7 Modern Home Library Designs To Inspire

25 Stunning Home Library Design Ideas

7 Modern Home Library Designs To Inspire

  • Courtesy of Kvart BlogIt's true, we live in a time when things that appear on video screens get more attention than things that appear written on a page. Even so, there is still nothing better at the end of a long day, or the beginning of a long weekend, than to curl up with a good book. Grab an old favorite, hit the couch, and tune out for a few hours with a snack or your favorite drink.Some of us take it a step further. Our books are more than a hobby or coffee table dressing, they're a passion, and any other collection curated over years and years, the books in our homes deserve more than just storage. They should be displayed and celebrated in home libraries that are as beautiful as every other room. If you're looking to create a shrine to the written word for your own home here are some inspirational masterpieces that will get you going.Continue to 2 of 25 below.
  • Bo Bedreany room in your home, much of the feeling and style of your library will be determined by the furniture you put in. If you want to add a dash of elegance to your book area, start with something simple a few classic chairs. Continue to 3 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of Glam ShelfThe most important part of enjoying your library isn't the books—it's the seating. Comfort is king when you're slipping away into the world of words, so if you've got the space, building a reading nook into your shelving is a natural choice and a great way to save space. Best of all, you'll have no trouble at all breezing through your reading list when all of your books are right there at your fingertips.Continue to 4 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of Loom BrandTo give your home office or book area that real library feel will take more than stacks and rows of books. Give your space a little extra personality by always being sure to have some art in the mix. In this space, the artwork is hung directly on the bookshelf, making everything part of the same display.Continue to 5 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of Camille StylesStorage is always an important part of keeping every room in your home looking its best. If your book collection isn't quite enough to take up every inch of shelf space that you have allocated, it's OK to donate space to other items you have that are in need of a permanent home.The key to keeping it all looking good is to keep clear divisions between the types of things that you have on your shelves. A stack of bowls in the middle of your collection of biographies is not going to give you a curated look. Keep things in separate areas and keep each area neat and tidy. Other good ideas include finding ways to link your bookshelves to the rest of the room via color as this room does with its use of red on the shelves and in the seating. Also, note the built-in nook for the love seat.Continue to 6 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of YoyoA home office is a perfect spot to pick for a home library. Even if every book on the shelf isn't dedicated to business, it's a wonderful place for a bit of peace while you're reading. Also, when break times eventually do come around, you won't have to go far to find a way to pass the time.Continue to 7 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of Home Decor LibraryColor is as important for designing an alluring library as it would be in any other space. While browns and blacks are wonderful colors to choose from, you're hardly limited to these when planning out your space. This space offers a beautiful look at what can happen with even a simple combination of blue and brown. The mix of ​warm and cool colors in this space strikes a perfect tone of balance.Continue to 8 of 25 below.
  • Jessica Gordon RyanLibraries need to be quiet, not boring. Visually, you can have as much fun as you . This space makes the most of its color palette with a bold, energizing green accented by fun seating in leopard prints. The combination of green and yellow is a classic, and the fun prints help to ensure that there's more to look at in this library than the books.Continue to 9 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of Fandom CentralEven the largest book collections can be stylishly displayed with enough space and the right planning. For the book lover extraordinaire, this wrap-around bookshelf is a dream come true. When putting together storage for a very large number of books, white is a good choice of color to keep everything looking clean and modern.Continue to 10 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of Crush Cul De SacA library can be an ideal complement to classic architectural moments in your home. A luxury feature of fine homes for centuries, it's a great way to make the most some of your home's most interesting areas.Continue to 11 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of The Cool HungerThis is another intriguing example of how a library can take advantage of the architecture of a classically-constructed home.Continue to 12 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of