9 DIY Nursery Wall Art Pieces That You’ll Love

  1. 24 Awesome DIY Canvas Art Ideas
  2. 1. Drip Painting
  3. 2. Simple Painting Transformation
  4. 3. Fabric Art Wall Hanging
  5. 4. Photo Collage
  6. 5. DIY Canvas Art Textured
  7. 6. Art Hearts
  8. 7. Calendar Art
  9. 8. Gold Chevron Paintings
  10. 9. Family Portrait
  11. 10. Sectioned Canvas Wall Art
  12. 11. Concentric Circles Canvas Art
  13. 12. Stripes, Stripes, Stripes
  14. 13. Paper Pieced Flower Canvas Art
  15. 14. Herringbone Wall Art
  16. 15. Paper Scrap Wall Art
  17. 16. Honeycomb Nursery Wall Canvas
  18. 17. DIY Canvas Art
  19. 18. Cheap & Easy Canvas Art
  20. 19. Pyramid Painting
  21. 20. Circle Labels
  22. 21. Abstract Groucho Marx
  23. 22. Children’s Handprint Art
  24. 23. DIY Canvas Art Brush
  25. 24. Pet Art Print
  26. 21 DIY Wall Art Ideas -Homemade Wall Art Painting Projects
  27. 25 Unique DIY Wall Art Ideas (With Printables)
  28. DIY Wall Art Printables
  29. 1. Metallic Clipboards
  30. 2. Painted Wall Pattern
  31. 3. Shoebox Wall Shelves
  32. 4. Geometric Painting
  33. 5. Popsicle Stick Art
  34. 6. Framed Scarf Art
  35. 7. Washi Tape Decals
  36. 8. Gallery Wall
  37. 9. DIY Pallet Frame
  38. 10. Burlap Sign
  39. 11. Adventure Art
  40. 12. Feather Art
  41. 13. Wood Sticks
  42. 14. Starburst Mirror
  43. 15. Geometric Wood Art
  44. 16. Polka Dot Canvases
  45. 17. Fabric Designs
  46. 18. String Art
  47. 19. Recycled Calendar Art
  48. 20. Mini Chalkboard Portraits
  49. 21. Circle Punch Art
  50. 22. Vinyl Records
  51. 23. Eclectic Wall Collage
  52. 24. Yarn and Feather Wall Hanging
  53. 25. Hanging Picture Display
  54. DIY Projects for Baby Girl Nurseries
  55. 1. Wood mounted floral monogram
  56. 2. Crate and fun fabric toy box on wheels
  57. 3. Hand painted seashell growth chart
  58. 4. DIY yarn and felt dream catchers
  59. 5. Pretty hanging paper mobile
  60. 6. Pretty felt ball rug
  61. 7. Framed heart baby card art
  62. 8. Map letter and wood quote art
  63. 9. DIY tissue paper pom poms
  64. 10. Family handprints framed art
  65. 11. Lace doily rounded pendant lamp
  66. 12. Yarn wrapped ombre monogram
  67. 13. Sewn owl nursery mobile
  68. 14. Pretty pom pom garland
  69. 15. Jumbo button wall art
  70. 9 DIY Nursery Wall Art Pieces That You’ll Love
  71. 20+ Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas & Photos You’ll Love | Ideas and Inspiration for Every Occasion
  72. 1. Giant Peg Board
  73. 2. DIY Wind Chimes
  74. 3. Personalized Calendar
  75. 4. Clipboard Collection
  76. 5. Pressed Leaves
  77. 6. Initial Artwork
  78. 7. Washi Tape Wall
  79. 8. Kitchen Sign
  80. 9. Painted Canvas
  81. 10. Wooden Words
  82. 11. Produce Baskets
  83. 12. Alphabet Art
  84. 13. Photo Gallery Wall
  85. 14. Gold Leaf Map Art
  86. 15. Organizer Station
  87. 16. Paint Chip Wall
  88. 17. Chalkboard Decor
  89. 18. Contemporary Painting
  90. 19. Festive Plates
  91. 20. Pixel Wall Art
  92. 21. Pressed Flower Art
  93. 22. Fabric Wall Organizer
  94. 23. Zinc Letters
  95. 24. Inspirational Art

24 Awesome DIY Canvas Art Ideas

9 DIY Nursery Wall Art Pieces That You’ll Love

Everyone is born creative. Children are living proof of this. Many people lose their creativity as they get older, but there’s no reason why you can’t get back into the creative spirit and see if you’ve still got it.

As you can see by many of the examples here, you don’t have to be Pablo Picasso or Rembrandt to create simple but effective canvas art to complement your interests, your family or the décor of your home. Stencil art and hand prints are used in some examples, while simple brush strokes and pictures cut calendars are used in others.

