Funny DIY Piggybank For Your Kids

  1. 25 Playful Piggy Banks For Penny Pinching Kids
  2. 5 DIY Piggy Bank Craft Ideas for Children
  3. 3. A Piggy Bank That Can Fly
  4. 20 Fun DIY Piggy Banks
  5. DIY Piggy Banks
  6. More Fun DIY Activities for Kids 
  7. 20 DIY Piggy Bank Ideas for Kids Using Mason Jars
  8. DIY Ice Cream Fund Mason Jar & Printable Art
  9. How To Make a Disney Savings Jar
  10. Awesome DIY Piggy Banks
  11. Sparkle & Shine DIY Mason Jar Coin Bank
  12. DIY Minnie & Mickey Mouse Mason Jar Money Banks
  13. Easy DIY Minion Mason Jar Coin Banks
  14. How To Make Piggy Banks
  15. DIY Autospardose Mason Jar Coin Banks
  16. DIY a Mason Jar Superhero Bank
  17. How To Make a Mason Jar Piggy Bank
  18. Amazing DIY Coin Bank – Free Tutorial
  19. DIY Piggy Bank A Mason Jar
  20. How To Make Rainbow Mason Jar Piggy Bank
  21. How To Decorate a Mason Jar Bank
  22. Awesome DIY Mason Jar Piggy Bank Craft
  23. Easy DIY Jam Jar Piggy Bank
  24. DIY Travel Themed Mason Jar Bank
  25. Cute DIY Mason Jar Piggy Bank
  26. Awesome DIY Mason Jar Piggy Banks
  27. DIY Ball Mason Jar Piggy Banks For Under
  28. Mason Jar Crafts And Decor:
  29. 17 Easy DIY Piggy Bank Ideas For Kids
  30. 1. Mason Jar Map
  31. 2. DIY Unicorn Piggy Bank
  32. 3. Rolling Piggy Bank
  33. 4. DIY Leather Piggy Bank
  34. 5. Shadow Box Bank
  35. 6. Felt Piggy Bank
  36. 7. Paper Mache Coin Bank
  37. 8. DIY Airplane Piggy Bank
  38. 9. DIY Coffee Can Bank
  39. 10. Superhero Bank
  40. 11. DIY Glitter Coin Bank
  41. 12. DIY Painted Globe Bank
  42. 13. Plastic Bottle Piggy Bank
  43. 14. Orange Mason Jar Bank
  44. 15. DIY Minions Coin Bank
  45. 16. Old Tin Cans Bank
  46. 17. Mickey Mouse Piggy Bank
  47. 10 Creative DIY Coin Bank Ideas to Teach Your Kids Saving their Money
  48. Map Cover
  49. Unicorn
  50. Superhero
  51. Pretty Glamorous
  52. Minions
  53. Gold Mickey
  54. Mickey Mouse and Minnie
  55. Froggy
  56. Boho Design
  57. Piggy
  58. DIY Piggy Bank
  59. 40 Cool DIY Piggy Banks For Kids & Adults • Cool Crafts

25 Playful Piggy Banks For Penny Pinching Kids

Funny DIY Piggybank For Your Kids

Save early, save young! Teaching kids to save is an important part of growing them into responsible adults. Learning money management – when to spend, when to save – will help them for the rest of their lives, and it’s never too soon to start.

That’s why you’re going to love these 25 playful piggy banks for penny pinching kids. They’re whimsical and fun and your kids will never know they’re actually learning a valuable life lesson as they watch those coins add up.

Have fun!

Your child’s spirits will be flying high with this DIY airplane bank.

Via BrightNest

Spare chip containers laying around? Turn them into money making machines!

Via The Classy Chapter

Check out this template for a cardboard box bank. Simple, classy, and unexpectedly fun to make.

Via Fab DIY

Cereal box banks are fun to customize and such a cute way to recycle those old boxes.

Via Kix Cereal

Want to give the gift of savings? Check out this crocheted bank!

Via Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Keep saving simple with this drink container bank.

Via The Princess And The Tot

A paper mache dinosaur bank is great for your pint-sized paleontologist.

Via Red Ted Art

Let your littles decorate their own bank, and then keep track of the savings on this mini chalkboard.

Via It Happens In A Blink

Check out this adorable frog bank. Definitely a unique savings plan.

Via Simply Today Life

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but this sparkly piggy bank is a girl’s best way to save.

Via Greta’s Day

How brilliant is this globe bank? Planning a trip? Here’s how to save!

Via Un Beau Jour

No need to make saving hard. These DIY banks are not only easy, but fun to customize.

Via Will Work For Decor

Baby savings banks will let your child grow up saving.

Via Frogs, Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

Pot O’ Gold not your style? How about a pot o’ copper, nickel, and silver?

