DIY Mini Easter Terrariums

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  2. What You Need
  3. DIY Miniature Terrariums Made From Upcycled Things
  4. 1. Bunny jar terrarium
  5. 2. Moss and succulent terrariums
  6. 3. Miniature light bulb terrariums
  7. 4. Empty soy sauce bottle terrarium
  8. 5. African violet terrarium
  9. 6. Star Wars inspired Ewok terrarium
  10. 7. Wall hanging meter box succulent terrariu
  11. 8. Gumball machine terrarium
  12. 9. Vintage TV terrarium
  13. 10. Simple upcycled book terrarium
  14. 11. DIY French press terrarium
  15. 12. Glass butter dish succulent terrarium
  16. 13. Upcycled milk bottle terrarium
  17. 14. Painted rock terrarium
  18. 15. DIY terrarium necklace
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  21. Diy Easter Terrarium Honest Nod
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  25. Diy Small Living Plant Terra End 2015 Myt
  26. Diy Upcycled Spring Terrariums
  27. Terrarium Kit Diy Mushroom Included Naturalwoodland
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  30. Crowned Easter Eggs
  31. DIY Floral Easter Baskets
  32. DIY Easter Egg With Pressed Flowers
  33. Easter Egg Terrariums
  34. DIY Flower Decor Centerpiece
  35. DIY Floral Easter Baskets
  36. Floral-Painted Easter Eggs
  37. Decorative Floral Easter Basket
  38. DIY Floral Easter Egg Centerpiece
  39. Styrofoam Shaped Egg
  40. Floral Centerpiece
  41. Egg Vase Centerpiece
  42. DIY Hydrangea Eggs
  43. DIY Spring Easter Wreath
  44. DIY Easter Cake Topper
  45. Pastel Easter Table Decor
  46. DIY Floral Easter Eggs
  47. Easter Picnic Basket with Fresh Flowers
  48. Easter Bunny Place Setting
  49. What Are Some Easter Decorating Ideas For A Table Setting?
  50. How To Decorate Easter Eggs With Flowers
  51. More Easter Ideas
  52. 20 DIY Easter Gifts
  53. 44 Easy Easter Crafts 2020 – Fun Easter Sunday DIY Ideas for Kids
  54. 13 Incredible Ways to Reuse Plastic Easter Eggs
  55. Easter Egg Garland
  56. Tiny Terrariums
  57. DIY Wreath
  58. Wobbly Toys
  59. Mini Garden Display
  60. Holiday Lights
  61. Bird Feeder
  62. Crazy Caterpillar
  63. Rockin’ Maracas
  64. Paper Eggs
  65. Adorable Animals
  66. Easy Signage
  67. Candle Holders

Hop to It: A DIY Mason Jar Easter Fairy Garden Terrarium — Legally Crafty Blog

DIY Mini Easter Terrariums

With Easter just a few weeks away, your mind might be focused on all things Easter baskets, but make sure you don’t forget to think about something for your Easter dinner host. But, hey, why not make a little something for yourself while you’re at it?!

I’ve teamed up with Ball Mason Jars and Michaels to show you how to create DIY Mason Jar Easter Fairy Garden Terrariums using the fun special edition anniversary jars that are replicas of a 100-year-old design! This year we are headed to my parents for Easter and I don’t want to arrive empty handed, but I also still love decorating the house a little, even if we won’t be here Easter weekend. So, forget BOGO (buy one, get one) and try MOGO, make one, give one! By making two jars, I get to give one away and keep one for myself!

I’ve always loved using jars for all kinds of fun crafts, so although I received free products as a part of this partnership, all of my opinions and recommendations are my own.

I never recommend brands or products I don’t love! This post also contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we have recommended.

While clicking these links won't cost you any extra money, they will help us keep this site up and running!

What You Need

Once I had my crafty vision, I headed to Michaels. It was the perfect one-stop shop for all of the fairy garden terrarium supplies I needed. I had fun browsing a full aisle of Spring and Easter tiny treasures. When I went to grab my supplies, the whole collection was 50% off, so keep a lookout for sales or make sure to bring your Michaels coupon.

This project makes for a fun group activity, too. It’s easy to display the supplies in a dough bowl or other serving dishes, so everyone can quickly grab the supplies they need while creating their unique fairy garden jar. The best part? It can keep Easter guests of all ages entertained while the ham is in the oven!

