11 Cute DIY Ocean And Mermaid Slime Crafts

Mermaid Slime Tutorial

11 Cute DIY Ocean And Mermaid Slime Crafts

Mermaids are so mystical and magical – it’s no wonder kids love them so much! This easy to make mermaid slime is not only fun for your mermaid-loving child; it’s incorporates sensory play and is great for classroom or homeschool lessons about the ocean. 

So let’s take a trip under the sea and break out the glitter and sequins to make this magical blue mermaid slime! This Borax-free slime is super colorful and sparkly and uses iridescent glitter, two colors of food coloring, and pastel mermaid sequins to bring it to life. Your Little Mermaid lovers are going to be obsessed with this sea-glass looking slime! 

Supplies you need for this project

Helpful crafting tools

  • Plastic bowl
  • Measuring spoons
  • Mixing spoon

Helpful Project Info

  • Age Level: 4 and up 
  • Mess Factor: High – glitter, sequins, and food coloring
  • Level of Difficulty: Easy
  • Time to Complete: 5-10 minutes
  • Cost Estimate: $2.00-$3.00 depending on the sequin mix-ins

Crafting Tips:

  • When crafting in groups, purchase value packs of glue (I’ve included a link above) to keep costs down and in ease of making
  • It’s best to use bowls and mixing supplies that you will throw away or save just for slime projects.
  • We mixed in blue and teal food coloring, but try adding purple too!
  • If you don’t have mermaid sequins, iridescent sequins or rhinestones are a pretty alternative choice.
  • For both glitter and food coloring, you can always start off with a small amount and add more until you get the desired color and sparkle effect.

How to Make Mermaid Slime

  1. Empty entire bottle of clear glue into a plastic bowl.
  2. Add one tablespoon of baking soda.
  1. Squirt in one tablespoon of saline solution.
  1. Add in a couple tablespoons of iridescent glitter to the mix; the more glitter, the more sparkly your slime will be.
  2. Drop in one drop of blue food coloring, then drop in one drop of teal food coloring. Now mix.
  1. Knead your slime.

    If slime is still sticky, squirt in a little more saline solution until slime pulls away from bowl and isn’t as gooey.

Your kids will love this pretty, blue mermaid slime, a fun way to spend an afternoon! We suggest making this slime as a rainy day activity, classroom craft, or for an ocean-themed party.  It might just be the next best thing to visiting the ocean or watching “The Little Mermaid“!

More Slime Recipes

  • St Patrick’s Day Slime
  • Pumpkin Slime
  • Homemade Floam
  • Black Glitter Slime

Print ProjectYour little mermaid will have so much fun making this slime! Filled with glitter and pretty sequins, it's the perfect sensory activity!

  • 4 ounce clear glue
  • 1 tbsp baking soda
  • 1 tbsp saline solution
  • iridescent glitter
  • mermaid sequins
  • 1 to 2 drops of teal and blue food coloring
  • Empty entire bottle of clear glue into a plastic bowl.
  • Add one tablespoon of baking soda.
  • Squirt in one tablespoon of saline solution.
  • Add in a couple tablespoons of iridescent glitter to the mixture. The more you use, the sparklier your slime will be.
  • Drop in one drop of blue food coloring, then drop in one drop of teal food coloring. Now mix.
  • Pour in mermaid sequins and knead.
  • Keep kneading slime until it's not sticky. If slime is still sticky, squirt in a little bit more saline solution until slime pulls away from bowl and isn't as gooey.
  • When crafting in groups, purchase value packs of glue (I've included a link above) to keep costs down and in ease of making
  • It’s best to use bowls and mixing supplies that you will throw away or save just for slime projects.
  • We mixed in blue and teal food coloring, but try adding purple too!
  • If you don't have mermaid sequins, iridescent sequins or rhinestones is a pretty alternative choice.
  • For both glitter and food coloring, you can always start off with a small amount and add more until you get the desired color and sparkle effect.
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Source: https://craftsbyamanda.com/mermaid-slime/

Mermaid Crafts for Kids | Fin Fun Blog

11 Cute DIY Ocean And Mermaid Slime Crafts

Trips to the beach and pool are fun, but what happens when the weather isn’t the best for swimming? Reel in your little mers with a whirlpool of mermaid crafts and activities! Whether you save these ideas for a rainy day or get right to work collecting the needed supplies for an afternoon of fun, there’s loads of fun to be had.

