DIY Instagram Photo Clock To Remind Of Your Family

  1. 40 Coolest Gifts To Make for Mom
  2. 1. Sip back And Relax Wine Glasses
  3. 2. DIY Gilded Edge Agate Coasters
  4. 3. DIY Hoop Tassel Earrings
  5. Easy DIY Nail Polish Paintings
  6. 4. Mom Mini Album
  7. 5. Fingerprint Heart
  8. 6. DIY Ring Holder
  9. 7. DIY Succulent Book Planter
  10. 8. Picture Frame Memory Wreath
  11. 9. DIY Metallic Rope Throw Basket
  12. 10. DIY Geometric Wood Trivets
  13. 40. Photo Backed Clock
  14. New Design Release: 10×10 DIY-To-Go Kits!
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  16. Check out the new designs…
  17. 27 Brilliant Ways to Actually Use Your Travel Photos
  18. Gift Idea Tutorial: Photo Backed Clock
  19. DIY Large Photo Wall Clock Home Decorating Craft with Frames
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  21. Directions
  22. Here is an idea for an alternate large wall clock:
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  24. 35 Loving Gift Ideas For Those With Alzheimer’s
  25. 1. Dog Name Scarf
  26. 2. Modeling Clay
  27. 3. Essential Oil Rollers
  28. 4. Mom Bookmark
  29. 5. Photo Book
  30. 6. Museum Memories
  31. 7. Travel Wall Hanging
  32. 8. Keep Time
  33. 9. Lyrics Scarf
  34. 10. DIY Fabric Napkins
  35. 11. DIY Heating Pad
  36. 12. Message Board
  37. 13. Family Motto Display
  38. 14. Collage Blanket
  39. 15. Simple Planter
  40. 16. Painting Kit
  41. 17. Kitchen Tools
  42. 18. Meal Subscription
  43. 19. Personalized Calendar
  44. 20. Heart Quilt
  45. 21. Spring Wreath
  46. 22. Easy Slip-Ons
  47. 23. Photo Accordion
  48. 24. Movie Day
  49. 25. Digital Tablet
  50. 26. Live Theater
  51. 27. Mason Jar Frames
  52. 28. Spring Planter
  53. 29. House Key Holder
  54. 30. Tree Of Life
  55. 31. Sleep Mask
  56. 32. DIY Triangle Shawl
  57. 33. Shadow Box Collage
  58. 34. Knitted Slippers
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40 Coolest Gifts To Make for Mom

DIY Instagram Photo Clock To Remind Of Your Family

Want to give your mother something amazing this year for Christmas or her birthday? I love making things for my Mom more than just about anyone, because she appreciates little handmade gifts more than anything I could ever buy.

Cheaper than purchasing something, and far, far nicer, these creative DIY gift ideas for Mom should be at the top of everyone’s holiday “making” list.

Forget shopping lists and get to work creating a couple of these awesome homemade presents for your mother.

1. Sip back And Relax Wine Glasses


Here’s another cool mother’s day gift idea from Happy Go Lucky Blog! Sip Back and Relax Wine Glasses that you could give your mom this coming mother’s day so that she could drink her fancy wine with a customizes glass that you made for her! Check out the step-by-step tutorial now! All you need are cricut explore air 2, yellow and pink vinyl or your moms favorite color, wine glass and a transfer tape!

2. DIY Gilded Edge Agate Coasters


Looking for a really cool and useful gift for your mon this coming Mother’s day? Here’s a really cool idea to gift your mom, Gilded Edge Agate Coasters! Check out the full step-by-step tutorial from Making Lemonade Blog now and go ahead and create your mom this fancy looking coasters that she could use every day and on special occasions.

3. DIY Hoop Tassel Earrings


If you have a really cool mom who really s styling herself and just rocks everything she wears, this mother’s day why not give her something you made with love? Give her something she could use to rock her style! Check out this tutorial from Made in a Day and make some of these really cute, really tacky Hoop Tassel Earring and give it to your mom this Mother’s Day!

Easy DIY Nail Polish Paintings

Learn how to make quick works of art, no artistic skills required. All you need is nail polish, water and a blank canvas. Check out the video to learn how to make some for yourself.

