10 Cool Dressing Table Designs

  1. Dressing table ideas – ways to create the perfect beauty spot
  2. 1. Keep it simple
  3. 2. No space for a table? Try this Ikea hack
  4. 3. Get more from your chest of drawers
  5. 4. Think outside the box when it comes to furniture
  6. 5. Go for a fun look that will inspire your big night out
  7. 6. Have a place for everything
  8. 7. Go glam with glass
  9. 10 dressing table design ideas for Indian homes | homify
  10. The Dressing Table Of Today – Its Evolution And Characteristics
  11. Dressing Table Ideas – How To Decorate And Style A Vanity Table
  12. 1.Focal point
  13. 2.Tall accessories
  14. 3.Use trays
  15. 4.Lighting
  16. 5)Chair sizes
  17. 6) No space
  18. 7) Get creative with colours
  19. 8)Inspiration
  20. Dressing room ideas
  21. 1. Where to put your dressing room or walk-in wardrobe?
  22. 2. Assess your dressing room storage needs
  23. 3. Choose between fitted or freestanding dressing room furniture 
  24. 4. Renovating an awkward room? Opt for fitted furniture
  25. 5. Small dressing room? Choose multi-functional furniture 
  26. 6. Think you have no room for a dressing room? Use an alcove
  27. 7. Use a room divider to create a dressing area
  28. 8. Include some open storage in your dressing room 
  29. 9. Position seating and dressing table strategically
  30. 10. And make sure you pick the perfect dressing table
  31. 11. Use mirrored doors to make a dressing room feel bigger 
  32. 13. Create a practical lighting dressing room lighting scheme 
  33. 14. Take Marie Kondo's approach to storing clothes well in your dressing room 
  34. 15. Use clothes as a feature in your dressing room 
  35. 16. Choose sliding doors to save space
  36. 17. Add smart lighting to your walk in wardrobe
  37. 18. DIY a walk-in wardrobe in a small bedroom
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  39. 51 Makeup Vanity Tables To Organize Your Makeup Collection

Dressing table ideas – ways to create the perfect beauty spot

10 Cool Dressing Table Designs

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  • Get ready to go 'Out Out' at your very own elegant and organised pamper station.

    As any girl knows, half – actually, let’s face it – most of the fun of going out can be had in getting ready beforehand. That’s why we always recommend trying to squeeze in a dedicated area for the ritual. Somewhere to sit and focus on your cleansing and countering, blending and bronzing, with an appropriate amount of good light, and storage for all your lotions and potions.

    Inspired? Check out more of our bedroom ideas

    As our dressing table ideas show, you can create said pamper station in even the tiniest spaces. And it could have transformative effects on your bedroom as a whole, making it look more glamorous into the bargain.

    1. Keep it simple

    Image credit: Simon Whitmore

    A bedroom should be a restful space, so keep things simple with a chic low-key table this one. As well as a place to apply make up and take it off before bed, it can also serve as a desk.

    2. No space for a table? Try this Ikea hack

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    Make tangled necklaces and missing earrings a thing of the past with the ultimate jewellery organiser, which can double as a make-up station with the addition of a mirror.

    It’s been created by turning Mosslanda shelves upside down so they double as storage space. Screw hooks and eyes into the front and back edges for hanging items, leaving the flat tops free for make-up and accessories.

    3. Get more from your chest of drawers

    Image credit: Oliver Gordon

    Let’s be honest, a dressing table is a luxury that often gets the boot in favour of more substantial storage. a chest of drawers. But this hard-working piece of furniture can do even more. Choose one at the right height and it can double as a dressing table. Place a chair nearby so that you can pull it up when you need to ‘put your face on’.

    4. Think outside the box when it comes to furniture

    Image credit: Rachael Smith

    The owner of this house was looking for a dressing table that would fit in a restricted space. But when she couldn’t find the right ‘traditional’ dressing table, she used a console table and kitchen stool instead. Then rather clutter up the tabletop with a box, she came up with an ingenious hanging station for jewellery.

    Nervous of getting your mirror height right? Rather than hang it, rest it on your table.

    5. Go for a fun look that will inspire your big night out

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    We adore the bold use of colour in this fun and fabulous bedroom. If this won’t get you in the party mood come Saturday night, nothing will! Upcycling a vintage table with a new paint job and pretty handles is a cost-effective way to get this look. The long drawer will provide oodles of storage for blusher, bronzer, shadows and scents.

    6. Have a place for everything

    Image credit: David Brittain

    Here, a tray has been used to demarcate where scents should sit, and there’s a compartmentalised box to keep jewellery organised. Further boxes provide storage for make-up, and everything else can be stashed away in the two drawers below.

