18 Whimsy DIY Plate Projects To Make Your Meal Fun

32 Christmas Table Decorations & Centerpieces – Christmas 2019 Table Decor

18 Whimsy DIY Plate Projects To Make Your Meal Fun

Annie O'Sullivan

Christmas it coming, which means it's time to break out the Christmas decorations.

While it's important to make all areas of your home end up merry and bright, you'll want to be especially sure that your tables are decorated to the nines.

Whether you're using the table to showcase all the holiday cards you've received or hold the delicious Christmas desserts you baked, having a few well-placed Christmas table decorations can take your celebration to the next level.

The best part of decking the halls is getting everyone involved.

Let your kids craft some of the homemade table decorations, felt evergreen trees or red pistachio topiaries, while you tackle some of the more challenging, but still just as fun, decorative DIYs homemade colored candles.

Even if you don’t make them yourself, any of these 27 Christmas table decoration ideas will bring even more cheer to your festive home this holiday season. With ideas for every budget, you can’t lose with any one of them.

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Thread Christmas Trees

These thread Christmas trees make lovely accents for any decorated table, and you'll feel proud having made them yourself.

Get the tutorial.

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Hanging Greenery

Table decorations don't have to fall strictly on the table. Accessorize the lighting above your feast by adding some fun greenery.

Get the tutorial.

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Cozy Centerpiece

Not all Christmas table decorations have to be red and green. This festive orange display creates a feeling of warmth that's perfect for the holidays.

Get the tutorial.

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Red and White Vase

Your kids will love helping out with this DIY project. Place a small pillar vessel inside a larger vase, and fill the space in between with marbles — or gumballs! — in a festive pattern.

Get the tutorial.

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Reindeer Tea Light Holders

lakeside lakeside.com


These delicate reindeers hold tea lights to provide stylish mood lighting without being too bright. 

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Holiday Sentiments Napkins

Give a different well wish to your guests with these holiday sentiment napkins. They are so soft and pretty you almost don't want to use them. 

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Wooden Reindeer Napkin Ring

Hand-carved and classic, these wooden reindeer napkins would have the approval of all of Santa's companions.

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Red Pinecone Barware Collection



These berry-colored glasses are great for adding a splash of color against a white table cloth. 

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Straw Burst Wreath

Transform this candy-cane inspired wreath for the wall into a vibrant centerpiece to stick a candle in.

What you'll need: Floral ring ($5, Amazon); striped straws ($8, Amazon)

Get the tutorial.

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Frosted Gingerbread Soy Candle

Your guests will love breathing in the scents of gingerbread while enjoying a meal. The candle even acts as a small decorative piece placed among some pine branches.

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Red Metal Truck Centerpiece

Everydecor amazon.com


Place candles, pines, and holly berries overflowing the back of this centerpiece to create a rustic-themed centerpiece that varies from traditional ones.

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Basswood Round Rustic Wood

Wilson Enterprises amazon.com


Use these slabs of wood as place mats under decorative plates to make even the plainest place settings more festive.

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Seasonal Themed LED Lanterns

lakeside lakeside.com


Hung up on a hook, or placed on a table, this seasonal lantern is a gorgeous centerpiece that combines all the major staples of the Christmas season into one.

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Santa Claus Mugs

Great for serving after dinner coffee and tea, any guests will appreciate these cozy mugs placed next to a dinner dish. 

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Decorative Christmas Tree

Use as a table decoration by itself, or place a tea light or LED candle underneath to release some mood lighting.

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Denver Plaid Table Runner

Used by itself on a wooden table, or placed over top a colored tablecloth, this table runner brings warmth and bright contrast with its conflicting plaid pattern. 

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“‘Twas The Night Before Christmas” Glassware



This delicately crafted glassware collection, inspired by The Night Before Christmas, features mugs, goblets, and old-fashioned gold rimmed glasses to meet any of your guests needs.

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Christmas Napkin Rings

These rustic pinecone napkin rings will add a rustic touch to your holiday dinner table — plus a sweet scent of cinnamon.

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Holiday Scenes on Plates

Display Christmas tree candles on a white platter along with a gold spray-painted deer and a gold vase full of holly and berries. Top everyday basic white plates with accent plates decorated with merry messages. Then choose linens and glasses in coordinating shades of green and you'll have yourself a dazzling holiday centerpiece.

What you'll need: Christmas tree candles ($6, Amazon); gold deer figurines ($20, Amazon); holly and berries ($13, Amazon)

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'Twas the Night Tablecloth

This “'Twas the Night before Christmas” table cloth tells more of a story than the book with its beautiful design. 

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Birch and Boxwood Candleholder

This centerpiece is one part romantic and one part festive.

1. Twist floral stem wire into a circle an inch smaller than the birch slice.

2. Tape a piece of boxwood to the wire with floral tape.

3. Attach the next piece so that the leaves cover the bare part of the first one. Continue this way until wire is covered.