Mermaid Lagoon

Does your little mermaid have a big imagination?  The Mermaid’s Lagoon from My Small Potatoes is a great guide for building your very own Mermaid-themed sensory bin for little ones, and lets them explore their senses through play.

Once assembled, just add water for nonstop mermaid fun!

Paper Roll Fish

For a craft that’s cute, fun, and inexpensive, these Paper Roll Fish by The Craft Train fit the bill!

All you need are some scissors, sharpies, paint, googly eyes, and toilet paper rolls to create some sweet little fish friends!

Rocking Mermaid

Paper plates don’t only have to be used for mealtime!  With the Rocking Paper Plate Mermaid from Red Ted Art, they can transform into a cool mermaid craft that’s bound to lead to a rocking good time!

The how-to guide even includes a free printable mermaid template!

Ocean Slime

Fascinated by all things gooey?  Not your average oobleck, this Ocean Slime recipe by Buggy and Buddy is easy to make and provides fun for hours!

Peg Mermaid Dolls

Ever wanted to make your own mermaid?  Now you can with these Peg Mermaid Dolls by Be a Fun Mum.

Not only are they adorable, but being able to add your own unique touch makes them even more special.

Ocean in a Bottle

Need a craft that’s simple and calming?  The Ocean in a Bottle by Happy Hooligans only requires three ingredients, and once finished is beautiful to watch.

A perfect tool for destressing, the patterns made by the oil and water in the bottle are sure to soothe mermaids big and small.

Fork Puffer Fish Craft

As all Little Mermaid fans know, a dinglehopper (or a fork, as landlubbers call it) can be many different things, from an eating utensil to a hairbrush.  Now, with Crafty Morning’s Fork Puffer Fish, you can use your dinglehopper as a paintbrush!

Who knew dinglehoppers could be so versatile?

Mermaid Crown

Every princess needs a crown, and mermaid princesses are no different.  Totally the Bomb’s DIY Mermaid Crown guide will help your little mermaid feel underwater royalty!

Mermaid Necklace

Need some more mermaid accessories?  Look no further than these Mermaid Necklaces from Mama Papa Bubba!

A simple yet elegant design, this is a craft that little mermaids will flip their fins for!

Play Dough Soap

Want to make bath time more fun?  Sugar, Spice, and Glitter has a  Play Dough Soap  recipe that cleans kids while they play!

If you know of any other mermaid crafts or activities perfect for little mermaids, feel free to share them in the comments!

Source: https://blog.finfunmermaid.com/2018/08/24/mermaid-crafts-for-kids/

10 Minute Unicorn Crafts For Kids

11 Cute DIY Ocean And Mermaid Slime Crafts

I don’t know a single kid who doesn’t love Unicorns. These magical creatures are all the rage. And to be honest i absolutely love them too. And as a mother of a 7 yrs old Unicorn girl i am always asked to help make Unicorn themed crafts.

This is all she wants to make ALL The Time. But my favorite crafts are those which require the least effort, use easily available materials and that turn out gorgeous. So I decided to create a go to list of 10 Minutes Unicorn Crafts For Kids.

These gorgeous 10 Minute Unicorn Crafts For Kids are just so magical and super easy to make. I kept in mind to select only those crafts which can be made in 10 min or so and the kids can try making them with little help from adults.

Latests Crafts

Super Easy Mermaid Craft Finger Puppets. 

Magical DIY Unicorn Paper Bag

1.Finger Puppet Unicorn Craft 

First on my 10 Minute Unicorn Crafts For Kids list is the easiest and most adorable unicorn craft ever. This is the pretty Finger Puppet Unicorn Craft. I highly recommend to start with this easy craft. Your tiny unicorns can play make believe stories with this easy craft to no end.

2.Paper Plate Unicorn Mask

This super pretty Paper Plate Unicorn Mask by Dear Creatives is got to be one of the most favorite craft of all unicorn fans. Its so easy to make and turns out gorgeous. Another perfect craft to play with for hours.

