Fashionable DIY Christmas Metallic Garland

  1. Upgrade your Christmas tree with these 8 stylish ideas
  2. The pros of artificial trees:
  3. How to string Christmas tree lights
  4. 30 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations – Homemade Holiday Decor Ideas
  5. Stylish Christmas Tinsel Ideas – Holiday Tinsel Decorations
  6. 40+ Easy and Stylish DIY Home Decor Ideas (With Printables)
  7. DIY Beach-Themed Wall Art Printables
  8. 1. DIY Pet Art
  9. 2. Book Planter
  10. 3. String Art
  11. 4. Monogram Pillow
  12. 23. Metallic Pears
  13. 6. Bamboo Orb Lights
  14. 7. Polaroid Gallery Wall
  15. 8. Mason Jar Herb Garden
  16. 9. Lace Bowls and Jars
  17. 10. Painted Pumpkins
  18. 11. Refurbished Dresser
  19. 12. Festive Wreath
  20. 13. Colorful Painted Pillows
  21. 14. DIY Wall Lamp
  22. 15. Personalized Paperweight
  23. 16. Rustic Picture Frames
  24. 17. Polka Dot Wall Art
  25. 18. DIY Photo Board
  26. 19. Decorative Vases
  27. 20. Wood Pallet Wall
  28. 21. Mason Jar Portraits
  29. 22. Coffee Mug Rack
  30. 23. Farmhouse Gallery Wall
  31. 24. Mason Jar Votives
  32. 25. DIY Geometric Art
  33. 26. Twine Wrapped Bottles
  34. 27. DIY Wooden Headboard
  35. 28. Wood Slice Chalkboard
  36. 29. White Frame Gallery Wall
  37. 30. DIY Ribbon Chandelier
  38. 31. Statement Mirror
  39. 32. Heart Photo Collage
  40. 33. 50 Year Collage
  41. 34. Monogram Planter
  42. 35. Vinyl Geometric Art
  43. 36. Hanging Yarn Art
  44. 37. Hoop Garland
  45. 38. Heart Photo Wall
  46. 39. Painted Welcome Sign
  47. 40. Washi Tape Photo Display
  48. 41. Christmas Card Garland
  49. 25 Christmas Garland Ideas – Decorating with Holiday Garlands
  50. 42+ Incredibly Fashionable Diy Christmas Metallic Garland That Will Make Your Home Unique
  51. Diy Metallic Holiday Garland Decor Advisor
  52. Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Diy Kit Gold Foil Party Decor New
  53. Cool Diy Holiday Garland Decorating Ideas Easy
  54. Women Pink Fashion Diy Christmas Garland

Upgrade your Christmas tree with these 8 stylish ideas

Fashionable DIY Christmas Metallic Garland

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Nov. 29, 2019, 1:39 PM UTC / Source: TODAY

By Monica Mangin

It's officially time to start trimming the tree and decking the halls! TV host and home expert Monica Mangin from East Coast Creative is sharing her best Christmas tree decorating ideas, and even has tips to help you decide what type of tree works best for you this holiday season.

People are very passionate about their tree preferences. I’m personally a fan of both real and artificial — we do a combo in my home! Before you start decorating, it's important to decide what type of tree is right for you.

  • It’s all about the experience. Chopping down or picking out a tree with your family is just about as nostalgic as it gets.
  • It smells great. A fresh cut pine tree will have your home smelling the holidays.
  • There's a huge variety. No two trees are exactly a. Fresh trees offer a range of shapes, sizes and styles.
  • They're messy. Certain varieties drop more needles than others, but regardless, it's guaranteed to be a bit of a mess with a live tree.
  • You need to water them regularly. Live trees require a bit of TLC! Daily watering is a must to keep it alive throughout the holidays.
  • It's an annual expense. You need to pony up yearly for a new tree. This adds up over time.

