10 Functional DIY Chalkboard Calendars

  1. Dry Erase Chalkboard Calendar… Fun, Funky, Functional and FABULOUS!
  2. Organizing Made Simple: Family Calendar Ideas
  3. Try These Top 10 DIY Chalkboard Art Tips To Increase Your Customer Traffic
  4. Where’s The Sale? Use Chalkboard Markers In Red And White!
  5. Why Not Make A Calendar Of Events As Your Chalkboard Art?
  6. How To Use Humor On Chalkboard Paper
  7. “Parts Of A Pie” Chalkboard For Restaurants
  8. You Can Tell Us What To Drink Using Chalkboard Wall Decor
  9. A Better Way To Tell Customers Where Your Bathroom Is Using Chalk Markers
  10. The Secret Is To Make Them Hungry For Cake Using Liquid Chalk Markers
  11. How To Get Your Customers To Make Their Own Chalkboard Art
  12. The Big Reason Why Chalkboard Paintings Are Social Media Friendly
  13. Does Your Business Have Clients Coming In For Chalkboard Meetings?
  14. Chalkboard Wall Calendar DIY
  15. 25 DIY Calendars And Planners To Start Off The New Year Organized
  16. 1. Easy 3D Printable Calendar
  17. 2. DIY Calendar Journal
  18. 3. Colorful Paint Sample Calendar
  19. 4. DIY Instagram Calendar
  20. 5. Upcycled Bicycle Wheel Chalkboard Calendar
  21. 6. DIY Canvas Calendar
  22. 7. DIY Perpetual Chalkboard Calendar
  23. 8. Wooden Cigar Box Calendar
  24. 9. DIY Photo Calendar
  25. 10. DIY Hand Stamped Wood Calendar
  26. 11. DIY Decorative Planner
  27. 12. DIY Masking Tape Calendar Wall
  28. 13. Kate Spade Inspired DIY Planner
  29. 14. DIY Leather Bound Planner
  30. 15. DIY Vintage Linen Wall Calendar
  31. 16. DIY Metallic Pocket Planners
  32. 17. Pencil Holder Perpetual Calendar
  33. 18. Perpetual Wooden Block Calendar
  34. 19. DIY Flip Up Perpetual Calendar
  35. 20. Easy Post It Note Calendar
  36. 21. Simple DIY Printable Calendar
  37. 22. DIY Postcard Calendar
  38. 23. Vintage Wood Hanger Calendar
  39. 24. Full Wall Chalkboard Calendar
  40. 25. Wood And Leather Tag Calendar
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Dry Erase Chalkboard Calendar… Fun, Funky, Functional and FABULOUS!

10 Functional DIY Chalkboard Calendars

I know many of you are new (ish) to our blog, and it’s easy for me to forget and assume that you remember every post and every project since the beginning of time Sawdust and Embryos. So in the interest of getting you up so speed on our kitchen calendar situation… let’s start from the beginning!

The walls in our kitchen have no texture, so we thought it would be so fun to make a calendar dry erase paint several years ago. In theory, it was a great idea…

But in reality… it was an epic design FAIL.

After about 6 months, it began  retracting and pulling away from our wall, along with the plaster behind it. It completely ruined our wall.

We toyed around with lots of different ideas for how to remedy the situation, yet still have a fun/funky/functional calendar.

That’s when I remembered that I’ve been wanting to do something with this frame from last years auction finds.

We took out the gaudy fruity print, checked to make sure it wasn’t worth any money, and pitched it! Then I did a little glazing with WHITE! (my fave!) I painted the gold detail solid white, but didn’t take any pics of that process.

The plan is to use the glass as a dry erase board, but I having the option of putting some pretty fabric behind it, or a fun print wrapping paper… you get the idea.

But Nick had the genius idea of painting the backboard using leftover chalkboard. (Because chalkboard art is SO COOL. Watch this sweet video) I having options. And LOVE having the option of changing things out every month!

