DIY Acqua Colored Vase Of A Glass

30 Minute DIY: Quick & Easy Vase Refresh

DIY Acqua Colored Vase Of A Glass

Since Scott and I purchased our big, bad fixer upper of a house last summer (we can hardly believe it’s been one year!), it’s easy to get caught up in one large project after another.

Every now and then, we remind ourselves that it’s okay to slow down and mix in a few smaller projects – projects that give your whole mood a lift, brighten your home, and most importantly, do so with minimal amount of time and investment.

Today, I’d to share one of those projects!

Wanting to inject a little color into our still-bare-bones décor, I picked up a trio of $1 vases from the thrift store and gave them a small facelift. With the exception of the vases and a batch of fresh flowers, I used craft supplies I already had on hand, and I was able to give them a whole new look in under 30 minutes!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Vases, can be thrifted or on hand
  • Liquid Leaf
  • Small foam brush
  • Spray paint
  • Drop cloth
  • Painter’s or Masking tape
  • Saran wrap
  • Fresh flowers from your favorite florist

I wanted the vases to be somewhat cohesive and play well together, so I took the two most simple of the three vases and gave them a touch of gold using the Liquid Leaf (which can be found at your local craft store in the paint department) and a throwaway foam brush.

There are many ways to use Liquid Leaf (think: dripping it down the sides, coating the inside or “dipping” your vase), but in this case, I gently ran it along the top rim of each vase. Be careful with this, as it can be very runny; only a small amount is necessary, and it dries rather quickly.

Next, I turned them over and on the outside of the vase, I carefully filled in the entire bottom, allowing the glass to reflect a golden glow.

For the larger and more decorative vase, I taped off the top and covered the outer body with a layer of saran wrap. This one would get the inside treatment with a bit of spray paint!

For this part, I set up a little safe station outside (ventilation is key!) on a drop cloth. Most spray paint is pretty water resistant, but the higher the quality, the better off you are.

I used Montana brand paint in a fun aqua hue, and I lightly misted the inside rim of my vase, moving my body around the vase in thin, light coats. I didn’t want to entirely coat the inside of the vase, rather, I wanted a slightly ombre feel overall, with minimal paint at the bottom of the vase.

By painting the interior of the vase, the color lends an effortless milk glass feel as well! Once everything was dry, I peeled off the tape and removed the wrap.

With the vases effortlessly updated, I waited overnight before filling with flowers.

(This will prevent your stems from scratching off your new paint job!) That’s probably the hardest part of the entire remake! I went to my favorite local Chicago florist, Fleur, and worked with the shop owner, Kelly.

She helped me to pull the most amazing stems from her collection – everything from soft pink Peonies, vibrant Ranunculus and several branches of bay leaves to keep things feeling full.

Clockwise from top left: Bay Leaf, Ranunculus, Craspedia (aka “billy balls”), Dianthus, Berzelia, Peonies

Not sure whether or not I’d separate out my vases, I wanted to keep them cohesive by using the same mix with subtle variations in each vase. The tiny magenta Dianthus pick up on the pink Peony tips, and the fun, round Craspedia play nicely with the Ranunculus!

In the end, I ultimately spread the floral love around our house. The shortest vase has been living on our television console, the largest vase sits within view on our dining table, and the thin vase sits pretty atop my filing cabinet in the home studio.

Although they’re not living together in a group, by keeping them similar in flower type, they feel cohesive throughout the home as well! I love how the barely-there touch of gold peeks out from underneath the flowers, whereas the aqua vase shows off the stems at the base.

 Once it’s time to switch in new flowers, I’d recommend an easy water rinse, as to not flake off any paint. This is being overly cautious, as both the Liquid Leaf and spray paint will keep on sticking, but you also don’t want to scrub at the paint job. And now with this easy and effective DIY underneath our belt, perhaps it’s time to tackle another large project now? We think so!


Small Blue Vase

DIY Acqua Colored Vase Of A Glass

Attractive wedding centerpiece with a navy blue vase with white flowers. Blue and white colors look very attractive among many other elements of wedding stylization. This composition is universal and stylish.

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Beautiful flowers deserve a beautiful setting. This original vase was made of high-quality thin-walled glass in a trendy turquoise color. Presented hre small blue vase will be perfect for your tea party!

