Stylish DIY Leather And Wood Card Holder

41 DIYs for a Beautiful & Organized Office

Stylish DIY Leather And Wood Card Holder

  • Caylin HarrisPersonalize your plain old notebook with an interesting fabric to give this traditional office supply a unique makeover. You'll be more tempted to keep up with your notes and to-dos when your notebook looks so pretty!
  • Lovely IndeedThis easy DIY calendar can be reused every year! Just paint the blocks in a fun color, pop on some stickers and turn the blocks over each day.
  • Make And TellLimited on drawer space? Give yourself somewhere to store all of your desk essentials. This handmade wood desk organizer is perfect for holding files, your phone and pens.
  • The MerrythoughtKeep your stack of business cards neat and organized. This DIY makes it easy for you to quickly grab a business card to hand out the next time you need it.Continue to 5 of 41 below.
  • Rita ShehanRecycle empty food cans and transform them into pretty office supply containers with this easy DIY project.
  • Lovely IndeedCustomize your desk with this clever IKEA hack. Using 3 different IKEA products, you can create this minimalistic desk to fit your space.
  • A Beautiful MessGo glam with a luxurious faux fur chair that is as soft to sit on as it is easy to make. The addition of the plush fur will make your old chair much more comfortable, not to mention it will cover up any damage on the old cushion.
  • A Kailo Chic LifePlay up your mundane paperwork with these fun file folders. Simply follow the project instructions and peel and stick the gold foil text onto brightly colored file folders.Continue to 9 of 41 below.
  • Passion ShakeRan room on your desk? Take advantage of vertical space with a DIY hanging organizer. These hanging cups are perfect to keep your office supplies within easy reach.
  • Studio DIYThis DIY is inspired by garbage cans found in fast food restaurants. Give your filing cabinet this hilarious makeover to play up your space.
  • Studio DIYGive your office chair some extra flair by decorating it with patches. Another way to decorate your fabric chair is with an assortment of pins.
  • BurkatronHang your to-do lists, notes and photos on this modern DIY memo board. You can make one for your office using garden mesh and black spray paint.Continue to 13 of 41 below.
  • Lovely IndeedThese chic and trendy notebooks are perfect for the office and are as nice as any notebooks you might find in stores.
  • The MerrythoughtGive your electronic pencil sharpener a modern makeover. Change its look by covering the exterior with thin pieces of wood.
  • A Joyful RiotJot down meetings and reminders on this giant calendar. It'll be difficult to ever forget a project, meeting or deadline again with this in your vicinity.
  • A Beautiful MessMaking a hairpin desk is easy and it's a great way to maximize your space and make the room appear larger. From a long desk that gives you plenty of room to spread out your work, to a tiny work surface that fits your small space, you can make a custom hairpin desk to suit your needs. Get started making your desk by adding pre-made desk legs to a plywood board.Continue to 17 of 41 below.
  • A Kailo Chic LifeGo ahead and add some fun to your office decor by covering a basic wall clock with confetti!
  • Homey Oh MyReplace your flimsy paper file folders with a sturdy leather folder. Un paper folders, this handmade leather one will better protect your documents.
  • BurkatronKeep paper clutter to a minimum with a DIY paper holder. This wooden holder will keep important mail or documents front and center, standing upright on your desk.