3. DIY Unicorn Notebook

Now this easy to make DIY Unicorn Notebook craft is perfect for elementary school age kids. Its so glittery and uses only a few things to make. A magical way to start school this year.

4. Unicorn Slime

This is the ultimate best Unicorn Slime by The best ideas for kids. I absolutely love all the glitter and the pretty colors of this slime. This awesome recipe uses glittery glue which gives it the extra sparkle. If this isn’t the perfect slime ever then i don’t know what is.

If you have been enjoying this collection of crafts then you MUST check out my 12 Best Slime Recipes as well.

5. Paper Plate Unicorn Craft For Preschool

This Paper Plate Unicorn Craft For Preschool by Red Ted Art is perfect to make for your preschoolers. Its super easy to make and looks so gorgeous. You can even hang it around the room or put in on a table to decorate your kids room.

6. Unicorn Craft Finger Rings

These pretty Unicorn Craft Finger Rings are also one of my favorite crafts. They are so simple to make its unbelievable. And they are super popular with the kids. My daughter wore these to the park and they were an instant hit with all the kids.

7. Unicorn Toilet Tube Craft

I love this Unicorn Toilet Tube Craft by Meraki Mother. Its so easy to make and would look so pretty as a decoration around the room. I am sure your little unicorns will love playing with this.

8. Unicorn Pencil Holder Craft

This Unicorn Pencil Holder Craft is such an useful craft to make with kids. Its also a perfect match with the DIY Unicorn Notebook.

9. Hand Print Unicorn Craft

This Hand Print Unicorn Craft by The Resourceful Mama is got to be the prettiest hand print craft ever! Its a good craft to make with your toddler girl. You can even keep this as a safe keep.

10. Lego Unicorn Building Instructions

The Lego Unicorn Building Instructions craft by Frugal Fun 4 Boys is perfect for the Lego fans. Its super easy to make and looks so pretty. Another adorable magical craft for your little unicorns.

Make these Ultimate 10 Minute Unicorn Crafts For Kids with your kids today for some magical fun on a rainy day or whenever the whim strikes. I loved trying all these amazing crafts with my daughter. Hope you love them too.For more Unicorn Fun do try out my DIY Paper Plate Unicorn Photo Frame.

Happy Crafting With Us!!!

Source: https://artcraftandfun.com/10-minute-unicorn-crafts-for-kids/

33 DIY Slime Recipe Ideas

11 Cute DIY Ocean And Mermaid Slime Crafts

Love slime? We can’t get enough of it, and making slime is officially one of our favorite crafts ever. Super creative and fun to play with, there are so many options, I am not sure where I will even find time to make all of these awesome slime recipes.

Perhaps homework can wait… Whether you are a slime making expert or just learning how to make slime, we have the perfect recipe for you. Follow the easy step by step tutorials to learn how to make all kinds of coolness. With or without borax, glue or glitter, we have all varieties of slime in this list of the best from Pinterest.

Edible slime? We got it. Made with Starburst candy, I think I just found the best idea of the year. This list of slimes is perfect for bored teens and kids, these are sure to please all. Check out these fun and fabulously slimey DIYs in our newest list of different types of slimes you can make today.

Of course, if you don’t find enough slime recipes here, we have lots more cool ways to make slime on the site.

1. DIY Rainbow Slime

DIY Projects for Teens

This fun and easy slime idea is made with colored Elmer’s glitter glue. We found ours at Michael’s craft stores, but you can also order this on Amazon. You will want a few colors.

You can make this DIY slime with borax water or substitute detergent, liquid starch or if you want to make DIY slime without borax or liquid starch, we recommend substituting contact lens solution to make the slime thick. We made ours in minutes. Definitely a must try when it comes to DIY slime recipes.

Super stretchy and not too sticky, not hard to make at all. We made several batches of this homemade rainbow glitter slime, and all of them turned out perfectly colorful and exactly as expected.

2. Birthday Cake Confetti Slime

Mom Luck

Oooh. So pretty! This has to be one of our favorite cool slime recipes. We love birthday cake anything, and this slime is not to be left out. What better way to make slime than with colorful sprinkles that look cake? Quick and easy, we love this cool slime tutorial. This slime just has a few ingredients, and your teens, boys and girls should be able to make it without adult assistance.