Bookshelf PornIf purchasing bookshelves isn't giving you all of the space you need or if they just don't fit into the space that you have, consider building your own. Though slightly more labor-intensive, custom-made shelving offers a number of advantages to the industrious homeowner who is willing to either build them or commission their construction. The most important of these is the flexibility to adjust to small spaces or awkward angles. If you find yourself in a position where you can't build across, build up.Continue to 13 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of SF Girl By BayEven though the emphasis in any library will always be on the books, you have more options when it comes to bringing color into the space than stacks of books arranged by color or painting the shelves. All of the pieces that you use to furnish and accessorize your space can add to the color story of the room. In this library, it's the pretty pink chaise lounge and colorful Moroccan boucherouite rug that give this room its colorful character.Continue to 14 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of ArkpadIn this space, it's the vibrant red table that takes center stage, accentuated by yet another colorful rug. Decorate your home library with as much life and vibrancy in the furniture, rugs, and textiles as you would any other room in your home and you're guaranteed to have a library space you're going to love.Continue to 15 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of DecorPadIf you're big on books but low on space, one option is to keep the reading area separate by using a curtain. In this home, a simple green curtain is all it takes to create a hideaway library that can appear and disappear whenever it's needed.Continue to 16 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of Decouvrir DesignIf your collection of books is sufficiently colorful, you can build your bookshelves from floor to ceiling, using your library as a kind of makeshift wallpaper.Continue to 17 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of BuzzfeedBookshelves don't have to be just for displaying racks of books. Collections of all sorts can find a place in your library. So take a few rows to set aside for showcasing other things that you love. It will make the best use of your storage and give your library some character as well.Continue to 18 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of DecofeelingsOne of the main reasons why classics remain classics is that they can fit into almost any situation, and when it comes to color palettes, there's nothing more classic than black and white. This full library space maintains a clean and modern look with a color story that is simplicity itself.Continue to 19 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of Decorar Una CasaOf course if classic and conservative isn't your thing, there's always colorful and bold. The pink, gray, and blue color palette of this space is just the thing for a lively, energetic library where you can read and read and not fall asleep.Continue to 20 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of DezeenThis two-story book unit is a marvel of built-in architecture that any book-lover would adore. On the other hand, getting to some of the books on the highest levels might be a little tricky.Continue to 21 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of VantageTurn your book collection on its ear with beautiful shelves built on a diagonal. With just a slight turn, these bookshelves add a bold geometric pattern to the walls that brings instant interest to the room.Continue to 22 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of Kvart BlogWhile to some purists mixing a television in amongst the books would be the height of sacrilege, for most of us it's just a fact of life. To address these logistics with a bit of style, mount your television inside your entertainment center to give it the look of framed wall art and the feel of being just one more piece in your collection.Continue to 23 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of Marcus DesignEven if your books are not color-coordinated, it's still possible to create layers of color in your space. In this room, just one purple chair is all it takes to make every other purple moment—and even a few of the pink—burst off of the shelves. Continue to 24 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of Nuevo EstiloWhether it's your book club or a business meeting, a long table in a home library or study is unly to go unused. In this space, a bright, lacquered red table provides plenty of space for a group study session or an epic all-nighter.Continue to 25 of 25 below.
  • Courtesy of The UrbanitesSometimes the best way to bring out what you have on your walls is through what you put on the floor. The bar pattern on this black and white rug echoes the pattern of the books on the shelves. At the same time, the neutral colors of the rug help taper down some of the brighter colors on the shelves. With a bit of art and a few eye-catching accessories thrown in, this is a colorful and stylish place to dive into a good book.