Blue Floral Vase
It is a beautiful blue floral vase that has got a white finish and blue pattern. It is a fantastic addition to any living room, bedroom, dining room and more. This product is a perfect accent piece.

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Tollmache Small Lidded Vase
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Attractive table decoration for weddings and other occasions. Purple flowers look very attractive in small glass and metal vessels. This stylization features very stylish and rich colors that enhance any table design.

Bali Vase
The Bali vase is fantastic for your flowers. It has got a blue finish and extra ordinary shape. Everyone will be impressed how amazing it looks in your living room, bedroom and other.

Morning Dew Vase
Vase of unusual shape made of transparent material. Design inspired by the morning dew. Suitable for any interior according to personal taste and imagination.

5 Piece Chinoise Vase Set
Are you looking for vases to your home? This Chinoise Vase Set will be perfect for you. It includes five vases with white finish. They are great to indoor and outdoor space.

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White lily is beautifully suspended in water with sea green marbles. The single vase is lit from within with one waterproof LED tea light. Perfect for your green theme wedding! The small floating candle is the perfect finishing touch.

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hey…i know how to paint clear glass any color, even aqua. You could paint canning jars, small vases, anything.

Tall Hydrangea Centerpieces- Hmm.. am leaning toward a small low centerpiece but this style with the branches is nice too.. maybe half tall half short?

the vase is adorable- 'roses are red, violets are blue…'

An arrangement of blue-and-white ginger jars graces a foyer table. – Traditional Home ® / Photo: Nancy Nolan / Design: Tobi Fairley

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Purple and blue wedding theme at the Gatekeepers Museum in Lake Tahoe

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One day, I'd love to have a small garden or patio at a cottage somewhere in Provence and it'd be filled with old mason jars and wine bottles with fresh-picked flowers.

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board batton laundry room- love the wall paneling. Such good idea in a small laundry room!



36 Mason Jar Vases To DIY Today

DIY Acqua Colored Vase Of A Glass

Need a new mason jar craft project to try this weekend perhaps a brilliant DIY gift idea? No matter what the occasion, mason jar vases are simply some of the most brilliant craft ideas, ever! Inexpensive, creative and oh so lovely, mason jars are the perfect way to add a unique touch to your next floral arrangement or table centerpiece. I made a few different versions of these last month and can not tell you how many compliments I received on them. Plus, they just make me smile when I look at them. From rustic to modern, distressed to glittered, these step by step tutorials for mason jar vases will have you thinking of what you can do with your jars next.

1. Chevron Pallet Mounted Hanging Mason Jar Vase


Whatever your decor style, farmhouse, rustic or Boho a hanging Mason jar vase will look fabulous. Especially with this pallet mason jar vase by Unoriginal Mom. It is super trendy and can be used as an alternative to a wreath. Hang it by the door or make it a porch decor. It’ll give your house a dreamy vibe.

2. Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase


If you’re looking for a fantastic gift for mother’s day, this Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase would be a perfect gift to her special day. It’s so simple to make that even kids can do it. Such a cute idea! Definitely adding this to my weekend craft projects.

3. Ombre Painted Mason Jar


I am in love with this Ombre Painted Mason Jar! I want to try them for sure. Spray paint is definitely your best friend when it comes to this type of craft. And the hydrangeas look perfect in this super gorgeous creation. Read on the full tutorial from Ka Styles to learn how to make your own cute mason jar vase.

4. DIY Gold Mason Jar Flower Vases


Are you fond of filling the house with fresh flowers, especially in the Spring and Summer when you can just go out into the garden and cut them? And wouldn’t it be perfect to have a simple and elegant vase to hold them? This DIY Gold Mason Jar Flower Vases is the perfect solution for that. Look at how pretty they turned out with the gold spray paint. Definitely worth a try.

5. Embellished Mason Jar Vase


Dress up a plain mason jar and whip up this Embellished Mason Jar Vase. You probably have all the materials in the craft room just laying around. Plus this vase is so versatile and I just love the jute and skeleton key in the middle. It feels so vintage and rustic which I really adore in a home decor.