Both real and artificial Christmas trees have pros and cons. Laura Olivia Photography / Lowe's

The pros of artificial trees:

  • They're convenient. Artificial trees are easy to set up and most come pre-lit, saving tons of time.
  • They're mess free. There are no pine needles and sap to clean up.
  • You'll save money. Although a good artificial tree might cost more initially, the long-term savings are huge compared to buying a real tree every year.
  • They're picture perfect. An artificial tree is perfectly uniform. If you’re a perfectionist, a faux tree might be the way to go!
  • It's the same every year. The tree is identical year after year. For some people that’s actually a good thing, but if you crave variety, you may want to consider a real tree!
  • There's no nostalgia. Unless pulling the tree from storage holds a special place in your heart, there’s less nostalgia than choosing a live tree each year.

Most family trees are filled with a crazy (and fun) mix of ornaments from keepsakes to kids’ handmade creations. They’re sentimental and special, but can sometimes feel a little chaotic. These are some of my best tips to add a little “calm” to your family tree.

There are some easy tips to make your tree come together. Laura Olivia Photography / Lowe's

  • Light it up. Add large bulb string lights in addition to the smaller traditional size strands. You can also add these in addition to the lights that come with a pre-lit tree.

How to string Christmas tree lights

Dec. 2, 201501:09

  • Don't be afraid to go big. Jumbo ornaments balance out the “eclectic keepsakes” and give the tree a unified feeling, even if there's a lot going on!
  • Personalize it. Create a handprint tree skirt as a keepsake.

All you need is some paint is to create this tree skirt.

Laura Olivia Photography / Lowe's

Decorating a tree is a great opportunity to go all-in on a style! Theme options are practically endless, but below are a few of my favorites this season.

Flocked trees have become popular recently. These artificial trees have the magical vibe of fresh snowfall. Flocked trees work great with a ton of different styles, but for this one we went with a modern DIY theme.

All it took a was a hot glue gun and some bathroom tile to create these ornaments. Laura Olivia Photography / Lowe's

  • Think outside the box. Almost anything can be an ornament. We used copper pipe fittings threaded with twine and hot glued hooks onto black marble hexagon bathroom tile to create these modern ornaments. It cost just $20 total.
  • Pop a collar. Tree collars are a fun alternative to traditional tree skirts and come in a variety of styles. It gives a cleaner, streamlined look to the base of your tree. Some of my favorites are rustic woven, hammered gold and other metal finishes.

Try a tree collar this year instead of the traditional tree skirt. Laura Olivia Photography / Lowe's

I looked to my closet for inspiration for this one! The buffalo check has a very cozy, but hip feel to it, giving off a bit of a hipster vibe.

The buffalo check turns this Christmas tree from rustic to hipster. Laura Olivia Photography / Lowe's

  • Make a creative garland. Use ribbon as a garland for an easy, inexpensive way to infuse a specific style onto your tree.
  • Use florals. These are a designer secret for decorating trees! Flowers, berries or pine cones are a unique element that add texture and visual interest to any tree.
  • Make handmade ornaments. Wood slice ornaments are an easy DIY project that look awesome on rustic style trees. All you need are wood slices (you can cut them fresh or grab some at the craft store), black paint and metallic paint pens. Customize them with family names or inspirational holiday words and phrases.

These handmade ornaments are budget-friendly and easy to make. Laura Olivia Photography / Lowe's

If you’re looking for even more theme ideas and designer tricks, check out my 2019 Tree Decorating Guide over on East Coast Creative Blog.

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30 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations – Homemade Holiday Decor Ideas

Fashionable DIY Christmas Metallic Garland

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Brass Ring Wreath

These brass ring DIY wreaths from Sugar and Charm are the perfect activity to get in the holiday moon. They're also pretty and understated enough to live up after the holiday is over.

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Black Paper Tablecloth

Ditch a fussy tablecloth and use black butcher paper instead. This way, you can decorate it however you want. You can channel your inner artist with a paint pen and draw on decorative details and/or customize place cards, and hey, it makes cleaning up after a holiday dinner much easier.

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Lined Candle Jars

It's all in the details. Line your large glass candle jars with dried slices of oranges for a fresh, Christmas-y aroma as well as a welcome pop of orange inn a sea of green and red. It'll make a small but mighty difference, and it only takes a few minutes.