Source: https://www.thespruce.com/home-library-design-ideas-4129190

A well designed home office will most certainly set the stage for higher productivity, but why not get creative, try incorporating a personalized library into your space. This can be a set of shelves above your desk, a built-in library with a ladder or just a single unit purchased from IKEA.

You are only confined by the space that you have available and the budget that you set for yourself for this space. If you are a DIY’er, then you are only limited by your imagination and your skill set. Have a look through the collection of cozy home office spaces with integrated libraries. We hope that you will get some inspiration to design your own personal office.

With varying styles, there are a lot of creative ideas, so please enjoy!

When planning your home office, the functions that are needed in this space will help to determine how much space you need. Think about the use and plan ahead. If you are needing storage, you may wish to work with a cabinet designer to custom create built-in bookcases to store your collection. You may also want a built-in desk storage system.

You also want to consider lighting and electricity. Look around at the lay your space to ensure you have the proper amount of task lighting. A central light fixture might be enough, but you may also want a desk lamp. For built-in bookcases, you may want to consider puck lights.

Also, access to power outlets need to be in locations that will work for computer equipment and plug-in fixtures.

Tell us: Which home office most inspires you? Please let us know in the comments below!

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Above: Here is the designer’s description of the home office project she worked on for her clients: “I began with choosing the perfect color for the back of the custom shelving we put into the main wall which once housed a wooden cabinet and some end tables that served as makeshift station for the printer and supplies.

Teal is an exciting color, but because it is in the cool spectrum of color, is still very soothing. I wanted it to work within the space effortlessly, as opposed to being a distraction.

We decided to make the desk part of the built in system, and have it function as a “partners desk” so that it could be shared if the couple wanted to work in the office in at the same time.”

Above: A palette of white, green and a hint of blue creates a stunning home office. Home offices can be tricky to style with technical details and office items to store.

Try using a starting point to your design scheme, was done in this office with the leafy area rug. Its fresh and vibrant, and adds a nod to Mother Nature. The window seat was covered with a Sunbrella velvet fabric for durability.

Swivel chairs allow communication within the space. This paint color is Benjamin Moore French Canvas.

Above: A Canadian timber frame home features a home office with loft library.

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Above: This modern home office features built-ins highlight with C2 Paint’s Espionage (C2_742). You can find it here.

Above: This stunning Denver, Colorado home office is 15′-7″ x 10′-9″ (built-in is 12′-0″ x 1′-6″, desk extends 6′ beyond the built-in). Notable features: For the ceiling, the designer selected two color ways of wall covering to achieve this aesthetic. Source: Harlequin Delphine Beatrice. The area rugs were selected from Pottery Barn.

The chairs were sourced online from Target. The paint color on the cabinetry and desk is Kwal Fossil Dust CLW1043W, here. The flooring is solid hardwood, 5″ planks sourced from Kentwood. The light fixture was sourced from Global Views. The drapery panels were custom made from the designer’s local drapery workroom.

Finally, the hardware was sourced from one of our favorites, Anthropologie!

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Modern Home Library Designs That Know How To Stand Out

7 Modern Home Library Designs To Inspire

When designing a home library a few things need to be taken into consideration. The location is one of them. The library can be a separate room or it can be a portion of a larger floor plan that also includes the living room for example.

Then there’s the layout which can take many forms. A variety of other details each play their role in the overall design and structure of a home library.

Next, we’ll take a look at a few inspiring designs created by talented architects and designers so we can have a better understanding of this concept.

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The home library that Coy Yiontis Architects designed for this Australian home is part of a shared space that also includes the living room. It became a part of the house after the interior has been reconfigured and redesigned. It has a wall bookcase able to accommodate a large collection and comfortable seating nearby.

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Zminkowska De Boise Architects came up with a completely different design when structuring this London residence. Here, the home library is a semi-private nook that can be accessed via a set of stairs with built-in storage for books. It has a circular layout and tons of natural light coming through the bay windows.

View in gallery

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In an effort to save space and to maximize functionality, Maxwan Architects + Urbanists came up with the idea for a staircase home library. Basically, the whole idea is that the suspended staircase forms a set of wall-mounted shelves on the adjacent wall and they all hold a book collection. The steps can be used as seating areas.

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Another interesting design is proposed by British design studio Craft Design. They created a graphical combination between a staircase and a bookcase for a residence in Camden. The gable-end wall of the house is covered with bookshelves and some extends outward to form a set of stairs that offer access to a loft space containing the sleeping area.

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The combination between staircases and bookshelves is quite common, especially in modern architecture and interior design. A beautiful example was created by architect Akihisa Hirata for a small Tokyo home. This design combines a spiral staircase and a series of wall-mounted shelves.

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Shift Architecture Urbanism is the team responsible for another inspiring bookcase-staircase combo.

This time the bookcase covers a large wall from top to bottom and the staircase is an attachment designed to offer access to some of the shelves and to the reading nook at the top.