4. To finish the circle, attach a piece of boxwood in the other direction and hot-glue mini pinecones into the space.

5. Place the pillar candle onto the birch disk.

6. Optional: Scatter gilded pinecones or pomegranates near base of candleholder.

What you'll need: Stem wire ($7, Amazon); birch slices ($14, Amazon); boxwood ($10, Amazon); mini pinecones ($13, Amazon)

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Festive Fuchsia Table Runner

Use a swath of fuchsia fabric to bring your holiday dinner to life! A low cluster of birch and boxwood candleholders gets your table glowing — without blocking the conversation.

What you'll need: Pillar candles ($25, Amazon); purple fabric ($7, Amazon)

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Pop of Plaid Table Cloth

Add a tartan tablecloth with whimsical sleigh bells as place cards for some extra Christmas flair to your dinner table.

Get the tutorial at Country Living.

What you'll need: Tartan table cloth ($27, Amazon); sleigh bells ($3, Amazon)

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Candle Ambiance

Welcome guests with make-ahead snacks, sweet and spicy nuts, and festive touches. Pinecones, boxwood, berries, and candlelight add a rustic-refined feel. Wrap votive holders in colored vellum and tie with twine for a cute touch.

What you'll need: Votive holders ($40, Amazon); colored vellum ($9, Amazon); twine ($6, Amazon)

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“'Twas the Night Before Christmas” Plates

The only thing better than enjoying a delicious Christmas dinner among friends and family is eating off of these festive holiday dishes.

Source: https://www.womansday.com/home/decorating/g1015/christmas-table-decoration-ideas/

15 Ways to Dress Up Your Dining Room Walls

18 Whimsy DIY Plate Projects To Make Your Meal Fun

As someone who has never done a ton of cooking or formal entertaining, dining rooms have always been a bit of a design challenge for me. I realized that as soon as I had a dining room that I loved spending time in, I started doing the cooking/entertaining thing a lot more.

One of the biggest challenges of designing a dining room is what to put on the walls. I’ve rounded up 15 of my favorite ideas from traditional to quirky and everything in between. If you’ve got wall space to fill up in your dining room, I’ve got you covered.

If you happen to have a large collection of art, a gallery wall is a perfect solution in a dining room.

You can mix and match various sizes of art, frame colors and finishes, and even throw in some unusual objects to create a fun gallery wall that displays it all.

The spacing and execution of gallery walls can sometimes be tricky, so make sure you plan the whole thing out before you grab your hammer and nails.

Get More: How to Create an Art Gallery Wall

Stacy Zarin Goldberg

BGDB Interior Design

A beautiful mirror is one of those pieces that never goes style so you can feel comfortable investing in it. A large mirror is a great solution if you have a smaller space that you're looking to open up a bit. Round mirrors are definitely having a moment right now, so if you’re not sure what type of mirror might work in your dining room, consider going round.

Get More: How to Hang a Heavy Mirror

I absolutely love the look of wallpaper and think that the dining room is the perfect spot to go for it.

However, if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge (or take on the expense) of wallpapering your entire dining room, consider using just a piece of it.

Find a print or design that you love, then order a piece that’s just large enough to fill your space. Or try using smaller pieces (either the same print or coordinating prints) that you can frame and hang together on one wall.

Get More: Modern Wallpaper Trends + 11 Prints to Try

Bethany Nauret; Styling by Paige Geffen

With the boho trend still going strong in design, woven wall hangings have become all the rage over the past few years. You can search for the perfect vintage wall hanging for your space on eBay or Etsy, or make your own DIY version. The great thing about DIY pieces is that you can choose to make them exactly the size you need to fill up your wall.

Make This: Make Your Own Woven Wall Hanging

Design by Jason Lempieri of ReThinkTANK with City Planter

This idea definitely falls into the quirky category, but living walls are a really unique option for making your dining space stand out. You can create a living wall using special “pockets” that are designed to hold your plants and allow them to grow properly. If you’d to go with a plant wall, make sure your space gets enough light for the plants you choose.

Get More: Ideas for Designing a Living Wall

Another fun option for a more modern dining space is a large, hanging chalkboard. You can use it to share menus for dinner parties, or use it as a spot for kids to draw on while adults eat dinner. If you’d to fill up a larger space, consider using chalkboard paint to outline a bigger chunk of your wall.

Make This: How to Make an Ornate Framed Chalkboard

Vintage signs are also a great option for dining room decor. You can choose one larger sign, or go for several smaller signs and hang them all together. These are fun items to hunt for at yard sales, and they come in all different shapes and sizes.

Get More: Country Sign Art

If you’re always snapping family photos or pictures of your kids, consider enlarging a couple of them and using them as artwork in your dining room. Printing family photos in black and white is a great way to make them look a bit more professional and pulled together.

