DIY Scrabble Art For Kitchen

Fun DIY Scrabble Tile Art for Fall!

DIY Scrabble Art For Kitchen

This DIY Scrabble tile art is a fairly quick and easy project that is reversible and can be made with any word you wish.  Easy paint, crackle and distressed finish for your rustic, farmhouse and/or cottage decor.

I deliberately hand painted a pumpkin on one side and a …..

….leaf on the other in place of the A so that is not it.  I am not going to tell you, I am going to see if anyone can tell me in the comments.  I will fix it and insert a photo of the finalized project in a week or so.

I will go ahead share the step by step of creating these tiles.  I already have instructions here on the blog for painting the leaf and also one for how to paint a pumpkin.

Here is a tutorial for painting White Pumpkins as well.

Lets get started on our DIY Scrabble tile art…I used a 1″ x 6″ pine board, just plain ol lumber from our local lumberyard.  I trimmed it at 5.5″ intervals so they are nearly square.

  As you may know regular lumber may be called a 1 x 6 but it does not measure that.  You could also use a 2 x 6 for thicker tiles.

Or you can use wrapped canvas’, you will just need a way to stabilize them to stand a faux scrabble tile tray.  (I will come up with a DIY for that soon)

Once I had the squares cut I stained them with a dark oak stain, any dark stain will work.

Once the stain is dry I slapped on a bit of crackle medium.  Some use Elmer’s white glue but I prefer the consistency of a crackle medium.  Let the medium dry then paint on your top coat. CLICK here for an entire post on using Crackle Medium
I went with a white.  This is regular house interior latex. Nothing fancy, you can use craft paint as well.

Be careful as you brush on the white, the crackle medium re-activates and you will brush it right back off if you overwork putting on the white paint.  As the paint dries the crackles appear.

Let the white coat dry completely then take your sander or sand paper and sand each tile a bit to distress them, work a bit more around the edges.

Next trace on your letters and design.  I print out the letters with my printer using Microsoft Word then I transfer them to the tiles with graphite paper…

You can print out your own custom wording. I show you how to create wording for signs here.

You can see the faint outline on the tiles below.
Now paint your leaf and/or pumpkin on the one tile and the letters on the others. I painted in the letters using a filbert brush.

I decided to distress them a bit and add some shadowing but that is totally optional.

There you have your Fall Scrabble Tiles to add to your decor.
You can use them on your mantel, with a porch display or in a vignette on a table top…  Or even coasters if you put an exterior varathane finish on the. I Rustoleum Spar Urethane Outdoor.

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Happy Fall Painting!


39+ Sophisticated Diy Scrabble Art For Kitchen That Abound With Blissful Simplicity

DIY Scrabble Art For Kitchen
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I think when I state, you will agree with me:

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Here’s the offer:

Nowadays in this article, we’ve rounded-up 40 of our favorite diy scrabble art for kitchen for your motivation. Click about and provide your favorite one a try. Appreciate!

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I desire these studying diy scrabble art for kitchen Tips gave you some inspiration too. It’s been plenty of fun browsing these suggestions and letting my imagination fly!


18 Clever Scrabble Tile DIY Projects

DIY Scrabble Art For Kitchen

Scrabble is a classic game that all of us love, but did you know that they sell scrabble tile without the game board? Moreover, did you realize that you can make so many cool stuff with scrabble tile? Here are 18 amazing diy projects that you can make with scrabble tile. These scrabble tile DIY projects would make great gifts, party favors, and home decor items!

Scrabble Tile Mirror

If you have an old mirror laying around, rip off the frame and make your own mirror frame using plywood, lattice strip, and scrabble tile. This ultra-creative DIY mirror would look so cute in a nursery or a little kid’s room!

Scrabble Coasters

This really cute DIY coaster idea would be perfect for gifting or just keeping for yourself in your home!

Scrabble Tile Ornaments

All you need is pretty ribbon, hot glue (or glue dots), and scrabble tile to make these fun DIY ornaments!

Scrabble Tile Keychain

This little keychain DIY is something that your kids can easily make for a great gift for their parents, grandparents, or other loved ones.

Scrabble Tile Garden Markers

Glue scrabble tile on wooden garden markers to clearly label your herbs and vegetables. Fun!

Scrabble Tile Clothespin Magnets

This DIY project was made for a teacher, but you could make it for anyone. Paint a couple of clothespins and glue on scrabble tile on the front. Glue on magnets on the back and stick them up to hold papers, kid art, and more. Have your magnets spell out a favorite word for fun!

Magnetic Scrabble Tile Board

This is a fun and interactive DIY art idea that would be great for a playroom or an office. Put magnets on the back of scrabble tiles and put them on a magnetic board covered with old pages from a book. Then you can rearrange the scrabble tiles to create words and scrabble- word arrangements!

Father’s Day Scrabble Frame

This sweet Father’s Day gift is easy to make and is perfect for a dad who has a little girl who’s the apple of his eye. Actually, you could do the same thing to any frame and make any letter combinations you want!

Scrabble Tile Zipper Pull

Make a zipper pull with scrabble tile spelling out your child’s name or their favorite word and attach it to their backpack to personalize it in a fun way.

Scrabble Tile Acronym Magnets

Acronyms are fun to use, especially in these days of texting. Make these cute acronym magnets using scrabble tile and let your teenagers have fun using them. Actually, you might want to ask them about any new acronyms they might be using that you might not know about yet!

