8 DIY Kids’ Plushies And Softies To Sew

20 Adorable DIY Stuffed Toys Your Kids Will Love

8 DIY Kids’ Plushies And Softies To Sew

I have such a fun DIY collection to share with you! If you have kids, or grandkids or nieces and nephews, then you are going to adore this list of 20 adorable DIY stuffed toys.

You can make these so quickly and they are so much cheaper, and so much better, than any stuffed toy that you will find in a department store. These make such wonderful gifts for upcoming birthdays or for the holidays or even baby showers.

The projects range from sewing to crocheting and they are all super fun.

Don’t worry if you have never made a stuffed toy before. These are all so easy that anyone can do them.

There is even a great DIY talking stuffed animal in here! If you are looking for a fun and inexpensive way to update your kids’ toys, these DIY stuffed toys are definitely worth checking out. They are all so adorable and you can have them finished in just an hour or so.

And, while you are busy making their new stuffed toys, have your kids busy with one of these 60 Disney crafts for kids – they are guaranteed to keep them busy all summer!

I have always loved making toys for my kids. There is just something so special about a homemade toy. If you have never made your kids a toy, I strongly recommend that you try it at least once. You just won’t believe the satisfaction that you get it.

Plus, when you make your own toys, you know exactly what goes into them so you can worry less about what your kids are exposed to.

And, if you do want to start making your own kids’ toys, take a look at these 30 DIY rustic wooden toys that your kids will also love.

1. Adorable Crochet Sheep

This little sheep can be crocheted pretty quickly and he is so adorable.

Your little ones are going to love playing with him! This is a great crochet project if you need a unique gift for an upcoming baby shower.

The actual crocheting part is really easy and you don’t need to know any fancy stitching to make this one, either. It’s a crochet project for beginners, too. You can get in some practice for future projects.

Tutorial: allaboutami

2. DIY Talking Stuffed Animal

Talking stuffed toys are all the rage and unfortunately, they are often pretty expensive. Plus, you just never really get the stuffed animal and the message that you want.

So what do you do? You DIY your own talking stuffed animal! This is a really easy project. It takes a stuffed animal, which you can buy or make yourself and a recording device.

You can record any message that you want on this one, so personalize it to match your little one!

Tutorial: howtoadult

3. Easy DIY Cashmere Bunnies

Cashmere is so soft and elegant and you can use it to create these gorgeous little cashmere bunnies. Kids are going to adore these and you will love how easy they are to make.

You can make these from an upcycled cashmere sweater or scarf. If you have an old sweater that you don’t wear anymore or one that has holes or stains, this is a great upcycling project for old sweaters.

And you can get more than one bunny from one sweater, depending on how big you want to make them.

Tutorial: betzwhite

4. Simple Crochet Amigurumi Monkey

Amigurumi is a popular crochet pattern these days so I just had to share this adorable little amigurumi monkey. He is so easy to crochet, even for beginners and your little ones are sure to adore him.

You just need to know crochet basics to do this one so it’s perfect for beginners. I found this pattern on Etsy.

You get a PDF download for less than $5 and it gives you all of the instructions to crochet and put this adorable little monkey together.

Source: Etsy.com

5. Cute And Colorful DIY Stuffed Owl

This little owl is adorable and he is super easy to sew. You can use scrap fabric for this one if you have any on hand. You don’t need a lot of fabric and the sewing process is one of the easiest that I have seen for DIY stuffed animals. You could alter the pattern just a bit to make these in different sizes and give your little ones an entire family of adorable owls!

6. DIY Felted Pig

If you have never felted, you are in for a treat. This is a really simple process and you can use it to make this cute little DIY felted pig. You do this from an old sweater and the process just could not be easier. Once you have your fabric felted, the rest of the process is super simple. You can even alter the pattern just a bit to make this little pig in any size that you want.

Tutorial: marthastewart

7. DIY Stick Horse

Every kid wants a stick horse and you can DIY your own for your little ones. If you have ever purchased one of these, you know that they can be a bit pricey – for the better ones at least.

This one is really sturdy and it can be made with things that you probably already have on hand, an old sock and some scrap fabric and yarn. You will need a stick and you can use an old wooden broomstick for that.

Overall, this is a pretty easy project and it makes the most adorable little stick horse!

Tutorial: lightbluegrey

8. Huge DIY Loch Ness Monster

Little ones are going to love having their own sit upon loch ness monster. You are going to love how very easy this DIY stuffed toy is to make.