Via Playground Park Bench

Mighty Mickey and Minnie banks will let your kids help save for that trip to the Magical Kingdom!

Via Kimberley Marriott

Minion banks are great for holding all the coins.

Via Ka Styles

Need a bank that’s a little classy, and a little fun? Check this out. Cha-ching, indeed.

Via Dukes & Duchesses

A paper mache pig bank is a fun way to save, save, save all the way home.

Via Brisbane Kids

Not ready for actual money? Let your littles practice saving with this baby wipes bank.

Via Sunny Day Family

Somewhere over the rainbow you’ll find a piggy bank full of saved coins.

Via Living Well Mom

Build your own coin sorter with this fun tutorial!

Via Instructables

Recycle that old soda bottle into a see-through piggy bank that’ll show all the funds.

Via Martha Stewart

Save your ‘stash’ in these adorable mustache banks.

Via About Family Crafts

Your child will love being a super saver.

Via Fireflies & Mud Pies

Save, spend, donate. That’s the name of the game with this totem bank.

Via Mer Mag


5 DIY Piggy Bank Craft Ideas for Children

Funny DIY Piggybank For Your Kids

Kids find their happiness in the weirdest of objects and toys. But with age, they start developing a better understanding of the world and the people around them. Hence this becomes an ideal time to introduce them to the concept of a piggy bank.

Be it about saving chocolates or keeping pocket money together for older children, having your own piggy bank is a matter of pride for many children.

This is a great way to make them realize the value of money, which can be made better by teaching them how to make a piggy bank of their own.

Children find a new level of excitement in being able to store their pocket money as savings in a special way. Helping them with piggy bank art and giving them ideas of crafting their very own personalized piggy banks can help them feel more connected to it.

There’s no such rule that states that a piggy bank should be round in shape. It can even be a square-shaped pig made from a tissue box.


  • Glue
  • Child-friendly scissors
  • Paints
  • Foam paper
  • Cotton
  • Wrapping paper
  • Empty toilet paper rolls
  • Empty tissue paper box


  • Start with toilet paper rolls and cut them in half so that you get four tubes that can be used as legs. You can either leave these in their natural brown colour, paint them or wrap them up.
  • Take the tissue box and wrap it up completely in foam paper or wrapping paper. Cover it on all sides fully to get the main body of the piggy bank.
  • Draw a pig-shaped head on the cardboard paper and then cut it out. Draw the ears separately and cut them out as well. Paint them in the manner of your choosing.
  • Once the paint dries, take a blob of cotton and roll it up into a ball. Now, glue this ball on the face to make the nose of the piggy.
  • Stick the ears on the face appropriately and use additional decorations to make the ears stand out further.
  • Now stick the face on one side of the box. Glue the tubes to the bottom of the box to make the piggy’s feet. Use the scissors to gently cut the wrapping open exactly where the tissue box opening resides. This becomes the entry for coins and notes.

When starting out, it is best for your kids to see how their money is being stored inside their bank. Going with a piggy bank craft water bottle idea can help them make their first bank easily and have fun in seeing their savings stored safely inside.


  • Glue
  • Child-friendly scissors
  • Bundle of wool
  • Foam paper
  • Paints
  • Toy eyes
  • Small water bottle caps
  • A large water bottle cap
  • An empty water bottle


  • Pick your child’s favourite colour and get wool and paper of that colour itself.
  • Use paint of that colour as well and paint all the caps as well as the bottle. You can keep a few places open to see your money inside.
  • Once painted, allow it to dry. Until then, take the wool and start curling it around your finger as tightly as possible. This will later be used as the tail of the piggy.
  • Trace triangular ears on foam paper and cut them out using scissors. You can fold them so that the ears look realistic.
  • Once the bottle and the caps have dried, use some glue and stick the caps around the bottle to mimic the legs of the piggy.
  • The large bottle cap can be screwed onto the bottle, which will become the nose of the piggy.
  • Apply glue to the eyes and stick them accordingly. Repeat the same with the ears. Finally, glue the base of the tail behind the bottle.
  • For the entry, you can either cut a small opening on the bottle’s body or behind it, which can be used to put in coins and notes.

3. A Piggy Bank That Can Fly

Piggy bank is just a general shape for the container of money. You can make an aeroplane piggy bank as well to satisfy your child’s flying enthusiasm.


