9 DIY Boho Chic Pumpkins For Fall And Halloween

Simple Funky Boho Fabric Pumpkins for Fall

9 DIY Boho Chic Pumpkins For Fall And Halloween

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Is money tight this fall season? Then simple DIY Boho Fabric Pumpkins tutorial is for you! Use scrap fabric and floral twigs to make these super cute pumpkins for your fall decor. Get expensive looking fall decor with the fabric you already own! Want more fun projects? See my Fall + Thanksgiving page.

Fabric pumpkins have been an accessory staple in fall decor for years. Recently I bought a flowy kimono to wear in my fall wardrobe. It was just way too long for me, so I cut off the bottom edges. The fabric is so funky and cool that I thought it would make the cutest boho fabric pumpkins!

This project is literally one of the easiest seasonal home decor items to make. All you need is some scrap fabric, hot glue & gun, and some wood stems. There is a small amount of simple sewing involved. I hate sewing, but I promise this project is not really difficult and should not to keep you from making them. Let me show how I made these cuties!


  • Fabric of Your Choice
  • Wood Twigs
  • Hot Glue & Gun with Fabric Glue Sticks
  • Needle & Thread
  • Polyester Fiberfill


Cut your fabric to 2 strips of 21 x 9 inch strips for the large pumpkin and 2 strips of 19 x 7 inches for the small pumpkin. Place each strip of fabric with the “right” or printed side inward toward each other or on the inside of the fabric stack. Glue the short ends of the fabric together with a hot glue gun.

Using a needle and thread sew a single stitch from one end of the bottom edge to the other on the long end of the fabric.

Pull the thread to gather the fabric and tie a snug knot to keep it gathered together.

Repeat for the top edge but before tying the knot to secure it add the polyester filling inside.

Pull your thread tight and tie a strong knot at the gathered fabric. Fluff and shape the pumpkin.

I used cut sections of a grapevine wreath for my stems. I took apart an old wreath and cut sections of the thick vines with a hacksaw for stems. You could also use craft twigs for this part and maybe make a felt leaf to go on it. Add hot glue to the ends of the twig and insert it into the top gathered section of the cloth pumpkin.

Don’t you just love these one-of-a-kind boho fabric pumpkins! They are great for sitting around to perk up your fall decor or might look even better in a Thanksgiving tablescape. Enjoy!

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Source: https://madeinaday.com/boho-fabric-pumpkins/

15 DIY Hippie Costume Ideas – Hippie Halloween Costumes You Can DIY

9 DIY Boho Chic Pumpkins For Fall And Halloween

Getty Images

How is it that one moment you're having drinks poolside in the thick of summer, and the next you're carving pumpkins, watching spooky movies, and scrambling to figure out a last-minute Halloween costume for yourself or your little one? If you'd to get ahead of the costume-choosing game for once, may we suggest throwing it back to the '70s and showing off your inner flower child in a DIY hippie costume? Not only is it a fun theme to rock, but it's also one you can pull off easily using items that are ly already in your closet. (Think: flared jeans, flowy tops, headbands, tinted sunglasses, tie-dye clothing, and boho-style dresses.) And if, despite the best of intentions, you do wait until the last minute? Well, that's okay too. Seriously! With minimal effort and materials, you can whip up a groovy DIY hippie costume for yourself (or your child!) in no time flat. Not so much a crafter? We threw in a few options you can buy and have delivered right to your door in just a few days. No matter which way you go, this is one of the most fun costumes you can choose, thanks to fun accessories and comfortable clothing. Happy crafting, and Hippie Halloween!

1 of 15

Matching DIY Hippie Costume

This DIY will work for kids and adults a! If you have a boho-style white dress and a denim vest, you're pretty much halfway there. Just add some fringe boots and layer on some necklaces and a headband and you're ready for trick-or-treating.

Get the tutorial at Mini Fashion Addicts.


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Peace Sign DIY Hippie Costume

3 of 15

Flared Jeans Hippie Costume

Oversized sunglasses, a daisy-adorned headband and a choker necklace are all you need to take a white top and jeans from everyday wear to a hippie Halloween costume.

Get the tutorial at Arin Solange At Home.