You’ll also find some more challenging DIY canvas art ideas in here too, if you’re up to being a bit more advanced in your art. This is of course a great read for those who are artists as well – either as a hobby or a profession. Even the most artistic people can often find themselves struggling for inspiration.

This list of 24 awesome DIY canvas art ideas will surely interest you and hopefully inspire you to pick up some paint, a keyword, some glue or a potato… and create!

1. Drip Painting

Anna on her blog Take the Side Street lets some paint drip down the canvas to create stripes. Sounds too easy, but art doesn’t need to be complex to be awesome!

2. Simple Painting Transformation

Katrina on her crafty blog Katrina’s Baguettes show how to transform an old painting (that she and her friend painted in college) into something completely new.

3. Fabric Art Wall Hanging

You can glue fabric to canvas the décor of your house. All People Quilt show you how it’s done.

4. Photo Collage

We love showing off our own canvas app, an easy way to create gorgeous photo collages. This butterfly is from our Silhouette Collection and is perfect for family photos or even photos of flowers from your own garden.

5. DIY Canvas Art Textured

Jessica from Happy Together has mixed some paints and modeling paste to create an interesting textured painting – and shows you how you can too!

6. Art Hearts

Blogger Jen from IHeart Organizing has cut out a bunch of different coloured heart shapes and made colour charts. She makes this DIY ‘how to’ look way too easy!

7. Calendar Art

Tamara from Etcetorize loves shoes! So she’s cut some calendars and placed them on canvas. Saves throwing away the calendar. Recycling for the win! Also, what a wonderful idea for a fashion workshop or store. Eat your heart out Andy Warhol.

8. Gold Chevron Paintings

Jess from Jess Lively used tape to create jagged line stencils to paint over in bronze. Stunning result.

9. Family Portrait

Laura from Corner House combines a big heart with big talent to create this piece – a tree branch and birds representing members of her family. She will keep adding more birds to the painting with every new addition to the family. 1,2,3 … Awwww. An idea this would complement one of our canvas family portraits very well – a great way to mix up your decor.

10. Sectioned Canvas Wall Art

Thao’s a photographer who’s printed one of her photos of flowers and divided it into nine small canvas prints. Not as crafty as this Adorkable Duo? Create your own 3×3 split canvas photo print online instead.

11. Concentric Circles Canvas Art

Kacey’s colourful circles are a delight! She was inspired by a similar painting by a Russian abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky to create this piece for her kitchen. Check out how she did it on her blog Stay At Home Artist.

12. Stripes, Stripes, Stripes

Michelle from 4 Men 1 Lady has applied tape and paint to create stripes to match the décor and colouring of her home. Better than a bought one!

13. Paper Pieced Flower Canvas Art

Sarah from Craft Warehouse has used scrapbook pages (I would also suggest spare wrapping paper from Christmas or birthdays) to cut out flower petal shapes for this piece.

14. Herringbone Wall Art

More scrapbook art (or Christmas/Birthday wrapping paper art) has been placed by Linda in a neat pattern to create this eye catching collage featured on Burlap & Blue.

15. Paper Scrap Wall Art

Patricia from A Little Hut has created some 3D wall art paper shapes with folds at the bottom so the shapes literally stick the canvas! I expect you need a lot of patience to finish off this one, but totally worth the effort!

16. Honeycomb Nursery Wall Canvas

Amy’s clever alphabet honeycomb piece with a bee replacing the letter B is perfect for any nursery, or even a childcare centre! Get a step by step guide at Positively Splendid.

17. DIY Canvas Art

At first glance, this looks giant black circles trying to get in through the window! But we can all relax because it’s Christy’s clever piece depicted on four canvases. She was keen to create a focal point in her living area to distract from the walls needing a new coat of paint. Missioned accomplished! Check it out at Beach Brights.

18. Cheap & Easy Canvas Art

Mindy of Finding Silver Linings has created something new something old and dusty. Simple and quick too!

19. Pyramid Painting

If you’re a fan of triangles I am, you’ll love spending half a day painting triangles on potatos and stamping them onto canvas Lola has done.

20. Circle Labels

It’s time to visit your favourite stationery goods store! Cortney from Just Kali Rae has used circle shaped labels to create this golden delight.

21. Abstract Groucho Marx

Kristin of Kristen F David Designs has swirled the paint brush around wonderfully on canvas to decorate her home with this abstract artwork she has called Groucho Marx. I have a feeling this is harder than it looks.

22. Children’s Handprint Art

We’re all familiar with handprint and footprint art, but check out these creative twists from Fab Art DIY. You can even scan it in and use it as part of a canvas photo collage.