Get More: 5 Reasons You Need to Print Your Photos Again

If your kids are always working on their art skills, you ly already have a bunch of amazing artwork lying around the house. It might be time to consider blowing a couple of pieces up and framing them to use as artwork in your dining room. Engineer prints are an inexpensive way of getting larger pieces of art to use.

Get More: Showing and Sharing Children's Artwork

Another simple art idea is using typography to create pieces of artwork in your dining room. You can choose messages that are meaningful to your family, or simply choose words or letters with powerful graphic elements that create punchy pieces of art. Using a simple black-and-white palette, the one pictured, is a good idea if you want to keep things more neutral.

If a living wall feels a bit overwhelming but you still love the idea of making a big statement with plants, perhaps your dining room needs a large tree.

While these large trees can definitely be on the more expensive side, with proper care you will hopefully have it for years to come.

If you decide to use a large tree in front of a wall as a focal piece, make sure you also invest in a beautiful pot to help show off your plant.

Get More: How to Choose Healthy Plants

For a more casual dining space, you could try using something more practical than artwork, a calendar. This classic Stendig calendar is loved by graphic artists, as it’s so beautifully designed. They usually sell out every year, but you can put your name down on the waiting list, so you’ll be the first to hear when next year’s calendars go on sale.

If you love to collect plates and china, you can easily create a beautiful arrangement on your dining room wall. You can choose to display your plates by color, pattern or mix it all up and simply hang all of your favorites. While you can certainly plan your arrangement ahead of time, you don’t need to do quite as much planning as you do for gallery walls.

Get More: How to Create the Ultimate Plate Wall

Beckwith Interiors, Sargent 2009

If you’re looking to make more of a statement in your dining room, a wood accent wall is a great choice. You can get really creative with this option by choosing an unusual material such as reclaimed wood, or paint a bold, graphic pattern using wood elements.

Get More: How to Make a DIY Painted Wood Accent Wall

You could also decide to forego art altogether and cover one of your walls with a large shelving unit. This option gives you a great deal of flexibility in terms of your decor, as well as a good chunk of extra storage space.

You can still include pieces of art on the shelves themselves, as well as other decorative items.

You could also create an open shelving storage look with plates, glasses or serving pieces (which is nice if you don’t have any open shelving in your kitchen).

Get More: DIY Home Storage Cabinets + Shelving

Source: https://www.hgtv.com/design/design-blog/design/15-dining-room-wall-decor-ideas

100 Awesome Crafts for Kids – Mommy Poppins – Things to Do with Kids

18 Whimsy DIY Plate Projects To Make Your Meal Fun

Did you know plastic milk jugs make awesome fairy houses, or sugar cubes are a fun substitute for Lego bricks? Sometimes we all need a little inspiration to get our creative juices flowing. And we're here to help, with a mega list of 100 arts and crafts projects you can do with your kids in the comfort of your own home.

Our list of creative boredom busters, includes everything from paper crafts, crafting a decorative paper mache bowl, to our best slime recipes, inventive STEM activities, and projects perfect for the artsy preschooler in your life.

So, embrace your inner maker, and your newfound homebound existence, roll up your sleeves, and craft some memories and pretty cool finished projects in the process!

String paintings are an easy craft project that produces stunning, surprising artistic creations.

Yarn, String, Fabric, and Fiber Crafts

1. Surprise yourself with these one-of-a-kind paint creations made with string.

2. Tie-dye without the mess? Yes, it can be done! Learn how to create beautiful swirls with Sharpies.

3. Adorn T-shirts and tote bags (or anything else made of fabric) with this super simple no-wax batik method.

4. If the weather outside isn't cooperating, craft some paddles and enjoy a game of balloon tennis; it's the perfect way to get out some of that energy!

5. Create unique jewels to rival the queen's using nothing more than buttons and pipe cleaners.

6. Boring paintbrushes are so last year! Watch the colors spread across the paper when you paint with a straw.

7. Turn swirls and whirls of glue into mini masterpieces with an easy salt painting.

8. Arm knitting is the perfect way to introduce kids to the yarn craft. Learn how to make an awesome infinity scarf without a cumbersome time commitment.

9. Being on-trend has never been so easy: Make this adorable pompom necklace.

10. Simply wrap colorful yarn around a chenille stem to create these stunning yarn words and shapes.

11. Macrame is the art of knotting cord or yarn to create different patterns. Learn how to make a simple wall hanging here.

12. There is a lot of prep involved in making string art. But the quiet time spent winding embroidery floss around tiny nails may make it worth it.

13. Popsicle stick weaving is wonderfully colorful and brings up nostalgic camp memories.

14. Create hundreds of tiny bubbles in a single breath with this bubble snake gun.

15. Finger crocheting is the perfect travel craft—you need very few supplies (just yarn and your fingers), and the possibilities are endless.

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Your little one will look a pretty princess with a beautiful, hand-crafted flower crown.

