18 Best DIY IKEA Bookshelf And Bookcase Hacks

17 Genius IKEA Hacks That Will Change Your Apartment Forever

18 Best DIY IKEA Bookshelf And Bookcase Hacks

Everyone longs for the day when they can finally quit making those masochistic trips to IKEA and afford something a little, well, less in-everyone-else's-apartment. Until then, though, you might as well make the most of your unpronounceable Scandinavian particle board furniture.

To help make it look you paid a lot more for some of those mundane pieces, we've rounded up 17 budget-friendly and downright genius IKEA hacks to transform your place. 

Price: Under $100
Materials needed: VITTSJÖ laptop table, 4 caster wheels, 1/4-inch 3×4-foot acrylic plastic sheet, paint
How it's done: Assemble the laptop table as normal (sans glass top) and paint the frame and particle board shelf in colors of your choice. Flip upside down once dry, place acrylic sheet atop leg posts and screw wheels into them such that the sheet creates a shelf. [More…]

Price: Under $30
Materials needed:IKEA FRÄCK wall mirror, RANARP clamp light, piece of wood, 2 screws, paint 
How it's done: Remove the mirror from its base (they're usually packaged separately), clamp the light where the mirror would be, then affix the other end to the piece of wood and mount. [More…]

Price: Under $800
Materials needed:8 APPLÅD doors, 4 SEKTION cabinets, 8 INTEGRAL hinges, 2 SEKTION suspension rails, stained wood planks
How it's done: To accomplish this designer-caliber built-in you'll need to remove the cabinet's built-in doors and replace them with the white APPLÅDs. Once the whole thing's mounted you'll need to attach the stained wood planks to the top and sides to pull off that expensive-looking, mid-century modern vibe. [More…]

Price: $150
Materials needed:1 BESTÅ shelf unit, 4 sheets fiberboard, 4 SULTAN metal legs, faux wood grain contact paper, 2 BESTÅ sliding rails
How it's done: Assemble the shelf units, but rather than place middle shelves, install the aluminum rails along the top and bottom of that space. Neatly stick contact paper onto the fiberboard sheets and slide them in to serve as doors, then add two legs to the bottom of each set and you're in business. [More…]

Price: $75
Materials needed:10 EKBY TÖRE brackets, 6 EKBY TRYGGVE boards, paint (optional)
How it's done: Clamp each board with two painted or non-painted brackets, positioning them such that each level is secure and the whole rig is balanced even when not supported by a wall. [More…]

Price: $3,600
Materials needed: 60 BILLY bookcases
How it's done: This particular hack transformed the entire hallway of a French country home, but you can obviously adjust the number of BILLYs needed to suit your available wall space. Once they're all assembled, it's as simple as securing them each to the back wall and one another with screws. Step two: amass enormous book collection. [More…]

Price: $27
Materials needed:ORE shower curtain rod, 4 FINTORP flatware caddies, 5-pack of GRUNDTAL S-hooks 
How it's done: Find a window with good sunlight, plant some herbs in each caddy, and thread the caddies onto the shower curtain rod and mount into the window sill. [More…]

Price: $70
Materials needed: 1 LACK shelf, 1 EKBY ALEX/VALTER combo, stool (optional)
How it's done: Unfortunately, the IKEA gods decided to discontinue the exact pieces featured in the photo above, but you can recreate this smart setup using the two wall-mounting shelf units listed above. Attach the sliding drawers below and the static shelf above to create the ultimate tiny-apartment workstation (complete with cable slide-out cable stashes) without compromising any precious floor space. [More…]

Price: Under $140
Materials needed:2 LACK side tables, 1 2×2-foot butcher block, adhesive foam squares
How it's done: Attach foam squares to the bottom of one LACK table and stack it atop the other so it sticks double decker-style. Then, stick the butcher block to the top using the same adhesive squares. The pressure from the block and the table will eventually cement the whole thing together, and voila! Extra counter space. [More…]

Price: Around $100
Materials needed:1 KALLAX shelving unit, sheet of plywood, dark wood stain, 4 small short wooden table legs
How it's done: Cut the plywood to fit along the edges of the KALLAX and inside three of its shelves, stain them and the table legs, and let dry. Once dry, glue them to the places you measured to fit, and secure the legs to the bottom. [More…]

Price: Under $40
Materials needed:1 GRUNDTAL laundry hamper, 1 1×1.5-foot scrap of stained wood, wood glue
How it's done: Assemble the metal frame of the laundry bin, douse the edges in wood glue, and secure the wood on top. Place a stack of heavy books or a dumbbell on top and let dry. [More…]

