14 Stylish DIY Office Chair Makeovers You Can Realize

41 DIYs for a Beautiful & Organized Office

14 Stylish DIY Office Chair Makeovers You Can Realize

  • Caylin HarrisPersonalize your plain old notebook with an interesting fabric to give this traditional office supply a unique makeover. You'll be more tempted to keep up with your notes and to-dos when your notebook looks so pretty!
  • Lovely IndeedThis easy DIY calendar can be reused every year! Just paint the blocks in a fun color, pop on some stickers and turn the blocks over each day.
  • Make And TellLimited on drawer space? Give yourself somewhere to store all of your desk essentials. This handmade wood desk organizer is perfect for holding files, your phone and pens.
  • The MerrythoughtKeep your stack of business cards neat and organized. This DIY makes it easy for you to quickly grab a business card to hand out the next time you need it.Continue to 5 of 41 below.
  • Rita ShehanRecycle empty food cans and transform them into pretty office supply containers with this easy DIY project.
  • Lovely IndeedCustomize your desk with this clever IKEA hack. Using 3 different IKEA products, you can create this minimalistic desk to fit your space.
  • A Beautiful MessGo glam with a luxurious faux fur chair that is as soft to sit on as it is easy to make. The addition of the plush fur will make your old chair much more comfortable, not to mention it will cover up any damage on the old cushion.
  • A Kailo Chic LifePlay up your mundane paperwork with these fun file folders. Simply follow the project instructions and peel and stick the gold foil text onto brightly colored file folders.Continue to 9 of 41 below.
  • Passion ShakeRan room on your desk? Take advantage of vertical space with a DIY hanging organizer. These hanging cups are perfect to keep your office supplies within easy reach.
  • Studio DIYThis DIY is inspired by garbage cans found in fast food restaurants. Give your filing cabinet this hilarious makeover to play up your space.
  • Studio DIYGive your office chair some extra flair by decorating it with patches. Another way to decorate your fabric chair is with an assortment of pins.
  • BurkatronHang your to-do lists, notes and photos on this modern DIY memo board. You can make one for your office using garden mesh and black spray paint.Continue to 13 of 41 below.
  • Lovely IndeedThese chic and trendy notebooks are perfect for the office and are as nice as any notebooks you might find in stores.
  • The MerrythoughtGive your electronic pencil sharpener a modern makeover. Change its look by covering the exterior with thin pieces of wood.
  • A Joyful RiotJot down meetings and reminders on this giant calendar. It'll be difficult to ever forget a project, meeting or deadline again with this in your vicinity.
  • A Beautiful MessMaking a hairpin desk is easy and it's a great way to maximize your space and make the room appear larger. From a long desk that gives you plenty of room to spread out your work, to a tiny work surface that fits your small space, you can make a custom hairpin desk to suit your needs. Get started making your desk by adding pre-made desk legs to a plywood board.Continue to 17 of 41 below.
  • A Kailo Chic LifeGo ahead and add some fun to your office decor by covering a basic wall clock with confetti!
  • Homey Oh MyReplace your flimsy paper file folders with a sturdy leather folder. Un paper folders, this handmade leather one will better protect your documents.
  • BurkatronKeep paper clutter to a minimum with a DIY paper holder. This wooden holder will keep important mail or documents front and center, standing upright on your desk.
  • Tell Love And PartyTake ordinary office supply storage boxes and spruce them up with paint so they both double as decor and are easier to distinguish from one another.Continue to 21 of 41 below.
  • A Kailo Chic LifeDon't let the work day get you down in the summer months with this quirky DIY flamingo pool float pencil holder.
  • Drawn to DIYCan you tell that these desk organizers are actually made cardboard? The use of wood contact paper gives them a chic and modern look. Make matching sets for your documents, pens and succulents.
  • Homemade By CarmonaThis beautiful DIY flip calendar will help add some color to your desk and serve as an immediate visual cue for times when you need to record the date.
  • Make And TellGive a modern makeover to your old literature organizer. This stylish DIY is perfect to help you sort your paperwork or craft and office supplies.Continue to 25 of 41 below.
  • Homey Oh MyHead into your next meeting with a stylish but professional gold striped file folder. This quick project is perfect for storing your reports in a professional manner.
  • Dream a Little BiggerMakeover your old office chair with paint. Changing up the color of the seat and legs will give the chair a brand new look.
  • The MerrythoughtThis sturdy DIY concrete desk is the perfect replacement for that old flimsy desk you've kept around since your college days.Continue to 29 of 41 below.
  • Homey Oh MyPrint this free grid cover template to wrap around your notebooks. This is a great way to dress up generic notebooks or cover the graphic cartoon notebook you weren't really into, but the stores were all sold the plain ones.
  • A Joyful RiotA pretty color blocked chair adds a great amount of interest to any home office space. Mix up your neutral decor with pastels or bold and bright colors.
  • A Beautiful MessShowcase your personality by adding patches to your laptop case. This quick DIY is an easy way to transform a boring laptop case into something you adore.
  • Fish and BullSort all your supplies with this DIY wood wall organizer inspired by Anthropologie. If you want more than one idea for some wall organizers you can check out these awesome DIYs.Continue to 33 of 41 below.
  • Damask LoveLet everyone know who's in charge with this boss desk accessory. It adds some sparkle and authority to any office space.
  • BurkatronUse a roll of marble contact paper to give a glamorous makeover to your office clipboard. 
  • The Lovely DrawerThis chic pocketed wall organizer is perfect for small office spaces. Save room on your desk and keep all your pens, pencils, scissors and tape all in one place within easy reach.
  • A Beautiful MessHolographic home accents are very of-the-moment. One way to incorporate this trend into your decor is by crafting a holographic desk calendar. This DIY is perfect to keep track of your appointments and help you stay organized. Continue to 37 of 41 below.
  • Sugar and ClothInstead of wasting countless sheets of paper or stacks of sticky notes, make a dry erase board for your desk to track all of your to-do lists and memos.
  • BurkatronExpand your storage space by building a ladder shelf. The extra shelving is perfect for books, binders, art and anything else you keep in your office.
  • Love MaeganRefresh your old or damaged desk by giving it a faux marble desktop makeover. Using contact paper, you can make your desk look a brand new luxurious tabletop without much work.
  • Earnest Home Co.Keep your paper clicks, thumb tacks, pins and more together with this DIY magnetic holder. It will keep you from losing them and within easy reach when you need them.Continue to 41 of 41 below.
  • Lovely IndeedThis cute DIY doubles as decor and it's the perfect way to sort your office supplies so you can find them quickly.

