Flexible Wood Coat Rack

16 Modern Functional Entryway Wall Racks

Flexible Wood Coat Rack

Wall hanging systems for your home’s entryway need to be functional and flexible. So when your storage needs change you can adapt seamlessly.

These ingenious entryway racks allow you to reconfigure and rearrange your hallway in no time. They are not only versatile but classy and playful as well.

1. Umbra Subway Wall Hook

Big city lovers will appreciate this quirky coat rack. The Umbra Subway wall hook looks just a map of the New York Subway or London’s Underground, turning public transit systems into a work of art.

Ten hooks give you plenty of space to hang coats and keys, making it perfect for entryways, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. You’ll love the mix of art and functionality this amazing Umbra Subway Coat Rack brings.

2. Eden & Co Modern Coat Rack

Simplicity is best, I always say. Eden & Co’s Modern Coat Rack uses nothing more than the bare essentials. Warm natural wood combines with functionality and modern design to give users a place to hang their cares (and their coats) without fuss.

The coat rack fits in with just about any décor thanks to its simple design and includes five hooks for hanging.

3. Coat Frame We Do Wood

Why use up precious entryway space when you can have a wall-mounted coat rack? The Coat Frame from We Do Wood is the perfect solution to small spaces where square footage is highly coveted. Simply mount the frame on the adjustable metal bars and enjoy three levels of coat rack.

The best part is the rack’s material: moso bamboo. Not only is it highly durable, but it comes from certified plantations that are environmentally and socially responsible.

4. Sticks 5-Hook Wall Rack

Do you have a small entryway that barely has room for your shoes? If finding a space for a coat hanger has been an issue, you’ll love the form and functionality of this stylish wall hanger.

Five prongs fold down and effortlessly display your outerwear in the hall. The Sticks 5-Hook earthy tones help it to blend in as if it was merely a sprouting tree on your wall.

5. Handjob Hook

These hooks are a cute conversation piece for your hallway. Available in eight different gestures, from thumbs up to a peace sign, these decorative hands are designed to hold coats or towels.

The OK Handjob Hooks have been designed as a decorative object for adults, but kids also love their bright colors and funny shapes: if you have a teenage son who refuses to hang up his wet towels after showering, try sticking a “rock on” hand in the bathroom.

6. Utilitile

These three wooden tiles make a combination set for a small hallway. One tile has a mirror, another has flip-out coat hooks, and the third has a shelf for keys and a rack for mail.

Utilitile Hallway fix to the wall with Z-hooks and you can arrange them in any combination. The shelves are available in white oak or dark teak to match your décor.

7. Diagonal Wall Basket

My, this is interesting! First of all, the brand of this Diagonal Wall Basket is called Swedish Ninja; with a name that, they already have your attention.

Then you’ve got the unique grated design that shows just enough of what’s inside while still concealing the contents a junk drawer would. It’s a great way to store your keys, hats, and other entryway clutter.

8. Modway Gumball Coat Rack

It’s pretty easy to see how the Gumball Coat Rack got its name. Although it looks tasty, something that would hang on the wall of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, it’s actually made from colored metal and wood.

Gumball has 14 knobs for hanging coats, keys, umbrellas, and more. It mounts effortlessly onto your wall, freeing up floor space for other items.

9. Magnetika Wall Panel System

And they say it’s hard to build your own shelving. With the Magnetika system, creating your own shelving arrangement is as easy as sticking the parts onto a magnetic board. Magnets in each shelving component hold them tightly against the magnetic base.

Should you wish to switch the arrangement for a different occasion or shrink/enlarge it for new items, just detach parts and put them elsewhere. Magnetika System makes it suitable for just about everyone.


You’re a unique individual, the rest of the special snowflakes on Earth, and you want to show off your personality with just about everything – even your furniture.

The Peg-It-All Pegboards gives you full control over how your shelves look by offering movable shelves you can mix and match. Cute and playful, Peg-It-All shelves let you express your personality the way you should have always been able to.

11. Wall Mount Entryway Organizer

The Entryway Organizer is, perhaps, the smallest coat rack you’ll ever see, but don’t be fooled by its diminutive size. The cubby can hold all of your accessories for going out, including your keys, sunglasses and mobile phone.