For the month of March, I decided to utilize the chalkboard! And after doing a lot of font research, I decided on this design. Me-y the combination of different types of font!

In case you’re feeling curious… the fonts are as follows: MARCH: Lobster, OF: Bergamot Ornaments (letter x), 2013: Peake.

I printed this onto transparency and projected it onto my chalkboard, and lightly traced it on with chalk! (Here are some other projects we’ve used our overhead projector for!)

Then I got to have some serious fun.

All I used was chalk, a wet rag, and some q-tips!

There’s no tutorial for this part… just trial and error. And if you’re me… it’s FUN trial and error!

We decided to make the calendar ‘grid’ our quarter inch tape (that we use on our backsplashes), and shade in the squares so the days of the month are white.

Oh man. I LOVE it.

So then we popped it into the frame, along with the glass, and hung her on the wall… PERFECTLY covering our disgusting/damaged wall (which Nick claims he wants to eventually repair). The pictures of it installed in the frame aren’t as impressive because of the glare… but I assure you it looks AWESOME in person.

I wrote on the days of the month in black dry erase, and then added our activities using a color coding system and NEON dry erase markers… funnnnnnn!

It makes me feel jubilant every time I walk by it. Anybody want to get together for coffee so I can add it to me ‘schedule’?


Source: https://realitydaydream.com/dry-erase-chalkboard-calendar-fun-funky/

Organizing Made Simple: Family Calendar Ideas

10 Functional DIY Chalkboard Calendars

These family calendar ideas will help keep your family on track and on schedule while also serving as some serious eye candy. These calendar ideas give you the best of both worlds – form and function.

It’s back to school season, and around our home, things are about to get really hectic. With a husband who coaches and teaches and two daughters, it is essential that we are all on the same (calendar) page when it comes to our day to day lives.

One of the best methods we’ve come up with for doing so is a family calendar. For some of you, your heart just started beating a little faster, while others may feel a little queasy. Don’t worry—calendars really can be fun and I’ll show you how! I’m kinda obsessed with them myself!

Source: https://theturquoisehome.com/family-calendar-ideas/

Try These Top 10 DIY Chalkboard Art Tips To Increase Your Customer Traffic

10 Functional DIY Chalkboard Calendars

Did you know that liquid chalk markers can help attract customers and increase sales for your business? These days, businesses  restaurants, cafes and local shops are all competing to make their establishments the hippest and coolest spots in town.

In many neighborhoods, you can see a hipster cafe right around the corner with DIY chalkboard art projects everywhere. There is also a snazzy Italian restaurant down the road with chalk paintings on its walls.

Even the clothing store in the mall has chalkboard art adding life and color to its doors.

The many uses of liquid chalk markers and chalkboard art are not limited to home DIY projects, school art projects, and home organization. Chalk art can be great for businesses, too!

Discover the top ten ways that chalk markers can help improve customer traffic, brand engagement and even social media status. In no time at all, your food hub could be trending on social media platforms because of your eye-catching chalkboard art. Let me show you how!

Where’s The Sale? Use Chalkboard Markers In Red And White!

All you need to make a dominant sign is a sheet of chalkboard contact paper and a frameless chalkboard. Use huge, bold, capital letters and feature your brand’s logo.

Writing in red and white liquid chalk markers always attracts attention, but you can add your brand's own colors as well.

Does the sale have a special promo? Customers are drawn to percentage (%) signs such as “50% OFF!”

Why Not Make A Calendar Of Events As Your Chalkboard Art?

This DIY project is great for gaining followers and building customer loyalty.

Satisfied customers always come back for more eventually, but they will make a special point of visiting your establishment again soon if they can see that there's a whole month’s worth of goodies and treats waiting for them! Do you have a sale coming up next weekend? Use liquid chalk markers to promote it boldly in red. Then add a splash of another color to announce next Thursday’s special promotion on your chalkboard wall calendar.

