Bold And Cute DIY Pompom Picture Frames

16 DIY Picture Frame Ideas – How to Make a Wooden Picture Frame

Bold And Cute DIY Pompom Picture Frames

I Heart Nap Time

You've been schooled on taking photos of your loved ones. And you've mastered all the hacks on how to hang those frames. Don't pat yourself on the back just yet.

Your photographs—especially those fancy glamour shots—deserve better than a boring border. It's time to focus on making DIY frames.

Grab that craft bin, stock up on some supplies, and get inspired by these best-in-show, hall-of-frame ideas.

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Embroidered Photo Frame

This blogger assures her “super fun and easy” tutorial is perfect for embroidery beginners.

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

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Vintage Window Frame

No pane, no gain. Improve the view above the mantel (or anywhere, really) with family photos displayed in a vintage window.

Get the tutorial at I Heart Naptime.

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Bow Picture Frame

Not only is this burlap-adorned DIY absolutely adorable, but it also only costs $3 to make. (Yes, really!)

Get the tutorial at Shanty 2 Chic.

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Modern Wood and Magnet Photo Frame

Feel free to customize this contemporary craft with wood pieces that complement the rest of your home decor.

Get the tutorial at It's Always Autumn.

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Chicken-Wire Frame

Polaroids are having a moment, and your retro shots will pop against this winner-winner chicken-wire mount.

Get the tutorial at Under the Sycamore.

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Vintage Book Frame

Never judge a book by its cover—unless you're the one adding the photos! Bonus: These old tomes are easy to hang, or simply prop them open to stand.

Get the tutorial at Paper & Stitch.

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Painted Vintage Frame

So long, tarnished brass! A coat of paint makes vintage frames feel instantly modern.

Get the tutorial at Sadie Seasongoods.

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Fabric-Wrapped Frame

Get scrappy and use a mix of your previously neglected fabric remnants to add a little something extra.

Get the tutorial at Chi Chi Dee Handmade.

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Yarn-Wrapped Frame

A single skein of yarn is all it takes to transform a warm and fuzzy display for pictures of loved ones (not limited to cats).

Get the tutorial at The Crafted Life.

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Button Frame

Whether you opt for monochromatic or mix it up with different hues, this is one frame that's cute as a, well, you know.

Get the tutorial at Aesthetic Nest.

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Chipped Paint Frame

Nothing says “farmhouse chic” a perfectly imperfect patina. Choose three bold colors for extra depth.

Get the tutorial at Plaid.

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Felt Flower Frame

Never underestimate the importance of adding a little (felt) flower power. Button centers make for a 3-D element.

Get the tutorial at Right At Home.

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Paper Flower Picture Frame

Craft-store paper flowers bloom on an extra-rosy photo display.

Get the tutorial at My Everyday Lifestyle.

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Rolled Paper Frame

Consider yourself a renaissance woman? Prove it by tightly rolling strips of paper into decorative shapes—an art form that's been around since the era of Michelangelo.

Get the tutorial at Instructables.

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Paper Straw Frame

Drink in this incredibly easy paper straw embellishment, which brings new meaning to the term “sip and see.”

Get the tutorial at DIY Cozy World.

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Bottle Cap Frame

Finally, that six-pack-a-day soda habit pays off! Add a jolt of fizz to a staid frame with multicolored bottle caps.

Get the tutorial at Upcycled Education.


Make Picture-Perfect Pom-Poms in Minutes

Bold And Cute DIY Pompom Picture Frames

Poofy pom-poms might just be the most cathartic craft, and they require very little time and very few tools to create. Use pom-poms as a decorative door hanger, add some color to a basic pair of sandals or level up a hand-wrapped gift. Watch as HGTV's own Marianne Canada works her magic with four different techniques for perfect fluff. Read on for the how-to and make your own.

First, cut about 2 feet of yarn and set aside for later. Then take the loose end from a yarn skein and begin wrapping it around the fork about 20 times (Image 1). Wrap the yarn loosely, but tight enough to stay on the fork. Cut the yarn from the rest of the skein.