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Coffee Filter Garland

You really can use anything to make pretty DIY Christmas decorations if you know where to look. This mock floral garland is made coffee filters. If you don't have any of those lying around, use tissue paper and make an afternoon of it. Get the tutorial from Country Living.

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Garland Accents

Fresh garlands are gorgeous, but customize yours to give it a touch of fun and to ensure it fits in with the existing environment. Grab some construction paper in vibrant colors and then cut out some seasonal shapes ( these triangle trees). Then glue them together and hang them from your garland. To make it all match, tie a ribbon in a corresponding color around the end of the banister.

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Pine Scented Candle

Up your holiday decor game and make your house smell incredible at the same time. You'll be burning this winter candle all season long. Get the tutorial at Sugar and Charm.

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String Light Lanterns

Get the campfire experience without venturing out into the cold. All you need to do is throw some string lights inside a lantern and then cluster them in your faux fireplace. Who needs firewood anyway?

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Mini House Advent Calendar

Upgrade your advent calendar tradition with this DIY gingerbread version from Sugar and Charm. The little wooden houses are surprisingly easy to make and they're the perfect thing to spruce up your mantle as you prepare for the holiday.

9 of 30

Jumbo Outdoor Lights

For something especially festive, considering DIYing some oversized felt Christmas lights, these from Sugar & Cloth. Or use construction paper and cardboard if you have any of those materials lying around. If your door is painted a bright color, match some of the “lights” with it, but keep the others on-theme for Christmas.

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Canvas Campfire

Here's another way to fake the cozy fireplace experience. Draw a fake fireplace with painted chalk on canvas, hang your masterpiece from the wall, add stockings, and then surround it with floor cushions and blankets. This will be a total lifesaver if you live in a small apartment but still want to go big on the Christmas decor. Slide up a teeny tree for the full Christmas effect.

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Mini Wooden Christmas Trees

A must-make for any modern decor addict, these are a fun arts and crafts project for a cozy afternoon. Get the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth.

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Plaid Pillows

In just ten minutes, you can transform ordinary pillows into festive couch decor. All you need is a sewing machine and an inexpensive fleece blanket. Get the tutorial at Happiness is Homemade.

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Marbled Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments are so much more special when they have sentimental value. Make your own marbled ornaments with this guide from Sugar and Charm and spotlight your favorite colors.

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Felt Garland

Get crafty with rainbow felt for for a colorful addition to the Christmas tree. This garland from Tell, Love, & Party is super easy to make, and a lot more affordable than other options. You just knot felt strips along a string of twine, then hang anywhere and everywhere.

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Spare Little Tree

This adorable “tree” will look chic on any surface around your home, and it's stupid easy to make. Just find a sturdy tree branch, apply spray paint, set it in a small glass bottle or vase, and decorate! Learn how to make it from The Lovely Drawer.

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Chalk Pen Galvanized Buckets

Stuff galvanized flower buckets with fresh pine, draw on a festive message, and light it all up with twinkly lights! See how it's done at Finding Home Farms.

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Garland Advent Calendar

Turn a kitchen garland into an Advent calendar. Attach a ribbon across it and then hang little tin containers labeled with the day of the month and fill them with treats. It'll make the countdown to Christmas even more exciting.

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Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Simply arrange, glue, and spray paint popsicle sticks for a snowy indoor wall scene. Or use pipe cleaners and turn them into coasters. Get the tutorial at A Girl and a Glue Gun.

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Floral Tree Wrap

If you're skeptical about replacing your traditional lights and ornaments, try this gorgeous floral wrap on a smaller second tree. Just cut down silk flower stems and stick them in—the more the merrier. Learn how to recreate this garland at Design Love Fest.

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3D Snowflakes

There are pretty paper snowflakes and there are pretty paper snowflakes that also happen to be 3D. Hang them overhead near your holiday dinner table; for a complete winter wonderland atmosphere, stuck to an all-white look with some fresh greenery sprinkled in.