Two hooks of the Entryway Organizer let you display your favorite outerwear, but you can always save one for any visitor that comes by and wants to try out this stunning little piece of ingenuity.

You want a larger version? Find it here:

12. Piano Coat Rack with hooks at different levels

Piano Coat Rack is a wall-mounted coat and clothing rack with hooks at different levels, so even a kid easily can hang up his clothes.

The coat rack is available in two sizes and in black, white or natural finish.

13. Deer Head Wall Hook

You may not be much of a hunter, but with this life coat rack, you’re sure to impress your friends and even spin some tall tales about your last hunting trip. Let’s just hope they don’t notice this deer is made of resin.

A single hook below the deer’s head can be used for hanging clothing, keys or other items. The Deer’s Head Single Hanger comes in a variety of colors, but most buyers are partial to the bronze or antique brass versions. They just look classier.

14. Range Wall hanging System

Having a coat hanger and shelving that can reconfigure at the drop of a hat is nothing short of spectacular. That’s why we’re so in love with the Range minimalist wall hanging system.

Each component can be taken off and placed elsewhere on the wall-mounted rail that provides the base for items coat hooks, shelving and a hall mirror. Rearrange and change it up any way you ! Look it up at Earnest Studio.

15. Hook Box

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? It’s we were all waiting for the Hook Box, and now that it’s here, it’s blowing minds with its ingenuity.

Instead of stuffing your accessories in your coat pockets, you can tuck them into the wall pockets attached to the coat hook. Those gloves that match your coat? Keep them together so you’ll never lose them again! It’s so easy, it’s a wonder it took this long for someone to design it.

16. Switchboard

What appears to be a wooden sculpture, a sandy-colored work of art perched carefully in your hall, is actually a versatile coat rack and clothing hanger that transforms before your eyes.

The Switchboard coat rack has 25 pegs that fold up and down, allowing you to play them a keyboard until you find the right hanging configuration that fits your style. You can hang hats, coats or jewellery – whatever your heart desires!

Umbra Magnetic Key/Mail Organizer

Songmics Umbrella Stand


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was originally published in [June 2016].

Source: https://vurni.com/modern-entryway-wall-racks/

Office Furniture Solutions, Education & Healthcare Furniture

Flexible Wood Coat Rack

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Explore Teams

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Today so much of our work happens away from the primary workstation. The casual atmosphere draws us in, but often these spaces do not support our work.

Read the article

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Neuroscience tells us our brains and bodies are linked, and our ability to learn and solve problems can be influenced by how we move.

But a recent Steelcase global study confirms that, although people typically now spend most their time at work collaborating, they’re doing it in spaces that force them to be passive and sedentary versus actively engaged.

Today’s fiercely competitive business environment demands a new, active type of collaboration plus dramatically different environments to support it.

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Free Standing Coat Tree

Flexible Wood Coat Rack

Living Room Upholstered Furniture, Rustic Cottage Decor, Farm Furnishings, Handmade Furniture

Lovebird Coat Rack
Love nature inspired décor accessories? A tree coat rack is an all-time favourite, but how 'bout taking the design to the next level? This foyer coat rack reproduces the leafless tree look, with birds sitting on the branches.

Why do we have a tree at home and how did it happen? It's a natural coat tree!A tree reminiscent-and on its branches freely can hang your coats and other clothes. Tall tree trunk has a modern look, and it is its solid, though seemingly delicate roots.

Maximal functionality in minimalistic structure – this idea motivates the designers of this coat rack. Made of solid oak and feels as if it’s moving up steps as you walk around it. This unique item was designed by Leonhard Pfeifer.

Make sure your entryway décor has this unique appeal that is close to nature. A free standing, sculptural coat tree mimicking a genuine branch (with an owl sitting on it!) is surely a good way to start.

Car Coat Coat Tree Rack Small Coat And Hat Racks Umbrella White …

Cool Coat Stand Made Of Real Tree Roots And Trunks

An unusual coat rack that looks a tree without leaves. It's made of birch veneer with a white, lacquered finish. The branches serve as racks here, which makes it a beautiful decoration of your entry hall.

A simple, but functional idea for a small and narrow entry hall. It's a wooden holder with racks for coats and hats with additional, bottom shelves for shoes. The unit features a timeless design that will suit any style.