Then, take the pre-cut piece of yarn and push it through the center tine of the fork (Image 2). Tie a basic knot tight in the center (Image 3). Next, slip the pom-pom bundle off the fork and use scissors to cut the loops at both ends (Image 4).

Lastly, trim any uneven edges to create a classic, round shape (Image 5).

The simplest way to make a pom-pom is to use your hand. Start by cutting about 2 feet of yarn and set aside for later. Take the loose end of the yarn from the skein and begin wrapping it around the widest part of your hand (Image 1). Wrap the yarn approximately 50 times. To keep the pom-pom fluffy, be sure not to wrap the yarn too tightly.

Tip: Use bulkier yarn for a thicker pom-pom. Once wrapped, gently slide the pom-pom off your hand (Image 2). Now, grab the pre-cut piece of yarn and place the bundled pom-pom in the center. Tie a basic knot around the middle of the bundle (Image 3). Once tied, use scissors to carefully cut the loops at both ends (Image 4).

Lastly, trim any uneven edges to create a classic, round shape (Image 5).

To make larger pom-poms, you will need a pom-pom maker and one entire skein of yarn. Read the directions to assemble the pom-pom maker. Begin by cutting about 2 feet of yarn and set it aside. Next, wrap the loose end of the yarn evenly across the sides of your pom-pom maker (Image 1).

Use half the skein on one side, and half the skein on the other. When one side of the pom-pom maker is very full, switch to wrapping on the other side, but do not cut the yarn (Image 2). Once both sides are wrapped, use scissors to cut the yarn from the rest of the skein.

Now clip the two pieces of the pom-pom maker together (Image 3). Using scissors, cut down the middle of the yarn. Then, grab the pre-cut piece of yarn and place it into the channel in the pom-pom maker (Image 4). Tie a tight knot on both sides (Image 5).

Unclip the pom-pom maker and trim it where needed to complete the shape.

To make bi-color pom-poms, you will need a pom-pom maker. Read the directions to put together the pom-pom maker. Begin by cutting about 2 feet of yarn and set it aside. Next, use one color of yarn and wrap it layer-by-layer onto one side of the pom-pom maker (Image 1).

Once the yarn is full on one side, cut the yarn from the skein. Next, grab the other color of yarn skein and repeat the steps from above (Image 2). Once both sides are evenly matched, cut the yarn from the rest of the skein.

Clip the two pieces of the pom-pom maker together and use scissors to cut down the middle of the yarn (Image 3). Then, grab the pre-cut piece of yarn and place it into the channel in the pom-pom maker. Tie a tight knot on both sides (Image 4).

Unclip the pom-pom maker and trim it where needed to complete the shape (Image 5).


29 July 4th Crafts / DIY Crafts by EconoCrafts

Bold And Cute DIY Pompom Picture Frames


27 Fresh and Easy DIY Spring Wreath Ideas to Welcome the Season with Style

Bold And Cute DIY Pompom Picture Frames

When winter finally gives way to spring, it’s time to freshen your front door with a colorful wreath. This slideshow contains a wealth of ideas for the beginning crafter and anyone with an eye for style.

These designs range from sweet and old-fashioned to bold and modern. Many have special additions birds, eggs, and butterflies. The farmhouse trend is represented here, as well as the popular succulent theme.

Most of these wreaths use silk flowers available at any craft stores, but there are a few notable exceptions. One wreath features strips of pretty linen tied to a wreath frame.

Another wreath is composed of natural green peas glued to a foam wreath. Many of these wreaths are accented by written greetings, whether in wood or written on a cute little chalkboard.

Words add to the visual interest of the wreath while making it stand out.

Most of our wreaths won’t take too much time to construct, though some require a little more patience and skill. Use our fresh and unique ideas to brighten your door and make a positive impression on your guests.

This natural looking spring wreath uses the fresh green of moss and a spray of pink flowers and greens. The moss is easy to work with. Simply separate the moss and use spray adhesive to secure it to the wooden wreath form. This wreath is so easy, anyone can put it together in one afternoon.