    7. Go glam with glass

    For full-on Hollywood glamour, you can’t go wrong with mirrored bedroom furniture. Up the wow factor even more with a statement mirror – either in a matching look, or framed with film-star bulbs that will help you get your make-up on point!

    Buy now: Parisian Mirrored Dressing Table, £199, Very

    These examples prove that it really is worth trying to fit in a dressing table if you can. Because as we all know, a little bit of ‘me’ time can make a big difference.

    Source: https://www.idealhome.co.uk/bedroom/bedroom-ideas/dressing-table-ideas-206342

    10 dressing table design ideas for Indian homes | homify

    10 Cool Dressing Table Designs

    In modern Indian homes, dressing table has become an added fashion accessory especially in the bedroom which soon becomes a hotspot for the family, irrespective of the gender. A dressing table is more than just a mirror on the wall.

    With drawers and shelves and then a seat where you can sit comfortably and take your own time to groom yourself; it is something more than just a humble dressing table. With limited space in homes, we really need to think the box to dress up the dressing table.

    Today we have brought a few interesting design ideas of dressing table to satisfy the creativity and diversified taste almost everyone.  Have a look!

    Soothing colour of the space, antique flavour spread around and modern idea to bind together the classy and simplicity is making this dressing table charmingly enchanting. It’s stunning!

    An oversize mirror with white drawers below to keep the dressing table clean and organized and wooden stand on the side for extra space; modern design is all about simplicity which makes it elegant. Lights are fixed on the wooden plank above to brighten up the space when you are getting ready.

    Take your time and feel relaxed and pampered with this dressing table. The corner has been well utilised and converted into a comfortable dressing table or rather dressing area with wall to wall mirror, glass shelves fixed on the wall, drawers  and even a seat for more comfort.

    Bedroom cabinets that end with a dressing table on the side makes life comfortable and bedroom organized for sure. No need to hunt for suitable place for your dressing table. Design it to merge with the design of the cabinet and becomes a part of it.

    Mirror on the middle and long shelves on both the sides making room for fashion accessories and make-up essentials; the soothing shade of white and baby blue is making it calm and serene.

    Sandwiched between the two walls, the last wall of the hallway is well utilized and converted into a beautiful dressing area complete with an elegantly designed comfortable dressing table.

    Long cabinet fixed on the side, drawers below the mirror and on the side a small space has been cut out to fix the table.

    Pull out the table when needed or else push it in and keep the space free of any obstruction.

    Request free consultation

    Beautiful frame on the mirror, simple drawers, the curvy legs of the seat and an elegant chandelier hanging from above; everything is sophisticatedly simple here but together they make it feel regal.

    The colours popping off the motifs on the wood is making this ordinary dressing table special. Fixed on the wall, this has sufficient storage space on the side and below to store all the stuffs and keep the dressing table clutter-free.

    This one is for those who love minimalist design and its simplicity. A wall paper on the wall, circular mirror, slim and sleek drawers fixed below the mirror and a simple and comfortable chair; the elegance of this dressing table is in its simplicity.

    A circular mirror not framed in a box but standing above a wooden stand fixed to the wall with four drawers fixed below it. The simplicity in design and the classic combination of wood and white is making this dressing table contemporary and chic.

    Get ideas of walk-in closets attached to the bedroom from here: 20 comfortable walk-in wardrobes attached with bedroom 

    Source: https://www.homify.in/ideabooks/5790270/10-dressing-table-design-ideas-for-indian-homes

    The Dressing Table Of Today – Its Evolution And Characteristics

    10 Cool Dressing Table Designs

    Today, the dressing table is one of the accent pieces that add glamour and sophistication to our homes, the type of furniture that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing, often with an emphasis on the latter.

    So did this trend start? Actually, the first dressing tables weren’t even tables. They were boxes and they’ve been around for a very long time. The ancient egyptians (pharaohs in particular) used them to keep things ointment jars, face paints and perfumes.

    They even had hand mirrors that were made of polished metal.

    Later, the French created their own versions of these ornate boxes which they called necessities. They were meant for the royalty people and the aristocrats and they contained things perfume flasks, combs, nail files and tiny scissors. The boxes were carried by the maids, which leads us to an important detail: the fact that the cosmetic boxes were portable.

    It wasn’t until the late 1970s that these boxes started being replaced by dressing tables with mirrors. The first ones were hybrids, meaning that were pretty much tables with cosmetic boxes on them.

    The designs evolved in time and by the mid 80s the dressing table as we know it today started to take shape. Then, in the 19t century the dressing table was already a matching part of the bedroom suite.

    In Europe the dressing table was a symbol of luxury and glamour, especially in the 19th and 20th centuries. In America, on the other hand, the designs were simpler and a bit more focused on functionality.