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Tie-Dye Hippie Costume

This adorable dress was made using an extra large T-shirt and a tie-dye kit. The vest is made from brown fleece material, but you could just as easily find a ready-made option at a thrift store.

Get the tutorial at Eat Sleep Make.


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Leather Vest Hippie Costume

Put a vest on it! As evidenced here and in previous slides, adding a vest to a flowy ensemble is pretty much the key to a DIY hippie look. Round sunglasses and long, center-parted hairstyle drive it home.

Get the tutorial at The Girls With Glasses.


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'60s Accessory Set

You don't have to buy a new outfit to get achieve a hippie vibe. Just add a few '70s inspired accessories to a boho-style dress or a tie-dye T-shirt and flared jeans, and you've got yourself a costume.

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Peace and Love Hippie Toddler Costume


How cute is this heavy-on-the-fringe hippie look? Your little one can even rewear the dress after Halloween. 

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Folk Singer DIY Hippie Costume

Channel your inner folk singer with pieces you ly already have in your closet, a flowy maxi dress, oversized shades, and turquoise jewelry. Grab your guitar to finish off the look.

Get the tutorial at Lovely Indeed.


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Men's Hippie Wig and Mustache

A men's wig and mustache set is all you need to turn a plain tie-dye T-shirt and jeans getup into a groovy costume.

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Hippie Costume T-Shirt

Keep things simple with this one-and-done “costume.”

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Fringe Top Hippie Costume

Own a fringed shirt and a pair of patterned bell bottoms? Pair them together, pile on some jewelry, and you're all set.

See more at BLDG 25.


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Tie-Dye Adult Hippie Costume

Go heavy on the color with this affordable costume or, if you're feeling crafty, add a tie-dye panel to a pair of jeans you already own. 

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Easy Hippie Costume DIY

This is probably the easiest of all DIY hippie Halloween costumes. Don't have a brown vest? You can easily swap with a tie-dye T-shirt, since the flower crown and oversized sunglasses are what drive the look.

Get the tutorial at Sunglass Spot.


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Tie-Dye Maxi Dress

This breezy dress can work as a hippie costume in October and a swimsuit coverup when summer rolls around. 

How to Throw a Halloween Birthday Party

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Source: https://www.countryliving.com/diy-crafts/g28305469/diy-hippie-costume/

60+ Best No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Halloween 2019

9 DIY Boho Chic Pumpkins For Fall And Halloween

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Easy Map Tack Pumpkins

Put old office supplies to clever use with these map tack pumpkins. Simply paint a pumpkin a solid color and let it dry completely, then pin map tacks all over the pumpkin's surface.


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Crayon Drip Pumpkin

To create this look, just remove the paper wrapper from crayons and break the crayons into small bits (or use leftover pieces from an old art set). One at a time, place crayons near the pumpkin stem and use s low-heat hair dryer to melt them. As they begin to melt, you can move the pumpkin around to control the drips. Repeat around the whole pumpkin and let dry completely.


RELATED: 30+ Painted Pumpkin Ideas You Have to Try This Halloween

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Splatter Paint Pumpkins

This idea is as simple as it is fun, and you can make it work with any color palette you desire. First, paint your pumpkins in one solid color and let them dry completely. Then, just mix water with acrylic paint until it reaches the consistency of heavy cream. Coat a craft brush with paint and lightly tap it repeatedly over the whole surface of the pumpkin to create the paint splatters.


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Spa Pumpkin

Even pumpkins can use a little me time, right? To make this spa-going pumpkin face, simply paint a “face mask” on a real or faux pumpkin, leaving spaces for the nose and mouth. Let it dry completely.

Stretch a decorative shower cap onto the pumpkin's “head” and pin in place with straight pins. To make the cucumber eyes, just print images of cucumbers from a picture online and glue them on.


RELATED: 16 Easy Pumpkin Face Ideas to Carve

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“Boo” Pumpkin

How's this for easy? Simply find letter stickers or patches that suit your style and stick or hot glue them to a painted pumpkin. You're done!


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Punk Pumpkins

Mix up your holiday decorations with a little edge! Just paint them in one solid color and then hot glue flat-bottomed studs in the pattern of your choice.