4. Mom Mini Album


This mother’s day, instead of going your way to buy your mother expensive gifts, why not give her something more special that would touch her heart all the memories you guys shared together since you were little! Check out this really cute idea from Clear Colours and create your own Mom Mini Album and fill it with every photo you and your mom took together!

5. Fingerprint Heart


What better way to express your love but through your heart right? So this mother’s day why not give your mother a heart necklace with your finger print on it! Check out this step-by-step video tutorial from DIY Joy now and create your own Fingerprint Heart Necklace and give it to your mother to remind her of how much you love her!

6. DIY Ring Holder


Women love jewelry and I bet you have a lot yourself! But you know who has a lot more jewelry than you? Your mother! So if you’re planning to give her a jewelry or specifically a ring, give it to her with this really cool DIY Ring Holder so that she could put all her other rings there too. So check out the step-by-step tutorial from The Merry Thought now and make your mom that ring holder now!

7. DIY Succulent Book Planter


If you are looking for something cute and inexpensive to gift your mom this mother’s day, you have come to the right place! If you are on a tight budget and can’t find anything to give your mom this mother’s day, why not give her something cute that you created with your own bare hands. Check out this easy to create DIY Succulent Book Planter and follow the step-by-step tutorial from My Fair Olinda!

8. Picture Frame Memory Wreath


Get your mom something really memorable and sentimental this mother’s day! Make your mom his really beautiful Picture Frame Memory Wreath and fill it with photos of you and your family. Check out the full step-by-step tutorial from Infarrantly Creative! So your mom could hang it on her living room and always be reminded of all the memories you guys had together!

9. DIY Metallic Rope Throw Basket


Check out this step-by-step tutorial from Lydi Out Loud on how to create your own Metallic Rope Throw Basket that you can definitely give your mom as a gift this coming mother’s day. Her laundry would never look so dull anymore and she would probably be excited to do her laundry with that cute throw basket!

10. DIY Geometric Wood Trivets


If your mom loves to cook, here is a really cool, really cute DIY gift idea that you can give her this mother’s day! DIY Geometric Wood Trivets! Check this step-by-step tutorial from A Beautiful Mess on how to create your own Geometrical Wood Trivets and give it to your mom as a give so she would have something hip and cute to put her hotpots on.

40. Photo Backed Clock



New Design Release: 10×10 DIY-To-Go Kits!

DIY Instagram Photo Clock To Remind Of Your Family

While we’re not so happy that we can’t have everyone having fun in the workshops, we’ve been working hard to bring the workshop experience to your home! We’re now shipping from our workshops to your door. And since we’re on a roll – we’re also taking this opportunity to introduce another new project: 10×10 DIY-To-Go Kits!

New project types & new designs?

Yep! Although you’ll recognize a couple of your favorites on new sizes, we’ve released so many fun new designs to go along with this new DIY To-Go kit! The great thing about this new size is that it’s the perfect shelf sitter, and it looks great layered up with different sizes.

Check out the new designs…

Can we get a 


27 Brilliant Ways to Actually Use Your Travel Photos

DIY Instagram Photo Clock To Remind Of Your Family

Getty Images/iStockphoto [Edited]

If you travel and own a camera or smartphone, it’s safe to say you return home from vacation with hundreds of snapshots. Or thousands. Some destinations are just really, really ridiculously good-looking.

As for the fate of these travel photos? You’ll probably continue to Instagram them for the next couple of days while you can still get away with pretending your trip isn’t over. Maybe you’ll set aside a few for #tbt posts on particularly dreary future Thursdays. Maybe, if you have a penchant for evoking envy in friends and acquaintances, you’ll make a album, too.

But after that, all of those precious pixelated moments from family vacations, weekend getaways, and epic adventures will sit, forgotten, in a digital folder or on a hard drive. No longer.

When it comes to travel photo projects, the Internet is full of smart ideas — paper lanterns or a photo-wrapped pencil set — and these kinds of things are lovely for when you’re feeling (very, very ambitiously) inspired. For the knowingly craft-challenged set, simple prints are the way to go.