DIY Galaxy Slime


Learn how to make this easy galaxy slime at home with a simple tutorial. Step by step instructions and video make it an easy how to.

3. Edible Slime From Starburst Candy

Teach Beside Me

OK. One bite, and you are going to agree with us that this may be the best slime recipe ever created. Hint: tastes exactly Starbursts, or maybe even better. A fun party craft idea, this one will leave you with little cleanup. Cool idea teens can make all by themselves.

4. Ocean Slime

Buggy and Buddy

Have your kids been driving you crazy with slime that is super gross and awful looking? Maybe it never turns out quite right? Try this lovely slime with sea creatures and glitter, instead. It is sure to please both you and the children. We picked up some cheap supplies at the dollar store, including the glitter and sea animals, and just love, love love this homemade slime tutorial.

5. Beauty And The Beast Slime

As The Bunny Hops

Another gorgeous slime idea, this Beauty and the Beast version is golden with red roses. Looks hard to make, right? Nope, it is easy. Check out the lovely step by step photos by one of our favorite new DIY bloggers, As The Bunny Hops. Fun for both adults, kids and teens, you are going to enjoy making this fun craft.

6. Galaxy Slime

Two Daloo

Starry, starry night, all day long. Let your kids play with this mesmerizing slime whilte you take care of some Mom things. Or make some for yourself. It is that pretty. We think this cool DIY galaxy slime is one of the best WOW recipes around, sure to WOW all those who see it. Easy to make, with little mess, too. Did we mention cheap? See what you think…

7. Ultimate Fluffy Slime

Mom Dot

I had no idea slime came in a “fluffy” version but boy am I glad it does. Regular slime is squishy and cool, but pretty slimey.

Add shaving cream, and you get fluffy slime, which is exactly what it say, soft, squishy and fun to play with, never stringy.

Check out the cool step by step instructions to make this awesome homemade slime. Of all the cool slime recipes we’ve seen, this one wins a top spot.

8. Minions Slime

A Pumpkin and A Princess

Need cute DIY party favors for kids? We just found them. Especially if you or your kid loves Minions. Check out these adorable Minion slime bottles for that next special birthday celebration. Cute teen party idea, too.

9. Soda Pop Slime

One Savvy Mom

Here is a DIY slime recipe without borax, a cool version of soda pop slime that is perfect for children to play with. We love to keep this around for after school entertainment and fun on those quick playtime breaks. Stretchy and colorful, this is a super cool homemade slime you will be glad you tried.

10. DIY Magnetic Slime

DIY Projects for Teens

Test out the skills of your inner scientist on this one. I must admit even adults and older teens are going to think this one is cool.

We can not look it it without wanting to play with this DIY magnetic slime. It pulls a magnet, but slowly.

There are so many amazing things you can do with this homemade slime, just wait… Check out the step by step tutorial and recipe to get your own awesome slimes this today.

11. Cotton Candy Slime

Savy Naturalista

The name says it all, DIY cotton candy slime. Fluffy and pink, colorful and fun, who can resist making this slime recipe? We say invite some friends over and make some right now.

12. Ocean Swirl Glitter Slime


Yes, this one is one of the most mesmerizing, lovely slimes you will ever put your hands on. Not too sticky or thick, perfectly stretchy and a site for all to see, this glittery slime looks, yes, just the ocean, but with sparkles. Add some sharks and fish, and you will have fun watching them play in the waves as you stretch this slime all afternoon.

13. Mermaid Slime

The Nerds Wife

Another pretty ocean themed slime recipe, this mermaid slime is super sparkly and glitter, fun for both boys and girls to play with. Complete with an awesome tutorial with pretty photos that show you exactly how to make slime that looks this, you can make this fun craft idea in minutes.

14. Magical Monster Slime

Lemonlime Adventure

Need a cute DIY birthday party favor or Halloween themed treat? Think spooky monster slime, which can be easily made in baby food jars or tiny mason jars. I made 40 treat bags for some kids last weekend, and all of them were most excited about these colorful monster slimes. Make slime, add eyeballs, and voila. Cute and easy fun for all.

