15 Agate And Geode Bathroom Decor Ideas

  1. 31 Decorating Ideas with Crystals and Stones to Add a Touch of Glamour
  2. 31 Sophisticated Decorating Ideas with Crystals and Stones to Give Your Home an Upscale Look
  3. 31. Crystals Sunk in Turquoise Sand
  4. 37 Gifts To Celebrate 15 Years Of Marriage
  5. 1. Floral Wine Glass
  6. 2. Heart-Stitch Photo
  7. 3. A Year Of Love
  8. 4. Gold Gemstone Box
  9. 5. Couples Pint Glasses
  10. 6. Cozy Home Firestarters
  11. 7. Curved Glass Photo Print
  12. 8. DIY Marble Dishware
  13. 9. Crystal Photo Charm
  14. 10. DIY Fairy Light Lamp
  15. 11. Crocheted Watch Strap
  16. 12. Quartz Pendant Necklace
  17. 13. Anniversary Year Calendar
  18. 14. Agates On Display
  19. 15. Shadow Box Desk Calendar
  20. 16. Rocks-To-Crystal Paperweights
  21. 17. Gold-Trimmed Geometric Mirror
  22. 18. Get In A Rhythm
  23. 19. Gemstone Massage Bars
  24. 20. Feathered Gemstone Earrings
  25. 21. Bath Bomb Geodes
  26. 22. Two-Tiered Terracotta Jewelry Dish
  27. 23. Agate Stone Cocktail Stirrers
  28. 24. Acrylic Whiteboard Calendar
  29. 25. Big Night Out Bracelet
  30. 26. Vintage Layered Necklace Set
  31. 27. Feather And Crystal Charms
  32. 28. Wrapped Glass Necklace
  33. 29. Eco-Friendly Gift Basket
  34. 30. Heart Of Succulents
  35. 31. Crystal Tassel Earrings
  36. 32. Macame Lanterns
  37. 33. Stone Splatter Jewelry Dishes
  38. 34. Classic Beaded Hair Comb
  39. 35. Clay Diamond Wine Charms
  40. 36. Stone Jar Pendant
  41. 37. Gold-Dipped Jewelry Trays
  42. Agate, Lapis and Quartz: Mineral Decor for a Dazzling Interior
  43. Mineral Surfaces
  44. Mineral Accents
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  46. Bring in Positive Feng Shui With Healing Crystals
  47. 15 Impressive Gemstone Inspired Crafts
  48. 1. DIY gemstone soap
  49. 2. Agate bath salt melts
  50. 3. Stunning homemade painted crystals
  51. 4. Origami gemstones
  52. 5. Design inspired gemstone coasters
  53. 6. Miniature crystal shaped gemstone soap
  54. 7. DIY clustered crystal soap
  55. 8. DIY gemstone lotion massage bars
  56. 9. Decorative DIY geodes
  57. 10. Easy marbled gemstone necklace
  58. 11. Steven Universe inspired mini gem cakes
  59. 12. DIY geode bath bombs
  60. 13. Crystal cluster water colour paintings
  61. 14. DIY faceted gemstone wall art
  62. 15. Precious gem nail art
  63. Geode Decor
  64. 20 Ways to Rock Your Wedding Using Geodes, Crystals, and Stones
  65. Pyrite Paper Weights

31 Decorating Ideas with Crystals and Stones to Add a Touch of Glamour

15 Agate And Geode Bathroom Decor Ideas

Popular in today’s decorating practices is the use of all natural colors beige, white, and gray. The natural colors help promote a clean, airy feel for a home or office. We associate a soothing, restful atmosphere with these tones.

Using these colors of nature as our background, we look for objects in nature to accent our rooms and so continue to promote that calming aura.

Consider then the use of these decorating ideas with crystals and stones as an attractive and elegant complement for any room colored in natural tones.

31 Sophisticated Decorating Ideas with Crystals and Stones to Give Your Home an Upscale Look

Start with glowing quartz in the fireplace which pictures large pointed pieces of glowing quartz to create the impression of the warmth provided from a fire’s glow.

