10 Magnetic Spice Storage Solutions

  1. 10 Smart DIY Spice Storage Ideas
  2. 1. Magnetic Marvel
  3. 2. Baby Food Rebirth
  4. 3. Mason Jar Method
  5. 4. Under-the-Cabinet Solution
  6. 5. Test Tube Rack
  7. 6. Mop Holder Hideaway
  8. 7. Proper DIY Cabinet
  9. 8. Drawer Corral
  10. 9. Slim Bins
  11. 10. Travel Rack
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  13. 12 Clever Solutions For Storing Your Herbs And Spices
  14. Space Solutions: Magnetic Spice Tins
  15. YOUR CHOICE | Tiny House Magnetic Spice Rack You Choose 10 Seasonings | Storage Solution for Small Kitchens, RVs, Vans, Boats
  16. Top 10 Best Spice Racks On The Market 2020 Reviews
  17. 1 YouCopia Chef’s Edition SpiceStack 30-Bottle Spice Organizer
  18. 2 AllSpice Wooden Spice Rack
  19. 3 Home-Complete Spice Rack Organizer-Space Saving Wall Mount
  20. 4 Rev-A-Shelf 3″ Wall Pullout
  21. 5 DecoBros Spice Rack Stand
  22. 6 Talented Kitchen Magnetic Spice Tins
  23. 7 Kamenstein 30020 Revolving 20-Jar Countertop Spice Rack Tower
  24. 8 MyGift 4 Tier Black Country Rustic Chicken Wire Pantry
  25. 9 EZOWare Kitchen Spice Rack
  26. 10 Sorbus Spice Rack Organizer
  27. Best Spice Rack Buying Guide
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  29. The Purpose
  30. Stability And Durability
  31. All About The Jars
  32. Ease Of Use
  33. Style Counts
  34. So, What Are The Best Spice Racks?
  35. The Best Spice Storage Solutions for Your Tiny Kitchen
  37. Small Kitchen Spice Storage Dilemma
  38. Make Your Own Magnetic Spice Rack
  39. What You’ll Need:
  40. RiversEdge Products Spice Tin Wall Base | Cornucopia Brands 4-Ounce Round Metal Tins | ELECFIND 15mm x 2mm Rare Earth Magnets | Gorilla 2-Part Epoxy | Dymo LabelManager Label Maker with Labeling Tape | Talented Kitchen Magnetic Spice Tin Set with Labels

10 Smart DIY Spice Storage Ideas

10 Magnetic Spice Storage Solutions

Spices can make or break a dish. And they aren't necessarily cheap, especially if you stock the good stuff in your pantry. Protect your tasty investments by storing them wisely. Here are 10 affordable DIY solutions that will get you organized and excited to cook your next meal. (See also: Are Your Spices Fake?)

1. Magnetic Marvel

Short on space? Use your refrigerator's real estate to house your spices. Making your rack is as easy as buying magnetic containers, filling them, and slapping them onto your fridge door.

We use our refrigerator as our daughter's art gallery, so I this idea to cut a steel sheet to size and attach it to a cabinet door — or someplace else in your kitchen — as a makeshift magnetic surface.

2. Baby Food Rebirth

You can make your own spice containers using recycled baby food jars. Just clean the jars on the inside and out and let dry. Create labels cardstock or stickers. If you want to stick 'em up, simply hot glue magnets onto the glass end and let set before filling and using.

3. Mason Jar Method

You may already have a good stock of mason jars hanging around your kitchen. We use large ones to hold our bulk foods, but they come in all sizes. These 4-oz jelly jars cost under $10 for 12.

They would be great for purchasing bulk spices (some stores let you fill your own containers) and storing them in a drawer. There's zero waste in the process.

Make the jars fancy by painting the lids with chalkboard paint for quick, custom labeling.

4. Under-the-Cabinet Solution

My friend uses the space underneath one of her upper kitchen cabinets to store spices. She bought a set of metal-topped spice containers and then mounted them — metal cap first — using industrial-strength glue. For a less sticky setup, you could install a metal strip under your cabinet and use magnets on your containers instead.

5. Test Tube Rack

Even the most frugal among us lusts over the expensive stuff from time to time. This tube rack from Dean & Deluca will set you back over $100 and stores just 20 modest kinds of spices. Try buying your own test tubes online and then storing them in a rustic box for a much more budget-friendly option.

6. Mop Holder Hideaway

Here's an ingenious idea to use something common in a new way. Pick up a few of those basic broom handle holders. Mount them on the inside of a cabinet door. Then all you need to do is stock up on the spices that come in round containers. Click them into place, and you're done!