Arts and Crafts Inspired by Nature

16. These nature crowns are suitable for any royal occasion.

17. Keep the magic of summer alive by crafting a nature wand.

18. Create a beautiful bouquet of stamped roses using paint and a celery stalk.

19. Not only are bird feeders enjoyable to make, but they also provide hours of entertainment for the kids, plus nourishment for the neighborhood flock.

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Kids love collecting things, and making a frame is a great way to keep all their keepsakes together.

20. Use found objects to create a memory frame and preserve your family vacation.

21. Part art, part meditation, mandala art is a calming activity you can do almost anywhere.

22. Let your kids discover the textures of different seashells by painting them fantastic colors!

23. Create kindness and cultivate compassion—all by painting a rock!

24. Sundials have been around since ancient times. See if you can figure out what time it is by crafting one of your own.

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This beautiful nature weaving craft takes just a few items to make. Photo by DirtyKids HappyKids via Instagram

25. Grab some twine, sticks, and whatever you can find around the yard to make a stunning nature weaving.

26. Create glistening original artwork using frozen water and natural elements such as leaves, sticks, and flowers.

27. If nature provides the best inspiration, then nature paintbrushes are sure to take creativity to the next level.

28. After you've peeled your avocado, turn the skin into a boat!

29. Whimsical flower crowns are easier to make than you may think. Get all the details here.

30. Make sun print paper with construction paper, contact paper, and a little bit of patience. Learn how here.

31. Nature provides us with such a beautiful canvas. Examine the structure of a leaf or the texture of tree bark by making nature rubbings.

32. Take a hike and make an awesome nature bracelet.

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Turn scraps of paper in a crafty paper mache bowl.

Paper Crafts

33. The more colors, the merrier! Turn leftover scraps of paper into a functional paper mache bowl.

34. Any greeting card can be transformed into a bookmark with some ribbon or string.

35. Make a cute, easy kite from a paper lunch bag.

36. Just about any leftover scraps of paper can be transformed into paper beads. A little attention to detail and a whole lot of Mod Podge results in these awesome designs.

37. Up-cycle those magazines into something useful. Make envelopes following these simple directions.

38. With enough practice, you can fold squares of origami paper into just about anything.

39. Originally from Panama, molas are colorful fabric panels. Learn how to make them paper here.

40. Pinwheels are one of those things that makes us all wish for “the good old days.” Lucky for you and the kids, they are easy to craft!

41. Cool off while looking cool with these handmade paper fans.

42. Grab some tissue paper and create a beautiful bouquet. 

43. Paper airplanes are fun, but giant paper airplanes are even better.

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These whimsical flower paintings are an easy, fun, and relatively mess-free craft project.

Preschooler-Friendly Crafts

44. Transform pompoms and clothespins into paintbrushes to create these simple flowers.

45. A few twirls of a pipe cleaner around a finger opens up a whole world of imaginative play.

46. Nothing makes my kid smile more than bubbles—add paint to those bubbles and watch the fun begin.

47. Make a cute garden-themed busy box from felt scraps.

48. Ice paints are a perfect way to spend a warm afternoon with your favorite toddler.

49. Paper plate twisting is an action art activity perfect for a tactile learner.

50. Bathtubs are the ideal place for a little messy play! This bathtub finger paint does not disappoint.

51. Q-tip painting produces stunning works of pointillist-style art.

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Watercolors on coffee filters make a magical masterpiece.

52. The swirls and whirls of watercolors on coffee filters are pure magic. Transform these creations into a coffee filter butterfly.

53. Salad spinner art is budget-friendly and easy to set up. Plus, the paint splatters are contained for easy cleanup!

54. You can never have enough bubbles! Tape together a handful of straws and become a human bubble machine.

55. There is nothing quite as thrilling to a toddler as watching marbles race through this homemade cardboard tube run.

56. When in doubt, make play dough.

57. Little ones will love digging into these sensory bins for exploratory play.

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Have fun crafting a verdant little world in a Mason jar.

STEAM-Inspired Craft Projects

58. Introduce your kids to gardening with Mason jar terrariums.

59. The possibilities are endless when you mix glue and a few other materials to create the perfect slime.

60. Learn about the Japanese art of Gyotaku, or fish printing, to measure the daily catch.

61. Sugar cubes are suitable for way more than sweetening beverages! Engineer structures houses or sugar cube igloos.

62. Send secret messages with crayons and watercolors. Find out how here.

63. Learn how to make a rainbow walk.

64. Edible science is always a win in my book. Homemade rock candy is a surefire hit!

65. Engage in a marshmallow toothpick building competition. She who builds the tallest tower gets to eat all the marshmallows!

66. We all know what happens when you mix oil and water. Add a little food coloring and salt to this scientific reaction and create a lava lamp.

67. Believe it or not, you don't need fancy equipment to make homemade ice cream: Try these step-by-step instructions for making ice cream in a bag.