Parabo Press is a good site for beginner photo printers as it’s super easy-to-use — though it’s actually the sister site to both of those not-as-easy DIY tutorials. They have simple and affordable printing options and some more unique styles black and white engineer prints or framed canvas ones.

There’s also a world of options dotting the middle of the creative enthusiasm spectrum, and you’ll find my favorites below. (P.S. a lot of them make great gift ideas for jet-setting friends and family.)

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

Courtesy of Chatbooks

Photo books can be a lot of work, but Chatbooks makes it simple. It syncs with your Instagram or account for an effortless import. I just loaded in 138 photos in about three seconds, and they automatically arranged chronologically — one per page — with the ability to add captions and locations if I want.

To buy:, from $10



Courtesy of Amazon

Traveling with an instant film camera is fun, but I too often found myself retaking the exact same photo on my phone because I am a visual hoarder. Enter the Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Printer, a device that wirelessly connects to your smartphone to print photos instantly, or you know, after a few edits and the 13 test shots it might take to find just the right angle.

To buy:, $90 (originally $100)

Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

So now you’ve got a stack of three-dimensional travel memories and an empty wall. Pinterest would tell you the only logical next step involves a spool of string, clothespins, and if you’re very motivated, some twinkle lights. On the other hand, this five-tiered frame is $14 on Amazon. It’s not cheating, I promise.

To buy:, $20


Courtesy of Amazon

For travel memories, a basic, quadrilateral bulletin board simply will not do. Pin your road-trip photos — and any visually appealing tickets, postcards, and such you acquired along the way — to this cork wall map. And don’t forget these tiny push-pins!

To buy:, $38

Courtesy of Etsy

If you’d prefer to hang something a little more polished, try a pre-cut matboard photo frame. It also comes with state-shaped cutouts you can use as a template when sizing your photos to fit.

To buy:, from $69

Courtesy of Minted

May I remind you, this is definitely not cheating. Minted is a marketplace that connects the less DIY-inclined with super talented independent artists, and they’ve got a full travel-inspired art category.

To buy:, from $29



Courtesy of Shutterfly

Courtesy of Zazzle

Keep your most important travel document safe from harm by wrapping it with a photographic masterpiece.

To buy:, $20

Courtesy of Target


Courtesy of

No, custom stamps are not just for wedding invitations.

To buy:, $26 per sheet of 20 stamps

Courtesy of Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising has a ton of cool photo products, including customizable greeting cards where you can share your favorite vacation photos in a neat collage.

To buy:, from $2 per card

Courtesy of Shutterfly

A custom phone case with a photo of your choosing will bring back vacation memories every time you pick up your phone. Shutterfly makes the process easy and gives you plenty of options so you can find the perfect case.

To buy:, from $23


Courtesy of Boomf

Courtesy of Moo

Courtesy of CarlinArtWatercolor


Courtesy of ImageSnap

Even if you’re not currently renovating your bathroom or kitchen backsplash, the custom photo ceramic tiles from ImageSnap make for cool shelf decor, magnets, or wall art.

To buy:, from $5 each

Courtesy of Social Print Studio

Courtesy of Bags of Love

What use would you even have for a travel accessory or toiletry bag without one of your beautiful photos on it?

To buy:, $43


Courtesy of Zazzle

Can’t find the perfect tote for the beach? Print one with your favorite seaside snapshots.

To buy:, $20 for a medium-sized bag

Courtesy of Image3D

Ever find yourself wishing you could be visually transported back to both your vacation and the ’90s simultaneously? lets you make a custom seven-photo reel to use with your dusty, old stereoscope goggles — or you can buy a new pair. There’s also an option to add 3D captions to your photos.

To buy:, from $30

Courtesy of SkinIt


Courtesy of Yankee Candle

With fragrances Beach Walk and Balsam & Cedar, Yankee Candles can often bring the scent of your favorite place home with you. The custom label just takes it up another notch, and makes for a thoughtful gift.