Price: $60
Materials needed:8 KNUFF magazine files, 1 FROSTA stool (or a rotating artist's stool)
How it's done: Glue the backs of 4 of the magazine racks to one another as shown above, then mount it to the stool as if it were the seat. From there, you can arrange the remaining 4 files inside the ones glued together on-demand depending how you're using it. [More…]

Price: Under $100
Materials needed:1 BESTÅ shelf unit, long slab of dark scrap hardwood, 4 hairpin legs, wood glue
How it's done: Assemble the shelf as you would normally, leaving the right side's middle shelf out. From there, mount it horizontally on the set of hairpin legs, and glue the slab of scrap wood to the top. You'd easily pay $2,000 for something just this from Herman Miller. [More…]

Price: $130
Materials needed:1 LACK TV unit, 1 GALANT A-frame desk, washers and bolts
How it's done: This potentially life-saving setup combines the legs from the GALANT desk with the huge surface and storage capacity of the LACK. If you feel going full-dork you could even slip a treadmill underneath. [More…]

Price: Under $300
Materials needed:1 KARLSTAD corner sofa, 84 fabric-covered buttons, tufting needle, twine
How it's done: You'll want to watch this video to really understand how it works, but we promise it's not that hard and can be finished in about an hour. Good luck finding a $300 tufted sofa (that isn't soaked in bodily fluids) for sale anywhere. [More…]

Price: $75
Materials needed:2 FORSÅ lamps, 1 LACK wall shelf
How it's done: Once you've removed the metal weights from the base of the lamps, attach them to the underside of the LACK, then install the LACK as normal to the wall and boom, you're in business. [More…]

Price: Under $300 (not including stereo receiver or speakers)
Materials needed:4 BILLY bookcases, speaker wire, wooden planks, screws, paint, speakers & stereo receiver
How it's done: Once the bookcases are assembled, arrange them up against your empty wall leaving enough room in between to fish the speaker wire from the receiver up to speakers on top. When the speakers are wired, affix the painted wooden planks in between the bookcase edges and along the top so the speakers are hidden. Last step: let the music rip. [More…]

Price: $10
Materials needed: 2 TOGA placemats, 3 slippers, thread & needle
How it's done: Place the slippers off the side of one edge, then secure them by sewing through the grates in the mat. Hang each off the edge of the sofa's arms and never lose the damn remote ever again. [More…]

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He once spent six hours straight in an IKEA and has never been the same since.

Source: https://www.thrillist.com/home/easy-ikea-hacks-for-your-apartment-best-diy-projects

20 IKEA Storage Hacks – Storage Solutions With IKEA Products

18 Best DIY IKEA Bookshelf And Bookcase Hacks

Mike Garten

We've never met an IKEA hack we didn't —especially when storage is involved. When your home feels packed with stuff, easy and inexpensive storage solutions will literally save your life. Work a little DIY magic, and these super cheap pieces will look totally chic.

1 of 20

Stash Towels On A Bathroom Shelf

Designer Emily Henderson upgraded IKEA's Rase nightstand in a snap, repurposing handles as mod table legs. Plenty of space in the linen closet? Top it with a mirror for a fresh side table or cute contact paper for a kid's room.

See more at Redbook .

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Streamline Your Closet

3 of 20

Install Rolling Drawers

Don't let your jars of beans and tomatoes get lost in the back of your cabinet. These genius rolling drawers from IKEA make it so you can actually find what you need when you're whipping up dinner.

Get the tutorial at IKEA Hackers.

4 of 20

Make A Movable Work Station

If you don't have space in your home for a dedicated office, make one you can move around with you. This blogger turned an IKEA bookshelf into a desk with wheels and versatility.

Get the tutorial at In My Own Style.

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Make Your Desk Mid-Century Modern

A pair of IKEA chests can house even a stationery addict's office supplies. Connect the bureaus with a painted plywood plank, and you'll be feeling productive in no time.

See more at Good Housekeeping.

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Repurpose Bed Slats

This $10 IKEA hack really thinks outside the bed box. The Sultan Lade usually hides under the mattress, but the wooden planks can hold magazines, kitchen herbs, and even shoes when hung vertically.

See more at Ich Designer.

7 of 20

Make Your Makeup Storage Chic

Beauty junkies, get your collection under control with a cleverly-mounted shelf. Tapered wooden legs fake the look of a table, while the two shallow drawers hold even the biggest lipstick stash.