Unique Floral Combinations on a Hoop Wreath

Try making a modern style wreath with an embroidery hoop. This wreath is so lovely because the flowers are carefully chosen. Peonies, spider mums, and palm greenery take center stage. You can choose your favorite blooms at the craft store and make a version of this wreath for your own front door.

Welcoming Wreath with Pink and White Forsythia

This welcoming wreath makes a bold statement on your front door. With a classic grapevine wreath base, secure the welcome sign with picture hanging wire. Fill in the wreath with blooms of pink and white hydrangeas and leaves. Use the ruffled burlap bow to cover the door hanger.

Linen Strips for a Unique Texture

This fun, shaggy spring wreath is made from strips of linen that have been cut into a fringe. Wrap the linen around the wreath form for a unique look. This would be an easy project for anyone to do, especially if you have a rotary cutter to trim the strips of linen. Add a gold bow.

Oval Wreath with Easy Felt Flowers

Felt flowers combine to make this oval picture frame wreath stand out. The felt flowers are simple to put together. Cut felt in a spiral and wind it around, hot gluing as you go. You can give the flowers different form and texture by cutting waves into the felt. Glue the flowers on an upcycled photo frame.

Simple Paper Cones Make a DIY Dahlia

This clever wreath uses cones of card stock that have been rolled and glued. Cut paper into squares and use hot glue to make them into a cone. Use a range of colors to give your wreath a natural look. Place the cones on a cardboard circle and glue them in rounds starting from the inside.

Chalkboard Fun with Bold Greenery

Cotton bolls and shiny rhododendron greenery make this wreath exciting. The wild spray of cotton bolls on one side contrasts with the simplicity of the chalkboard wreath on the other side. On the chalkboard, you could write any spring greeting you wish. Add a burlap and lace bow to finish off your creation.

Eye-catching Striped Wreath with Bold Flowers

A bold spring wreath starts with a form wrapped in black and white striped ribbon. Pink and white silk blossoms are set off with dark faux succulents. This wreath makes a statement and will surely be noticed by your family and guests. You could use the same method to create any type of look you wished.

Adorable Birdhouse Wreath with Moss

This sweet wreath is made from a straw wreath form wrapped with sheet moss. Using natural moss rather than the dyed variety keeps the wreath looking nice even if it gets wet. The randomly wrapped twine gives the wreath a rustic look. Hang a tiny yellow birdhouse in the center for a cute and fun touch.

Bright Cutout Paper Flower Wreath

Cutout flowers with stripes and polka dots give this wreath a fun and funky style. For the flowers, use your paper cutting machine or a punch. Put the stacked flowers together with a brad and use the pointed end of the brad to secure the flowers to the wreath form. Add a cute burlap bow for a finishing touch.

Cute DIY Spring Wreaths with Pom-Poms

Pom poms make a clever addition to this unique spring wreath. The foam wreath form is wrapped in patterned gray and white ribbon. Turquoise, mint green, yellow, and white pomp oms hang from the top of the wreath. A muted yellow bow completes the look. This wreath makes a nice change from floral designs.

DIY Spring Wreaths with Blooming Doilies

Pink and cream colored doilies make a charming old-fashioned spring wreath. First dye the white doilies in whatever colors you wish. The example wreath was done with pink food coloring and tea. Pinch and fold the dyed doilies into ruffles. Secure them on a cardboard wreath form with hot glue. Add a bow to the top.

Trendy Potted Succulents on a Wreath

Succulents are a popular design element for 2018. This spring wreath combines faux succulents with tiny flower pots to create a stand out look. The pots can be wired onto the wreath form for a secure connection. Fill the pots with floral foam balls. Cover the foam with moss. Pin the faux succulents into the floral foam and moss.

Bold Polka Dot and Tulip Greetings

Fresh and fun polka dotted ribbon covers this spring wreath. On top of the polka dotted ribbon, silk tulips, greenery, and grass are secured. The bouquet is tied with a blue ribbon wrap and a “hello” sign. This wreath is simple and quick to put together, and will be an eye catching accent to your spring décor.