    The more recent designs are a combination of both influences and they reflect the diversity of styles that we’ve come to admire over time.

    Today you can find dressing tables with drawers, with mirrors, with ornate feet, small, large, modern, vintage and with all sorts of other characteristics.

    View in galleryIt’s important to have adequate lighting when using the dressing table and symmetry can help with thatView in galleryToo much light, on the other hand, can make the space feel less comfortable and intimate

    With so many options and styles to choose from, it can be difficult to find the dressing table that suits you best. Here are a few tips and ideas that might help. Decide whether you want a custom table or a ready-made one or if you’d rather build one yourself.

    They’re all valid options. Then pick a style that reflects your personality and that also matches the rest of the decor in the room and throughout the home. After that, focus on the smaller things. For example, decide whether you want a small table or a large one.

    View in galleryTable tamps are excellent for dressing tables. They have a warm and pleasant glow and they can also double as decorationsView in galleryFor an unconventional look, combine a large mirror and a small table or storage cabinetView in galleryInstead of storage drawers, you could keep your things in trays or boxesView in galleryOrnate designs have a bohemian and glamorous look, being reminiscent of the aristocrats’ houses from the pastView in galleryInstead of floor or table lamps, you could have wall-mounted sconces placed on either side of the mirrorView in galleryAnother options, great for contemporary spaces, is a mirror that lights up around the edges

    Small dressing tables are better suited for tiny rooms or for areas filled with natural light. Also, if the table is small, choose a wall-mounted mirror and a small table lamp to free up space on the counter and make sure to organize everything neatly. Organize small items on trays and keep your things inside drawers.

    View in galleryIf the small built-in mirror on your dressing table is not enough, you can also have a larger one on the sideView in galleryThe chair that accompanies the dressing table is pretty important, having a big impact on the room’s decorView in galleryA lot of contemporary dressing tables are minimalist, quite similar to this oneView in galleryA glass top reveals the interior of this dressing table, putting a playful and quirky spin on its simple designView in galleryCompact designs are great for small rooms. This one has a top that folds up to reveal a built-in mirrorView in galleryThe curved sides and the patterned finish give this table a very chic and girly look highlighted by the accent chairView in galleryThis table also has a top that opens to reveal a storage space organized in small compartments View in galleryPosition the dressing table in an area filled with light, preferably in front of a window or close to a light fixture

    Choose a dressing table that has large drawers if you know you have lots of things to store. You can keep your jewelry in drawers with velvet-lined trays. For extra storage, you can add a lingerie or jewelry chest next to your dressing table.

    Another option is to have cabinet-style mirrors above the table, for extra storage and a built-in look.

    And speaking of mirrors, a large one can be used to reflect the room and to create the impression of a large and airy space, in addition to being practical.

    View in gallerySuper ornate and detailed designs this one are not for everyone but they can definitely make a statementView in galleryYou can match the design of your dressing table or mirror to that of the headboardView in galleryUsually, dressing tables are placed in bedrooms although another nice place for them in the bathroomView in galleryComplement a small table with a large mirror to compensate for a small roomView in galleryPick a table that matches the style of the room in order to maintain a cohesive lookView in galleryThe curved edges give the vanity a feminine and delicate allureView in galleryWith storage drawers on the sides, the center remains free of clutterView in galleryA simple or minimalist table can be complemented by a cool-looking chairView in gallerySome designs are practical and others are more focused on looks. A combination between the two is often preferredView in galleryHidden storage compartments are always fun and practicalView in galleryMatching sets of tables and chairs are an elegant option but they don’t always suit the decorView in galleryMount the table on the wall to create the impression of a more open and spacious roomView in galleryAlthough a bit unconventional, an oversized mirror can turn out to be a practical match for a dressing tableView in galleryThis mirror design is another intriguing idea which can be adapted to a variety of spaces and stylesView in galleryThe thin legs give the table a really delicate and sleek look, in contrast with the robust topView in galleryWhile the table can be moved around, the mirror is fixed to the wall in this caseView in galleryThere’s a really nice connection between the stool and the mirror, completed by the table’s curved edgesView in galleryAlthough small, this table doesn’t really lack storage or style

    Fun fact: dressing tables aren’t just for women. There’s also an equivalent for men, although it’s not a table but rather a cabinet with drawers and a mirror. Since men stand when they shave, these cabinets are not accompanied by chairs and they can be mounted on the wall. These vanities are something you can add to your bathroom as an alternative to the usual medicine cabinet.