7. Proper DIY Cabinet

I'm amazed this polished DIY rack looks so good, yet was fashioned for around $5. Cut two 30-inch and seven 8.5-inch pieces from 1×2 boards. Secure together using L brackets. Paint or stain the wood however you . Use chicken wire, decorative metal, or even fabric to make a pretty door cover. Then attach the door and base with hinges and hang wherever makes sense in your kitchen.

8. Drawer Corral

If you can dedicate an entire drawer to your spices, grab some tension rods and get to work. All you need to do is arrange the rods horizontally or vertically to place your spice containers into neat and tidy rows. The best part is that you can modify your setup as your needs change. (See also: 20 Unexpected Uses for Tension Rods)

9. Slim Bins

When all else fails, you can always get some slim plastic bins for your existing spice explosion. Place your spices into the bins one by one. Then stack the bins atop one another to take advantage of the vertical space in your cupboards. A three-pack of slim bins costs just $6 and provides room for plenty of flavors.

10. Travel Rack

For those of you who often cook on the go, try this great mobile option. You can spoon out a portion of your favorite spices into an inexpensive pill box. In fact, I know you can get one of those guys at the dollar store! The labeling is up to you. Take your spices to the beach, camping, or over to a friend's house to make a fun dinner in.

How do you store your spices? Share with us in the comments!

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12 Clever Solutions For Storing Your Herbs And Spices

10 Magnetic Spice Storage Solutions

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Smart cooking starts with a smart kitchen. Even professional chefs recommend keeping your everyday ingredients within reach. You just need the right tools to get your kitchen organized.

In the middle of cooking a complex meal, the last thing you want to worry about is where the heck that bottle of cayenne is that you know you bought over the weekend.

You’ll shuffle through your spice cabinet, picking up every jar of red powder in sight, only finding it once you’ve cluttered your countertops with jars and bottles. Your dish isn’t ruined, but your mood might be.

Smart cooking starts with a smart kitchen. Even professional chefs recommend keeping your everyday ingredients within reach, and making sure other items are organized and easy to find in a flash. This is especially helpful if you find yourself experimenting a little more in the kitchen or eating your way through your favorite restaurant’s cookbook more these days.

That’s why you need smart solutions for storing those herbs and spices. It’s possible to create Instagram-worthy shelves, even if your kitchen is the size of a closet, with the right organization hacks and storage solutions.

Below, 12 clever spice storage ideas for your small kitchen cabinets:

The Spicy Shelf spice rack is perhaps one of the most innovative and useful spice storage solutions out there. It creates two elevated rows of spice storage that sits along the perimeter of your spice cabinet, freeing up the middle area for larger pantry staples oil, vinegar, sugar, flour, and canned goods, and more. Find it for $18 at Target.iDesign Linus Expandable Cabinet & Spice OrganizerCabinet door mount wood 3-shelf spice rackThis durable spice rack is made from maple hardwood, and designed to be mounted to your cabinet door to easily store and organize your favorite flavors. It easily installs with four screws. Find it for $40 at Target.Yamazaki Home magnetic spice rackThis simple and minimalist spice rack is ideal for folks with very little space who want versatility. Though it can be used for spices, it can also be used to store need-within-reach items toothpicks, oils, vinegar and so much more. Find it for $24 on Food 52.Sorbus 4 Tier Black Wall Mounted Spice Rack Storage OrganizerThis four-tier spice rack is made with wire, giving it a rustic aesthetic. Each row accommodates standard spice jars. Find it for $31 at Target.Kamenstein 20-Jar Revolving Spice RackThis stainless steel 20 jar revolving spice rack keeps your cabinets clear and comes with free refills for five years. Find it for $45 at Target.White Wire Macrame 2-tier Spice RackFor design-mined cooks, this macrame spice rack is just the thing. It has two racks to store your everyday spices, and is stylish enough that it won't clash with your other meticulously chosen kitchen accessories. Find it for $13 at World Market. Elfa Utility White Wire Kitchen Door & Wall RackFor folks who need a little more storage, this rack can be hung over the door or mounted to the wall to provide all of the space you'll need to store spices, pantry items, dry goods and more. Find it for $89 at The Container Store.3-Tier Bamboo Expanding Spice ShelfThis spice rack operates a Lazy Susan — keeping your favorite spices easily accessible and organized. Use it for spices, or grab two and put one to work organizing your bathroom essentials, too. Get it for $20 at The Container Store.

Source: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/spice-storage-ideas-for-small-spaces_n_5ac51335e4b0aacd15b7d364

Space Solutions: Magnetic Spice Tins

10 Magnetic Spice Storage Solutions

Not exactly revolutionary, right? Most anyone who has ever decided that something must be done about the spice drawer/cabinet/bowl/debacle has considered a magnetic spice rack.