And did I mention that he is huge? Toddlers can easily sit on top of this one and believe it or not, it won’t take you weeks and weeks to make.

You will need about 15 yards of felt for the body and then some additional felt to create the details. It’s pretty easy though and so cute when it’s finished.

Tutorial: welivedhappilyeverafter

9. DIY Scrap Fabric Stuffed Penguins

If you are looking for a project that lets you upcycle scrap fabric, here it is. You can use those leftover fabric pieces to create these adorable little stuffed penguins.

If your kids love Happy Feet or any other penguin movie, they are going to adore these little stuffed toys. They’re really easy to make and you can do them in any number of designs and combinations to create an entire little village of stuffed penguins.

Use this project to upcycle leftover fabric scraps and make your little ones some new toys, too.

Tutorial: purlsoho

10. Fun DIY Pointy Kitty

This little DIY pointy stuffed kitty is so much fun…to make and to play with. You use buttons for the eyes and felt for the other details. You can use scrap fabric to make this one if you have any or if you are buying fabric, you don’t need much. He’s a cute little cuddly kitty that your little ones will love and he makes a wonderful DIY baby shower gift, too.

Tutorial: weewonderfuls

11. Handmade Rag Doll

Every little girl needs at least one rag doll in her life and this DIY version is much better than anything you could buy in a store.

This is a really simple pattern to follow and you can make several rag dolls in just a couple of hours.

Once you have them sewn, you just add the details that you want, with yarn, buttons, or anything else that you want to use to make them really special. You can nab this pattern over on Etsy for less than $2.

Source: Etsy.com

12. DIY Stuffed Superhero Dolls

My kids have always loved superheroes. If yours do too, you can surprise them with these DIY stuffed superhero dolls. These are pretty easy to make and most of the details are done with felt. Use whatever fabrics you have on hand to make your superhero unique. These are great for superhero lovers and they make wonderful gifts for birthdays, the holidays or baby showers.

Tutorial: tutsplus

13. DIY Felt Rhino Bookends

If your kids have books that need to be held in place, these DIY felt rhino bookends are perfect.

These little stuffed bookends also make great toys! They’re really easy to make and you can have a set of two finished in about an hour or so.

How cute would these little rhinos look on your little one’s shelf holding up their favorite books? These would make an excellent baby shower gift – just add a few books along with them.

Tutorial: alionsnest

14. DIY Stuffed Sheep Crib Mobile

I love this DIY crib mobile that has little stuffed sheep hanging from it. If you want a great DIY gift for an upcoming baby shower, this is it. Or, just make it for your own nursery.

Your little one is going to love looking up and seeing these adorable sheep hovering above. This is such a simple DIY crib mobile and it’s much more special than anything you will find in a department store.

This is an adorable DIY baby shower gift idea!

Tutorial: rustsunshine

15. Stuffed Momma And Baby Unicorn Set

For this DIY stuffed animal project, you don’t just make one but two unicorns. This momma and baby unicorn set is so cute and cuddly and much easier to make than it looks. I found this pattern on Etsy. You can get it for around $13 and it gives you all of the instructions for making the momma unicorn and her little one, right down to the rainbow colored mane and the horn!

Source: Etsy.com

16. Repurposed Denim Stuffed Whale

I really love this little stuffed whale that you can make from repurposed denim. This is a great upcycling project for old jeans and it gives your little ones an adorable stuffed whale to play with.

You just need one pair of jeans to make one whale so if you have several pairs that you want to get rid of, you can make a handful of these and give them out to friends and family for their little ones, too.

Tutorial: allmyfriendsareflowers

17. DIY Stuffed Felt Turtle Family

Do your kids love turtles? Mine always have which is why I wanted to share this next DIY stuffed toy project.

This little family of turtles can be made in an afternoon and to say they are adorable is an understatement. You make these from wool felt and you can make as many turtles as you have felt available.

The process is super easy and the finished result is almost too cute for words!

Tutorial: google

18. Repurposed T-Shirt Stuffed Manatee

If you are looking for a stuffed toy that is as big as your little one, you have to check out this DIY stuffed manatee that you make from an old t-shirt.

You use a large t-shirt for this one, if you want to make the manatee really big, that is. This is a great way to upcycle old t-shirts and turn them into fun and exciting toys for your kids.

Plus, this is honestly one of the easiest DIY stuffed toy projects that I have seen. What a great way to refashion an old t-shirt!