  • A pencil
  • Child-friendly scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Cardboard paper
  • Plastic bottle


  • Begin by cutting a small gap in the body of the water bottle. Use some coins and notes to check if it is large enough to put the money comfortably.
  • On the cardboard paper, draw L-shaped blocks and cut them out. These will be used to form the rear part of the plane as well as the rudder.
  • Use the double sided tape and stick those pieces to the rear portion of the water bottle. Make sure it doesn’t cover the opening.
  • Just the tail, draw two rectangles on the cardboard paper and cut them out as well. Once done, roll them up and glue the edges together. These will function as engines of the aeroplane.
  • Glue to the side of the bottle, inclining to the base. This will allow for the plane to stand with support.
  • Repeat the same with two triangular shapes which will become the wings of the plane.
  • Cut a strip from the cardboard paper and glue it on the bottle cap to make it the plane’s propeller. Screw the cap onto the bottle.
  • Use paints or pens to add detail on the plane’s body.

If you think that it takes numerous steps and multiple objects to make a piggy bank, here’s an extremely simple and straightforward way to get one ready.


  • Child-friendly scissors
  • Wrapping paper
  • Plastic container


  • Using the child-friendly scissors or even a knife, under strict adult supervision, cut a slit on the cap of the container. This becomes the entry to insert notes and add coins to your bank.
  • Cover the body of the plastic container completely with wrapping paper and tape the ends of it together. You can use adhesive wallpaper or any other techniques of decorating your piggy bank.

Putting together a DIY ceramic piggy bank for your child will be a great way to make a durable savings container. And it is a lot fancier than using any simple boxes or containers.


  • Paints
  • Duct tape
  • Knife
  • Ceramic Jar
  • Plastic Lids


  • If your ceramic jar does not have a good design already, you can use the paints to decorate it in the manner of your choosing. Cover it completely with a single colour, or let loose your inner artist in the best way possible. Allow the jar to dry.
  • Once the paint has dried, print some interesting images from the Internet and glue them on the bottle.
  • Take a knife and make a slot on the plastic lid. It should be large enough to allow coins to be inserted along with notes.
  • Screw this lid on top of the ceramic jar. You can use some more decorative material on the lid as well, making sure the slot is not covered accidentally.

Having a homemade piggy bank is a lot better than going out in the market and purchasing one for your child. Commercial material is always quite generic, even though it may seem flashy. Your own piggy bank allows you to personalize it and make it truly your own.

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20 Fun DIY Piggy Banks

Funny DIY Piggybank For Your Kids

My kids love their piggy banks.

Filling them up with the spare change they find is so exciting for them. Once they are all filled up we head to the bank to add the money to their savings account, and they think that is so cool!

Here are a bunch of super cool ways to make a DIY piggy bank all by yourself.

These are so much fun!

DIY Piggy Banks

Mason Jar Superhero Banks – This is so fun for superhero fans! via Fireflies and Mud Pies

Formula Can Piggy Bank – If you have an empty formula can, you can make this really simply. via It Happens in a Blink

Ice Cream Fund Mason Jar – This is my kind of piggy bank. via Yesterday on Tuesday

Giant Mail Tube Piggy Bank – This huge bank looks a pencil and can hold a ton of change! via Damask Love

Totem Pole Banks from Cans and Duct Tape – I love that this has three sections: to spend, to save, and to give. via Mer Mag Blog

DIY Shadow Box Bank – Add a photo of what you are saving for in this shadow box. Perfect if you are saving for something in particular. via A Mom’s Take

Piggy Bank from a Wipes Container – One of the easiest ways to make a bank. via Sunny Day Family

Glittered Dollar Store Piggy Bank – Spice up a boring piggy bank easily! via Greta’s Day

Paper Mache Piggy Bank Dinos – Use paper mache to make a pink pig bank. via Red Ted Art

Cha-Ching Mason Jar Piggy Bank – This bright and fun jar turned piggy bank is so cute. via Dukes and Duchesses

DIY Cereal Box Piggy Banks – Three fun ways to recycle a cereal box into a piggy bank. via Kix Cereal

Mayo Jar Hamm Piggy Bank – Another great recycle project! via Disney Family

Soda Bottle Piggy Bank – This adorable piggy bank is fun to make and looks so cute. via Musely

Turtle Piggy Bank – These tiny banks that look turtles and actually float! via Krokotak

Mason Jar Piggy Bank – Even more banks made from mason jars! via Your Crafty Family

Minion Piggy Bank from Water Cooler Bottle – Everyone loves Minions! Here’s a fun way to make your own piggy bank. via Pinterest

Pringles Can Piggy Bank – Use a Pringles can to make a personalized piggy bank. via Jennifer P. Williams

Minnie and Mickey Disney Vacation Saving Jars – If you are saving up for a Disney trip, these are perfect! via Poofy Cheeks

DIY Airplane Piggy Bank – This is so cool, you would never know it was made from a plastic bottle. via BrightNest

Spend Share Save Piggy Banks – Here is another really great bank that reminds kids to spend some, save a little, and give. via eHow

More Fun DIY Activities for Kids 

This DIY Galaxy Nightlight is pretty simple to make, and the kids will love it! Save some money and make this DIY Bird Feeder instead of buying one. Get out the paint and let the kids make this fun DIY Finger Paint Name Art! Don’t forget to also try this DIY Snowy Slime. 