And, if you’re anything me, after a moment of sticker shock, you promptly went scurrying off after a different idea that wasn’t going to cost a month’s rent. Chances are, if you cook, you have more than, say, six spices to store (if you don’t, than spice storage is probably not a problem).

I must have upwards of 100 different dried herbs and spices cluttering up the one food cabinet.

So why are there so many spice racks with only 6 canisters? And why are they all $20? At that rate, I’d be spending $300 on spice storage (not to mention another $100,000 building the addition to the kitchen that I would need to house all those spice racks).

 Yet, when my frustration with The Spice Situation was at its height, I might have thrown caution (and fiscal responsibility) to the winds and coughed up the ludricous wad of cash for a magnetic spice rack if not for several other problems: there is no wall space in my 64-square-foot kitchen on which to hang a magnetic spice rack that will hold more than six spices; most of the tins have clear tops and we all know that herbs & spices should be protected from light; magnetic tins would stick to the side of the refrigerator, the only spot with room enough for a good amount of tins, but they would be directly over the stove, and we all know that herbs & spices should be protected from excessive heat (not to mention the waste of buying a stainless steel magnetic rack that I would not use). So what’s a girl with a Spice Situation to do?

First, I did some research.

As usual, The Kitchn had some good ideas, from a DIY magnetic spice rack (using 4-oz Ball jars as canisters!), to a slim, cabinet door version, to this under-cabinet version made with a metal ruler, but they all had issues: lack of wall space (again), lack of space in my jam-packed cabinets, or my assumption that the dim under reaches of the cabinet would not make for efficient finding of my spices.  I loved the look of this one, but despite some time scouring eBay, vintage type cases are not so easy to find, especially within a budget (and again, there is that pesky wall space issue).

Enter The Container Store and these magnetic spice tins: Eureka!  Sold in a 3-pack for $5.99, these tins are a budget-friendly $2/each. I d that I could buy a few at a time to test them out before commiting to a large expenditure and finding that it didn’t really work for me.

I started out with a dozen and, in brazen defiance of all spice storage recommendations, stuck ’em to the side of my fridge, with full exposure to light and heat and humidity. And you know what? I. LOVE. THEM.

They hold about the same amount as a grocery store spice bottle; they have a pour spout and a shaker spout (accessed by twisting the lid); they are wide and shallow, making it easy to stick a tablespoon measure in there if necesary; they have clear lids, which I’ve decided I love, as it makes finding the spice I want so much easier; they are non-reactive food-safe tin; they are stylish and sturdy. I bought a few, then a few more, and a few more, until now I have 20 tins, about as many as I can fit on the side of the fridge without the tins at risk of actually catching fire from the burner flame.

You know what else? It’s made me a better cook.

Because before, I might have been in the midst of making a black bean soup, and thought “I’ll bet some smoked paprika would be really good in this” but the thought of digging through the Dread Food Cabinet and finding the smoked paprika would put me off, and I would just add a little cayenne, or more black pepper, because they are accessible on the tiny wooden shelf that holds my most-used spices. Now that I have chipotle and fennel and garam masala easily accessible (and maybe more important for me, out in plain sight) I’m so much more ly to toss them into something I’m making; I’ve come up with some wonderful recipes that way. I’ve had the first dozen tins for about 6 months now, and I have yet to notice any substantial degradation in spice flavor, color or quality. Equally as important: spices that are buried in the back of a cabinet, never to be used because it is too much of a pain to dig them out, will go bad just as surely as spices that are exposed to light and heat. Perhaps even more surely. So, I say to hell with spice storage recommendations: put your spices where you will use them, regardless of whether that spot is the “perfect” spice solution. Your recipes will thank you. And if you have a friend or loved one who is always complaining about The Spice Situation, stick a couple packs of these magnetic tins into his or her stocking: it may just create The Spice Revolution!

Source: https://localkitchenblog.com/2010/12/12/space-solutions-magnetic-spice-tins/

YOUR CHOICE | Tiny House Magnetic Spice Rack You Choose 10 Seasonings | Storage Solution for Small Kitchens, RVs, Vans, Boats

10 Magnetic Spice Storage Solutions


Spices reach? Gneiss Spice magnetic jars conveniently stick to your fridge, saving space! With spices in sight, you can easily grab what you need—dishing up fabulous flavorful food! Hexagonal shape fits together creating a spice-colored honeycomb design that will be the talk of your kitchen.

Choose from our collection of 200+ spices, herbs, seasonings and salts that are certified organic and sustainably harvested.