    Source: https://www.homedit.com/dressing-table/

    Dressing Table Ideas – How To Decorate And Style A Vanity Table

    10 Cool Dressing Table Designs

    A dressing table should serve its purpose functionally and aesthetically to fit in with your wider bedroom scheme. It's where we spend a lot of time – either styling our hair, putting on makeup, or getting ready for work – and is an integral part of our morning routine.

    But a vanity table can easily become neglected with tangled up jewellery on the side and toiletries that should be left in the bathroom – hands up if you're guilty! Having an unruly dressing table can make your bedroom look chaotic and unattractive, but to help you transform your space, we've compiled the best dressing table ideas, with some styling tips and tricks from interior designer Vanessa Arbuthnott, to help you make a dresser a luxurious part of any bedroom.

    1. Focal point

    Your dressing table needs something large on the wall to provide a visual balance. 'If your dresser is underneath a window then nothing is needed but if not, you could hang a large mirror, this will also make your bedroom look bigger,' explains Vanessa.

    You could also hang a single piece of artwork or a collection of smaller pictures, which will make your dressing room look chic and add depth. Vanessa suggests hanging your focal point at least half the width of the top of the dresser but not wider than the dresser.

    2. Tall accessories

    You should add something tall to stand next to your hanging mirror or artwork, which will really help to zone your space. Vanessa explains: 'A second lamp would work well, if your bedroom already has a bedside lamp you should go for a tall houseplant or a tall pillar candle. This adds character to your dresser and creates a balance with your focal point.'

    We'd also recommend a tall, narrow vase. Go bold for a pop of colour and place a single stem inside (faux flowers would work well in this setting) for a chic dressing table top.

    Metallic touch

    Colour pop

    Marble effect


    Elegant glass

    3. Use trays

    What's the best way to keep everything organised on a dressing table? Keep them in order by using a tray. Aim to have a different tray for makeup and for jewellery, so instead of having everything tangled up in drawers, you can find everything when you need to. If not a tray, then a jewellery box with different compartments is ideal.

    If you have a small dressing table, a good idea is to choose one with plenty of drawer space and buy drawer dividers – you can either make your own or buy them online, take a look at John Lewis and Amazon. You will feel satisfied when you see everything neat in order!



    Chic metallic

    Luxe velvet


    4. Lighting

    Lighting is very important, if not the most important element when it comes to any space in the home.

    If you want to full-on luxury, a Hollywood style mirror will allow you to get ready with perfect lighting, and add a touch of glam to your space.

    'If you wish to add some atmosphere, then go for mood lighting hung above your ceiling, this will save surface space for more items on your dresser,' Vanessa suggests.

    Wide application

    Wall mountable




    5) Chair sizes

    'The chair for your dresser is important – choose one which has texture and colour, so it stands out in the bedroom,' says Vanessa.

    'You can even add a different texture such as faux fur to your current chair, so you feel warm whilst you’re getting ready.

    Make sure your chair isn’t too big for your dressing table and room, as it will make it look chaotic and cluttered.'

    An alternative to a chair? A stool. While you won't have back support, it will easily slot under your dressing table, so great for saving space. For ultimate luxe appeal, choose a velvet stool.

    6) No space

    If you've got a small bedroom, fear not, there are still clever ways you can have a dresser of your own. There are plenty of small dressing tables on the market, and we're particular fond of this nifty House by John Lewis Bow Dressing Table, and this Argos Home Wilderness Dressing Table & Stool, which is perfect for compact spaces.

    Of course, you can also double up on furniture, if, for example, you have a study desk. You can also maximise every corner, nook and cranny. Why not invest in a corner storage unit and turn it into a makeshift dressing table, this fully mirrored and bevelled shelf from MY Furniture which features a spacious drawer and a hidden handle underneath.

    7) Get creative with colours

    We're never ones to shy away from a pop of colour, and especially in a neutral or pared back bedroom, a colourful vanity table will bring some character to your space.

    'Bold use of colour is fun when it comes to your dresser and if you’re getting ready for your night out, it will get you into the mood,' says Vanessa.

    'You can also upcycle a vintage table and cover it with paint to get a cost-effective result.'

    8) Inspiration

    Your dresser can still be stylish and personal to you, in fact, as it's your personal space, it should describe everything about you. 'You can fill your table with things that make you happy – photo frames, candles, mirrors and memorabilia. Keeping a few books and magazines close means you will always have inspiration on hand,' Vanessa explains.

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    Source: https://www.housebeautiful.com/uk/decorate/bedroom/a31341419/dressing-table-ideas/

    Dressing room ideas

    10 Cool Dressing Table Designs

    If you're looking for dressing room ideas to turn a box room, a large cupboard or even a corner of your bedroom into the walk-in wardrobe of your dreams, you're in the right place.

