DIY Vintage Stockings Garland

74 Best Christmas Garland Ideas 2019 – Decorating with Holiday Garlands

DIY Vintage Stockings Garland

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Headboard Drapery

An oversized headboard calls for an oversized garland! Use a bigger-than-usual strand to add some Christmas cheer to your bedroom.

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Silver and Gold Ornaments

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A Layered Garland

Want to make a garland yourself? Bundle 12-inch lengths of fresh cedar and grapevine twigs and use green metal wires to hold them together. Repeat until you have enough to go around the doorframe. Affix bundles together in an overlapping pattern with green wire. Hang over the doorway using nails or hooks, and add berries or pinecones.

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Citrus Garland

To string your own strand, all you need are navel and blood oranges, parchment paper, two cookie sheets, jute or natural twine, a skewer or nail, and decorative hooks. Read on for the full instructions:

1. Preheat oven to 250°F.

2. Cut oranges crosswise into 1/4-inch slices (four oranges make a six-foot garland).

3. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper. Pat orange slices dry with paper towels, and place them on cookie sheets in a single layer.

4. Bake for approximately 3 hours or until dry. (To ensure the slices dry flat, turn them over at the midway mark.) Remove from oven.

5. Using a skewer or nail, poke two holes into the top of each orange slice.

6. Thread twine through each hole, evenly spacing the oranges on the garland. Tie off each end with a loop, and hang from hooks.

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White and Green

If your living room decor is mostly white, opt for an oversized garland with neutral accents to create a striking focal point on your mantel.

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Window Border

A fresh pine-and-cedar garland pops in this all-white kitchen.

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In the Details

Sometimes less is more! A simple strand of garland highs high above a stove in this kitchen.

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Garland and Stocking Stairway

If you don't have a fireplace, take a tip from these Michigan homeowners. They attached their stockings to their greenery for a fun and festive look.


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DIY Apple Garland

This craft uses real fruit! The Bridger family made this garland to pay tribute to the adjacent orchard. To re-create it, use a skewer to puncture a hole through an apple, close to the center, then string wire through the fruit and secure wire to the garland. The Bridgers used Fraser fir for their creation.


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Bathroom Mirror Garland

In our opinion, every room could use a bit of Christmas cheer! Christine and Gabe Bridger made sure every room was filled with holiday decor—even their bathroom. Here, they used a simple string of greenery to line the long mirror.


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DIY Mitten Garland

Have old mittens your family no longer wears? Get inspired by Michigan homeowner Christine Bridger, who sources vintage ones year-round online and at flea markets, then uses a large needle to pull yarn through the tops of the hand-warmers. (Secure with knots if needed.)


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Felt Leaf Garland

Too add some cheer to her children's rooms, Tennessee homeowner Holly Williams wrapped this fun felt garland around their bunk beds.


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Headboard-Shaped Garland

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Mantel Christmas Garland

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Christmas Garland Table Centerpiece

The stunning centerpiece on this Christmas table starts with a gorgeous lit garland, and is finished with fun bottle brush trees and charming houses.


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Christmas Tree Garland

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Cookie Tree Candy Garland Idea

For an extra-sweet Christmas garland, adorn a stack of vintage cookie tins with a candy sash.


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DIY Christmas Wreaths

Garland comes in more than just swags. Check out how to make these DIY Christmas wreaths using everything from foliage to jingle bells.

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Christmas Garland With Lights

Hang up your favorite greens, twinkling lights, and pinecones to create a lush and sparkling arrangement, which you can then add to hutches, cabinetry, entertainment centers, mantels, and more.


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Staircase Christmas Garland

A vintage state pennant adds color and and a personal touch to this entryway garland.


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Christmas Garland With Ornaments

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Fresh Christmas Garland

Drape your mantel with greenery—try cedar, boxwood, and holly—for a fragrant mix of textures. Nestle faux birds' nests into the greenery to bring the outdoors inside.


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Christmas Garland Gifts

Sweeten a stairway's garland with welcome gifts! Offer treats to overnight guests as they head up to their temporary digs by hanging coffee mugs filled with candy and hot cocoa mix on the banister garland.