  • Tell Love And PartyTake ordinary office supply storage boxes and spruce them up with paint so they both double as decor and are easier to distinguish from one another.Continue to 21 of 41 below.
  • A Kailo Chic LifeDon't let the work day get you down in the summer months with this quirky DIY flamingo pool float pencil holder.
  • Drawn to DIYCan you tell that these desk organizers are actually made cardboard? The use of wood contact paper gives them a chic and modern look. Make matching sets for your documents, pens and succulents.
  • Homemade By CarmonaThis beautiful DIY flip calendar will help add some color to your desk and serve as an immediate visual cue for times when you need to record the date.
  • Make And TellGive a modern makeover to your old literature organizer. This stylish DIY is perfect to help you sort your paperwork or craft and office supplies.Continue to 25 of 41 below.
  • Homey Oh MyHead into your next meeting with a stylish but professional gold striped file folder. This quick project is perfect for storing your reports in a professional manner.
  • Dream a Little BiggerMakeover your old office chair with paint. Changing up the color of the seat and legs will give the chair a brand new look.
  • The MerrythoughtThis sturdy DIY concrete desk is the perfect replacement for that old flimsy desk you've kept around since your college days.Continue to 29 of 41 below.
  • Homey Oh MyPrint this free grid cover template to wrap around your notebooks. This is a great way to dress up generic notebooks or cover the graphic cartoon notebook you weren't really into, but the stores were all sold the plain ones.
  • A Joyful RiotA pretty color blocked chair adds a great amount of interest to any home office space. Mix up your neutral decor with pastels or bold and bright colors.
  • A Beautiful MessShowcase your personality by adding patches to your laptop case. This quick DIY is an easy way to transform a boring laptop case into something you adore.
  • Fish and BullSort all your supplies with this DIY wood wall organizer inspired by Anthropologie. If you want more than one idea for some wall organizers you can check out these awesome DIYs.Continue to 33 of 41 below.
  • Damask LoveLet everyone know who's in charge with this boss desk accessory. It adds some sparkle and authority to any office space.
  • BurkatronUse a roll of marble contact paper to give a glamorous makeover to your office clipboard. 
  • The Lovely DrawerThis chic pocketed wall organizer is perfect for small office spaces. Save room on your desk and keep all your pens, pencils, scissors and tape all in one place within easy reach.
  • A Beautiful MessHolographic home accents are very of-the-moment. One way to incorporate this trend into your decor is by crafting a holographic desk calendar. This DIY is perfect to keep track of your appointments and help you stay organized. Continue to 37 of 41 below.
  • Sugar and ClothInstead of wasting countless sheets of paper or stacks of sticky notes, make a dry erase board for your desk to track all of your to-do lists and memos.
  • BurkatronExpand your storage space by building a ladder shelf. The extra shelving is perfect for books, binders, art and anything else you keep in your office.
  • Love MaeganRefresh your old or damaged desk by giving it a faux marble desktop makeover. Using contact paper, you can make your desk look a brand new luxurious tabletop without much work.
  • Earnest Home Co.Keep your paper clicks, thumb tacks, pins and more together with this DIY magnetic holder. It will keep you from losing them and within easy reach when you need them.Continue to 41 of 41 below.
  • Lovely IndeedThis cute DIY doubles as decor and it's the perfect way to sort your office supplies so you can find them quickly.