    We get it, dressing rooms and walk in wardrobes are top of our lists in terms of things we would love to add to our houses (insert Carrie Bradshaw reference).

    But they have more to them than just being a place to store your Milano Blahniks (ha, dream on), they can actually add value to your home. 

    As well as making a luxurious addition to your bedroom, dressing rooms offer a number of practical advantages: it will help de-clutter your bedroom by providing extra bedroom storage; your clothes will look better and last longer; and storing your clothes away from where you sleep will contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment. Follow our complete guide to creating a dressing room and enjoy a serene and stylish bedroom…

    Designing a bedroom completely from scratch? Go and have a read of out guide to designing a bedroom too. 

    1. Where to put your dressing room or walk-in wardrobe?

    (Image credit: Ikea)

    If you're lucky enough to have a box room next to or near to your master bedroom, this is the perfect place to site your dressing room – and it can stay separate from your bedroom, saving you the cost of knocking through.

    If you're planning a major renovation anyway, blocking up the door between the box room and the hallway and opening up the wall between the box room and your bedroom will give your space more of a master suite feel.

    In both cases, lining the walls of this set-up with clothes storage and perhaps room for a dressing table, with a bench for seating or extra storage in the centre of the room is the best use of space. See our pick of the best dressing tables if you want to upgrade from just using the top of your chest of drawers to do you makeup. 

    No room for a separate dressing room? You can recreate the feel of a dressing room or walk-in wardrobe on a long run of wall or large alcove in your bedroom. Use wardrobes or a stud partition wall behind the bed to make a dressing area that feels a separate space – just ensure the lighting is adequate. You can also use a curtain to create the illusion of a separate space.

    2. Assess your dressing room storage needs

    (Image credit: Ikea)

    Carefully assess your clothes storage needs and preferences. Do you prefer to hang or fold the majority of your garments? How much rail vs drawer vs shelf space will you need? Factor in shoe storage, handbags, swimwear and accessories, as these smaller items are often the most challenging to store neatly. Don't forget makeup storage and jewellery storage, too.

    Shelves instead of drawers for your jumpers and jeans are a good dressing room idea, using dividers and designated compartments to keep your clothes in a neat pile.

    Hanging space is a must, but make sure you have enough room for full-length garments as well as shorter ones, and double your clothes storage by incorporating shorter hanging if you only need to hang trousers or skirts.

    Hangers or slide-out fixings? A combination of both is good.

    3. Choose between fitted or freestanding dressing room furniture 

    (Image credit: Douglas Gibb)

    Fitted or freestanding dressing room furniture? Fitted options are more expensive than off-the-shelf wardrobes, but have the advantage of being fully customisable to your space, increasing your storage by, on average, 30 per cent, and therefore freeing up more floor space. 

    Remember, too, that a fitted walk-in wardrobe is a selling point that, if done well, adds value to your home.

    When it comes to choosing your dressing room storage furniture, have a combination of types, but be mindful that drawers cost more than shelves or hanging space. If you are on a budget, use shelves and storage boxes in place of drawers. Also, choose an affordable, good quality carcass for your wardrobe and dress it up with investment doors, handles and soft-close hinges.

    4. Renovating an awkward room? Opt for fitted furniture

    (Image credit: MOlteni & C)

    As we've said, custom-made piece of furniture can be tailored to your needs and work harder – ultimately allowing you to make the best use of every inch of available space.

    For example, built-in drawers and cupboards in a dressing room between the rafters is a fantastic use of an attic area, as it does not eat into the floor space, so will make a room feel bigger.

    Corner spaces also yield readily to bespoke solutions – think plenty of shelving and drawers. 

    On a budget? You can recreate a fitted feel with careful measuring and buying from storage specialists, such as Ikea.

    5. Small dressing room? Choose multi-functional furniture 

    (Image credit: Ikea)

    After dressing room ideas but you are working with a small space? Opt for multi functional furniture. An ottoman that can be used as a seat, a mirror that has drawers underneath, a dressing table with shelves you get the idea.

    Using multi-functional furniture means that can you can squeeze a dressing room into even the smallest of spaces.

    That unused alcove? That odd space under a sloping ceiling? These kinds of neglected space could be transformed with the help of some compact, multi-functional pieces of furniture.  

    One of our fave pieces is the Brimnes dressing table from Ikea. It has two really deep drawers for storage and a hinged lid that opens up into a mirror so you get, dressing table, storage and mirror all in one. Plus it's diddy so you won't need too much room.

    6. Think you have no room for a dressing room? Use an alcove

    (Image credit: Future/Rachael Smith)

    Get creative in where you could put a 'dressing room' in your bedroom.