15. Homemade Glitter Gak


What is the difference between gak and slime, or slime and putty, for that matter? Not sure we know, exactly, and not sure we care. All are cool to play with, and this glitter gak recipe is no exception. Mix and knead this one up for something cool to do this weekend.

16. Fluffy Sand Slime

Mom Dot.com

Just when you thought you had seen all of the cool slimes you can make, you haven’t. Who would have thought to add sand to slime? Well, when you do, it is a strange and wonderful texture, with cool colors, too. Make some of this fluffy sand slime for sensory playtime fun.

17. Super Stretchy 3 Ingredient Saline Slime

Steam Powered Family

Looking for a safe slime recipe and want to avoid using borax, find a recipe with no liquid starch or detergent? The ingredients in this slime are all ones you should already have on hand, and are super safe for your hands. We were worried this slime would not turn out right since it did not have borax, but we were super pleased with the results. Try making this super stretchy slime and see for yourself.

18. DIY Glitter Slime

A Party of Four

We just love the look of clear slime, don’t you? Easy to mix and need for perfect results, this do it yourself glitter versjon is sure to please everyone. Little mess to clean up, too, definitely one of the best slime recipes.

Pin it to save and share on Pinterest

Source: https://diyprojectsforteens.com/diy-slime-recipe-ideas/2/

Fish in a Bag Slime

11 Cute DIY Ocean And Mermaid Slime Crafts

I have a silly and fun little craft idea that is perfect for summer.  Kids love slime, at least mine do, and it is so simple and cheap to make.  Absolutely perfect for hot summer afternoons or for rainy days.  There is a new Finding Dory movie coming out June 16th and these would be so cute to make after catching that movie!

I try to have a bit of quiet time on summer afternoons to get housework and blog stuff done and making the kids a bag of slime is perfect to keep them entertained.  This summer I am trying hard to come up with a lot of ideas this for quiet time because I really want to start listening to some French language CDs for kids that I found at the library.

So when my 8 year old came home begging for a fish one day, I had an idea to create a fish in a bag for her from slime

Source: https://myfrugaladventures.com/2016/05/fish-in-a-bag-slime/

Sparkly Mermaid Slime Sensory Play ⋆ Sugar, Spice and Glitter

11 Cute DIY Ocean And Mermaid Slime Crafts

Welcome to Sugar, Spice & Glitter! My newsletter is the best way to stay up to date with our delicious recipes, fun kids’ activities and other gems for Rockstar Moms. Please note, this post may contain affiliate links which help support the cost of running this website. For more details, please see our Full Disclosure .

We’re in full-on Mermaid obsession over here.

After the wild success of the Mermaid Teepee, I wanted to try out a Mermaid Sensory Play idea as a kick-off to a full-out Mermaid Study, which I’m hoping will create some new interests in sea life, folk lore, and …

After finding these awesome mermaid sequins, I knew I had to make Mermaid Slime!

The mermaid slime was more teal in colour than these pictures show (I blame the Canadian winter sun), but as you can see, it was sparkly, beautiful, and inviting — what more could you ask from a sensory play material?

A good slime should not be sticky, but rather thick, stretchy, and oozy. For my kids who will get upset if the slime sticks to them a bit (it comes off very easily if you rub your hands), I just wet down their hands before they play and keep some water ready to keep their hands moist, which stops the slime from sticking.

My kids love spreading the slime out all over the table and squishing their hands in it.

And stretching the slime which is a great little work-out!

Slime is pleasantly cool to the touch and is wondrous and exciting, without being too gross or making an actual mess. The worse that we get is sometimes it sticks to the bare patches on the table where the varnish has worn off, or a bit of slime on clothing which is easily dissolved with a bit of vinegar.

Side note: Vinegar also works to remove slime from hair…

Before we get to the recipe, I had to tell you that it’s finally here! I wrote The (Ultimate) Slime Book oozing with over 50 pages of stretchable, squishy sensory fun – including a year of seasonal slimes, edible slimes and unique ways to play with slime. Click here to get more details.

You can purchase The Slime Book on Amazon, Book Depository, or at your local bookstore!