See more at A New Bloom.

8 of 20

Create Under-Bed Storage

If your bedroom doesn't have a closet (or you abide by the belief that there's no such thing as too much clothing storage) mount your bed on top of IKEA cabinets to provide ample space for sweaters and shirts under your mattress.

See more at Oh Yes.

9 of 20

Turn Bookshelves Into An Island

Don't limit the super-functional Billy bookcase to your favorite fictional paperbacks and hardcovers. When positioned side-by-side to form a makeshift kitchen island, the shelves create a home for all of your favorite cookbooks, snacks, and even baking supplies.

See more at Golden Boys & Me.

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Tote Stuff In A Rolling Cart

Attention: The Raskog cart might be the most versatile product in all of IKEA (seriously). It's just as useful in your kitchen to hold spillover pantry items as in your bathroom to corral makeup and toilet paper.

See more at IKEA.

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Store Special-Occasion Dishes

Most kitchens (and dining areas!) don't have enough room to keep all of your fine china, platters and silverware—and that's why everyone needs a credenza. But it doesn't have to be a pricey investment. This sleek piece was made modern IKEA cabinets.

See more at Made By Girl.

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Control The Drop Zone

Half of the reason entryways get cluttered so quickly is because every person in your house owns a different coat, bag, hat, you name it. Give kids have a dedicated “locker” so they know exactly where items go—and where to find them!

See more at Polka Dot Chair.

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Free Up Floor Space

Cabinets offer plenty of storage, but can look bulky (and consume precious square footage). Enter: A floating system. Here, a white IKEA piece nearly blends into the white wall it's mounted on so it appears less clunky. It's especially great in a living room, where you can toss your pillows and throws into it when not in use.

See more at Sugar & Cloth.

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Corral Children's Books

Having a huge collection of children's books mean you don't have to listen to the same tale every single night, but it can also add major clutter to your kid's room. Use IKEA's picture ledges to create floating shelves for as many hardbacks as you need.

See more at Daffodil Designs.

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Create A Mail Center

Don't let your bills and thank you notes take over your dining room table. This nifty floating shelf made magazine holders from IKEA features three different cubbies — one for unopened mail, action items and letters to hold onto for later.

See more at Instructables.

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Rethink Your Bathroom Vanity

If your bathroom has a pedestal sink (read: zero storage) ditch it for an IKEA vanity instead. This one features two different deep drawers and—thanks to a coat of green paint—looks totally unique.

See more at The Golden Sycamore.

17 of 20

Optimize Storage Benches

Instead of accepting the bare minimum, sometimes you have to push your storage with a little DIY savviness for a truly organized home. Here, two IKEA benches with cubbies make for bonus bag and jacket holders to increase entryway functionality.

See more at The Mombot.

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Add Stackable Storage To Your Headboard

Forgo nightstands that add clunkiness to the side of your already-small bedroom and opt for this savvy IKEA Mendal headboard that features floating shelves for books and alarm clocks instead. Here, two pieces stacked on top of each other double the possibilities.

See more at Apartment Therapy.

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Create A Window Seat

Calling all day dreamers and bookworms: This bedroom bench (made IKEA cabinets) provides a cozy spot to watch the rain fall and tons of space, so you can tuck your shoe or purse collections sight.

See more at Centsational Girl.

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Craft Built-In Storage

Ditch bare walls that do nothing to make your home more functional and line them with Billy bookcases instead. This hack will make your home appear more luxe and organized.

See more at Avery Street Design.

Source: https://www.housebeautiful.com/lifestyle/organizing-tips/g3101/ikea-storage-hacks/

Ikea Billy Bookcase Library Hack

18 Best DIY IKEA Bookshelf And Bookcase Hacks

Hey Friends!  You know that super top secret project I have been hinting around?  Well I finally finished it!  I bring to you today the full tutorial on my newly constructed diy custom built-in library with remote control sconce lighting!   Whew…that’s a long title! I can’t even tell you how long I have wanted a library wall.

 Since day one of living in this house, I have thought my living room wall needed some architectural interest.

 At first I was thinking of adding board and batten 3/4 the way up the gigantic space, but after much deliberation, I decided to bite the bullet and build me some shelves!   I am so thrilled with how this built in library unit turned out! So come along with me as I break down exactly how I constructed this custom built in library!

Get the Look (Scroll & Tap)

Can you believe this is a billy bookcase Ikea hack?  Yep, that’s right! Having a piece built this would have cost me roughly $3000 and that’s if I got a smoking deal.  Still wanting the built-ins of my dreams, but not the steep price tag, I went to research other options.