And since this is a double-height space, a second staircase was introduced and it too is attached to the bookcase wall.

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When a home library features an entire wall covered in bookshelves, a solution has to be found when it comes to reaching the upper shelves. Singapore-based architects Juliana & Tristan chose to use a simple ladder for this purpose. It has castors and it’s attached to the upper shelves.

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A home library doesn’t have to a separate room and not even a separate nook. It can simply be a feature in an area such as the bedroom, just OFIS Architects created for this house in Slovenia. The home library is, in this case, a set of wall shelves and the user can sit on the bed to read them.

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The Hawthorn House designed by AM Architecture has a very cozy and inviting home library. The design is interesting because this space combines two functions. The wooden wall unit is a defining feature of the home library while the seating area is the focal point of the living room.

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A similar concept was used by Boora Architects when designing this residence located in Portland. In this case, the wall unit is expansive and has a graphical, geometric design. It features hexagonal and triangular storage compartments and it’s the focal point of the living room.

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A geometric approach was also used by the Byn Studio team when designing Daga Cafe in Shanghai, China. This place was envisioned a cozy home and it even has a reading nook with an eye-catching system of wall shelves of different shapes and sizes arranged in an apparently random pattern.

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It’s common for large living rooms to include a bookcase wall. Usually, the wall unit also includes a desk of some sorts, in the case of the Library House by Khosla Associates. This configuration allows a single space to combine multiple functions and ca also be adapted for smaller areas.

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The Library House located in Tochigi, Japan was a project by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates and its name is pretty suggestive. As you might expect, the house has an extensive book collection displayed on a large bookcase that covers an entire wall. The unit was carved out to reveal a doorway.

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When designing the Profile House, Black Line One X Architecture Studio decided to pay special attention to the home library. The team envisioned this space as a welcoming room with a simple wall bookcase, a minimalist sofa and a vintage chair in the corner, next to the full height window.

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In the case of the Pitch House by Iñaqui Carnicero, things went a little differently. By that we mean that the living area has a tall wall niche in the form of a bookcase and that the sofas can also be used as seating for those that want to relax while reading a book. Large windows provide enough natural light for this activity to be a very pleasant one.

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In addition to the living room-home library combo, there’s another configuration that seems to be very practical. It’s the one adopted by Hideaki Takayahagi when designing this narrow house in Tokyo. Inside there’s a small room that functions as a home office and it has bookshelves on two walls which also allow the space to double as a home library.

Source: https://www.homedit.com/modern-home-library-ideas/

45 Home Library Design Ideas – Best Designer Libraries to Try

7 Modern Home Library Designs To Inspire

Studio Seilern

Having a home library is the ultimate dream, for you, for Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and certainly for me, which isn't surprising considering that I write about design for a living (words plus interiors, sign me up).

But really, who doesn't want a special room dedicated to D.E.A.R.

time? That's “Drop Everything and Read” for anyone who doesn't remember this very cherished thirty-five minute staple in grade school curriculums, where you could show off your book fair loot.

So we rounded up a collection of 45 chic home libraries, and they are so much more stylish than the average book pile. Whether your home is traditional, modern, or somewhere in between, we've got the ultimate book-curation inspiration with these book storage and home library design ideas ahead.

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Hang Artwork

“The room doesn't get a lot of light, so I decided to make it cozy and turned it into an English-style portrait room, which is ridiculous, but fun,” says celebrity chef Alex Hitz.

He lined his study with books from floor to ceiling and then hung a portrait of his friend Nan Kempner by Peter Rogers.

Across from the armchairs is a statement wall upholstered Gastón y Daniela's Tree of Life fabric.

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Make It Modern

From the inky stained wood to the modern side chair and clean-lined ladder, this home library designed by Fiona Lynch is a gorgeous contemporary take on traditional design.

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Hide It

This library designed by Studio Seilern has so many glorious hidden quirks. In fact, the room itself is a secret, as you enter through a door disguised as a bookshelf. And though there are only two levels, the mirrored ceiling gives the illusion of a never-ending tower of books.