Blooming Peonies on a Grapevine Wreath

This gorgeous spring wreath combines silk hydrangeas and peonies for a naturally bountiful look. The wreath is done in shades of pink and white. The combination of the exposed rustic grapevine wreath and the blossoming flowers makes a nice contrast. This wreath can be done inexpensively with materials from the dollar store and discount store.

Dramatic Greens on an Embroidery Hoop

A super easy DIY wreath project begins with a large embroidery hoop. Mixed wildflowers and greens give this wreath a lush and unique look. The flowers are done in shades of pink, lavender, and white. All you need to do is wire the flowers to the hoop and tie on a wide ribbon hanger.

A unique wreath form makes this creation stand out. It is built on a galvanized piece that looks a tire. The peonies, daisies, hydrangeas, and berries fill the interior of the wreath and spill out over the front. This wreath is incredibly easy if you can find the metal piece.

Try the home craft store.

Wild Fern Wreath with a White Bouquet

Natural spring colors set this easy DIY wreath apart from the crowd. The grapevine base is covered with muted colors of silk ferns, leaves, and moss. A bouquet of white peonies sets off the bottom of the wreath. This wreath is perfect for people who have a more subdued sense of decorating style.

Easy Embroidery Hoop Greeting Wreath

Using an embroidery hoop as the base, this easy DIY spring wreath is a nice alternative to the classic design. Pink and white striped string is stretched across the front of the hoop, and the letter flags are threaded on. The wreath is completed with a few white and burlap rosettes.

Understated Wreath with Natural Green Peas

This wreath gets its natural color from split green peas. Easily available at the grocery store, split peas are glued all over the wreath form. It looks it would take a lot of time and effort to get the peas glued on properly, but the method is simple. Coat the wreath form with glue and dip it in a pan full of peas.

Quick and Simple Monogram Wreath

This super easy spring wreath starts with a grapevine wreath form, an oversized initial letter, and a bunch of pink faux tulips. Paint the wooden letter white if necessary. Hang it on the wreath form with yarn, keeping it a little off center. Add a double bouquet of tulips to the other side and tie with a striped yellow bow.

Standout Succulents on a Burlap Wrapped Wreath

Succulents are on trend right now, and this spring wreath makes good use of the faux variety. First wrap a wreath form with linen or burlap ribbon. Add a darker color burlap ribbon to the lower third. Combine your faux succulents in a pleasing arrangement and secure them to the wreath form with floral pins.

Nest Themed Wreath with Wild Greenery

A precious burlap bird sits in the wild grass and flowers of this rustic wreath. Greenery, small white flowers, and eggs fill in the bottom part of the wreath. This is an easy project because it reuses previously bought wreaths and supplies. It would be simple to find the materials to create this wreath from scratch.

Lovely Lavender and Forsythia Wreath

This design can be used year round because the wreath is cleverly designed to be interchangeable. All of the various design elements come off and can be stored separately. The spring version of this wreath has a fantastic spray of lavender and forsythia for a burst of vivid color.

DIY Spring Wreaths with Colorful Butterflies

A fresh and original spring wreath is made of a boxwood garland and sweet butterflies. Simply wrap the boxwood garland around the wreath form, keeping it even for a polished look. Secure tiny butterflies and silk baby’s breath to the wreath with wire. Add a wide pink ribbon hanger for the finishing touch.

White Daisy DIY Spring Wreaths

This fun and fresh spring wreath is in the shape of a daisy. The petals and leaves are made from green and white poly burlap, cut and folded into bows. The bows are secured on the wreath form with pipe cleaners. To make the center of the daisy, the burlap is rolled into a tight rosette.

Window Frame Wreath with Written Greetings

This wreath combines several design elements. The base is an upcycled window frame with handy binder clips. In the front of the window frame hangs a wooden hoop. A scripted “hello” sign is glued to the hoop. Lovely leaves and peonies complete the look. This wreath combines understated style with spring freshness.


How to create pom pom garlands ( the ones on our porch swing)

Bold And Cute DIY Pompom Picture Frames

We’ve been spending a lot of time out on the front porch this summer which means I’ve been showing more photos of it. And in nearly every one of those photos is the porch swing with pom pom garland draped above.