How To Use Humor On Chalkboard Paper

Happy customers are the best customers, but you don’t need dazzling entertainment to cheer them up on a dreary day. According to Shop Keep, humor is the key, and humor can be found in the smallest things.

Just yesterday on my way to work, I was craving something sweet.

I happened to pass by a small pastry shop with a funny chalkboard paper sign on the glass window: “Come in and try the WORST donut EVER!” I was drawn in by the laugh, but I have to tell you, the donut was actually delish!

“Parts Of A Pie” Chalkboard For Restaurants

Have you ever gone into a restaurant where you order at the counter before taking your seat? In the hottest cafes today, customers can see the ingredients of every offering for themselves before placing their orders.

I recently visited such an establishment with a friend who is allergic to peanuts. Because of the huge chalkboard menu behind the counter, we could order a pie with confidence, knowing it was peanut-free.

Even their condiments had chalkboard labels on them listing the ingredients—so helpful for customers my friend!

You Can Tell Us What To Drink Using Chalkboard Wall Decor

Chalkboard wall art is perfect for cafes. By using chalkboards large and small in your cafe, you can decorate your walls, share favorite customer quotes and promote your brand.

Upon entering a local cafe recently, I was greeted with a huge chalk paint sign reading, “Welcome and enjoy our homemade brewed coffee.” Simple, yet it caught my attention.

Even though I had walked in without any inclination to have coffee, I immediately thought of ordering a cup.

A Better Way To Tell Customers Where Your Bathroom Is Using Chalk Markers

Chalkboard wall decor is great for attractive signs about your products and services, but it doesn't have to end there.

Put a smile on your customers' faces by replacing boring “Men” and “Women” bathroom signs with creative chalk art.

One Spanish restaurant features fun drawings of male and female Flamenco dancers on its bathroom doors. It’s simple but artistic, and it humorously jibes with the restaurant's theme.

The Secret Is To Make Them Hungry For Cake Using Liquid Chalk Markers

I once walked into a restaurant and had no idea what to order, but I saw that the whole place was decorated with images of the house specialty. You can do the same at your establishment.

Do you serve the best burger in town? Use chalk paint to draw a hot and tasty-looking burger on the tables, the menu and even the windows.

Such artwork is a great marketing strategy and an awesome way to communicate your business’ branding, .

How To Get Your Customers To Make Their Own Chalkboard Art

A great way to increase customer engagement is by letting them make their own art. While they are waiting for their dish, they can have fun by writing on the wall or window using chalk markers.

Think of it as customer engagement through shared ownership: By making mini DIY projects of their own, customers can help shape your establishment's image for the day! To make sure customers have a clear space to unleash their creativity, you can hang a picture frame (without the glass or board) on the chalkboard wall and place liquid chalk markers by its side. Post a question such as, “What do you love about our pizza?” Customers will write comments and even draw amazing pictures! Plus, this is a great way to get the kids settled down as they await the food they're starving for.

The Big Reason Why Chalkboard Paintings Are Social Media Friendly

It is important for any business today to be socially engaged online. Make sure you have a strong presence on all the relevant social media platforms.

Any business can easily get “follows” and “s” if customers know where to find it online. Let them know by displaying your social media info using chalkboard paper and chalkboard paintings.

As an added plus, they can tag your location and business to their pictures.

Does Your Business Have Clients Coming In For Chalkboard Meetings?

Chalkboards for restaurant function rooms are becoming an invaluable tool for professionals who can't let hunger get in the way of business. Clients can come to not only enjoy your food, but also discuss important projects and information.

What better way to help them brainstorm and solve problems? When it comes to the many benefits of installing a chalkboard for restaurants, function rooms are often overlooked, but it's a great way to help your customers get the most their time.

According to Lake Side Painting website, dry-erase chalkboards and and liquid chalk markers are much more aesthetically pleasing than traditional chalk and chalkboards.

Liquid chalk markers are not just limited to DIY projects for the home. Businesses can also benefit from using the simple tools of chalk paint and chalkboard menus. It is a simple but effective way to gain followers, market the brand, encourage social media engagement and increase sales!