The 10 Best Wood Wallets

Stylish DIY Leather And Wood Card Holder

Wood wallets are a subset of minimalist wallets that are quickly gaining popularity due to the natural, very durable qualities that wood provides them.

Much anything crafted from quality wood, wood wallets also tend to age gracefully, transforming over time from a blank canvas into a masterpiece of scratches, nicks, and markings that tell the story of its carrier.

If you’re on the hunt for a wood wallet you can call your own, than look no further. Here’s our list of the ten best wood wallets available today, in no particular order.

Poquito Minimalist Wood Wallet

The Paquito Minimalist Wood Wallet boasts a very slim design that can not only carry with it up to 6 cards and some cash, but also your spare pocket change thanks to a unique coin carrying slot built in to the design. Your essentials are held in place by a custom elastic strap, while a special groove cut-out makes accessing your most used cards from either side of the wallet a fairly easy task.BUY IT

Union Wood Wallet

Another minimalist worth mentioning is the Union Wood Wallet. Designed for carry in your front pocket, the Union Wood Wallet is as stylish as it is slim, each one hand-polished and outfitted with an RFID blocking aluminum plate below the wood face. Carrying up to six cards and some cash in the Union is an easy task, despite measuring in at only 9mm thick.BUY IT

Armoury M Wood Wallet

Next up on the list is our editor’s choice, the Armoury M Wood Wallet. Crafted from your choice of walnut, cherry, or the unique bubinga wood, the Armoury M Wood Wallet is sanded and finished by hand using seven different sand papers for an authentic look. Your cards and cash are held together securely via a hand-sewn rubber band that’s available in several different colorways.BUY IT

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Slim Timber Wood Wallet

What the Slim Timber Wood Wallet lacks in minimalism, it more than makes up for in strength. This wood wallet is crafted from a single piece of walnut or maple, and un most other wood wallets, is durable enough to withstand carry in your back pocket without breaking. A leather strap rounds out the design, with a metal clasp that securely holds your cards and cash in place.BUY IT

Rogue Wood Wallet

The Rogue Wood Wallet, including its hinge, is made from solid cherry wood harvested in the United States. It was designed in Sweden by Ola Nystedt and holds up to 8 credit cards and some folded cash despite measuring in at only 3/8 inches thick and weighing only 2.1 ounces. Limited to only 25 pieces.BUY IT

The Sapling Wallet

Most minimalist wallets sacrifice aesthetics for functionality, designed to hold as much as possible in an extremely limited amount of space.

The Sapling Wallet, however, is the perfect blend of style and function, carrying 8 cards or more in between two wooden plates finished in your choice of a handsome Walnut, Cherrywood, or a Birch laminate.

Along with an elastic band that tightly holds together your cards and cash, the Sapling Wood Wallet features signature tabs included in the design that simplify the process of grabbing your most used cards.BUY IT

Haydanhuya Wood Wallet

Similar to the Slim Timber Wood Wallet, the Haydanhuya Wood Wallet is handmade from a single piece of walnut wood or oak and can hold an assortment of cards and cash.

An ID window is built into the design, while a leather strip with fasteners holds your cards in place and releases your cards from the wallet when pulled.

Each wallet features a unique ID on its backside, along with a certificate of authenticity.BUY IT

X Wallet

Also available in metal, the X Wallet by Elephant Wallets boasts a slim, front-pocket design designed to minimize pocket bulge without sacrificing the wallet’s overall functionality. It is crafted from two pieces of durable walnut wood, between which your cards and cash are held together via a hand-sewn rubber band that’s available in several different colorways.BUY IT

droolBox Wood Wallet

The Wood Wallet by droolBox is one of the internet’s best kept secrets.

Boasting a clean, simple design, each droolBox Wood Wallet is crafted from two pieces of reclaimed cherry or mahogany wood that’s outfitted with part of a recycled bicycle inner tube for securing your cards and cash. For those looking to slim it down even further, a single model is also available with only one slab of wood and a band.BUY IT

Proof Wood Wallet

Easily the slimmest wood wallet on this list, the Proof Wood Wallet measures in at only 3mm thick and features two slabs of laser cut bamboo or birch wood, between which your cards and cash are sandwiched in place and held together via a recycled bicycle inner tube.BUY IT

 Don’t forget to also check out our selection of everyday carry items. 


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Stylish DIY Leather And Wood Card Holder

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20 Best Gift Card Presentation Ideas – How to Wrap a Gift Card Present

Stylish DIY Leather And Wood Card Holder

FunCutCrafts / Amazon

Some people think that gift cards are a generic, last minute gift idea. However, these thoughtful gift card presentation ideas prove that giving a gift card doesn't have to feel impersonal. When it comes to Christmas gifts, it can be overwhelming buying dozens of presents at once.

Whether you're buying gifts that are notoriously hard to find, the perfect teen boy gifts or a gift for grandpa, or you're just gathering some great cheap Christmas gifts for stocking stuffers or a Christmas game, gift cards are a fantastic and stress-free option.