To buy:, from $22

Courtesy of

Not only do Vans make great shoes for travel, they also make a great canvas for your travel photos. An “Add Your Own Photo” feature is available for an extra $15 on men’s, women’s, and kid’s Vans in several styles, including the Classic Slip-On and the Authentic style sneaker.

To buy:, from $90

Courtesy of Jakprints

You’ll be so excited when someone asks you where you got such a cool-looking travel T-shirt.

To buy:, from $14


Courtesy of Zazzle

At this point, you could potentially wear a head-to-toe outfit designed by your photographic eye. I just want to be sure that possibility is very clear.

To buy:, $60

Courtesy of Murals Your Way

Courtesy of Zazzle

Bet you wouldn’t have thought of this one.

To buy:, $60



Gift Idea Tutorial: Photo Backed Clock

DIY Instagram Photo Clock To Remind Of Your Family

I realize Father’s Day was weeks ago and I’m just posting this tutorial now.

  I’m going with the adage “better late than never,” because the day when I can pull off writing a tutorial before the actual holiday is probably not in the near future!  And really, this could be a gift for anyone on any occasion: Mother’s Day, a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary… consider it the little black dress of gift ideas.

First of all, let me show you what my husband crafted with the kids for my Mother’s Day gift this year:

Paint.  With a one-year-old and three-year-old.  More paint.  On hands.  Did I mention paint?  HE WINS.  Which means I needed to step up my game.  A card just would not do it this year.

The following is probably a tutorial on what NOT to do.  However, by either following my method or the helpful hints/ideas that I give along the way you WILL have a clock with a photo in it at the end.  Promise!

When I saw a photo-backed clock on the Better Homes and Gardens website, I thought, “hmmmm, that could either be really cute or sorta cheesy.”  I put it my mind until I spotted a pile of clocks at a local thrift store.

  My hand moved over them until I found one that had a fabulous frame (‘good bones’, if you will).  I finally bought it with the thought that even if I didn’t keep it as a clock it would make a great frame.  Because I’m kooky that.

  Why I can’t just buy a round frame I’ll never know.  Gotta make things hard.

SO.  I was enjoying my post-thrifting glow and dozing off to sleep with visions of this bird clock in my head when it hit me a ton of bricks:


Sure enough, I flipped it over the next morning and doh-doh-dohhhhhhh.  Bird sound box.  But the good news is it had a separate battery area for that function.  Whew.  But first, I needed to make sure it worked at all.

Woot!  It works.  And no bird calls.  So step #1: I unscrewed the ring, collected the screws in a baggie, and cleaned the glass with Windex.

Step #2: I enlarged a favorite photo to 12 by 12 inches (the clock face is 11 inches in diameter so that would give me a little wiggle room) at Ritz photo.  You can do this at many different photo places including CVS, but I needed it done quickly in an odd size.

Step #3:  I put a dot in the middle of the glass so I’d know where the mechanism would fall.  I used that as my guide to decide where to place the photo so the the picture looked it’s best.  I traced and then cut out the photo using the glass as a guide.

  Which was dumb, because the glass was bigger than the face of the clock.  So I trimmed it freehand.  Even dumber, because then the back was showing through in several spots.  See how I fixed it in step #5.

  Simply using some old fashioned mathematics and a ruler could have helped immensely!

There’s a dot on the glass near Bee’s ear to help determine correct placement.  Wipes clean with Windex.

See where I cut it unevenly?  Note to self: math is your friend.  Use it.

Step #4:  Finding the center, I cut a small hole to fit the hands.  Then, I realized the second hand extended over the center so the extra piece would make putting the hands through pretty difficult.

  I tried detaching the clock mechanism to simply place it through that way to no avail.  So, don’t try this at home, I bent the second hand’s extended “arm” (if you will) so I could slide it all in at once without creating a huge hole.

  I used pliers to bend it back but it still looks wonky (see below for helpful hints to avoid this problem):

Wonk, wonk.  There must be a better way.

Step #5: I applied adhesive (a photo-safe glue stick) to the clock face in sections and glued the photo to the clock.  Working in a circle I pushed any air bubbles out from under the photo.  To fix my Edward Scissorhands approach to cutting out the photo, I glued black cording around the perimeter to hide the places where the circle was uneven.