Source: https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/diy-projects-for-the-office-4137230

22 Stylish Small Bedroom Design Ideas

14 Stylish DIY Office Chair Makeovers You Can Realize

By Danica Rog on March 24, 2020 in Bedroom

Looking for small bedroom furniture? Check out our updated article about small space beds.

Calling all small space dwellers! Big city apartments, vintage home layouts, and modern space downsizing all call for design that expands the possibilities of small. If you need a bedroom makeover but don’t think you have enough bedroom to work with, you’re in the right place. We’ve got some lovely small bedroom ideas to prove small spaces can be stylish.

While modern and luxurious design ideas often tell you that you need to have a sitting area, small office, or a king-size bed in your bedroom, don’t forget that a bedroom’s main function is to be a place to rest and recharge. And you don’t have to do much to create a beautiful space to do so.

Your small bedroom may be a blessing for a better night’s sleep. The American Sleep Association recommends keeping stimulating activities the bedroom. They warn that distractions the TV, internet, and work can disrupt your sleep patterns. So, the less there is to do in your bedroom, the more sleep you set yourself up for. How’s that for smart design?

Here are savvy small room decorating ideas to help you create a bedroom space that may be small in square footage, but is big in style.

Collect this ideaImage: Jem Juthamat/EyeEm/Getty Images

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1. Light and Bright Decorating Ideas

The color white is an expansive and practical choice for small bedroom decor. It keeps the space from looking too busy or boxed in. Painting your bedroom white will make it look bigger. Using white or lighter colors combats the absence of large wall space or windows to brighten up your space.

Afraid of being too stark? To keep your small bedroom from feeling cold or void of personality, layer your whites with different textures and white-on-white patterns for drama. In the bedroom above, the simple addition of a patterned throw and chrome bedside lamps transforms the room for sterile to stylish.