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Cross Stitch Pumpkin

This project is a bit involved, but totally worth it. Start by downloading and printing our Cross Stitch Pumpkin templates or creating your own.

Tape the template onto a faux or real (hollowed) pumpkin. Using an awl, punch holes through the the pink holes on the paper template and into the pumpkin.

Remove the template, then use a needle and embroidery thread to create “X” patterns between the dots.


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Mini Spider Pumpkin

This little creepy crawler is the perfect addition to your Halloween tabletop. Here's how to make it: Remove the stem from a mini pumpkin and paint the whole thing with glossy black paint, then let it dry.

Cut craft or floral wire into eight equal length pieces and poke four wires into each side of the pumpkin. Bend each wire twice to make the legs.

Using hot glue or craft glue, attach a number of googley eyes onto the top of the pumpkin.


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Spider Web Pumpkins

Use long strips of tape to create a web pattern on a pumpkin. Then, spray light, even strokes of spray paint over the entire surface, letting it dry completely and adding additional coats when needed. Once fully dry, carefully peel off the tape. Glue on a fake spider to complete!


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Neon Tape Pumpkins

These pumpkins are instant attention-grabbers, and making them is a snap. Simply cut pieces of neon tape (including blacklight tape if you want!) and stick them onto a white or painted pumpkin.


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Easy Appliqué Pumpkins

Start by painting a pumpkin in one solid color, then choose a contrasting appliqué or trimming to hot glue onto it. White paint works well as a base, but so do bright colors and metallics!


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Ribbon Pumpkin

Adding personality to your pumpkins can be as simple as cutting some ribbon. Start by painting your pumpkin (or leave it natural for a more rustic look). Then, cut a length of ribbon or trim to fit the width of a pumpkin. To finish, just attach it with a few drops of hot glue. If you're feeling creative, layer ribbons and trim for an even more custom look.


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Fringe Pumpkin Face

This little monster is even easier to create than he looks. Just wrap and glue fringe around the stem of a pumpkin, adding 2-3 layers until it looks nice and full. Using hot glue, attach googley eyes onto the fringe and add personality with cut paper eye lids and teeth.


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Mummy Pumpkin

To make this little guy, cut cheesecloth into 3″ strips. Then put a dot of hot glue to start and wrap the pumpkin with the cheese cloth strips. Glue down the strips when you get to the end to ensure they stay in place. Once you are happy with the wrapping, attach two googley eyes to the face. Cut out a small mouth from paper and glue it under some of the cloth.


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Glitter Stem Pumpkins

Once you paint the pumpkin your desired color, add craft glue onto the stem and dip the stem into glitter for a fun and sparkly look.


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These super-cute painted ghosts aren't pumpkins at all, but that doesn't make them any less festive. Play around with different shapes from your grocery store or farmer's market, and add cute, playful faces.


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Cheery Pom-Pom Pumpkin

It doesn't get more fun than fuzzy balls of color! Attach them in rows or clusters with hot glue — and consider starting with a brightly painted pumpkin to make your handiwork pop.


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Color Wrap Pumpkin

Use hot glue to secure the string's end, then wrap around 20 times and repeat with each color.


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“Bat” Your Lashes Pumpkin

Lush lashes are so popular even pumpkins are getting in on the fringe benefits! Hot-glue tassels for eyes and pom-poms for a pucker, then use a sturdy 1-in. ribbon so the wings stand up on their own.


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Shimmer Web Pumpkin

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Scaredy Cat Pumpkin

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Glam Polka Dot Pumpkin

Make 1- to 2-inch filled-in circles glue. Using a string of sequins, place the first sequin in the center and coil around. Repeat, evenly spacing.


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Fast Floral Pumpkin

Adhere temporary tattoos to your white pumpkin, as you would on skin. Join a ring of floral selects together for this botanical look.


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Flower Sash Pumpkin

For a squash dotted with blooms, snip stems about one to two inches from buds. Drill small holes in the rind, then stick stems in holes. GH Lab tip: Extend flowers' lives by periodically spritzing with water.