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Choose Sculptural Shelves

Display your books on sculptural etageres and shelving units instead of opting for the classic built-in look. If anything in this world deserves to be on a beautiful pedestal, it's your books.

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Try an Academic Vibe

Give it a scholarly twist with globes sprinkled into the mix and then continue the retro-inspired feel (plus save some money) by repurposing old bottles as decor.

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Choose On-Theme Wallpaper

The book-print wallpaper sets the cozy scene in this reading nook designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

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Bring Them to Bed

In this bedroom designed by Tamsin Johnson, the elaborate, moody bookshelf contrasts with the modern bedskirt and pale blush pink and white color scheme. Take note if you don't have a separate room dedicated to books but still want your collection to have a special home.

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Tulip Table

Bailey McCarthy gave a Texas home's ungainly addition a new feel by replacing plain walls with white-oak millwork. The '70s amber-glass tulip table with swivel chairs, found on 1stdibs, is the family's favorite spot for game night.

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Install Modular Shelves

Opt for a modular shelving system for a clean, linear aesthetic, as exemplified in this space designed by Hecker Guthrie. It's perfect for a home study, where storage is of utmost importance.

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Have Fun

This modern home library went wild with print, pattern, texture, and more. The leather chesterfield sofa asserts a timeless look, and is a classic choice for a study, while the blue velvet chairs and glass table feel decidedly modern.

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Blend In

In this contemporary California sitting room designed by Corinne Mathern, the library collection complements the neutral, earth-toned color scheme throughout the space. The decorative items adorning the bookshelves also create visual flow so that the built-ins feel they're fully integrated.

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Use All Available Wall Space

No space goes unused in this eye-catching study. The built-in cubbies framing the doorway and under the stairs create visual impact and keep useable floor space clutter-free.

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Mirror the Ceilings

Mirroring your ceiling will make a small home library feel larger while also adding a modern touch. Take note from this one designed by Tamsin Johnson.

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Find Good Reading Light

Set up a cozy reading nook near your book collection and a window with good light. A comfy chair, lamp, and a side table for a mug officially designate it as a reading spot.

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Transform a Nook

If you have a little architectural quirk this empty nook in a space designed by Arent & Pyke, put it to use by building in some floating shelves.

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Make It Multi-Purpose

This NYC dining room features wall-to-wall bookshelves so the space can be used as a formal entertaining area as well as a study.

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Use Lacquer

Cameron Ruppert Interiors transformed this dining room and its shelves into a jewel box, thanks to the vibrant, reflective blue lacquer. It pops out against the animal-print carpet and floral wallpaper in the distance.

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Store Under the Seat

Customize seating with open storage for books in a small study, guest room, or even an entry way.

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Bring It to the Ceiling

Similarly, if you don't have enough space to store all your books but do have super high ceilings, use that vertical space! Here Crosby Studios broke up the powdery blue monochrome with a white cubby lining the tippy-top of the wall.

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When in Doubt, Go Red

“Nothing transports a deep red room,” says designer Mary McDonald of the sumptuous library in a Beverly Hills home. The window was covered with a bamboo shade to create an artful backdrop for the photograph by Augusta Wood.

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Douse in Lime

In a bold Nantucket home, designer Gary McBournie transformed a former bedroom into a library with the help of a memorable fabric by Bob Collins & Sons. The space includes hidden doors that lead to a full bathroom and closet.

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Build Around Architectural Quirks

In this bedroom designed by Cameron Ruppert Interiors, the bookshelves are built to accomodate architectural quirks, tracing the shape the sloped ceiling. And it's strategically located right next to the window reading nook.

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Span Two Levels

In this formal loft by Maltsev Design, the book shelves stretch all the up the high ceilings that span two levels, accentuating its height even further.

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Throw in Velvety Texture

“I wanted it to feel being wrapped in a warm blanket,” says Melissa Rufty of this Southern library. Plush fabrics velvet and faux fur complement walls in Benjamin Moore's Mink. Rufty also designed the coffee table and had it custom painted with a faux-horn effect.

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Build Lacquered Shelves

In a New York home, custom chairs flank a sofa in a Claremont mohair, its vibrant hue playing off bookshelves lacquered in a custom color by Fine Paints of Europe.

