26 Creative And Smart Attic Storage Ideas To Try

15+ Clever Attic Storage Ideas & Designs For Your House In 2020

26 Creative And Smart Attic Storage Ideas To Try

Usually, attics are considered as the most appealing living space in the house. They are often associated with private rooms or some secret room by people.

These areas are having some unique appeal and people connect them with creative work corners to generate unique ideas.

However, efficiently utilizing attic space is challenging as it has limited space with lots of shapes and cuts. We have compiled some easy and beautiful attic designs which can help you design your versatile space.

1. A built-in desk for organizing your in house office space

The key to having an office space in your house is to find the most creative and quiet spot where you can concentrate on your work.

Creating a built-in office space in the attic will serve the purpose of having a peaceful space for work. As it is located on the top floor, you would be having your own noise-free office space.


2. A bookcase space for kids next to the buck bed

Attics are often turned in to the kid’s room along with their favorite bunk beds. With limited space, these attics can even hold kids’ books and stationery in shelves attached next to the bunk beds. Here kids can organize their books on the shelves, giving much free space in the house.


3. A custom Library space with reaching bench

Households with limited space can turn their attics into a mini beautiful library. The attic is the quietest place in a house thus would end up being the most suitable space for a book reader.

The picture below shows a remodeled attic where the owner has attached a reading bench for creating an ideal reading environment.


4. A bed along with the attic wall with a shelf and drawer for storage

Building a bed in the attic with some drawers to store your clothing or extra belongings in another amazing idea to utilize your attic space.

This bedroom can be an ideal spot for the teens of your house where they can sleep and even have their own tiny storage space.


5. Shifting the attic staircase into a compact bookshelves

This is another amazing idea if you have kids in your house with plenty of course or reading books. Usually, this space is not used for any purpose but by building a bookshelf where you can store these books in easy access to kids.

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6. A cubical storage spaces for shoes along with the slanted wall

Apart from utilizing the slanted wall for storing your books, you can even store your shoes, high heels or even your sneakers. For shoe lovers, this can turn into a mesmerizing spot.


The attic is great to cozy spaces with can easily be customized as floor sitting areas such as reading spot, study spot or even floor sitting cozy play area for kids.

Getting a bookshelf for storing the room essential can cost you a lot thus we recommend creating simple and easy storage shelves using old wooden crates. Simply decorate your wooden crate as per your color theme and stack them on top of each other creating a staircase in the attic.


8. Need an extra closet? Design an easy attic closet with drawers and hanging rods

A built-in attic closet can end up being a classy dresser room or a space to store all your party outfits. You can even store your off-season clothes here. The hanging rods would keep your clothes crisp as new.


9. A closet with drawer on the lower end of the attic

This is a perfect example of a mini closet idea for extra clothes. A small closet with drawers can help you organize your clothes as per your needs.

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The picture below shows how this owner has creatively turned this attic into a lively changing room by adding some mirrors and some photo frames on the top of the closet shelf.


10. Attic beds with Drawers for clothes

This is a simple idea to generate some more room along with the bed to fit in your extra bed sheets and clothes. The pullout drawer underneath the bed is a smart space for kids where they can even store their school books and accessories.


11. A beautiful Wall Library to support your kid’s study space

An attic can be a perfect study spot. You can easily utilize the attic walls to create a beautiful library using shelves. These shelves can store your child’s books, or files, trophies, toys or even their school supplies.



An attic is the most versatile space in your house which can be designed according to your needs. People have used their attics as another bedroom, an office space, a mini garage, a library, a study spot or even a place for your crafting job. Leaving a moving space in the attic is a challenging task; hence you must plan for designing your attic carefully.


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20 Small Bedroom Storage Ideas – DIY Storage Ideas for Small Rooms

26 Creative And Smart Attic Storage Ideas To Try

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Make the Most of Your Closet

Make the most of a cramped closet space by investing in smart storage solutions a hanging rack, stacked shelves for shoes, and baskets for accessories.

See more at Caroline Joy.

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Use a Desk as Nightstand

Dual-purpose furniture is the best way to save space in a small bedroom. A writing desk easily doubles as a bedside table when topped with fresh flowers and a pretty lamp.

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Take Advantage of a Window Seat

Squeeze a bench topped with cushions and pillows into a window nook for a dreamy bedroom reading spot.

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Be Smart With Shelving

Frame your bed with shelves to gain storage space and room to display all of your favorite books, photos, and collections.

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A Storage Bench Is Your Best Friend

Toss extra pillows, blankets—anything really!—in a storage bench placed at the foot of your bed to keep your bedroom clutter free.

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Consider a Wall-Mount Nightstand

No room for a traditional nightstand in your tiny bedroom? Mount a shelf, and you've got room enough for a lamp and a good book.

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Or a Wall-Mount Vanity

Turn an unused corner of the bedroom into a mini makeup station by mounting a painted drawer, vintage mirror, and pair of sconces onto your wall.