23. DIY Canvas Art Brush

A quick dab of a brush can turn into some amazing patterns, as demonstrated by Emily. Her choice to use silver/grey paint has created a classy piece of art.

24. Pet Art Print

Cheryl of Everyday Dishes & DIY has cleverly made some stencils by cutting out the shape of a dog from a photo and creating a variety of patterned dog images. Love it, but think it’s too hard? Then you’ll love our DIY paw print. Create it online now!

For more inspiration and to live life in colour, check out our canvas art blog.

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21 DIY Wall Art Ideas -Homemade Wall Art Painting Projects

9 DIY Nursery Wall Art Pieces That You’ll Love

Annie Schlechter

When you move into a new home, there’s always that moment when you stare at your blank walls, wondering how you’ll fill them and give them personality.

And as fun as it is to track down wall art from retail stores, we’ll suggest another way to dress up your living room or bedroom walls: DIY artwork you can create yourself.

It might sound kind of intimidating, but we’re here to tell you that lots of DIY paintings, embroidery pieces, and abstract artwork isn’t as hard to make as you think. Actually, many of the projects we’re sharing here from some of our favorite DIY bloggers around can be made in a weekend, an afternoon, or even an hour!

Making DIY wall art can also be a lot easier on your wallet too.

Instead of springing for that expensive piece you spied in a catalog, you can create an oh-so-similar version for a fraction of the price, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself.

So block off some quality alone time, gather up your friends, or ask your little ones to join in on the fun, because it’s time to make some DIY wall art.

1 of 21

DIY Color Block Rainbow Wall Art

Looking as if it’s jumped right the 1970s, this incredibly cheerful rainbow wall art is guaranteed to make you smile. All it requires is a canvas, some painter’s tape, and a kaleidoscope of paint colors.

Get the tutorial at At Home with Ashley.


2 of 21

DIY Large Scaled Art

With a tutorial this one, you really can whip up your own abstract art to display in your home, no previous painting experience required. It’s sure to be a conversation starter as soon as your guests walk in the door.

Get the tutorial at Delineate Your Dwelling.


3 of 21

DIY Framed Silhouette Art

We're fully aware of the silhouette trend sweeping the flea markets nowadays. Beloved for their old-school flair, you can make silhouettes of your very own family members with this beginner how-to.

Get the tutorial at Sincerely, Sara D.


4 of 21

DIY No-Sew Embroidery Wall Art

Using a woven panel and a frame you make yourself, there are no embroidery skills needed to craft this bee-utiful wall art.

Get the tutorial at Shrimp Salad Circus.


5 of 21

DIY Floral Wall Art

Starting with free printable flowers, card stock, a large poster board, and frame, this colorful floral wall art will cost you only $5—and only an hour of time!—to make.

Get the tutorial at A Piece of Rainbow.


6 of 21

DIY Metal Leaf Wall Art

While we love the vibrant green hues of ferns, we can’t help but gravitate toward these faux fern fronds covered in a layer of glam gold. They particularly pop against a black canvas.

Get the tutorial at Just a Little Creativity.


7 of 21

DIY Wall Art with Framed Fabric

So, maybe you don’t fancy yourself a painter. That’s okay! Instead, follow this tutorial to frame a piece of artful fabric that looks just as creative.

Get the tutorial at RemodelaCasa.


8 of 21

DIY Modern Painting

For something on the modern side, paint simple black and white blocks onto a cream background, frame, and admire on your wall.

Get the tutorial at Nadine Stay.


9 of 21

DIY Lavender Painting

You love the scent of lavender—so why not paint some lovely lavender flowers for your wall? Although it looks complicated, this tutorial will have you feeling a flower-painting Picasso in a flash.

Get the tutorial at Feeling Nifty.


10 of 21

DIY Wood Shim Wall Art

We're loving all the stunning bohemian wall art we’re seeing on Etsy these days. And guess what? You can make one of those masterpieces yourself, using wallet-friendly wood shims and your favorite power tools.

Get the tutorial at Amber Oliver.


11 of 21

DIY Thrifted Canvas Wall Art

Let’s say that you’ve spotted a canvas at the thrift store, but you’re not exactly over the moon about the artwork on it. If the size is perfect for your wall, transform it into an abstract treasure you’ll adore.

Get the tutorial at Savvy Apron.


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DIY Color Engineer Prints

Believe it or not, you can take your fave vacation pictures and turn them into full-color, large-scale engineer prints, which we guarantee will look perfect on your mantel.

Get the tutorial at The Turquoise Home.


13 of 21

DIY Abstract Art Using Paint Samples

Layering a mix of navy blues, creams, and grays, you can turn some of your top paint colors and into a dreamy piece to proudly display in your home.