Custom Organic Magnetic Spice Kit Highlights:• 10 small hexagon magnetic jars for fridge• Jars to fill with your choice of spices• Clear 1” labels of most common spice names• Strong magnets to keep jars from sliding• Air tight silver lids to keep spices fresh• Durable glass jars last longer than plastic or tin• Internal barrier between magnet and spicesSmall jars measure 1.

75” wide by 2” tall and hold a shy ~1/4 c volume. Prefer larger jars? Build a large jar kit here:www.gneissspice.com/products/you-pick-large-12List spice choices in “notes to seller” during check out. Or, visit GNEISSSPICE.COM for an easy to use drop-down menu! www.gneissspice.

com/products/custom-spices-10************************************************ HERBS, SPICES & SEASONINGS:• adobo seasoning• ajwain• all-purpose (salt-free)• allspice (ground)• allspice (whole seeds)• amchur • anise (whole seeds) • annatto (ground)• annatto (seed)• arrowroot (powder)• asafetida (powder)• baharat (middle eastern blend)• basil• bay leaf• bay (seafood seasoning)• berbere (spicy Ethiopian rub)• birdseye chili (ground)• birdseye chili (whole)• burger blend (salt-free)• cajun seasoning• caraway (whole seeds)• cardamom (green pods) • cardamom (ground)• catnip• cayenne • celery (ground)• celery (seed)• celery salt• chaat masala (tangy Indian condiment, salty)• chervil• chili / red pepper• chili / red pepper flakes (smoked)• chili flakes – Urfa pepper (Turkish)• chili powder seasoning• chimichurri (zesty herb blend, no salt)• chinese 5 spice • chipotle (ground)• chives• cilantro• cinnamon – cassia (ground)• cinnamon – cassia (chips)• cinnamon – cassia (1” sticks)• cinnamon – ceylon sweet (ground)• cinnamon – ceylon sweet (chips)• clove (ground)• clove (whole)• coriander (ground)• coriander (seed)• cream of tartar• cumin (ground)• cumin (seed)• curry (mild yellow blend) • dill (seed)• dill (weed)• epazote (ground)• epazote (cut + sifted)• fennel (ground)• fennel (whole)• fenugreek (ground)• fenugreek (whole)• fines (fresh French herb blend)• galangal (powder)• galangal (pieces)• garam masala• garlic (granules)• garlic (minced)• garlic pepper • garlic salt• ginger (powder)• grains of paradise• greek (herb seasoning)• grilling (no salt rub)• harissa rub• herbs de provence (aromatic French herb blend)• hibiscus (flower petals)• Italian (herb blend)• juniper berries• lavender• lemon (peel powder)• lemongrass• lemon pepper • lime (peel powder) • marjoram• mesquite seasoning• mesquite (pure powder)• Mexican oregano • mint • montreal (steak + potatoes)• mulling spice• mustard (brown, seeds)• mustard (ground, yellow)• mustard (yellow, seeds)• nigella (seed)• nutmeg (ground)• nutmeg (whole)• nutritional yeast• onion (minced)• onion (granules)• onion salt• orange (peel powder)• oregano• oregano (ground, Mexican variety)• panch phoron (Indian 5-spice blend, toast and use whole)• paprika• paprika (smoked)• parsley• pepper (cracked, black pepper)• pepper – black (whole peppercorns)• pepper – smoked black (whole peppercorns)• pepper – mixed (whole peppercorns)• pepper – long (whole peppercorns)• pepper (finely ground, white pepper)• pickling• pizza (seasoning)• poppy (seed)• poultry (sage rub)• poultry seasoning• pumpkin pie seasoning• quatre epices • ras el hanout • rose hips • rosemary• sage• seasoning salt blend• sesame – tan (seed)• sesame – black (seed)• shallots (minced)• spirulina (powder)• star anise (whole)• sumac (ground)• summer savory• szechuan (whole peppercorns)• taco • tandoori• tarragon• thai curry• thyme• turmeric (ground)• vindaloo curry (hot curry)• wasabi (powder)• west indies rub• white pepper (finely ground)• za’atar POPCORN SEASONINGS (Finely Ground | No Additives):• buffalo• cajun• curry• dill pickle• garlicky french• pizza party• ranch• salt + vinegar • salt + malt vinegar• smoky mac – n – cheese • smoky bbq• sweet cocoa• veggie dillNATURAL SEA SALTS:• kosher flake (origin pacific)• kosher crystals (origin pacific)• kosher crystals (XL crystals for salt mill)• cyprus (large flakes)• fleur de sel (moist, medium-fine, origin france)• sel gris (moist, coarse-fine, origin france)• velvet de guerande (gray, buttery texture, origin france)• hawaii (red, fine)• india (“kala namak” or “black salt” in India, pink-gray, powdery, sulfur smell)• italy (bright white, medium)• maine (medium-fine, moist, mineral-rich Atlantic sea salt)• nepal (fine + pink, origin Himalayas)• nepal crystals (XL crystals for salt mill)SMOKED SALTS:• alderwood / salish (fine)• alderwood / salish (XL crystals for salt mill)• applewood (flaky, smoked)• chardonnay oak (mild smoked)• hickory (smoked)• mesquite (smoked)ARTISAN SEASONING SALTS:• chili lime• citrus rosemary• Italian fennel• porcini• provence• salt + vinegar• salt + pepper• smoke + fire• wellness antioxidant-richALL NATURAL INFUSED SALTS:• curry (infused salt)• espresso (infused salt)• garlic (roasted infused salt)• ginger (infused salt)• habanero (infused salt)• jalapeno (infused salt)• lava (charcoal infused)• maple (organic Vermont maple syrup)• merlot (infused salts)• rosemary (infused salt)• serrano (infused salt)• sriracha (infused salt)• tomato (infused salt)• vanilla (infused salt)Do you need a specific # of jars? Convo me to set up a special order just for you!We have even more options available at www.gneissspice.com************************************************