    Even if you don't have an a-joining room to turn into a wardrobe if you've got an alcove or a long run of wall, fixing clothes rails and shelving, then hiding them behind curtains that match your scheme is an affordable way to create a walk-in wardrobe effect. Ideal if you're renting! Find more clever ways to use an alcove in our design gallery.

    7. Use a room divider to create a dressing area

    (Image credit: Ikea)

    Even if you don't have a walk-in wardrobe, you could pinch this dressing room idea and create the look by using a wardrobe (or a floor-to-ceiling storage system) as a room divider. This will work if you want to use part of your bedroom as a home office, too. 

    8. Include some open storage in your dressing room 

    (Image credit: Elfa)

    An open display cabinet is perfect for showcasing treasured belongings, and will also allow easy access. Mix and match open and closed storage options to combine ease of access with tidiness.

    Foldable items and shoes do best on display, while smaller items, such as belts, scarves and underwear, can be put away in container storage (oh loook, we have a buying guide for that! See of pick of the best storage containers).

    9. Position seating and dressing table strategically

    (Image credit: Katie Lee)

    You’ll need a place to sit: somewhere to try on shoes, sort out socks or simply relax. An ottoman with concealed storage under a window or placed in the centre of a dressing room is a great dressing room idea as it adds grandeur to a space. Check out our pick of the best ottomans for your dressing room. 

    10. And make sure you pick the perfect dressing table

    (Image credit: Neptune)

    Choosing the right dressing table is very important for creating a beautiful dressing area. Make sure that the dressing table matches the rest of your bedroom furniture and then go to town with accessories that fit your vibe. 

    If you can, place your dressing table somewhere that gets plenty of natural light to avoid the whole clown blusher situation that seems to often happen when you get read in dim lighting. 

    11. Use mirrored doors to make a dressing room feel bigger 

    (Image credit: Future/Peter Landers)

    If you are cramming a small space with storage, you need to prevent it from feeling enclosed. Wardrobes that reach all the way to the ceiling will maximise your storage, but will make the room feel smaller. You can combat that with mirrored doors on wardrobes, or furniture in light-enhancing colours and high gloss finishes. 

    (Image credit: Spaceslide)

    Get inspired by this dressing room idea and section off part of the bedroom or build a walk-in wardrobe in an adjoining room, using sliding doors for division and to keep dust away. A mirrored door not only has the obvious practical use, but will also create the optical illusion of even more space.

    13. Create a practical lighting dressing room lighting scheme 

    (Image credit: Rack Buddy)

    Lighting is key in your dressing room – thinking your lighting scheme through carefully will enable you to make the most of the space. Where possible, try to locate your dressing table in front of a natural light source.

    If this isn’t possible, make sure you add some spot lighting, even if the room is small.

    Aim for the magic number of at least five light sources, not only for practicality and visibility, but to create atmosphere and spotlight accents.

    Don’t forget the sockets – the last thing you need is to create your perfect dressing area and then have to stand on the other side of the room to dry your hair. Look at how to plan bedroom lighting to get started – many of the principles are the same.

    14. Take Marie Kondo's approach to storing clothes well in your dressing room 

    (Image credit: Ikea)

    There's no denying that the craze for tidying, started by Marie Kondo, reaches its peak in the bedroom, with her KonMari method for folding clothes, a genius way to make each item of clothing accessible and neat.

    The basic premise is to fold items so that they stand up rather than stack one on top of the other in drawers and in clothes storage boxes, making them visible from above. Use our step-by-step guide to find out how.

    15. Use clothes as a feature in your dressing room 

    (Image credit: Etsy)

    If your clothes are just too pretty to fold away, consider this dressing room idea and  use them as a focal point. Choose a colour scheme and pick out a few different pieces to hang on a clothes rack.

    When we say clothes rack we obviously mean a nice, aesthetically pleasing clothes rack (which apparently do exist now).

    We love this simple birch branch from Etsy  but if you are a budget the Turbo rack from Ikea is simple and chic. 

    16. Choose sliding doors to save space

    This dressing room by Hammonds has a large window for natural light, but spotlights, a desk lamp and a well-lit mirror create perfect task lighting

    If space is tight, sliding doors are the way to go. Why? They save on the floorspace you need to leave clear to swing the doors open. Paint them a soft colour to merge with the walls to make the space feel larger – or go with mirrored doors to make the space feel larger.

    17. Add smart lighting to your walk in wardrobe

    (Image credit: Molteni & C)

    Installing lighting into a wardrobe, whether walk-in or not, allows you to not only see what is where – and whether colours match well – they also make a feature of the wardrobe.

    You could take the route above, with Molteni & C's glass doors and interior lighting used to show off the wardrobe's interior.