Black cording glued around the edge hid my cutting sins.  The glue dries clear, I promise, I took this photo right after gluing so it looks white.

Step #6: I let it dry for 24 hours without the glass in case the adhesive off-gassed (this happened to me once with rubber cement and a plastic scrapbooking sleeve– it bubbled the plastic!) and placed the glass back on.  I screwed on the ring, and…

a clock for my husband with his babies on it, to hang at the office as a reminder of what’s waiting for him at home.  Little does he know the drama I could have avoided if I’d followed my own helpful hints below!

helpful hints:

  • You can use either a new or thrifted clock, the key is to find one with hands that are easy to either remove or thread the photo through.
  • If you can’t find a good clock to use, buy a clock kit and use a picture frame instead.
  • The smaller the clock face, the easier and cheaper it is to enlarge photos.  My photo cost $14 to enlarge because I needed it done in one day and it was 12X12.  An 8X10 in one hour is only $3.99 at CVS.

What do you think– Cheesy?  Sweet?  Wonky?  Swonky?  {I just made that one up}.  What did you give for Father’s Day this year?  I need to one-up my hubby next year after that adorbs framed flower hand print he made for me!


DIY Large Photo Wall Clock Home Decorating Craft with Frames

DIY Instagram Photo Clock To Remind Of Your Family

Photo wall clocks are a fun way to display your family photos while making something useful (a wall clock). A while back I saw something similar on Snapfish’s page, and I decided I would share my own, slightly-different version of this Large Photo Wall Clock DIY — “Make the most of the time we have.” (I wish I knew the original source of the idea!)

This project is great fun for your home, makes a gorgeous centerpiece to your room, and it could save you some money as opposed to purchasing a large wall clock (if you watch for deals). Of course the price will be different for everyone depending on if you choose to have words, how many you choose to have, what discounts you get, how many frames you already have…the list goes on.

What You Need:

  • 12 mix-match frames (some that I had, some that I purchased ranging from $1 to $5)
  • 12 photo prints–I used a mixture of 4×6 and 5×7, but to save some money you could use 4×6 in each when you get free prints and just put borders around the pictures that have larger frames
  • 12 numbers for us to hold (I cut them cardboard boxes and spray painted them but you could also purchase wooden letters to make them cleaner)
  • Lettering from CraftCuts
  • Large clock hour and minute hand piece (purchased at Hobby Lobby…regular price $40 but we found it on sale 50% off or you could use their 40% off coupon to save money if it is not on sale)


1) Decide where you want to mount the minute/hour clock piece. Make sure you have enough room for this large clock (it takes up quite a bit of the wall–ours is over half the height of the wall!).

2) Find out where you need to hang your frames compared to the clock piece. There is a positioning paper piece in the clock kit to make this easier.

Measure to make sure you go straight out; point the minute hand out to make sure the frame is far enough out after being hung so they do not get hit; hand the key hours first (3, 6, 9, 12) and eyeball the rest.

If you are using different sized and shape frames, make sure you take that into consideration when hanging them. Personally, I used larger frames for the key hours and hung the 3 and 9 hour frames horizontally to make it even quicker to tell what time it is.

3) Take photos for each of the hours (holding the numbers so you can easily identify which frame goes where) and have them printed.

You can use any type of picture you want…it doesn’t have to be your family only…maybe landscape pictures, family pictures with no numbers (or you can add them later in Photoshop or tape/glue them to the photo), frames with just the numbers, school pictures, photos from places you’ve traveled, whatever you choose.

If you need different size or prints in different directions, be sure to keep a list so you have them all printed properly and do not have to try over again. You can also trim some photos if needed. Once this is done, you can put your photos in the frames and hang them on the spots you marked.

4) If you choose to have lettering in the center of the clock, now is the time. We used Baltic Birch letters and stuck them to the wall with double-sided wall mounting tape.

You could also try wall vinyl lettering which you can find at most craft stores (don’t forget to use their coupons to save money!) or custom make your own letters if you’re handy with wood-working. We added the words “Make the most of the time we have” from a Christian song that we love.