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Lantern Display

Fill lanterns with colorful ornaments for a warm and welcoming entryway. We're digging the youthful polka dot ribbons. Get the tutorial at Dimples and Tangles.

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Citrus Chains

Here's another simple Christmas decor DIY that can work in any room in the house brought to us by Cheetah Is the New Black. Simply arrange a bunch of pine needle branches in a small vase or bottle and then use paper clips to hang dried orange slices from the branches. It's seasonal but subtle.

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Outdoor Arrangements

Don't forget to deck out the porch. Arrange a neat pile of firewood by the front door for a wintery display and then fill a basket with pine spray branches with glittery silver stars for a touch of sparkle.

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Spoon Mini Trees

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Ornament Wreath

It's so obvious, we can't believe we didn't think of this first. An ornament wreath will instantly cheer up a lackluster wall. Learn how to make yours from The Crafted Life.

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Birch Centerpiece

Bring a winter landscape to your Christmas tablescape—add votive candles to slabs of birch for a simple but stunning centerpiece. Get the tutorial at The Sweet Escape.

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Pegboard Christmas Tree

Because cleaning up branches is truly the worst and Christmas trees can get quite pricey, why not just make your own tree? Sugar & Cloth will show you how it's done.

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Neutral Burlap Wreath

A burst of pinecones, pine, and a sparkly snowflake makes the rustic holiday wreath of our dreams.

Get the tutorial at Love of Family and Home.

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Gold-Dipped Bottle Brush Trees

These would look adorably festive on top of a mantle or breaking up a floral arrangement on your holiday dinner table. Get the tutorial at Studio DIY!.

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Kissing Ball

Forget mistletoe—kissing balls are it this year. This pine and pinecone version is a perfect addition to any doorway, and requires just a foam ball, ribbon, and greenery from your backyard. Get the tutorial at Consumer Crafts.


Stylish Christmas Tinsel Ideas – Holiday Tinsel Decorations

Fashionable DIY Christmas Metallic Garland


Decorating your home for Christmas is all about creating memories with the ones you love. But for a design enthusiast, the holiday also presents the opportunity to show off your decorating style.

all the Christmas decorations that are widely available, including string lights, eye-catching ornaments, and garland, tinsel tends to be a popular choice for many Christmas tree looks.

It never fails to add a dose of glam to a tree, and it has a special way of getting you into the holiday spirit.

However, if you're stumped on how to amp up your holiday decor this year, consider mixing things up with more creative Christmas tinsel ideas rather than the traditional streamers that are draped on trees.

Lucky for you, we've searched a slew of online retailers to bring you the most stylish tinsel decorations for a holiday to remember. From colorful tinsel ornaments to glam wreaths, these Christmas decor suggestions are just too good to pass up.

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1 Silver Tinsel Star Ornament

You can't go wrong with this sparkly silver star ornament with an eye-catching wire design. 

2 Tinsel Wrapped Pre-lit Christmas Tree

National Tree Company


Lean in to a bold look this year, courtesy of this blue pre-lit tree that's perfect for a small space. 

3 Collapsible Tinsel Snowman



This tinsel snowman, which is collapsible for easy storage, is sure to be a hit with the kids in your family. 

4 Red Tinsel Stocking

Dress up your mantel with this festive red tinsel stocking.

5 Metallic Tinsel Platinum Ribbon

The decorating possibilities for this metallic tinsel ribbon are endless. Use it to enhance a centerpiece, mantel, or even your banister. 

6 Sparkling Champagne Gold Tinsel Wreath

The Holiday Aisle


Bring a sophisticated flair to your entry with this gold tinsel wreath.  

7 Red Tinsel Placemat

There's no doubt that your Christmas table will look more glam with this red tinsel placemat in the mix. 

8 Fabric Tinsel Shoe with Gifts

National Tree Company Seasonal Decor


This tinsel shoe filled with gifts is a sweet reminder of the joy that comes along with the holiday season.