    Or – more ly – you could install easy smart lighting (Ikea's is operated by a hub and can be easily fixed in place) or even a stick-on, battery-operated, motion detector light that comes on automatically when you open the door. This one from Amazon is a good find.

    18. DIY a walk-in wardrobe in a small bedroom

    (Image credit: Ikea/Johan Månsson)

    Always dreamt of a walk in wardrobe? Oh, hasn't everyone.

    While we could waffle on in Carrie Bradshaw references for a paragraph or two, let's just cut straight to it – you can have a walk in wardrobe (of sorts), no matter how small your bedroom, with this amazing IKEA hack.

    This ingenious idea is just about being really clever with your space, buying the right storage and then covering it all over with a super cute curtain. 

    Find out how to recreate the look over in our step-by step guide.

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    51 Makeup Vanity Tables To Organize Your Makeup Collection

    10 Cool Dressing Table Designs

    Anyone who says diamonds are a girl’s best friend clearly hasn’t tried to come between a beauty queen and her makeup vanity. Woman that have them love them and woman that don’t, well, this is the collection for you. The perfect way to step up your beauty routine.

    With many featuring multiple compartments for organization, you can say goodbye to the dreaded dig into the unknown depths of your makeup bag.

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the chicest vanity table of them all? The sleek minimalist? The organizational master? The hot pink beauty? We have our opinion and we certainly know you will have yours!