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Work Around a Mantel

A Victorian fireplace became the building block for an Atlanta library. Shon Parker embellished the small space — separated with a curtain in a Kravet silk — by covering the walls in a Thibaut paper. A geometric wallpaper from Cole & Son also peeks through between the ceiling beams.

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Make the Shelves Interesting

In Ellen Niven's Long Island house, bookcase arches in the library mimic Belgian castle windows. Niven adores the leather-bound books she inherited, but says, “I didn't want the room to be dark or stiff,” so she introduced inviting colors to make it a favorite retreat.

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Include Midcentury Furniture

Wesley Moon refreshed a dated interior by installing built-in shelves around a custom sofa. The wool tartan upholstery by Holland & Sherry matches a geometric Stark carpet. The Eames chair is covered in a navy boiled wool.

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Add Energy with Orange

The unconventional but so elegant combination of blue and orange adds interest to a Georgian revival home's study. The sofa and armchairs are upholstered in a Jasper stripe for a timeless look.

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Go Sexy-Sedate

Chloe Warner used animal patterns throughout a California home, including Stark Antelope carpet in a reading nook, to create continuity. The stately blue paired with the antelope print is funky fun look.

Source: https://www.housebeautiful.com/room-decorating/home-library-office/g696/designer-libraries/

15 Home Library Design Ideas – Best Designer Libraries

7 Modern Home Library Designs To Inspire

Alexandre Bailhache

Often reserved for rest and leisure, home libraries offer more intimacy than public and university libraries without sacrificing the splendor and elegance.

From classic paneled walls to blue lacquered ceilings, these home library ideas will help you create a stylish yet cozy space for unwinding and for showcasing treasured tomes.

Use these stunning home library designs from the world’s top designers to inspire your own reading nook.

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The Lacquered Library

Designer Richard Keith Langham transforms the former living room of this 1850s Pennsylvania farmhouse into a high-style library. A Colefax and Fowler plaid evokes the homeowner’s Scottish heritage and playfully reflects off of blue-violet lacquered walls. The library’s club chairs are in a linen chenille, and the custom ottoman is in a Jerry Pair suede.

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The High Couture Library

Historian Maureen Footer blends neo-Dior elegance and cosmopolitan bliss within the halls of her New York City apartment.

Inspiration from design icons flood the small library, which features cerused oak paneling inspired by French designer Jean-Michel Frank and vintage Elsie de Wolfe slipper chairs.

The Chinese chest and Sultanabad rug are mementoes from Footer’s travels. The sofa pillows are Fortuny; an Elk Lighting pendant hangs above.

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The Chateau Library

A feast of patterns and antiques mingle throughout the media and reading room of designer Juan Pablo Molyneux’s Château de Pouy-sur-Vannes. A pair of Giacometti lamps flank a custom sectional upholstered in a Luigi Bevilacqua tiger velvet.

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The Provence Library

Designer Bunny Williams restores the ethereal charm of this France farmhouse by echoing influences from the home’s Provence setting inside.

This once-boxy space was transformed into a comfortable library filled with pedigreed antiques. The room’s custom sofa is topped with a vintage Turkish textile.

A Cowtan & Tout fabric covers the armchair and ottoman. The custom rug is by Studio Four NYC.

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The Artful Library

A 1960s Atlanta high-rise becomes the perfect space to frame the world-class art collection of designer John Oetgen. Oetgen’s dogs, Double and Gibbs, relax in the home’s library, which houses a Venetian black bird mask and bronze rhinoceros from a Paris flea market. A Robert Kuo floor lamps sits beside a custom sofa. The cowhide rug is from Stark.

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The Fashionable Library

Tiger print carpets and contemporary artwork make a dramatic statement in the study of this Manhattan pied-à-terre designed by Daniel Romualdez.

Focused on adding a fashionable yet not-too-stuffy layer to the room, Romualdez covered antiques pieces with modern textiles the vintage Billy Baldwin slipper chairs he reupholstered in a Zimmer + Rohde fabric.

