10 Awesome DIY Wood Nightstands

  1. 33 Simply Brilliant Cheap DIY Nightstand Ideas | Homesthetics – Inspiring ideas for your home
  2. 1. transform a simple table with a wooden top
  3. 2. up-cycle wooden beams into epic diy wooden nightstands
  4. 3. build a nightstand full of drawers
  5. 4. use an Expedit IKEA shelf as an epic nightstand
  6. 5. stack wooden crates verticaly into an epic display
  7. 7. floating diy nightstand with teal color accents
  8. 8. tailor a diy nightstand with salvaged wood
  9. 9. nightstand shaped around a brilliant piece of wood
  10. 10. plywood and hairpin legs nightstand
  11. 11. plant a wooden crate on hairpin legs
  12. 12. Simple elements can bring color and pattern
  13. 13. create an nightstand with wood and pipes
  14. 14. Design Brilliance – X DIY Nightstand
  15. 15. two wooden boxes shaping a rustic nightstand
  16. 17. teal rebuilding a nightstand
  17. 19. custom stenciling and color
  18. 22. white withered wooden boxes
  19. 23. use a small ikea ladder as a nightstand
  20. 24. build a mid-century nightstand
  21. 25. nestle a coral and gold nightstand in your decor
  22. 26. create a petite rustic nightstand
  23. 27. coral nightstand nestling intricate textures
  24. 30. create a cool petite floating nightstand
  25. 31. create brilliant pallet wood nightstand
  26. 32. build a diy suitcase side table
  27. 33. simple CINDER-BLOCK nightstand
  28. 10 Awesome DIY Platform Bed Designs
  29. How To Build DIY Nightstand Bedside Tables
  30. 15 Easy Nightstand Ideas – DIY Night Stand Plans and Inspiration
  31. 100 Functional DIY Nightstand Builds to Instantly Impress your Guests
  32. 1. Mid-century
  33. 2. Concrete Walnut
  34. 3. Simple and Square
  35. 4. Wire Basket
  36. 5. Exotic Red
  37. 6. Small X
  38. 7. Barstool
  39. 8. Bun Feet
  40. 9. Bent Plywood
  41. 10. Sliding Barn Door
  42. 11. Vintage Suitcases
  43. 12. Floating
  44. 13. Simply Nice
  45. 14. Scrap Wood Slices
  46. 15. Criss Cross
  47. 16. Hanging Sliced Wood
  48. 17. Retro
  49. 18. Floating Rustic
  50. 19. Cheese Box
  51. 20. Industrial Rustic
  52. 21. Soft and Pretty
  53. 22. Suitcase
  54. 23. Pallet
  55. 24. Pottery Barn Inspired
  56. 25. Robot Lego
  57. 15 Lovely DIY Night Stands
  58. 1. Floating night stand
  59. 2. Sitting cubby night stand form an IKEA Kallax shelf
  60. 3. Small DIY X-end night table
  61. 4. Rustic square bedside table
  62. 5. Simple midcentury night stand from a set of shelves
  63. 6. DIY suitcase night table
  64. 7. Wood and basket night stand with bun feet
  65. 8. IKEA step stool as a kids’ night stand
  66. 9. Urban Outfitters knockoff hanging wooden night stand
  67. 10. Midcentury hairpin leg and singular crate night stand
  68. 11. Minimalist box with plated feet night table
  69. 12. stacked crate nightstand
  70. 13. Antique nightstand revamping project
  71. 14. paint and wallpaper night stand project
  72. 15. Circular floating wooden night stand
  73. 10 Brilliant DIY Nightstand Projects For Your Household
  74. Bold Wooden Beams Nightstands
  75. Transform Ikea EXPEDIT with Glamour
  76. Nestle the Modern Floating , Invite Color
  77. Support the Rustic`s Coziness With a Modern Look
  78. Black and White Stripe Revamp
  79. Up-cycle Wooden Crates Into a Nightstand
  80. Change Elements to Your Advantage
  81. Design a Floating Nightstand
  82. Coziness Shaped by Pallet Woods
  83. The Heavy-Weight Contestant
  84. 10 Easy DIY Nightstands in Wood to Complete Your Bedroom
  85. Box-Style DIY Nightstands
  86. A Quick Bedroom Makeover!
  87. Rustic and Upcycled Charm
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33 Simply Brilliant Cheap DIY Nightstand Ideas | Homesthetics – Inspiring ideas for your home

10 Awesome DIY Wood Nightstands

Disclaimer | This article may contain affiliate links, this means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases.

In our bedrooms, one element, often overlooked, stands by our side, ready to serve us by storing our favorite books, our alarm clock, our lamp, an epic piece that cannot be replaced: the nightstand.

 A selection of simply brilliant, cheap diy nightstand ideas has been curated to help us in this endeavor, a list that presents a slice of the do it yourself projects worthy of receiving attention; these vary from mid-century nightstand tutorials and modern floating decor pieces up to cozy brilliant wooden pallet nightstands.