    Vanity Table With Mirror Cabinet: Jewelry lovers rejoice! This makeup vanity is calling your name. With multiple storage compartments that include exclusive places to organize and showcase your jewelry. Mismatched earrings and tangled chains are a problem of the past.
    Small Vanity Table And Stool Set: Clean, simple, and stylish. This small vanity table is the perfect fit for tight spaces. It looks great at center stage on a wall or tucked into a corner. Stool included.
    Modern White Lift Top Vanity Table: If you hate cleaning up all your products after your morning routine, then this is the vanity table for you. Simply just flip up the side panel and flop down the vanity top. Voila! Your mess is concealed and everything will be exactly where you left it the next day.
    Modern Lift Top Vanity Table: Another great lift top makeup vanity, but this one comes sporting a rich brown tone and a lower price tag. Love the lower price tag, but not the color? Don’t worry, this model is also available in white.
    Vanity Table Set With 3 Pane Mirror: A more traditional style vanity that will help you look great from every angle. With a 3 pane mirror you can catch a glimpse of all your fabulousness left, right, and center. Includes 4 drawers and a bench.
    Traditional Vanity Table With Adjustable Mirror: A satiny silver finish sets this traditional style vanity apart from the crowd. It features an adjustable mirror and 5 drawers that are perfect to store everything from your eyeliner to elastics.
    Grey Vanity Table Set: A grey vanity table that is elegant and sleek with its rounded silhouette and cabriole legs. A glamorous piece that is both stunning and functional.
    7 Drawer Dressing Table With Triple Mirrors: 3 mirrors to catch every angle of the makeup action, 7 drawers to keep everything neat and tidy, and multiple floral embellishments. This dream vanity for the traditionalist soul is also available in black.
    Makeup Vanity Table With Huge Storage: Squirrel away your beauty supplies without sacrificing too much room. This mini vanity table may be small in size, but it still provides ample storage space with its 4 compartments.
    Black Vanity Table With Lighted Mirror: Light, camera, action! Always be ready for your close up with a makeup vanity that has a lighted mirror. Fit with daylight bulbs to see how your makeup will look in even the harshest of lights.
    Ikea Malm Minimalist Dressing Table: This dressing table is an affordable, minimalist treat. It has a large drawer for all your storage needs. Fit it with a mirror— above—and you have a sleek makeup vanity.
    Modern Rounded Rectangular Multi-functional Vanity Table: A multi functional vanity table after an apartment dwellers heart. This modern, rectangular vanity table features a pop up mirror, an easy to clean lacquered top, and a storage drawer. Use it as a makeup vanity or use it as a desk, it will always look super stylish!
    Big Vanity Desk With Drawers: Big and bold, this makeup vanity takes on a more traditional silhouette with its large shape that features 7 drawers. Finished in a metallic platinum for an extra burst of glamour.
    Distressed Look Vanity Table: This rustic vanity table looks extra edgy with its distressed finish. A great choice for a farmhouse or anyone that is looking to embody decor with a vintage vibe.
    Antique Style Vanity Table: A new vanity with a whole lot of antiquated charm. This luxury makeup vanity is crafted from a variety of wood, including birch, cherry, walnut, elm, and maple.
    Ornate Victorian Style Vanity Table: Treat yourself a queen with this Victorian style makeup vanity. The ornate scrolls, rich gold color, and plush chair practically scream luxury and class. Also available in a cherry finish for a more traditional look.
    Mirrored Vanity Table: Every vanity needs a good mirror, but this one takes it to the extreme with a fully mirrored exterior. A high shine option that is wonderfully modern and fun.
    Small Wall Mount Vanity Table With Lift Top Mirror: Short on space? A wall mounted vanity could be the perfect solution! With a wall mount you don’t have to worry about taking up any precious floor space. Plus, keeping your vanity off the floor can help small rooms feel less cluttered.
    Floating Vanity Table: A simplistic, floating vanity table that can also be used as a desk. This model even features cable and wire management. No more tangled appliance cords!
    Minimalist Oak Finish Vanity Table: If bells and whistles aren’t for you, then this minimalist oak vanity is perfect. Its streamlined, single drawer design gets the job done with no muss or fuss.
    Sculptural Vanity Table: The ofeat appeal of this sculptural vanity table is immediately apparent with its unique leg configuration and simple wooden top. A great piece for your bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet, or entrance.
    Corner Vanity Table: Nobody puts vanity in the corner! Okay, so maybe this one time. This high shine vanity tucks effortlessly into any corner to create a stylish and modern makeup station that will appeal to all ages.
    Tall Corner Vanity Table: A corner vanity made with limited space in mind. For those that think they have no room for a makeup table, they clearly haven’t seen this compact treat. Equipped with an abundance of storage and a lighted mirror, it has everything a beauty queen needs.
    Small Vanity Table With Wheels: Bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, wherever you to do you makeup, this vanity table is up for the task. Its wheeled design makes it easy to effortlessly roll this small vanity from one room to the next. You can even store it in a closet when it’s not in use. Also available in blue.
    Pink Vanity Table: Pretty in pink and undeniably feminine, this vanity table is a must for any princess. Love the design, but not the color? It is also available in a dark brown finish.
    Children’s Vanity Table: Pink giraffe patterns make everything more fabulous, including this pink and white children’s vanity table. Also available in zebra, leopard, and tropical.
    Little Girl’s Fantasy Vanity Set: Because every little girl wants to be just Mommy. This kid’s vanity includes a stool, shatterproof mirror, lights, and a 3 piece accessory set (hand mirror, brush, and comb).
    Metal And Glass Vanity Table Set: Metal and glass prove to be quite the dynamic duo on this affordable makeup vanity. Double shelved to provide you with extra storage space.
    Art Deco Style Vanity Table Set: With its arched silhouette, this vanity table is brimming with Art Deco charm. It is crafted with metal and features two shelves for your storage needs.
    Ornate Vanity Table: A luxurious and classic design with ornate scrolls that stretch from the mirror frame to the legs. This makeup vanity is available in espresso, rose gold, and white.
    Affordable Luxury Look Vanity Table & Chair: A vanity with a luxury look that is easy on the wallet? Now that’s our kind of vanity! The open metal framework of this makeup table is sure to help it get noticed in any room. If you are looking for a piece that makes a statement, then this is a fabulous choice.
    Luxury Vanity Table: Feel a movie star everyday with this luxury vanity table. Although the delicious looking latte and croissants aren’t included, this makeup table does boast a mirror, seat, and thoughtfully divided drawers.
    Luxury Dressing Table With Lots Of Storage: The ultimate storage solution for all you makeup hoarders lovers out there! Never dig through a giant makeup bag again in search of a certain lipstick or eyeliner. With this luxury dressing table, you can have everything organized and perfectly laid out in no time.
    Modern Luxury Vanity Table Set: If you love the idea of our mega storage vanity, but not so much the price tag then this is the perfect vanity table for you. This vanity table has all the luxury of the last, but at less than half the price. Plus, you get a bigger mirror!
    Hollywood Style Luxury Dressing Table: Drawers galore! Just one of the wonderful features of this Hollywood dressing table. This black beauty also boasts having a gator style finish, lighted mirror, and a luxury leather bench.
    Luxury Beige Makeup Vanity Table: A unique design is balanced by a neutral beige to create a luxury vanity table that is chic and elegant. Complete with 3 drawers, a wall mounted mirror, and a half moon bench.
    Luxury Writing / Vanity Table: Vanity by morning, writing table by night, this luxury, multi functional table is quite the treat. With detachable side drawers and a bench that tucks in flush, this vanity is highly unique. Available in a glossy or matte finish.
    Luxury Double Vanity Table With High Back Seats: Because two is better than one! This double makeup vanity comes equipped with two plush high back chairs, thoughtfully divided drawers, and two lighted mirror. It doesn’t get much more luxurious than this.

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