 I came across a few library walls I d on Pinterest and quickly realized I could create my vision starting with 3 billy bookcases and a whole lotta elbow grease!  The whole unit (including everything) came in just under $400 and took me 5 days of nap times (roughly calculated at 10 hours of amateur mommy building time).

3 billy bookcases and 3 extension pieces made up the foundation of this built in library masterpiece! Found HERE  and HERE!

Cut List:

*all these measurements are specific to my exact design.  This unit can be modified as you see fit.  Also, please take your own measurements before making any cuts as yours may vary slightly even if building this exact unit!

1 plywood underlayment board ripped lengthwise into:

2- 8″ wide planks

3- 10″wide planks

Crown molding- 107.5″ cut at a 45 degree angle on both ends (plus) 2 additional pieces measuring 11.5″ with one side at a 45 degree angle ( you can see how to cut crown corners HERE).

baseboard – 107.5″ for front piece cut at a outside 45 degree angle on ends (plus) 2 additional pieces measuring 11.5″ with one side at an outside 45 degree angle & one side at an inside 45 degree angle

trim of choice cut to above measurements

3- 1×2 boards cut to your measurements to construct frame for lighting panel. (See below)


Miter saw

nail gun

1 1/4″ brad nails and 2″ brad nails


foam roller

paint brush



Let’s start with the hardest part…the Ikea assembly instructions!  These book shelves weigh about 100 lbs a piece.  Trust me I know cause I loaded and pushed those beasts all the way through the warehouse with 2 kids and a baby in tow!  I wish I had a video of that! So ya Ikea… 2 people are better then one when assembling lol!

Once you master building the billy bookcases the rest is cake!  I built all 3 units plus the extension pieces in 1 hour.  Really not that bad!  I played with the spacing of the bookcases for a bit and finally settled on 6 1/2″ spaces in between each bookcase.  This would allow of an 8″ piece of plywood to cover the gap.  I’ll get to that later!

Once I had my spacing worked out, I moved the bookcases aside and used the measurements to cut out my baseboard.   I just bought this oscillator, and I got to say it came in real handy.

 I cut my existing baseboard out,  knowing I would be using it for the front of the bookcases.  This would help me achieve that high quality, built-in feel.

 * If you intend to use your existing baseboard, make sure to cut out from wall at a 45 degree angle.

With the baseboard cut, I moved the bookcases back in place and here’s where the fun begins.  I took a ride over to Lowe’s and had the friendly man (whom I know quite well now) rip a sheet of plywood underlayment into 5 pieces (specified in the cut list).  I gathered the rest of my materials and returned home to build build build!

I used 1×2 boards to stabilize the thin plywood pieces along the inside almost a frame.  I nailed the boards in around the top perimeter and up each corner.

Using my nail gun, I secured a 10″ wide plank to the top of the bookcases, overlapping the front by an inch.  It ran almost the whole length, minus about 10″.  I cut the remaining section and nailed it up to finish the front. I then secured the side pieces which measured about 11.5″.

Now that I had the top panel constructed, I secured the 8″ wide vertical panel to cover the space between the bookshelves.  I overlapped the panel to the bookcase sides and nailed it in using my handy dandy nail gun.  I waited on nailing up the second vertical panel till I ran the electrical for the sconce lights. That’s where I’m hiding all the wires!

I measured and marked my drill holes for lights.

Shop my Tools & Materials

I painted the top whisper white to match the existing molding in my home.  I found that a foam roller worked best! I let the paint dry overnight and installed the sconce lights the next day. (Sorry this photo was taken after I installed the lights, but you get the idea!)

The sconce lights came hardwired, so I converted them into plug- in lights using inexpensive extension cords.  (I’m no electrician, but I’ll share the simple tutorial on that next week).   The cords all run to a power strip that is hidden behind the right panel. I snagged a power strip that came with a remote and BOOM! – remote lighting!

The black and brass sconce lights were a great online find. They were only $25 each. You can find 10 other lights similar to these ranging from $25-$50 HERE.

Now that I had all the critical elements in place, I fancied this beast up with crown molding and trim!  This is where the real transformation happened!  I used thin flat trim along the outer 2 edges to give it a smooth finish.  I used the same thin trim to cover the seam between the billy bookcase and the extension unit.