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Fireplace Christmas Garland

A cozy living room is made even cozier with an evergreen garland draped across the mantel and decorated with Shiny Brites. Feed sack stockings add to the country farmhouse vibe.


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Gingerbread Cookie Garland

Combine your favorite greenery with sweet and spicy-smelling gingerbread ornaments for an aromatic display. Use your homemade garland to dress up your kitchen cabinets, pantry, bookshelves, and more.


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Mirror Christmas Garland Idea

Add fragrant greenery to your bathroom for a pop of color and Christmas aroma.


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Christmas Garland on Table

Wedge fresh greens in between dishes and silverware to create a rich and colorful Christmas tablescape. Top your favorite greenery with fresh oranges for added fragrance and color.


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Cabinet Christmas Garland

Take a cue from these Midwest farmhouse owners and give your humdrum furniture some Christmas spirit. They pulled garland together in the center of their linen cabin and then embellished it with pretty baubles.


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Lit Christmas Garland


40 Exciting Diy Vintage Stockings Garland That Follow The Latest Trends

DIY Vintage Stockings Garland
View in Gallery Vintage pollyanna stocking garland card

I’ve put together a checklist of pictures ideas so that you have a trustworthy spot from which to begin you’re able to do to reach your diy vintage stockings garland mo Re interesting. The the ensuing list contains suggestions ranging in the aesthetic to the solely sensible, and in the ambitious to the finger-nipping-ly easy. Take a look!


Here we’ve 40 of wizard and creative diy vintage stockings garland get inspiration a great deal more easy and to aid you away. Take period to study through our checklist and look the particulars, and you would benefit a great deal from it!

Below here you’ll be able to observe our gallery you’ll find various photos you can browse. Do not forget to around the globe to Flag and share!

So, which best diy vintage stockings garland ideas above that you choose to apply? Hopefully, you are really interested because a few ideas that are superb. Have attempted it!

Diy Mini Christmas Stocking Garland

This informative article contains diy mini christmas stocking garland some ideas, some you can do your self, others might simply serve as inspiration. But we wish you enjoy the creative method of identifying if and what sort of style works best for you personally.

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Christmas Mantel Ideas Velvet Stockings Diy Garland

This christmas mantel ideas velvet stockings diy garland pictures appears inviting and beautiful. Are hey searching more professionally? Do you find it challenging to locate what amuses you in the event you're? Then feel free to seize and discover our website. We've lots of of images for inspiration.

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Brilliant White Christmas Fireplace Inspiring Design

This gallery features brilliant white christmas fireplace inspiring design supply a variety of types for ideas. Have a look at these pictures to aid decide which is the greatest for you. We hope you'll enjoy.

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Retro Christmas Stockings Decoration Garland

The picture below is a gorgeous style about retro christmas stockings decoration garland. We now have chosen you from numerous pictures accessible on the web. Have a look at the photo below for Ideas.

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Vintage Wool Needlepoint Wreath Garland Christmas

Also if you are uncertain of where to start with the vintage wool needlepoint wreath garland christmas or do not understand everything you're looking for, browsing our posts will be a great place to get your begin.

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Merry Bright Christmas Light Garland Party

This merry bright christmas light garland party notion could be quite daunting and intimidating, but our specialist will help you tremendously. You are going to view a large variety of various.

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To sum up:

Every one of these suggestions diy vintage stockings garland are great. These are a huge source of ideas, and they undoubtedly stone!. I so adore them!!! What’s your favorite? I would to realize via a remark below and also don’t neglect share to spread the globe.


How to Make a Mini Stocking Christmas Advent Garland – Cottage style decorating, renovating and entertaining Ideas for indoors and out

DIY Vintage Stockings Garland
We created a garland of 24 mini stockings as an advent calendar to count down the days till Christmas. The garland is complete with pink pom poms and silver jingle bells.

Add treats to each day for your loved ones to discover!

If there’s one thing that will make any Christmas craft cuter than cute, it’s making it in miniature! We can’t deny the appeal of these mini stockings, especially when there are 24 of them all lined up together in an advent calendar and filled with sweet treats.

This mini stocking pattern isn’t just for counting down the days till Christmas, you can also hang these pieces as ornaments on your tree, add names across the front to turn them into place cards at your holiday table or slide gift cards inside for a clever presentation.