Unscrew your quart sized mason jar. This unique anniversary edition jar is only available at Michaels and can be used for so many projects or you can serve your favorite Easter brunch drink in them as well! To get started on your garden, first add a layer of the rock to jar. If you have a larger item a tree, nest that in the rock layer for stability.

Next, start adding in a layer of moss. I picked up a multi-colored variety pack filled with a variety of styles and textures. The moss was the most expensive item on the supply list, but you can always use a Michael’s coupon to save a few dollars. The good news is, a lot goes a long way and I still have a bunch left over for future projects.

Even if you do the project with a group of friends or family, one bag should be plenty for everyone to share. Be sure to mix the different types of moss to create that eclectic feel. You may want to use some tongs or a popsicle stick to manipulate the placement of the moss.

You can add in additional rock if you’d , otherwise you are ready to start adding in figurines. To add a festive twist to these fairy gardens, I decided to keep them Easter themed. Michaels had a ton of different figurine options. I settled on a farmer bunny boy that paired perfectly with some flowers in a pail and another pot of flowers.

For the other jar, I chose a flocked bunny with a carrot and paired it up with a carrot welcome sign. If bunnies aren’t your jam, they had chicks, deer, and more cute Spring signage. You can always go the traditional fairy route, too!

Add in any additional moss until you feel your garden is complete! The great part about this project is that there’s no one right way to make it. Part of the beauty is all of the items mixed together. Screw back on the lid and your done!

I can’t wait to give one of these to my Mom! I know she’ll appreciate getting a homemade gift from me!


DIY Miniature Terrariums Made From Upcycled Things

DIY Mini Easter Terrariums

We know the holidays have only just ended and it’s not quite time for springtime crafts just yet, but sometimes we just need a DIY project that will bring a bit of bright, refreshing greenery into our lives! Where we come from, there are several months of winter still to come, so we’ve been looking for crafty ways to tide ourselves over until spring. That’s why we’ve been so taken with the idea of making simple terrariums! They’re a long lasting, low maintenance way to add plant life into a small space, especially if you make miniature versions or terrariums inside upcycle housewares.

Just in case you’re interested in making terrariums too, here are 15 different styles, kinds, and upcycling ideas that will help you make it happen!

1. Bunny jar terrarium

Are you the kind of crafter who s to pre-plan when it comes to seasonal crafts and, even though there are still some cold months left, you’re already thinking about spring in a big way? Then perhaps these little Easter time bunny terrariums are an idea you’d to stockpile until the time is right to make them! HGTV shows you how to create the container using a cleaned out mason jar and a painted rabbit toy. We love the way they included candy coated chocolate eggs inside to really drive the whole Easter greenery theme home.

2. Moss and succulent terrariums

Are you actually quite new to the idea of making terrariums so you’re in need of a little more step by step guidance than you’d need with some other DIY projects? Then here’s a great beginner’s tutorial to get you started! Brick and Vine shows you how to make a terrarium in a short, rounded glass vase, complete with some pebbles and succulents.

3. Miniature light bulb terrariums

When you said you wanted to make things with upcycled materials and in a miniature size, did you really mean it? In that case, we have a feeling this repurposed light bulb terrarium idea from King George Homes might be a little more up your alley! We love the way they tilted it on a small metal stand to make it stand up interestingly, letting you see everything inside from around the room. The seashell is a cute addition!

4. Empty soy sauce bottle terrarium

For your particular terrarium, are you really feeling you want to include upcycling, miniature sizes, and a little bit of kitsch? Then maybe you’d be best to try out this empty soy sauce bottle terrarium idea from Momo Barks instead! They’ve filled theirs with water so they can use a particular kind of plant, but you might choose air plants tiny succulents or simple moss and stones instead.

5. African violet terrarium

Are you fine with the idea of making a terrarium using plants that don’t last very long times and do require a little bit of care, so long as the plants are pretty and match your décor scheme? Then you might be the perfect person to make yourself a miniature jar garden featuring a stunning purple African violet, just  HGTV Gardens did here!

6. Star Wars inspired Ewok terrarium

Perhaps you’ve been toying with the idea of making yourself a little terrarium inside a simple glass fish tank but you’ve been trying to think of an easy idea to make it a little more unique than that? Well, if you’ve ever been a big fan of, or perhaps even just seen, the Star Wars movies, then we have a feeling you’ll enjoy this idea from Food Fun Family! They suggest putting a little Ewok toy inside, right in the centre, so the terrarium looks a scene right the movie.