9 Gold Metallic Foil Fringe Chandelier


Test the fringe trend with this tiered tinsel chandelier that will boost the style factor of your space in an instant. 

10 Holiday Tinsel Candy Cane Tree


This candy cane tree is the perfect way to embrace a classic red and white Christmas palette. 

11 Gold Christmas Tinsel Wreath



If you love nothing more than making a statement with your decor, this gold tinsel wreath is for you.

12 Gold Tinsel Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper

Trade traditional tinsel streamers for this colorful snowflake tree topper.

13 Two-Piece Bottle Brush Tree Set

Bethany Lowe Designs


Incorporate a dose of symmetry into your holiday scheme with this pair of gold tinsel trees.

14 Platinum Tinsel Christmas Balls

Feeling crafty? These silver tinsel balls are your cue to start a DIY holiday project. 

15 Outdoor Patio Umbrellas

This colorful candy cane ornament embodies the spirit of Christmas.

16 Rainbow-Colored Christmas Tinsel Garland


Whether you choose to decorate a mantel, door, or a staircase, your space is guaranteed to look more stylish.

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40+ Easy and Stylish DIY Home Decor Ideas (With Printables)

Fashionable DIY Christmas Metallic Garland

Creating your own decor is rewarding: you get the satisfaction of making it yourself and having it be the exact style you want. From wall art to lamps, you can choose which pieces fit your unique style and vision.

Whether you’re looking for rustic home decor or DIY ideas for your bathroom, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in our 41 DIY home decor ideas. Our collection includes photos and tips so you can get started on exciting projects today.

Want to give your bedroom or living room wall a special touch? Design a canvas wall print with a favorite photo from a family trip or day at the beach.

DIY Beach-Themed Wall Art Printables

If you’re looking to create a more inviting space, nothing says “welcome home” a tropical theme. Download and print the printables below to bring some relaxation to your home.

1. DIY Pet Art

Source: Wear Wage Repeat

Transform round, metallic placemats into trendy wall art. Stencil an image of your dog or cat then fill in the design with black paint.

2. Book Planter

Source: Shutterfly

Cut out the pages of an old book to make a creative planter for a coffee table. Be sure to pick a succulent or similar plant that needs minimal water. Your guests will be impressed with the creavitiy involved.

3. String Art

In the shape of a heart, star or U.S. state, form string art using a series of nails and a wooden board. Choose a string color that matches the other decor in your room.

4. Monogram Pillow

Source: My Sophia Ryan

Personalize pillows for your living room or bedroom by painting on your initial. Pair your monogram pillows with custom photo pillows for a full arrangement.

23. Metallic Pears

Source: Shutterfly

Try painting fruit apples and pears in a simple graphic pattern. This DIY is easy and perfect for any season. Use metallic paint for an extra pop at the dinner table.

6. Bamboo Orb Lights

Source: Crafty Nest

Craft unique lanterns for your home office or bedroom with bamboo strips. Secure a lightbulb inside and attach your lantern to the ceiling using sturdy hooks.

Source: A Joyful Riot

Put a spin on a traditional gallery wall with square prints. Choose photos with rich colors, including candid shots from vacations and day trips.

8. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Source: Shutterfly

Mason jars make for the perfect at home garden. Purchase herbs you use most often and replant them in a jar that will easily fit on your kitchen windowsill.

9. Lace Bowls and Jars

Source: Urban Comfort

Layer your bowls, mugs and serving trays with pieces of lace. Decoupage cotton lace right onto the surface for beautiful, timeless decor.

10. Painted Pumpkins

Source: Shutterfly

Add more color to your fall decor with chalk paint pumpkins. Pick your favorite colors, whether that’s classic fall shades or a modern, muted pallette, then arrange on your dining room table.

11. Refurbished Dresser

Source: Camille Styles

Enhance a dresser with a fresh coat of paint and shiny knobs. Try painting a triangle, diamond or heart across the drawers for a novel furniture piece.

12. Festive Wreath

Source: Gluesticks

When deciding on your DIY home projects, don’t forget seasonal and holiday decor. Fashion specific wreaths for your favorite times of the year Christmas, Halloween and the 4th of July.