Collect this ideaImage: Jacek Kada/GettyImages

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2. Cozy Corner Bed

Most bedroom decorating ideas feature the bed by centering it on the wall. However, narrow floor plans and limited space call for deviation for this.

To maximize the floor space, tuck your bed up against a wall or corner. The effect will create a sleeping area that feels snug and cozy. If it feels too much a college dorm, add a two headboard corner system to create a finished, designer look to a bedroom.

Collect this ideaImage: Hoxton/Martin Barraud/GettyImages

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3. Slim Headboard and Bed Frame

A few inches of extra space can make a small bedroom feel a luxurious master bedroom. Part ways with your footboard-style bed frame and replace it with a simple modern headboard to finish the look of your bed.

Or, opt for a Hollywood-style bed frame that supports the bottom of the bed and extends no further than the perimeter of the mattress. You can decorate the space above the bed with art, or add a headboard later.

Collect this ideaImage: Martin Barraud/GettyImages

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4. Minimalist Style

Add space to your small master bedroom by paring it down to your favorite essentials. The focus of this space is undeniably the bed, so keep furniture pieces and accessories down to a minimum.

Even better, use sleek, contemporary built-ins for additional storage. Built-ins maximize storage while looking they’re not even there. A good built-in around your bed creates a cozy sleeping nook while adding plenty of storage.

Collect this ideaImage: 4FR/GettyImages

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5. DIY Mirror Magic

Mirrors expand a small bedroom by creating the illusion of a bigger room. Positioning a mirror to reflect the light of a window is also the only way to up the natural light in your space.

The easiest way to incorporate a big mirror to your space? Try this DIY technique. Buy a body-length mirror and lean it up against the wall. Find a body-length mirror and lean it up against the wall. No holes needed. Though, you’ll want to secure it with wall tacky for peace of mind.

Collect this ideaImage: imaginima/GettyImages

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6. Small Bedroom Storage Under the Bed

If you’re in the market for a new bed, consider a bed with drawers underneath for extra storage. If space is so limited that drawers may not open easily, use decorative bins under your bed for additional storage. We love milk crates and other woven baskets that hold up well and look great doing it.

Collect this ideaImage: Lori Andrews/GettyImages

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7. Loft Living

If floor space is limited but you have higher ceilings, consider adding a loft or platform for your sleeping area with storage or seating underneath. This isn’t an option for everyone, but for those who don’t mind climbing into bed, this layout can completely transform a small room.

Collect this ideaImage: Vostok/GettyImages

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8. Bold Wallpaper

Just because your bedroom is small doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Add a bold wallpaper pattern to a focal wall, your headboard wall.

Wallpaper tends to get a bad rap for making rooms look small and cluttered, but using the right style and technique does just the opposite. Add a bold wallpaper pattern to a focal wall, your headboard wall.

When selecting wallpaper, choose a large-scale pattern over a small, busy one. Don’t forget to create a cohesive look by coordinating your bedding with your beautiful, new wallpaper.

Renters, you can play will wallpaper too. Have a look at our article for removable wallpaper.

Collect this ideaImage: ThreeDiCube/GettyImages

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9. Floating Shelves

The versatile floating shelf can work in many useful ways in a small bedroom. Here are some floating shelf decorating ideas for the bedroom:

-A nightstand replacement -An entry table by the door-A bookcase-A place to hold a collection of modern colorful boxes housing clothing and accessories

-A laptop desk

Collect this ideaImage: Martin Barraud/GettyImages

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10. Wall Niche

In newer construction, drywall is normally hollow and supported by vertical 2x 4 wood beams (studs) that are 16” apart. If your bed is set up on a non-exterior wall, use a stud finder to mark where your bed’s wood wall beams are and cut out an alcove. Your new alcove may not be incredibly deep, but it may be all you need for small necessities an alarm clock or some personal items.