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Fan Fun Pumpkin

This blogger stained a white pumpkin to create a weathered baseball display to cheer on her local team. The key to making it look authentic? Not being too precious with the stain and embracing imperfections.

Get the tutorial at The Magic Brush »

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Lace Pumpkins

Choose ribbon or lace, then attach to pumpkins, candle holders, or even wine glasses with a few swipes of Mod Podge. Let dry, then display. Done!


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Colorful Balloon Pumpkins

We spotted this “dipped”-looking pumpkin DIY on Brittni Mehlhoff 's blog, Paper & Stitch, and thought, “Her idea is cover-worthy!” For a pop of color, snip the ends off opaque balloons (11 inches for mini pumpkins, larger for the big guys) and stretch around the bases.


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Swarm of Bats Pumpkins

Here's a batty idea: Cut a 4-inch piece of black satin ribbon. Tie a loose knot in the middle, then cut the ends to resemble wings. Attach with sewing pins.

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Masquerade Masked Pumpkins

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Orange Ombré Pumpkin

A pair of cutout wings take this pumpkin from basic to batty. First, paint your squash white and allow it to dry. Then mix a small amount of orange into white paint. Brush on a few inches from the top.

Gradually add more color until you reach full saturation in the middle. Start adding magenta and do the same. Finish with a solid base. Next, cut bat wings cardstock.

Glue chopsticks or skewers to backs of wings, then stick into pumpkin once paint is dry.


Source: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/holidays/halloween-ideas/g1714/no-carve-pumpkin-decorating/

9 DIY Boho Chic Pumpkins For Fall And Halloween

9 DIY Boho Chic Pumpkins For Fall And Halloween

Whether you are decorating for fall, Thanksgiving or Halloween, if you love boho chic style, this roundup is for you. We’ve gathered the coolest and easiest ideas to decorate your pumpkin in boho chic style without any carving, drilling or other time requiring techniques. Let’s take a look!

Geometry, especially colorful, is one of the popular features of boho style, and this tutorial will tell you how to apply this idea to your pumpkins with no fuss.

The pumpkins are decorated with vinyl stickers with a bright fall palette of turquoise, orange, and metallic gold. Vinyl adheres to the pumpkin smoothly and looks a complicated paint treatment.

The vinyl makes it super easy to reposition your shapes as needed to make your pumpkin look just right!

DIY colorful geometric pumpkin for fall (via www.designimprovised.com)

Forget about traditional Halloween carving and go true boho-chic chic style. agaes and geodes are a popular decor idea and you may easily apply them to your pumpkins.

The concentric rings reminded us of a spiderweb design and glowed beautifully when lit from behind — just the thing for the free spirited jack-o-lantern! Read how to make a piece with this agate slice and go boho!

DIY Halloween pumpkin with agate slice decor (via jojotastic.com)

What can be more boho- than henna tattoos? So make some henna pumpkins! You can use it as inspiration to decorate your own pumpkins or you can even use it as a stencil. How gorgeous would this set up look as a table centerpiece for a boho Halloween party!

DIY boho Halloween pumpkins with henna decor (via www.babasouk.ca)

If the vibrant, saturated colors of Halloween don’t really go with your indoor decor, this is not a problem, you can always handle it.

The author of this tutorial went for subdued boho pumpkins recreating one of her favorite home decor accessories, the leather pouf ottoman! You may copy her pattern or add something that you want, get inspired and get crafty!

DIY boho pumpkins with Moroccan patterns (via quartzandleisure.com)

If you’ve carved, painted, and decoupaged pumpkins before, it’s time to look for something else! this tutorial will tell you how to incorporate henna and wood burning techniques into holiday pumpkin decorating.

Feel free to follow along with the same patterns the author created, or come up with your own! The end result is unique, and a fun alternative to traditional pumpkin carving!

DIY henna and wood burnt pumpkins (via blog.


Sugar skulls are traditional for Mexican Day of the Dead, and incorporating them into your Halloween decor is a great idea to get something different.

If you do a google search for “sugar skull” you will come across a variety of images you can pull ideas from.

These pumpkins in black and white are decorated with simple sharpies but they look super cool, these sugar skull owls are fantastic! Recreate some on your pumpkins, too!