It is a great reminder that time is limited, and we should use that time wisely…do great things, be kind to others, serve God, and spend precious time with our families. Some things can wait.

Your wall clock is done!

Here is an idea for an alternate large wall clock:

Rather than using hanging photo frames, use small shelves and on each shelf either put a frame or a wooden free-standing number! You can always put a small frame AND the wooden number, the numbers and small vases with fabric flowers, or any trinkets that fit your décor!

Read also: How to Transform Your Patio in a Day and 8 Quick Tips to Transform Your Home Decor

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35 Loving Gift Ideas For Those With Alzheimer’s

DIY Instagram Photo Clock To Remind Of Your Family

When a loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, finding the right gift can feel daunting. After all, every person has different needs at different stages of the illness. No matter what you choose, personalized gifts are always a way to fill a home with photos, activities and comforts specific to your loved one’s unique personality.

Choose a gift just as you would have before the illness began, taking new challenges into account while still highlighting the love that surrounds them. Browse our list for inspiration to make your loved one’s day a little brighter.

1. Dog Name Scarf

Source: Shutterfly

If you have a sweet furry family member helping out around the house, a name bandana is the perfect gift. This small reminder can ease any confusion.

2. Modeling Clay

Working with your hands is a great way to stay active and creative. If your loved one is up for it, attend a pottery class together to spend the day getting messy and showing off your creative muscles. At home, they can practice their new skills with various colors of modeling clay.

3. Essential Oil Rollers

Source: Gina Michelle

Calming smells can be helpful for confusion or anxiety. Combine coconut oil with soothing scents lavender, mint and orange.

4. Mom Bookmark

Source: Swoodson Says

This unique bookmark both holds the page and keeps the book from flipping closed as you read. Cut out simple shapes of felt and elastic to construct this bookmark for mom. Craft a collection for them to keep on their bookshelf.

5. Photo Book

Source: Shutterfly

Recount your family vacation with vibrant images in a coffee table book. If this is a gift for dad this Father’s Day, spend the whole afternoon together flipping through the images and telling him about your adventures.

6. Museum Memories

A day at the museum is a relaxing way to spend time together and create memories. If there’s a particular exhibit or piece your loved one would be interested in, take a day to slowly browse the galleries. Check out the gift shop for a small souvenir to spark their memory.

7. Travel Wall Hanging

Source: Bliss Makes

Recount images of past travels around the world or from a family vacation in a homemade fabric wall hanging. Choose a spot to hang the photos together in a place where they’ll see it each day so they can be reminded of the fun times together.

8. Keep Time

A large wall or table clock with bright digits and easy-to-use buttons will help your loved one keep track of time and date. The better they can see the numbers and use the buttons, the stronger they’ll feel about being in control of their time.

9. Lyrics Scarf

Source: Tried and True

If mom or grandma has a favorite song, print the lyrics across a cozy throw or scarf. Sit down together and listen to the song as you marvel at your DIY gift to keep her cozy.

10. DIY Fabric Napkins

Source: Crafty For Home

Fabric napkins can simplify meal time, especially when you use soft and easy-to-wash fabric. Choose your loved one’s favorite colors to add a bright accent to their day.

11. DIY Heating Pad

Source: Wren Collective

This homemade heating pad is the perfect shape for balancing on a shoulder, around your neck or behind your lower back. Fill the fabric shape with rice and walk through the steps of heating up the pad together when you present your gift.

12. Message Board

Create a washable message board to write reminders and love notes to your family member every morning or each time you visit. Frame in a rustic wood design and add a message on the glass to prompt them each day.

13. Family Motto Display

Etch all your loving “family rules” on a block of wood painted with a splash of vibrant color. The list will act as a reminder that your loved one is in a supportive and caring place all day long.

14. Collage Blanket

Set three family photos in the center of a striped fleece throw blanket. Curl up with the blanket for a cozy afternoon in to look at old albums and relax.

15. Simple Planter

Add small wooden dowels to the base of a white planter and fill with succulents or other easy-to-care-for greenery. This makes a great gift for seniors settling into a new space. If they have a love of plants, pair with a poster of plant types to keep their green thumb strong.