The cascading quartz chimes or the white stones dangling from the golden chandelier will quietly grace any ceiling corner. The lavender gray of the geode is a perfect tone that matches the mood of natural colors.

The geode presents a multitude of accenting possibilities. It can be used as a planter nesting small succulents.

The geode with its bowl- shape makes a beautiful tea light holder which provides soft, subdued lighting to enhance a quiet mood. Showcasing crystals and stones in a glass box or terrarium is another classy way to use elements in nature to decorate your home.

In the terrarium you can introduce bright natural colors green moss or turquoise sand or purple lavender as a contrast to the clear white of crystals and beige stones.

And adorn your table with a natural and elegant centerpiece of white quartz, white candlelight, and silver.

Any room or office utilizing all natural tones will benefit from these stylish displays of decorating ideas with crystals and stones, and these accent ideas will enhance the reflection of nature in your home.

31. Crystals Sunk in Turquoise Sand

Source: abeautifulmess.com

Source: https://homebnc.com/best-crystals-stones-decorating-ideas/

37 Gifts To Celebrate 15 Years Of Marriage

15 Agate And Geode Bathroom Decor Ideas

Midway through two decades of marriage, break out the crystal to celebrate both the triumphs and challenges of the past 15 years. Traditional 15th anniversary gifts mark the passage of time with beautiful cut glass.

Watches and clocks are the modern anniversary gift for this milestone, as well as all presents that celebrate and mark the year ahead.

Fill a desk calendar with family photos, transform household items into eye-catching clocks or even crochet your own wrist watch band.

Whether you go with a traditional or modern 15th anniversary gift, personalize your present to your partner’s style. Personalization opens up endless possibilities for handmade presents, whether you’re toasting to a new year with monogrammed wine glasses or working agate stones into your home design. Check out our list of handmade gifts to celebrate a decade and a half joined in marriage.

1. Floral Wine Glass

Source: Shutterfly

This glass-themed anniversary wouldn’t be complete without some excellent drinkware. Etch each glass with a poinsettia, personalized message, name and date and pair with your favorite vintage wine.

2. Heart-Stitch Photo

Source: Lost Mom

Looking for a last-minute gift you can make on your own or with the kids? Reprint your favorite photo and punch small heart-shaped hole. Delicately weave red thread along the heart and mount the photo in a matching frame.

3. A Year Of Love

Source: Shutterfly

Hand-designed calendars combine professional quality with personalized care. Choose from a traditional wall calendar, an easel calendar or even print the year on a mousepad. Customize each month with a favorite photo from your 15 years together.

4. Gold Gemstone Box

Ferrero Rocher boxes transform into delicate jewelry holders when lined with gold tape and topped with a gemstone or faux crystal. Fill the box with a handmade crystal necklace to complete the 15th anniversary gift set.

5. Couples Pint Glasses

Source: Shutterfly

All about the craft beer craze? Toast your favorite brew in these personalized couple’s pint glasses. Add your name, wedding date or monogram and pair with DIY gifts for your beer lover.

6. Cozy Home Firestarters

Source: Hello Nest

Perfect for a fall anniversary, melt wax into a bundle of seasonal herbs and spices to throw into the fireplace. Package in a decorative mason jar to stick with the glass theme of the 15th year and pair with an anniversary card.

7. Curved Glass Photo Print

Source: Shutterfly

Print a translucent photo onto a piece of curved glass surrounded by a delicate blue watercolor design. The frame stands on its own and offers a unique option for displaying wedding or family images in your home.

8. DIY Marble Dishware

Nail polish is a useful tool for redesigning glass and ceramic dishes. Swirl two colors of metallic nail polish in water and dip glass bowls into the paint-filled solution. Create a set of two chargers, dinner plates, bowls or even mugs!

9. Crystal Photo Charm

Source: Shutterfly

Surround your favorite photo with stunning crystals and 12-karat rose gold in a delicate charm. Each charm design comes in a large range of styles. Add the charm to a bracelet or necklace chain.

10. DIY Fairy Light Lamp

Repurpose a glass lantern into a whimsical lamp for your living room or bedroom. Fill the base of the lantern with white decorative stones and loosely bunch battery-powered twinkle lights in the top area. Tuck the battery pack beneath the stones and leave easy access to the switch.