Home > Bronze Branch Coat Tree

Annex Coat Stand
Featuring a round weighted base and a simplified stem, this freestanding metal coat rack brings a touch of contemporary chic to your foyer with its streamlined design sleek black finish. This coat hanger is stylised on little tree.

Home > Twisted Vine Coat Rack

Wood Coat Rack with Large Brass Hooks. Coat Rack. Stand/Hall Tree. Traditional style. Wood Coat Rack with Large Brass Hooks. Coaster realizes the importance of your home which is why they have an endless variety of furn

An aesthetic contemporary free standing coat rack crafted of bentwood with a finish in mid browns. It has an hourglass openwork frame composed of 3 elongated ovalish elements gently curved inwards and screwed with each other.

Tree Coat Rack

Make sure your interior looks both natural and original with this cedar log coat rack that is striped of the bark and left looking beautiful in its simplicity. It can be sealed or left to take on a natural aging look.

Barnwood Free Standing Coat Rack – 4 Hook – Item # CR02311 – 67″H x 24 …

Free standing coat rack. This modern piece of furniture is made of wood and inspired of nature – it looks young tree. This rack will play its role the best in the corridor, next to front door or in your cloakroom.

Classic look of this coat rack in shape of tree makes it perfect match to any room decor. Simple design connected with functionality is a definition of this furniture. You can find it in different sizes small and big.

Beautifully designed and handcrafted from reclaimed pine by Marc in our rural Somerset workshop, this wonderful free standing coat and hat stand is inspired by our local woodland landscape and would be a quirky and practical addition to your home; if you

This handmade tree coat hanger is a must-have not only for all nature lovers. Solid wooden construction with hypnotizing red lacquer adds warmth and coziness to the doorway.

Free Standing Coat Rack Reclaimed Copper
An unusual, floor coat rack that looks a tree branch. It was handcrafted from a reclaimed copper pipe with glossy finish. The rack features eight hooks with smooth endings. it will be both a functional and decorative element of your entry.

Memphis Coat Tree and Umbrella Rack
Classically styled umbrella rack with slatted square base sitting on four tapering feet. The piece is characterized by wooden construction with espresso brown finish that matches elegant modern decor.

It is a children’s coat tree that is available in three color options to choose: clear lacquer, early American and ready to finish. This product fits perfectly to any style and décor.

tree vinyl decal home

Swedese Large Tree Coat Stand Floor Standing | at

Freestanding coat hanger made of metal with chrome finish. Includes open shelf for storing needed accessories. Perfect solution for lobby or hallway.

Free Standing Coat Rack Copper Coat Tree
Free standing coat tree made of copper. It consists of 8 hooks in various sizes. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Received a lot of top ratings from customers for high quality and modern style.

Free Standing Coat Rack Reclaimed Copper
Constructed of reclaimed copper pipes and boasting of a tubular design, this coat tree stand is functional, space-saving, and great for smaller apartments. The coat hooks and legs are fashionably curved to provide good stability.

Free Standing Coat Rack Copper Coat Tree with 8 by DerekGoodbrand

A tall hat rack stand that sports the metal structure and comes with eight coat hooks for ample storage. It has the contemporary design and complements any home or office instantly due to its versatility.

Coat rack in the shape of branches. Designed for mounting on the wall. Includes hooks in various sizes. It is made from high quality pine wood. Great addition to lobby, hallway and more.

An interesting aesthetic innovative freestanding coat rack in the form of a simplified branchy tree. It has a wide flat round base and a tall trunk. It's manufactured of white-lacquered wooden materials.

home kitchen artwork posters prints

Tree latern stands to hang lanterns on either side of the altar during worship. Members of the assembly are invited to fetch a latern and carry it alongside the Gospel reader during the singing of the gradual chant. They then cluster around the reader to

Wildon Home ® Crystal Lake Coat Rack – $66.99 free shipping over $69, wayfair, currently stock

Womens Ladies Free Standing White Metal Purse Handbags Belts Scarfs Accessories Tree Stand Rack

A subtly decorative and functional gadget. That'a pair of coat racks that look trees. You hang the pieces of clothing on the branches. They come in a simple design and classy white color so they will suit every taste.