Cast a glance at the gallery below and surge inspiration and choose the craft that will change your bedroom decor.

1. transform a simple table with a wooden top

Pallets can offer you the wood needed for the craft, a spectacular way to revamp an old side-table or a mass produced one that you can buy with little costs but you don`t actually fancy. The wooden texture bring coziness and warmth and in airy interiors, Scandinavian decor this is definitely a recipe for success.

via welivedhappilyeverafter.com

2. up-cycle wooden beams into epic diy wooden nightstands

The process itself is relatively simple if you are experienced with power tools yet the result is extraordinary rewardful, enough to invite a friend to help with the project, an exemplary nightstand will be born and a memorable experience between friends, forged.

via etsy.com

3. build a nightstand full of drawers

A simple item can greatly enhance the storage in your home and the chest- solution above is no exception. This shape can take any color, receive any finish you desire that might help you integrate it seamlessly into your decor.

via ana-white.com

4. use an Expedit IKEA shelf as an epic nightstand

A popular IKEA choice that can be transformed through the items planted in it. Combine silver and gold accents with warm textures wood and paper on a white or black background piece.

via theeverygirl.com

5. stack wooden crates verticaly into an epic display

The back and forth crates offer a space to place your watch and multiple shelves to store your nightstand book.

via alvhem.com

7. floating diy nightstand with teal color accents

A pretty brilliant craft with a complete tutorial that one ought to consider for a modern vibe in the household, the look is exemplary, the colors can be changed to match any design line and the floating nightstand emphasizing the feeling of space, by freeing floor space.

via paris-lareunion.blogspot.ro

8. tailor a diy nightstand with salvaged wood

The craft uses salvaged wood in a simple rectangular shape with inexpensive legs to form a modern nightstand.

via ceebeeandj.com

9. nightstand shaped around a brilliant piece of wood

If you are to find the right piece of wood in the recycling yard it is your responsibility to put it to good use, to bring that legendary texture forward. A simple open-shelve nightstand might be the answer.

via Pinterest

10. plywood and hairpin legs nightstand

The hairpin legs are known to be a blessing to most crafts as their look emphasizes the feeling of space a great deal, combine that with plywood in light tones and the airy ambiance will give the craft wings. Simple yet brilliant, very much appreciated in design.

via burkatron.com

11. plant a wooden crate on hairpin legs

One could use only two hairpin legs and mount the wooden crate on the wall properly or none at all to further emphasize the feeling of space

via dwellbeautiful.com

12. Simple elements can bring color and pattern

Mix and match colors and patterns to boost comfort and graphic aesthetics a.

Source Unknown

13. create an nightstand with wood and pipes

Use the industrial decor to your advantage through inexpensive means at the expense of a fun craft.

via The Golden Sycamore

14. Design Brilliance – X DIY Nightstand

Coziness and warmth in a powerful wooden texture combined with an impeccable stark white support. Brilliant design piece, easy to realize at home.

via My Daily Randomness

15. two wooden boxes shaping a rustic nightstand

The simplest diy nightstand in our guide probably, the craft presents two wooden boxes in a great shape on top of each other, coziness and warmth in a simple package.

via Simply Real Moms

A compact unit can shelter a great amount of storage, insanely simple craft that can contribute to a clutter free home a great deal.

via Shanty 2 Chic

17. teal rebuilding a nightstand

Powerful colors can be bold enough to change a setting. Pick up an old nightstand from the flea market and rebuild it with color; side-tables can be transformed with ease as well.

via Craft Habit

19. custom stenciling and color

Invite a new vibe in your decor; create custom stencils to feature the pattern of your choosing and match with bold colors. You are to tailor your own future, start with a furniture piece.

via Doodle Craft

22. white withered wooden boxes

Two cratescrates are enough to shape a nightstand. You can color them, leave them bare or create that withered look, a look very much appreciated by the DIY community.

via Learning Creating Living

23. use a small ikea ladder as a nightstand

Very simple, inexpensive and versatile, you can customize it a great deal it goes without saying that multi-purpose furniture pieces are a very good addition to any home.

via Everything Emily

24. build a mid-century nightstand

A guided tutorial is able to aid you in your endeavor, craft the perfect solution, shape your dream decor.

via Build Basic

25. nestle a coral and gold nightstand in your decor

Revamp timeless shapes with color, they`re able to rebuild your present beautifully.

via The Happy Housie

26. create a petite rustic nightstand

The full plans and tutorial will make this plan easy to realize and extraordinary fast to build. Shape your decor.

via Shanty 2 Chic

27. coral nightstand nestling intricate textures

A nightstand picked up for little to no costs that can be transformed inexpensively into a very powerful accent in your home.

via brepurposed

30. create a cool petite floating nightstand

A brilliant nightstand can be realized within minutes, a very simple, fresh look worth pursuing.

via Monsters Circus

31. create brilliant pallet wood nightstand

An experienced diy enthusiast that knows his power tools can create the craft with absolutely no costs and the result is extraordinary. Having crafter-friends might be considered a great asset from this point of view.

via Instructables

32. build a diy suitcase side table

The side-table can be built with any legs and thus the possibilities are endless. Get creative !

via The Weathered Door

33. simple CINDER-BLOCK nightstand

Three cinder-blocks properly cleaned can aid your decor in minutes. The storage, shelving options are built in and the exposed concrete can look interesting. Simple and efficient way to intervene in your decor.