13. Colorful Painted Pillows

Decorate pillow covers with a paintbrush and stamps. Brighten your living room or bedroom with vibrant colors pink, yellow and blue.

14. DIY Wall Lamp

Source: Maiden

Industrial vintage lamps add character to your walls and unique lighting to your space. Wrap jute around the lamp’s cord to foster a chic, artsy look.

15. Personalized Paperweight

Source: Shutterfly

Personalize a paperweight for your office or living room for decor that is creative but also functional. Pick a thoughtful quote to keep you thinking positive throughout the day.

16. Rustic Picture Frames

Source: A Kreative Whim

Glue wooden boards together and paint them with a weathered look to make your own rustic home decor. Add burlap and your photo with either push pins or nails.

17. Polka Dot Wall Art

Source: With Heart

Looking for easy but stylish DIY home decor? Create polka dot canvas art with acrylic or watercolor paint.

18. DIY Photo Board

Source: Shutterfly

Repurpose an empty frame to make an easy photo board. Using wire, restring the frame so you can hang your favorite prints every month.

19. Decorative Vases

Source: A Creative Mint

Fresh flowers lift the aura of any room. Paint empty wine bottles and mason jars in a white coat, then accent with washi tape and patterned scrapbook paper.

20. Wood Pallet Wall

Source: Cape 27

An accent wall adds texture and character to a living room or bedroom. Build a chic wooden wall out stained pallet pieces.

21. Mason Jar Portraits

Source: Shutterfly

Use a mason jar as a creative frame for your favorite photos. Take a small print and wrap it on the inside of a mason jar that you can easily swap out every month.

22. Coffee Mug Rack

Source: One Little Bird

Are you a tea or coffee lover? Create a space to hang your mugs by repurposing a wood pallet. Paint on a word ‘café’ or ‘chai’ for a personalized touch.

Spray paint wooden frames in white, then sand the edges for a farmhouse look. Create a gallery wall with various frames complimented by accent art.

24. Mason Jar Votives

Source: Shutterfly

Take mason jars and add candles for a simple votive. Sprinkle in some foliage fit for the season, fall leaves, fresh herbs or wildflowers to welcome the outdoors.

25. DIY Geometric Art

Source: Ashley Camber

Your DIY home projects don’t need to be complicated. Turn a blank canvas into modern wall art with a brightly colored geometric pattern.

26. Twine Wrapped Bottles

Source: Shutterfly

Wrap twine around old bottles for a simple, rustic touch for any room. Find bottles at your local thrift store or save empty wine bottles at home. These are perfect for holding little florals or as standalone decor.

27. DIY Wooden Headboard

Construct a beautiful wooden headboard for your guest bedroom or master suite. By piecing together wooden shims, you’ll have a professional-looking headboard at a fraction of the cost.

28. Wood Slice Chalkboard

Cover the surface of a wood slice with chalkboard paint. Write an inspiring message, quote or verse, then place your new art piece on your mantel or wall.

Source: Wholefully

Build a stunning gallery wall with white frames. Incorporate a mix of photos and art pieces with quotes and graphic designs.

30. DIY Ribbon Chandelier

Source: Simplified Bee

Wrap pieces of satin ribbon around a wreath frame until they cover the surface. Incorporate three colors of ribbon—purple, lavender and white–and hang the chandelier above your dining room table.

31. Statement Mirror

Source: A Kreative Whim

Repurpose an embroidery hoop by transforming it into a beautiful mirror. Spray paint the hoop with metallic paint then carefully secure your mirror in the center.

32. Heart Photo Collage

Source: Fresh Mommy

Arrange your photo prints in the shape of a heart and glue them to a canvas. Frame your artwork, then hang it above your desk or dresser.

33. 50 Year Collage

Source: Shutterfly

Arrange your photos to celebrate your anniversary or age. Create a series you can hang every decade to see how much your family has grown over the years.

34. Monogram Planter

Source: Shutterfly

Mongram a planter for a simple and personal DIY decor option. Take a plant that’s easy to care for, a succulent, and add a pop of green to any room.

