Personally, I want a bag that blends in, looks good, fits my gear and is versatile when I travel. That’s a tall order I know, which is why I’ve found it hard to find the perfect travel camera bag.

    Under The Radar

    When I say blends in, it has to look something I would carry normally. Not only does this mean it would fit in to more situations, but it’s also key to keeping your gear safe. You don’t want a bag that screams, “Expensive camera gear here!”. Especially not when traveling we are.

    Attractiveness is very subjective, so I understand everyone has a completely different idea of what they’d to carry.

    As a female photographer, something that looks a purse is ideal. Many guys prefer a messenger style camera bag to the usual backpack. But even within those categories, there’s a ton of potential options in terms of different materials, styles and colors.

    Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

    So with all these options, you’d think camera bag makers should be awash with variety, right? Nope.

    Traditional camera bag makers just seem to make the same black bag over and over again. And really haven’t addressed a female audience at all. Here’s a screenshot of Lowepro’s product page. Other than black, their color option is camo? See earlier comment about paratrooping into enemy territory.

    The Right Fit

    Getting a travel camera bag that’s the right fit for your gear is really important. And the scale of that has been changing rather rapidly in the last few years.

    Remember a decade ago, in the oughts? There were basically two types of cameras.

    Point and shoots, which ideally you could pocket and never need a bag, the incredible Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II .

    Or Digital SLRs, which probably triggered the purchase of your first camera bag. Those bags were big – sized by the number of lenses you wanted to carry on top of the DSLR. Here’s a classic example:

    But now, whole new world! Heard of mirrorless cameras? Typically these are smaller than SLRs but still mostly not pocketable. In 2017, the number of mirrorless cameras sold grew to 129% compared to previous year, according to CIPA. Although still extremely popular, DSLRs dropped to 90% compared to the previous year.

    Mirrorless is poised to take up an increasing share of the market for Interchangeable Lens Cameras or ILCs.

    So now there’s tons of smaller cameras, there must be smaller bag options, right? No, of course not. The camera bag industry really hasn’t stepped up to fill this niche either.

    Not with bags that are actually smaller. If you look at “mirrorless” camera bags from the major sellers, they’re still pretty much the same size as before.

    This one from Lowepro is “designed for mirrorless” apparently!

    Because of course I always take 3 lenses, a tripod and my wall charger everytime I go for a photowalk.

    How to Pack a Camera Bag

    I don’t to carry too much stuff, so if I’m going to take a backpack, I need to be able to use it as a laptop backpack, or a shopping bag, when I’m not using it as a camera bag. It can’t ONLY be a camera bag because that takes a lot of space.

    I can’t have one of my precious carry-on allowance bags be taken up by a single use item!

    So what’s a girl to do in this situation? Construct her own ideal bag so I can pack my camera bag safely in any bag I choose!

    The DIY Camera Bag

    So I know I said DIY but don’t worry, you don’t need to start with a leatherworking class. This is just what I to call reconstructive DIY, taking available items and putting them together to make a custom solution. Some others might call it… cheating. You might even call it “One Weird Trick”.

    Here are the steps to putting the perfect DIY camera bag together:

    Step 1 Find the insert that works for you

    So the one weird trick is the wonderful world of camera inserts! These are basically the padding and dividers that would go into a regular camera bag, except you can buy them separately. It means you can turn any bag into a camera bag.

    First figure out how much gear you really want to carry on-the-go. Try to be minimalist here, don’t try to fit your charger and cleaning supplies or whatever. Focus on your “day bag” needs. Then buy an insert that fits that.

    Tenba has these in a variety of sizes. There are also other cheaper brands but they are not always in stock on Amazon so I’m not linking them here. Some recommendations would be Apecase or Altura.

    Tenba BYOB 9 Camera Insert
    Buy Now

    The reason I say not to get an insert that fits everything is because you want to keep your day bag minimal and focused.

    This camera insert zips closed, which makes it a great camera bag insert for a backpack, where you might have more things in there. If using this camera bag insert for a purse, you can keep the zippered top folded open for easier access.

    When you are traveling and packing all your gear for the flight, you can buy a second insert to have all your gear safely padded.