11. Crocheted Watch Strap

Source: Loopingly Made

Customize a plain wrist watch to completely personalize your partner’s style by crocheting a strap just for them. Ideal for beginner crocheters, follow the pattern and customize with your choice of thread and clasp or button.

12. Quartz Pendant Necklace

Source: Brit + Co

Celebrate your 15th anniversary with not just one crystal, but nine! String a collection of asymmetrical crystal beads onto a gold wire and attach to a necklace chain. Accent with curved brass beads to add a touch of unique style.

13. Anniversary Year Calendar

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Spend your 15th year of marriage flipping through everything that’s come before: your dating years, the wedding, a new home and everything that came between. The provided template allows you to print photos to celebrate each month of your year ahead.

14. Agates On Display

Source: A Beautiful Mess

This DIY agate mobile gives the effect that the stones are beautifully floating in mid-air. Wrap each slice of agate with floral wire and attach to a gold hoop with fishing line. Hook an extra loop of line to the top of the mobile to hang inside or on an outdoor porch.

15. Shadow Box Desk Calendar

Source: Pop Shop America

Remind your partner of your love every day with a shadow box desk calendar. Glue scrapbook paper to the back of a small wooden box and add three small c-hooks to the top of the inside of the box. Create a marbled effect on the number cards with the help of paint and shaving cream.

16. Rocks-To-Crystal Paperweights

Source: Love Maegan

Use your artistic eye to convert plain, jagged rocks from your backyard into sparkling crystals. Layer swirls of metallic and vibrant nail polish to create the rock or crystal style of your choice. Gift large rocks as decorative paperweights or add magnets to the back of smaller stones for the refrigerator.

17. Gold-Trimmed Geometric Mirror

A simple square mirror takes on a whole new 3D look when trimmed with golden tape in a precise, geometric pattern. Sticking with the 15th anniversary glass theme, accent a mantel or dresser as a chic gift and piece of home accent decor.

18. Get In A Rhythm

In the modern 15th anniversary gift theme, design this unique clock from a small, repurposed drum. This is the ideal gift for a partner that drums or a family of music lovers. Display on the wall or a mantlepiece where everyone can see.

19. Gemstone Massage Bars

Source: The Makeup Dummy

Finish off your crystal-themed anniversary gift set with gemstone massage lotion bars. Only three ingredients melt together into a moisturizing set of oils great for dropping into the tub or pampering the skin. Natural mica powder colors the gemstones without using synthetic ingredients.

20. Feathered Gemstone Earrings

Source: The Paper Haunt

Create your own version of these popular accessories with craft peacock feathers, small gemstone beads and gold earring hardware. Add a birthday gemstone or crystal just below the earring hook for a personalized touch.

21. Bath Bomb Geodes

Source: The Makeup Dummy

This DIY gift idea is more than just a beautiful present — it’s also a fascinating science project. Use all-natural ingredients commonly found at home to create a bath bomb that looks just the inside of a stunning geode.

22. Two-Tiered Terracotta Jewelry Dish

Break free from the traditional jewelry dish design with the help of traditional terracotta planters. Stack a small pot and draining plate on top of a medium plate to create the two levels. Paint in your own personal style or leave it plain for a rustic look.

23. Agate Stone Cocktail Stirrers

Source: Pop Shop America

Spruce up your celebratory anniversary cocktails with homemade crystal stirrers made from agate stones. Simply attach small agate stones in a variety of colors to a thick wooden dowel with hot glue. Pair with personalized cocktail glasses and your favorite drink recipe.

24. Acrylic Whiteboard Calendar

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Secure two even squares of white and clear acrylic together with room to slip a piece of paper in between. Switch out a monthly calendar, photos and sweet anniversary messages each month. Include a whiteboard marker for making monthly notes.

25. Big Night Out Bracelet

Add a string of large faux crystals to a collection of gold chains and a delicate, gray ribbon. Combined together, this playful piece gives the appearance of several bracelets stacked together into one style.