And these easy gift card presentation ideas don't just have to be for Christmas. They're also great for best friend gifts or a Mother's Day gift your mom will actually use. By making one of the DIY gift card holders, you're still showing that you put time and care into the present.

Some can even be used in addition to the gift card, the Mason jar candy holder.

Still, if you have no time and want to buy the holder instead, there are plenty of options that you can shop now that reflect the interests of the recipient, whether it's a cassette tape or a pizza card holder! No matter which option you choose, we guarantee that these best gift card presentation ideas will put a smile on anyone's face.

1 of 20

DIY Cardstock Gift Card Holders

Even though these gift card holders look professionally made, they couldn't be simpler to DIY! The tutorial includes easy-to-use printable templates, so all you need to worry about is picking your favorite pattern.

Get the tutorial at The Homes I Have Made.


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DIY Wrapping Paper Gift Card Holders

Wondering what to do with your extra wrapping paper? Upcycle it into these cute gift card holders and tie them with a bow.

Get the tutorial at K Werner Design.


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DIY Wood and Gold Leaf Gift Card Holder

There's never been a more fashionable way to present a gift card than these gold wooden holders.

Get the tutorial at Lovely Indeed.


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DIY Taco Gift Card Holder

5 of 20

DIY Felt Gift Card Holder Tags

Have a batch of gift cards for friends and family? Put together these easy, no-sew felt tags that put a personal touch on each one.

Get the tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger.


6 of 20

DIY Monster Gift Card Holders

7 of 20

DIY Mason Jar Gift Card and Candy Holder

The recipient gets the added bonus of candy and a cute Mason jar holder, as well as a gift card, with this great idea.

Get the tutorial at Something Turquoise.


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DIY Mini Stocking Gift Card Holders

Give a little keepsake alongside the gift card with these colorful stockings.

Get the tutorial at Flamingo Toes.


9 of 20

DIY Rudolph Gift Card Holder

10 of 20

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Gift Card Holder

11 of 20

Suitcase Gift Card Box

Is there anything sweeter than this mini suitcase to hold a gift card for your travel-obsessed friend?

12 of 20

Retro Cassette Tape Gift Card Holder

This is the perfect gift card presentation idea for the music lover in your life.

13 of 20

Crochet Pizza Gift Card Holder

Your pizza-loving friend will be over the moon with this pepperoni slice.

14 of 20

Puzzle Gift Card Box

Put your friends or family's skills to the test with this brainteaser that holds the gift card captive until they solve it.

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Popcorn Movie Gift Card Holder

Decorate a movie gift card with this on-theme popcorn tub holder. 

16 of 20

Santa Claus Envelope Ornament Gift Card Holder

This gift card holder doubles as an ornament to hang on the tree.

17 of 20

Personalized Gift Box

Add a hand-painted touch to your gift card with these elegant, personalized boxes.

18 of 20

Coffee Mug Gift Card Holder

A gift card to Starbucks or a local coffee shop will go perfectly with these mug card holders. 

19 of 20

Sofa Gift Card Holder

Believe it or not, there's a gift card hidden in this adorable paper sofa.

20 of 20

Leather Card Holder

Pop a gift card in this card holder that's a gift itself, since it can be used as a credit card or business card holder too.


How to Make Easy DIY Wood Place Card Holders

Stylish DIY Leather And Wood Card Holder

Learn how to make wood place card holders the easy way. Whether you are setting a modern, farmhouse, or rustic table, these simple wood place card holders will do the trick! 

Hi Kenarry readers! I’m Lora from Craftivity Designs. Though I’m no fancy entertainer, I keep a small collection of versatile table decorations on hand for impromptu dinner parties. A cloth napkin, simple place cards, or pretty placemat can take a tablescape from boring to stylish in minutes. Case in point, these were made in minutes and easily add style to a basic place setting!

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links for products or services we think you’ll . This means if you make a purchase from one of these links, Ideas for the Home by Kenarry™ will make a small commission at no additional cost to you so we can keep the great ideas for the home coming your way. All opinions expressed are derived from personal experience.