There are establishments cafes and restaurants using chalkboard art already, and they are growing in number. Don’t get left behind! Amp your business branding and style now with chalkboard art by using liquid chalk markers today!

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Source: https://versachalk.com/blogs/cafes-and-restaurants/top-10-diy-chalkboard-art-tips-to-increase-your-customer-traffic

Chalkboard Wall Calendar DIY

10 Functional DIY Chalkboard Calendars

How To Make Oversize Chalkboard Wall Calendar

This is the time of year when everyone is talking about trends. Trends in food. Trends in fashion. Trends in décor. And trends in the DIY world.

We’re looking ahead to 2015, making forecasts and predictions; and looking back at 2014, evaluating what worked …

and what didn’t.

Then there are the stories and blog posts about trends that need to go away. Can you say coffee filter wreaths anyone?

I know chevron is on the chopping block. Though I’m not giving up on it in 2015.

I’ve heard mutterings about how crafting with mason jars must go. But I’m holding on to that trend. Fiercely.

And considering that I am currently in the midst of painting, distressing, and mailing out close to 60 mason jars ordered through my Etsy shop, I don’t think the mason jar trend is going anywhere but up in 2015.

Another trend some have started to mumble and grumble about – but I’m hanging on to fiercely as well — is chalkboard paint.

In fact, I might even go so far as to rename the blog, It All Started With {Chalkboard} Paint.

Source: https://www.itallstartedwithpaint.com/chalkboard-wall-calendar-diy/

25 DIY Calendars And Planners To Start Off The New Year Organized

10 Functional DIY Chalkboard Calendars

The New Year is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to start planning for it. One of the best things that you can do for yourself in 2018 is to get organized.

I know, that sounds scary, doesn’t it? It takes a lot of work to get yourself organized, and that’s doubly true when you have a family to take care of.

If you really want to start getting organized and making better use of your free time, I have a nice list of 25 DIY calendars and planners that will help you to get started.

Organization is one of my passions. To be perfectly honest, I’m not always together and totally organized. I let things fall through the cracks sometimes just anyone else but I do try to keep things neatly in place.

It just makes for a much more productive day if you begin with organization and these DIY planners and calendars are absolutely going to help you to make the most of your day.

If you really want to get organized in the New Year, be sure to take a look at these 60 plastic bin and drawer ideas for organization. They are going to save you so much time!

There is just so much joy in having an organized life. I do try to keep things in place as much as I can, which is often difficult when you have kids. School schedules alone can drive you nuts if you don’t keep up with them, which is why I love all of these DIY calendars and planners.

You won’t have to worry with missing appointments or forgetting special dates anymore. You can start the New Year off on the right foot and stay organized…and sane…all year long.

And, you’re really going to love these 25 organization ideas with file folders and magazine racks for helping you to keep things up and the way.

1. Easy 3D Printable Calendar

You make this great 3D calendar from cardstock and it makes the perfect gift. It’s great for keeping on your desk and there is no need to flip pages to turn from one month to the next. It’s all there – you just turn the calendar over to the month that you want to display. Just print the months off for the New Year and then assemble.

Tutorial: apieceofrainbow

2. DIY Calendar Journal

This little calendar journal is great and it is really easy to make. This would be such a wonderful gift or you can use it yourself to make notes of things that you want to do each day. Or give yourself a little motivational quote to look at each morning. The possibilities are endless and the finished product is just gorgeous.

Tutorial: witandwhistle

3. Colorful Paint Sample Calendar

Paint samples are so cheap – many stores may give them to you. Ask your local hardware store about samples of discontinued colors.

Anyway, you can use those paint samples to create this gorgeously colored calendar.

You just need a cheap frame from the Dollar Store and you can make this a dry erase calendar that is easy to change from month to month – and to keep your notes of important dates.