35. Vinyl Geometric Art

Source: Girl Loves Glam

Trim sheets of colored vinyl into geometric shapes triangles and squares. Alternate your colors and patterns for a balanced spread.

36. Hanging Yarn Art

Design a colorful wall hanging with strands of yarn and a wooden dowel or branch. Mix bright tones with pastel colors to build contrast.

37. Hoop Garland

Source: Shutterfly

Whether for the holidays or just because, DIY a hoop garland you can hang your favorite photos on. Paint it in your favorite color or a bright metallic so it can hang in your home all year long.

38. Heart Photo Wall

Source: Shutterfly

For easy DIY decor, print out favorite prints from the year and arrange them in a giant heart on your wall. Even better, swap out photos year after year to keep the decor feeling fresh.

39. Painted Welcome Sign

Source: A Kreative Whim

Make your guests feel at home. Paint a wooden board with the word ‘welcome’ or ‘bienvenidos’ to place on your front porch or in your entryway.

40. Washi Tape Photo Display

Source: Ink & Adventure

A collection of photos, snapshots from summer trips or winter getaways, makes for fun, personal wall art. Adhere your photos with washi tape in asymmetrical fashion for an eye-catching arrangement.

41. Christmas Card Garland

Source: Shutterfly

Have your decor double as a fun display for all the Christmas cards you’ll receive during the holidays. Hang them around your door frame using garland as the festive backdrop.

No matter which DIY ideas you decide to pursue, remember that the best home decor is personalized. Try adding photo coasters to your home office or a sherpa pillow to your living room. However you choose to decorate, the extra DIY touch will make it unique to you.


25 Christmas Garland Ideas – Decorating with Holiday Garlands

Fashionable DIY Christmas Metallic Garland

Mike Garten

While your Christmas tree does deserve a lot of attention and a wreath steals the show on your front door, never underestimate the power of garlands.

You can hang them on walls or across a mantel, thread them through bannisters, frame them over doorways, and even wrap them around your tree—whichever you choose, they'll deliver an instant seasonal upgrade.

Whether you want to buy one or take the DIY approach this year, we've got plenty of gorgeous Christmas garland styling ideas for you. Keep reading to recreate your favorite, or incorporate a few of these ideas throughout your home.

1 of 25

Add Lemons and Limes

Add splashes of cheerful and vibrant colors with citrus. Whether they're part of the garland or just sitting atop the greens doesn't matter. Either way, lemons and limes will lighten the mood. And as for your tree, string through a metallic garland or party beads for a subtle sparkle.

BUY NOW Paper Fox LA Fringe Tassel Garland, $36

2 of 25

Turn It Into an Advent Calendar

Turn a kitchen garland into a advent calendar. Attach a ribbon across it and then hang little tin containers labeled with the day of the month and fill them with treats. Now that's our kind of giving tree.

BUY NOW Craig Bachman Striped Ribbon $13

3 of 25

Match It With Artwork

Weave some ribbons around the garland and add a few ornaments. The key is in matching your garland accessories to wall art and decor throughout the space rather than using the classic Christmas colors.

BUY NOW The Holiday Aisle UV Ball Ornament, $28

4 of 25

Use Unexpected Materials

Coffee saves the day yet again! These paper brown filters work seamlessly with a fireplace filled to the brim with birch. Get the tutorial at Country Living.

BUY NOW Crown Display White Tissue Ream, $27

5 of 25

Create a Makeshift Wreath

Use a small garland to create a makeshift wreath around a round mirror. This way, you'll be able to add some greenery to the space for the holidays without having to move around your decor too much.

BUY NOW Creekside Farms Half Wreath, $40

6 of 25

Animate a Bar Cart

Small-scale garlands are perfect for furniture and accent pieces, a bar cart. They fit in with the other Christmas decorations and also puts the spotlight on the entertaining zone.