How to Make Wood Place Card Holders

So, whether you have a dinner party planned or you just want to build your collection of party supplies — these simple place cardholders should go on the to-do list! Now, let’s see how easy they are to make.

What you need: 

  • Whittler’s Carving Kit
  • Mitre Box with Saw
  • Wood Stain
  • Foam Brush
  • Paper Towels

In addition, if you the navy place cards I used with these wood place card holders, you can get them as a free printable on my blog. 

Craft tips

The entire tutorial is in a printable card at the bottom of this post. Here are some tips that will help you as you make this easy craft.

Don’t forget to pin this post so you can find it again.

The Carving Kit Makes 5 place card holders

The Carving Kit includes several block sizes. If you need more than a set of 5 place card holders, buy an additional package of blocks. As an alternative, you could cut 1″ x 4″ x 3/4″ blocks from scrap wood.

There will be leftover carving blocks. However, I’ve found them useful for a wide array of crafts such as photo holders and Christmas place cards.

Saw a slit in the block

I used a miter box and a hand-saw. If you have an electric miter saw you can certainly use that instead.

Use your favorite wood stain

I love Minwax’s Stain in the color “Provincial” and had it on hand, ready to go. Apply the stain with a foam brush, and wipe off the excess with a paper towel.

And, you’re done! Seriously, so easy, right? Plus, due to the simple shape and classic stain, this place card holder will work for nearly any style tablescape. So, whether it’s an outdoor wedding, holiday meal, or special birthday dinner — this set of wood place card holders will have you covered. 

Print Instructions Pin for LaterLearn how to make wood place card holders the easy way. Whether you are setting a modern, farmhouse, or rustic table, these simple wood place card holders will do the trick!

  • Remove the 4-inch blocks from the carving kit package.
  • Place the 4-inch blocks snuggly into the miter box, utilizing the miter box pegs. 
  • Once the block is snug, saw a 1/2″ slit into the top of the block. 
  • Once the slit is cut, stain the woodblock with your favorite stain. Apply the stain with a foam brush, and wipe off the excess with a paper towel.

Tag us on Instagram at @kenarryideas or leave us a comment rating below.

What’s Next? 

How to Make DIY Napkin Rings from Leather

How to Make a Personalized DIY Photo Holder

3 Budget-Friendly Christmas Table Ideas

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34 DIY Wallets

Stylish DIY Leather And Wood Card Holder

Looking for something cool to make as a gift? These 34 DIY wallet projects will have you wanting to make one for yourself first. Complete with step by step tutorials, it may be tough to decide which one to make first. I find myself needing several of these wallets, already. I made the laminated one for my little sister and can’t wait to give it to her at Christmas.

1. DIY Leather Business Card Wallet


I absolutely love this idea! I am in need of a business card holder and I have a lot of leather and fabric scrap lying around somewhere in the house. With a great tutorial from Vitamini Handmade, I know I can make this in no time.

2. Zipper Card Pouch


Ever had too many cards that your wallet can handle? If the answer is yes, then you are just me. So, zipper pouch cards  are the perfect choice to hold those increasing number of cards. This zipper pouch from Craft Passion can hold about 30 business cards and has zipper on the side to help you find the card better.

3. Slanted Wrap Wallet


This slanted wrap wallet is definitely a stunner. It also includes an attached loop and makes for a great clutch. Bring all your essentials and fit them in this super chic wallet. So sleek and fun its perfect for a night out in the city!

4. Chic Pocket Laminated Wallet


This is a pretty and practical way to organize in style. The chic pocket laminated wallet can be custom made in less than an hour. All you need is some lovely laminated cotton fabric, flat clips and this great tutorial by Sew Can Do and you are all set.

5. Make A Leather Wallet


Looking for that perfect boyfriend gift? Make him a leather wallet because minimal wallets will remain a classic trend in men’s fashion. With a simple guide from Primer Magazine, you will learn the basics of leather working. There’s even a video tutorial that you can easily follow.