    Step 2 Find the bag that works for you

    Next, and this is the fun part! Take your insert and head to the store. Which store? Well, any store that sells the kinds of bags you . Leather, fabric, vintage, designer, whatever floats your boat.

    What you are looking for is a bag that fits the insert comfortably, makes the contents easily accessible but also has a way to zip up. I this style of bag, simple, classic style, good enough for an event, good enough for the road.

    Fossil Fiona Satchel Handbag, Medium Brown
    Buy Now

    You gotta be careful to find one that doesn’t have separators in the middle. You want a big old cargo area in the middle to fit your insert, this:

    I personally don’t the flip top bags because it’s easier to access a camera in a zippered bag. But hey if you want to go that way, do your thing! There are a variety of travel purses that could work. That’s the whole point of the DIY Travel Camera Bag – buy the bag that works for you!

    Step 3 Accessorize!

    Finally, you might want to accessorize. Most camera bags have a few pockets for your batteries and cards. You’ll need to add these to your DIY camera bag. If you got the Tenba BYOB 9 Camera Insert, it has loads of pockets. If you got an ofrand, you can try this wallet that is perfect for one battery and a few cards.

    Think Tank Photo Card and Battery Wallet
    Buy Now

    Granted, neither of those are attractive, but at least they go in your bag, sight for the most part. On the other hand, a cute, cheap option is an a coin purse, put the batteries in the main compartment, and the cards in the 2 zippered pockets – empty and full.

    Women’s Genuine Leather Coin Purse
    Buy Now

    For a full list of great accessories for a smaller camera, check out my essential accessory kit for micro four thirds cameras.

    One more tip, do you have a camera that charges through USB charging? I recommend this feature for travel cameras, it has saved me so many times, when I could plug my camera in the car or simply off an external battery.

    READ MORE: Features that are super valuable in a travel camera

    If you did, you should also buy a good fast charging external battery to carry in your bag. Here’s one that should charge itself and your camera quicker than most.

    Anker PowerCore Fast-charging 10000mAh External Battery
    Buy Now

    Step 4 The Best Part

    Okay, I know, you’re thinking, you just put together your dream travel camera bag and there’s still a best part?

    Yup, you know it. So the best part is that you can use that insert in any bag. Normally the insert is in my purse. But I put my gear into the insert, into my roller suitcase when flying. And when I’m going on a hike, I put it in a backpack to make a perfect hiking camera bag. It’s great to be able to safely pack my camera in any bag I own.

    Plus it allows you to select the best bags for other needs – for example, the backpacks that are best fit for women.

    In a sense, once you have the insert, you can have a diy camera purse, diy camera luggage and diy camera backpack whenever you need it. How’s that for versatile.

    Once I switched to regular bags with camera inserts, I haven’t looked back.

    Final Words

    So I hope this has been helpful to you. A DIY camera bag means you can fit it into your life, which means you will take it more places, even when you aren’t traveling. I can’t count how many people I know buy a fancy camera and then never take it anywhere because yes, it’s a big, bulky thing, needing a separate bulky bag that is just one more thing to worry about.

    By popping it into your purse or backpack, you’re more ly to have it on you when the moment presents itself and that’s kind of awesome.

    This post has affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The opinions presented are my own. Pinterest Email Pocket


    DIY Purse Camera Bag {Tutorial}

    Personalized DIY Camera Bag
    DIY Purse Camera Bag | A tutorial to make a fancy purse camera bag a second hand bag!

    Have I mentioned that my dear friend, Cathy, started a blog?

    It’s called Lemon Tree Dwelling. And for a new blogger, she’s kind of killing it. (I’m probably too old to say that. Who am I kidding? I’m definitely too old to say that.)

    me, Cathy is a stay at home mom. She’s an amazing stay at home mom. I’m always hearing about these super fun and creative activities that she’s doing with her kids. So, I was so happy when she started her blog. Not only was it something I thought she’d be really good at, but it was something for her.

    Cathy just celebrated her birthday, and I really wanted to get her something to support this new endeavor. Something to show her how proud I am of her doing something for herself.

    So the first thing I did was redesign her blog. (Do you hear that? It’s the sound of me patting myself on the back. I’m kind of proud of my newfound talents.)