Leave a comment: What DIY piggy bank from this list does your kids plan to make? 


20 DIY Piggy Bank Ideas for Kids Using Mason Jars

Funny DIY Piggybank For Your Kids

So growing up, my parents always taught me to save money in the most creative ways they could find.

And I really love them for it, because I`ve grown up into a responsible person and a person who knows how to handle their money, which is a really important skill in everyone’s life.

So I decided that this post should be all about new and creative ways to save money, and also, if you have tons of mason jars, just lying around this might be your lucky day.

I have compiled 20 DIY Piggy Bank for kids Using Mason Jars, and the best part is that you will most definitely have fun making these piggy banks while finally finding a way to repurpose those mason jars you have.

Also, this article is important for other reasons, and that is it will be a big part of your kid’s way of learning how to save money and making it a great part of their life.

So pull up a comfy chair, pick the piggy bank you think your kids will love the most, and get to it.

These easy to make kids crafts are really super fun and simple to make that you shouldn’t have any problems finishing any of them. But in case you do get stuck, there is a well-written tutorial following each design.

You can follow it step by step and also have fun in the process, which is also a very important part of the art of DIY. So no time to waste, it is time to save some money with these amazing DIY Piggy Bank Using Mason Jars.

DIY Ice Cream Fund Mason Jar & Printable Art

This fun ice cream fund Mason jar idea is superb to let your kids save money and enjoy their favorite items until they have gathered the apt amount! So grab a mason jar, paint it in your favorite color with some chalkboard paint in the center to write Ice Cream Fund on it! A cute ice cream printable makes it more fun and cool! yesterdayontuesday

How To Make a Disney Savings Jar

Disney land is the dreamland of the kids, and they want to go there even if it is for once! So here is the idea of making this lovely Disney saving jar in which they can collect some money to sponsor their trip to their favorite place! So take an empty mason jar and add some cute text to the jar with clay made Mickey Mouse face on the lid! undercovertourist

Awesome DIY Piggy Banks

We are always left up with some coins when getting change for your dollar bills on buying something, so the best way to put the coins in a functional use is to save them! To pour in your coins, you can make these gorgeous and fun piggy banks the painted mason jar, and you can write up the use of the savings on the jar to Spend, Save, or for College! sayyes

Sparkle & Shine DIY Mason Jar Coin Bank

Little things make big things happen, and so is the case of collecting your daily coins and buying something big and useful when the collections are huge! So to save your coin collection, you can make this utterly cute, and fun looking sparkle and shine DIY Mason jar coin bank and start throwing your coins in it until it’s full! taylorbradford

DIY Minnie & Mickey Mouse Mason Jar Money Banks

If you want to promote money-saving habits in your kids, then you really have to bring them a lovely piggy bank, and now you can make one at home! And if they want to save money for their Disney land trip, then this pretty Minnie and Mickey Mouse mason jars are just perfect for getting your hands on and gifting to the kids! Details here kimberleymarriott

Easy DIY Minion Mason Jar Coin Banks

The kids are in huge love with the minions, so if you are planning to make anything for them, the minions are a huge inspiration for you! This fun minion mason jar would not only let your kids save his coins in it but also create a very pretty look on tables or other display spots of the kid’s room! Follow the details of the idea here kastyles

How To Make Piggy Banks

Let your kids learn the value of the money in the most pretty and fun way with the help of these adorable piggy banks, which are super easy and fun to make at home! So grab the mason jars and some pieces of the wood to make this three in one piggy bank stand! The first one is to save, second to spend, and the third one to give away! homemadeginger

DIY Autospardose Mason Jar Coin Banks

When you start a family, you really start saving to come up to your family’s needs a family car! So to save money in a piggy bank would be a great idea, and making fun Mason jar piggy banks is just so damn cool and fun! So while you are saving money for a card, you can add a painted car on the lid to make it look totally customized! johannarundel

DIY a Mason Jar Superhero Bank

The kids are so excited when they start earning some money and to save them for the purchase of their dream possessions! So to motivate them for the savings, you can make them these adorable and fun looking superhero banks on your own! So grab the Mason jar, make a coin slot in the lid, paint the jars superheroes of Batman and the superman, and you are done! firefliesandmudpies

How To Make a Mason Jar Piggy Bank

This lovely mason jar piggy bank seems to be inspired from the lovely fall season for being so nicely displaying the color of orange and thus would be a perfect gift for your kids in the fall! Here are the details of making it dukesandduchesses