DIY Halloween sugar skull owl pumpkins made with sharpies (via www.lilblueboo.com)

This project will tell you how to make some bold orange and teal pumpkins with tribal patterns. The possibilities with these no-carve pumpkin decorating techniques are endless. What color will you spray your pumpkins? What patterns will you decorate them with? Go wild and free-spirited!

DIY bold tribal and boho pumpkins in bold colors (via toriorioria.com)

This bold pumpkin topiary is a great decoration for outdoor or indoor decor. You may carve the pumpkins and add geometric patterns to them for a boho chic feel. Find out how to make the topiary and how to paint the pumpkins and enjoy!

DIY boho geometric pumpkin topiary for outdoor decor (via jenniferrizzo.com)

A kilim is a flat tapestry-woven carpet or rug traditionally produced in countries of the former Ottoman Empire, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkic countries of Central Asia. They were a source of inspiration for these colorful boho pumpkins, they are very easy to make and look cool!

DIY kilim inspired faux pumpkins (via www.adesignerathome.com)

Source: https://www.shelterness.com/diy-boho-chic-pumpkins/

9 DIY Geometric Pumpkins For Fall And Halloween

9 DIY Boho Chic Pumpkins For Fall And Halloween

We continue sharing bold ideas for decorating pumpkins for fall and Halloween, and today’s roundup is dedicated to geometric ones. Geometry is a timeless idea and it easily blends with any home decor, from boho to minimalist. Take a look at the tutorials to choose!

Sometimes, you just don’t wanna carve a pumpkin.

You don’t want to get your hands all gushy in the pumpkin guts and you don’t want to almost slice your fingers apart with those little pumpkin carving knives that don’t do anything anyway.

So this DIY is for all of you lovelies out there who want no carving yet fancy, gold, geometric, no-carve pumpkins. A gold pen will work nicely!

DIY gold geo no carve pumpkins for fall (via lovelyindeed.com)

Here’s another Halloween geometric pumpkin – no carving again! These are black pumpkins decorated with orange and yellow glitter and some tape that helps you provide a geometric design on them. Glitter geometry makes your pumpkins brighter and cooler, they sparkle and bring a glam feel.

DIY black pumpkins with glitter geometric patterns (via www.jessiedaye.com)

If you don’t feel painting your pumpkins, there’s a faster and easier way to decorate it – vinyl stickers. Vinyl adheres to the faux pumpkin so smoothly it looks a complicated paint treatment.

The vinyl makes it super easy to reposition your shapes as needed to make your pumpkin look just right! Attach some geometric vinyl stickers to your pumpkins and enjoy the design.

DIY modern geometric pumpkins in a bold color palette (via www.designimprovised.com)

These modern geometric glitter pumpkins are as simple as peel and stick! For this project you’ll need precut foam glitter stickers and stuck them on a foam teal pumpkin. Create various designs and looks and try different colors – you can make these in 15 minutes and have your kids join in on the fun.

DIY modern geometric glitter sticker pumpkins (via www.designimprovised.com)

This stylish and colorful pumpkin is made using colorful tissues and the technique is decoupage. Recreate this geometric design or go for your own one, decoupaging colorful tissues on the pumpkin – so easy and so modern, this pumpkin will definitely make your space bolder and more cheerful.

DIY bold geometric pumpkins with tissue decoupage (via tellloveandparty.com)

If you love simple, modern and laconic designs, you gonna love this idea! These are bright modern pumpkins decorated with simple triangles of white craft paint. You may also paint the pumpkins in white in halves to pair them with triangle pumpkins. You may use any color combos you to achieve a bright and bold look.

DIY bold orange pumpkins with white triangles (via oleanderandpalm.com)

This is a carving pumpkin craft: take faux pumpkins and cut them with chevron patterns using ready stencils.

Paint the pumpkins in the colors that you want after carving and insert some candles inside to create chic modern jack-o-lanterns.

Such lanterns will serve you for a long time easily blending with any decor and interiors.

DIY carved chevron pumpkins as jack-o-lanterns (via tatertotsandjello.com)

Recreate this chic and elegant pumpkin with a bold chevron pattern in the truly fall colors: rust, brown, orange, yellow.