Want to make your own mini stocking advent calendar garland? Read on!

Gather your supplies in advance so you don’t have to pause the project for a trip to the craft store!

What you’ll need:

  • This template
  • Fabric. We chose a sturdy teal linen-cotton blend from Annie Sloan’s Linen Unions Line. This fabric is heavy enough in weight that it doesn’t need to be lined to hold its shape, and the two-tone color scheme produces a fun fringe.
  • Embroidery Floss. If you want to embroider the countdown numbers, names or anything else, you’ll want to use a bright floss that pops against the fabric. Intimidated by embroidery? Consider painting the stockings as an attractive alternative.
  • Sewing machine. I highly recommend using a machine to stitch these up, especially if you’re looking to make 24.
  • Sewing thread
  • Scissors

What You’ll Do:

  1. Iron the fabric for a smooth start.
  2. Adhere the stocking template to your fabric, and cut around the outline.
  3. If your fabric has a “right” side for display and a back or “wrong” side, match the two right sides together with the “wrong” sides out, and secure with pins.
  4. Stitch up the sides.

    The mini stockings picture here have a 1/8th seam allowance that provides enough space for a gift card to fit in the finished product.

  5. Take care of the curves.

    The 1/8th seam allowance is small enough to reduce puckering at the curves once the stocking is turned right-side-out, but you may need to clip notches into the fabric around the edges of the toe for a completely clean result.

  6. Turn right-side out, iron flat and cuff.

    A final ironing always ensures a flawless finish!

  7. If you’re using self-fringing, woven fabric Linen Unions, use a needle to work the weft (horizontal) threads away from the cuff and reveal the warp threads.

Hung across a mantel, over the banister of the staircase or from the front of a cabinet, this advent calendar garland is a festive touch to any space!

What You’ll Need:

  • String or rope, cut to measure. We used chunky yarn as the base of our garland.
  • Embellishments. Each mini stocking is topped with a pom pom and silver jingle bell. The white yarn is twisted with a thinner strand of silver thread for a metallic touch.

Our Favorite Holiday Decorating Ideas of All Time

DIY Vintage Stockings Garland

At the beach, we deck the halls in seaside style: with oyster shell wreaths, pink flamingo ornaments, and nautical rope garlands. See our favorite ways to get in the spirit by the shore.

In the Galveston, Texas, community of Beachtown, homeowners Carol and Michael Linn deck their deep, wraparound porches with a pine-and-magnolia garland. “We built this as a place to get away with our family,” says Carol. “We love combining the festive feel of the holidays with the relaxed mood at the beach.”



  • Make this garland at home with our how-to guide.

We used premade shell garlands and dressed them up with winter citrus to create this sea-inspired stunner. The trios of oranges are topped with small bouquets of tropical leaves. The result? The most tropical swag ever for a merry holiday season by the sea.

Photo: Eric Roth; Stylists: Mandi Rapisardi and Tracey Rapisardi

  • See the rest of this Maine cottage.

In the guest bedroom of this tiny Maine cottage, the Christmas spirit is alive with mini wreaths hung with seaglass-blue ribbon, a tiny bedside tree, and a handmade sea star and shell rope garland hung from the antique bed.


  • See more festive holiday rooms.

A former customs house on the Chesapeake Bay gets a holiday spin, thanks to pops of bright red in the plaid throw and pillows and the family’s nutcracker collection displayed in the window.

Photo: Rick Lew; Stylist: Linda Hirst

Wreaths aren't just for the front door. This Connecticut family adorned their living room windows with small rings of greenery hung with metallic ribbon. They also brought in nautical pillows in punchy red to bring further holiday cheer to the space. 



  • See more pretty place settings.

Mint is a fresh spin on holiday green and is perfect for celebrating at the coast. Keep the palette shore-inspired with a raffia runner, red stripes, and wine jugs filled with tropical leaves for an easy centerpiece.

  • See more coastal Christmas trees.

Shades of sea foam green and pink mix for a tropical tree. Flamingo ornaments add a playful vibe, and a ribbon topper is an easy and pretty finish.


Photographer: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Position your tree in a spot where it can be admired indoors and out. If the weather isn’t too chilly, you can take your holiday party outside and still maintain a festive atmosphere.

