How To Upgrade IKEA Lack Table With Built-In Lights

37 Stunning Mid Century Modern IKEA Hacks

How To Upgrade IKEA Lack Table With Built-In Lights

I have been bringing all of you wonderful friends and readers IKEA Hacks for a very very long time now but I am still mesmerized with the creations that happen and these Mid Century Modern IKEA Hack Masterpieces completely floor me.

  I also think that so many of these pieces fit into the Contemporary Farmhouse look too… so keep that in mind when you are checking them out.  All of these Hacks are pretty simple with an exception of a few that require a bit more work and they are all very budget friendly.

  Check them out and see which one is calling to you and I know you will own it and make it perfect for your home decor.  ENJOY!

I have to say that this is one of the most amazing IKEA Hemnes Hacks I have ever seen. Come and see how these little side tables that had seen better days turned into these sleek Mid Century Modern Side Tables.  With some sanding… plywood… power tools you can do incredible things!  Check it out over at House by the Bay Design!

This absolutely stunning Mid Century Modern Bar Cabinet would be the shining glory in any space it is placed.

  This one is stylized to the hilt and wait until you see the inside…AMAZING!  The best thing is it all started with a BESTA Cabinet and some Flea Market Legs.

  Hop on over to The Vintage Rug Shop and see how Brittany put this beauty together.  Try this DIY and go Chic and Beyond!

How awesome does this piece look and Kristi Murphy wants you to know that she spent about 20 minutes labor on it and all she needed was scissors, glue, and a screw driver.  It is super budget friendly but so very high end looking.  Are you intrigued?  Check out her tutorial and create.

Time to visit Ashley over at Sugar and Cloth.  She is the Princess of all things Chic and Trending!  The BESTA is once again the base to this amazing Mid Century Modern Side Board.  Come and see how Ashley works her magic.  Just be prepared for an incredible piece of furniture.  Her stylizing is to die for!

Over at Idle Hands a super simple Copper Mirror IKEA Hack is waiting for you.  This is a perfect accent piece for all kinds of Home Decor Styles and absolutely fabulous for Mid-Century Modern.  Don’t miss out on this one… ez-pz and budget friendly.

Enter the TARVA Dresser and then watch it transformed into a quintessential piece of Mid Century Modern Furniture by Annette from A Vintage Splendor.  A little bit of paint…a few tools…some brass pulls and a few other supplies are the key to this pieces beauty.  This dresser would be the star in any space it sits.

When you visit Apartment Therapy you will learn all about the designer responsible for this beauty! All the details you need to create this high end looking Credenza are waiting for you there. This IKEA Hack gets a WOW!

Drop by Weekday Carnival and find out what happens when you combine IKEAS Vika Lemberg Stands and a Wooden Board…instant Mid Century Style Coffee Table!  You could mix it up with maybe a marble top…a wooden top with a faux finish of your choice…or maybe a solid color.  You can spray the legs a different color…the possibilities are endless.  Check it out…it could not be easier!

Come on over to Popsugar where you will see a simple IKEA Tarva turn into this cool and sleek Mid-Century Modern Dresser that would be perfect in any space.  I would also love this piece in a Contemporary Farmhouse Setting!  Get the DIY and Enjoy!

This IKEA Nornas Hack is gorgeous and would put a smile on Cocktail Time for sure.  It’s sleek…chic and will add such character to your space.  Visit Kicsihaz …simply translate in google translator and you will be on your way to making this Holiday Drinks in style!

Over at IKEA hackers you will find how this base dresser got it’s cool look!  The classic wood and white is looking pretty awesome here.  The complete tutorial is waiting for you… who knows… this could be the one you were looking for.

You are going to want to purchase some FROSTA’s to make this incredible Mid Century Modern Style Table.  It will look absolutely incredible in any space and any decor.  Customize it in your favor colors…you just can’t do it wrong!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it and this room is to die for…could it be more fun!!!  Drop by VTWOMEN …quickly translate and create!