68. Explore the intricate balance of nature in a Mason jar with a tabletop biosphere.

69. Here's a no-mess activity: Race your soap boats all while learning about friction.

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Garbage never looked so cute as when crafted into these egg carton flowers.

Arts and Crafts Using Recycled Materials

70. Don't recycle that empty egg carton before pulling out the paints to make pretty egg carton flowers.

71. Shrinky Dinks were pretty much a staple of my childhood, but did you know you can make them from recycled plastic you probably have in your home? Learn how here.

72. Kids go through a lot of T-shirts. You can turn them into market totes with this simple, no-sew method. 

73. Say hello to summer breezes by making earth-friendly wind chimes.

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I-spy bottles are a great way to recycle materials and keep your kids entertained at almost no cost. 

74. Keep your road trip entertainment screen-free by making an I-spy bottle.

75. When you bend and cut cardboard tubes, you can create stamps that are perfect for chubby little hands.

76. Transform an old plastic milk jug into an awesome fairy house. Bonus: It's waterproof—so it can live outdoors in the yard.

Make boats with your old pool noodles. 

77. Repurpose those worn out pool noodles into a boat and keep the fun afloat!

78. You may have outgrown your favorite T-shirt, but that's no reason to toss it. Transform rags into riches with this easy T-Shirt Bracelet.

79. Pop! Pop! Pop! Who can resist bubble wrap? Mix in a little paint, and these crafts are pretty much irresistible.

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A simple collection of straws can be crafted into a nifty whistle.

Musical Crafts

80. Follow these three easy steps to make a straw whistle, and you will be humming a happy tune!

81. If you find the sound of rain pattering against the windows soothing, then this rain stick is the perfect project.

82. Get pitch perfect by creating a harmonica using craft sticks and elastic bands.

83. Grab some beans, old coffee cans, elastic bands, cardboard boxes, and whatever else moves you to make a recycled musical instrument.

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Kids love squirt guns, and when you fill them with paint, it takes art-making to a whole new level. 

More Creative Arts and Crafts Projects We Love

84. Fill water guns with paint and watch the colors swirl, drip, and splatter with squirt-gun painting.

85. We all know thumbprints are unique. So, it makes sense to turn them into original pieces of art.

86. Munch your way through a rainbow with this food art project!

87. Simply freeze a shallow pan of water to create this mini Winter Olympics venue.

88. Create a winter wonderland inside a Mason jar with water, glitter, and some corn syrup.

89. Make a healthy popsicle with fruit, yogurt, and a touch of honey.

90. Simply mix vanilla pudding with food coloring and presto: You have pudding paint.

91. Even the youngest artist gets incredible results from tape resist name art. Bonus idea: Use the same technique to craft a DIY Mother's Day Card.

92. Make dream catchers paper plates to capture all those whimsical childhood ideas.

93. Sponge balls are just as fun as water balloons—and reusable! Learn how to make them here.

94. Puppet play is excellent for social-emotional growth and early literacy skills. These super-simple popsicle stick puppets bring imagination to life.

95. Popsicle stick puzzles don't have lots of little pieces that can get lost, which makes them even more fun.

96. Turn all those souvenir theme park and amusement park maps into magnets and let the family fun memories “stick” with you.

97. Wiggly worm puppets take about 10 minutes to make—and leave zero mess behind. Plus, they inspire hours of imaginative play.

98. Watching tiny spheres of color explode onto a canvas is mesmerizing when you create water balloon art.

99. Your kids will never have as much fun getting clean as they will with these DIY bath bombs.

100. Turn cookies, candies, and cereals into beads with this deliciously creative candy necklace.

Unless noted, photos by the author

Source: https://mommypoppins.com/100-awesome-crafts-for-kids

35 Chic Thanksgiving Decorations – Best Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

18 Whimsy DIY Plate Projects To Make Your Meal Fun

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Chinoiserie Theme

This year, designer Marika Meyer is trading the traditional Thanksgiving palette for a chinoiserie theme. “We are using lots of gold paired with traditional blue and white colors and tabletop accents, pagodas and gold animals!”

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Candles with Striking Holders

Looking for an easy way to incorporate a dose of style into your holiday table? Pair white candles with striking, sculptural holders, as designer Cara Woodhouse has done in this dining room.

“The best way to add drama to a traditional holiday table is to layer in candles at different heights and sizes that create depth and interest in an otherwise mundane design,” she says.

“The ambience that beautifully placed candles can add to a table setting is the difference in an unmemorable meal and an unforgettable gathering.”

3 of 35

Warm Lighting and Fresh Flowers

For Danielle Rollins, a combination of fresh flowers and warm lighting are key for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner table. “Entertaining should start the moment your guests walk through the door,” Rollins says. “Small details such as fresh flowers and warm lighting are always inviting.”