I attached the crown to the top of the 1×2 frame using my nail gun. I attached a thin piece of molding at the the bottom of the light panel to hide the seams and to add more visual interest.  If you’ve never cut crown before me, make sure you watch the video I linked at the top!  It was super helpful!

I finished the bottom with my original baseboard. Luckily I had some remnant pieces from the basement that I used for the sides!

Now that everything was attached, I anchored this built in beast to the wall using the hardware that came with the billy bookcases.

 I anchored one bracket per shelf to a stud, and the other 2 brackets for extra safety.  Thats 9 brackets total for the unit, 3 of which were anchored into studs.

 I have 3 little hooligans running around my house and I want to make sure they stay alive and crazy!

Finally I grabbed my caulk gun and went to town on the whole shelving unit. I caulked the cracks in the crown and baseboard, and all the trim work.  I am always amazed by the healing powers of caulk!  Somehow it magically fixes all my mistakes and makes me look a pro!

I even calked the sides of the plywood underlayment panels!  Huge difference!

A couple coats of Kwal Whisper white enamel paint and Viola!  My build-in billy bookcase library unit was complete!  Remote lighting and all!  I quickly styled my new library wall with items I already had.  I have a feeling these shelves will be changing a lot!

Get the Look

I always appreciate you stopping in!  If you d this tutorial and found it helpful please help me by pinning the image below.  Pin it so ya don’t forget it! I love sharing my work and helping others create the home of their dreams.

Oh ya, and here are the outfit deets just in case your in need of a good worn pair of jeans lol!

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Source: https://remingtonavenue.com/ikea-billy-bookcase-library-hack.html

How to Use IKEA Billy Bookcases in Unusual Ways

18 Best DIY IKEA Bookshelf And Bookcase Hacks

  • IkeaWhen it comes to hacking great storage, no other IKEA product works a room the BILLY bookcase. The BILLY bookcase is pretty straightforward to build right the box, or you can get creative and make elaborate storage that looks great. Take a look at 19 of the best BILLY bookcase built-ins ever.
  • Scrap HackerThe BILLY bookcase is one of those IKEA products that you buy for your dorm room and hold onto for years after graduation. The ScrapHacker had four BILLY bookcases left over from his poor student days, but they were not a good fit for his grown-up apartment. Did he kick them to the curb? Nope. Learn how he used them to create a brand-new floor-to-ceiling storage unit. 
  • Infarrantly CreativeBecky, the DIY blogger who pens “Infarrantly Creative” was faced with a challenge: Create something super unique using a BILLY bookcase. Knowing that the unit was a trim 11-inches deep, learn how she transformed it with scrap wood and paint into a small dresser perfect for tight spaces. 
  • noznoznozThanks to new-and-improved production methods, the BILLY bookcase costs less today than it did when it launched in 1979. However, savvy penny-pinchers Noz Nozawa know you can buy these affordable shelving units at bargain basement prices in gently used condition on Craigslist. She saved $100 when she created her customized BILLY wall unit. Continue to 5 of 20 below.
  • IKEA HackersStores Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel sell glass-front bookshelves for thousands of dollars. Erik Linn was able to create several curio cabinets for his abode using BILLY bookcases and GRYTNÄS glass doors for significantly less. The GRYTNAS glass doors are not sold in the U.S., but no worries. IKEA sells glass doors specifically for the BILLY called MORLIDEN. 
  • 11 Magnolia LanePeruse the photos of the work by Amy at 11 Magnolia Lane, who used a BILLY bookcase to transform an unloved eat-in counter into a functional kitchen island with much-needed storage space. She loved the final result so much it inspired her to makeover the entire kitchen.
  • Design EvolvingMara Greenwald from Design Evolving had an eyesore air conditioner in the middle of her living room. One day she realized her BILLY bookcase was big enough to conceal it. 
  • Store Front LifeWhen it comes to good-looking storage solutions, nothing is dreamier than a custom built-in. El Granto and Kristin, the handy DIYers behind “Storefront for Life,” share how you can create beautiful customized storage for only $400 using BILLY bookcases and molding. Continue to 9 of 20 below.
  • The Lilypad CottageWhat's the point of having floor to ceiling storage if you can't easily reach all of your stuff? Kelly from “The Lilypad Cottage” blog thought the same, so she came up with this built-in DIY library ladder that rolls in front of her BILLY bookcase. 
  • Southern RevivalsJaime, the DIYer behind the “Southern Revivals” blog used BILLY bookcases to make the most of two walls in her home office. The wall features a cozy bench seat. Take a look at the entire office makeover.
  • ImgurView photos of the build of this media center along a bedroom wall using several BILLY bookcases. It comes complete with “bow-chicka-wow-wow” lighting. 
  • Centsational StyleSee how Kate from the “Centsational Style” blog used two tall BILLY bookcases and components from IKEA's BESTA collection to create lovely, free-standing storage. The unit was topped off with molding for added dimension. She also added brass lighting and pulls.  Continue to 13 of 20 below.
  • The Accent PieceVertical storage gave Suzie's entryway a much-needed décor lift. Her husband used three BILLY bookcases to get the job done. Find all the details in a four-part post on their blog “The Accent Piece.”
  • IKEA HackersYou can whip up the ultimate jungle gym for your kitty using a tall and slender BILLY bookcase. You'll find more photos of this project by Cave Lion on IKEA Hackers. 
  • Avery Street DesignLaura Irion, the interior designer behind Avery Street Design, used pieces from IKEA's discontinued BORGSJO series to make this storage masterpiece. The good news is that the Swedish retailer has added lots of new components to the BILLY series so that you can still recreate Laura's design. 
  • Juniper HomeBuilt-in arched bookshelves are one of those lovely features spotted in multimillion-dollar homes. Interior designer Jenny on her blog “Juniper Home” shares how you can create this expensive look using MDF and BILLY bookcases. Take a look at all the details, including her inspiration piece. Continue to 17 of 20 below.
  • littlekokomoThe BILLY bookcase is both affordable and adjustable. Unfortunately, the holes that make its shelves a cinch to adjust can look off-putting. The “Little Kokomo” blog shares a quick fix that uses a putty knife and Polyfilla.
  • Make Do And DIYRight smack in the middle of Linda's dining room was an ugly radiator. She created a cover for it using wood and two BILLY bookcases. Now, she has a stylish console with built-in storage. She shares the project details on her blog, “Make Do And DIY.”
  • IKEA HackersFurniture can make cleaning floors more of a chore. However, off-the-floor ideas  these floating BILLY bookcases make vacuuming and mopping easier. Even better, it looks cool. You can learn how to do it at IKEA Hackers.
  • IKEA HackersSome people think that BILLY bookcase's simple looks are pretty dull. To give them a boost, work the backing. Sure, you can use peel-and-stick decorative paper to brighten up the backing, but did you know that you can do the same with fabric. You will need mod podge decoupage glue to apply. 