Since we are focusing in on the Mid Century Modern Design… why not include the kids with this incredible IKEA Play Kitchen Hack.  It’s a dream come true and so very easy to do.  The kids would LOVE this… check it out over at A Beautiful Mess.

This IKEA Tarva turned Mid Century Modern Stunner can be made in less than a day.  It is cost effective…high end in appearance…useful and easy to make.  Earnest Home Co. shares this simple DIY that you are going to flip over.  Check it out!

Hawthorne and Main has a wonderful Mid-Century Modern Kallax tutorial waiting for you.  You will basically build a base and attach the Kallax as is.  It’s brilliant plus it look so Don Draper!

A sleek pendant lamp is the perfect Mid Century Modern touch to so many spaces in your home.  Come and see how simple it is to take a $9.99 pendant lamp from IKEA and make it into a shining star…in any color that your heart desires! Check it out over at LuLus!

I am in love with this planter!  It looks awesome but then again everything that Ashely over at Sugar and Cloth looks Amazing!  See how she takes a simple Bigarra Ikea Planter and transforms it into an incredible Mid-Century Planter.

Sometimes you are just looking for the perfect piece to fit into the room that compliments it perfectly.  You will see how simple it was to do over at Stories.  A bit of paint… a touch of gold and a little bit off the legs… you have a Glam Mid Century Modern Piece you will love.

Ashley from the incredible Sugar & Cloth has come up with another Mid Century Modern Masterpiece that won’t break the bank.  Come and see how easy it is to make this sleek planter that will also look pretty fabulous in many other home decor styles.

  This would look so stylish on a desk…credenza…buffet…sideboard…shelf and more.

  Even if you have a Farmhouse Flair to your style this one would fit in perfectly!  Attention Thrifters…you could also create a piece very similar to this one with your Thrifted items!  ENJOY!

Over at First Sense Interiors watch as a simple IKEA Metod Hyttan plus a new set of lets equals a Mid Century Modern Masterpiece!

Oh what a difference a great pair of pencil legs makes!  Watch how an IKEA Ekby turns into a sleek and gorgeous Contemporary Desk.  So simple…so budget friendly…so fabulous over at ELLE!

See how easy it is to transform a simple IKEA Kallas shelving unit into stylish Mid Century Modern Style Unit that can serve so many different purposes.  It’s quick…easy…budget friendly and of course you can customize with your own colors too.  Enjoy this over at The Surznick Common Room!

Ashley over at Sugar & Cloth thought that this IKEA Planter was a little MEH…so why not take away the plain white trays and add wooden ones…BRILLIANT!!!  All of a sudden it looks a beautiful Mid-Century Modern Piece!  So easy…so trendy…so fabulous!

This Old House is sharing this Rast Hack in 5 different styles and the first is of course Mid Century Modern…be sure to click over to the step by step video and check the other styles out also…you never know when something is going to catch your eye.  I just love that you can have a great piece of Mid Century Modern Furniture that is so Budget Friendly!

This quick and easy Wooden Mid Century Modern Plant Stand looks pretty amazing and will hold any of your gorgeous planters with style.  What I also love about this DIY from Burkatron is is that it goes with so many other style too…from Mid-Century to Contemporary Farmhouse.  I also love that it is pretty simple and budget friendly to create.

Burkatron is sharing their picture perfect DIY for a Mid-Century Nightstand.  This pretty will be styling in any room of the house…make 1 or 2…they are really amazing.  Add stain…color or go natural…they are all incredible!  Here is yet another Mid-Century Modern DIY that would also look fabulous place in a Contemporary Farmhouse Setting.

The girls over at A Beautiful Mess sure know how to rock a Mid Century Inspired Plant Stand!  Snatch up this DIY and make it your own!  Love it!

This Mid Century Modern Anthropologie Inspired Starburst Mirror is a perfect DIY accessory to add a touch of glitz and glam to a space and it doesn’t have to be Mid Century…this beauty would look great blended in a room of Contemporary Farmhouse Style!  From by Blitsy for the DIY!