Collect this ideaImage: Natali Daniel/Shuttershock

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11. Creative Nightstands

Finding the right size nightstand can be tricky for any bedroom. When you have a small bedroom and a tight squeeze next to your bed, you have to think creatively. Unexpected items that work well:

-Slim laptop table -Sofa table behind the bed

-Stacks of books or vintage suitcases

Collect this ideaImage: Followtheflow/Shuttershock

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12. Floating Desk

Is your home office in your tiny bedroom? Maximize your space with a floating desk, which is basically an extra large floating shelf. You can create a DIY floating desk by putting a piece of plywood on top of a couple of shelf brackets. Then slide a comfy chair underneath and you’re done!

Collect this ideaImage: comzeal images/Shuttershock

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13. Colorful Throw Pillows

If you love color, but prefer an all-white room to make your small space look bigger, you don’t have to compromise. Simply add color to your room with vibrant throw pillows.

Can’t decide on a color scheme? That’s the great thing about pillows. You can get as many colors as you want. Mix and match. Store some under the bed and change them every week. Have fun with it!

Collect this ideaImage: F. Serra Mubeccel Gulturk/Shuttershock

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14. Eye-Catching Chandelier

Your options for small bedroom decorating ideas are starting to look up! Adding a unique chandelier or pendant light is an excellent way to give your room a focal point and add some cozy lighting.

Choose a chandelier that suits your style — modern and sleek, flashy and glamorous, elegant and traditional — there are all kinds of lighting fixtures available online and in stores. 

Collect this ideaImage: Photographee.eu/Shuttershock

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15. Cozy Area Rug

People often focus their bedroom decorating on the walls, shelving,  furniture, and bedding. But don’t forget the floor. An interesting area rug can instantly add warmth to a room, or a pop of color. Play around with the texture and find something that looks good and feels great on your feet.

Collect this ideaImage: Africa Studio/Shuttershock

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16. Bedside Table Shelving

One more bedside table idea — shelving. Floating shelves work great as a nightstand. You can place them at the perfect height and if you DIY it, you can get the shelving cut to the exact size that fits your bedroom. Floating shelves come in a wide range of materials, too, from wood to glass to metal. 

Collect this ideaImage: KUPRYNENKO ANDRII/Shuttershock

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17. Sleek Sconces

No room next to your bed for a lamp? Wall sconces are a smart solution to add reading or task lighting to a small bedroom. You can go for a modern look or a traditional style. Or get crazy and mix and match your sconces for an eclectic look.

Collect this ideaImage: Yuliya Yesina/Shuttershock

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18. Gorgeous Greenery

Make room for plants! Just because your bedroom is small, doesn’t mean you have to skip the greenery. Adding houseplants to your room makes it feel more alive and plants actually help clean the air. To maximize space, try wall planters. They turn your plants into works of art.

Collect this ideaImage: Photographee.eu/Shuttershock

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19. Breezy Curtains

If your small room is short on windows, you can still get things flowing by using curtains to decorate. Two smart ways are to replace closet doors with curtains or use curtains to create a room divider. Either way, be sure to pick colors and textures that feel good in your space.

Collect this ideaImage: Photographee.eu/Shuttershock

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20. Sparkling String Lights

String lights aren’t just for the holiday season! They’re a cool way to create interesting lighting or art features in a small bedroom. Hang them on the wall, ceiling, headboard, or anywhere you can imagine. And tiny lights come in a wide range of colors to make your small bedroom look even more magical.

Collect this ideaImage: Photographee.eu/Shuttershock

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21. High-Contrast Color Scheme

Pairing white with a high-contrast color is a big-impact way to decorate a small bedroom. Sticking with just one bold color, plus white, creates a dramatic look. And you can use this high-contrast effect in bedding, wall paint, artwork, rugs, and beyond. Here are some of our favorite high-contrast combinations:

-Navy and white for a nautical look-Black and white creates a photographic vibe-Pink and white reminds you of love and romance-Turquoise and white gives you a beachy feel

-Yellow and white make every day a sunny day

Collect this ideaImage: baitong333/Shuttershock

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22. Tiny Wall Art

Small rooms are the perfect place to create the tiniest art gallery. Shop thrift stops, galleries, and home decor stores for small paintings and prints. Then hang a bunch of them on one wall for an eclectic collection. You can even make your own art by painting small canvases or canvases of different sizes that are on the smaller side. 