Get the tutorial at City Farmhouse.


14 of 21

DIY Large Scale Stenciled Art

For a touch of global flair, you can make this stenciled wall art which looks a lot batik patterning. The blue and white hues make it look fresh and distinctive for any space.

Get the tutorial at Brepurposed.


15 of 21

DIY Abstract Art

If you can’t get enough of gold, we highly suggest that you make this abstract wall art that incorporates pinks, grays, and mesmerizing liquid gold foil.

Get the tutorial at The Sweetest Digs.


16 of 21

DIY Farmhouse Laundry Room Signs

You’ll be pleased to know that you can make these absolutely adorable farmhouse signs for your laundry room with artist panels scored at the dollar store.

Get the tutorial at Robyn Johanna.


17 of 21

DIY Paint Dipped Artwork

We all have them—those vintage paintings gathering dust in our basements that haven’t seen the light of day in years. Whether they’ve been passed down in your family or you changed your mind about them after buying them at a flea market, you can give them a modern look by dipping them in paint.

Get the tutorial at Simple Stylings.


18 of 21

DIY Marble Wall Art

Marbled-anything can be hypnotic, from countertops to cake to those pages inside antique books, but a marbled piece of wall art? Sign us up, especially when it showcases touches of gold.

Get the tutorial at Made in a Day.


19 of 21

DIY Oversized Geometric Wall Art

Oversized and ideal to hang over a couch, this geometric wall art can be made using plywood and spray paint. It’s just the contemporary accent a living room needs.

Get the tutorial at Making Home Base.


20 of 21

DIY Sea Glass Wall Art

Whether you collect sea glass or if you’ve picked up a bag or two at the craft store, you can make this coastal creation. Spotlighted in a float frame and forming the shape of a wave, you’ll be instantly transported to the ocean every time you look at it.

Get the tutorial at The House House.


21 of 21

DIY Birch Tree Stenciled Art

With a stencil and spray paint in hand, you can create this beautiful wall art showing off a grove of birch trees. We think it’s an incredibly soothing, nature-inspired addition to any home.

Get the tutorial at Dans le Lakehouse.


Source: https://www.countryliving.com/home-design/decorating-ideas/g31153820/diy-wall-art-ideas/

25 Unique DIY Wall Art Ideas (With Printables)

9 DIY Nursery Wall Art Pieces That You’ll Love

Are you looking to add life and energy to your home? From cooking dinners in the kitchen to lounging in the living room, the decor you choose can create a unique vibe in every room. The art you display and the photos of your favorite memories can create an upbeat, relaxing, rustic or quirky feel.

Adding wall art is a simple way to decorate, and many pieces are easy enough to make yourself. We have 25 creative DIY wall art ideas that will transform your space. From canvas paintings to ornate mirrors, we have inspiration for every style.

Browse through our unique printables and pick your favorite. From mountains to oceans, we’ve created pieces that will complement your current wall decor or can stand out on their own. Pair them with your favorite style of frame to create a framed art print.

DIY Wall Art Printables

Now that you have a print in mind, look through 25 more DIY wall art ideas that you can pair it with. Not only are these ideas fun to make, but you’ll have one-of-a-kind decor ready to .

1. Metallic Clipboards

Source: Craft-O-Maniac

Give your walls personality by hanging decorative clipboards. Add metallic flair with spray paint, then let it dry before placing your to-do lists, photos and favorite quotes on the wall.

2. Painted Wall Pattern

The best wall decoration ideas are ones that burst with personality. Paint an entire wall with a design you love— flowers, trees or mountains.

3. Shoebox Wall Shelves

Build rectangular shelves shoeboxes. Paint them different colors for added texture and dimension. Fill your shelves with flowers, succulents and decorative vases.

4. Geometric Painting

Paint a blank canvas in a geometric design. Draw your pattern with a pencil beforehand to guide the look you want. Choose a variety of paints inclusive of complementary and contrasting colors.

5. Popsicle Stick Art

Fasten popsicle sticks together with glue, then paint your wooden board with a range of colors. This simple wall art is great for bathrooms and guest bedrooms.

6. Framed Scarf Art

Source: Honey Sweet Home

Looking for creative wall decor ideas? Repurpose a scarf to make unique artwork. Line a picture frame with the piece of fabric and hang it on the wall to add character to the room.

7. Washi Tape Decals

Source: Everything Emily

Choose a colored washi tape to accent a wall in your room. Form simple designs crosses, polka dots or stripes across your wall.

Source: DIY Mama

Design a gallery wall using framed photos and artwork. Choose complementary colors for a professional-looking arrangement. Don’t forget to add in uplifting word art.