Need a wall plate? This set includes one: www.etsy.com/listing/108265640

************************************************ Thanks for checking out our products. Please contact us with any questions. Your purchase allows Gneiss Spice, LLC to use 5% of profits to support organizations through direction donation.Get social with us! : www..com/GneissSpicePinterest: www.pinterest.com/gneissspiceSale E-blasts: http://eepurl.com/0J8yDPLEASE READ SHOP POLICIES BEFORE PURCHASING.


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Top 10 Best Spice Racks On The Market 2020 Reviews

10 Magnetic Spice Storage Solutions

Do you to add plenty of spice when you cook? But, trying to keep track of all your spices and dried herbs can be a real chore. Because spice jars often look very similar, it can be all too easy to accidentally reach for the wrong one.

People who find it hard to get organized are sure to want to check out the options for the best spice racks. Although spice racks are designed to perform the same task, they come in a wide range of different styles. The following reviews of the leading products will help you to spice up your life…

1 YouCopia Chef’s Edition SpiceStack 30-Bottle Spice Organizer

People who to get busy in the kitchen will want to have a large collection of spices on hand. However, keeping all of these spices organized can be tricky. While they should be easy to find, they should also stay sight when not in use.

So, what’s the solution?

The YouCopia Chef’s Edition SpiceStack 30-Bottle Spice Organizer with Universal Drawers is an excellent option. With its huge collection of top-quality spices, this has to be one of the best spice racks for chefs. The rack feature a series of draws that pull out easily to display the contents.

The spice rack is designed to fit easily on a kitchen shelf and boasts a lightweight yet durable design. It comes complete with non-stick feet to help keep it firmly in place.

A little small…

However, it should be noted that spice jars are not actually included with the rack. The specially marked compartments are a little small. Some users may find it tricky to track the right size of spice jars.

2 AllSpice Wooden Spice Rack

With its high quality and distinguished look, this is one of the best spice racks for style lovers. The AllSpice Wooden Spice Rack has been crafted from premium quality wood and boasts a compact and smart design. Users can choose from top quality North American oak, bamboo, or maple, while the look is completed with a choice of six finishes.

Want to know the best part?

The AllSpice Wooden Spice Rack is supplied with sixty spice jars and a set of waterproof labels. This saves users the time and trouble of trying to track down jars to fit in the rack. People who to stay organized are also ly to enjoy filling the jars and attaching the appropriate labels.

The spice rack is large enough to hold sixty different spice jars and boasts a very solid and sturdy design. However, it is also compact enough to fit easily on a kitchen shelf. This model also boasts non-slip rubber pads on the bottom to help it stay firmly in place.

315 Pre-printed labels…

There are 315 spice jar labels in total that come pre-printed with the names of different spices. Users simply need to select the label that they want and stick it on the jar lid. The jars are placed in the rack with the lids showing so that users can find the right jar instantly.

3 Home-Complete Spice Rack Organizer-Space Saving Wall Mount

People who have a compact kitchen will need a spice rack that takes up minimal space. Finding enough room for a large collection of spice jars and other condiments can be a challenge. Many spice racks are simply too large and bulky to be the right fit.

The perfect space saver…

The Home-Complete Spice Rack Organizer-Space Saving Wall Mount is designed to maximize the available space. It can be installed on the back of a door or on any wall with ease. It consists of five shelves that are large enough to hold a wide range of items.