A piece of art from American artist Conrad Marca Relli acts as the study’s focal point. The carpet is from Patterson Flynn Martin.

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The Storied Library

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The Paneled Library

Designer Ellie Cullman and architect John B. Murray merge a pair of neighboring Manhattan apartment into a glowing park side suite. Natural light reflects off the polished French anigre woods walls of the library. A Burden side table and Larrea Studio cocktail table sit pretty with a sofa and tufted chairs from Anthony Lawrence-Belfair. The artwork is by French painter Françoise Gilot.

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The Soaring Library

High in one of New York City’s most iconic residential buildings, designer Tammy Connor turns this Hampshire House pied-à-terre into a warm retreat. The subtle palette and wood furnishings of the apartment’s library echoes Central Park’s verdant canopy below. A Florian Schulz pendant hangs over the room’s 1940s Danish desk. The vintage Khotan rug is from Keivan Woven Arts.

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The Rich Red Library

Worldly treasures and luxe textiles surround designer Alidad as he lounges in his London home library. A William IV rosewood bergère and Victorian slipper chair complement a custom sofa in a red Colony fabric with Turnell & Gigon fringe trim. The green lamp is from Vaughan.

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The Luminous Library

Soft orange walls and olive shades give off an intimate vibe in the library of this 1930s Spanish Colonial home in Dallas. Designer Cathy Kincaid covered the custom club chairs in a Claremont fabric. The cocktail table is from the East & Orient Company.

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The Eclectic Library

Luxe fabrics and a bold color palette envelope the walls of this Washington, DC, home library designed by Alessandra Branca. A cozy wool paisley covers the walls and serves as the room’s drapery. The rug is from Stark.

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The Classic Library

An eclectic mix of classicist and modernist styles, the Montecito getaway of John Saladino acts as urbane gallery of the designer's most treasured antiquities and art.

A slick, modern Remains Lighting chandelier offsets the rustic wall paneling of the library. The sofa from Saladino’s own line features a Dualoy leather and Quadrille fabric.

A Fortuny cushion tops a Charles II-style caned armchair. The rug is from Sacco Carpet.

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The Euro Library

Inspired by the Villa San Michele outside of Florence, this Southern California home embraces it’s European influences with antiques sourced throughout Europe flooding each room. Designer Laurie Steichen painted the paneling with an aged patina that infuses the library with a sense of history. An antique English leather wing chair is paired with a French gueridon table from Brenda Antin.

Source: https://www.veranda.com/decorating-ideas/g27888984/home-library-ideas-design/

Modern Home Library Ideas for Bookworms and Butterflies

7 Modern Home Library Designs To Inspire

With all the clouds on the internet having a physical home library at home may seem nostalgic but it doesn’t mean that it can’t look modern still.

It is all a matter of presentation and how well it fits into your designed space.

These modern home library ideas look decorative and cool, so scroll away and take note about how to best organize your reading collection to benefit your home decor.

Contemporary Home Library

Sleek contemporary style is all about making storage look minimal. Modern bookcases offer lots of space and little design details. If you have a really sizeable collection, you’d want a cubby-style floor-to-ceiling bookcase for your library.

Contemporary home library via BehanceLibrary frame via MonsterkaHouse 3 by Coy Yiontis ArchitectsModern colorful library by Hudson Interior DesignThe Ambassador Residence – Wheeler Kearns ArchitectsModern colorful library by Hudson Interior Design

It doesn’t have to be boring, though. Arrangement by color seems to give a library a more organized yet dynamic look.

You may pick a few frequent book cover hues from your collection and coordinate your color accents according to those.

Living Room Libraries

The living room appears to be the best place for a library. It’s the most spacious room in the house but it also doesn’t require much storage for anything else, so the books have occupied that place for a long time.

Fifth avenue apartment library by Jarlath MellettOceanic library in a Nashville house via House BeautifulRich black library by Daniel RamualdezClassy library bookcase Stephen Fletcher ArchitectsSophisticated navy library via Come Piace a teElegant but cool home library via Elecxon Studios

If you are keeping up with the traditions, there are things you could do to make a living room library less predictable or background-y. It could be a contrasting color of your built-in bookcases or neatly arranged books.