Source Unknown

The nightstand is very important even though it is often overlooked, one should ensure that this item resides in the bedroom as it can be “built” with absolutely no costs. Shape your home beautifully, forge the epic nightstand that will literally be by your side for hours and hours.

What do you think?

We would love to hear your opinion on the subject in the comment section below.

Source: https://homesthetics.net/simply-brilliant-cheap-diy-nightstand-ideas/

10 Awesome DIY Platform Bed Designs

10 Awesome DIY Wood Nightstands

A platform bed sounds even better with storage options for blankets, books and other accessories. Check out this DIY platform bed with storage cubbyholes. This DIY tall platform bed is a fairly complicated project, so note that it will take some time and a circular saw.

Photo: Courtesy of Lowes

Looking for a small bed project fit for a toddler or two? These plans show you how to construct simple toddler DIY platform bed frames that are padded with fabric for extra protection and ideal for a small kid’s room. The fabric padding takes a little extra time, but otherwise this is an easy DIY bed frame make.

Photo: Courtesy of Design Mom

Do you want a classic DIY simple wood bed frame platform bed with sturdy legs and traditional slat mattress support? Try out this model, which has easy instructions and leaves plenty of room for choosing the type of wood and wood stain to match your bedroom.

Photo: Courtesy of Shanty-2-Chic

Not a fan of bed legs (tired of losing items underneath)? This beautiful platform DIY bed is made basic 2×6 lumber—and no bed legs, giving you a seamless look that combines rustic and modern styles.
Photo: Courtesy of Ana White

Looking for a high-rise DIY platform bed with simple slats that you can make in your yard over the weekend? This project will give you exactly what you are looking for if you want a simple queen bed frame with some extra height (maybe for more storage possibilities). Note that edges may need some extra framing or protection, depending on your setup.

Photo: Courtesy of Instructables

A DIY platform bed can also be made from reclaimed wood. It’s perfect if you have old floorboards (wider is better) or other boards that you would to put to good use.

Photo: Courtesy of Mr. Kate

Are you interested in an extra-sturdy DIY platform bed frame that can hold a lot of weight and last for years? Check out these plans: They require bolt-on wooden legs and add extra support around the frame for a DIY bed that will last. Plus, the estimated cost is around $30. Here are some ideas if you want to make a headboard.

Photo: Courtesy of The House of Wood

Crazy about pallets? This two-tiered pallet-based bed is one of 17 different styles in this collection. You may need to do a fair bit of restoration to get especially rough pallets into shape, but this is still one of the easiest projects, and comes with many variations including some with under-bed lights and storage.

Photo: Courtesy of Made 4 Decor

This very solid and beautiful bed frame is perfect for a farmhouse-style bedroom. It’s a great project for those who have some woodworking and assembly experience, and want a DIY platform bed frame that looks it came from an expensive furniture store. That means extra work and materials, but the result is well worth it!

Photo: Courtesy of A City Born Love

This floating bed has hidden legs that make the frame look it’s floating above the floor. It’s an astounding effect, easy to create, and ideal for modern bedrooms. This DIY bed frame also features a unique built-in nightstand/hidden storage cubby.

Photo: Courtesy of My DIY Home

Source: https://www.familyhandyman.com/bedroom/10-awesome-diy-platform-bed-designs/

How To Build DIY Nightstand Bedside Tables

10 Awesome DIY Wood Nightstands

Oh, hello, Alabama in July. Welcome to the burning lake of fire here on Earth. Right at this moment, I’ve got 5 separate box fans running on high in my garage as I work. They don’t really help with the heat, but they do keep the mosquitos from gaining traction on my skin, so there’s that.

Can I just tell you that the sweltering Southern heat is not for the faint of heart? Well, it’s not so much the heat, but the humidity. Seriously, I can’t walk from the front door to the mailbox without an oxygen tank. It sounds I’m complaining. Well, that’s because I am. Why can’t it be a breezy 72º all the time? You all know how 72 is my favorite degree.

My brother-in-law asked me to build him a pair of nightstands and a matching dresser. “Sure!” I said. “No big deal!” I said. That was before I realized that Alabama is a blazinginferno.

Note to self: build a climate-controlled workshop. Gotta get on that… as soon as we stop moving around, so… in about, say, 10 to 15 years when Adam retires from the Army.

Welp. Despite the heat, I built him these nightstands and drew up the design plans for you. I suffer for my loved ones. It’s my cross to bear. You’re welcome, Brother dear.

*This post contains affiliate links. To read my full disclosure policy, click here.

As usual, I started with my favorite plywood, Purebond Plywood. I chose the 3/4″ maple species.