In addition to spices, a whole host of other items, such as condiments, can also be stored in this item. The chicken wire design makes it easy for users to see exactly what is inside. There should even be enough space for spatulas and other kitchen equipment.

Stores larger spice containers…

Unfortunately, the Home-Complete Spice Rack Organizer-Space Saving Wall Mount does not come with spice jars. However, the large and deep shelves make it possible to store larger spice containers. This is both a space and money-saving solution for those who to buy in bulk.

4 Rev-A-Shelf 3″ Wall Pullout

Many people find that they have gaps between the cabinets in their kitchen. Usually, this space would simply be wasted. However, the Rev-A-Shelf 3″ Wall Pullout is designed to transform this extra space.

The shelves of the Rev-A-Shelf 3″ Wall Pullout are large and widely spaced. In addition to spices, users will find that there is space for all their condiments and other items. The design makes it possible to see what is on each shelf at a single glance.

But, there’s a catch…

While the chrome support rails look very smart, they are very short. Many people are ly to find that they don’t actually stop jars from falling onto the floor. Unless extreme care is used, it is all too easy for jars to fall and break.

Some users may also find that they struggle with the installation process. While an instruction manual is supplied, it is not as clear as could be hoped. Fortunately, a special video has also been created to guide users through the installation process.

5 DecoBros Spice Rack Stand

The DecoBros Spice Rack Stand is sure to catch the eye. It boasts all the style, sophistication, and convenience of a wine rack but is created on a much smaller scale. The high-quality stainless steel construction has been given a striking chrome finish.

But, is it just a pretty face?

The DecoBros Spice Rack Stand is supplied with 18 spice jars as well as 48 spice labels. The rack consists of three shelves, with spaces on each for six spice jars. All components in the set are very high quality and practical.

The design of the spice rack is compact so that it will easily fit on a kitchen shelf. Users are also treated to special plastic feet for the rack to help it remain stable. Each jar comes with a cap with holes so that it can be used as a shaker.

The cool look of chrome…

People who love the look of chrome are sure to be drawn to the DecoBros Spice Rack Stand. Although it does not include the actual spices, users will have everything else that they need.

6 Talented Kitchen Magnetic Spice Tins

People who nothing better than spending time in the kitchen will know too well the importance of being organized. Accidentally reaching for the wrong spice when cooking can completely ruin a dish. This could well mean that the whole dish may need to be discarded.

Time to get organized…

The Talented Kitchen Magnetic Spice Tins are designed to make this pesky problem a thing of the past. Users are treated to a set of twelve magnetic metal tins that are easy to stack together. There are also two different types of lids for each jar to ensure enhanced versatility.

The set comes complete with 126 chalkboard labels and 113 clear spice labels. Users can easily select the type of labels that best suits their needs. Simply fill the tins with the spices you regularly use and place the corresponding label on the tin.

Designed to be stacked together…

However, it should be noted that this model does not actually include a spice rack. The tins are magnetic and are designed to be stacked together. However, some users may prefer the traditional look and convenience of an actual spice rack.

7 Kamenstein 30020 Revolving 20-Jar Countertop Spice Rack Tower

One of the main issues with spice racks is that it can be hard to find the right spices to fill them. Users have to track down exactly the right sized jars to fill the spice rack that they choose. Of course, they will then have to find quality herbs and spices to fill those jars.

The Kamenstein 30020 Revolving 20-Jar Countertop Spice Rack Tower certainly looks very cool. Jars of herbs and spices can be stacked in the tower in the spaces provided. In order to find all the spices in the rack, users simply need to give it a spin.

Want to know the best part?

Each of the jars comes filled with top quality spices. People who choose this innovative model will be treated to free refills for five years. This means that people who to spice up their lives will always have plenty available.

Anyone looking for a present for a friend or relative who loves to cook is sure to love this model. The Kamenstein 30020 Revolving 20-Jar Countertop Spice Rack Tower manages to combine pure style with practicality. Cooks are sure to be proud to display this modern spice rack in their kitchen.

8 MyGift 4 Tier Black Country Rustic Chicken Wire Pantry

Trying to find space for a large number of spice jars can be a problem. This is especially challenging for people who have a small kitchen. The downside with most spice racks is that there is no room for condiments and other items.

Why does this matter?

The MyGift 4 Tier Black Country Rustic Chicken Wire Pantry features four deep shelves. There is plenty of space on those shelves for bottles of sauce, packet mixes, and a wide range of other items.

Having all condiments and sauces in one place helps to make meal preparation faster and much easier. There will be no need to constantly search cupboards and draws for various items. The chicken wire design means that users can see exactly what is on the shelves.

Not the most sophisticated option around…

However, many people are ly to find that the chicken wire is not especially attractive. While it gets the job done, this might not be the most stylish or sophisticated option around.