4 of 35

Fresh Greenery

For Thanksgiving, interior stylist and photographer Alyssa Rosenheck surrounds candles with lush greenery, including fern leaves, seeded eucalyptus, Nageia Nagi, Jade Palm, and Eucalyptus Silver Dollar.

5 of 35

Velvet Pumpkins

6 of 35

Pumpkin Vase

To make your Thanksgiving table a bit more special, use a pumpkin to display your favorite blooms, as seen in this photo by Gray Malin. It's a fun and festive way to add personality to your decor.

7 of 35

Classic Tartan

A classic tartan tablecloth in autumnal hues is an easy way to dress up a Thanksgiving dinner table. Designer Danielle Rollins s to enhance a Thanksgiving table with low centerpieces, whether it's simple herbs or flowers.

8 of 35

Fruit Bowl Upgrade

Love the color orange and a good fruit display? Try taking your fruit bowl to the next level. Amaryllis Floral and Event Design used a two-tiered dish for an unexpected, energetic combination of oranges and flowers. Just finish it off with a few touches of greenery for added visual interest. It's the perfect look for a Thanksgiving Day gathering.

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If you're looking to move away from more traditional Thanksgiving decor, try a rustic look for a dining table or an entryway console. For inspiration, consider this design by Janie Molster featuring an eclectic display of branches covered in colorful flowers and berries.

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Feather Centerpiece

Simple Stylings chose a dramatic centerpiece with an assortment of pheasant feathers, pine cones, and white pumpkins. Gold pine cones and a faux fur table runner serve as finishing touches.

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White Tablescape

A white table set-up is a classic look no matter the time of year, but is especially elegant during the holidays. On Living With Landon, she paired white tableware with faux pumpkins that she spray-painted gold for an especially decadent look.

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Outdoor Decor

If you're lucky enough to have weather that allows for outdoor dining, take the opportunity! Set out a farmhouse-style table accented with a few cozy indoor chairs and blankets for extra warmth, at this fall wedding vignette photographed by JOPHOTO.

13 of 35

Cinnamon Details

Just because you want a memorable Thanksgiving table, doesn't mean you need to go out and buy all new table dressings. You just need to give your usual napkins a little extra pizazz. Sandra Nilsson from Vintage House tied her cloth napkins in string and then tucked a sprig of greenery and a stick of cinnamon, for an understated but festive feel.

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Dessert Station

Forget a plate of cookies, set up an entire dessert presentation for your Thanksgiving day guests. Clear out your usual display cabinet, and fill it with tasty treats caramel apples and cupcakes, in this wedding from Style Me Pretty.

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Formal Flatware

Even if your Thanksgiving dinner is usually a little more casual, up the fancy factor by breaking out your good china and flatware. It will make the day feel even more special, this gold, white, and black setting shot by JOPHOTO.

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Rustic Accent

Place chestnuts still in their shell at each setting for an unexpectedly rustic touch. The table decor gets even more stylish when paired with beautiful fall shades dusty purple and amber.

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Glam Thanksgiving

A palette of rich purple with gold accents sets the perfect scene for an indulgent, glamorous holiday. In this Camille Styles table set-up, a spiked table ring adds a modern element of surprise to the gold and white plates.

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Rustic Bar Cart

Create a bar cart that is the ideal blend of rustic and modern by adding copper touches, a few golden pumpkins, and a vase of wheat, as shown in this vignette from Inspired By Charm.

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Forest-Themed Thanksgiving

Fallen leaves and pinecones aren't the only foliage fitting for a beautiful Thanksgiving. Moss also creates a woodsy yet elegant setting when paired with gold accents and white flatware, such as in this table setting. Get the full how-to from Camille Styles.

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Purple And Pink Thanksgiving

Add a brush of rose and purple to your Thanksgiving decor by taking inspiration from this table by Style Me Pretty. It seamlessly blends sweet pastel pink and deep purple into a traditional red and orange color scheme.

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Candlesticks As Centerpieces

Short on time? An array of golden candlesticks on your Thanksgiving table can light up the entire room in minutes. Gift each guest with a small flower arrangement on their plates to celebrate the season of giving before anyone even picks up a fork. See full instructions for this project from Camille Styles.

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Try Calligraphy

Try your hand at calligraphy to create a Thanksgiving Caitlin Moran of Glitter Guide did with this gold and white stunner.

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Bountiful Thanksgiving

The bounties of the season don't need to be limited to a cornucopia. Pomegranates, apples, sunflowers, cranberries, and other fruits and plants gather as the centerpiece on this Sugar and Charm Thanksgiving table.

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Muted Bouquet Decor

For those who want something different from the typical Thanksgiving color palette, a bouquet of greens and neutral tones is the perfect option.

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DIY Placemat

Opt for a meaningful DIY, this handmade placemat, from Clarita at Skies of Parchment, which gives guests the chance to reflect on what they're thankful for before digging into dinner.