9. DIY Pallet Frame

Source: It’s Overflowing

For a rustic, farmhouse look, build picture frames that resemble wood pallets. Keep them a natural wood color or paint them white for neutral pieces that can be hung in any room.

10. Burlap Sign

Fashion a decorative sign wood and burlap. Using acrylic paint and stencils. Try adding a quote and image that inspire you for a personal touch.

11. Adventure Art

Do you have photos, maps or posters of a favorite place you’ve visited? Frame them so that your walls will remind you of your beautiful adventures and inspire you to go on more.

12. Feather Art

Source: Love Maegan

Loop feathers together with yarn to create a textured art piece. Fasten the feathers in circular fashion for extra fullness. Your eye-catching decor will surely be a conversation starter.

13. Wood Sticks

Source: Oh Oh Blog

Arrange wood sticks in a pattern to create a hexagon, trapezoid or other unique shape. Tie the sticks together with a thread and needle for art that will hang naturally on your wall.

14. Starburst Mirror

Source: Ten June Blog

Form a festive design around a mirror to resemble a starburst. Paint bamboo sticks a metallic shade for a mirror that really pops.

15. Geometric Wood Art

Source: Pneumatic Addict

Start with a flat wooden board as your base for this geometric art. Glue on triangular pieces of wood in a symmetrical pattern. Paint the triangles a range of colors, from white to pink to green, for colorful 3D art.

16. Polka Dot Canvases

Align painted dots evenly across a canvas using a sponge. Interchange the color of your dots in random order for a simple yet stylish piece of art.

17. Fabric Designs

Source: A Little Moore

Trim fabric into two equal strips. Form a cross on a canvas and secure the two pieces with string. Select floral or patterned fabrics for extra flair.

18. String Art

Source: Nine Red

Choose a favorite animal, flower or word to create your string art design. The supply list for this project is short and includes string, nails and a wooden board.

19. Recycled Calendar Art

Do you have an old calendar full of photos you love? Repurpose the pages and create framed artwork for your living room or bedroom.

20. Mini Chalkboard Portraits

Source: You Are My Fave

Find small wooden boards and paint them with chalkboard paint. Draw on the faces of family members or friends to create unique portraits.

21. Circle Punch Art

Source: Mer Mag

Punch equal-sized circles various types of patterned and textured papers. Line them in rows across a canvas for a polished piece of art.

22. Vinyl Records

Source: LJ Decor

Recycle vinyl records by making them into art for your bedroom or guest room. Arrange them across a wall for decor that’s both meaningful and musical.

23. Eclectic Wall Collage

Source: Project Nursery

Collect wall pieces, decorative plates and vintage picture frames, to hang in your kitchen or living room. Your gallery wall will have meaning, style and plenty of personality.

24. Yarn and Feather Wall Hanging

Source: Sarah Belle

With a wire wreath frame as your base, tie on pieces of yarn of varying lengths. Loop feathers into your design with string that matches the color of your yarn. Hang this wall art in your living room, bedroom or basement.

25. Hanging Picture Display

Source: Shutterfly

Turn all the photos you’ve taken into art. Tie pieces of yarn onto a long wooden dowel and then attach your favorite photos to the yarn. Use colored yarn for an extra pop of color.

Adding character to your home is an exciting project. Make the process even easier by designing adding these DIY pieces to your gallery wall. Canvas prints and mounted wall art will go nicely with your personalized DIY wall art.

Source: https://www.shutterfly.com/ideas/diy-wall-art/

DIY Projects for Baby Girl Nurseries

9 DIY Nursery Wall Art Pieces That You’ll Love

If you ask us, the springtime is the perfect time to start preparing a lovely little nursery space for a new baby girl.

That’s why we’ve felt so much nesting lately in preparation for our own bundle of joy! Of course, there are plenty of cute decorative things we could purchase in stores to make the place look as nice as possible before she arrives, but we find we always feel the most satisfied when we’ve made something ourselves. That’s why we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled so intently for DIY projects that will really suit a baby girl’s nursery.

Just in case you love the idea of making your very own DIY decor pieces for your new baby girl just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration and guidance!

1. Wood mounted floral monogram

Are you a p art of the kind of outdoorsy family who always wants to bring little pieces of the natural world inside so you can feel at one with your environment and really appreciate the world around you? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at the way Southern Girl, City Mom created a simple but stunning monogram using a wooden base and fabric flowers for the initial.

2. Crate and fun fabric toy box on wheels

If you’re going to put in the time and effort it takes to make something customized from scratch for your little girl’s nursery, would you actually prefer to create something that has a bit of practical function to it as well? In that case, we’d definitely take a look at the way This Little Street made this lovely fabric topped, crate style toy box on wheels, which make it wonderfully easy to move around the room!