Tutorial: chicisms

4. DIY Instagram Calendar

This Instagram calendar is perfect for teenagers who love using the app. You just take your favorite Instagram photos and turn them into a desktop calendar.

This is such a neat idea and it is one of the easiest and cheapest DIY calendars that you could make.

You can use cardstock or construction paper to give your photos a backing and then just put them all together into this great little calendar.

Tutorial: abeautifulmess

5. Upcycled Bicycle Wheel Chalkboard Calendar

How adorable is this bicycle wheel turned calendar? I love the vintage look of it and this is a really simple calendar to make.

It is also a chalkboard calendar so you can easily change it out from week to week and you have plenty of room for keeping up with all of those appointments and meetings.

Kids will especially love this one -and it would make a wonderful gift. There are so many wonderful repurposing projects for old tires and wheels.

Tutorial: thistlewoodfarms

6. DIY Canvas Calendar

This canvas calendar is perfect for keeping appointment notes and other papers handy and organized. You make this from canvas and it runs from month to month so you change it up every month.

It is really easy to make and it is perfect for your home office or even the kitchen.

You could keep your bills right there on it right by the day that they are due and keep doctor’s appointment notes handy, too.

Tutorial: thriftycraftygirl.

7. DIY Perpetual Chalkboard Calendar

This perpetual chalkboard calendar is great because you can use it again and again. You just change out the month and days each month. Plus, there are little clothespins hanging at the bottom so that you can keep notes, bills and other important papers really close and on hand. And, this one only takes about an hour to make and that includes the time that it takes to dry.

Tutorial: curbly

8. Wooden Cigar Box Calendar

This wooden box calendar is great. Not only is it really easy to make but you can do the days of the months with index cards and they all store beautifully in a wooden box.

You could even build the box yourself if you wanted.

These types of calendars are great for leaving yourself a little motivational quote every morning or for when you really need to jot things down to keep your busy days organized.

Tutorial: relleomein

9. DIY Photo Calendar

Here is another beautiful photo calendar and this one is perfect for grandparents over the holidays or your Mom on Mother’s Day.

You just print off your favorite photos in black and white – or you could also do color if you prefer color – and then assemble the gorgeous calendar.

You could turn this into a hanging wall calendar or get a clear plastic box at the Dollar Store that is perfect for making your own photo cube calendar.

Tutorial: thepapercurator

10. DIY Hand Stamped Wood Calendar

What a wonderful calendar to add to your desk. This wooden calendar is stamped by hand and it is really pretty easy to DIY. You will need to hit up your local craft or hobby store for a few supplies a permanent ink stamping kit and an acrylic block. This one is actually much easier than it looks and it creates a gorgeous permanent calendar that makes a wonderful gift.

Tutorial: damasklove

11. DIY Decorative Planner

Take an ordinary planner, that you can get at the Dollar Tree for just a dollar, and turn it into a gorgeously decorative and personalized planner for yourself or someone special.

This one is super easy and you actually start with a planner that is already made, so your only task is to personalize it and add the decorative elements.

This would be a great stocking stuffer for the holidays or an anytime gift.

Tutorial: homeyohmy

12. DIY Masking Tape Calendar Wall

You can put your calendar right there on your wall – if you own your home, that is. Or, you could do this one on a canvas or a large poster board. You use masking tape to separate the days and weeks and there are so many wonderful colors and designs of tape these days so you can completely customize this one and make it totally unique. You gotta love those duct tape life hacks.

Tutorial: ohhhmhhh

13. Kate Spade Inspired DIY Planner

Kate Spade items are great but they are a little pricey. If you want something that looks the original Kate Spade but you don’t want to spend that kind of money getting it, check out this Kate Space inspired striped planner. You use an ordinary planner and duct tape to get the look and it really does look those Kate Spade planners that cost about $30 or more each.