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Enwrapped Pumpkins

Arrange a series of white pumpkins in the center of your table before wrapping them in branches. Accent the centerpiece with a few votive candles to give it that dinnertime glow.

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Glittery Thanksgiving

Bring some glamour to your Turkey Day table with a shimmery tablecloth in your favorite autumnal hue. We love this bronze version from Mrs. Freund & Co.

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Wishbone Nameplate

A whimsical take on a classic Thanksgiving symbol, wishbones are used as nameplates in this sophisticated holiday dinner setting by Coco Kelley.

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Pretty Pie Decorations

Your food deserves a little decoration too. Use leaf-shaped cookie cutters to punch out a little extra crust for a festive pie topper.

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Three-Tiered Stand Decor

These elegant stands aren't just for springtime tea parties. Fill a three-tiered stand with fall fruits and vegetables for a pretty centerpiece, particularly for an outdoor Thanksgiving gathering.

Source: https://www.elledecor.com/life-culture/entertaining/g2766/thanksgiving-decoration-ideas/

57 Spring Centerpieces and Table Decorations – Ideas for Spring Table Settings

18 Whimsy DIY Plate Projects To Make Your Meal Fun

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Butterfly Bouquet Centerpiece

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Fruit and Flower Centerpiece

This vibrant table runner brings the best of both worlds—delicate flowers and sweet fruit. Add a bit of greenery to unify the natural look.

Get the tutorial at Pizzazzerie.

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Mini Mason Jar Centerpiece

The best way to dress up a set of matching blue-hued mini Mason jars for spring? Adding the brightest blooms you can find.

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Paper Flower Table Runner

Especially perfect for a smaller table spread, these easy-to-craft paper flowers are a charming spring centerpiece without dominating the scene.

Get the tutorial at Lovely Indeed.


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Tall Tulip Vase Centerpiece

Tulips for spring are an absolute must, but what's a flower fanatic to do with only an elongated vase on hand? Enter your oh-so-beautiful solution.

Get the tutorial at Faeries & Fauna.


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Quilt Tablecloth

You can still opt for an eye-catching spring centerpiece, but we encourage you to test out a new tablecloth that'll be the star of the show. Bust out grandma's best spring quilt (or make your own!), then coordinate your place settings and flowers to match.

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Doily Mason Jar Centerpiece

Doilies and Mason jars go together flowers and spring. Craft multiple versions of this easy DIY spring centerpiece to run the length of your entire dining table.

Get the tutorial at Yellow Bliss Road.


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Garland Table Runner

No vase needed for this blend of anemones, ferns, and eucalyptus to add texture to the table. Speckled plates and matching Easter eggs also heighten the elegant woodland vibe.


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Paper Flower Centerpiece

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Perfume Bottle Flower Centerpiece

Small, dainty flowers were practically made for recycled perfume bottles. To go from one sweetly scented filling to the next, rinse out the glass vials with dish soap and mild vinegar before adding blooms.

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Cabbage Vase Centerpiece

Rather than reaching for a vase the next time you make a flower run, consider letting produce hold your go-to blooms instead. A head of cabbage gracefully complements any stems of your choosing.

Get the tutorial at Home Is Where the Boat Is.

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Galvanized Bucket Centerpiece

Rustic meets refined through a floral and mini bucket combo. The muted metal material also lets the blooms command the center of attention—and overflowing is more than encouraged.


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DIY Vase Centerpiece

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Oversized Basket Centerpiece

With this voluminous wicker wonder, it's as easy as picking and filling with your favorite florals.


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Mini Rain Boots Vase

Pay homage to the April showers and May flowers trope with this creative floral fixture, which uses pink children's rain boots.

Get the tutorial at Giggles Galore.


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Rustic Spring Centerpiece

Have an old wooden toolbox handy? Try using it as a rustic vessel for your favorite flower arrangement. Just look at this stunning outdoor spring centerpiece by Kiana Underwood, owner of San Francisco boutique floral studio Tulipina.

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Floral Spring Table Setting

From mixed glassware to fringe tulip centerpieces to floral wreaths around each plate, this spring tablescape designed by MV Florals and photographed by Alison Bernier is bursting with blooms and color.

Get the tutorial at 100 Layer Cake-let.

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Retro Teakettle

Give your vintage teakettle a second life as a spring centerpiece (they're meant to hold water, after all!). We love how this pink arrangement of geraniums and poppies contrasts with the blue and white of the container.

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Simple Spring Table Setting

A single ranunculus wrapped in twine tops each plate on this simple spring table.

Get the tutorial at Driven By Decor.

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Mason Jars

We know you've got some spare mason jars lying around—try placing them in an old milk carrier and fill with flowers for a delightful centerpiece. You can use clear tape across the tops of the jars as needed to keep the flowers standing up straight.