Let the kids decorate their own space—a white tree becomes the perfect place for funky, homemade ornaments, and knitted sea-themed stockings feel right at home.

  • See more fun kids’ rooms.

A built-in cupboard opens to reveal a lively geometric print-backed bar that’s decked with a simple boxwood garland and a wreath of iridescent abalone shells.

  • See more beautiful built-in ideas.


Photo: Annie Schlechter; Stylist: Linda Hirst

In this West Palm Beach, Florida, home, the Christmas spirit is infused into every space, including the daughter's happy pink bedroom. A simple “Merry Christmas” banner adds punch, and a miniature tree and reindeer figurine on the bedside table enhance the cheer.

A square boxwood wreath brings holiday cheer to an outdoor seating area. Bistro lights also add ambiance and can be left up all year long for that festive feeling.

  • See more outdoor living rooms.


Photo: Rick Lew; Stylist: Linda Hirst

A simple tartan runner and a trio of poinsettias placed in mercury glass vases bring a pop of classic holiday color to this Connecticut dining room.

Add a festive spin to houseplants. This fiddle leaf fig tree gets a holiday makeover with just a few silver ornaments. Pretty boxwood wreaths hung with light blue ribbon echo the green theme.

  • See more living room decorating ideas.

Design: Urban Grace Interiors; Photo: Annie Schlechter; Styling: Lindsey Ellis Beatty

When it comes to garland, think outside the box, especially in kid-centric spaces. Playful pompom garland in seafaring shades of periwinkle, turquoise, and white pops against the ivory window treatments in this Florida bunkroom.

It feels especially festive during the holidays, but because it’s in sync with the room’s color palette, the garland feels whimsical and appropriate for the rest of the year, too.

Plus, because it’s crafted from felt, the pompom garland is more kid-friendly than swags of boxwood or Frasier fir!


Design: Urban Grace Interiors; Photo: Annie Schlechter; Styling: Lindsey Ellis Beatty

  • See more ways to decorate with blue this holiday.

This pretty flocked tree takes its cues from its Inlet Beach, Florida, locale. The aqua glass globes and their pint-sized white counterparts mirror the crystalline waters and powdery sand just outside the window. A paper Polish star topper that’s reminiscent of a sea urchin adds to the tree’s beachy vibes. 

Photo: Dominique Vorillon; Styling: Gena Sigala

  • See this family's decked-out living room.

At this white clapboard waterfront home on Belvedere Island—just north of San Francisco—homeowners Ginna and Derrek Milan deck the dock. In the winter, the family makes s’mores in the outdoor fireplace and curls up on the daybeds to admire the stunning view from the deck: sparkling waters of Richardson’s Bay and the purple-hued mountains beyond.

  • Tour the rest of this Hawaiian bungalow.

This Maui dining room offers a front-row seat to the ocean, and the decor reflects the hues and natural vibe that's right outside. That's why simple touches, the mini faux trees and pretty gifts wrapped in blue and white work so well here.


  • See more coastal Christmas trees.

Glass whale ornaments and yellow balls make for a pretty tree. Try a white tinsel table tree for easy decorating—no stand is required, and a pretty vase serves just as well.

Photo: Rick Lew; Stylist: Linda Hirst

Give little holiday visitors a festive treat with striped bedding in Christmas colors and a cute stocking garland.


Photographer: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Give your traditional decor the holiday treatment. Update everyday interiors with bright and cozy blankets, throw pillows in vibrant holiday hues and trees, and greenery studded with delicate starfish ornaments.

Photo: Annie Schlechter; Stylist: Linda Hirst

Holiday decorating doesn't have to be all color, all the time, though. In this entryway, cute reindeer décor blends seamlessly with the dark wood chest, and echoes the natural feel of the driftwood mirror and basket for a calm, coastal feel.


Photo: Annie Schlechter; Stylist: Linda Hirst

Forgo the traditional red and green and go glam this holiday. The owners of this West Palm Beach, Florida, home brought in shimmering holiday accents to their dining room table, which go perfectly with the white and soft green color palette.

Photographer: Roger Davies

Classic holiday colors look fabulous next to punchy nautical hues. Kick the festive atmosphere up a notch with candy red throw pillows, a red-striped rug, and adorable miniature potted Christmas trees.