6. Painted Mason Jar With Daisies


These jars are so beautiful! I always have a soft spot for anything distressed and this DIY project is just perfect. The cute little daisies bring a fresh summer vibe. Can’t wait to try it!

7. DIY Rustic Mason Jar Sconce


Why waste your money on expensive wall sconces when you can DIY your own? This DIY Mason jar vase will add the perfect touch of shabby chic to your home decor. With a few small pieces of wood and some smaller mason jars, you will be all set to build a wonderful wall sconce in half the price.

8. Gilded Gold Mason Jar Vase


Give your room a nice touch of glam with this Gilded Gold Mason Jar Vase. You can make them in less than a hour or so and the result will be absolutely gorgeous! I would say this is a perfect addition to a rustic theme that I am going for in the kitchen.

9. Easy Striped Mason Jar Tutorial


Looking for a stunning mason jar idea? Well this one is stunning and looks great anywhere! Stripes go with anything! The black and white stripes gives me so many awesome ideas. I can see this striped jar sitting next to a bright colored painting with reds, blues and yellow! How eye catching would that be?

10. Monogrammed Mason Jar Vase


I just love how cute this monogrammed mason jar vase turned out! It would be perfect as a teacher’s gift or a mother’s day gift, don’t you think? It would be a great place to store pencils, pens, markers, etc. The possibilities are endless so go ahead and make one today.

38. Oranges And Burlap Mason Jar Vase



DIY Cobalt Painted Glass (video tutorial)

DIY Acqua Colored Vase Of A Glass

Y’all remember my cobalt crush, right?  Well, I just keep spotting that not-quite-navy color everywhere! (and wanting more of it around me!)

Last month my hubby and I went on vacation in North Carolina with my parents… and my mom and I had the chance to go antiquing while the guys went golfing. I found my vintage Pyrex bowls on that trip. But I also kept coming across these pretty blue antique glass pieces. I loved how the light shone through them. I didn’t end up buying any…. but I kept thinking about the vases when I got home.

With all of the glass paint I have in my craft stash, I thought that I could knock-off the deep blue glass look with some cheap, clear glassware from the thrift store. So, I grabbed some cut glass and got painting!

Instead of painting the inside of vases, I needed to paint the outside of these vases to achieve the color I wanted.

Want to learn how I painted the glass? It took me a few trials to figure out how to get this deep blue color. This past weekend I hopped on to show my followers how I got the look of this cobalt painted glass.

Check out the live video recording:

Video notes and instructions:

(Note: some of the supplies in this list were given to me complimentary for prior projects. The links in this list are affiliate links and I may earn a small commission on purchases made through those links. I only share products I love and, as always, all opinions are my own.)

  • Supplies needed:
  • Clean your glassware and mix in a vey tiny amount of black paint into the blue paint.
  • Coat the exterior of the vases with paint mixture and allow it to dry. Repeat to deepen the color.
  • Once dry, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set the paint. Most glass paint can be baked at a low temperature in the oven. Once the paint is cured, they can even go in the dishwasher. (for more glass painting tips, don’t miss yesterday’s post!)
  • Note: the paint is not food safe and should not be painted where it will come in contact with food.  I only will use these vases for flowers, so I think were are good!

My painted vases turned out a darker shade of blue than my antique inspiration. But I actually my version more. With the black hues (and paint that settled in the nooks and crannies of the vases), I think the blue is deeper and has more depth. The colors definitely feel more ‘cobalt’ to me!

I could go swimming in this gorgeous blue, couldn’t you?

If you wanted more ideas for things to make from thrift store items, be sure to stop by Crafty Hangouts this week. A bunch of other DIY bloggers are sharing their awesome thrift store finds on video and what they made from them. Click here for the full thrifty DIY schedule! (or follow the #thriftyHOA hashtag on or )

Thanks for reading Madigan Made!

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12 Vibrant DIY Ombre Vases For A Splash Of Color

DIY Acqua Colored Vase Of A Glass

Ombre decor is very popular: it’s a creative way to add colorful splashes to your home, ombre decor looks softer and more delicate. If you think over adding a couple of edgy ombre touches to the space but aren’t ready for radical changes, first try something small, for example, an ombre vase.

Ombre vases even without flowers make a statement in your decor, they can be soft and pastel ones with delicate transitions or bold and contrasting ones for a statement, and the colors are up to you.