Scroll down to grab the printable directions on how to make this Mermaid Slime, and be sure to check out our other Mermaid Crafts for Kids:

How to Make Sparkly Mermaid Slime

Materials to Make Sparkly Mermaid Slime:

Or, if you prefer saline solution slime:

Mix the glue, 3 T of liquid starch, and water together to start. Mix and knead, checking consistency and balancing with more glue or more liquid starch as you go. Asia’s guide above is irreplaceable if you are new to making slime.

After you have a cohesive slime, add any optional colouring, glitter, sequins, and scent.

I hope you enjoyed our Mermaid Slime, and I hope you will be brave enough to join me in my love of slime! We have several other slime recipes on our Sensory Play page, and we share a new Sensory Play idea or recipe nearly every week, so if you’d to not miss out, please consider subscribing to our free weekly newsletter, delivered straight to your e-mail.

Pin this Mermaid Slime recipe for your next rainy day:

Grab our free printable for this sparkly mermaid slime recipe:

  • 2 5oz. bottles clear glue
  • 3+ Tablespoons of Liquid Starch
  • 2 Tablespoons water
  • 1/4 teaspoon Wilton Teal gel food colouring
  • Generous shake teal glitter
  • Mermaid glitter
  1. Mix the glue, 3 T of liquid starch, and water together to start.
  2. Mix and knead, checking consistency and balancing with more glue or more liquid starch as you go. Asia's guide above is irreplaceable if you are new to making slime.
  3. After you have a cohesive slime, add any optional colouring, glitter, sequins, and scent.

And, as part of a monthly hop, I bring you some more sparkly play recipes from some of the top kids’ activity bloggers:

Calming Glitter Slime | Lemon Lime Adventures

Constellation Dough | It’s A Long Story

Music Inspired Moon Sparkle Dough| Witty Hoots

Rocks and Pebbles Outdoor Sparkle Dough| Peakle Pie

Sparkly Shamrock Dough | Preschool Powol Packets

Taste Safe Strawberry Lemonade Sparkle Dough | Bare Feet on the Dashboard

Twilight Sparkle Dough | Creative World of Varya

Midnight Sparkle Dough | Wildflower Ramblings
Glitter Oobleck from Still Playing School

Metallic Sparkle Crayon Play Dough | Sugar Aunts

Sparkling Ocean Play Dough | Stir the Wonder

Shimmery Dough | In The Playroom

Sparkle Dough Eruptions | Little Bins for Little Hands

DIY Taste Safe Glitter and Rainbow Playdough | Powerful Mothering

Stress Busting Sparkle Dough | Raising Lifelong Learners

Source: https://sugarspiceandglitter.com/sparkly-mermaid-slime-sensory-play/

11 Cute DIY Ocean And Mermaid Slime Crafts

11 Cute DIY Ocean And Mermaid Slime Crafts

Ocean, seas and all kind of sea creatures often inspire and remind of beach holidays. Why not make a gorgeous toy for sensory play with this theme in mind? Today we are sharing some cool tutorials for kids’ slime – ocean, sea, mermaid, with fish and other stuff. Get inspired to make some for your kids!

Swirling ocean waves of color! Make ocean slime for an awesome under the sea theme to remind your kids of summer! Use any of basic slimes including saline solution slime recipe, borax slime recipe, and liquid starch slime recipe to make this ocean theme slime recipe the kids will love to play with! Making slime with our homemade slime recipes is an amazing way to connect with kids. Grab sea shells, plastic ocean or sea creatures, and shells to mix into and play with your ocean slime. Kids love to hunt for fun little items in the slime and it’s terrific fine motor practice too.

DIY under the sea slime recipe (via littlebinsforlittlehands.com)

If you have a love for everything under the sea, you must create a fun ocean slime recipe activity with the kids. Whether your little mermaid loves playing with homemade slime or you are still finding Nemo, this is the perfect summer science play for your kids.

I totally love the sparkly look of this slime – it really reminds of the ocean! Such slime will keep your children busy for hours even when they can’t go to the beach, they will play with sea slime and creatures in it.