26. Vintage Layered Necklace Set

This DIY tutorial walks you through pairing a collection of different metals, charms and chain lengths to create the ultimate layered necklace set. Add a few crystals to the chain to personalize your gift for your 15th anniversary.

27. Feather And Crystal Charms

Does your spouse love bohemian style? Frame a crystal stone inside a golden ring and attach a brightly colored feather to its base, adding a few crystal beads for extra sparkle. Attach to a complementary colored chain.

28. Wrapped Glass Necklace

Build a one-of-a-kind necklace by wrapping a rustic, unpolished bead of blue glass with craft wire and attach it to a silver wire. For a personalized approach, use stone or glass from a meaningful vacation town or beach.

29. Eco-Friendly Gift Basket

Source: Hello Nest

If you’re looking for a waste-free 15th wedding anniversary idea, gather a collection of reusable kitchen items, teas, mugs and linens. This basket includes everything you need for a relaxing afternoon tea time without a single wasteful item or piece of packaging.

30. Heart Of Succulents

Source: Sisters What

This garden of succulents fits right inside a small wooden heart-shaped planter, perfect for any anniversary theme. Pair the heart with wooden letters that spell out L-O-V-E or gift all on its own.

31. Crystal Tassel Earrings

Source: Craftoholique

Easy to make in just 30 minutes, attach pale blue embroidery thread to silver jewelry hardware and accent with a string of faux crystals. Pair with a handmade crystal necklace for a complete gift set.

32. Macame Lanterns

Source: Decor Hint

Add a romantic glow to your backyard or dining room table by adding a macrame string design around mason jars filled with tea lights. Add these to the centerpiece for an indoor dinner or romantic backyard cookout.

33. Stone Splatter Jewelry Dishes

Provide a place for your partner to keep all their new crystal-encrusted gifts safe and organized. Shape a variety of clay bowls into varying sizes and styles, paint with a layer of acrylic paint and splatter with a complementary color.

34. Classic Beaded Hair Comb

Source: Curly Made

The timeless look of a hair comb is great for a night out celebrating a decade and a half of marriage. Customize the center bead by mixing several colors of clay and add corresponding beads to a chain that hangs down for a delicate look.

35. Clay Diamond Wine Charms

Source: Let’s Mingle

You don’t need real jewels to celebrate a 15th wedding anniversary. Trim several colors of clay into small diamond and crystal shapes, thread with craft wire and gift in a set to attach to the base of wine glass stems.

36. Stone Jar Pendant

Source: Curly Made

Gift a bit of magic and romance for your anniversary by filling a miniature decorative jar with small crystals or even glitter. Attach the pendant to a long silver chain and accent with a bow.

37. Gold-Dipped Jewelry Trays

Source: A Life Adjacent

Transform white ceramic trays with stick-on gold leaf paper. Add simple, geometric shapes for a modern look, such as a triangle in the corner or splitting the ratio down the middle. Decorate several dishes to create a full gift set.

Glass and crystal gifts are great for any personality and style. Weave the theme into your barware or wear homemade jewelry with pride. No matter which homemade project you choose, be sure to personalize your present for your partner. The thoughtful gift is sure to make an impact for the next 15 years and beyond.

Source: https://www.shutterfly.com/ideas/15th-wedding-anniversary-gifts/

Agate, Lapis and Quartz: Mineral Decor for a Dazzling Interior

15 Agate And Geode Bathroom Decor Ideas

We at Decoist love showcasing the power of mineral decor.

From the malachite craze that hit a few years back to the plethora of agate surfaces on today’s countertops and fireplaces, there’s clearly a renewed interest in these natural wonders.