6. DIY Cork Fabric Card Wallet


Cork fabric, or cork leather as it’s often called, is perfect for making wallets. It’s backed with a thin layer of fabric similar to a faux leather and it’s thin enough to easily sew on any domestic machine. It’s pliable, bendable and easy to cut too! Plus its environment-friendly material. And that is why you should definitely try making this Cork Fabric wallet.

7. Mini Card Wallet


In need of a cute little card wallet? Check out these simple instructions from Loganberry Handmade and see how easy and quick the wallet is put together. With a combination of fabric, some cotton batting and an antique snap button, you are on your way to sew the cutest card wallet ever.

8. Wood & Leather Wallet


It’s stunning how a simple wood and leather works in making this simple DIY wallet. The size is just enough to hold the necessities but it can also hold business cards, change or cash. What a lovely craft idea!

9. DIY iPhone Wallet


Finally a wallet that can fit an iPhone and can hold multiple cards and some cash too! This wallet is practically perfect in every way , you don’t need to carry a purse anymore. It’s actually a game changer for me. I will be following the directions from My 3 Monsters and getting trying this to make for myself as soon as possible.

10. Mini Scrap Wallets


Turn your basic scraps into something useful by creating mini wallets. The Sewing Loft have the perfect instructions and video tutorial to get you started. They look great to make in batches so you have a stock of a perfect little gift to give to your loved ones on hand. I can’t wait to make them!

Folded Card Holder – DIY Leathercraft Kit (Tan)

Stylish DIY Leather And Wood Card Holder

Looking to make a folded card holder and want a head start? Need a great gift for a crafty friend or family member? The Folded Card Holder DIY leathercraft kit has you covered. This kit comes with everything you need to make a stylish, durable card holder pure vegetable tanned leather. No Leatherworking experience required!


Each kit contains all the items you need to complete one card holder kit. The only tools you will need to bring to the table is a pair of scissors and a small glass of water for burnishing your edges. The items included are:

  • One precision laser-cut card holder body and up to (4) card slots in tan vegetable tanned leather (3-4 oz)
  • Two wrapping of durable waxed polycord thread from Maine Thread
  • Two saddlers needles for saddle-stitching
  • One piece of sandpaper for finishing edges
  • One piece of heavy canvas for burnishing edges to a smooth finish
  • One wooden pin for assistance in holding your wallet while saddle stitching


All DIY card wallet kits are precision laser cut from a high quality tan vegetable tanned leather. This leather comes finished with a blend of waxes and oils that makes it as beautiful as it is durable. Your card wallet will age and patina with use taking on your personal wear patterns.


The first step to ordering your custom card wallet kit is selecting your thread color. Reference the thread color sample chart in the product photos to get a better idea of what style suits you best. Next, select how many card slots you want. 2, 3, or 4 slots will fit your card holder body.

Next, select whether you want a DIY kit or a finished wallet. Select finished wallet if you would rather us stitch and finish the wallet for you so its ready to use on arrival. Next, select if you would a custom laser engraving on your card wallet.

Engravings are a great way to personalize the wallet for yourself or others. If you select for an engraving, please enter the name, initials, or message in the text box. Have questions about the engraving process? Shoot us a message before ordering to verify.

Thats it! All kits are made to order and can be expected to ship within 2-4 business days unless otherwise noted.


Don't worry we weren't going to leave you hanging. Check out the video below for a start to finish tutorial on putting your card wallet kit together. There will also be a note included with all kits providing a link to this video in case you are giving this as a gift. Feel free to e-mail us with any questions you have while making your wallet. We are here to help!

Note: Just a reminder, this kit does not come with any physical paper instructions!

Another Note!: These kits are cut from full grain vegetable tanned leather. There may be minor markings on the surface of your leather that were acquired during the life of the animal or the tanning process.