First I built the carcass, using my Kreg Pocket Hole Jig. If you don’t already have one of these thingamajiggys, I highly recommend you get one. I rarely build anything without it. Here’s a great video tutorial on how to use it, from my beautiful and fiercely talented friend, Jenn from Build-Basic.

Next, I glued and nailed the trim pieces to the side panels.

Then it was time to build the drawer. Again, I used pocket hole joinery to construct the box. I also drilled 3/4″ pocket holes into the sides of the drawer, facing forward, to attach the drawer face in later steps.

I installed the metal drawer slides according to the manufacturer’s directions, and slid the drawer into place.

I chose these soft-closing ball bearing drawer slides. I prefer these heavier duty slides to the cheaper, flimsy white ones. They do cost a bit more, but the added strength and durability are worth the cost in my opinion. They’re full extension slides and that soft-closing feature is so fancy!

Then I attached the drawer faces, a back panel to the back of the nightstands, and finally, added these bun feet that I got from Osborne Wood. I left the bottom part of the backs open because my brother-in-law has a couple of vents where these nightstands will go.

Here’s how they turned out:

Once I’m done building his matching dresser, I’ll stain and finish all three pieces together. Stay tuned for the matching dresser plans!

*Update: Here’s part one of the matching dresser tutorial. And here’s the complete set:

Thanks for reading, friends. If you’d to pin and share this project, I will love you forever. Just use the image below and pin to your heart’s desire! Also, join me on Instagram, where I share sneak peeks of upcoming projects.

Want to see other DIY nightstand plans?

Source: https://jenwoodhouse.com/diy-nightstand/

15 Easy Nightstand Ideas – DIY Night Stand Plans and Inspiration

10 Awesome DIY Wood Nightstands

The House of Wood

Sometimes all it takes for a bedroom to go from “blah” to “beautiful” is one simple, striking piece of furniture, particularly when it's reimagined in an interesting way. And in our opinion, the humble nightstand is the perfect candidate for the job.

It's easy enough to DIY—in fact, many of the free building plans in the following slides can be completed in just one weekend—but if you choose to go the store-bought route, you'll find there are plenty of inexpensive alternatives to traditional nightstands available online too.

Patio furniture, classic wooden stools, stepladders, and even resurfaced tree stumps can all settle into a happy second life as a nightstand, just as long as they're repurposed thoughtfully.

Whether you're looking for extra storage space, a nifty, Pinterest-approved charging station, or you just want to give your bedroom a quick refresh, we're sure you'll see something here that fits the bill.

1 of 15

Pallet Nightstand

Believe it or not, the total cost of two of these pallet night stands came to just $12 (and the plans are free!). We love the pairing of the soft white hue with natural wood.

Get the tutorial at We Lived Happily Ever After.

2 of 15

Rustic Step Ladder Nightstand

aDashofDaisy etsy.com


No tools needed for this rustic-looking, wooden stepladder, which can double as a night stand. It'll still beautify your bedroom, and true DIY enthusiasts can rest easy knowing that it is, in fact, handmade in Summerville, South Carolina.

3 of 15

Hidden Compartment Nightstand

This is a relatively easy woodworking project for any beginner, and the gorgeous final product features both a hidden compartment and drawer. We love the ample space in the bottom shelf—perfect for housing and showcasing your favorite decor finds.

Get the tutorial at Anika's DIY Life.

4 of 15

Rustic Stool Nightstand

Dixie Seating Co. fave.co


With just enough room for the things that matter (a few good books, a small potted plant, your phone), this stool is the ultimate creative solution for any platform bed in need of a nightstand. If your bed's a little too tall, you can always opt for a higher height.

5 of 15

Industrial Pipe Shelf Nightstand

These easy, industrial-inspired shelves are intended for use in a bathroom, but we see no reason why they couldn't work as a floating nightstand too.

Get the tutorial at House of Hawthornes.

6 of 15

Tree Stump Nightstand

BertuHome etsy.com


If the store-bought options aren't doing it for you and you're a little too swamped for a DIY, these locally-sourced, red cedar stump tables might be an excellent alternative. Handmade in Ohio, they boast a variety of sleek finishes and can function as nightstands, stools, coffee tables, and so much more.

7 of 15

DIY Charging Station and Pull-Out Writing Tray Nightstand

Weekend project goals! Not only does this nightstand DIY feature tons of storage space and a beautiful weathered gray stain, but it's also got a secret charging station in the top drawer and a pull-out writing tray.

Get the tutorial at The House of Wood.

8 of 15

Rustic Chipped Paint Nightstand

Some light sanding, an artfully (and intentionally!) chipped coat of green paint, and some snazzy new hardware was all it took to make this rustic-inspired nightstand come to life.

Get the tutorial at The Weathered Door.

9 of 15

Upcycled Suitcase Nightstand

With just a few mid century legs and some screws, Reeves of The Weathered Door was able to repurpose this vintage suitcase as a delightfully quirky nightstand.

Get the tutorial at The Weathered Door.