DIy ocean slime with a touch of glitter (via littlebinsforlittlehands.com)

Whether you are looking for a fun activity, an amazing centerpiece for an ocean theme party, a slime party favor or a super cool slime gift idea this Ocean Slime is perfect! You will use an incredible clear slime recipe and turn it into your very own ocean in a bottle experience.

Your children will love playing with this ocean slime, and we’re sure it will become one of their favorite slime recipes. This homemade slime recipe makes the most amazing slime. It won’t stick to your hands, and you can pull it, cut it, squish it, flatten it, poke it, and have hours of fun playing with it.

It’s awesome!

DIY ocean slime with seashells and clear touches (via www.naturalbeachliving.com)

Ever dream of being a mermaid? This is about as close as we will come no matter how much we love the ocean! Learn how to make mermaid slime perfect for an under the sea or ocean theme. This slime recipe is sure to delight the kiddos and making slime is also cool science.

This slime has the beautiful glossy colors of the ocean with hints of purple and sparkle for the mermaid lover too. You can add seas glass, shells, colored or clear gems, and anything else to complete your under the sea theme.

DIY under the sea mermaid slime with sequins (via littlebinsforlittlehands.com)

DIY glitter ocean slime jars is an aquarium inspired craft is a great summer boredom buster idea for kids! This easy slime recipe will show you how to make glitter slime with ocean toys to store in plastic containers.

Great for saving as a summer activity or party favor for an Under the Sea party! To make the ocean slime jars to resemble an aquarium add toys in between layers of slime. You’ll want the toys to peek through the front of the jar.

DIY glitter ocean slime with sea creatures (via apumpkinandaprincess.com)

Celebrate the upcoming Finding Dory movie release with this easy glitter slime recipe. These small fish bowl jars make a great Finding Dory party favor or summer boredom-buster idea for kids! Buy some proper figurines to show them off in the jars, and the children will be happy.

DIY finding Dory ocean slime in jars (via apumpkinandaprincess.com)

Borax-free sparkly mermaid slime is an easy kids activity perfect for your mermaid party! This glittery teal slime is going to be a huge hit with all the kids, not only the little girls.

This would be the perfect activity to do with the kids at a mermaid slumber party or mermaid birthday party.

How cute would that be? You could put a little bit of mermaid slime in a small container for each child so that they can take some home with them as their party favor.

DIY turquoise glitter mermaid slime craft (via crayonsandcravings.com)

This ocean slime recipe, which is the perfect shark kids’ activity, is made with a saline solution which makes it a great alternative to borax and produces a great result.

Add in your plastic ocean animals right into the slime mixture of add to the top and mix in. Making a safe slime recipe that is an alternative to a borax slime recipe is easy and affordable.

Plus, you get great results every time!

DIY aqua-colored ocean slime with sea creatures (via www.allthingsmamma.com)

This blue and glittery, borax-free, under the sea ocean slime is a fun DIY sensory activity perfect for the summer months and not only. This ocean slime activity is great to keep the children entertained while stuck inside on a rainy day.

Or, maybe you are looking for a fish-themed craft or ocean-themed kids activity. Either way, you will love this DIY ocean slime recipe. It comes out nice and thick, and holds small plastic fish in it well. The little ones will have a blast playing with this textured slime, and trying to pull the fishies out.

DIY blue ocean slime with little colorful fishies (via crayonsandcravings.com)

Slime is pleasantly cool to the touch and is wondrous and exciting, without being too gross or making an actual mess. A good slime should not be sticky, but rather thick, stretchy, and oozy.

This mermaid slime is right that and your kids will totally love the bold teal color of the slime and mermaid glitter – all those little shells and seahorses.

Get inspired!

DIY turquoise sparkly mermaid slime (via sugarspiceandglitter.com)

I bet Ariel will love to add this Little Mermaid Slime to her collection: this fun Disney craft will keep the kids busy for hours.

The beautiful teal color combined with the glitter resembles the scales of Ariel’s fin.

You can add some food coloring, glitter, and sparkle too for some extra pizzaz! If they are older they can probably make it themselves.

DIY turquoise glitter mermaid slime (via thefarmgirlgabs.com)

Source: https://www.shelterness.com/diy-ocean-mermaid-slime-crafts/