However we will never send you anything with cracks, holes, or cuts.
These kits are also processed by laser cutting. You may notice a “burnt” smell when you first receive your kit but that will subside after a week or so.


DIY Business Card Holders You Can Easily Make Today

Stylish DIY Leather And Wood Card Holder

Unique, handmade business card holders are a great resource to generate leads and showcase your brand’s distinct image. They are also perfect for keeping your business cards at the beck and call of your promotional shipments.

If you’re looking for inspiring concepts for your business card holders that have now and again hit the advertising bulls-eye, the list below is exactly what you’re looking for.  

Wooden Card Display

DIY business card holders crafted wood are an eco-sustainable solution for your business cards. They have immense aesthetic value and go well with just about any décor, providing a natural and rustic vibe in the process.

To make them, follow these steps.

  1. Get a circular piece of wood.
  2. Create a cut horizontally along the center of your piece to create a solid base for lodging in your business card.
  3. Now cut it into an L-shape to further expand its open space and give it a unique look.
  4. This will keep your business cards suspended from a ledge while supporting each other.

Velvet Leather Pouch

To make plush and velvety leather pouches, follow these instructions.

  1. Place your business cards horizontally on a piece of leather.
  2. Make sure it has at least an inch of space on either side.
  3. Cut a strip which is 3x the height of your business card.
  4. Fold this strip three times so there are three business card-sized layers.
  5. Cut one of these layers into a round flap.
  6. This will complement the pouch part of the cardholder that will facilitate entry and exit for your business cards.
  7. The remaining two layers will work as the main pouch for seating the business cards.
  8. The bottom part will function as a fold the sides will come together.
  9. Lock each side shut with rhinestones and a leather hole punch.
  10. Now for securing the main pouch, you can use any artsy material a tassel or a colorful button. 

Stitched Card Containers

If your sewing skills are top-notch, I’d suggest a project that’s not only guaranteed sturdy holders but also embroidered with beautiful designs.

For starters, run to your nearest store, and gather these materials.

  1. 1x cotton fabric, which will work as your main fabric (5.5’’ x 4.5’’).
  2. 1x cotton fabric for lining (5.5’’ x 4.5’’).
  3. 2x extra pieces of cotton fabric (2.5 x 4.5 inches)
  4. 1x button.
  5. 1x batting piece.
  6. 1x hairband

Mark half an inch along the 2.5-inch piece of fabric. Press and fold the marked seam and fold it to almost 1/4th of its current size. Do the same on the other side.

Now, secure the helms by stitching on both sides. Unfurl the batting and place the lining piece on top. Now, palace the two pieces that you just stitched on top of the lining. Pin the three layers together. Highlight the center of your stitched piece for later use.

Hand stitch an elastic band onto its center, using the reference line you just highlighted. With its right sides in place, stitched together, it’s time to pin the main fabric to the main layer. After this, stitch 0.5 inches on each side, while leaving a gap of 2 inches.

Trim a quarter from each side of the layered fabric, scissor its corners, and after slowly turning it over, iron it. Then, sew the opening, fold half of the fabric and find the best site for stitching the button. Once you have, secure a button of your choice here, and voila, you’re done! Easy peasy.

The Gold Old Cassette Roll

Old school is outmoded and obsolete, but it’s never fashion. You can always unearth the antiques that the digital revolution has swept away, and make use of them. Repurpose them to stir nostalgic memories, while giving them a whole new look.

Cassette players are one such antique that can serve this purpose. You can turn them into retro business card holders with these easy steps.

  1. With a screwdriver break into an old cassette.
  2. Empty its reel and replace it with your cards. That’s it.

This unique holder will also provide you with a stain and fingerprint-free storage for your business cards.

 In many situations, a business card holder holds equal significance in maintaining the sanctity and etiquette of your business’s unique image as business cards.

These beautiful business cards can be the foundation of your next projects, their stepping stones, so make use of them and give your business cards the storage they deserve.