Create the pattern using a chevron pattern and some paints and glitter for a truly fall feel. You may use these pumpkins for fall and Thanksgiving decor – they will be a nice idea for most of decor styles.

DIY elegant chevron pumpkins in fall colors (via lovelylittlelife-hannah.blogspot.com)

Here’s not only a pumpkin but a whole geometric pumpkin arrangement of various colors with triangle patterns – all different, all cool and all bold! The idea is simple: just spray paint or paint the pumpkins and add triangle patterns to them with washi tape – tape the pumpkins and paint the spaces on them. This is totally not hard, and you may create as many as you want for fall and Thanksgiving.

DIY colorful geometric pumpkin arrangement (via www.happymundane.com)

Source: https://www.shelterness.com/diy-geometric-pumpkins/

Boho Chic Halloween Mantel with Framed Pumpkin Painting

9 DIY Boho Chic Pumpkins For Fall And Halloween

A rustic, folk art style “portrait” of a pumpkin is the centerpiece of this awesome boho chic Halloween mantel. The pumpkin painting is a fun way to set the fall mood, and as you’ll see the it’s actually pretty simple to create.

This fall and Halloween mantel was styled by Denise Cortes of Pearmama as part of our Halloween and Harvest Style Challenge here on The Home Depot Blog.

She shows us how she created the pumpkin with simple plywood and a left-over frame, and then used Home Depot fall decorations to complete her boho chic Halloween mantel.

Boho Chic Halloween Mantel

Even though I have a house full of children, I’ll never be that mom who ushers in the Halloween season with life-size skeletons, bats, ghosts and giant inflatable witches. We don’t do “scary” Halloween.

Instead, I love to fill our space with all things fall and autumn-, even though we don’t see much of this season living here in Southern California. Call it wishful thinking on my part.

When Home Depot invited me to get creative for Halloween, I knew I had to be true to my style and to my family’s living space.

That meant taking my mantel and creating a bohemian vibe, combining different textures, colors and layers to display a few of my favorite things of the season, coupled with the goodies that The Home Depot sent me: succulents, straw baskets, plants, burlap, pumpkins, gourds, repurposed glass candle holder, ceramic pumpkins, votive candles, candelabras, natural straw, string of lights and pottery.

The idea of a large pumpkin portrait set in a glossy black gilded frame is what inspired my entire mantel. I wanted it to be the focal point of the space. I have a collection of large wooden frames that I’ve been saving for the perfect occasion and my boho chic Halloween mantel was it.

One of the first things I did was head over to my local Home Depot store to pick up a large sheet of thin plywood. At home, I measured my frame so the plywood sheet would fit within the frame and took note of the dimensions.

Once inside the store, ask an associate to cut the large sheet of plywood for you, which is a huge time saver. I bought a plywood sheet large enough to get several pieces for future projects.

How to Paint a Pumpkin Portrait

  • Paint your frame of choice with Rust-Oleum spray paint in high gloss black. Let dry and set aside.
  • Paint the plywood square in a matte black. I used some leftover house paint.
  • With a pencil, lightly trace the shape of a pumpkin. Get creative! Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. The rustic look gives it some character. I wanted my pumpkin to have clean, modern lines so it would make a bold statement. Once you are happy with the design, paint it.
  • Use inexpensive craft paint or house paint. Paint sample sizes work great, too.

Once the painting is dry, fit it inside the black gilded frame and secure it with heavy-duty duct tape.

I love the way my pumpkin portrait turned out.

Now, it was a matter of filling it up the space with more interesting items, some traditional and some not so traditional.

I filled my mantel with a few stained wooden crates to stagger the height of my potted succulents and cactus, wicker baskets to provide texture, jack ’o lanterns, plastic gourds, pottery and a mix of natural elements. The orange votive candles and a string of twinkling lights add the perfect touch of flickering light.

Fill up recycled glass jars with mini pine cones, walnuts and seasonal dried flowers marigolds.

A vintage ceramic teapot filled with decorative wheat stalks gives a nod to the harvest season.

My family loves that our home feels so much more cozy and ready for fall.