3. Hand painted seashell growth chart

Of all of your best DIY and crafting skills, are you perhaps most experienced and confident feeling in your hand painting techniques, so you’ve been kind of hoping you’ll find a way to put them to good use in the nursery in question? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at the way Spot of Tea Designs created a lovely height measuring chart for their nursery wall but painted it with lovely seashell shapes alongside the increments.

4. DIY yarn and felt dream catchers

Perhaps you actually already have some little kids who are also eagerly awaiting the arrival of their baby sister and you know they’d love nothing more than to get in on the crafting process in order to decorate the nursery and make Baby feel more welcome? Then we think you’ll get a kick the kid-friendly way that Petite Party Studio created some super fun looking and quite girly dream catchers using yarn and felt.

5. Pretty hanging paper mobile

If you ask us, one of the best parts of having a nursery is getting to choose which kind of absolutely stunning mobile you hang over the baby’s bed, since there are so many whimsical, cheerful, and beautiful looking kinds! We’ve been feeling pretty enthusiastic about paper crafts lately elsewhere in our lives, so we’re sure it only makes sense that we’ve be huge fans of the way The Crafty Blog Stalker made a beautiful hanging paper mobile using strips of differently coloured and patterned paper.

6. Pretty felt ball rug

Have you actually found yourself feeling just as intrigued by this whole needle felting trend as we have been, if not more, and now you can’t help wondering whether you might put the skills you’ve started honing in there into good use in the nursery as well? In that case, we think you just might be the perfect person to give this lovely needle felted ball rug outlined step by step on Catherine Grace a try!

7. Framed heart baby card art

Have you already started receiving all kinds of lovely cards and greetings to celebrate the arrival of your new baby girl but you don’t have the space to keep them all and, at the same time, you can’t bear the thought of simply throwing them out all together? In that case, we’re convinced you’ll really appreciate the way Veronika’s Blushing cut heart shapes the fronts of all their baby cards and arranged them in a grid to be framed where their colours and designs can be enjoyed for years to come.

8. Map letter and wood quote art

Perhaps your favourite kind of DIY decor has actually always been simple canvas crafting because there are just so many different ways you can customize a canvas that you just can’t get enough of them? Then we don’t see a reason for the nursery to be any exception! Particularly if you come from a family that s travel, we think you’ll get a kick the way Snappy Casual positioned a map as the background for a motivational quote, letting it peak through the negative space letters.

9. DIY tissue paper pom poms

If you’re going to start getting crafty with the decor scheme in your baby girl’s room, would you actually prefer to make it as whimsical and feminine looking as possible? Well, we can’t say we blame you there, because our own daughter’s nursery is just about he girliest, ruffliest thing we’ve ever seen in our lives. We doubt you’ll be surprised to learn, then, that these voluminous tissue paper pom poms outlined step by step on Big DIY Ideas are something we actually did make and put up in the room in question.

10. Family handprints framed art

If you’re going to put in the time and effort that it takes to make something lovely from scratch, would you actually prefer to make it something nostalgic and memory keeping whenever possible? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at the way DIY Fun Ideas created this adorable framed handprint art by printing both parents hands on some mounting paper in layers and then adding Baby’s hand as the last step before framing once she’s arrived.

11. Lace doily rounded pendant lamp

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about delicate and feminine looking projects but you’re just not sure you’ve quite seen anything with the specific vintage chic inspired look you love so much? Then we’re pleased to tell you that patience pays off, because Emmmy Lizzzy just might have what you’re looking for in the form of these breathtakingly pretty lace pendant lamps that provide a relaxing flow and gorgeous silhouette against the wall when you wake up with Baby in the night.

12. Yarn wrapped ombre monogram

Are you actually still thinking about how much you really loved the idea of making some kind of initial or monogram art because you’ve always just loved the way that adding familial letters to a room personalized the space, but you’re not sure you want to work with quite so many flowers as you saw in our previous monogram project suggestion? In that case, we’ve definitely suggest taking a look at how Catch My Party made this version by getting creative with their colourful yarn wrapping techniques.

13. Sewn owl nursery mobile

Have you actually been scrolling through our list and thinking about how you can’t help wondering  whether you might put your sewing and stitching skills to good use in your baby girl’s nursery because those are the skills that you actually feel the most confident in? Then we have this simple feeling that you’re going to adore this hanging wall mobile from Craft Passion that features carefully embellished plush owls and even a little tree for them to live in.