7. Wall hanging meter box succulent terrariu

Do you have an old heat meter in your house that isn’t actually hooked up anymore and that you’ve been meaning to take down, but doing so will also mean you have to fix that spot on the wall? Well, maybe you should reuse the meter box for something decorative instead of ripping it right off? Check out how Design Project screwed a jar into the front where the reading meter used to be and created a little sand and cactus terrarium inside.

8. Gumball machine terrarium

Have you ever found an old fashioned piece at a yard sale or vintage store that could look really decorative but doesn’t really serve any purpose, so you’ve hesitated? Well, what if you reframed how you thought about it and transformed it into something else? That’s exactly what Doodle Birdie did when they transformed these vintage gumball machines into terrariums, filling the glass part that would normally hold the gumballs with plants and stones.

9. Vintage TV terrarium

Do you have an old piece that’s a lot bigger and that has been broken for years, but you just can’t bring yourself to throw vintage furniture out when you can probably find a way to transform it into something else? Then we have a feeling you’re going to love the way Apartment Therapy turned an old wooden framed TV stand into a very large terrarium! The screen becomes a green heaven inside.

10. Simple upcycled book terrarium

Have you always hesitated when it comes to throwing out or recycling books but you have a big hard cover that’s damaged and can’t be read anymore? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at this book terrarium from Recycled Interiors! They cut out a section in the middle and planted a tiny stone air plant garden right inside.

11. DIY French press terrarium

So far, are your favourite terrarium ideas definitely the ones that are made inside everyday household things that you totally have lying around, waiting to either be used or re-used? Then we have another great idea for you, particularly if you’re a big coffee connoisseur! Check out how Mother Earth News made a little terrarium that, because of the way it’s layered, will actually flourish.

12. Glass butter dish succulent terrarium

Have you had one of those delicate looking glass butter dishes lying around for a while, unused because you got a new one that keeps your butter fresher but not thrown out because it’s pretty enough looking that you just can’t part with it? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to love the upcycling job this Pinterest user did on theirs! We love how many different succulents appear here, all nestled together and visible perfectly through the glass lid.

13. Upcycled milk bottle terrarium

Have you taken great pains to establish a rustic chic aesthetic in your home and, with each new décor piece you add, you try to keep things along those lines so that everything is copasetic? Well, that’s shockingly easy when it comes to making terrariums since they can be me in almost literally anything glass! We love the way Doodle Birdie created this rock based layered terrarium inside a vintage glass milk bottle.

14. Painted rock terrarium

Are you actually so busy and living in such a cold place that you’re not sure you could even keep succulents or air plants alive, even in a durable miniature terrarium? Then maybe you’d be better off with a painted rock “terrarium” made in a glass vase or case the way Daschund in The Desert did here! They nestled some larger rocks painted to look succulents into a layer of smaller pebbles and even included a plastic figure for flare!

15. DIY terrarium necklace

Do you actually find the idea of a terrarium so relaxing and lovely that you almost wish you could keep one with you at all times? Well, if you make one small enough, you actually can! Cut Out and Keep guides you through the process of making a very miniature terrarium in a small glass vile, attached to a chain to be worn as a necklace. It’s refreshing and pretty!

Do you know someone who adores plant life and including DIY greenery in their home décor schemes but who could use a creative new piece that doesn’t require a lot of care? Share this post with them for some surprisingly easy inspiration!


38 Extremely Awesome Diy Mini Easter Terrariums That Will Give Your Home The Edge

DIY Mini Easter Terrariums
View in Gallery Sweet simple colorful easter terrariums

Deep down you know that it is true:

If only choosing a diy mini easter terrariums was so easy.

That is right…

…Our specialist will demonstrate the best layout for motivation and your ideas here.

This new post is all about ideas that are diy mini easter terrariums, and here you will find inspiration. Observe you about!. Locate a comfy chair, pour your-self a clean sit down elsewhere and commence pinning apart and dreaming! This can be the period to curl up your mind.

Information that is huge:

Here we find without spending a great deal of cash 38 quantity of fantastic a few ideas to provide your diy mini easter terrariums looks wonderful. The jobs are easy and provided with stage-by-step tutorials for your research, in order to fundamentally make them by your-self a T residence.

Below, will be the listing of photographs and wonderful pictures that we’ve supplied included in our complete of gallery of famous art for you. Please save and may it inspire you.

