8 Cutest Valentine’s Day Teacher Gifts

25 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teachers That’ll Make Her Feel Special

8 Cutest Valentine’s Day Teacher Gifts

Valentine’s day gifts for teachers are the best way to express your feelings to your teacher. Planning to give something special to your teacher for Valentine’s day or give your kids some gifts so that they can give it to their teachers? Here are some fo the best and cutest Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teachers.

These gifts are special and shall make every teacher feel respected and loved. Valentine’s day is not just a couple centric day. It’s a day dedicated to love and kids should give gifts to teachers and express their love towards them. I think it’s the sweetest possible gesture a child can do for a teacher.

So, without delay check these gifts for teacher ideas below.

#25. Gift for Teacher by Paging Supermom

So, these were the best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teachers Ideas.

Please comment below and let me know what you think about this round-up. I live to hear from you guys. It makes me work on myself and blog.

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21 Sweet Valentines for Students (That Skip the Sugar)

8 Cutest Valentine’s Day Teacher Gifts

Do you LOVE to surprise your students with a little Valentine’s Day treat? Here are 21 sweet ideas for students gathered from our WeAreTeachers Valentine’s Day Pinterest board.

We picked up many of the supplies to make these valentines using Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup. It’s a great way to save a little time and money. 

1.  Pencil-Heart Valentine

Because, really, can your students ever have enough pencils?

SOURCE: Bits of Everything

2. Crayon Box Treat

Ahh! The beloved smell of a fresh box of crayons.

SOURCE: Crazy Little Projects

3. Silly Straws

These will make your students cheer!

SOURCE: Kinzie’s Kreations

4. Glow-Stick Magic

Because our students light up our lives!

SOURCE: The Teacher Wife

5. Love Bugs

Love the mason jar template these little bugs come in.

SOURCE: Dandee

6. Pencil Arrows

Play Cupid and aim for your students’ hearts.

SOURCE: Remarkably Created

7. Cuties

A sweet message to go with a healthy treat.

SOURCE: The Cards We Drew

Remember, you can save a little money on your cuties by using the code TEACHERS when you choose Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup.

8. Slinky

Tip: Buy mini-Slinky toys in bulk at the dollar store.

SOURCE: Two Thirty Five Designs

9. Crayon Hearts

This is a great project for using up all those crayon odds and ends.

SOURCE: A Sprinkle of This

10. You Rule!

Let them know: In your eyes, they measure up.

SOURCE: Relocated Living

11. Tic-Tac-Toe Fun

If you’re still trying to stay away from candy, you could use jewel stones or beads instead of M&M’s. (Just make sure you change the message!)

SOURCE: Creations by Kara

12. Foxy Pretzels

Your kids will love this foxy little valentine.

SOURCE: Pink Peppermint Design

13. Scrabble Valentine

Use Scrabble Cheez-Its (who knew?) and this template to play Valentine Words with Friends with your students.

SOURCE: Positively Splendid

14. Dinosaurs

Pick up an assorted bag of plastic dinos and some cute washi tape, and you’re good to go!

SOURCE: Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons

15. Paint-Strip Bookmarks

A trip to the hardware store, a hole punch, and some skinny ribbon are all you need for this DIY project.

SOURCE: Krazy Coupon Lady

16. Bubble Fun

Have a bubble-blowing party on the blacktop!

SOURCE: The Girl Creative

17. Applesauce Squeeze

Another healthy option with a sweet message.

SOURCE: Funky Polka Dot Giraffe

18. Bouncy Balls

You might want to hand this one out at the end of the day!

SOURCE: Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night

19. Play-Doh Valentine

Kids of all ages love Play-Doh.

SOURCE: Random Thoughts of a Supermom

20. Teddy Grahams

Give your students a Valentine’s bear-hug—the healthier option.

SOURCE: Skip to My Lou

21. Gummy Bears

Okay, we just couldn’t resist adding one candy treat. Gummy bears are so darn cute! And you can always buy the sugar-free kind.