Tutorial: welivedhappilyeverafter

19. DIY Hand Drawn Stuffed Animals

These DIY hand drawn stuffed animals are really easy to make and the best part is, they are totally unique. You draw them out yourself so they are your design and yours alone.

You could get your little ones to draw out their favorite animals and use those designs, as well to make them really special.

Once you have the drawing, the rest of the process is really easy and you end up with DIY stuffed animals that are one of a kind.

Tutorial: marthastewart

20. Cute Zoo Set Softies

With this pattern, you don’t just get one stuffed animal – you get an entire zoo! This pattern is over on Etsy and it’s about $14, but for that price you get every zoo animal that you can imagine and then some. You get a giraffe, elephant, baby elephant, tiger, kangaroo, zebra, bear and so many other adorable little animals. You can use the pattern to create as many zoo animals as you want!

Source: Etsy.com

Source: https://www.diyncrafts.com/42409/home/parenting/20-adorable-diy-stuffed-toys-your-kids-will-love

30 FREE Stuffed Animal Patterns with Tutorials

8 DIY Kids’ Plushies And Softies To Sew

I’d to start by saying that people are amazing. Especially creative people and even more-so sewers and pattern makers! There are so many free stuffed animal patterns out there so I’ve put together a list of some of my favorites below. I’ve even made several of these stuffed animals myself.

30 Free Stuffed Animal Patterns

Get these 30 free stuffed animal patterns with tutorials and get sewing! Stuffed animals can be fun to make and even better to give to someone to squeeze.

Starting off with my very own (and first ever!) free stuffed animal pattern: The Love Bot. The Love Bot pattern was created a drawings from my husband’s sketchbook and came to life as a lovable, huggable creature.

Get the pattern

These Stuffed Bunny Dolls are so cute! My favorite part about them is that she used an old pair of corduroy pants for the body and some upcycled fabric scraps for the inner ears. Red Ted Art put together an easy to follow pattern and tutorial.

Get the pattern

Sign me up for 2 piece stuffed animal patterns Shiny Happy World‘s Warren the Charity Bear. This cuddly teddy bear is quick to make and easy to customize. They also share some tips of stuffing and finishing stitches as well as some inspiration to customize your bear’s face. Shiny Happy World developed this free stuffed animal pattern with the thought in mind to be able to donate.

Get the pattern

This hand-drawn pattern can be downloaded and printed to the scale of your liking. It would be fun to make this whale huge and watch some little kiddos enjoy riding the stuffed whale. *This tutorial is in Russian, hit the translate button in your browser to read it in your preferred language.

Get the pattern

Customize your Malcom with different fabrics and neckwear. Wouldn’t this just be adorable in some houndstooth or corduroy?

Get the pattern

Check out this cutie kitten! What a great way to use up some of those fabric scraps and some free time. Sew Toy‘s Bernie the Cat can be customized with different fabrics and faces.

Get the pattern

I love making stuffed animals  fleece fabric. Fleece is forgiving, easy to sew, and comfy to snuggle with. Abby with While She Naps shares her free stuffed animal pattern and a perfect tutorial so you can make her plush frog complete with velcro hands and feet and lots of love to give.

Get pattern

Another great free pattern from While She Naps, Casey the Crab is a free stuffed animal pattern that’s easy to make and has another easy tutorial to follow. I’d love to make a larger version of this one too.

Get the pattern

This is the free stuffed animal pattern that inspired me to start making softie patterns. 🙂 And I’m in love with the idea of making stuffed animals with patterned fabric for a fun look. Thanks to Stitched by Crystal for the inspiration and Free Stuffed Fox Pattern.

Get the pattern

This one is only partially stuffed and it’s perfect! Just a few fabric pieces to cut, a simple stuffed head and tail, a little stitching, some safety eyes and you have yourself Abby Glassenberg‘s Flying Squirrel Softie featured on Wild Olive.

Get the pattern

Ok I know I say “cute” a lot in this post about free stuffed animal patterns, but seriously look at the face on this Sheep Softie by Swoodson Says. I love the idea of enlarging it for a cushion, that would make a great addition to a kids room. Best of all: this pattern is just 1 sheet of paper to print and cut, that’s easy!

Get the pattern

Materials: 2 pieces of fabric cut into bear shape, 1 iron on heart, stuffing, thread. Probably the easiest stuffed animal pattern out there. This could be customized with a face or front pocket. Sew Mama Sew even provides patterns for small, medium, and large bears.