I love the way it glows, and how much the mantel feels authentic to me and how I love to decorate my home.

Even our doggie loves it. Thanks so much, Home Depot!

Source: https://blog.homedepot.com/boho-chic-halloween-mantel-pumpkin-painting/

10 Unusual Things to Do With Your Halloween Pumpkin

9 DIY Boho Chic Pumpkins For Fall And Halloween

Are you looking to try something different with your pumpkins this year?

Are your kids anxious for some fun with these fabulous orange orbs?

If you’re looking for some creative, pumpkin-y amusement to have with your family, you’ve come to the right place.

The editors of My Kids’ Adventures have put together a list from around the web.

In this article, you’ll find 10 fun and unique things to do with your Halloween pumpkin. Some of these ideas are a little unusual, but all are extremely doable and lots of fun. Have a ball!

Why Do Projects With Pumpkins?

It’s almost time. Folks are stopping by the pumpkin patch, vegetable stand and supermarket to find the perfect Halloween pumpkins. Some are carving, some are baking and some are using pumpkins in ways we never imagined.

Pumpkins are a fall icon. They bring to mind cool, crisp weather, changing leaves and every kid’s favorite sugar-laden holiday: Halloween.

Does your family have any favorite pumpkin traditions? Or are you looking for some new ones to start?

The ideas here go beyond carving faces and toasting pumpkin seeds. We hope you’ll try some of these pumpkin ideas with your kids and make this Halloween the most memorable one yet.

Find fun new ideas for your Halloween pumpkin in this article.

Please remember that pumpkins rot quickly once they’re carved or cut. If you’re doing any carving or cutting projects for Halloween, you may want to do it only a day or so before.

Hint: A little Vaseline on the cut edges will give your gourds a little extra shelf life.

Ready for some cool new pumpkin ideas?

Read on

#1: Hanging Jack Pumpkin Lantern

You don’t need too many instructions to get this hanging Halloween lantern going, but do stop by to see the original that Angela Pierre shows us at CupcakePedia.

Light the way for trick-or-treaters with this Hanging Jack lantern.

It’s an easy carve-and-hang project, but if you’re lighting this lantern, we recommend that you place the candle in a glass bowl inside the pumpkin’s head andleave out the moss so nothing catches fire. Better yet, use a safe LED candle, which will provide the same eerie effect without safety concerns.

#2: Oozing Pumpkins—Cool Halloween Science

Our friend Steve Spangler has done it again! These Oozing Pumpkins are creepy, messy and awesome enough to be the star of any Halloween party.

Kids will love the gross exploding faces of these Oozing Pumpkins.

You’ll definitely want to put down some plastic, but your kids and their friends are going to want to see this one again and again. Experiment with food coloring and pumpkin carving beforehand to get the perfect ooze going.

#3: Dripping Crayon Pumpkin

This crayon drip pumpkin from Alexa Westerfield (a.k.a. Swelldesigner) at The Swell Life is another project requiring parental supervision, but the effect is definitely worth it.

Create the most colorful pumpkin on your block with crayons and a blow dryer.

This one is easier than it looks: just melt crayons with a blow dryer and let them drip down your pumpkin. There are no open flames because the heat comes from a blow dryer, but it still may get pretty hot. If you’re concerned about little hands (or big ones), use some gloves for protection.

This is a terrific way to use up all of those crayon bits, and you can totally go wild with the different color combinations.

#4: Pumpkin Bird Feeder

Liz at Hoosier Homemade provided the inspiration for this simple do-it-yourself (DIY) pumpkin bird feeder.

Welcome feathered friends this fall with a pumpkin bird feeder.

All you have to do is cut the pumpkin in half, scoop out the innards and hang accordingly. Add twigs for a little something extra. Your fine feathered friends will love being treated from this colorful display, and your kids will enjoy watching the birds come to call.

#5: Pumpkin French Toast

Mmm. We can smell it from here. Aromatic, spicy-sweet, Pumpkin French Toast.

Wake up to a pumpkin-y day with this delicious Pumpkin French Toast.