9 EZOWare Kitchen Spice Rack

People who to cook a wide range of dishes are ly to want a spice rack that is very versatile. It would be good to have a model that can also be used to store condiments and sauces. The EZOWare Kitchen Spice Rack features a two-tiered design that is suitable for a wide range of items.

Looks good…

This spice rack is constructed from stainless steel and coated with chrome. Not only does it look good, but it is also sturdy and durable. The non-slip feet also help to make sure that the spice rack stays firmly in place.

Even when fully loaded at the top, the EZOWare Kitchen Spice Rack is designed not to tip over. Users will be able to view all of their spices and condiments at the same time. This will help busy cooks to save a lot of time and trouble.

Easy does it…

One of the great things about the EZOWare Kitchen Spice Rack is the fact that no installation is required. This model is very compact and portable. This means that spice lovers can take it with them when they travel if they wish.

10 Sorbus Spice Rack Organizer

Designed to be attached to the wall, the Sorbus Spice Rack Organizer is ideal for people with limited space. This wire spice rack features four tiers. Once the spice jars are in place, it will be easy to see exactly what is in them.

This saves cooks the time and trouble of searching for the right spices. The chicken wire rack is designed to keep everything firmly in place.

But, there’s a catch…

The space between the shelves is rather small. This means that the Sorbus Spice Rack Organizer is not suitable for tall containers. Users may also struggle with the installation process, especially as the required tools are not supplied.

It should also be noted that the Sorbus Spice Rack Organizer does not come with spice jars. Because of the size and shape of the tiers, tracking down jars of the correct size can be quite tricky.

Best Spice Rack Buying Guide

People who love cooking at home are sure to agree that the best spice racks come complete with a large number of spices. Of course, the style of the model will also be an important consideration. Here are some other things to think about when searching for the perfect spice rack.

Size And Capacity

The size of the spice rack that users choose will largely be dictated by their specific needs. People who do a lot of cooking are ly to find that they use a range of different spices. It is important that the spice rack is able to accommodate this need.

However, some people have just a few herbs and spices that they use on a regular basis. In this case, a smaller and more compact spice rack might be a more convenient option.

The Purpose

People who tend to bulk buy large tubs of spices may find that a shelf-style spice rack is more convenient. These racks have large shelves that can accommodate bigger spice jars and tubs. It will also be possible to keep other types of condiments on those shelves for enhanced convenience.

Stability And Durability

Of course, users will want to make sure that their spice rack stays in good condition for a long time. It should also be very stable so that the jars do not fall out. If the rack is designed to stand on a kitchen counter or shelf, it should come with non-slip feet.

All About The Jars

People who are trying to build a spice collection are ly to appreciate a rack that comes complete with jars. Another big benefit of this type of model is that the rack will be specially designed to fit the jars. The jars should either come pre-labeled or with a set of labels that users can stick on the jars.

However, it is important to make sure that the jars are of high quality and durable. The lids should fit well. It will also be an advantage if the jars come with perforated inserts.

Ease Of Use

No matter which style of spice rack you choose, it should make life easier. All of the spice jars should be clearly displayed for easy identification. This will help users to locate their spices very quickly.

Style Counts

Of course, users will want to choose a spice rack that compliments their kitchen. There is nothing worse than having to hide a spice rack away because it looks cheap and ugly. While style is not necessarily the most important point, it is still worth considering.

So, What Are The Best Spice Racks?

When considering the best spice racks, it is important to choose a model that is durable. It should be very easy to see exactly which spices are in the rack to save time searching for the right one. It will also be a big advantage if the spice rack comes with its own collection of perfectly sized jars.

The best spice rack is therefore the…

The AllSpice Wooden Spice Rack

It comes with everything that users need to create their spice collection. In addition to the required jars, this model also boasts a huge number of waterproof labels. The rack itself is solid and sturdy and is available in three types of wood.

Source: https://www.chefsresource.com/best-spice-racks/

The Best Spice Storage Solutions for Your Tiny Kitchen

10 Magnetic Spice Storage Solutions

Want to learn about some space-saving spice storage for your home?  Today, let’s look at some ways to store your spices and save space, including what I think is the best spice storage solutions for your tiny kitchen.


You’ve heard me say it before.  Living in a small home has its unique challenges.  Specifically, storage challenges!

Where do I put my Tupperware? (Aren’t all plastic containers called Tupperware? C’mon, tell me I’m not alone!)

Where should I store my Christmas decor?

Where do I store my two-sizes-too-small clothing (just keepin’ it real here, friends)?

But most importantly, where do I store my spices?