Get the pattern

It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t include a free stuffed animal pattern from Martha Stewart. And of course she upcycled a argyle wool sweater to make this sweet stuffed pig. Thanks for the free pattern Martha!

Get the pattern

This Little Stuffed Pup by Woman’s Day is such a cheerful little guy. This is another one I’d make at about 400% scale and in corduroy.

Get the pattern

I might be biased on this one because I had a stuffed turtle made by my Mom. These guys would make the perfect giant floor pouf for a kids room or a tiny pin cushion for a craft room. Make It & Love It created a great tutorial with pictures.

Get the pattern

These classic Teddy Bear’s by How Joyful need to be hugged and loved by someone special. Joy notes that this tutorial is not for beginners but I disagree because she gives very thorough instructions to make her pattern that any sewer can handle.

Get the pattern

This has got to be one of the cutest plush toys I’ve seen. The yoyos allow it to be moved and positioned in all sorts of fun ways.

Of this list of free stuffed animal patterns, this one has the most pieces to cut and sew but the yoyos are the same thing repeated so it’s easy to get the hang of.

I love how Craft Passion used corduroy for the hear, ears, and little tail plus the shoes laces are the perfect touch.

Get the pattern

The sweet little Studio Pup by Cathe of Just Something I Made is just waiting to be cuddled. She used minky sherpa fabric and filled it with dried barley to give it some weight. Reminds me of a certain little pup that lived in the shelves of my parents headboard (that was later shred to pieces by a real pup). Follow along with the picture tutorial to make your own Studio Pup.

Get the pattern

Doesn’t this guy just make you giggle? That goofy face and round belly are such a fun difference from many stuffed animals. The Raccoon Softie was shared on Sew Mama Sew and created by LeIr of ikatbag as part of her Menagarie collection.

Get the pattern

This one is definitely towards the top of the list of favorite softies featured here. It might be the cordoury, it might be the scarf, or it might be because it reminds me of my mom’s collection of Coca-Cola stuffed polar bears. Did your family collect those? Either way, that quirky smile makes me smile.

Get the pattern

Another free stuffed animal pattern from While She Naps, this Circle Bird is made with fleece and filled with poly pellets. She even added a little blush to the cheeks. I imagine an Easter basket filled with these chicks.

Get the pattern

This stuffed ladybug by Sew 4 Home might be my favorite on this list of free stuffed animal patterns! The pattern pieces and steps are a bit longer and more involved but the outcome is soooo worth it. The final result is a 15″ x 17″ ladybug ready to be loved.

Get the pattern

This stuffed crocodile by Sew 4 Home is so creative. I love the use of Minky Dot Fleece to create the crocodile’s texture and rick-rack for the teeth. This large stuffed animal begs to hang out on a kids bed, the perfect body pillow.

Get the pattern

This has got to be one of the most innovative stuffed animal ideas I’ve seen. And you get to practice your balloon animal tying skills while you’re at it. Someone commented that this totally made their day and I agree! Thanks Little Inspiration for the inspiration. 🙂

Get the tutorial

Stuffed Animal Eyes
After I created my first stuffed animals (for toddlers) with button eyes, I instantly realized my mistake. Safety eyes, felt eyes, or embroidered eyes are a great option over using buttons. Sew Mama Sew gives some good advice on stuffed animal eye options, click here to read more.

Stuffed Animal Fabrics
Find great advice from Sew4Home about sewing with plush fabric for stuffed animals. Read more about it here.
More tips from Sew Mama Sew on working with plush fabric. Click here to learn.
I love using fleece for my stuffed animals, here are some great tips and tricks that I use. Read more.

Filling Stuffed Animals
Sew4Home shares some great tips about choosing filling, tools for filling, and how to stuff pillows and stuffed animals for a perfect outcome without lumps. Find out more here.

Thanks to all the sewists featured that create and share their free stuffed animal patterns! Have you made any of these? Comment below with your favorites. And make sure to give a shout-out to the pattern creators, I’m sure they’d all appreciate seeing how your turned out. 🙂

Follow my board on Pinterest for more Stuffed Animal Patterns!

Source: https://scratchandstitch.com/30-free-stuffed-animal-patterns-tutorials/

8 DIY Kids’ Plushies And Softies To Sew

8 DIY Kids’ Plushies And Softies To Sew

A softie or a plushie is a great toy idea for a child – from babies to toddlers and even later. It’s a great companion for playing reading, eating and of course for sleeping. Today we’ve gathered a whole bunch of such cool plushies and softies that can be sewn for your kids, get inspired!