10 of 15

Garden Stool Nightstand

Beachcrest Home wayfair.com


Ceramic beauties this one were originally intended to be placed in gardens, but nowadays you'll often see them indoors, too. Their sophisticated geometry makes for a striking and unexpected nightstand addition to any bedroom (and they work beautifully as end tables, too). 

11 of 15

Simple White Nightstand

This minimalist wooden nightstand is the perfect solution for a smaller bedroom, but it doesn't skimp on storage or shelf space.

Get the tutorial at The Summery Umbrella.

12 of 15

Wooden Floating Nightstand

SawdustandSunburns etsy.com


The perfect solution for any cluttered space, this floating night stand is completely handmade and finished with a rich stain. You'll get nearly as much storage as you would with a typical nightstand, all without having to sacrifice precious floor space.

13 of 15

Tray Table Nightstand

Mercury Row wayfair.com


Modeled after a four-legged stool, this mid-century table features several delightful accents (color-blocked “feet” and a decorative raised rim). It's a fun, cheeky alternative to the typical nightstand designs out there.

14 of 15

Cheerful Yellow Nightstand

The fun color of this elegant, lattice nightstand is what first caught our eyes, and we're glad it did: Anika of Anika's DIY Life also supplies helpful, step-by-step building plans so you can make it yourself.

Get the tutorial at Anika's DIY Life.

15 of 15

Modern Geometric Nightstand

We're always down for an Ikea hack, and this one features a stunning, geometric design that's as simple to create as it is beautiful.

Get the tutorial at Anika's DIY Life.

15 DIY Desk Plans for Your Home Office

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Source: https://www.countryliving.com/diy-crafts/g27165168/easy-nightstand-ideas/

100 Functional DIY Nightstand Builds to Instantly Impress your Guests

10 Awesome DIY Wood Nightstands

Looking for a fun DIY project? Wanting to change up the look of your bedroom a little? Did you move and are lacking furniture? Or are you looking for a wow factor in your guest bedroom? If the answer is yes to any of the above, then you’re in the right place!

Making your own furniture can be extremely fulfilling and rewarding. However, designing your furniture can be challenging. Luckily, the internet has provided us with a lot of information and building plans so we can get right to the construction!

Below is a list of 100 tutorials and building plans for creating your very own nightstand! Or, even better, building one for your guest room, a friend, family member, or someone in need. Now all you have to do is choose one! Good luck!

1. Mid-century

An easy-to-make nightstand with that stunning ‘turn of the century look’ that’s so popular!

2. Concrete Walnut

A little bit more of an advanced project, but the instructions walk you through step-by-step, and you get to play with Lego!

3. Simple and Square

A simple and rustic nightstand that is perfect for newbie DIYers and can be built for under $25!

4. Wire Basket

This nightstand is way too easy to make, looks great, and is budget-friendly! Perfect!

5. Exotic Red

Ikea doesn’t always have what you’re looking for, so that’s why it’s still best to make it yourself!

6. Small X

This classy “small x” nightstand works wonderfully as an end table as well!

7. Barstool

Now here’s an easy transformation; from bar stool to nightstand in no time!

8. Bun Feet

A rustic and chic nightstand with little round bun feet for an extra special touch.

9. Bent Plywood

A little bit advanced, and requires some specific tools, but the result is definitely worth it if you put the effort in!

10. Sliding Barn Door

Such a great idea! A perfect way to have one messy part of your nightstand that you can hide.

11. Vintage Suitcases

This one doesn’t even need plans; it’s as simple as stacking your favorite vintage suitcases and voila!

12. Floating

So useful, so trendy, and just so easy! The cell phone holder is an extra special touch.

13. Simply Nice

Looking for something that’s easy and budget-friendly but still beautiful? Here you go!

14. Scrap Wood Slices

Spice up an old and boring nightstand with some pieces of scrap wood!

15. Criss Cross

This nightstand is super trendy, and the white criss-cross legs combine charmingly with the stained wood.

16. Hanging Sliced Wood

Super cute! Make use of that verticle space by hanging your nightstand.

17. Retro

Retro but still in style! A radical pattern on fabric for the drawer and some funky legs!

18. Floating Rustic

A floating nightstand build with small x’s that detail the sides to give a rustic feel.

19. Cheese Box

Yes! I love how clever this is! An old cheese box revamped into a stunning nightstand.

20. Industrial Rustic

I’m in love! This combination of a natural wood slice with an industrial pipe is excellent!

21. Soft and Pretty

This nightstand is fresh, pretty, and functional. A small drawer for hiding cables and electronics, and covered shelves.

22. Suitcase

Get that excellent vintage look by refurbishing an old suitcase! It also functions as extra storage!

23. Pallet

A lovely nightstand made scrap pallet wood and detailed with a small heart handle.

24. Pottery Barn Inspired

Can you believe this is a DIY project? Well, you better believe it! So start building!

25. Robot Lego

This project uses Lego to form a concrete mold and results by making this impressive robot nightstand.