16. Painting Kit

Art is a great way to showcase creativity and relieve stress. Blank canvases, washable paints and a set of brushes will set your loved one up for a day of peaceful painting. Hang up their art when they’re done so everyone can enjoy it.

17. Kitchen Tools

If your loved one is a talented chef, it may be difficult for them to lose their ability to cook for themselves and family. Make sure they have a collection of safe tools to continue cooking well into their older days—silicone spatulas, smaller and duller knives and bowls with easy-to-grip handles will keep the cooking alive.

18. Meal Subscription

If you live far away from your loved one that lives at home with a caregiver, a meal subscription service is a gift for both of them. It’s one less step for the caregiver to keep track of and ensures they both have healthy and satisfying meals every day. It’s a great way to show your love from afar.

19. Personalized Calendar

Source: Shutterfly

A vibrant photo calendar is a great way to keep track of time but also cherish memories. Every month can include a new family photo, a message from loved ones or bright and colorful works of art. Display in an obvious place in the kitchen for your loved one to see each day.

20. Heart Quilt

Source: My Poppet

If quilting has been an important part of your family’s traditions, create a gift for dementia patients that can lay across the couch, bed or hang on the wall at home.

21. Spring Wreath

Source: Crafts by Amanda

Sensory items are helpful for Alzheimer’s patients, especially when they add color and calming scents in the home. Attach eucalyptus and lavender to an embroidery hoop as a gift for grandma this spring.

22. Easy Slip-Ons

Simplify heading the house with loved ones by customizing a pair of slip-on shoes. Add a design to the top with paint, fabric or dye.

23. Photo Accordion

Source: An Artful Mom

Handmade paper photo displays make great additions around the home or if you’re looking for gifts for nursing home patients. Sit with them unfurl the accordion together to discuss the loving images inside.

24. Movie Day

An easy gift that allows you to spend time with your loved one is a pair of tickets to see the latest movie in theaters. This is a great way to keep your loved one engaged and learning, while also giving you the opportunity to spend the day with them. Don’t forget the popcorn!

25. Digital Tablet

A digital tablet will allow your loved one to keep track of important dates, the time and play games. Pair with a backup charger so they’re never without battery power.

26. Live Theater

Live theater is great for people of all ages but can be incredibly special for those getting older. If your local playhouse is putting on a revival of an old musical or play, it’s a great opportunity to spark memories your loved one may have forgotten.

27. Mason Jar Frames

Source: Crafts by Amanda

Not only are these glass photo frames easy to make, but you can switch out the images each time you visit. Place a black-and-white photo in painted mason jars and gift in a set of four.

28. Spring Planter

Source: Lydi Out Loud

This lovely gift for mom will greet her each morning as she takes in the scent of fresh flowers. Use a stencil with the kids to paint “mom” across the front in vibrant spring pastels, so she has something from everyone in the family.

29. House Key Holder

In the earlier days of Alzheimer’s, create small ways to keep your loved one organized as they come and go with a spouse or caretaker. This key holder includes a loving message and a place to keep everything in one place.

30. Tree Of Life

Source: Tried and True

Weave a vibrant mix of beads into a tree-of-life charm to place in your mother’s window or thread onto a necklace chain. The beads catch the light and spread color throughout the room, or give her something to wear and think of you daily.

31. Sleep Mask

Need a small gift for a loved one struggling with sleep? Make your own silk eye mask with a soft cord for blocking out unnecessary light as they wind down for a nap or in the evening.

32. DIY Triangle Shawl

Source: Malloo Knits

This beginner’s knitting pattern is both cozy and easy to slip over your shoulders. Measure to your recipient’s shoulders for a perfect fit on a chilly afternoon.

33. Shadow Box Collage

Source: A Beautiful Mess

A classic shadow box project allows you to fill a wide frame with photo prints, miniature decor and even small labels with names and loving messages. It can also help remind them of some of their favorite memories.