Tutorial: personallyandrea

14. DIY Leather Bound Planner

Here is another great personalized planner that you can easily DIY. You just wrap an ordinary planner in leather. Well, it’s a bit more complex than that, but you get the picture. This one is super easy and it makes a beautiful planner that looks you spent upwards of $50 or more on it – and it makes a wonderful gift for anyone you know who loves (or needs) to stay organized.

Tutorial: theartofdoingstuff

15. DIY Vintage Linen Wall Calendar

My mother had a linen wall calendar hanging in the kitchen when I was growing up and I loved it. It had such a great old fashioned look to it. Now, you can make these linen calendars, which are absolutely the best gifts ever! These are so simple and you won’t spend long at all making one, so you have plenty of time to make one for all of your friends and family.

Tutorial: thesweetestoccasion

16. DIY Metallic Pocket Planners

Turn ordinary little notebooks into personalized pocket planners.

Everyone needs a tiny calendar to carry with them to remember important dates, right? I have one in my purse right now because you just never know when you need to jot down an important appointment.

These use permanent markers in metallic colors to add design to ordinary notebooks, and you can add calendar pages to turn them into pocket planners.

Tutorial: blushandjelly

17. Pencil Holder Perpetual Calendar

A perpetual calendar is great because you can use it month after month or week after week. It’s not one of those permanently labeled calendars that you have to throw out at the end of the year.

This perpetual calendar in particular doubles as a cool pencil or pen holder so it’s perfect for your desk – or the desk of your teenagers.

If you have students who need to remember important tests and other dates, this would be a wonderful calendar for them.

Tutorial: designsponge

18. Perpetual Wooden Block Calendar

How about a perpetual calendar that you make from wooden blocks? This one is really gorgeous and has a wonderful farmhouse quality to it. If you want something that is going to go well with your DIY farmhouse furniture and décor, then this one is definitely it. Plus, it is really easy to make and you don’t need a lot of supplies to make it. You may even have everything on hand already.

Tutorial: apartmenttherapy

19. DIY Flip Up Perpetual Calendar

This great calendar flips up so you can easily change the dates.

It is just the numbers, so for this one you will want to have a pretty good grasp on the month and the day of the week, but this is great for keeping by your desk so that you know what date to write on all of those important papers. Plus, it is super easy to make and you can do it in any number of colors to match your office décor.

Tutorial: tsprettynice

20. Easy Post It Note Calendar

When all else fails, grab the Post It notes. That’s always been my motto and it is certainly true when it comes to making this really great calendar. This one is so easy – you just use Post It notes to create a calendar on your wall.

Now, if you wanted to make this a bit sturdier and more permanent, you could downsize it just a bit and add it to a frame. Buy a cheap frame from your local thrift store and put your Post It notes on a piece of cardstock or poster board.

Tutorial: creatinglaura

21. Simple DIY Printable Calendar

If you want something really simple and easy, just print off your calendar. You can print calendar pages onto cardstock to make them sturdy and then use them to keep track of all of your important dates.

Printable calendars are great because they are really cheap and there are so many templates available so you can completely customize how your calendar looks.

Plus, you can add this great DIY tree stump calendar holder to give it a unique rustic look.

Tutorial: cleanandscentsible

22. DIY Postcard Calendar

Postcards are perfect for adding a bit of style and design to your DIY calendar. Take this one for instance. It uses postcards with the days of the week printed onto the back and you can store them in cardboard cartons that you buy fruits and veggies in. How very original! And, this one is really cheap, especially if you have postcards that you want to use.

Tutorial: designsponge

23. Vintage Wood Hanger Calendar

Create a calendar from an old wooden pants hanger? Yes, you can! This one is really cool and it is super easy to make. If you have kids who need to learn organization, this is a great project for them.

You just need a wooden pant hanger for each one that you create and if you don’t have any wooden pant hangers on hand, you can often find them at thrift stores in bundles of five or ten for a dollar or so.

It is always good to know a few hanger hacks.

Tutorial: themerrythought

24. Full Wall Chalkboard Calendar

How fun is this full wall calendar? You do this with chalkboard paint and it not only helps you to keep organized, it adds some décor to your hallway, kitchen or any other room you want to put it in.