Scrabble Tile Pendant Necklace

Make this cute (and easy) pendant necklace with a special scrabble tile! Little girls would love a necklace with the initial of their first name.

Labels for Small Kitchen Appliances

Use scrabble tiles to organize your kitchen! What a lovely idea, especially for cubbies designed for your small kitchen appliances.

Scrabble Tile Menu Board

Paint a board with magnetic chalkboard paint, frame it, and add scrabble tile magnets for each day of the week. Presto, a very cute menu board that will look great in any kitchen!

Scrabble Tile Earrings

Make these sweet earrings with any two letters that you want to show off! X and O earrings are perfect for Valentine’s Day, but your initials would work just as well!

Scrabble Tile Cufflinks

This is another easy DIY project that’’s done with scrabble tile: initialized cufflinks!

Scrabble Wine Charms

Hosting a wine and cheese party soon? Designate a wine glass for every guest by making these scrabble tile wine charms!

Scrabble Tile Bathroom Floor

This is definitely an ambitious scrabble tile DIY project, but it would be an awesome addition to your home! Tile a bathroom floor entirely with scrabble tile and you’ll blow away every guest who uses your bathroom.

Scrabble Tile Cake Topper

Decorate a cake – a wedding cake or a birthday cake – with a cake topper spelling out the new couple’s last name or the birthday kid’s name!

What other scrabble tile projects have inspired you? Do share! For a bigger take on scrabble tile art, check out this awesome DIY family name art using wooden blocks that are painted to look large scrabble tiles!

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I also love to undertake DIY projects, find new recipes on Pinterest, and dream about someday finally completing our home. Above all, I love to learn about new things and sharing my new-found knowledge with others.

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DIY Scrabble Tile Wall Art

DIY Scrabble Art For Kitchen

Hey hey! I’m SO excited about this project!  And I have to say it felt awesome to be creative and crafty again. It’s been too long. Ha! But anyway, as the title of my post says, here’s the Scrabble  Tile Wall Art I created for Ellie’s nursery.

I’m in love!  It’s one of many projects I need to do in her room, but I’m off to a good start.  And I love it even more because when I was searching online a few months ago for baby bedding, I came across this site and this same thing was selling for $500!!! Yes, $500!

Immediately when I saw the price I knew it could be DIY’d for MUCH cheaper, so that is where my inspiration came from.  And if it’s ok to say this, I think I even my version better that only cost $63. 🙂

Yes, I said $63! Here’s how I did it.

Let me first say that the words in this crossword puzzle are the meaning of Ellie’s name.  She has a good name huh?  The only one that’s not is “love” but I just added that one.

 🙂  And I probably will build off of the other letters in the future too but for now I just wanted the meaning of her name up there.

So figure out a layout with your puzzle until you find one that works, then measure the wall it’s going on.

Then go to Home Depot and pick out a nice wood–you don’t want to go cheap on this part because you want the wood to look nice, and not have a lot of knots.  Remember you are trying to get the look of Scrabble tiles which are very smooth and light colored.

 I chose a select pine board called Radiata Pine. It’s super smooth and pretty. Then have the guys at Home Depot cut your “tiles” or squares. I decided for each square to be 8×8 in size so they cut me several squares (however many I needed for my puzzle).

Then I used my Silhouette machine and cut the vinyl letters and my images out and put on my tiles. Please know this part will be very time consuming. 🙂

If you notice on the puzzle from Posh Tots, they had an image that corresponded with the letter so I did the same thing because I d the idea.  So for my D I had a dog, E for elephant etc. So however many E’s I had, I printed out that many elephants at once.  Got it? 🙂 And the font I used for the letters is Arial Rounded.

Figuring out how to hang my puzzle on the wall was a little puzzling. *giggle*  Seriously it was though.

Finally, with my husband’s help, we figured an industrial strength velcro (which we already had) could maybe do the job, and it sure did! It worked perfectly and the tiles hang all straight.

But let me warn you–if you are worried about taking the paint off the wall when you remove it, don’t use velcro.

*EDITED 11/7/2012 – DO NOT USE VELCRO TO HANG THIS. The velcro lasted a few months with no problems, but a few of them have just fell down probably from temperature changes, so hanging with velcro is not recommended.  You need to find another method even if it takes 50 million nail holes in the wall.  Please hang at your own risk.*

This is what we used.

My brilliant and OCD husband hung them up for me. Remember when he hung up our gallery wall in the living room?  Yea, it was that again but this time way easier. 🙂

Sorry, awful Iphone night pic.

And once the 1st piece of velcro was on the wall, then he would attach 1 long piece of the other piece of velcro stuff on the back of the letters that were going to be hung.

That was a time saver because you can hang up several letters at once instead of individually.  He’s a smart one!

And that’s it–it’s really easy and SUPER cute.  And this doesn’t have to be just for a nursery. It’d be great in a gameroom, bedroom or even a family room.

Here’s a few more shots and closeups.

What do you think? Not bad for $63 vs. $500 huh?! This really is one of my favorite crafty projects to date by far!  I hope Ellie s it too. 🙂

EDITED 11/7/2012 – AGAIN, please do not use Velcro to attach to the wall.  It is not safe and will not last.  Please find another method of hanging the tiles and hang at your own risk.




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