If you love the style and you are looking for a quick and easy project you just found it.  Jen from City Farmhouse is going to show you how fast you can be stylizing this beauty.  If you have an hour…this table can be yours.  This is another prime example of Mid Century Modern or Contemporary Farmhouse!  Amazing either way!

Over at Hello Lidy you will find a fabulous IKEA Dresser that was transferred into a fresh Contemporary Mid Century Modernish piece and the DIY is waiting for you.  So FRESH!

Take this Mid Century Modern IKEA chair and make it really ROCK!!!  Come and visit Interior By Kenz and they will show you step by step how!  

What a great look!  Check out how IKEA Hackers too a simple BESTA and turned it into a Mid Century Modern Entertainment Center…How perfect is this.

Come and see what a simple Dish from IKEA can turn into with some help from A Beautiful Mess!  Don’t you just love this Mid Century Modern Pendant Light…I sure do.  It’s pretty quick and easy to make and you know it is going to look great!

Over at Petite Apartment you are going to see how an IKEA Besta is magically transformed into a Mid Century Modern Cabinet!   It looks perfect and you will be able to make one of these with the spot on tutorial waiting for you.

The Handyman is going to show you how to transform an IKEA Kallax into a Mid Century Modern Console.  It’s fabulous!

Triple Max Tons has a cool…simple stream=line DIY Mid-Century Coffee Table that would look wonderful in any space with any decor.  Come and see how it is done.

Watch as a simple IKEA Sideboard turns into a Mid Century Modern Masterpiece.  The best part…it’ easy!  Check it out over at Kristi Murphy and with this How To…you can transform just about any IKEA piece into a Mid Century Modern Dream Piece.

Over at Remodelaholic you will find a great Hack for Mid Century Modern Night Stands that look they walked out the front door of West Elm and the highlight is that it will cost you a 10th of the price!  Don’t miss out on this one!

A Cup of Life made 3 simple changes to this plain IKEA dresser…she painted 3/4’s of the piece white…stained the bottom section and added stained hardware…the results?  Mid Century Modern Magic!

With a simple new base and some fabulous hardware Undeclared Panache transforms this plain dresser into a Mid Century Modern Dream!  DIY waiting for you to put your own spin on it!

A bit more Mid Century Modern Magic is happening over at Dream A Little Bigger as an IKEA RAST is transformed and looking pretty amazing!  So simple to do…so very budget friendly and fabulous!

A Vintage Splendor shows us that a Tarva and a good set of legs can create a wonderful Mid Century Modern Dresser!  Do you have any idea what you would pay for this one in a high end furniture store!  Simple and so effective…get the DIY.

I have to tell you that my heart skipped a beat when I saw this beauty.

I do believe it was the color which is beyond dreamy but as I looked further I noticed subtle things…mainly the legs!  The legs just made all the difference in the Mid Century Modern Design and you are going to be amazed that you don’t have to buy them…you just have to make a small adjustment and they will show you how.  In the end you will have the perfect Nursery Piece of the perfect Dresser or Credenza.  You have to drop by Sarah Sherman Samuel’s blog and see how easy it is and how BUDGET FRIENDLY!  Enjoy!

The RAST is so amazing…you can create just about any style furniture with it and this time Sincerely Marie Designs created a beautiful Mid Century Modern piece that would look incredible any where.  She shows us exactly what to do and I bet you are thinking of color possibilities as we speak…the sky is the limit.

This IKEA Rast over at Reality Day Dream is styling with this Painted Beauty.  Don’t you just love the Mid Century Modern Design!  Once again …so many possibilities with color.  I am thinking black and white right now…what color combo do you love?

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How To Upgrade IKEA Lack Table With Built-In Lights

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Ikea Hack: DIY Light Table

How To Upgrade IKEA Lack Table With Built-In Lights

I don’t know about you guys, but $300.00 as the average price for a light table seems a bit insane to me!  You may have seen these guys at children’s museums or kindergarten classrooms, but they’re starting to pop up in subdivisions as well!