I mean, how adorable are those girls?! But the questions and comments I most receive when showing the porch swing is “where is the pom pom garland from?“.

And so, here I am today to tell you.

The garland was originally made for a Christmas decoration, but I ended up liking them so much, they’ve become a year-round decoration. They are super easy to make, the supplies are minimal and you can just flip on your favorite show and keep your hands busy creating.

Here is how to make a simple diy pom pom garland.

To start, gather your supplies:

chunky yarn (about 3 rolls) / pom pom makers (2 sizes) / embroidery thread / upholstery needle / scissors


Open up the pom pom maker and wrap the yarn round and round the first side. The more your wrap, the fuller your pom pom will be.

Once the first side is full, string your yarn across to the other side and wrap.

Fold the sides in together and trim through the center ‘trough’ to cut the yarn. Make sure you keep the pom pom maker closed so you don’t loose all that yarn!

Next, cut a piece of yarn just a little bit longer than the circumference of the pom pom maker. This will be used to wrap around the center to hold the pom together.

Tie the piece of yarn around the center of the pom maker, extra tight.

Now pull apart the pom maker and your pom pom is free.

Trim long pieces of yarn and fluff.

Continue this process a bunch of times until you have a big, gorgeous, fluffy pile of pom poms.


Cut a piece of yarn to desired finished length of the garland.

Thread needle with embroidery thread in a color that matches your yarn. You don’t necessarily want to see the thread. Knot one end a few times to make a thick knot.

Place the poms where you want them on the garland, poke the needle through the center of the pom (so it catches the knotted piece that holds it all together) and stitch into place.

You can stitch a few times back and forth to make sure the pom is secure

In between poms, run the needle through the center of the yarn, then stitch on the next pom. This just allows you to use one continuous piece of embroidery thread instead of tying off knots, trimming and starting again with each pom.

Then hang anywhere and everywhere!


Start by making large poms using this pom maker (3 3/8″). The big pom poms take much more yarn to make, so grab an extra roll of yarn just to be sure.

Cut three long pieces of yarn in desired finished length and tie knot in top. Tape to tabletop to hold in place.

Loosely braid the yarn and knot the end. This will give you a more substantial garland to stitch the poms onto.

Thread your needle with the same embroidery thread, knotting a few times at the end to catch. Now run the needle through the center of the pom (trying to grab onto the center string that ties it all up).

Stitch onto braided yarn (a few stitches to hold securely).

You can knot, cut the thread and start again with the next pom, or in between poms, run the needle through the center of the braid, then stitch on the next pom in desired spacing.

Isn’t it fantastic?

I went on a spree a few Christmases ago making a bunch of these garlands after seeing them hanging in my friend Erica’s house when I took photos for a Coastal Christmas house tour:

I made a bunch of my own and they’ve made their rounds, first at our old house, and now at the new.

The garland looked sweet hanging from the shelves in my old office (see lots more of that room here).

Remember our old cottage kitchen? It was so light and pretty. The big bummer about it was that we looked out our kitchen window directly at the side of our neighbor’s house and so I put up the pom pom garlands to distract my eye from looking much beyond.

At Christmas, I made a few and hung them in the windows with beaded garland and a boxwood wreath in the center. It was so pretty and gave the window Christmas spirit without being bold and colorful.

I d the garlands on the window so much that after christmas, I pulled off the beaded garlands and the wreath and left up the poms.

And then in February, I moved them over to the diy chalkboard as birthday decoration for our son.

And now, here they are on the porch swing. I don’t actually remember why I put them up outside? I must have done it when we were moving and I came across the pom pom garlands and didn’t know where else to put them so I tied them up to the chain. I didn’t intend to leave them there, but they add such a whimsical touch, so I guess I’ll just leave them.

Making a pom pom garland is just about as simple of a craft project as they come. I love how they add subtle texture to any space and look great year round. Go ahead, my crafty friends, and make a few pom pom garlands for your home!

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