The examples above show artworks, pottery, and all kinds of display objects decorating the bookshelves. That’s the easiest way to attract attention to your library collection.

Modern Home Library Ideas

Have a spare room? Why not turn it into a reading heaven? Here are a few ways of how you can do that even if you have an open plan layout. One of the best solutions is to place a bookcase between your chosen corner and the rest of the space.

Home library by Forsythe General Contractors Inc.Library with a reading nook via Revista ADTasteful book shelving via Bo BedreLoft library via Casa BaunilhaPiermont project by Rachcoff Vella ArchitectureClassic home library by Lizette Marie Interior Design

In a completely separate room, you can, however, have whatever other furniture you may need to comfortably leaf over your favorite authors.

Lizette Marie Interior Design, for instance, added a cart mini bar to what appears to be a classic home library designed in modern style. Yours can have a writing desk, a computer, or some other feature that you deem necessary.

Staircase Libraries

Staircases often leave a lot of empty vertical space, especially in lofts, so it’s a great way to both incorporate a library into your house and fill up all that air. Contemporary vertical bookcase systems aren’t only capacious but are also very impressive-looking.

Vertical library in a loft in Rotterdam via Shift Architecture UrbanismParisian Loft library via House BeautifulUnder staircase library by Magdalena Keck Interior DesignRosa and John’s Residence by Zminkowska De Boise ArchitectsGrand staircase library via Curbed

All that room underneath the staircases is subject to use as well. It can definitely host a few dozen books as long as you go for an efficient type of storage cubbies.

Zminkowska De Boise Architects show how to use a very small staircase as a supplemental storage for your library.

More Modern Home Library Ideas

Other rooms can accommodate a library as well, but their choice depends on what suits you. A sunroom seems a great fit for a library, definitely good for your eyes. If you prefer to read before bed, a bedroom can be a good place for it.

Penthouse library via CurbedBedroom library by Ruslan KovalchukKitchen library via Skona HemApple Bay House library by Parsonson ArchitectsHome library by Harmony Weihs

Some may prefer to read while they are cooking, and that’s when a kitchen library makes sense. It definitely needs to stay at a distance from sinks and stoves, though.

Hallways, corridors, and all kinds of transition spaces are great for keeping books if you lack space elsewhere.

Home Office Library

A home office still seems the best place in the house for a library. It creates a certain atmosphere in the room and promotes peace and quiet that help you concentrate on your work. It’s also just handy. Whether you are going to read or work, it’s a perfect place to do both.

Glamorous Art Deco library in a home office via Revista ADContemporary office library by Muriel BrandoliniOctagonal office room with a library via Architectural DigestBlack library in a white office via Stylish a Bookcase

A home office library is a cool feature design-wise as well. It gives your home office a more serious and presentable look.

Big Library

A big library is a big commitment. You need to have a lot of space, maintain certain conditions to preserve the books, and finally fit it into the picture. Thanks to the modern design, none of this is hard to do if you have a budget and desire for it.

Studio Mellone – Germaine et CieThe Brain by Olson Kundig ArchitectsHaws W by Kraus Schoenberg ArchitectsDouble height living room library by Kedem ShinarBookshelves via Vitale Arredamenti 

Dynamic bookcase designs can make even the largest home library look attractive both intellectually and visually.

If you don’t want the entire wall covered in books, though you can opt for bookcase designs that have shelves for display objects in the midst of numerous bookshelves.

Library Bookshelves

Speaking of bookshelves, these don’t necessarily have to be monolithic. Separate shelving units look cool and make for a convenient choice for transition spaces between rooms.

Home library bookcases by Kemble InteriorsSharp bookshelf by Daniel LibeskindIndustrial loft via BehanceModernist library by Benvenuti and Stein

A well-shaped bookcase or bookshelf can create a pocket of space in the open plan house, where you’ll be able to read in peace and quiet without shutting the world out completely.

These modern home library ideas aren’t your only options. There are many more out there to be found. Or you could design and customize your own library. You’re limited only by your imagination.

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