We are used to see bunnies, cats, teddy bears but this plushie is none of that kinds, it’s a unique idea – a baby sock monkey! There are plenty of tutorials out there for full sized monkeys, but here’s how to make a baby monkey.

Beginners may wish to start with a full sized monkey first, babies are a touch more fiddly as the pieces are smaller.

Of course you can always dress your monkeys too, mine are often seen wearing a scarf, a tutu or sometimes both! Let me know if you’d a tutorial on how I do either of these, or if you have a go at making a monkey yourself.

DIY colorful sock monkey plushie (via www.wagdoll.co.uk)

Aren’t yeti monsters so awesome? Over on Vectortuts, you can learn how to make the vector illustration of a cute yeti monster. Now in this tutorial, you’ll learn how to turn the illustration into a real life 3D softie. When finished, it will be around 25cm (10 inches) tall.

It makes a great gift for kids or any monster lover. Head over to the tutorial to make it! You can change the colors, facial expression, and make a whole collection of different monsters. The possibilities are endless!

DIY kawaii yeti monster plushie (via crafts.tutsplus.


Everybody loves bunnies, they are so cute! This bunny softie is easy to sew and so squishable! She would be an adorable addition to an Easter basket and would also make a great baby gift. You’ll need about an hour to make this project from start to finish. I hope you enjoy this free pattern!

DIY cute white bunny baby softie (via whileshenaps.com)

This isn’t only a plushie, it’s also a pillow! The cat pillow is made with denim, a pair of socks and a hand embroidered face.

You may adapt the project slightly to use a felted wool sweater and striped fabric or some other materials you have at hand.

You can also change the size of the cat to make it comfortable for your baby and use a machine to embroider. Read up to make the whole thing!

DIY cat plushie or pillow with embroidery (via mypoppet.com.au)

Let’s sew a sheep stuffed animal! This free sheep softie pattern is so much fun; fast and easy to sew. The simple shapes would make it a great sewing project for kids and the size makes it perfect for hugging.

The floppy limbs are easy to hold on to, so I bet babies would playing with it too! A finished sheep measures 9.5″ high and 8.5″ wide and takes maybe a night to make.

This simple softie is easy to sew by hand or machine, and the little legs are perfect for tiny hands to hang on to.

DIY black and white sheep plushie (via swoodsonsays.com)

This tutorial will tell you how to make a super cute stuffed ermine for a child. The tutorial is pretty simple and won’t take much time, so read it, make a couple of cuties and give your new friends a hug, because they all finished! And is it just me or does this otter look he’s ready for some disco fever?

DIY ermine plushie that is easy to sew (via wildolive.blogspot.com)

This bunny is made of an old cashmere sweater, and she looks and feels amazing. There’s something extra comforting about having made this bunny rabbit an old sweater and your kid will sleep with a calming and soothing feeling with it.

DIY cute bunny plushie of an old cashmere sweater (via www.leighlaurelstudios.com)

This is a super cute and super soft plush bunny for winter – it’s dressed up with a red scarf and has a red nose reminding me of Rudolph the deer. The bunny is designed as a snowman and resembles one but those ears are super cute and bunny-! Enjoy crafting and make your child happy.

DIY snow bunny plushie that resembles a snowman (via wildolive.blogspot.com)

Source: https://www.shelterness.com/diy-kids-plushies-softies/

free easy sewing pattern for felt monster dolls

8 DIY Kids’ Plushies And Softies To Sew

In today’s post: These cute felt monsters are a great way to teach your kids to sew – they’re the perfect beginner sewing project!

I first shared the pattern for these little felt monsters six years ago. It’s one of the few posts from early on in my blogging career that I actually still , so I thought I’d pull it the archives to share with those of you who weren’t around back then. Enjoy!

Last week, my four-year-old and I spent a few happy hours designing, cutting out, and sewing up a stuffed monster. We had such a great time that I created a free mix-n-match felt monster pattern, which includes five different monster bodies, five different sets of eyes, five mouths, and five different accessories. (Keep reading to download the free pattern!)