Where did you leave your jacket and cap? I hung them on the tree. Sounds strange? No – because we speek of the fashionable, natural coat hanger that proudly presents itself in the hallway. Beech wood of free standing coat tree is an asset of this interior.

Elegant Coat Rack with Umbrella Holder in Satin Black Finish features beautiful design with swirled lines, and impressive longevity. The holder is lovely embellished and attached to four sturdy metal legs. Looking for a piece for decorating your entryway or hallway? This is the one.

Sinister free standing tree. This dimensional 8-foot-tall tree cut from spray-painted plywood feature slot joinery so they stand alone. Decked with lanterns and flower vases. Looks totally spooky! Great decoration for Halloween Party!

Hexagonal Coat Rack Stand
Handmade coat rack supported by a very durable solid wood frame. It features six hooks that allow for hanging multiple coats and other clothes. Solid triple base assures high level of stability and strength.

Abilio Free Standing Coat Rack
Modern free standing coat rack on round base, with umbrella rack and six hooks on top. With its metal construction and silvery finish it looks a bit futuristic. It will add a finishing touch to a contemporary decor.

Cafe Wood Coat Rack
Four-feet coat rack with multiple hangs on its top – it will do well even if many guests come to your place! The design is simple and therefore it looks good in surroundings of varied style. Wood construction ensures sturdiness.

Rustic Entryway Bench Rustic Wood
Rustic entryway bench with a solid wooden construction. Solid pine handmade bench of this type provides comfort and it is a great addition to any home. It is paired with a coat rack that includes three mirrors.

… > Office > Office Furniture > Hall Trees > Free Standing Coat Stand

This iron ivory hall tree will add contemporary style and functionality to your foyer, entryway, or mudroom. The free standing tree can hold multiple hats and coats at a time. Attached rattan baskets provide added storage for better organization.


Source: https://foter.com/free-standing-coat-tree

Advantus 68

Flexible Wood Coat Rack

We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it.

Coat tree offers eight pegs for hanging flexibility. Ideal for coats, hats, umbrellas and carry bags. The sturdy base and center pole allow hanging without the worry of tipping. Coat tree is made of wood.

Advantus Wood Coat Tree, Black, 1 Each (Quantity)

  • Black coat tree offers 8 pegs for hanging flexibility
  • Ideal for coats, hats, umbrellas and carry bags
  • Sturdy wood base and center pole prevent tipping
  • Dimensions: 68″ H

proposition 65 reasons:titanium dioxide, other chemicals

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Warranty Information90 Day

I returned this as I found a duplicate at a resale shop and it was assembled. I did not the fact that it was in pieces which had to be put together. My big problem now is a picnic table which I ordered and which is completely unsatisfactory and which I am trying to return! This will definitely make me think twice about ordering from Walmart ever again.

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webapp branch

Source: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Advantus-68-Wood-Coat-Tree-8-Pegs/16541972

Wood Coat Hat Rack Tree Clothes Hanger

Flexible Wood Coat Rack

    • Color: As the picture shown
    • Material: Birch, poplar
    • Overall dimension: 18.5″ x 18.5″ x 72″ (L x W x H)
    • Net weight: 5.5 lbs
    • Capacity weight: 22 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Coat rack
    • 1 x Instruction manual
  • Sturdy & Stable Structure: Made of birch material with eco-friendly varnish finish, our coat rack has a large bearing capacity and it's also smooth and easy to clean any dirt with damp cloth. The design of the triangular base improves the stability and balance of the coat rack, to prevent the stand against collapsing.
  • 360-degree Rotation Top Tier: It is the most convenient design that our flexible top tier can be rotated 360 degrees, so you can fetch and put your garments without any difficulty. Moreover, this free standing coat rack allows you to organize your garments quickly and keep you room clean.
  • Lightweight & Small Floor Area: Sturdy birch frame is so light that you can easily move anywhere in your home or office. Besides, small floor space doesn't take up your much space and you can firmly fix it in the corner, suitable for small rooms to get extra space or spacious rooms to show elegance.
  • Easy to Assemble & Disassemble: Due to its simple structure, the coat rack can be assembled successfully in just a few quick steps. In addition, the clear assembly instruction, so assembly is effortless. If you want to move, it can be easily disassembled to small pieces.
  • Strong Practicability: With 12 hooks in 2 tiers, the hall tree coat rack can handle daily garments and accessories for the whole family, including jackets, purses and scarves. Moreover, the hollow umbrella storage rack at the bottom also provides you with additional storage space.