For my son’s 3rd birthday, I knew I wanted to invest in Magnatiles.  YAY for Target carrying the line!

While basic play would surely be enough to entertain him, I wanted to add the light factor to enhance play time (and the educational bonus as there are SO many things you can do with a light table!).  You can clearly see the difference in playing with these type of tiles on a regular table verses a light table:

I seriously could not believe the price tag for these tables when I started researching!  While several pinterest people made DIY light tables, they weren’t exactly what I was looking for.  Thankfully, Ikea and my husband’s handyman-ness saved the day!

We purchased the Ikea Flisat Children’s table for $49.99, and added two coordinating storage bins for $3.00 each.  Built as intended, the table has room for two children to sit and play together at the same time, with ample toy / craft storage under the removable table top.

We decided to keep one half of the table in its original condition for my soon-to-be first grader to use as a desk / drawing area / lego building station.  We used an acrylic sheet cut to size (Lowe’s will cut it for you for FREE!) to replace the second half of the table top.  TIP:  Keep the protective film ON the plexi glass or else you’ll have to use frost spray to duplicate the look.

Deciding on the lighting was honestly the hardest / longest part of this project.  My first thought was to use the LED puck lights you would normally place under a cabinet.

 However, my husband really wanted to go with the LED strip lights, and once I saw them at the store, it was an obvious answer as to what we should go with!  This particular kind has a wireless remote control that can cycle through 16 colors in a strobe feature, or fade (my favorite), or just stay on one single color.

This is where my husband took over the project.  He drilled a small hole in the plastic storage bin to slide the cord through, and then taped it to the outside of the bin.  The LED strips were self adhesive, and he lined them inside the basket.

 Here’s where the protective film on your plexi glass comes in handy.  LED lights are BRIGHT (Oh, this also has a dimmer feature!) and can hurt little one’s eyes.

 The film cuts down on the glare and allows for the child to stare at the colorful table top without burning his eyeballs his head.

The storage on the other side of the table is a great spot to hold all of the tiles, and the table top just gently slides right into place when you’re done!

Since this is a birthday present for my son and it’s not quite his birthday yet, I let my oldest check it out to make sure it was as awesome as I thought.  She completely agreed and put her stamp of approval on it.  : )

Price Breakdown:

Ikea Flisat Children’s Table:  $49.99

Two Coordinating Ikea Storage Bins:  $3.00 ea / $6.00 total

Two Ikea Mammut Children’s Stools:  $7.99 ea / $15.98

18″ x 24″ Acrylic Sheet:  $11.97

LED Strip Color Change Light:  $39.99

TOTAL:  $123.93

Not only did I save over $175.00 for crafting our own custom table, we also doubled the space that this particular brand offers!  Instead of “just” a light table, we have a fully functioning desk too!  It’s two tables in one!  With a pretty awesome light feature now : )


15 DIY Ikea Lack Table Makeovers You Can Try At Home

How To Upgrade IKEA Lack Table With Built-In Lights

Our enthusiasm for DIY projects involving Ikea products led us to explore a bit more the versatility of the Ikea Lack Table. There’s actually a whole series entitled that and it includes a TV unit, coffee table, side table and some wall shelves. Today we’ll only focus on the tables, trying to find ways to integrate them into ingenious projects.

View in gallery

Let’s start with a simple transformation. For this project you can use either a Lack or a Hemnes table which are both Ikea coffee tables. Get some wooden boards and cut them to size so you can make a tabletop.

Stain them and measure the center of the table so you know where to place the first board. Clamp each end down and then add the others the same way. Glue and screw all the boards, turn the table upside down and put something heavy on the middle.

Let it sit overnight, add more screws in the center of each board but on the underside so you don’t see them.{found on thecreativemom}.

View in gallery

This is a very similar project and a great way to give your plain coffee table a rustic look with a weathered gray wooden top. The design and finish go particularly well with the coastal décor but you can basically match this piece with all sorts of interiors.{found on centsationalgirl}.