Note: Find 20 beginner sewing projects here

It’s a pretty cute line-up, right? The best part is that you and your child can mix and match all the different “monster parts” to make a customized felt monster, this one:

Scary eyes, scary mouth, and a big heart. Younger kids can help trace their monsters, pick out eyes/mouth/accessories, and hang out with you while you sew it up (and maybe even sit under the table and push the sewing machine pedal for you). Then they can help stuff their creation.

Older kids could do all the cutting and tracing on their own, as well as sew the monster together (with a little help). It’s a great interactive project.

Mix-n-match Felt Monster Pattern

The 8 page PDF pattern can be downloaded by clicking here. Just print it out and then cut out the pattern pieces you’d to use. Trace the pieces on felt, and you’re ready to put your monster together.

Construction is so easy you probably don’t need instructions, but here are some step-by-step photos, and I’ve added a few tips below.

Things to note: I used different colors of acrylic felt cut from a bolt at Joann’s. I purchased 1/4 yard of each color, which came to $1.25 each at regular price, and I could have easily made three monsters from each 1/4 yard piece.

Acrylic felt is cheap and comes in lots of colors, so it works well for this project, but it will pill as the monsters are played with and snuggled.

Wool felt (or a wool blend felt) is more expensive but will hold up much better.

This turquoise guy above is the easiest monster, so if you’re new at sewing this might be where you’d want to start.

Tips for Making a Felt Monster

I sewed my monsters together so the seam allowance is visible on the outside – I think it gives a little sharper look and more definition to the small pieces ( horns and spiky hair). But if you don’t that look, just sew the front and back of the monster with right sides together, then turn it right side out before stuffing.

When sewing on eyes/mouth, etc., you can use either a straight stitch or a zig zag stitch. On the pink monster above I used a straight stitch, but on the yellow monster below I used a zig zig. I found that the zig zag was a little easier on circular objects, but a bit harder on objects with points ( the teeth). I think it looks fine either way.

I sewed everything on in matching thread, meaning I switched thread four or five times for each monster. However, I used a white bobbin on everything but the grey/black pieces and it worked just fine.

In fact, when I sewed the front and back pieces together I also used a white bobbin thread, and the back looks just fine – so I think you could probably get away with sewing all the pieces (except grey/black ones) with white thread – just use a straight stitch, not a zig zag, if you try this.

My apologies that this red guy looks so much a little devil. I really didn’t intend it – but when I cut him out in red and added the fangs and guitar he just got a little, well, devilish. My nine-year-old thought it was pretty darn cool, though…so maybe this monster will appear to older kids.

When you’re sewing these up and you get to a point or a corner, leave your needle down through the fabric then lift your presser foot and turn the material to make a nice crisp corner. You’ll probably need to do this a few times around some of the tighter curves as well. I sewed them all up with about a 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch seam allowance.

(That grey one is my favorite!)

Lastly, when stuffing you want to remember to stuff in a little at a time, and start by stuffing the small areas arms and legs and use a pencil to poke the stuffing in nice and tight. You want to stuff these really firm, so use a lot of stuffing.

When it’s all stuffed up, squish the stuffing that’s near your opening in very tight so you can pin the opening closed far enough away from the cut edge of the felt that it will fit under your presser foot.

Be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end when you sew the opening closed.

When it’s all sewn up, check the edges for any areas where the seam allowance looks a little sloppy. Trim if needed to make it even.

I had a great time making all these monsters and my boys had fun helping – so I hope you enjoy the pattern. Please let me know if you try it out!

Source: https://www.itsalwaysautumn.com/stl-felt-monsters-to-make-with-your-kids-plus-free-mix-n-mat.html

Sewing Projects for Kids – Red Ted Art – Make crafting with kids easy & fun

8 DIY Kids’ Plushies And Softies To Sew

So… are you looking to teaching kids to sew? If yes, we have brought together some great little sewing projects for kids. Sewing projects that they SHOULD be able to do. The majority of these sewing projects, my kids have **actually** made themselves between the ages of 3yrs and 8yrs old.

When they were little, I would work with them one on one on their sewing project, helping guide every stitch. And now they are a little older (6yrs and 8yrs), I can usually leave them to their sewing, whilst only helping when they get into an difficulties. These sewing projects for kids are also great if you are teaching boys to sew.

I found that my son enjoyed them all too! We also have a great selection of Kids Sewing Projects FOR CHRISTMAS if you want to browse those too!

Please do keep checking back, as I add more sewing crafts for kids over time! Also remember that may of these ideas make great sewing projects for gifts too. Perfect for Granny’s Birthday or as a small Christmas present made by the kids!