Source: https://morningchores.com/diy-nightstand/

15 Lovely DIY Night Stands

10 Awesome DIY Wood Nightstands

When it comes to choosing new pieces of furniture, we’re not opposed to buying a piece pre-made from the store if we can find precisely what we need. Lately, however, we’ve been having a lot of trouble tracking down a night stand that really looks what we’re picturing in our heads, so we’ve taken to the internet to learn more because we think we’d rather make our own custom piece!

Just in case you love the idea of making your very own DIY night stand just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration and information.

1. Floating night stand

Are you actually the kind of person who loves a rustic chic aesthetic but you’re just not sure you have the floor space for some of the night stands you’ve found in stores in the style you’re looking for? Well, what if we told you that you could cut out the idea of standing floor space all together? Take a look at My Love 2 Create to see how this lovely wooden cubby style wall mounted night stand was made!

2. Sitting cubby night stand form an IKEA Kallax shelf

Sometimes the best way to get precisely what you’re looking for a in a piece of furniture without having to take on too hard a challenge building it from scratch when you’re not confident in woodworking is to “hack” a store bought piece by using it or putting it together a little differently than suggested! We love the way The Every Girl made themselves a cubby night stand by doing precisely that with a Kallax shelf from IKEA.

3. Small DIY X-end night table

Are you a huge fan of the idea of making a wooden piece in the sort of rustic or farmhouse style aesthetic that we showed you before, but you’d much rather build the whole stand than mount it directly on the wall? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at the way Shades of Blue Interiors made this lovely wooden X-frame table that could work as a night stand or a side table in the living room.

4. Rustic square bedside table

Just in case you’re still in love with the rustic wooden table idea but you’re looking for something a little simpler and more minimalist in its structure, here’s a fantastic design from Rogue Engineer that walks you step by step through the process of making a rustic square bedside table with nice, strong metal corner braces but no fancy features that make building it any harder.

5. Simple midcentury night stand from a set of shelves

Rather than going rustic with your style, would you actually prefer to make a night stand that looks a little more mid-century? We’ll admit that we’re kind of in love with the fact that mid-century styles those you might have seen in your grandparents’ home as a kid are coming back into fashion in new and contemporary ways. That’s why we loved the way Build Basic made this simple mid-century styled night stand from a section of old shelves!

6. DIY suitcase night table

Just in case you’re very intrigued indeed by the concept of making a night stand from repurposed materials but you’re also pretty set on choosing a very unique design that clearly looks upcycled as well, here’s a DIY night stand idea that’s perfect for those with wanderlust! Take a better look at this tutorial from The Weathered Door to see how this awesome night stand was made from a suitcase.

7. Wood and basket night stand with bun feet

Have you actually been looking around at local stores and thrift sales in search of something that’s a little more weathered and old fashioned looking than a lot of what you’ve seen so far, but that’s still isn’t quite as contemporary looking as the mid-century pieces we’ve shown you so far? Then we think perhaps you’ll adore the way Shanty 2 Chic outlines the process for making your own weathered wood and basket night stand. We love the way they added bun feet rather than metal ones for a homey touch!

8. IKEA step stool as a kids’ night stand

Did we actually really catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of making a new furniture piece something else store bought that you’re just putting together or using slightly differently? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Everything Emily made this fantastic kids’ height night stand a simple stepping stool, also from IKEA.

9. Urban Outfitters knockoff hanging wooden night stand

Have you ever seen a piece in a store that you really d but that you simply couldn’t justify the price of? Well, what if we told you that you could probably make it yourself for cheaper instead? That’s precisely what Gwyl did here by mimicking a fantastic wood and string hanging bedside table they originally saw in Urban Outfitters.

10. Midcentury hairpin leg and singular crate night stand

Just in case you’re still totally in love with the idea of making a mid-century piece but you’re just not sure you want something as wholly finished and store bought looking as the idea we showed you further back on our list (even though that piece was actually also homemade), here’s a slightly more clearly DIY alternative for your consideration! Burkatron guides you step by step through the process of making a mid-century night stand from a wooden create and hairpin legs.

11. Minimalist box with plated feet night table

If you’re going to make yourself a simple night stand, would you rather keep it quite simple not only because you’re new to the idea of building furniture from scratch, but also because you’re always really appreciated minimalist decor schemes? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Fall For DIY made this simply cubic cubby stand with nice plated feet for detail.

12. $15 stacked crate nightstand

Just in case you’re looking for something that’s rustic looking, clearly upcycled and homemade, and also incredibly simple to create, here’s a fantastic night stand tutorial from Simply Real Moms that’s perfect for create lovers! We have pieces made from crates all over our house, stacked and built in various ways, so it’s no surprise that this idea was right up our alley.

13. Antique nightstand revamping project

What if you’ve actually come across an old night stand already that you really enjoyed the shape and look of but that you can’t help thinking looks slightly outdated and would pop better with a bit of TLC? In that case, we think you should absolutely take a look at the way Sew Woodsy amped their vintage stand up a little with a fresh coat of mod looking paint in a bright colour.