Also, consider getting your favorite photos printed in 3×5 or 4×6 sizes and displaying them on the wall. The more and the smaller the better!

We’d love to know if any of these ideas have you inspired to change up your current space! If you need some professional help on any of these ideas, reach out to a local handyman for help. Reach out to us on social media or in the comments below and let us know what you think. Happy decorating!

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Source: https://freshome.com/bedroom/22-small-bedroom-ideas-that-are-big-in-style/

Free Desk Makeover Using DIY Chalk Based Paint {& $100 PayPal Cash Giveaway}

14 Stylish DIY Office Chair Makeovers You Can Realize

This desk has a long story to tell…

It has, in fact, been lurking around our house for a couple of years now.

In fact, this entire makeover took place almost two years ago.

I know, right?! Bad blogger!

Originally a freebie from my parents, I gave it a quick makeover with some home-made DIY chalk based paint not long after I got it. Since then it has been moved around to several rooms in our house before finding it’s final resting place in my craft room.

Is it the perfect little spot to keep my sewing machine set up all the time, or what?

Here is how this little free beauty started out. Not exactly solid wood, and it doesn’t exactly have great lines. So perhaps it didn’t have many redeeming qualities…except that it was small (only about 24″ wide) and I knew it could be cute once freshened up…

I haven’t made this paint in a long while now because I have been painting mainly with Country Chic chalk paint instead, but this is how I used to make my own chalk based paint- and I have tried it out with success on several pieces.

I used some leftover Ash Blue – a Benjamin Moore colour – that I had on hand from our Ensuite bathroom. I gave the desk two coats of the Ash Blue DIY chalk based paint…

Then gave it a light sand. I found my home made chalk based paint to be less smooth then the store bought paint, but I think that was just because my Plaster of Paris was a little old.

Why didn’t I just buy some new plaster? Yes, that is a valid question.

Next I mixed up a little more chalk based paint using a Benjamin Moore colour called Fresh Mint (you may have seen my tutorial for my free minty chalk painted chair? Did you know that project is IN PRINT?! True story…)

So if you have been reading for a while then you know I am a big fan of dry brushing. I love the textured look it gives… and that is exactly what I did to this piece. Kind of using the same technique I used on our Ikea Hack Faux Linen Tarva Dresser…

After my dry brushed top coat in mint was all dry, my little helper and I used a palm sander to give the whole piece a little bit of a distressed look all around the edges… it helped add some dimension to an otherwise quite flat piece. This picture makes me tear up – he is so much bigger now! Keep your eye out for an updated pic of him just below…

Sanded edges…

Done! And it has finally found a great home and a perfect use in my craft room. I LOVE being able to have a spot to keep my sewing machine set up all the time…

Oh, hey. There he is!

I know I am pretty fortunate to have a craft room. And even more fortunate to be able to keep my sewing machine set up all the time. And how great it is that this little desk was free? There’s one more point for the fortunate side…

And guess what?!?

This Sunday is the Get Your DIY On Challenge: $10 Thrifted Challenge.

I LOVE making over old thrifty stuff. Even better if it was FREE!

Have you seen what my cohosts came up with for this challenge??

Piano Bench Makeover at House by Hoff / Insulator to Candle Holder Upcycle at Just a Girl and Her Blog / Flower Mason Jar Gifts at The Hankful House / 10 Thrifty Projects Under $10 at Confessions of a Serial DIY-er / Free Desk Makeover with Homemade Chalk Based Paint at The Happy Housie (you are here!!)

Have you had a chance to enter the Giveaway I have going on right now?? 

For $100 PayPal cash?!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you’re a fellow blogger, then come back on Sunday at 7pm EST to share your $10 or less thrifted projects with us! I can’t wait to see all the makeovers. And if you aren’t a blogger, there will be plenty of amazing inspiration to take in! Hope to see you Sunday!

Source: https://thehappyhousie.porch.com/free-desk-makeover-using-diy-chalk-based-paint-100-paypal-cash-giveaway/

French Provincial Chair Makeover

14 Stylish DIY Office Chair Makeovers You Can Realize

Today I am so excited to share my French Provincial Chair makeover with you!  I’m excited mostly because they are done! As you can see by the preview photo, this story has a happy ending. But it wasn’t without a few bumps (and blisters) in the road.