Terrarium Succulent Bowl Terrain Epcot Flower Garden Festival Diy Terrarium Live Moss Terrarium Natural Species Plans Forest Diy Life Love Larson Look Less Challenge Diy Succulent Cool Crafty Diy Holiday Gifts Can Make Yourself Build Your Own Mini Garden Terrarium Giveaway Natureworks Miniature Fairy Gardening

Please flag it for later or reveal it together with your friends if you appreciated this assortment of the inspirational diy mini easter terrariums gallery:

Turn Terrarium Into Miniature Egg Hunt Diy

With this page, you'll find info about turn terrarium into miniature egg hunt diy that we've gathered from various websites. Should you the picture, it is possible to see more images below. Please don't wait to see again and get ideas from our site.

View in Gallery Turn terrarium into miniature egg hunt diy View in Gallery Diy miniature terrariums made upcycled things

Diy Easter Terrarium Honest Nod

The image below is a gorgeous layout about diy easter terrarium honest nod. We have picked you from countless pictures accessible on the web. Check the picture out below for Inspiration.

View in Gallery Diy easter terrarium honest nod View in Gallery Please note diy easter terrarium View in Gallery Sweet simple colorful easter terrariums

Please Note Diy Easter Terrarium

How about our gallery about please note diy easter terrarium image above? Is which remarkable? I'll provide you with pictures that are a few underneath:

View in Gallery Please note diy easter terrarium

Sweet Simple Colorful Easter Terrariums

The image below is a stunning design about sweet simple colorful easter terrariums. We now have chosen you hundreds of pictures accessible on the internet. Check the image out below for Inspiration.

View in Gallery Sweet simple colorful easter terrariums View in Gallery Sweet simple colorful easter terrariums View in Gallery Diy upcycled spring terrariums

Spring Diy Terrarium Ideas Always Trend

Our gallery of spring diy terrarium ideas always trend suggestions has qualified advice guidance on everything before you create a start you you must know learn, from choosing the best one. A great spot to start is our gallery below budget and to get some ideas for each style.

View in Gallery Spring diy terrarium ideas always trend View in Gallery Easy diy miniature garden terrarium kit sea theme View in Gallery Diy star wars terrarium thanksgiving centerpiece View in Gallery Dollar tree diy easter terrarium View in Gallery Sweet simple colorful easter terrariums

Diy Small Living Plant Terra End 2015 Myt

The picture below is a stunning design about diy small living plant terra end 2015 myt. We have chosen you numerous images available on the internet. Have a look at the picture below for Inspiration.

View in Gallery Diy small living plant terra end 2015 myt

Diy Upcycled Spring Terrariums

Actually if you are unsure of where to begin with the diy upcycled spring terrariums or do not realize everything you are searching for, browsing our posts may be a great spot to get your start.

View in Gallery Diy upcycled spring terrariums View in Gallery Comment aliser terrarium dans bocal verre View in Gallery Musings vintage junkie diy miniature fairy garden View in Gallery Sweet simple colorful easter terrariums View in Gallery Make edible terrarium etsy journal View in Gallery Diy succulent terrariums View in Gallery Terrarium archives there back again mother View in Gallery Adorable miniature terrarium ideas try

Terrarium Kit Diy Mushroom Included Naturalwoodland

Our gallery of terrarium kit diy mushroom included naturalwoodland suggestions has qualified advice advice on whatever you need to know before you create a start, from locating the ideal one. A good spot to start is our gallery below budget and to get ideas for every style.

View in Gallery Terrarium kit diy mushroom included naturalwoodland View in Gallery Creative diy terrarium glass air plant containers View in Gallery Easy diy glass terrariums View in Gallery Diy upcycled spring terrariums View in Gallery Roosevelt terrariums portland terrariumsroosevelt View in Gallery Diy project indoor terrariums san luis obispo View in Gallery Natureworks miniature fairy gardening View in Gallery Make terrarium tos diy View in Gallery Build your own mini garden terrarium giveaway View in Gallery Cool crafty diy holiday gifts can make yourself View in Gallery Life love larson look less challenge diy succulent View in Gallery Live moss terrarium natural species plans forest diy View in Gallery Epcot flower garden festival diy terrarium View in Gallery Terrarium succulent bowl terrain

To summarize:

These ideas might be simply that which you might have been looking should you’ve been seeking the web for diy mini easter terrariums. From the photos that show an approach that is beautiful to, these pictures are sure to provide you with a thought and ideas.


DIY Easter Decoration Ideas With Flowers: Elevate Your Home

DIY Mini Easter Terrariums

All of these Easter decoration ideas are super simple! Learn how easy it is to use DIY flower decor all-around your home this spring.