I personally think that this would be perfect for an office – you will never again have to worry about forgetting an important date if you have it right there on the wall.

And it is a perpetual calendar so you can use it again and again, year after year.

Tutorial: ourfifthhouse

25. Wood And Leather Tag Calendar

This wood and leather calendar looks a gift tag and it is really easy to make. The wooden tag holds your calendar pages and the leather strip gives it such a unique gift tag look.

This one won’t take you long at all to make.

You just have to cut your tag a strip of plywood and then you will need to change out your calendar every week or month – or even year, however you want to print it off.

Tutorial: nalleshouse

Source: https://www.diyncrafts.com/35524/organization/25-diy-calendars-planners-start-off-new-year-organized

Framed Calendar and Memo Chalkboard | Sarah Ann

10 Functional DIY Chalkboard Calendars

Happy Monday! Is there such a thing? I am back with a fun DIY project that requires minimal skills and supplies but packs a functional decor punch.

You may or may not already know, but we homeschool, and since we don’t have a dedicated schoolroom, the kitchen table is where all the learning happens.

After years of primary colored school decor and silly puttying everything up on the wall, I decided to get a bit more sophisticated with our learning materials and make them part of our home’s decor.

Nothing says “school” more than a chalkboard and we do need a calendar and someplace to jot memos down, so I decided to make my own calendar/memo board chalkboard.

I had some leftover hardboard from our bathroom board and batten DIY (which I promise to post about, eventually…someday) and some random 1x3s laying around in the garage.

Being the highly methodical and perfectionistic person that I am, I just grabbed a piece of hardboard that was already cut and looked to be a good size and decided to cut the 1x4s to fit it.

If I don’t have to break out the circular saw, then my projects tend to actually get done.

After measuring out and cutting the boards I did a quick check to make sure that everything fit together and that the corners were nice and square.

I wanted my frame to look a little rustic, so I whacked away at it with both sides of a hammer until there were some nice dings and dents. I also laid a few random screws and nuts on the boards and hammered over them to give it even more character.

Then I flipped everything over, laid out my frame, positioned the hardboard on top and nailed it in from the back.

This is the part where the project sat in the garage for the next three weeks because it started to get hot outside (and only partly because I’m a major procrastinator). Anywho….after realizing that I could bring the chalkboard inside to paint, I, A) felt an idiot, and B) continued on with the project.

Now if you want to make things easier for yourself (and skip a step) you can paint your hardboard with chalkboard paint before you affix it to the frame. If you want to be me, you can not paint it and then nail everything together and have to tape off the frame with painter’s tape. So, yeah. That’s what I did next.

I painted three coats of chalkboard paint, letting it dry for four hours between each coat. I also stained my frame with two coats of Minwax stain in the color “Dark Walnut”. Love that stain! I think it’s my new favorite.

Once that was all dry, I used a measuring stick and pencil to draw out my lines for the calendar. Next, I busted out my handy paint pen and traced over the pencil lines, still using the measuring stick as a straight edge.

After the paint pen dried, I seasoned my chalkboard.

That’s where you run over the whole chalkboard with the long side of the chalk stick so that the first writings or drawings that you make don’t get scratched into the chalkboard surface permanently.

Now, I suggest using somewhat quality chalk for this part and not the leftover chalk that your kid got in his Sonic kid’s meal. It made some pretty gnarly scratches even though I was using the long side. Moving on!

I busted out the hand vacuum to suck up all the dust and ran a wet rag over it a few times to clean up any remaining chalk. And viola! Chalkboard calendar/memo board was complete!  I grabbed the rest of my crappy chalk and scribbled out the days of the month and a cute little homage to summertime. I can’t wait to decorate it each month and with the changing seasons.

Have a great week, everyone, and thanks for stopping by!

Source: https://www.littleredbrickhouse.com/diy-framed-calendar-memo-chalkboard