Here are some DIY ombre vases that you may and also one tutorial to make gradient vases, too, get inspired.

Painting And Spray Painting

The first tutorial for today is a chic modern glass vase with ombre pink. The vase is made of a large glass bottle using spray paint in hot pink.

The coolest thing about this vase is the contrast between hot pink and transparency of the top of the bottle. It’s ideal for displaying some greenery or something neutral or white blooms.

Add an edgy touch to your home!

DIY ombre pink vase of a large bottle (via

If you are planning a party or going to decorate your home with lots of blooms, create arrangements in bold ombre vases.

They look modern and vibrant and feature a whole array of bright shades – perfect for any floral arrangements! The glasses were originally glass tumblers and were spray painted in different bold shades, spruce up your party, bridal shower or baby shower with these modern vases.

DIY bold and colorful ombre vases of glass tumblers (via

A large glass juice jug can become a creative and bright flower vase with an ombre effect.

The vase comes from light pink to hot and then to dusty pink, there are no transparent parts here, the whole piece is covered. It’s not a spray painted but a painted vase, so you can vary the looks as you want.

Get inspired and rock any color you .

DIY ombre purple vase of a large juice bottle (via

Bring some colorful touch to your home with this trio of bright ombre vases. They are crafted of usual glass bottles, which are painted from white to deep and bright shades – mint, pink, purple.

The transition is very large and takes almost the whole bottle, which brings a soft and delicate look to the vases.

DIY soft-colored ombre vases of usual glass bottles (via thepinkdoormat.blogspot.


Take some glass milk bottles and turn them into bold frosted ombre ones! How to achieve that effect? Use water based acrylic paints to make the vases look colorfully frosted ones. Read the whole tutorial and make some for your girls’ party, brunch, bridal shower or any other kind of gals’ party. Have fun!

DIY dip dyed frosted ombre vases (via

Bring summer feel to your home with super bold neon ombre vases. Get an arrangement of various glass bottles, it will be cooler to take different ones for a more eye-catchy look.

Grab various neon spray paints to make your vases bold, ombre and interesting, use a different shade for each bottle. Such vases are easy to make and will add splashes of neon to any space or party.

DIY neon colored ombre painted vases (via

These aren’t ombre vases but gradient ones – I just couldn’t skip the craft when I saw them! Gradient isn’t ombre, which is usually a transition from lighter to darker or bolder shades of the same color, gradient is a transition in between different colors. Grab some tall glass vases to fully show off the transition and incorporate more colors and go with spray paints all over with various super vibrant shades. Mix them all!

DIY vibrant gradient tall flower vases (via

This oversized vase is great for a holiday or party centerpiece: it’s done with ombre glitter, all sparkling and bold.

Gold, aqua and sapphire glitter coming in layers create a bright and shiny ombre look, and your vase will be a bold centerpiece with any blooms or arrangements you put inside.

Spruce up your tablescape for a bold look!

DIY ombre glitter vase for a party centerpiece (via

Don’t spend a bunch of money on a Valentine’s Day vase you will only pull out once a year. Instead, use this simple technique to add some sparkle and style to any vase from the thrift store.

This is a very bright piece to rock, any flowers will be amazing in it, and we strongly recommend to go for dishwasher safe Mod Podge to keep the vase safe while washing.


DIY ombre vase in the shades of pink for Valentine's Day (via

Go glam with these small and sparkling vases! Usual clear plastic cups are spruced up with gold glitter and an ombre effect to make little and cute fun centerpieces. Place any simple blooms and greenery into the cups – gold glitter will accent any blooms you may .

DIY ombre gold glitter vases of little plastic cups (via


Painting and spray painting isn’t the only idea to make a cool ombre vase, you may also go for more creative ways. Take a usual bottle and some colorful yarn in various shades of one color and wrap the bottle creating soft or bold transitions. Enjoy your bold vases in any color that you – from purple to orange!

DIY purple ombre yarn wrapped vases (via

These simple ombre vases feature a strong rustic feel, these are usual bottles wrapped with twine and then painted with an ombre effect. Any bottles would do, from beer ones to decorative large ones. Get inspired and make some vases for your home!

DIY ombre twine vases (via