I have been looking for some incredible Easter floral decor pieces that are the perfect way to show off some festive fun while also elevating the look throughout my home… And, I found them!

The Easter decorating pieces below are easy to make and will add the perfect amount of color to your room. These fun projects range from mini floral Easter basket arrangments to egg terrariums for a rustic feel and all things in between.

Easter Decoration Ideas To Transform Your Space

DIY Easter decorations are a great way to decorate your home, without overspending on decorations!

You can either grab a bouquet at the grocery store, find some faux blooms at your favorite craft store or even just go foraging in your garden.

I absolutely adore flowers in the spring! I think it’s the best way to celebrate rebirth and new starts. A bouquet of fresh flowers brings so much joy to my heart!

Personally, whimsical and elegant Easter flower arrangements are what I tend to reach for in our home!

That’s why I love this list so much! I don’t have a favorite DIY flower decor on this list, because all of these Easter decorating ideas are amazing!

Here are some amazing Easter decorating pieces that might fit your home style.

Crowned Easter Eggs

This DIY floral wreath crowned Easter eggs is a wonderful way to greet your guests at your dining table. This is a simple design that transforms the space in an elegant way.

Flax and Twine did an amazing job coming up with a simplistic design that will add something unique to your Easter table display.

DIY Floral Easter Baskets

If you enjoy pink and flowers, maybe consider this DIY mini floral Easterbaskets table decor! With a few wire vases and your favorite bundle of flowers, you can create a clean design.

Randi Garrett Designs shares a stunning Easter themed table decor idea to consider.

DIY Easter Egg With Pressed Flowers

You can use flowers and even leaves to decorate Easter eggs! This tutorial will share with you how to decorate an Easter egg with pressed flowers. What is so unique about this look The Magic Onions created is no two eggs will look the same.

Easter Egg Terrariums

Learn how to make Easter egg terrariums to give as gifts, or set out in a wooden box to add a pop of rustic Easter in your home decor. Or, take these terrariums The House That Lars Built shares and place at each plate at the table for each guest to take home with them.

DIY Flower Decor Centerpiece

This DIY Easter egg floral centerpiece is a simplistic take that will add the perfect amount of color to your table!

Lovely Indeed took a lot of thought into her egg floral centerpiece, from the ombre painted shells to the egg holder she placed those delicate eggshells in!

DIY Floral Easter Baskets

Check out this DIY floral Easter baskets tutorial! A sweet way to dress up a wooden basket in a hurry.

Set this out on a table to display or let your child wake up to a gorgeous basket full of goodies. Design Improvised did an incredible job on this Easter DIY floral basket.

Floral-Painted Easter Eggs

These floral eggs are absolutely stunning. Create some of these (or your own) designs on hard-boiled eggs for an elegant flair, or buy some clay eggs to paint, and use year after year.

Dream A Little Bigger created such a unique design here- I love it!

Decorative Floral Easter Basket

A floral Easter basket can really dress up your entryway table, dining table, or be an elegant Easter basket for the morning after the bunny arrives.

Either way, Jets Cafe shares an incredible way to take silk flowers and a basket and make it into something fantastic.

DIY Floral Easter Egg Centerpiece

I am swooning over this DIY floral Easter egg centerpiece.

Grab your favorite bushy flowers and add them into some mason jars, to hide behind the eggs. Craft Box Girls created such a quick and easy five-minute centerpiece that is gorgeous.

Styrofoam Shaped Egg

Grab a styrofoam shaped egg, and give it a makeover, with this DIY flower Easter eggs tutorial. You can create any color or design you want, gain inspiration from Pizzazzerie!

Floral Centerpiece

You can use real or artificial flowers for this Easter egg floral centerpiece tutorial. With a few vases and eggs, you can make a lasting way to dress up your home in a classy way.

Domestic Diva shares exactly how she made this centerpiece!

Egg Vase Centerpiece

Another centerpiece you can make and set up in your home is this egg vase centerpiece. Here is an option for using eggshells as vases for flowers.

The Merry Thought created a very stunning and simplistic design. Check out her tutorial!

DIY Hydrangea Eggs

Love Hydrangeas? Here is a Hydrangea egg craft to add that simplistic egg decor piece. These also make fun gifts for loved ones. Consumer Crafts share exactly how they made this hydrangea egg!

DIY Spring Easter Wreath

This DIY Spring Easter Wreath is a quick and easy craft to have finished to greet your guests! Best of all it doesn’t cost much to make. You can find everything you need at the dollar store and have it all ready in under 5 minutes!