14. $8 paint and wallpaper night stand project

Have we actually really caught your attention with all this talk of giving outdated pre-made pieces a makeover but you’ve got the kind of night stand with a cubby inside and you don’t want to leave that part plain if you’re jazzing up the rest of it? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how DIY Projects used not only bright paint but also wallpaper to transform their own!

15. Circular floating wooden night stand

Just in case you really fell in love with the idea of a floating night stand the Urban Outfitters one we showed you earlier but you can’t help feeling you’d prefer a look that’s slightly neater than their slatted wooden design, here’s a rounded version of the same idea! Monsters Circus walks you step by step through the process of making a flat circular night stand that’s quite modern looking indeed.

Have you made another kind of fantastic DIY night stand before that’s very unique indeed and that you were very happy with but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished project in the comments section!

Source: https://www.diys.com/lovely-diy-night-stands/

10 Brilliant DIY Nightstand Projects For Your Household

10 Awesome DIY Wood Nightstands

Step by step instructions on Instructables

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The nightstand is a piece of furnishing that should not overlooked in interior décor regardless of budget as one creative individual can embrace the high grade of personalization of a DIY projects to fit any design line, thousands of extraordinary DIY nightstand crafts now awaiting the enthusiast decorator.

One of the great advantages of nightstand is that thanks to their simplicity versatility can be embraced opening up the gates for a great array of materials and volumes. Small lists of brilliant options are showcasing variety and authenticity and at their best in the following rows, cast a glance and surge inspiration!

Bold Wooden Beams Nightstands

Image via etsy.com

The coziness and warmth of wood cannot be contested and transforming a old wooden beam into something that puts it physical capabilities to rest could be exemplary, it can now relate its story in a peaceful calm ambiance whilst greatly emphasizing the aesthetic values of your home.

Bold contrasts between iron and wood can be realized in both a noble and sober tone and a colorful, joyful one a, tailor your own solution for your own décor.

Transform Ikea EXPEDIT with Glamour

“Fine feathers make fine birds” is an extraordinary proverb, a really powerful one too.
Simplicity can be empowered with the right entourage, the context always manipulates the item and so a touch of glamour expressed with metal and glass can redefine the look, reinvent it towards the extraordinary.

The tinkering game is powerful with the right elements and throughout the home a repertoire can be re-arranged repeatedly to refresh the home.

Stark white, light and golden elements accompanied by lass are a recipe for success. To this greenery can have a great influence and so can a wicker recipient or pieces of lace. Find the sweet in the word balance.

Find out more at theeverygirl.com

Nestle the Modern Floating , Invite Color

Four pieces of natural wood can become your next nightstand, plywood can make do too but the key here is to make it all float through a couple of brackets.

In this craft special attention is required on the edges of the nightstand, these need to be perfect as they truly edge the space around it and the nightstand itself. The floating illusion emphasizes the feeling of space; in the example featured colors are adding influence to perspective becoming a focal point in an otherwise neutral ambiance.

Tutorial in full at paris-lareunion.blogspot.ro

Support the Rustic`s Coziness With a Modern Look

Design Envisisoned by My Daily Randomness

The rustic can be summoned in every setting through the wooden texture yet when it`s interpreted successfully as a whole it wins in contemporaneity and it thrives in a timeless manner. Notice how the sleek finish does not diminish the X-shape from a farm-house bench but reinvents it for the modern airy, impeccably balanced present.

In this setting imponderability is exemplified as well thank to the white overlap at the ground level, creating the illusion of suspension for upper, cozy, warm part.

Black and White Stripe Revamp

Find out more on See Kate Sew

Black and white is a combination powerful enough to create contrast, receive attention, evoke emotion and change scale.

It is neutral and it can be inexpensively be realized with tape both white on black and black and white. The simplest IKEA table or chair can be particularized with tape or washi tape. Choose the right scale and empower through pattern and texture.

Up-cycle Wooden Crates Into a Nightstand

Design by Learning Creating Living

Wooden crates can become many things but in two seconds, two pieces they can become one of the most practical nightstands that one could have.

The simple elements might be often overlooked but yet once used the wooden pattern will never remain unnoticed. Wood remains an unparalled material that ought to be nestled in all shapes possible in one`s interior.

You can choose to finish the piece through any means yet the whitened or bare look suits woods beautifully.

Change Elements to Your Advantage

Image Courtesy to Everything Emily

A versatile element is something else, it can be adapted by small spaces efficiently, they can encourage and sustain a clutter –free ambiance, and they can make our homes easier to live with.

The small ladder used by IKEA kitchen is a great example in this regard, it can be your side-table or nightstand every day and night and your small ladder only when you need it, making it`s existence highly justified by its practicality.

Design a Floating Nightstand

Epic Floating Design by Monsters Circus

A simple piece of plywood and some rope can become the ultimate nightstand. It occupies little space, it has that cool floating effect and it greatly emphasizes the feeling of space whilst being able to hold your book or mobile phone. Enjoy the whole, enjoy deign.