    This is brand new clothes bag hanger, which is a perfect solution to conveniently storage your bag, hat or clothes.In order to hold perfectly in place, the coat rack has been designed with triangular base, improving the stability and balance and avoiding wobbling. The flexible top hanger can be rotated 360 degrees, so you can fetch everything easily. Besides, the lower part is hollow out design of umbrella stand. No worry about assembly thanks to simple structure and detailed manual. It is perfect to add a touch of style to your entrance way.If you are looking for a coin counter machine, don't hesitate to buy this one!
    • Birch material of the bracket, sturdy & large bearing capacity
    • Eco-friendly & smooth finish, protect your hand from being scratched
    • Triangular base, provide firm support and keep balance
    • Rotating top tier for easy access to all garments
    • Takes up minimal space, space saving, easy to use and store
    • Lightweight design, easy to move anywhere you want
    • Simple structure, easy to disassemble and assemble
    • 12 hooks & lower umbrella storage rack for the whole families' daily essentials
    • Perfect accessory for foyer, living room, entryway or bedroom space

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31+ Genius Flexible Wood Coat Rack That Will Turn Your Junk Into Treasure

Flexible Wood Coat Rack
View in Gallery Coat racks stunning wooden standing rack

Welcome to our website, I adore being capable to have this area to talk about my pictures that are flexible wood coat rack that are favored. I wish this post inspires and helps you relax through the weekend. My main goal is that while understanding a few issues here, you come here to have fun. Appreciate!


Here, in this article, I have an excellent selection of mo Re than 32 beautiful flexible wood coat rack for your motivation. Examine on each one of these pictures and get more motivation to produce your own a tad of different!

Please enjoy our gallery under and be sure to pay awareness of the pictures featured, in addition to the extraordinary models in these flexible wood coat rack! You can click the pictures to enlarge them.

Engrossing Hooks Hook Reclaimed Wood Vertical Planking Zuiver Tree Coat Rack Table White Lacquered Steel Rubber Trent Austin Design Corner Metal Wood Coat Rack Mode Wood Coat Rack Umbrella Safco Products Absorbing Interior Wooden Tree Standing Coat Rack Witth Woodland Imports Wood Metal Coat Rack Lowe Carved Wood Horse Coat Rack Ebth Wooden Coat Rack Shelf Pretty Harakiri

In this post, you will see every exceptional photo of flexible wood coat rack. Trust in me you, and me will will cherish this photograph that is beautiful.

Engrossing Hooks Hook Reclaimed Wood Vertical Planking

Have you been searching for engrossing hooks hook reclaimed wood vertical planking? Here, you have found the correct location to get a start. We'll provide the gallery with a few stunning pictures. We are pleased to help you. Now, here is the first photo:

View in Gallery Engrossing hooks hook reclaimed wood vertical planking View in Gallery Winsome wood jera tree coat rack lowe canada

Wooden Coat Rack Shelf Pretty Harakiri

This features wooden coat rack shelf pretty harakiri supply a variety of styles for inspiration and a few ideas. Check out these pictures to help decide which is the best for you. We desire you will enjoy.

View in Gallery Wooden coat rack shelf pretty harakiri View in Gallery Wardrobe racks astounding wooden standing coat rack View in Gallery Wood coat rack storage shelf

Wooden Mallet Hat Coat Rack Hooks

Our gallery of wooden mallet hat coat rack hooks tips has specialist advice on whatever you you must know understand before you create a start, from finding the perfect one. A good spot to begin is our gallery below to get ideas for every style and budget.

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Pillar Coat Rack White Wood Umbra

Actually if you are uncertain of where to begin with the pillar coat rack white wood umbra or do not realize everything you are searching for, browsing our posts may be a fantastic spot to get your begin.

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Did some of the photos above capture your interest? So that is it. Hope you identified this flexible wood coat rack idea, of use and which you might want to attempt it some day so on! If you have any tips that are new feel free to share around in remarks please! Have a nice moment!

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