The Happy Housie did an incredible job on this Easter wreath.

DIY Easter Cake Topper

Making a cake this Easter? Here is a really easy DIY Easter thyme bunny ear cake topper! Look at how much this elevated an already stunning cake. The Blondie Locks shares how she created this look!

Pastel Easter Table Decor

If pastel is your goal, you have to check out this perfect pastel Easter table idea. Every time I see this picture, my heart pitter-patters at the sheer beauty. I love the mix of colors- it just elevates the room.

Sugar and Cloth did a fantastic job on a simple but elegant table.

DIY Floral Easter Eggs

Gorgeous DIY floral Easter eggs make artificial flowers look good! Design Improvised took basic supplies and transformed them into a stunning display piece for your home or gift to a loved one.

Easter Picnic Basket with Fresh Flowers

This Easter picnic basket with fresh flowers is just absolutely breathtaking. She filled it with eggs to give it an Easter look.

You could use this on Easter for a creative way to greet guests! Paper n Stitch has some incredible design ideas on her site.

Easter Bunny Place Setting

How adorable is this curious bunny flower pot as Easter table decor? This is such a cute way to add name labels to each plate at your dinner table. Practically Functional had a wonderful idea she brought to life, to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

What Are Some Easter Decorating Ideas For A Table Setting?

In my personal opinion, simplicity is key!

You want a clean design that will offer a theme, but not overpower the table. I generally reach for flowers or even greenery to help dress up my table, but I also to make sure my dishes and napkins are festive as well.

Grab some pastel plates, a fun table runner and some flowers…and you are set!  As you can see from these Easter flower arrangements above, you have so many incredible options.

How To Decorate Easter Eggs With Flowers

I love decorating eggs in “grown-up” ways that go beyond just dip-dying them. Grab some fresh or even artificial flowers and decorate some eggs.

Here are my favorite ideas:

  • Hot glue a flower onto a dyed Easter egg.
  • Secure fresh flowers onto a wooden basket and fill with eggs.
  • With a little greenery and a wooden wreath base, you can create a one-of-a-kind Easter wreath in minutes.
  • Fill a vase with eggs and tuck in a flower arrangement in the center for a simplistic design.
  • Grab some flowers and leaves and make a pressed flower Easter egg.

As you can see when it comes to Easter and flowers the possibilities are endless. I hope you enjoyed these easy Easter decorating ideas for your home!

More Easter Ideas

Welcome spring with these beautiful Easter ideas.

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20 DIY Easter Gifts

DIY Mini Easter Terrariums

Easter is not usually a holiday of gift giving, but that doesn't mean you can't shower your loved ones with amazing treats. Some of these DIY gifts are perfect for kids and others would make great presents for your friends, coworkers, or neighbors.

1. Chalk Easter Egg

These egg-shaped chalk pieces from Crafts by Courtney are a great way to give kids a new fun activity to do this Easter.

2. Easter Bunny Tails

These bunny tail bags from Evermine Occasions make a perfect gift for everyone on your list. You can fill them with marshmallows or any other fluffy white treat.

3. Easter Egg Jelly Soaps

These soap eggs from Mad in Crafts are fun and useful, a great gift for adults and kids a.

4. Carrot Cake Mix Carrots

Carrot cake is the perfect treat for Easter. Give your loved ones the gift of delicious carrot cake with this cute mix from Crafts Unleashed.

5. Easter Bunny Lollipops

Give your friends a little taste of sweet with these cute lollipop covers from Studio DIY.

6. Test Tube Carrot

These test tube carrots from Dukes and Duchesses are a super cute way to deliver any orange candies to your loved ones.

7. Easter Kite Brooches

Add a little bit of adorable to your loved ones' holiday with these brooches from Handmade Charlotte.

8. Easter Egg Candy Boxes

Give your people what they really want with these fun chocolate boxes from Damask Love.

9. Carrot Orange Play-Dough

This play-dough from That's What Che Said will give your kids something fun to entertain them for hours.

10. Easter Chick Treats

These super cute chick treats from I Heart Naptime are an excellent Easter gift for everyone on your list.

11. Fluffy Bunny Tails

These fluffy bunny tail treats from Lil Luna are a fun treat for anyone!

12. Rock Candy Carrots

Who doesn't love rock candy? Turn your rock candy into a cute Easter treat with this tutorial from No Biggie.

13. Cadbury Cream Egg Bunnies

Cadbury creme eggs are always a great present to receive! Give them to your friends in the cutest package with this craft from Positively Splendid.