Amazing DIY Coin Bank – Free Tutorial

Turning the empty jars into the fun piggy banks is just so much fun, and now you can do it with more fun and style! Here is this fancy piggy bank having been made from the colorful cover-up of the jar with some fancy cover! Glitter pencils have been used to design up the paper, and here are full details! cutoutandkeep

DIY Piggy Bank A Mason Jar

Even if you do not have time to get your hands crafty with the mason jars and make it look all fancy and fun, you can simply change it into a piggy bank! Yes, by creating a slit in the Mason jar lid, you can easily turn into a simple piggy bank to save your loose change it! Details here shawnann

How To Make Rainbow Mason Jar Piggy Bank

The kids can make a lovely and cute Mason jar piggy bank too and have so much fun making it as it involves colors to its making! So here is the idea of painting this lovely jar into white and then painting the pretty rainbow colors on it and thus making it look all fancy and fun and kiddish at the same time! livingwellmom

How To Decorate a Mason Jar Bank

Get your hands on the crafty drawer and let all the craft scrap come out, be it paint, colored pencils, and the ribbons as we got the perfect idea for you to use it for! Here is the idea of creating this lovely piggy bank the mason jars and use all your embellishments on it and let kids use it for the coin saving! makeandtakes

Awesome DIY Mason Jar Piggy Bank Craft

Turn a simple and empty mason jar your kitchen into this absolute and chic piece of the piggy box! So paint the jar in pink and add eyes, nose, and the ears to it, and your gorgeous piggy bank in complete piggy style is just ready to rock kid’s room shelves! fun365

Easy DIY Jam Jar Piggy Bank

The more a piggy bank is unique and fun, the more kids are going to fall in love with it! So here is the idea of creating this lovely jam jar styled piggy bank using the red tissue in the jar for the jamming effect and the green cash on the top for a complete strawberry look! It would make a perfect gift for your kids! instructables

DIY Travel Themed Mason Jar Bank

Making your kid save for their favorite trip is the best way to let them learn the value of saving, and we got perfect money savers for the purpose! Yes, you can gift them these travel-themed mason jar banks, which have been covered with the map and thus would look super adorable to save for the traveling! pillarboxblue

Cute DIY Mason Jar Piggy Bank

Here is one of the simplest and the cutest way to create an instant and cheap piggy bank for your kids or any other kid around to use as the perfect frugal gift! So grab the pig face and legs from any toy store in plastic and add it to the lid and the bottom of the jar, and your mini piggy bank is ready to save coins! bitesizedbiggie

Awesome DIY Mason Jar Piggy Banks

This Mason jar piggy bank is also simple and would super easy and quick to make with your kids! All you need to do is just create a slit in the lid of the jar to let money get in and then paint the jar in your favorite hues to look some fun and interesting! Details can be grabbed here whiskynsunshine

DIY Ball Mason Jar Piggy Banks For Under $5

You are going to fall in love with these adorable Mason jar piggy banks that you can make fewer than five dollars with lots of fun and excitement! Paint and the colorful craft paper has been used to make these jars look perfectly the piggy banks, and you can check out the details right here onesavvymom

Mason Jar Crafts And Decor:


17 Easy DIY Piggy Bank Ideas For Kids

Funny DIY Piggybank For Your Kids

This roundup of DIY piggy banks will make your kids go crazy for them! There’s so many creative and easy piggy bank ideas to try that are better than buying one from a store. Also, encouraging your kids to use a coin bank will make them excited to save money and become more aware of the importance of saving money.

After all, who doesn’t love saving a few bucks here and there?

From superhero piggy banks, air planes, to piggy banks that are made using mason jars, you and the kids will love each and every one of these DIY banks!

1. Mason Jar Map

Pillar Box Blue made this incredible piggy bank using an old mason jar and covered it with a map. It’s the perfect way to inspire the kids to save towards a trip.

2. DIY Unicorn Piggy Bank

We sure do love cute unicorn crafts and this piggy bank made by Delineate Your Dwelling is no doubt adorable! You’ll pipe cleaners, cardboard, markers and glue for this tutorial.

3. Rolling Piggy Bank

Putting money into this coin bank will definitely something your kid will be excited to do every day. Over at Lovely Indeed, they’ll show you a step by step tutorial on how to make this rolling coin bank from scratch. You won’t be able to wait to get started on yours!

4. DIY Leather Piggy Bank

This DIY leather piggy bank made by Lovely Indeed is super creative and we can’t wait to try this one. It’s indeed in keeping with the ‘piggy’ bank theme and whether it’s for a girl or boy, they both will love it just as much.

5. Shadow Box Bank

Want to make your own shadow box for emergency savings this over at A Mom Stake? You’ll need a shadow box frame, art for the backdrop, and a dremel tool.

6. Felt Piggy Bank

Over at Dream A Little Bigger, you can make this small and cute coin purse using felt. It isn’t so much as to save a lot of coins the other ones but if your kid needs something for day to day, this diy coin purse is the way to go.