Photographer: Dominique Vorillon

Have fun with traditional holiday shapes when adding accents to modern decor. In this seaside home, square-shaped greenery replaces traditional round wreaths for an updated, modern look, while also drawing attention to the spectacular view.


Photographer: Dominique Vorillon

Greet guests in style! Try draping your entire front porch in lush, fragrant garlands and filling the area around the door with a scattering of decorative gifts. For a coastal twist, tuck tropical fruit into greenery.

Photographer: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

This lovely dried magnolia garland adds the perfect touch of holiday cheer to this tropical locale. Tip: Use dried or artificial decorations for warm-weather destinations, especially if your garland sits in direct sunlight.

Photographer: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

This fabulous Florida outdoor living area gets the holiday treatment with a giant, decked-out Christmas tree and dozens of pool-lining metal lanterns. The sparkling light from the tree and the lanterns create a romantic, festive poolside atmosphere—perfect for holiday entertaining.


Use handmade decorations this holiday season. Drill tiny holes through medium-size shells (another good use for your beachcombing finds!) and string them on fishing line. For the mitten garland, simply cut craft felt into mitten shapes and use fishing line to hang.

Photographer: Tria Giovan

Going for a vintage Christmas feel? In a more rustic space, try using a natural palette with just a few hits of glint, this dining room’s simple pine and magnolia wreaths, classic white floral arrangement, and distressed silver candlesticks. 

Photographer: Dominique Vorillon

This homeowner dressed her foyer’s banister with a lush garland of festive pine branches and Christmas stockings. Tip: Mixed pine garlands are a great choice for transitional spaces, hallways, back entrances, and stairways, because they’re generally less expensive than other garlands, such as boxwood or magnolia.


Photographer: Jeff McNamara

For an ultra-modern look, ditch the old-school green tree in favor of an all-white artificial tree.

Photographer: Kindra Clineff

Paper luminaries are an inexpensive way to add holiday spirit to a home’s exterior, as well as shed additional light on snowy walkways. These homeowners used hot glue to attach lightweight starfish and shells to heavy-duty craft paper bags. Filled with sand and a single votive, these luminaries create a glowing front entrance.

Photographer: Jean Allsopp

Put away grandma’s traditional china and opt instead for plates in fun coastal colors. To add a touch of coastal, spray starfish and pinecones with metallic silver paint and scatter them along the table. Tip: The pinecones double as place card holders.


Photographer: David Hillegas

To update your tree’s swag, try a dressing it in a striking new color scheme, such as aqua and metallic. Glass balls and metallic ribbon are inexpensive replacements for your old-school green and red Christmas ornaments, and beachcombing finds ( this tree’s sprigs of dried coral and driftwood) can be tucked between branches to create a fuller effect.

Photographer: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Keep things easy. We absolutely love the metallic ornaments hung from this home’s dining room chandelier, as well as the homeowner’s creative starfish-themed centerpiece. Tip: For a creative and useful party gift, consider draping a bright wool scarf across the back of each chair.

Photographer: Becky Luigart-Stayner

For an under-the-sea tabletop theme, try looking for all-white plates, chargers, and candleholders that have the distressed look of shells. Paired with sea-urchin inspired glassware, a few clean white flower arrangements, and a simple aqua tablecloth, this table achieves a striking shore-side theme.


Photographer: David Hillegas

To give your gifts a nautical look, forgo the traditional red and green wrapping paper in favor of print paper that looks old-school nautical maps. To make printed paper stand out under the tree, pair with less-expensive solid-colored papers in metallic gold and soft blues. Give all your gifts a finished look by tying bows made of wide satin ribbon.

Photographer: Jean Allsopp

This dramatic display shimmers with holiday style. Using real or artificial paperwhite narcissus, secure plants in shiny galvanized tins and fill the top of each pot with textural Spanish moss. Display with gauzy fabric, glitter-dipped pinecones, and metallic ornaments to create an elegant, attention-grabbing display.

Photographer: Brian Vanden Brink

Try placing a miniature potted Christmas tree next to your front entrance. Guests will be ready for your festive holiday get-together before they even step inside!