34. Knitted Slippers

Source: Gina Michelle

Are you a passionate knitter or crocheter? Follow a pattern to create easy-to-wear slippers for around the house. Add small traction discs to the base to prevent slipping.

35. Headphones

Podcasts and audiobooks are a great way to keep your loved one stimulated and learning. A set of wireless headphones that they can take anywhere will let them listen whenever they want.

Choosing a gift for a loved one with Alzheimer’s can be emotionally and logistically challenging. Even if you’re unsure of what the best gift will be, know that the personalized care you put into finding the present won’t go unnoticed. Pair each present on this list with the gift of time. Peruse favorite photos in a family album, listen to music and be present with love and support.


DIY Concrete Planters, Concrete Patio Table, Concrete Floor and More!

DIY Instagram Photo Clock To Remind Of Your Family

Happy Wednesday! Who is counting down for the weekend? It’s always nice to have unscheduled time, where we can do whatever we want, work on our homes! We have been knee-deep (literally) in deep-cleaning projects.

It’s always crazy pulling everything out, but the after is so nice and worth it!! Have you checked out and used any of our cleaning tips and ideas? Let us know your favorite deep cleaning or organizing tips! Today we will be talking about DIY Concrete Planters.

We would love to see your finished projects too! Snap a photo and share it with us. You can message us on or send us a photo here! We love being inspired by you and your creativity!

Remodelaholic Happenings

Who loves the trend of DIY concrete projects? We have had lots of requets for some of our favorite DIY concrete home projects including DIY concrete planters! Recently on Remodelaholic we shared How to Make an Easy DIY Concrete Planter. This modern, beautiful piece is simple and inexpensive to make, but adds the style and character your room may be yearning for! Check out the post and get the DIY concrete planter tutorials for 5 different concrete planters!

Another simple, inexpensive DIY concrete project that will add character to your home is this Simple DIY Concrete Clock Tutorial (With Less Mess!). It’s a smaller piece with endless possibilities of placement! I can imagine it in almost every room of my house.

This beautiful DIY concrete patio table could be the highlight of your outdoor furniture, sun room furniture, or as a side table inside.

The X-Brace Concrete Side Table has as much character, or more, than many side tables that cost triple, or more than the amount of just building this one! We love how well this particular DIY concrete table matches the chairs it is paired with and would love to see where you’d place it! Follow the tutorial to create your own and share the finished look with us!

Looking for a gorgeous, inexpensive way to finish your floor? Ever thought of painting your concrete? A DIY concrete floor could be just what you need! Walking through homes, I have actually seen so many different options for painting concrete floors, many of them in people’s basements! And many people wouldn’t know that it was painted concrete.

So do you have a concrete floor you’d to try something new on? Learn How to Paint a Concrete Floor and give your area a new, fun look!

Recently on , we shared this incredible project that Joanne sent to us! Guys, it’s projects this that leave our mouths hanging open. We can’t tell you enough how much we enjoy seeing what your hard work and creativity can make! If you aren’t following Remodelaholic on , you should be! Just to see great ideas from members just yourself! Read what Joanne said about this project!

“We are renovating a rental property and although the existing bathroom vanity was beyond hopeless, there just wasn’t enough money in our very limited budget to purchase a new one.

We had this little dresser given to us and decided with a little creativity we could transform it. A trip to Habitat for Humanity scored us the vessel sink for $30.

00! We sanded the entire piece down to its original wood, painted and stained and added hardware we found on sale. Hubby measured for the plumbing and voila! Custom built vanity for a total of about $50!”

How impressive is a new bathroom vanity all for about $50? Again, we are so impressed! It turned out beautiful, and I am sure the new renters will love it! Check out other DIY projects on our page to see what others are creating. And **Show us what you’ve been working on!** Drop us an email at [email protected] or message us on , you can always send us a photo here, too. For more home inspiration, visit our page and check out the fan photos album!

Instagram Inspiration

Love looking at beautiful homes, or searching for something to inspire your next project? One of our favorite places to go to both drool and to be inspired is Instagram.

Photos, this incredible mudroom leave us only wanting more. Come follow us, and see what photos have given us inspiration as well as what projects we are currently working on.

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