Okay, finding the best way to store your spices may NOT be on the top of your list.  But in a tiny kitchen, you soon come to realize that cabinet and counter real estate is always at a high premium.

Small Kitchen Spice Storage Dilemma

Again, I’ve mentioned before that MWA is a whopping 400 square feet.  Most of the loft apartments in my townhouse community are considered studio apartments.  However, my landlord decided to convert my sweet little apartment into a one-bedroom tiny home.  As a result, the wee kitchen comes in at 10 x 10 feet. That’s 25% of my home! I don’t know why I’m complaining… that’s HUGE!

Source: https://myweeabode.com/space-saving-spice-storage/

Make Your Own Magnetic Spice Rack

10 Magnetic Spice Storage Solutions

Before we moved into our present home, we lived in a 2,000-square-foot loft in an urban neighborhood. Our kitchen took up over 200 square feet of that open space with cupboards and cabinets galore, and an island counter that was so massive, friends joked about having go-go dancers groovin’ on it while we hosted dinner parties.

Now that we’re living in the coastal ‘burbs in a more traditional house, our kitchen has been downsized to less than half that space. They just didn’t need all that storage back in 1929 when our bungalow was built.

As such, we had to get creative when we moved in — along with all our stuff. A lot of stuff. I’m an unapologetic gadget geek, and I have tools for every task at hand, whether it’s a julienne peeler or an ice cream maker.

Thanks to my husband’s mad Tetris skills, we were able to stack and store all our things quite efficiently, but the one thing we did have to part with was our spinning spice rack. That tower of spices required at least a square foot of shelving, and we just didn’t have any coveted counter space for it, nor did we have any available drawers to stash our spices.

It got me to thinking… What if we could store our spices vertically?

We had dead space on the side of our upper cabinet, but instead of building a bulky shelf, we made a magnetic spice rack to hold our 30 (and counting!) spices.

What You’ll Need:

First, we had to find a sheet of metal to serve as the base of our spice rack. We went with 22-gauge steel from our local metal supply shop (about $10) and had them cut it down to the same height and depth of our cabinet. They also drilled holes in the corners for our screws.

(You can even ask them to make a rolled edge — where the edges are folded and welded under — for a more refined look, but we preferred a rustic raw edge.)

If you choose to use stainless steel to match your appliances, be sure to use 304 or 400 series stainless, which is magnetic (most common types of stainless steel are not). This is a ready-made stainless steel wall base if you don’t need a custom size from a metal fabricator.

We bought these round tin containers in bulk. They’re lightweight, food grade, and feature clear lids so you can easily see your spices. If you go with other spice tins, aim for ones that hold 3 to 5 ounces.

(Update on October 25, 2018: Since this tutorial was posted back in 2013, there are now similar spice tins available that have magnets built in. I really this set if you are looking for a well-reviewed set of tins with magnets and labels included.)

We also bought rare earth magnets (15 millimeters in diameter), which are the strongest magnets on the market. I really do not recommend using any other type of magnet. A standard magnet simply cannot hold about 4 ounces of heavier whole spices peppercorns and cloves.

To attach the magnet to our spice tin, we mixed up some two-part epoxy. You can use any other industrial glue, so long as it’s extra strength (due to the extra pull of the rare earth magnet).

With the spice tins filled, I labeled each one with a small label printed from my Dymo. It’s very inconspicuous, but you may want to make a more visible one, even across the lid if you .

Then we screwed the steel plate onto the side of our cabinet, and arranged all our spices to fit.

With the way I arrange my spices, I have all my peppers and spicy spices at the bottom, then all my Italian spices, then all my Asian spices, and then my least-used random spices on top. This kind of organization makes it easy for me to reach for a spice I need by sight alone.

For things basil and oregano, which look very similar, it only takes me a couple extra seconds to check the label on the side (though I tend to keep my Italian spices in a specific order anyway, so I know where they are without checking).

Our spice rack is within easy reach of the stove, direct sunlight, and seeing them all out in the open is infinitely more convenient than trying to remember what we have (or how much we have).

Keeping them in tins means we buy all our spices from bulk bins, which is an awesome deal compared to spice jars from the store. And I just love the way it looks in our kitchen! (Not to mention everyone else who comes over and comments on how cool it is.)

RiversEdge Products Spice Tin Wall Base | Cornucopia Brands 4-Ounce Round Metal Tins | ELECFIND 15mm x 2mm Rare Earth Magnets | Gorilla 2-Part Epoxy | Dymo LabelManager Label Maker with Labeling Tape | Talented Kitchen Magnetic Spice Tin Set with Labels

Source: https://www.gardenbetty.com/make-your-own-magnetic-spice-rack/