14. Pretty pom pom garland

Are you actually looking for something way simpler and quicker to do in your nursery because you know you don’t have much time left before Baby’s arrival to start customizing the space? Perhaps you’re actually just a huge fan of the way this idea really makes the place feel it’s time for a party! In any case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at the way Tara Dennis made this simple but cheerful DIY yarn pom pom garland.

15. Jumbo button wall art

Jus in case you’re looking for something unique and visually shape based to make and include in your baby girl’s nursery without going to too much trouble for the sake of kitsch, here’s a stunning project from Decor and The Dog that shows you how to make a magical looking for of jumbo painted button collage right there on your nursery wall.

Have you made other lovely, girly homemade nursery decor pieces before that you were very happy with indeed but that you don’t see anything quite similar to on our list? Tell us all about what you made and how you created it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!

Source: https://www.diys.com/diy-projects-for-baby-girl-nurseries/

9 DIY Nursery Wall Art Pieces That You’ll Love

9 DIY Nursery Wall Art Pieces That You’ll Love

A nursery is the first space for your kid, he or she will spend much time there, and it should be safe, functional and cute-looking.

Today I’d to share some ideas to make any nursery cooler: this roundup is dedicated to DIY nursery artworks.

There are printables, all of them require some crafting but you won’t regret it – they look really original. Look at the DIYs below and choose yours!

Add some rainbow bright colour to your child’s room with this fun rainbow weaving. It’s not hard to make and it’s a good project to use up yarn scraps if you have them.

The rainbow sits atop a soft fluffy cloud with cascading felt raindrops and it will bring texture and softness to a nursery, kid’s room or a play space.

I’ve never met a child who doesn’t love a rainbow so this wall hanging would make a beautiful handmade gift.

DIY rainbow weaving (via www.we-are-scout.com)

These canvases are pretty straightforward and easy to make. They are made using burlap and colorful buttons, one piece is with a word, the second is a flower applique, they are perfect for a girl’s space. f you have a boy, just swap the flowers for something else.

DIY burlap canvas art (via https:)

You don’t have to be a tree hugger to love this tutorial, although it does make a great Earth Day craft! Whip up this DIY button art project for a playroom or baby’s nursery using this free template.

This tutorial is easy enough that your kids can make their own versions alongside you if they’re old enough to wield glue with a little bit of precision.

Alternatively, you can make button art with any simple shape you find by printing it and tracing the silhouette onto your wood.

DIY button tree wall art (via https:)

If you spend anytime at craft stores, you know there is no shortage of inexpensive wood letters in all sizes and styles these days. When you combine these letters with small blocks of wood–voila–you have letterpress print blocks.

The following tutorial will give you all the details necessary to create your own letterpress art. Since your dimensions will vary which letters you choose, you’ll need to figure out how your own “puzzle” of print blocks fits together.

Honestly, this is part of the fun! Such a decoration will definitely help your kid learn the alphabet – isn’t it amazing?

DIY faux letterpress print blocks (via https:)

This artwork is for those who are ready to paint a little and of course it will fit a coastal or seaside inspired nursery. Follow the instructions and in the end attach some pearly buttons to make the octopus cooler.

DIY nursery octopus wall art (via spotofteadesigns.com)

Wall decorations always give a nice finish to a room. They are very cute to decorate a kid bedroom or a nursery. This rainbow cloud is made with wire, and you can use it two different ways: as a wall decoration or as a mobile if you hang it from the ceiling.

DIY rainbow cloud art or mobile (via www.dreamalittlebigger.com)

Have you ever completed a paper project only to find that you’ve got lots of pretty leftover scraps that you just can’t bear to throw out? If you’d to make some art for your own little one, get out all those spare bits of paper and follow along! This crescent moon wall art is an amazing decoration for any nursery.

DIY crescent moon nursery wall art (via makeandtell.com)

This little bird canvas group on the wall looks super cute and will fit both a boy’s and a girl’s nursery. The birdies are made from fabric and a button eye. And are attached to little 6 inch canvases. The project is really quick and chic – you will spend only 20 minutes making them.

DIY button birdie wall hangings (via www.makeit-loveit.com)

This project is very do-able even for a crafting novice. It’s also very inexpensive. All you need is a little bit of time and some colorful felt. This large 3D felt flower will be a nice decoration for any girl’s nursery and you can craft it during your kid’s nap time.

DIY 3D felt flower wall art (via colormadehappy.com)

Source: https://www.shelterness.com/diy-nursery-wall-art-pieces/

20+ Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas & Photos You’ll Love | Ideas and Inspiration for Every Occasion

9 DIY Nursery Wall Art Pieces That You’ll Love

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. It’s where family and friends gather, and where we spend time every day preparing meals and brewing coffee.