14. EOS Lip Balm Carrot

Keep your friends lips healthy with this cute and easy project from Cutefetti.

15. Peeps on a Stick

Keep your gifts easy but thoughtful with these peep kebabs from Crafts by Courtney.

16. Mini Easter Terrariums

These terrariums from Evermine Occasions will look cute on all of your friend's mantles.

17. Chocolate Easter Egg Soaps

Chocolate is one of the best parts of Easter. Give it to your friends in a unique form with these soaps from Minted Strawberry.

18. Carrot Nail Polish

New nail polish is a great gift for any girl. Give it in Easter form with this project from Cutefetti.

19. Egg Shaped Easter Soy Wax Candles

Candles are an easy gift to give to almost anyone. These ones from Look What I Made are perfect for Easter.

20. Bunny Bath Bombs

These bath bombs from A Pumpkin and a Princess a super cute way to pamper your loved ones this Easter.


44 Easy Easter Crafts 2020 – Fun Easter Sunday DIY Ideas for Kids

DIY Mini Easter Terrariums

2 of 44

Washi Tape Easter Egg Picture Frame

4 of 44

Easter Terrariums

6 of 44

Embroidery Hoop Bunny

7 of 44

Easter Egg Bouquet

Dye eggs in varying shades of pink — or whichever color you choose — and place them in a large vase to create an ombre effect. Add flowers for a seriously chic centerpiece.

How to Make Your Own Natural Easter Egg Dyes

10 of 44

DIY Paper Flowers

Fold cupcake liners in half and cut out petal and fringe shapes. Fold a piece of floral wire in half and twist around faux flower stamens. Poke the wire through the center of three to four paper liners. Wrap floral tape around the base of the liners and continue to wrap down the “stem.”


12 of 44

Chick & Lamb Easter Craft

13 of 44

Easter Bunny Cups and Bait

14 of 44

Paper Bunny Fruit Bags

15 of 44

Easter Egg Buddies

How sweet are these serene expressions? Using a fine-tip marker, draw on faces (eyelashes are everything, here). For the ears, create two loops with thin wire and hot-glue or tape to the back.

Alternatively, color the centers of half-sized popsicle sticks with a pink marker and attach.

To make the miniature flower crown, wrap a sprig of baby's breath to a wire circle and admire its beauty.

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Pom Pom Eggs

Let Scandinavian patterns inspire the next Easter egg decoration session. Just dab each pom pom into hot glue before applying.


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Peeps Place Card Holders

Sorry, these bunnies aren't edible. They're actually made clay, which means they'll last for years to come. (Though, who are we kidding? The shelf life of Peeps is pretty long, too.)

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Paper Hyacinths

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Marble Marvel

Your favorite nail polish hues, when mixed with water, become the perfect Easter egg dye bath. Combine with a coffee stirrer and then drag the egg through the mixture until it's thoroughly coated. Skip eating these beauties (eggshells are porous, so you don't want to eat nail polish!) and be sure to wear rubber gloves — it gets super messy!

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Peter Cottontail Garland

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DIY Bunny Place Card Holders

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Glitzy Eggs

Easter eggs or disco balls — you decide. Simply dip one end of an egg (or the whole thing!) in glue before placing into a bowl of fine or chunky glitter.

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Egg-cellent Place Cards

Personalize Easter dinner with these spray painted, initialed eggs. Stick on an uppercase letter from the craft store before taking the eggs outside for a thorough coat of spray paint (the color is up to you). After they're dry, simply peel the letters away and voilà — your tablescape just got way cuter.


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Pastel Egg Centerpiece

This centerpiece will leave anyone who walks through your front door breathless. Inspired by mini chocolate eggs, a regular white canvas becomes a pastel daydream with a few gold speckles added.

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Ribbon Napkin “Rings”

Bring a simple folded linen to life with a fresh tulip. Knot a 12-inch piece of ribbon around the cloth, then slip in the flower, and a printed place card for a table setting that embodies springtime.


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Eggshell Garland

Spring calls for lots of color. Pick your favorite ribbon and hot-glue it around the outside of clean shells. Add wet floral foam inside and finish it off with bright blooms.



13 Incredible Ways to Reuse Plastic Easter Eggs

DIY Mini Easter Terrariums

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Courtesy of Kim Six

Easter Egg Garland

A quick paint job, combined with colorful yarn in assorted hues, turns a few plastic Easter eggs into the perfect eye-catching décor for stringing together as garland. Kim Six, blogger behind The Kim Six Fix, chose a metallic bronze spray paint to coat her eggs, which really makes the color of the tassels pop.