Coziness Shaped by Pallet Woods

Step by step instructions on Instructables

Wooden pallets are an infinite resource of quality wood that simply needs your attention to create extraordinary things, epic furnishing.

The tutorial that follows will help the individual create a sturdy, highly-practical nightstand built at home with memory in a package filled with coziness and warmth.

The Heavy-Weight Contestant

Via Pinterest.com

Two-three cinderblocks can be build your next nightstand in seconds, one that will never accidentally move yet one that can hold as many book as you need.

An industrial lamp can be inexpensively realized in a matter of minutes to beautifully complement the setting.

The collection portrayed different materials shaping different crafts on different difficulties levels, all ready to change interior decors.

What do you think? We would love to hear your opinion.

Source: https://www.architecturelab.net/10-brilliant-diy-nightstand-projects-household/

10 Easy DIY Nightstands in Wood to Complete Your Bedroom

10 Awesome DIY Wood Nightstands

No bedroom is ever truly complete without the right nightstand. No matter how modern and minimal your bedroom is, a nightstand always feels an absolute must. Apart from the visual symmetry that a pair of nightstands can bring to the bedroom, they are all about practicality and comfort.

The right nightstand makes your bedtime even cozier and everything from your smartphone and iPad to the alarm clock and your latest page-turner can simply be put away with ease.

What if you can get all this and a whole lot more without splurging a fortune? Yup, it is another delightful trip into the creative world of DIY projects!

Two simple boxes can serve you well as a delightful and practical nightstand [From: Design by Colors]

DIY nightstands come in a wide range of shapes and finished with some far more refined than others.

One idea that we undeniably love here on Decoist is the woodsy DIY nightstand at its textural best! They are no longer an addition relegated to cabin-style, rustic, shabby chic or traditional bedrooms.

In fact, a posh contemporary bedroom benefits more from the raw warmth of a DIY nightstand in wood than one already draped in rustic goodness. From the easy to the simply exceptional, here are 10 DIY nightstands in wood you will definitely adore –

Box-Style DIY Nightstands

Box-style bedside tables and nightstands are pretty popular as they offer a clean, modern aesthetic and also provide plenty of storage space for books, accessories and other items you might want to keep handy as you tuck in each night. A simple, minimal and chic wall-mounted nightstand the one crafted by Paris-La reunion should take little time to recreate. This smart nightstand is perfect for the small, modern bedroom and takes up absolutely no foot space at all.

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Minimal and elegant wall-mounted wooden nightstand

Prefer the box-style, open nightstand, but with legs? Then the two DIY masterpieces below should attract your attention immediately.

These versatile creations can be used both as nightstands and also as side tables in the living room when needed.

The DIY design with hairpin legs from Burkatron is perfect for homeowners shooting for the midcentury modern style in the bedroom while the X-legged nightstand seems more chic and unique.

It is the base of this DIY nightstand that steals the show!DIY Midcentury modern nightstand with hairpin legs

A Quick Bedroom Makeover!

Beautiful Protest shows you how you can take an old, jaded and boring nightstand that you might have bought on the cheap and turn it into a contemporary classic that is draped in wood and white! The wood and white look is indeed a hot trend in the decorating world and this snazzy nightstand makeover should inspire you to take a similar approach in revitalizing your existing nightstand and with it your entire bedroom as well.

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Give your mundane, old nightstand a magical DIY makeover

An old tree stump, a wooden log or even just a stoic piece of wood that you might have salvaged from your recent outdoor trip – everything and anything can be turned into a gorgeous nightstand.

This is all about simplicity, a love for nature and having a bedroom that provides a perfect backdrop to pull off this trendy look.

If you have an industrial, shabby chic or even rustic bedroom, do give this ultra-simple DIY idea a shot.

Simple wooden log turned into a lovely nightstand for the industrial modern bedroom [From: Matt Harrer]

Rustic and Upcycled Charm

Turning something old and discarded into a useful and attractive piece of furniture does give us plenty of satisfaction.

In case of DIY nightstands, it is old wooden crates and wine boxes that often end up as ‘favorites to upcycle’ among crafting enthusiasts.

The gorgeous DIY project from Lark & Linen does precisely that as old wine crates are turned into an eye-catching, rustic nightstand with the use of stain. The cost of this project: $3 + a can of stain!

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Budget-friendly bedside wooden table is a delight to craft!

From wine crates we move on to old cheese boxes and the result is even more unique and feels truly timeless. This smart DIY nightstand from Design Sponge showcases that pretty much anything is possible if you get resourceful.

the Yogurt takes love for DIY a step further by creating a nightstand inspired by a West Elm original that costs as much as $349.

Its recycled pallet wood imitation costs as little as just $6! And if you truly adore vintage nightstands, then Shanty 2 Chic has just the idea for you along with a step-by-step guide on how to get it done… Time to get started!

DIY Nightstand crafted using old cheese boxes is a smart space-saver!Gorgeous DIY nightstand ushers in a touch of vintageDIY nightstand inspired by West Elm Pallet Wood Nightstand

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Source: https://www.decoist.com/easy-diy-nightstands-wood/