What does a mineral-loving room look ? While you may think jewel tones are the norm, you may be surprised at the range of styles and colors represented by mineral themes in interior design. [from RSVP Design Services]

Dazzling mineral sample

Minerals can help foster an eclectic, curiosity-inspired look, and they can even make a sparkly statement in a sleek, modern room. In fact, not only do mineral specimens take center stage in today’s design world, they have inspired a range of products, from wallpaper and tiles to artwork and coasters. Check out the fabulous mineral finds below…

Mineral Surfaces

We begin with surfaces that showcase mineral design in all of its glory! this gorgeous marble tile with a mineralesque look from Rex Ceramiche Artistiche. In fact, many of today’s most alluring mineral finds feature wavy bands that evoke the formations of specimens such as agate…

Brown marble bathroom tile

Since we began in the powder room, we thought we’d feature one more elegant bathroom space, this time featuring panels. Okay, so sandstone is technically a rock, but it’s made from various minerals…And this wall is crafted from sandstone plates in two pieces: [from Exit Interior Design]

Bathroom with sandstone wall

There’s no denying that malachite is fabulous, and designers Kelly Wearstler have helped elevate it to chic status. Yet malachite surfaces can be costly. Another option: use malachite wallpaper to embellish an accent wall, such as the selection below by Spoonflower:

Malachite wallpaper

If you’re lookig for a color with a bit more subtlety, check out this taupy Agate2 Wallpaper selection, also from Spoonflower. Note how wavy bands help add a sense of texture…

Agate wallpaper

Speaking of agate, there is a current agate craze, thanks to amazing showpiece features this agate stone fireplace. In fact, this item is a true work of art, serving as a centerpiece of the room while inviting inhabitants to take a much closer look. [from EMI Interior Design]

Stunning agate stone fireplace

Agate surfaces come in a variety of colors, sometimes within the same product. In addition, agate products can be backlit for an extra glow. The fireplace below is filled with dramatic dark hues and lighter earthy tones. [photo by Chris Stark for Applegate Tran Interiors]

Agate stone fireplace

From agate to lapis… Some surfaces boast a blue tone that resembles the royal glow of lapis lazuli. Note how blue is a welcome hue in this modern kitchen. One mineral decor technique of choice: echo the shade of your featured mineral with another standout item, such as the pendant lighting below. [from MB Interiors]

Lapis countertops

Just as many mineral-laden spaces have an undeniable rich elegance, others feature a sleek modernism. Take the kitchen below, complete with mirrored tiles and contemporary lighting. The kitchen bar, which appears to be onyx, couldn’t be more fetching in this clean-lined setting. [from Forum Phi]

Mineral kitchen bar

Don’t forget the power of mineral furnishings. Once again, we see the polished sheen of agate, this time in the form of slick low coffee tables… [from Lucasso]

Blue agate coffee table in a modern space

Mineral Accents

We now turn our attention to a range of mineral accents, from artwork to specimens. In fact, the amethyst specimens below appear to be the inspiration for this space, which features rich purple tones and surfaces that sparkle. [from Platinum Series by Mark Molthan]

Amethyst samples in a richly toned room

Got quartz? This eclectic space from Kim Armstrong Interior Design sure does! In fact, the quartz specimen in this space is as striking as the pendant light overhead, and its shimmering white tones nicely complement the crisp white trim in this family room.

Quartz in an eclectic family room

Mineral samples add interest to a space, evoking that magic of gathering your first rock collection as a kid. For science lovers, geodes are a natural choice for standout decor. Below we see a large geode on a fireplace mantel. [from Tilton Fenwick]

Geode on a fireplace mantel

Even the smallest of touches can make the biggest of statements. Try placing a mineral sample–even a small one–on top of a stack of coffee table books. the perfect cake topper, this item will make your decor sparkle. [image from Tracey Ayton Photography for Twenty One Two Designs Inc.]

Mineral sample on a stack of books

Agate coasters are another wonderful way to add a dash of mineral style to your space. If your coasters are going to be on display (and they should!), make sure to strategically select a color that complements your decor. The teal coasters below are the perfect match for a space that features yellow and lime green accents. [from DKOR Interiors]

Agate coasters in a modern home

Speaking of teal, we’re loving the refreshing hue of the living room below, which is enhanced by shades of blue and red. If you look closely, you will see artwork that celebrates the formation of minerals such as agate. In fact, agate-inspired artwork is another one of today’s emerging decorating trends. [from CR Laine Furniture]

Rich tones in a modern space with mineral artwork

We end with modern artwork by Klari Reis, which features mineral- formations such as agate and geodes. Note how the color palette and bold style of the piece below makes the perfect statement in this bedroom/office. [from Canard Vineyard] 

Artwork with mineral forms

When it comes to mineral decor, do you have a favorite natural wonder? Malachite? Lapis? Quartz? Agate? Or perhaps you prefer more abstract items that echo mineral formations. Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

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Source: https://www.decoist.com/2013-08-15/mineral-decor-dazzling-interior/

Bring in Positive Feng Shui With Healing Crystals

15 Agate And Geode Bathroom Decor Ideas

Pinterest told us that crystals are trending this year, and what we’re seeing in design and fashion, we’d have to agree.