SOURCE: Skip to my Lou

What are your favorite valentines for students? Please share in the comments, and we’ll add them to this list.

And don’t forget: You can save $10 on your first order of $50 or more at Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup when you use the code TEACHERS. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Source: https://www.weareteachers.com/valentines-for-students/

30 Cutest Valentine’s Day Gifts For Teachers to Let her know that She is Matchless

8 Cutest Valentine’s Day Teacher Gifts

Have you been looking for Best Valentine’s gifts for teacher? Be it whatever, our teacher has played a huge role in our growth. They have helped us when no body else could.

This Valentines Day it’s your chance to thank her with a cute teacher valentine gift. Let her know how much she means to you with this small token of love.

(If you want to make some Valentines Day crafts then get them here)

Valentines Gifts for Teacher

Must read:

  • DIY Gifts for Teachers that are personalized

#30. Cute Valentines Day gift for Teacher By Happy Go Lucky

Hence these were my favorite Valentine gifts for teacher. If you want you can also use these for Teacher Appreciation Week or other occasions as well. I hope you d these ideas and you are sharing it with your friends.

To all the people who are saving my photos about these cute ideas for teacher valentine gifts on Pinterest, a big Thank You! It means a lot to me. For more ideas of gifts, decor, and anything else keep reading my blogs.

Until next time, Spread the Love…


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7 Fun Valentine’s Day Teacher Gifts For Under $10

8 Cutest Valentine’s Day Teacher Gifts

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If you love giving gifts to your kids’ teachers than you are probably looking at your calendar and noticing how Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly! I have a few friends who are teachers and they always tell me they love receiving gifts, but there are some items they appreciate more than others (and desk chotchkes aren’t one of them). Check out some of these sweet gifts for your teachers this Valentine’s Day!

Source: PolkaDotChair.com

1. Bee My Valentine

There are many things that teacher’s receive as gifts they may not need, but chapstick is one of them. Especially when it’s Burt’s Bees chapstick which is natural and feels great! Not only is this a simple, inexpensive and useful gift, but the play on words (bee for Burt’s Bees, in case you didn’t catch it!) makes it great for Valentine’s Day.

Head over to PolkaDotChair.com for this free printable and get buzzzy!

Source: SimplyKierste.com

2. Toe-riffic Valentine

I love this idea because the colors of the card make it Valentine friendly, but you could really use it for any holiday. All ladies love nail polish in some color, so find an inexpensive pink or red shade, slap on this cute card and you have a toe-riffic valentine (see what I did there?).

Check out SimplyKierste.com for this free template you can print out on your own!

Source: TheHappierHomemaker.com

3. Hugs & Kisses Mason Jar

A little candy is always appreciated by a teacher, especially if it’s in this adorable mason jar with a Valentines theme. A simply stamped or painted peice of burlap and festive colored ribbon are all you need to take a plain jar to Valentine’s day lovely. Don’t forget the kisses!

Head over to TheHappierHomemaker.com for this idea and 40 more!

Source: MarciCoombs.com

I’ve heard that teachers love gifts they can take home and use, and this cute play on words with popcorn as the gift is adorable! Throw in a small bottle of soda and some candy and your teacher will be dreaming of her upcoming movie night.

MarciCoombs.com has this idea, and tons more great Valentine’s teacher gift over on her site!

Source: SkipToMyLou.com

5. Gift Cards

Hands down, all teachers will agree they love getting gift cards. So why not dress up yours with this cute Valentine and gift card holder combo? It’s the perfect way for your kids to show how much they love their teacher!

SkipToMyLou.com to has this free printable, so skip on over right now!

Source: GluedToMyCraftBlog.com

6. School Supplies

I know, I know, school supplies aren’t super “festive,” if you will, but teachers can ALWAYS use them! Additionally, come February, who knows if they still have a great stash going. If you want to give a purposeful gift, you can! Just use one of these cute tags to make it more festive and your teachers will adore you.