Source: https://www.thespruce.com/ingenious-ikea-billy-bookcase-hacks-4006865

10 Fabulous IKEA Hacks: How To Customize IKEA Furniture!

18 Best DIY IKEA Bookshelf And Bookcase Hacks

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If you have followed my blog for a while, you know I love pretty much all DIY home decor projects. But I have a special affinity for customizing IKEA furniture and DIY IKEA furniture upgrades.

Do you know what an IKEA hack is?  Not everyone does.  An IKEA hack basically refers to the transformation of a basic piece of IKEA furniture into what looks a custom piece of furniture without breaking the budget.

It’s so much fun to customize IKEA furniture because the pieces start out so wonderfully simple that they totally lend themselves to endless transformations.  At this point, the “IKEA hack” has nearly become its own category of design because DIY IKEA hacks are so prevalent.

I've tackled a few IKEA hacks myself.  Most recently, I totally transformed a basic IKEA Lack sofa table into a designer showpiece for a total of $157 (including the cost of the table).  You can see the full tutorial by clicking here.

I also created an expensive looking desk on a tiny budget using IKEA pieces.  You can check out the details of my IKEA desk hack here.

But enough about my IKEA hacks.  Not all attempts to customize IKEA furniture are successful, but SO many are beyond amazing.  IKEA hacks are absolutely one of my favorite project types.  I mean, they combine two of my favorite things: IKEA and creativity!  For more information about each project, click on any of the photos!

10 Fabulous DIY IKEA Hacks: How To Customize IKEA Furniture!

First up is this amazing IKEA bookshelf hack. This library wall created IKEA Billy bookcases is one of the most EPIC and brilliant ways to customize IKEA furniture – I have never seen anything it before! Check out the full details over at Bliss at Home.

You may have already seen one of my most popular projects is an IKEA hack – my girls' built-in bookshelves. By using basic IKEA furniture, some paint and imagination, I came up with an affordable and custom look for our twin girls' room.

We recently updated this project by adding a coat of colorful paint and adding real wood to the backing of the bookcases. These upgrades were super easy, budget-friendly, and realize customized these basic IKEA bookcases even more. Check out my post on painting IKEA furniture and pick up a few helpful tips for your next DIY IKEA hack!