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Minnow Bucket

The gorgeous colors of this eclectic bouquet look lovely on top of a vintage minnow bucket.

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Vintage Colander

Use an old enamelware colander to arrange flowers with herbs and fruits for a display that heralds spring.

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Berry Basket

These tiny berry baskets are perfect containers for holding small bunches of flowers—let a few of them decorate your table this spring!

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Simple Spool Centerpiece

Insert the stems of flowers into the tubes of spools of various heights and arrange these little beauties on your table for a charming, simple detail. For longer-lasting blooms, add floral foam, which you can dampen with a straw.

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Bloom-Filled Crate

A rustic crate is the perfect container for a wild arrangement of pretty pastel flowers, including hydrangeas, lisianthus, snapdragons, and more.

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Twine Vase

To re-create this whimsical centerpiece, cluster roses in a Mason jar. Wrap twine around the vase and hot-glue in place (or substitute heavy-duty double-faced tape). Make two or three to run down the center of the table, along with taper candles.

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Pastels on Display

Arranged in a milk glass container, lilacs, peonies, water lilies and viburnum make for a sweet and stunning display; vintage tea tins hold baby's breath for an extra lovely touch.

Flowers by The Hidden Garden; Photo by Sargeant Creative.

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Flower Runner

Scraps of floral fabric make for a novel table runner that's perfect for your spring fete.

Source: https://www.countryliving.com/entertaining/g733/spring-table-settings-0209/

Easy DIY charger plates that bring all the holiday whimsy to your table | CBC Life

18 Whimsy DIY Plate Projects To Make Your Meal Fun

One of my favourite things about this time of year is trying to warm up our home with fun and festive decor and accents to create a cheerful vibe — and setting a table is the perfect place to start.

Enter the cutest charger plates the holiday season has even seen. Come along! I'll guide you through a few simple steps.

After a quick trip to your local craft and dollar stores you'll be ready to DIY.

Note: When making your item selections pick a variety of textures. I also added faux candy elements to keep it fun and playful.

Here's what you'll need:

  • 4-6 variations of wooden cut outs, with at least 4 of each type (I used Santas, snowflakes, sleighs, gingerbread men, stockings.)
  • Acrylic craft paint (I used white, purple and turquoise.)
  • 10 mini disco balls
  • 2 packages of mirrored snowflakes
  • 12 wooden rings for doughnuts
  • Mixed colours of sparkles (I used pink, blue and silver.)
  • 12 mini plastic candy canes
  • 12 mini Christmas balls
  • 1 metre of grosgrain ribbon in your colour palette
  • White glue
  • Parchment paper to cover your work surface
  • 2 plain white charger plates
  • 2 circular MDF boards used to raise your plate
  • Pink spray paint
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks

*These materials will make two charger plates. Double item quantities to make two additional plates.

Here's how to do it:

1. Start by prepping the small decor items you will be gluing to your charger plate. The first thing I to do is pick a colour palette.

Since I wanted my table setting to be playful, I went with pink, turquoise, white, silver and purple with some red and white from the candy canes. You can find paints and small wooden cutouts at almost any craft or dollar store.

Start by painting your snowflakes white. I used parchment paper as a surface to paint on and applied two coats of the white. 

2. Next, it's time to paint your other wooden elements. I chose purple and turquoise. If you want to add some sparkle to your project, paint some pieces with white glue after they're painted, and dust on some sparkles. For the doughnuts, I painted a circle of white around the wooden rings to mimic icing and glued on some colourful glitter for the sprinkles. Cute right?

3. Time to spray paint the charger plates and the small round MDF discs. Be sure to do this outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Apply thin layers until completely covered. If the MDF discs don't come sealed, adding a coat of white paint will prime it for the spray paint.

4. Once the paint is dry, use a hot glue gun to secure your discs onto the centre of the charger plates. This will elevate the dinner plates and give us space between the charger plate and the dinner plate for larger elements  mini disco balls.

5. Glue time! Secure all of your elements to the plate using the hot glue gun. I made some tiny bows ribbon to add to my plates as well. Have fun with your design; pieces can overlap and repeat.

Think about your colour placement and try to keep a balance of colour and style as you work your way around the charger plate.

Repeat this step, gluing the rest of the elements onto your additional plate(s). 

6. Time to set the table! Your friends and fam will certainly be charmed with your playful crafting skills.  

Don't forget to tag @cbclife in your creations. Happy crafting!

Lady Hayes is a designer, photographer and mama, known for her beautiful floral inspired projects and lifestyle. Her love of flowers shines through her couture crafted Flower Crowns and Petal Pop, her line of Floral Confetti with sun dried roses and gold confetti glitter. Stay connected! Visit Hayes over on her Instagram or visit her website to shop and say hi!

Source: https://www.cbc.ca/life/holiday/easy-diy-charger-plates-that-bring-all-the-holiday-whimsy-to-your-table-1.5381255