7. Paper Mache Coin Bank

We recently did a collection of paper mache crafts, and this coin bank made by In The Little Red House is the cheapest and enjoyable one you can make with your kid.

8. DIY Airplane Piggy Bank

As we promised before, here’s a fantastic airplane coin bank you can make using a water bottle and cardboard. Head over to Bright Nest where you’ll find a full tutorial on how to make this piggy bank.

9. DIY Coffee Can Bank

Do you have a spare or old coffee can at home? Don’t throw it away! Instead turn them into this stylish and unique coin bank made by She Makes A Home.

10. Superhero Bank

I’m sure boys will love these superhero coin banks. Make your own using a mason jar and spray paint with this tutorial by Fireflies and Mudpies.

11. DIY Glitter Coin Bank

How pretty are these glitter coin banks made by Pink Heels Pink Truck? You don’t need to be a kid to make this to save your change. They also make pretty decor pieces for your bedroom.

12. DIY Painted Globe Bank

I love this so much that I had to include this tutorial. Even though it’s not actually a piggy bank tutorial, it could be used that way! Head over to Un beau Jour to learn how to make this gorgeous painted globe!

13. Plastic Bottle Piggy Bank

Here’s another piggy bank idea you can make using a plastic bottle over at Musely! The ear detail makes this piggy bank even more adorable.

14. Orange Mason Jar Bank

Well, if you’re looking for a coin bank that’s less cutesy, then try this bright and bold one made by Dukes and Duchesses. You can personalize it will any quote or message you want.

15. DIY Minions Coin Bank

Who doesn’t love those adorable minions? Make these painted mason jar coin banks with this fantastic tutorial by KA Styles.

16. Old Tin Cans Bank

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to decorate old jars, then this tutorial by Parents is exactly what you need.

17. Mickey Mouse Piggy Bank

It’s always a dream to go to Disney world, but make it a reality with this Mickey Mouse money jar created by Undercover Tourist that has an adorable little top painted in gold for extra detail.

As you can see, there’s many piggy bank ideas you could try but no matter which piggy bank you or your kid decides on, make it creative and make it yours. Don’t forget to add your own special touch to these piggy banks that would spell out how amazing your new coin bank is. Saving money is style is just as important!


10 Creative DIY Coin Bank Ideas to Teach Your Kids Saving their Money

Funny DIY Piggybank For Your Kids

Coin Bank may become something that doesn’t have any meaning for us but it will be works for your kids.

It is something that can give such a positive education for your kids not to have a wasteful habit. You can persuade them to set aside their money and save it into the coin bank.

You don’t need to force them to save too much because the point here is the habit that need to be build not the number.

The other interesting thing for the coin bank is that it is really possible for you to make your own coin bank by making the DIY project of it.

You can make it with your kids so that you can get double advantages because kids are always love to create something especially if that is related to things that can be functioned because that is really make them proud.

Besides, don’t forget that DIY can give them chance to express their imagination.

Map Cover

Those piggy banks are made from old jars that covered with map to make those piggy banks look more interesting. Piggy bank idea is a way for children to be more passionate about saving. Especially with the map piggy bank design where you can give them experience of places at the same time.


In this part, you can make unicorn piggy bank craft with attractive color combinations. This unicorn design is intended to make children more interested in saving. Coupled with colorful shades make this piggy bank even more funny.

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Those are cool piggy bank designs for boys. With the superhero designs your child might be more interested in saving. You can make this by yourself with a jar and spray paint to make it more perfect.

Pretty Glamorous

We made this elegant piggy bank by using pretty color glitter to make a beauty impression on this piggy bank. We added pink color combination to make this piggy bank more eye catching, so that children are more eager to use it.


This design is such a cute design for coin bank that can make your child prefer to save. This is minions design that must be loved by the children because it becomes something hype nowadays. With this cute piggy bank design your child will love it. We make this with jars, paint, and some other additional materials.

Gold Mickey

This Mickey Mouse piggy bank can be a recommendation for your child who prefers to save. Because Mickey Mouse piggy bank is cute and might be acceptable for children. We combine the gold color on the top lid to make it more elegant.

Image Source

Mickey Mouse and Minnie

Piggy bank from a jar with mickey mouse design and polka dots pattern will make your child to save. Red piggy bank combined with black and white will make the piggy bank more perfect. And kids will love it.

Image Source


This is an example of a piggy bank that is very cute and definitely loved by children. This piggy bank is made with a variety of colorful paper that will make this piggy bank easy to make and cheap as well. If you want to make a piggy bank for your child this is a very recommended example.

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Boho Design

This is a very cute piggy bank. This piggy bank is made from old Formula cans combined with decorative fabric, ribbons, and a dollar sign to make a beautiful sized piggy bank. Go try to create it!