Perfect Sewing Crafts for Kids that make lovely gifts too!

These little Felt heart ornaments also work really well as “heart keyrings” and my kids had a set as zipper pulls, but have the heart THEY made to Granny for Christmas as an ornament for the tree. My daughter was 3.5yrs when she made her first one.

As you can tell, we love sewing with felt for kids’ projects as it doesn’t fray and is easy to get the needle through. My daughter loved making these Felt button star ornaments and again, Granny got some as a present.

As Pip Squeak gets older our projects become more ambitious! These adorable little Felt Mermaids were a “together project”, but she did in fact do most of the sewing.. I just helped with the tricky parts. Aren’t they cute? They would be lovely as Zipper Pulls and backpack charms!

She also wanted to have a go at the sewing machine! So we made these Mermaid Rag Dolls. As Pip Squeak gets older it is great to progress from hand sewing to machine sewing as well as  mix of both!

We also love making mini felties – these Felt Animal Ornaments. a simple Oval face, you simply add different features to turn it into different animals. They make great little key chains, zipper pulls, or as in our case – Christmas Tree Ornaments!

Surprise your friends with some fuzzy Monster Backpack Charms this Valentine’s (heart shaped of course!!). Perfect for back to school too! And the Beanie Boo Eyes are home made. So clever!

Felt Monster Bookmark – a great sewing project for kids

This is one of Red Ted’s first sewing project made from a “felted” jumper. This gives the fabric a felt quality, that is easy to sew and doesn’t fray. Perfect for our Nature bag craft and a go at blanket stitch!

If you are not quite ready for back stitch, the running stitch can look lovely too… and it was used here for this cute Monster Purse DIY!

I adore these Sewing Crafts for Kids – juggling chooks as sewing projects for kids learning to sew – I confess that my kids have NOT YET made these – but they are dying to (and it is just a question of time as to why we haven’t). They look “3d”… but actually only require the skills for “2d” sewing. Hand sew these with kids or use these as a beginners sewing machine project!

Another cute felt project for teaching kids to sew – this is an adrable Felt heart mobile for kids to sew – or make the hearts as little ornaments/ book bag charms or key chains.

Fun Poop Emoji Keychains

Heart Softie Pattern

A great beginner’s sewing project is this Easy fabric flower. It requires “straight line” sewing only and is perfect for hand sewing. These fabric flowers sewing project can be used as a brooch, hair piece, embellishment for a bag or can be turned into a rosette

A more confident child could then have a go at this slightly more intermediate but still easy sewing project for kids: Fabric petal flower (intermediate child sewer). Technically it isn’t that much harder, but may require a little more finger strength as you need to push the needle through several layers of fabric.

Learn how to make these fabulous scrunchies! Great to sew these by hand (using a back stitch) or a great beginner’s project for the sewing machine. Find out how to sew a scrunchie today!

Another super simple sewing projects fr kids – check out these lovely easy lavender bags. Using pinking sheers (get some here  – US/ UK (affiliate links)) helps prevent the fabric from fraying!

Another lovely felt project is this Felt heart brooch. This was a guest post on Red Ted Art, but my kids thought it was adorable – a clever material used for the eyes (hop over and find out more!)

After the cute Felt Heart Brooch shared above, we felt inspired to get sewing… we wanted to do a slightly different design, so came up with some Felt Softies Bunnies!

There is also a felt softies bear pattern!!

Similarly we turned the felt bunnies into a Felt Bunny Brooch – an adorable little Easter Craft or gift that kids can make!

We can’t get enough of the mini softies.. So made  Reindeer Brooch and Ornament!

Another sewing project for kids, would be these cute cute Rag dolls – a little better for very basic sewing machine sewing – but can be hand sewn too! I love that these rag dolls combine art with the skill of sewing!

More simple Art Dolls for kids to make and sew! Check out my son’s set of aliens. Too cute!

How to sew a strawberry softie (super cute and easy and perfect for kids)

This Owl Purse has a pocket for your phone and is made from recycled school uniforms! How fun? Comes with free pattern.

Similarly make a TED Purse from old jeans and tshirt yarn. Also with pocket for pens of phones and with free pattern!

Love this foxy purse by I Heart Crafty Things. Too cute.

Here are some more friendly huggy toys you can make with the kids. Visit Hattifantfor full info!

Older kids or if you are working on a project together.. may want to give this Little Mermaid Felt Doll a go – complete with free pattern! Just gorgeous!