BUY NOW Joss & Main Dried Leaf Garland, $25

7 of 25

Upcycle Materials

These neutral stockings are actually recycled pieces of grain sacks. They also happen to blend into this rooms interiors beautifully. Get the tutorial at Miss Mustard Seed.

BUY NOW West Elm Wooden Ball Garland, $29

8 of 25

Lay It as a Centerpiece

Use a classic Christmas garland as your dining table centerpiece. So much simpler and easy to put together than a floral arrangement and even more festive!

BUY NOW West Elm LED String Lights, $18

9 of 25

Spruce Up Spiral Stairs

Following the curvature of these spiral stairs, the garland takes on a whole new attitude. And it enlivens the kitchen, a space that can be hard to decorate for the holidays since you want to keep all useable space clear and ready for feast prep.

BUY NOW Pottery Barn Leaf Garland, $79

10 of 25

Use Colorful Felt

Get crafty with rainbow felt for for a colorful addition to the Christmas tree. This garland from Tell, Love, & Party is super easy to make and it's a lot more affordable than other options. You just knot felt strips along a string of twine, then hang anywhere and everywhere.

BUY NOW World Market Multi-Color Felt Garland, $8

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Leave Room for Flowers

Opt for a slim garland instead of a super lush one so there's room for more on the mantle. In this dining room, bright orange flower arrangements animate the garland and reflect the pop of tangerines in the center of the table.

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Spell Something Out

All you need is wire, floral string, and pine to create this minimal holiday arrangement. Get the tutorial at Homey Oh My.

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Bring It Outside

Celebrating the holidays somewhere warm this year? Bring your garland outside near a fire pit or fireplace. Festive, but also regionally appropriate.

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Flank a Clock

Use your garland to frame mantle decor and them add some tall candlesticks that blend in so you can create an intimate, flickering atmosphere once the sun sets.

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Deck Out the Bedroom

Hang it from the rafters in the guest bedroom if you're hosting over the holidays. Visions of sugar plums will definitely be dancing in the heads of your guests while sleeping here.

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Fake Everyone Out

You won't believe that this light garland is actually made paper. Playful, colorful, and no fire hazard whatsoever. Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.

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Beautify a Cabinet

They're not just for your tree! Beautify the table and china cabinet with green garlands, then string together some pinecones and weave in lights for some extra oomph.

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Make Paper Bells

For a totally OTT display that also feels cheerful and airy (while still being so inexpensive), string up paper bells along your mantle. Choose red and white for a candy cane theme and string them together with fishing line.

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Add Snowflakes

Use gingerbread cookies, cardboard, clay, or construction paper to make little snowflakes to add to the garland. This also introduces an extra Christmas craft to keep the kids busy.

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Make It Mini

These mini wreaths are so cute and so easy. Secure sprigs of rosemary around tiny embroidery hoops with floral wire and attach to a cherry-red string of twine. Get the tutorial at The Sweetest Occasion.

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Hang and Sniff

This cinnamon, roasted apple, and fresh citrus garland will make your house smell incredible. Get the tutorial at Fireflies and Mudpies.

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Make the Most of Your Space

Just because you don't have a mantle or a working fireplace doesn't mean you can't get the most Christmas decor. Secure a garland to the wall above the fireplace and attach stockings then fill the fireplace with lanterns for a cozy effect.

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Skip the Red and Green

Who invited you, red and green? We're loving this icy winter color palette. Get the tutorial at House and Home.

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Bring Out the Clay

Turn your house into a winter wonderland thanks to this air-dry clay garland. Get the tutorial at Lia Griffith.

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Holiday Hack

Bleach pinecones first before stringing them alongside real cranberries. For their golden effect, submerge pinecones from your backyard in bleach for two days. Get the tutorial at Clean and Scentsible.

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42+ Incredibly Fashionable Diy Christmas Metallic Garland That Will Make Your Home Unique

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Diy Metallic Holiday Garland Decor Advisor

diy metallic holiday garland decor advisor ideas, some you can do your self are contained by this informative article, the others may simply serve as motivation. But we hope you enjoy the imaginative method of identifying if and what kind of design works best for you personally.

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