This cute piggy bank is the best way to reuse empty tissue boxes and to restore the child’s habit of saving. In this way children must be very eager to save. In addition, the pink color matches the piggy bank.

Image Source

The pictures above show you some DIY coin bank designs those are really interesting and will be loved by your kids. The designs are consist of several different types from the cute one, cool, and even pretty with the glittery stuff that cover your kids choices their different characteristics and gender. Make sure that discuss the design first with your kids so that they will really into it.

If you see the coin bank designs that we have served, you can notice that there are some different kinds of materials that used which are the designs.

Commonly the designs are using paint to draw the pictures and color them. Whereas, you can also use fabric or paper by preparing the glue as well. Another ornament will also needed just the designs.

Prepare your coin bank project by adapting the pictures designs above. Have fun!


DIY Piggy Bank

Funny DIY Piggybank For Your Kids
Colorations Decorate Your Own Piggy Bank, Ceramic, Set of 12, Coated Ceramic, DIY, Arts & Crafts, Gifts, Budgeting, Savings, for Kids, Educational, Craft Project

by Colorations

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“… at Christmas and the'''little piggy” banks will be a fun way to give the money” – by Eaton (Indiana)

Give cash to adult children at Christmas and the'''little piggy” banks will be a fun way to give the money. They are small but very sturdy and were very well packaged for shipping. Pleased with purchase.

KNRAGHO Piggy Bank,Ceramic Money Piggy Bank Kids


In Stock.

“Wrong color” – by Iza M Figueroa (EVERETT, WA, US)

We ordered a white piggy bank and recieved a pink one. The label on the box said white but it was pink. Decided to keep it cause my son saw it and got attached right away. Other than it being the wrong color, it's a cute little pig

4M Paint Your Own Mini Pig Bank

by 4M

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“Great for kids” – by Ms. Trish (Flint, MI USA)

I brought this for my 7 year old niece and she said she s it. The bank is very small so it won't hold a lot of coins. I know the manufacturer suggested this bank for kids over 8 years old, but it's more so for kids who are between the ages of 5 and 7.

ALEX Toys Do-it-Yourself Bling A Piggy Bank

by ALEX Toys

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“Very cute!” – by Elizabeth

Very cute! Gift for my new niece who hasn't arrived just yet. Package arrived on time. Seems as if item has been in the box a long time and moved a round a lot. Some of the metallic pink color has rubbed off in a few spots. It's not perfect, but it's still a very cute little piggy bank.

Pearhead Ceramic Piggy Bank, Makes a Perfect Unique Gift

by Pearhead

In stock on May 21, 2020.

“Nice, more muted tones and VERY light weight.” – by SnowFan (Kirkland, wa)

This is a really cute piggy bank. It has multi colored dots, but I would say the dots are a little more muted tones than the photo. It is VERY light weight, I was kind of surprised.

I guess that makes it easier for little kids to lift it, but I think it also might mean the walls aren't very thick, so it may break if hit ever so slightly.

I have another piggy bank similar to this and it is substantially heavier. All around, I am happy with this purchase!

by Teacher's Choice

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List Price: List Price:$17.99
Price: Price:$14.99
You Save: You Save:$3.00 (17%)

“Works as advertised. Minor issue with battery compartment screw.” – by SteveB

Only have used this a few days. I use it to put loose change in rather than having it loose on my dresser. The ability to add or subtract manually from the total is helpful if you remove change.The little bar that actually 'counts' the coin is a bit tight and if you don't fully insert the coin the first time it could count it twice.

Just need to be assertive when putting a coin in. A child might have an issue.

The only real issue in design is the tiny screw that secures the battery cover under the lid. I can see people losing this very easily when inserting or replacing batteries. Finding a replacement would be a problem. Fortunately my small Phillips head screwdriver is magnetized.

A simple tab would be a lot easier to deal with.


40 Cool DIY Piggy Banks For Kids & Adults • Cool Crafts

Funny DIY Piggybank For Your Kids

Saving money can be difficult at the best of times, but what if you had an awesome coin bank to motivate you to do so each and every day?

Making your own money-saving device isn’t only good for your back pocket – it’s also a fun and simple project to tackle on a rainy afternoon. That’s why we’ve rounded-up 40 of the most incredible DIY piggy banks that are both adult and kid-friendly!

From coin banks made using cardboard and wallpaper, to glass jars, tins, plastic bottles and more – trust us, you’re sure to find a few projects here that tickle your creative bone. So, let’s get started!

How cute is this DIY cardboard coin bank by ABC Creative Learning? Your kids will love making this little guy!

What makes a basic mason jar more awesome? Mustaches and faces of course! About Family Crafts is the genius behind this tutorial.