Coming soon: Felt Bunny Pet

Check out my tips on Teaching Kids To Sew:

 I hope that you feel inspired by these sewing projects for kids and that you get sewing with your kids today!!! Do share what you have made with us on or Instagram!

And don’t miss out on these Christmas Sewing Projects for Kids too!

If you don’t know where to get started.. sometimes kids’ sewing kits make a fabulous resource, here a some that we love the look of…

(affiliates added for convenience)

Find out more here US / UK

We have this Felt Fruit kit and my 7yrs old daughter loves. It is a bit of a “together project”, I often add the faces for her, but she does manage most of the sewing herself. Find out more here US / UK.

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Source: https://www.redtedart.com/sewing-projects-for-kids/

100+ Stuffed Toy DIY Patterns

8 DIY Kids’ Plushies And Softies To Sew
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May 25, 2018 by Heather ·

Plushies, stuffies, stuffed toys, loveys – what do you call sweet little toys these? No matter what name you have for them, they are simply adorable. Best of all, when they’re handmade, they become not only fun toys children will love but special keepsakes for years to come too.


This roundup includes something for everyone. Projects ranging from small to large, beginner to advanced, there is something to please every child (and maybe a few adults) on your list. Some of these are even a great way to use up some of those fabric scraps you have stashed away.

1. Baby Pip

2. Candy Corn Bear

3. Charity Bear pictured

4. How Joyful Bear pictured

5. Panda

6. Polar Bear  beyond cute!

7. Pumpkin Teddy

8. Sew Tiny Teddies

9. Small Panda

10. Flossie Flamingo – LOVE!

11. Folksy Bird

12. Owl Stuffies

13. Owl Tag Toy

14. Purl Bee Penguin pictured

15. Sweet Owlie Softie

16. Angry Birds

17. Luma

18. Olaf & Snow Girl

19. Toothless

20. Angel Dolls

21. Black Apple Doll

22. Elf on the Shelf Doll

23. Make-a-Doll – pictured

24. Merry Mermaid

25. Modest Mermaid

26. Peanut Baby   – pictured

27. Simple Simon Doll

28. Tea Towel Doll – pictured

29. Waldorf Baby Doll 

30. Waldorf Doll

31. Animal Softie

32. Cute Monster

33. Monster

34. Narwhale

35. Nessie  pictured

36. Roger Reindeer

37. Summer Travelers

38. Baa Baa Black Sheep

39. Baby Dino

40. Bathrobe Puppy

41. Cuddly Kitten hit the translate button

42. Dinosaur

43. Donkey pictured

44. Elephant

45. Elephant Family  – great instructions

46. Fawn

47. Flying Squirrel

48. Frido the Hound

49. Giraffe – beyond cute!

50. Hedgehog Taggie

51. Humphrey (dog)

52. Kangaroo

53. Molly Monkey

54. Pig

55. Plush Fox

56. Pointy Kitty 

57. Raccoon

58. Recycled Sweater Animal pictured

59. Scotty Dog

60. Snakes

61. Stuffed Fox

62. T-Rex

63. Studio Pup

64. Sweater Kitty

65. Yo-Yo Caterpillar

66. Bunny Rag Doll

67. Bunny Softie

68. Cashmere Bunny

69. Chibi Rabbit

70. Easter Bunny

71. Faux Chenille Bunny

72. Fluffy Stuffy Bunny

73. Juggling Rabbits

74. Marshmallow Bunnies

75. Menswear Bunny

76. Quilt Block Bunny

77. Revoluzzzionary Easter Bunny pictured

78. Soft Woolen Bunny

79. Casey the Crab pictured

80. Dolphin

81. Jellyfish

82. Little Fishy – love!

83. Peekaboo Sea Turtle

84. Sea Turtle

85. Star Fish

86. Unicorn – adorable!

87. Unicorns are real 

88. Wallace the Whale

89. Bat

90. Baby Blocks

91. Baby Sun Ray Toy

92. Beach Ball

93. Cloud Baby pictured

94. Fabric Football

95. Felt Letters

96. Rainbow Sunshine pictured

97. Raindrop Softie

98. Soft Rock Guitar pictured

99. Snowman from a Pillow

100. Sunshine Softie

How to use the ladder stitch

I’m completely smitten with these charming sewing projects. Which one will you make first?

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Source: https://thesewingloftblog.com/100-stuffed-toy-diy-patterns/