What better way to wake up on Halloween morning? Make this delicious pumpkin breakfast to start your family’s holiday out right. Thanks to Jolene at Yummy Inspirations for putting together this wonderful recipe. (Psst. Some of us may not even wait until Halloween.)

#6: Pumpkin Bowling

This next pumpkin related activity doesn’t involve knives, fire or tossing giant pumpkins through the air—we promise. There will be some rolling of pumpkins on the ground, however.

Stack ’em up and knock ’em down with a rousing game of Pumpkin Bowling.

We love bowling games at My Kids’ Adventures, and were thrilled to find Pumpkin bowling, an activity that Crystal shared on her blog, Crystal and Company. It’s the perfect activity for a neighborhood Halloween party and not as messy as bobbing for apples. Your kids will love it!

#7: Pumpkin Seed Art

If you’re looking for the perfect Halloween activity for younger kids or a classroom Halloween party, try pumpkin seed art. It’s similar to the Artful Food project we featured on My Kids’ Adventures earlier this year, but with a Halloween twist.

Make fun mosaics with colored pumpkin seeds.

This pumpkin activity comes from The Mother Huddle and is safe, easy and relatively neat.

You’re not limited to making pumpkin pictures, either. Use your imagination and try different colors and combinations.

#8: Fall Flower Pumpkin Planter

What do you get when you cut the top off of a pumpkin, scoop out the insides and fill it with soil? A lovely fall planter, that’s what! Kids love to dig in the dirt and watch things grow. Add an extra element of fun by planting in a pumpkin.

A pumpkin is the perfect shape to use as a festive fall flowerpot.

Mackenzie at Cheerios and Lattes filled her planters with beautiful fall blooms, but we can imagine going lots of different ways with this. Try filling with herbs, flowers or even a pumpkin plant.

And if you’ve still got pumpkins intact (uncut) after Halloween, imagine giving a pretty pumpkin potted centerpiece to your hostess on Thanksgiving.

#9: Rolling Pumpkin Painting

What do you do with the pumpkins you find that are too small to bake with or carve into a jack-o-lantern? Why not use them as a tool for artistic expression?

Encourage artistic expression and outdoor fun with Rolling Pumpkin Painting.

We love this Rolling Pumpkin Painting idea from Joyce at Childhood Beckons because it’s creative, fun, a little messy and can be done outside. And what kid doesn’t getting his hands a little messy?

If the paper doesn’t get too dirty, you can brush it off and display your kids’ masterpiece by cutting it up to use as holiday placemats, a table runner, placecards or a “Happy Thanksgiving” banner.

#10: Lighted Pumpkin Eyes

Turn your jack-o-lantern up a notch when you make these spooky lighted pumpkin eyeballs from Cindy at Skip To My Lou.

Add some eye-popping fun to your jack-o-lantern this Halloween.

These glowing, bulbous eyes are simple to make and incorporate into your Halloween pumpkin. They use LED tealight candles, ping-pong balls and googly eyes, so they’re a safe way to scare your trick-or-treaters silly.

BONUS: Portable Pumpkin Catapult

We wanted to include this incredible Pumpkin Catapult in our top ten, but this project is a little more ambitious than the rest of the activities featured here. Since we promised “doable and fun,” in our ten pumpkin picks, we’re including it as a bonus, because it’s definitely fun!

Pumpkins (or basketballs) will fly to your kids’ delight with this homemade catapult.

Kids with large backyards or access to a field or park where they’re not ly to damage people or property are going to have a blast launching pumpkins with this backyard catapult. (Just make sure to use your own pumpkins and clean up the mess afterwards!)

The plans are available online courtesy of Instructables.

Of course pumpkin catapulting requires that you provide close parental supervision, but we imagine more than a few parents will be eager to try this contraption out along with the kids.

Some Final Thoughts

Pumpkins are abundant this time of year, and there’s so much more to them than jack-o-lanterns and pies. The list of creative activities is endless. I hope the projects we’ve shared here give you some good ideas to celebrate and decorate this fall and lots of great ways to create pumpkin memories with your kids.

Which of these activities will you try?

What do you think? What have you done with pumpkins? We’d love to hear about your favorite pumpkin activities. Please share photos of your pumpkin projects below.

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