Next up, I love how Carrie at Lovely Etc. found a solution for disguising the cheap cardboard backing that comes on all the IKEA Billy bookcases!

This IKEA shelves hack is a fabulous storage solution by Rhoda at Southern Hospitality. I love how she added custom doors to allow for some closed storage in addition to the open storage on top.

Next up, is a simple but impressive example of refinishing IKEA furniture. Serendipity Refined made these gorgeous “vintage” file drawers using some inexpensive IKEA drawers and her imagination. I absolutely love how this project turned out!

This IKEA Tarva hack from All Things G&D is such a clever way to increase storage in your kitchen (or any other room, for that matter). I love the new hardware and top, and chopping off the legs was a genius idea!

This IKEA kitchen island hack is so gorgeous, and I would have NEVER guessed that this high-end, super classy kitchen cart by Oliver and Rust started as an incredibly humble IKEA Bekvam kitchen cart. Such a great way to customize IKEA furniture!

How inspired is this IKEA Malm headboard hack from Aniko at Place of My Taste? So easy and chic!!! The best part is that you can easily change out the fabric if you ever decide you want a new color!

Next up, this faux aged steel IKEA cabinet by Simplicity in the South (inspired by a much more expensive Restoration Hardware version) is fabulous! How perfect is it in that room?!

This IKEA Rast hack from Oh Everything Handmade is so chic and stunning!  And the tutorial makes it look so easy!

Aren't these beautiful? To see even more amazing IKEA hacks, check out the video below (it will play after a short ad). You can find links to all the tutorials for the projects in the video here.

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18 Best DIY IKEA Bookshelf And Bookcase Hacks

18 Best DIY IKEA Bookshelf And Bookcase Hacks

IKEA is loved by everyone! I can’t name any other furniture manufacturer that would regularly release chic modern furniture, which is practical, useful and fits most of interiors easily.

IKEA furniture seems to shout ‘change me!’, and of course we will! IKEA furniture is a great canvas to create what you want, and I’m talking not only about renovating furniture, I also mean turning furniture items into different ones.

Today we’ll have a look how to hack some IKEA bookshelves and how to turn IKEA pieces into bookshelves – let’s take a look at these awesome DIYs.

Kallax/Expedit Hacks

The basic, cubicle-shaped Ikea Kallax bookshelf is one of my all-time favorite pieces for decorating and organizing a. It’s so versatile because it comes in lots of configurations and can be stood up or laid on it’s side. And grouped together, two of them work perfectly in a corner.

The Ikea Kallax doors currently come in a variety of colors – including white, brown, black, and even turquoise and yellow – but they may not fit your room. If not – just cover them with adhesive vinyl in the shade that you . Read the whole tutorial to find out how to do that.

DIY IKEA Kallax hack with colorful vinyl (via www.blueistyleblog.com)

An IKEA Kallax hack that will turn your IKEA Kallax/Expedit storage cube from average, to cool, fun and industrial! The bookshelf is covered with metal and its top is clad with wood, which you can stain or paint if you want.

DIY industrial Kallax hack with metal (via grillo-designs.com)

Here’s one more IKEA Kallax hack, and it’s very easy! The inside was painted with bold yellow paint to make it more eye-catchy and interesting. The author also added cool modern legs to the shelf, they gave the shelf a chic modern look.

DIY Kallax hack with new legs and bold yellow paint (via damasklove.com)

Looking for the perfect way to add some rustic charm to a plain IKEA shelf? You’re going to love this IKEA hack! This IKEA shelf was given an ultimate rustic feel as it was wrapped with wood – such a col idea!

DIY Kallax shelf wrapped with wood (via www.makingitinthemountains.com)

IKEA hacks are very popular today because IKEA makes basic things that are easy to decorate or repurpose. You can change IKEA Kallax bookshelf into a bar cart with casters and brass handles on top to use it separately as a tray. Read the whole tutorial to make this one!

DIY Kallax shelf turned into a bar cart (via www.shelterness.com)

For all you sad IKEA hacksters who are desolate about the Expedit (above) retiring, never fear, IKEA has a replacement that can be hacked up just as fabulously. Expedit-ers will be happy to know that the new Kallax will maintain the same internal dimensions.

The major difference is that the wood that makes up the outer edge of the design is going to be slimmed down. How do you get that striking neon yellow inside effect? Enter Panyl, a fabulous new product that allows you to transform plain vanilla furniture into something poppy and fun.