When Easter’s over, make these clever desserts using leftover Easter candy.

Courtesy of The House That Lars Built

Tiny Terrariums

Terrariums are still as popular as ever, and these mini versions crafted by Brittany Watson Jepsen at The House That Lars Built are as simple to make as they are adorable. All you need are a few materials to get the job done, including clear plastic Easter eggs, moss and dirt.

Here are some houseplants that actually improve air quality.

Courtesy of Crazy Little Projects

DIY Wreath

An inexpensive Easter wreath that takes less than an hour to put together might sound too good to be true, but Amber Price of Crazy Little Projects proves it can be done. Choose any size styrofoam wreath—depending on how large or small you’d the wreath to be—and use hot glue to keep the plastic eggs in place.

Courtesy of Pink Stripey Socks

Wobbly Toys

Kids will love these adorable weebles all year round, not just during the Easter holiday. Leslie Manlapig, the mind behind Pink Stripey Socks, decorated her leftover plastic Easter eggs with Sharpies, pipe cleaners and felt, placing nickels inside each one so that they’ll stay true to their name and not fall down.

Courtesy of Alli Ward

Mini Garden Display

Alli Ward, blogger of Made with Happy, turned ordinary plastic Easter eggs into tiny table-top flower pots using hot glue to hold both halves of the eggs together. Fill them up with any small floral you’d , but keep in mind that you might need to remove part of the root ball to make sure the flowers fit.

Courtesy of Laura Silva

Holiday Lights

These whimsical plastic Easter egg string lights can be hung anywhere— the fire place or a doorway—since they’re made using a battery-powered LED light strand. Laura Silva, owner and editor of Laura’s Crafty Life, drilled a hole through each of the see-through plastic eggs she used before stringing them together.

Courtesy of Doug Scott

Bird Feeder

Take your bird watching experience to the next level with these simple and beautiful Easter egg birdseed ornaments, crafted by Doug Scott of Reedeem Your Ground. The bird-friendly treats are made with flour, water, corn syrup and birdseed, and molded using any extra plastic eggs you have lying around the house.

These bird nests are almost too pretty to eat.

Courtesy of Melanie Artz

Crazy Caterpillar

Just a few pipe cleaners and googly eyes transform a handful of plastic Easter egg tops and bottoms into sweet, colorful caterpillars. Originally designed by her child, Melanie Artz of Artzy Creations loves these so much because they’re not just fun for her kids to play with—they’re fun for them to make, too.

Courtesy of Dana Willard

Rockin’ Maracas

Keeping kids occupied while you’re cooking dinner has never been easier, thanks to these DIY maracas made by Dana Willard, blogger behind MADE Everyday. Using two plastic spoons, fill a plastic egg with popcorn kernels, cover in white tape and decorate with sharpies to make each of the musical instruments unique.

Courtesy of Sara Wellensiek

Paper Eggs

Papier-mâché is a timeless craft that kiddos and parents a can enjoy. Sara Wellensiek, blogger behind Mom Endeavors, used tissue paper, glue and ribbons to kick traditional plastic Easter egg decorations up a notch, turning them into papier-mâché perfection. Place the newly decorated eggs in a bowl, or scatter them around the house for kids to find.

Courtesy of ChiWei Ranck

Adorable Animals

If you’re handy with a crochet needle and have a little time to spare, you can turn a plastic Easter egg into an unbelievably cute pocket-sized Easter bunny. ChiWei Ranck, blogger behind One Dog Woof, made hers with yarn, felt and embroidery thread—she even provides a free crochet pattern so others can easily make it as well.

Courtesy of Shaunte Wadley

Easy Signage

Acrylic craft paint and colored ribbon give boring, plain Easter eggs just the right touch in this rustic DIY Easter greeting wall art by Shaunte Wadley, contributor for Consumer Crafts. Leaving them plain and letting the bright, cheerful colors speak for themselves is an option, but you can also write a fun message on the eggs using glitter alphabet stickers.

Courtesy of Laurie Reis and Nancy

Candle Holders

Laurie Reis and Nancy, the bloggers behind Two Sisters Crafting, make plastic Easter eggs look almost unrecognizable after treating them with glistening seed beads (you can find them at any local crafting store), and transforming them into elegant, festive candle holders. Whether you place them on the table or atop of a mantle, their stylish appearances will look anything but homemade.

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