My Mom and I spied these chairs at an estate sale last Friday. We passed on them, knowing they required a lot of work, but she had a change of heart and went back for them on Saturday. Luckily everything was 50% and she scored these two beauties for $55 for the pair! However, they did not work in the space she was envisioning them in, and she dropped them off to me the next day.

I knew I just had to use these as my project for our Furniture Revivals theme for this month’s Get Your DIY On party, but I seriously underestimated the amount of time it would take to redo them.

Here they are as we found them:

If you look closely, you might be able to tell they were painted. They did an awful job…

I was unable to remove the smeared paint without messing up the finish, so I painted out the frames.

And here is the big makeover:

This is the same fabric I used on my Desk Chair and the Dresser I redid with fabric inlay on the drawers. It is perfect because while it still has a neutral feel, the color and pattern hide a multitude.

It has held up extremely well on my desk chair. It is a heavier weight decorator fabric I found at Hancock Fabrics. It normally retails for $29.99 a yard, but I was lucky to find it at 50% off and had a 20% off the total purchase coupon.

 I think I used about a yard and a half for each chair.

I am so in love with these chairs. I have been guarding them crazy from my claw-happy cat and Cheetos-fingered four-year old. This was no easy undertaking. I thought (actually I wasn’t thinking at all) that I could just cover over the existing upholstery.

Easy as pie. I got right to it painting out the frame before I got started on the fabric part.

Perfect…except um…there is no way  to cover over the side panels that are attached to the inside frame. Ugh. So I pulled, yanked, cursed, tugged, cursed at a gazillion staples that were holding this thing together.

I even threw in some of this action:

I had to use my leg for leverage. Two hours later…

I was done…with one chair. Are you kidding, I have another whole chair to go?? I couldn’t be satisfied with one chair for  my big reveal, Oh No that wasn’t good enough. I MUST have two chairs.

And so I continued…yanking, pulling, cursing, tugging, cursing… I woke up to this on Tuesday morning:

Actually two this. I worked feverishly the entire day…

Learning as I went of course because that’s how I do…

It was kind of fun to see it all come back together. I even made my own double welt to save money.

I took photos of every step and if anyone is curious to see the entire process, I will be more than happy to put it together for you. Just leave me a note in the comments. If you are looking to tackle a similar project, here are a few suggestions:

  • Take photos of each step as you remove the old upholstery to reference when it’s time to .
  • Mark each piece before you remove anything:
  • Use these pieces as pattern pieces for your new upholstery.
  • Paint AFTER you remove the old upholstery. (Some idiot out there might try to paint it first.)
  • Wear work gloves to prevent blisters. (Trust me…or gardening gloves…hey it was all I had.)

If you see how everything comes apart, as long as you have lots of photos to refer back to, you should be able to piece it back together. I used the same foam and batting since it was in decent shape (and free).

I’m sure I saved a lot by making my own double welt , but there are a trims you can purchase too if you prefer that look and don’t want to bother with sewing your own.

Fifteen hours later, I was done. Marathon upholstery I tell ya! But I am SO thrilled with the results!

Beautiful details along the front…

I used my DIY chalk paint left over from the Desk I just completed with French graphics. I sanded a bit and waxed with Annie Sloan’s clear soft wax, followed by a very light amount of dark wax. You almost can’t even see it in the photos, but you can in real life.

I love the peek-a-boo panels on the sides and back…

I’d love to keep them right here in my dining room, but did I mention I have  a claw-happy cat and a Cheetos-fingered four year-old? These will be heading to my booth.  

Source: https://www.confessionsofaserialdiyer.com/french-provincial-chair-makeover/

DIY Furniture Projects

14 Stylish DIY Office Chair Makeovers You Can Realize

Have old, boring furniture sitting around? Not anymore. Thanks to these fab makeovers, your tired dressers, hutches, chairs, and nightstands are just a project away from a new lease on life.

With a beat-up, worn-over-time look (and not in a good way), this desk was in desperate need of a rescue.



Glossy red paint and new hardware redeemed the piece. Go the next slide to learn how to paint furniture a pro.

Watch and learn the steps to a perfect painted finish.