Get over to GluedToMyCraftBlog.com for these free printables!

Source: OverTheBigMoon.com

7. Movie Night

Give your teachers the gift of their choice of rom-com’s with this super easy Valentine: a Redbox movie! Did you know you can purchase Redbox codes online and give as gifts? You can! Add the code to a Valentine, and add some movie treats and you’ve got the perfect gift.

OverTheBigMoon.com has more info on purchasing Redbox codes and this adorable printable too!

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Source: https://lifeasmama.com/7-fun-valentines-day-teacher-gifts-for-under-10/

8 Cutest Valentine’s Day Teacher Gifts

8 Cutest Valentine’s Day Teacher Gifts

Some kids love giving gifts and Valentine’s Day is no exception but your kid may give something not only to classmates and friends but also to teachers. Let’s make some fun and cute Valentine’s Day teacher gifts with your kids!

These super cute and fun erasers will be a nice gift idea for both friends and teachers and it’s such a fun and easy activity – make them together! Buy some sweet erasers or take usual ones and decorate them, then attach them to cards, there are free printables in the source, check them out and find out how to attach the erasers. Voila!

DIY Valentine's Day teacher eraser gift (via maritzalisa.com)

Make a cool personalized clipboard for your kids’ teacher – it’s a helpful, functional and easy gift to make.

The vinyl decal is going to be applied to the back of a clear clipboard, which allows there to be no bumps when writing on the clipboard.

Find a detailed instruction to make this clipboard for the teacher and go!

DIY personalized clear acrylic clipboard for a teacher (via refashionablylate.com)

This gift idea is super fun and creative! You’ll have to buy a pack of sharpies or some sharp pencils and just attach a proper tag to them, which won’t take much time at all.

I love the ‘Looking sharp’ tag, which is a pun with your sharp gifts. Download the printables and attach the tags to the pens or pencils.

DIY Looking Sharp teacher's gift for Valentine's Day (via www.sisterssuitcaseblog.com)

This simple, bright and fun Valentine gift is a cool and tasty idea as these are candies with a fun owl tag.

You’ll need to buy some candies or chocolate, place it into a clear box and add a colorful and bright tag with a note – read the tutorial to find out how to make it easily and fast, then just attach the tag and voila!

DIY owl Valentine's Day teacher gift with candies (via justagirlandherblog.com)

This bright and fun edible Valentine gift is a cool idea for everyone including a teacher. Start from making an s’mores snack mix or make a ready one, or get some candies.

Put them all into a jar and add a fun tag that you’ll see in the source.

The funny quote is a great idea for a teacher’s gift, get inspired and make it!

DIY s'mores Valentine's Day gift with a cute tag (via www.anightowlblog.com)

This simple and cute Valentine’s Day gift is also an edible one. These cute jars aren’t a must, you can take usual ones and decorate them a bit.

Fill these jars with some candies, mini pretzels, chocolate and other stuff and highlight the jar with a cute tag that you’ll see in the source.

Make as many as you want and let your kids give them to their teachers!

DIY candy jars with cute tags for Valentine's Day (via eighteen25.com)

These cool EOS lip balms are a hit as they are good and very cool-looking, and they can be given as gifts to your kids’ teachers in a stylish way.

There’s a fun printable card with a large angel that will incorporate a balm, download this free printable from the tutorial and choose a proper color of the balm.

Make the teachers happy!

DIY Valentine's Day lip balm gift for teachers (via eighteen25.com)

Succulents are very trendy, and you can give this touch of trend to your teacher to make them happy. But choose a creative container here, plant a succulent into a simple jar and add a cool inscription using a stencil.

If you don’t succulents, you can rock any other plants or even flowers. This cool gift is meaningful and very cute, the teachers will be happy!

DIY succulent in a jar gift for Valentine's Day (via realitydaydream.


Source: https://www.shelterness.com/valentines-day-teacher-gifts/