Who knew it was so cheap and easy to create a piggy bank from a plastic bottle? This DIY tutorial from All You is upcycling at its best!

Saving up for a special trip ( a Honeymoon)? A Mom’s Take has this awesome DIY shadow box coin bank project that you’re sure to love!

Here’s another cool tutorial using an upcycled bottle to create a DIY coin bank, this time from Bright Nest. What an awesome airplane!

Cut Out and Keep has created this stylish yet understated coin bank using affordable materials. Find out how she did it by reading her full tutorial!

How creative is this DIY pencil coin bank from Damask Love? It’s the most fun way to teach children how to save!

Disney Family will show you how to create this fun little DIY piggy bank. This would be a great mother-child project to complete this weekend!

Here’s another DIY piggy bank, this time featuring a miniature felt version from Dream a Little Bigger. Adorable!

You can’t miss this bright orange coin bank from Dukes and Duchesses! Get crafty and creative with your own slogan.

You can also turn some trendy water bottles into an awesome trio of coin banks to help you save, spend, or share. What a great idea from eHow!

Do you have a little superhero in your life? Fireflies and Mudpies will teach you everything you need to know to make these cool DIY coin banks.

Have a boring old piggy bank at home already? Why not ‘glitterfy’ it, just as Greta’s Day has done? Now it’s glamorous and glitzy!

Here’s another trio of coin banks which encourages people to spend, save, and give. Thanks Homemade Ginger for this amazing tutorial!

Fancy owning a self-sorting coin bank? Now you can make your own, because Instructables has this cool DIY tutorial for you!

If you to get crafty with old tin cans, then this DIY coin bank from It Happens in a Blink is certainly for you!

Who would’ve thought that a Pringles tube could serve as the perfect DIY coin bank? Thankfully, Jennifer P Williams did!

Want a DIY coin bank with a more masculine touch? Johanna Rundel has created this cool car-inspired coin bank for the special man in your life!

Karina Garcia is the talented r behind this video tutorial which will teach you how to make a Starbucks coin bank. How clever!

Who doesn’t love the Minions? KA Styles is here to show you how to recreate your own coin banks inspired by the popular characters!

Saving up for a big Disney trip? Kimberley Marriott created these DIY Minnie and Mickey coin jars to encourage her family to save their dollars. Genius!

Here’s another fantastic upcycling inspired tutorial. Kix Cereal turned some old cereal boxes into these adorable DIY coin banks!

It’s incredibly easy to make these DIY turtle coin banks – just ask Krokotak! This is also a kid-friendly tutorial which they’re sure to love.

Wow, these wall-mounted coin banks from Lovely Greens has a gorgeous vintage aesthetic. What a great incentive to save!

Mermag also has the most wonderful kid-friendly DIY projects! This one is no exception either – it features a cool coin bank to help children save, spend appropriately, and give to worthy causes.

Here’s another Disney inspired DIY, this time from Mommity. It features a cute Mickey Mouse silhouette to motivate your next Disneyland trip!

For another plastic bottle makeover, check out this tutorial via Musely! You too can make this adorable piggy bank.

You can always rely on Paper & Stitch for a DIY with a difference! She has created this fun coin bank using wallpaper in vibrant and stylish patterns.

Here’s a DIY piggy bank that won’t bust the budget! created this one from a cardboard box. Your kids are sure to love this project!

Got some old cans or formula tins lying around at home? Why not turn them into these fun DIY coin banks to help kids save, save, save? Thanks for this clever craft idea!

Wow, this DIY coin bank from Pink Heels Pink Truck has got some serious style! The gold makes it look especially glamorous.

Teach your children to create their own little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Playground Park Bench has this fascinating DIY tutorial for you.

You can even make your own paper mache dinosaur coin bank – does it get any better than that? Red Ted Art will show you how it’s done!

Need a college fund? Make a DIY coin jar version! Say Yes created this amazing trio for her little ones.

Did you know that a baby wipes tub could also double as a coin bank? What a great way to recycle and save! Check out the full tutorial via Sunny Day Family for more.

This DIY save jar from Time with Thea sure is fancy! We love the gold color scheme.

How’s this for a wedding wishing well that also doubles as a coin bank? Inspired by Anthropologie, Un beau Jour has created this stunning DIY painted globe.

Got some ‘Mickey Money’ that needs to be saved? Create this DIY coin jar from Undercover Tourist to house it in!

For those who are minimalists, this DIY cardboard coin bank from Instructables is sure to please you! What a clever contraption.

We all need an ice cream fund from time to time, especially during the warmer months when the treat is basically an essential! Yesterday on Tuesday created this DIY coin bank which is pastel perfection.

There you have it – 40 amazing DIY coin banks to help you save those dollars! Which projects will you be making? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!