The once ubiquitous entertainment center has fallen favor in our era of flat screen TVs and Roku boxes. With fewer cords and stacks of DVDs (and video tapes) no longer family room fixtures, these forlorn units are begging for makeovers. And so we give you … 

Every last inch of this former entertainment center is packed with smart kitchen storage. Removing the door creates easy-access open storage. Pegboard turns the open back of the TV shelf into hanging storage. Four-inch PVC pipe cut to length and painted was adhered to the former VCR shelf with construction adhesive for wine storage. Oh, and did we mention that new fabulous paint job?

A simple dresser was ripe with potential as something the ordinary.



Diane Henkler, of In My Own Style, turned the dresser into a clever desk with a drop-down front. Painting the interior blue and attaching false drawer fronts with vintage-style pulls to the bottom drawers gives the piece a unique look.

Diane completed this project as part of our Makeover Madness challenge, and she was declared the winner! Go to the next slide to learn more about her project.

Watch and learn more about Diane's makeover.

Right now, this brass lamp base isn’t chic or stylish. But with a little paint and a round metal baking sheet, it can be turned into a new, custom end table.


With a little imagination, an old lamp can become a custom table. Here's how: Disassemble the lamp by unscrewing the lampshade harp, removing the lamp socket using pliers, and cutting the lamp cord below the socket and pulling it away from the base.

 Drill through the center of a round metal baking sheet using a hole saw bit. Unscrew the nut on the lamp and apply a bit of metal epoxy. Slip the baking sheet over the threaded rod and press down to secure to top of lamp. Thread a washer and the nut that was removed earlier onto the rod, applying epoxy first to each part.

Finish the top by attaching a cap nut. Spray with lacquer spray paint.

Once used as a changing table, this dresser was ready for a new purpose and new finish.

Creamy white paint lightens the look of the bulky piece. (And bonus, the color matches the closet doors of the room in which it resides.) Inexpensive new knobs and metallic dotted details complete the makeover.


With a crisp white finish and high-profile molding, this bookcase was on a course to better design.

Watch to see how a few simple styling tricks and DIY add-ons transformed the simple bookcase into a stunner.

You'll never guess what this chair became after its amazing makeover. (Hint: Your four-legged friends will be pleased.)


With a few extra pieces of lumber, an old chair can becomes a bed fit for your furry BFF. Here's how: Dismantle the chair, cutting the chairback and legs away from the seat.

Build a frame of inexpensive pine and plywood to the size you need for the bed, adding a lip to hold the cushion in place. Use wood glue and screws to attach the chairback as the headboard and the legs as the footboard.

Finish by painting everything a unifying color and adding a comfy, washable pet bed or cushion.

The finish on this table needed a style makeover.

With so-hot gray stain and a pretty stenciled design, this table became a showstopper.


We're all for midcentury-modern furniture. But we also won't scoff at a make-it-better revamp. And so we give you…

Watch and see how a simple paint makeover gave the piece a new lease on life in the 21st century.

Maybe it's a handmedown or maybe it's the bed from the set you've had forever. Either way, it's time to rethink your wood bedframe. 


Yes, that really is the same headboard. Thanks to a tension rod, batting, fabric, and a few basic tools, this once plain-Jane headboard gets the Cinderella treatment, which fortunately doesn't go away when the clock strikes 12.

The simple white finish of this dresser begged to be reimagined.

Milk paint and an antique finishing glaze give the dresser a throwback vibe. The antique look is complete with vintage-inspired dresser pulls.


With a great shape and fab design, a quick fix customized this chair to take it to the next level.

By painting just the vertical spindles, this chair receives a custom look without the hefty price tag. To recreate the look, tape off the parts of the chair you want to leave unpainted. Apply interior/exterior latex primer, let dry, and then apply latex paint in your color of choice. For tight detail work, use a 1/2-inch flat detail brush.

Tall and gangly, this hutch was destined to store more than just knickknacks and china.


With a new back and fresh paint, this beauty is primed for primping supply storage in the bathroom. The shelves are perfect for storing frequently accessed items and stacks of folded towels, while drawers hide other necessities and less frequently used items.