View in gallery

The steps to create something this are pretty simple. First, get a Lack Ikea coffee table and assemble it. Then get some wood and cut the boards to size. Stain them with your favorite color.

Carefully measure the boards and place them on top of the table so they sit evenly. You can leave some gaps between them if you the look. Then nail down the boards and that’s pretty much it.

{found on weekenderwife}.

View in gallery

You can do the same type of project with Ikea Lack side tables. You can even have two of them to use as a pair. For one table you need one 3 ¼” wide board, four 4 9/16” wide boards and some nails or screws. Use the tables in the living room, as a desk for the kids or however else you want.{found on simplylkj}.

View in gallery

Ikea Lack coffee tables are extremely versatile and they can even change function if you desire such a project. For example, you can turn such a table into a comfortable tufted ottoman. You might have to cut the legs a bit to make them shorter. Then use foam and fabric to make the cozy seat cushion and attach it to the table.{found on amusingmj}.

View in gallery

There’s more than one way to give this coffee table a new look. So how about adding some mid-century charm to the mix? For this project you only need to use the top of the Lack table. You also need to find some tapered legs to use with it. So basically install the legs and make sure they’re symmetrical and stable.{found on triplemaxtons}.

View in gallery

In case you have some extra wallpaper or if you simply the look, an interesting idea is to cover the top of the coffee table with wallpaper and maybe even coordinate with your ceiling or accent wall. It’s a simple and inexpensive upgrade and a great way to rejuvenate an old table with water stains on it.{found on livingprettyblog}.

View in gallery

But enough with the coffee tables. Let’s also take a look at some projects involving the Lack side table. A very interesting idea is to cover the top of the table with pennies. For the project you need wood moulding, black paint, a picture frame mount, reinforced glass and around 621 pennies. It’s not a fast project but if you have time and patience, go for it.{found on ikeahackers}.

View in gallery

On the other hand, if you want something really simple and easy to make, try this project. You need a pair of Lack side tables and 16 brass corners. You can also do this for just one table. The whole idea is to tap the brass elements into the outside corners of the tables. This includes the tops and the legs.{found on littlegreennotebook}.

View in gallery

If you want, you can apply the same idea described earlier related to coffee tables to a Lack side table. We’re talking about a wallpapered top and here is an example featuring a similar look. The table top was covered with marbled paper and it looks really beautiful.{found on sketch42blog}.

View in gallery

Or, instead of decorating the top you can give the edges a makeover. For example, cover them with patterned tape. You can pick any color, pattern and combination of colors you want in order to match the side table to other elements in the room such as the chairs for example.{found on twoinspiredesign}.

View in gallery

For a rustic or traditional look, you can use lattice. You might have to cut each piece to size with a saw so this will take a while. You can also stain the whole table to match the new top and bottom since you’ll also be adding a bottom shelf. And to make things even more interesting, add castors as well.{found on graceandjoygirl}.

View in gallery

Here’s how you can revive an old and ugly Lask side table. You need some rgay and white paint, foam brushes, dark wax and some wooden boards for the top. Start by painting the wood gray and then brush on the dark wax. Use wood glue to attach the boards to the top of the table(after you’ve painted it white).{found on lollyjane}.

View in gallery

Let’s move on to something a bit more glamorous. Here’s what you need for this project: upholstery nails, stain-proof fabric, spray adhesive, a soft mallet and, of course, the table.

Cut out the fabric so it covers the top of the top. To do this, flip the table and trace the outline. Add the nailhead trim and then completely cover the back of the fabric with adhesive.

Align the fabric with the corners and remove any air bubbles.{found on lovelyindeed}.

View in gallery

And if you want something even more fancy, take a look at this chic table with a top that lights up.

For this project you need a Lack table, a sheet of custom cut frosted glass, LED Christmas lights, double-sided foam tape, electrical cable and some plugs and switches. Cut the table with a paper knife and insert the cable, lights and everything else.

Then connect the wires, test the whole thing and tape down the wires. Then put foam tape over the glass and attach it to the table.{found on instructables}.