See more at Rain on a Tin Roof.

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Try a Narrow Nightstand

If you're determined to have a drawer next to your bed, fill a tight corner with a narrow nightstand this one from Ikea.

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Utilize Behind-the-Door Storage

When space is a premium, some items need to do double duty. Case in point: A closet door becomes an organizational tool thanks to hangers and hooks for handbags, shoes, and accessories.

See more at Wellesley & King.

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Don't Rule Out an Armoire Desk

Set up a workstation in an armoire, and close it up to keep work sight and mind in the evenings and during weekends.

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Try a Dresser as a Nightstand

Double up on drawer space by using a dresser as a nightstand where you can store extra clothes, bedding, and blankets.

See more at Liz Marie Blog.

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Take Advantage of Under-Bed Baskets

Under-the-bed storage can be pretty and functional in a small bedroom. Woven baskets are a thoughtful design element and just right for storing winter sweaters, old textbooks, or your collection of extension cords.

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Or a Wall-Mount Desk

Unused wall space in the bedroom is the perfect spot to get down to business when you tuck a vintage desk chair under a foldaway table.

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Hang Mirrors

If you don't have room for a full vanity, add smaller mirrors above each nightstand.

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Don't Underestimate the Power of a Murphy Bed

By night, the Murphy bed comes down for sweet, sweet sleep. By day, flip it up, and win back some floor space t0 practice your dance routine.

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Utilize an Armoire Linen Closet

closet space? Invest in an armoire with cabinets, drawers, and shelves to create the perfect makeshift linen closet.

See more at Julie Blanner.

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Invest in a Utilitarian Headboard

When placed right, a shelving unit can do double duty as a headboard and storage for extra books, trinkets, and more. 

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Use Smarter Shoe Storage

Stack vintage crates on top of each other in the bedroom to create a Pinterest-worthy shoe-storage solution.

See more at The Merrythought.

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Install a Floor-to-Ceiling Bookshelf

Dream next to the giants of literature with your hand-picked library in floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

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Be Smart With Lighting

Don't waste precious nightstand space on lamps. Mount sconces on the wall instead.

Source: https://www.countryliving.com/home-design/decorating-ideas/g27197552/small-bedroom-storage-ideas/

26 Inventive And Sensible Attic Storage Ideas To Try out

26 Creative And Smart Attic Storage Ideas To Try

There are a great deal of attic spaces that are often not quite practically decorated, though you can use each and every inch of area and get the advantage of it.

If you have an attic area or rooms, you need just to organize the storage right and you will get a lot more priceless room to use.

What can we store there? Literally every thing! Books, clothes, sneakers, toys, quite house workplace things and other issues, so every little thing that comes to your mind. Let’s have a look how to organize all that.

Attic Outfits And Shoes Storage

Attic spaces are remarkable for generating a walk-in closet, and you will effortlessly accommodate all your items there.

Buy developed-in below the eaves compartments and drawers for clothing and shoes make wall-mounted boxes and shelves to match below the roof.

The storage units may be open or closed ones to visually declutter the area, and if your attic is little, add a lot more light to make it look bigger.

attic closet with drawers and a wardrobe

attic closet with hangers and drawers

attic closet with hangers and shoe shelves

attic clothes drawers

massive attic closet with giant compartments

created-in drawers and clothes hangers

closet hangers and drawers below the eaves

closet storage compartments underneath the eaves

closet underneath the roof

closet with mirror doors and outfits hangers

outfits and sneakers storage compartments

fitted closet below the eaves

shoes shelves under the roof

footwear compartments and drawers

Attic Guide Storage Concepts

An attic library? I really do not know anything at all far better! Books can be stored in the attic area extremely efficiently and you will appreciate the sound of rain whilst reading on a rainy day there.

Purchase some bookshelves and modify them the walls up to the roof, you can create a entire library this way. You can also make triangular bookshelves that fit your roof shape, they will act as area dividers, as well.

bookshelves fitted right below the roof

bookshelves in an attic residence workplace

bookshelves underneath the eaves

bookshelves under the roof

attic bookshelves fitted under the roof

fitted attic bookshelves with seats

below the roof triangular bookcase

fitted bookshelves under the eaves

Other Attic Storage Tips

If you really do not want to clutter the area as well a lot, just really don’t make shelves up to the ceiling, go for reduce ones to accommodate some items.

Metal wall-mounted shelves can hold every thing you need to have, and you’ll use the space that is regarded as dead since it’s difficult to give it a perform.

One more cool notion is to hide some attic area close to the floor with sliding doors that match your attic style, this way you’ll get a whole lot of storage space.

attic storage with cubbies and compartments

shelves excellent for an attic room

3 area shelving unit for attic spaces

under the eaves storage with barn-fashion mini doors

Source: https://decor10blog.com/diy/26-inventive-and-sensible-attic-storage-ideas-to-try-out.html