Showing your style through your wall decor is an important ingredient of making your kitchen feel warm and personal. That’s why we’ve compiled over 20 kitchen wall decor ideas.

You’ll be inspired to create your own artwork or find just the right pieces you need to make it all come to life.

If you’re hoping to bring photos into your wall decor for the kitchen, consider mounted wall art that can be personalized.

1. Giant Peg Board

Source: 4 Men 1 Lady

Need a way to store odds and ends around your kitchen? Build a giant peg board for your keys, cleaning equipment and cookbooks.

2. DIY Wind Chimes

Source: Arts & Crackers

When you’re cooking breakfast or heading off on a busy day, strum your fingers along this wind chime for a cheerful jingle. This one’s a favorite for the kiddos.

3. Personalized Calendar

Source: Shutterfly

Keep track of appointments, birthdays and fun weekend plans with a personalized wall calendar. Include photos that inspire you, recent travel candids and family portraits.

4. Clipboard Collection

Source: Craft-O-Maniac

Whether it’s to hang inspirational quotes or reminders for the week, this clipboard wall adds character to your kitchen but also serves an important purpose. Accent the clipboards with metallic paint for extra character.

5. Pressed Leaves

Have a favorite tree in the backyard or nearby park? Choose leaves to press, then frame them for your kitchen wall.

6. Initial Artwork

Imprint a canvas with your family’s initial to make personalized wall decor for your kitchen. Use a striped pattern as a background to build texture.

7. Washi Tape Wall

Decorate your kitchen wall with one of the most versatile materials: washi tape. Try a striped or zigzag pattern to enhance the wall’s texture.

8. Kitchen Sign

Design a personalized glass sign, incorporating the word ‘kitchen’ or your family’s last name. Repurpose an old picture frame for your border.

9. Painted Canvas

Brush a canvas with a serene color scheme, blue and green, to create relaxing wall decor for your kitchen. Choose a large or small canvas, depending on the wall space you have available.

10. Wooden Words

Looking for simple kitchen wall decor ideas? Paint wooden letters to form a word that represents the vibe you want, whether that’s ‘cafe,’ ‘family’ or ‘home.’

11. Produce Baskets

Assemble a stylish home for your apples, bananas and fresh veggies. Paint baskets to match the rest of your kitchen decor.

12. Alphabet Art

With a stencil and paint, you can imprint a canvas with any words or letters you want. Consider a theme the alphabet, numbers or your family’s initials.

Source: Shutterfly

Build a gallery wall by printing your favorite photos, those from summer trips, playing in the backyard or celebrating life’s milestones.

14. Gold Leaf Map Art

Source: Sugar and Cloth

For all of the places you’ve traveled or hope to travel, enhance traditional maps with gold leaf sheets. These metallic pieces will result in stunning wall art.

15. Organizer Station

Give your home a landing place for your notes, pencils, pens and papers. Style it with washi tape for extra personality.

16. Paint Chip Wall

Splash color on your kitchen walls without having to pick up a paintbrush. Use paint chip samples to create a single accent wall.

17. Chalkboard Decor

Source: Jessica Rayome

Record your chores, grocery list and to-do items on a chalkboard. Paint the framing to match your other kitchen colors.

18. Contemporary Painting

Source: The New Domestic

If you want kitchen wall ideas that look professional, consider painting a canvas in a contemporary design. Use bright colors, red or orange, to make the wall pop.

19. Festive Plates

Source: Shutterfly

Compose unique wall decor for your kitchen using decorative plates. Include plates you picked up as a souvenir or received as a special gift.

20. Pixel Wall Art

Source: The Bold Abode

Brighten your kitchen wall with a colorful pixel art piece. Design your layout on the computer first, then transfer it to canvas and paint away!

21. Pressed Flower Art

Source: Hello Gwen

Pick beautiful fresh flowers from a nearby park or garden. Press and frame the flowers to create meaningful wall decor for the kitchen.

22. Fabric Wall Organizer

Source: Spoonflower

To organize your papers and magazines, sew a fabric organizer that can be hung on any wall in the kitchen. Choose fabric patterns that offer an uplifting feel.

23. Zinc Letters

Source: Jessica Rayome

Enhance wooden letters using metallic paints to create simple yet stylish kitchen wall decor. Make yours say ‘eat,’ ‘drink’ or ‘Bon appetit!’

24. Inspirational Art

Source: DIY Candy

Create your own inspiring canvas art for your kitchen wall. Choose a favorite phrase or quote that sets a positive tone for each day.

Adding personality to your kitchen walls gives the space more energy. For simple touch that can encapsulate the spirit of your home, try a framed art print or a custom canvas print.

Source: https://www.shutterfly.com/ideas/kitchen-wall-decor/