With a formal profile and a dinged-up finish, this hutch was begging for a modern revamp.

Pale khaki paint and white hardware launch this old-fashioned hutch into modern-day style. Wallpaper along the back provides a pop of color.


Six drawers and a generously proportion cabinet say “store stuff in me”! But this hutch's style was a little lacking.

Removing the cabinet door and installing custom shoe racks make the most of this storage space in this hutch. New knobs and paint up the fashionable factor, while freshly installed hooks house a collection of scarves.

A beautiful shape was hiding behind a worn finish and yucky upholstery.


Orange-y coral paint shows off the chair's shapely silhouette, while new upholstery in black and white fabric ups the fun factor. When looking for your own diamonds-in-the-rough, look for pieces that are sturdy and well constructed. Paint and new fabric can work wonders, but a shoddy structure is less easily remedied. 

Walk into any secondhand shop and you'll ly find a table resembling this one. While it may be an ordinary end table, it's ripe with potential to be something else.

Turn an end table into a go-anywhere office with a few simple modifications. Choose a table the width of a standard hanging file and then sand, prime, and paint it. Screw metal strips to the sides to accommodate hanging files, use a jigsaw to cut holes in the top for glasses or small storage buckets, and attach casters to the legs.


Boxy and somewhat boring, but with a pretty brass handle, this nightstand was a prime candidate for a makeover.

Fresh white paint remedied the dull brown finish, but a geometric design in gold paint took the nightstand to the next level. Use a ruler and a pencil to stencil on a design and then use painter's tape to mark it off before you paint.

Source: https://www.bhg.com/decorating/makeovers/furniture-makeovers/diy-furniture-projects/

15 DIY Desk Plans for Your Home Office – How to Make an Easy Desk

14 Stylish DIY Office Chair Makeovers You Can Realize

David Tsay

Whether you're outfitting your home office or carving out a cute workspace for your craft room, these DIY desk plans are easy and inexpensive to build. We found desk ideas fit for every kind of space—from corner desks to standing desks and more. Some even boast smart storage for organizing all your supplies. Now get to work!

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DIY Wood Slab Desk

Leave a live edge on this floating desk for a more natural aesthetic. Mount to the wall with two simple supports.

Get the tutorial at The Merry Thought.


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DIY Standing Desk

For those that swear by the health benefits of standing desks, this simple design wraps around the room without taking up too much space. Pair it with bar stools for those times when your feet need a break.

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.


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Compartment Desk Plan

The top of this rustic piece opens up to reveal three compartments. Stow away pens and paper for the office—or make it a vanity and enclose makeup and a mirror.

Get the tutorial at Shades of Blue Interiors.


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DIY Butcher Block Desk

This DIY desk plan couldn't be simpler—or sleeker! Attach hairpin legs to a butcher block slab for a mid-century modern-inspired piece of furniture that looks straight a catalog.

Get the tutorial at Modish & Main.


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DIY Leaning Desk Bookshelf

Incorporate your desktop work area into a leaning bookshelf where you can store both practical and pretty items.

Get the tutorial at Ana White.


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DIY Farmhouse X Desk

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DIY Secretary Desk

Turn an old dresser into a secretary-style desk with shelves for open storage. This entire transformation costs just $10 from start to finish.

Get the tutorial at The Domestic Heart.


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L-Shaped Desk Plan

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DIY Piping Table

Not only is piping a practical way to build desk legs, but it also gives the project a very “in” industrial style.

Get the tutorial at House by Hoff.


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DIY Corner Desk

Reclaim a corner that would otherwise go unused by installing a custom workspace. A cove moulding base makes the furniture look professionally built.

Get the tutorial at Shanty 2 Chic.


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DIY Floating Desk Plan

A floating desk frees up floor space in this boy's room. You don't even need to sacrifice storage: The hinged top swings open, so he can hide all his treasures inside.

Get the tutorial at Shanty 2 Chic.


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DIY Mounted Wall Desk

A system of shelves and brackets mounted on twin tracks allows for an organized desk area with enough space for you and your right-hand man or woman.

Get the tutorial at The Crafted Life.


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DIY Murphy Desk

Source: https://www.countryliving.com/diy-crafts/g25738036/easy-desk-plans/