Read the whole tutorial to find out how to make it.

DIY IKEA Kallax hack with neon paint (via www.flaxandtwine.com)

Do you ever live with a piece of furniture for so long that it never even crosses your mind, but then one day you look and realize, “Wow, that is so ugly. Why do I have that?” That’s the story of this vinyl record shelf.

IKEA Kallax shelving unit is a great piece to change into a vinyl record shelf with a cool look. Make it yourself using this tutorial.

DIY vinyl record stand from a Kallax bookshelf (via www.thesurznickcommonroom.


IKEA hacks are very popular because IKEA furniture is canvas for painting pictures. IKEA Kallax shelf is great to change it into a stylish coffee table with a plenty of storage. Boxes placed inside are great for storage and very comfortable ones.

DIY IKEA Kallax shelf into a coffee table (via www.shelterness.com)

The Kallax series is really similar to the Expedit, except the shelves are a bit thinner and it uses less wood in manufacturing. Turn the Kallax shelving on its side, add some table legs and transform it into a sideboard table! Read the whole tutorial to find out how to make it.

DIY Kallax shelf as a storage piece (via sarahhearts.com)

IKEA BORGJSO bookshelves are amazing but you can make them bolder using something different for the backing. Wallpaper, wrapping paper, paint and fabric were all on the table as options. This tutorial will tell you how to change the backing for geometric fabric to make these bookshelves chic and bold.

DIY IKEA BORGJSO bookshelf hack (via www.polishedhabitat.com)

IKEA Expedit shelf can be hacked easily to make storage more comfortable. Canvases can be hung as doors for some parts of this shelf. The author painted canvases turquoise to fit her space but you can choose some other colors. Such a piece will fit both an office and a home – choose your own color and go change your shelf!

DIY stylish Expedit bookshelf hack (via www.danslelakehouse.com)

Billy Bookcase Hacks

IKEA Billy which is a very plain, basic bookcase. Time to make it gorgeous! This tutorial will tell you how to paint it and add interesting lining. Attach interesting wallpaper inside to make it more special and enjoy your bold look.

DIY Billy bookcase hack with paint and new backing (via www.erinspain.com)

IKEA is a go-to retailer for so many of us on the hunt for affordable decor, storage and organizational pieces for our homes.

There are endless possibilities for transforming or “hacking” their goods into custom, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Want to know what’s even better than an IKEA hack? Give Billy bookcase a bold new look using some wallpaper and a fun, bright color using this tutorial.

DIY colorful Billy hack with wallpaper backing (via www.thisisourbliss.com)

Billy bookcase is a great piece to customize: this tutorial will tell you how to change yours using fabric covered cardboard inserts that can be easily changed almost instantly giving them a brand new look.  You can do this bookcase makeover on any bookshelf, cabinet, or china closet to add a permanent or temporary change.

DIY Billy makeover with printed backing (via inmyownstyle.com)

IKEA Billy bookcase is a basic piece, which can be turned into a stunning customized one. Kate from Centsational Girl loves the Billy style bookcase from Ikea so much that she is embarking on her fourth DIY project involving this bookcase.

This time round she added a crown, base board, gave it a good paint job and beefed up the trim to give it more solid and stylish feel.

It’s really quite a simple DIY but with maximum impact in the results department!

DIY Billy bookcase makeover in blue shades (via knockoffdecor.com)

Some contact paper with colors and prints that you is right what you need to hack a simple Billy bookcase. Add cool backing and the bookcase will get an absolutely new and fresh look. Wallpaper leftovers will also fit for changing backing.

DIY printed backing bookcase makeover (via www.thejpetite.com)

If you have a plain old bookcase that you’re tired of, don’t despair, you can easily change it up with a Homeright Finish Max and some reclaimed wood. Here the author changed a Billy bookcase using reclaimed wood to make it look more interesting and textural. An ideal piece for a rustic feel in your space!

DIY Billy cabinet wrapped with weathered wood (via www.homeright.com)

Do you have a standard white or brown bookshelf at home? Looking for a simple, quick and easy way to dress it up and give it a stylish update? Here’s a no-sew trick using fabric to line the back of your shelving unit to make it unique and fun! In one afternoon or evening you can turn your bookcase, storage unit or armoire into a stunner and update your room all at once!

DIY fabric lined bookcase hack (via www.settingforfour.com)

Source: https://www.shelterness.com/ikea-bookshelf-bookcase-hacks/