    I topped off the new design with her own custom watermark that she can easily add to her photos using PicMonkey.

    Incidentally (cough . . . shameless plug . . . cough) I’m selling these watermarks in my etsy shop.

    But I really wanted to give Cathy something tangible. And then I thought of the perfect blogging accessory! A fancy schmancy camera bag purse!

    I found this bag at Goodwill . . . and I’m just a little bit embarrassed to admit this isn’t even the first bag from Goodwill that I’ve given Cathy for her birthday. That’s just how we roll.

    The thing I really d about the bag was that it had the main section in the middle, perfect for the camera and the extra lens. And then it had these little pouches on the side, that could hold a wallet, phone, and keys. Or you know, a diaper, ziplock full of baby wipes, and a small container of Cheerios. Whatever.

    There are a lot of purse camera bag tutorials out there. I found this one from Vanilla & Lace the most helpful.

    The exact measurements are going to be different depending on what type of camera you have, what you are trying to store, and the size of the purse. But I can tell you what I did, and you can use it as a guide.

    Here are the supplies I started with:

    • 1 yard of super swanky fabric (it wasn’t that swanky, but I thought it looked funky and cool)
    • 1 yard of 1/2 inch foam
    • 1 package of 1/2 inch wide velcro

    I had a lot of extra fabric and foam when I was done. I could have easily done with 1/2 a yard of each. But now I get to use it to make one for me!!Start by measuring your purse. I found it helpful to measure the outside.After measuring the purse, I cut the size pieces I thought I would need cardboard and put them in the purse to see if I was on the right track. And I’m glad that I did too! The side pieces were about an inch too high for the purse to close. (What is pictured below are the sizes I went with.)Then I cut my foam to match the cardboard and my fabric an inch and a half longer than the piece of foam in each direction. So, for example, the foam that was 12 inches by 4 inches had fabric that was 13.5 inches by 5.5 inches. Make sense?The piece that is pictured is one of the long 12 by 4 side pieces. I wanted velcro to run along each side of the inside of the bag. So that the secitions could be velcroed in wherever. (It will make more sense further down.)Once the fabric was cut to 13.5 by 5.5 inches (for the two pieces, I cut four pieces of fabric and two pieces of foam), I sewed a 12 inch piece of velcro down the middle of one right side of the fabric. I used the soft side of the velcro since it would be running the whole length.Once the velcro was sewed in place, I put both right sides together (for one piece of foam, there was one piece with velcro and one without), and sewed around three sides (1/4 inch seam allowance), leaving one end completely open.Fold the fabric in slightly and pin, then sew it shut. The edges will be decently hidden within the bag, so I just machine sewed it to close.

    Again, I only sewed velcro to the pieces that went on the side.

    Once you make all four sides and the bottom, it’s time to make the pieces that you can move around to hold your camera and extra lenses in place. I only made two that will make for three compartments.

    The purse I was using was 5 inches wide, so I made two 6 inch dividers. I did them the same height I did all the other pieces, though I wish I would have done them slightly shorter.

    The fabric I cut was 9 inches by 5.5 inches to cover a 6 by 4 inch piece of 1/2 inch thick foam. The excess on the sides will be used for velcro.

    I sewed the two right sides together using 1/4 inch seam allowance, and left both ends totally open. That allowed me to make the foam really centered.

    Now fold the edges in a bit you did with the other pieces, and pin it close on both sides. I actually used the pins to push the foam in a little and bend it the way. Then pin a piece of velcro in place (be sure to use the opposite of what you’ve already used! Ha!!). Now sew it up, baby.

    Look at all your hard work! (In reality I’m a wannabe seamstress, and this took me maybe two hours.)

    Now . . . how to get them to stay put in the bag . . . . I did, in fact, contemplate hot glue.

    But I went a classier route, and decided to hand sew them into the lining. To start, I pinned them all in place,

    and then pulled it inside out to make sure they were placed properly.

    And then I just carefully stitched them into place. For the stitches that went around the top, I flipped it all back inside the purse.

    And there you have it!


    Seriously. This post took me longer than the bag!

    Happy Birthday Cath! I love ya!