In addition to their beauty, crystals are believed to have healing properties for those who share their space. There are many different types of crystals, each of which has their own meaning.

But the common characteristic they all share is that they work with our body’s vibrations to help to bring balance.

Whether you believe in the power of crystals or not, you may still be tempted to add some agate or amethyst accessories into your life. Take a look at my top picks across decor, beauty and more.

Crystals are so hot right now that you can even find them at Target. This small, simple geode would look beautiful in a number of different spots in your home: on your coffee table, on a bookshelf or even on a bedside table. Each crystal is slightly different, so you know you’re always getting a one-of-a-kind piece.

$17, target.com

This agate-topped box would look beautiful on top of a dresser, in a bathroom or even on a living room side table. This would even work well in a kid's room to hold special trinkets or toys.

$49, overstock.com

Crystals are generally on the pricey side, but this candle is a great way to inexpensively jump into the trend. The glass jar that holds this citrus/woodsy candle has an agate decal on it, mimicking the look of an actual crystal. The candle’s fragrance includes notes of fresh yuzu and lemongrass.

$15, worldmarket.com

This stunning side table can take your love of crystals to a whole new level. The base of the table includes cross sections of natural agate, so each table will look slightly different depending on the crystals included. The gold edging ties it all together beautifully.

$498, anthropologie.com

Here’s a gorgeous set of coasters that includes slices of agate detailed with 24-karat gold. The set includes four coasters in different colors that are perfect to showcase.

$99, barneyswarehouse.com

You can use these geode napkin rings to add a bit of elegance to your everyday dining table. These hand-crafted napkin rings come in pink, purple, aqua and clear, and they're each wrapped with gold wire. They almost look pretty enough to wear as jewelry!

$60, burkedecor.com

Save an open bottle of wine with this crystal-adorned stopper. Each one is unique and features a different color and type of natural stone.

$20, urbanoutfitters.com

This cheese board will add a pop to your cocktail party essentials. The light marble mixes beautifully with the natural agate.

$60, bedbathandbeyond.com

Here’s a hand-forged statement necklace from jewelry artist Mimi Scholer. She uses a variety of agate and quartz, then ties it all together with petite brass beads.

$248, anthropologie.com

Many of us don’t drink enough water every day, but something tells me I might remember to drink more if I had a crystal water bottle this. This bottle includes amethyst, chalcedony, petrified wood, rose quartz and ocean chalcedony to represent the five harmonious elements of health in Chinese medicine.

$98, vitajuwel.com

This luxe eye cream includes some of the regular ingredients we tend to see in natural skincare products, a mix of botanicals and hyaluronic acid.

 However, actress and beauty guru Shiva Rose, who started her own skincare line several years ago, took things one step further with this cream.

This eye cream is activated with Azurite which is supposed to help bring about spiritual clarity and openness.

$95, shivarose.com

I discovered the Sandoval aromatics line about a year ago, and I've been deeply smitten ever since. All of their room sprays and fragrances are created with only natural essential oils and woods.

And each bottle contains a rose crystal that has been charged in the light of the full moon. The crystal is meant to enhance your intentions, which (I swear!) I feel every time I spray it. Best of all, the fragrances are incredibly intoxicating.

My personal favorite? Captain (above).

$45, studiosandoval.com

Source: https://www.hgtv.com/design/design-blog/design/crystals-are-trending

15 Impressive Gemstone Inspired Crafts

15 Agate And Geode Bathroom Decor Ideas

In addition to being avid crafters and DIY enthusiasts, we’re actually also obsessive trend trackers.

Whether you want to talk fashion, pop culture, television, or Internet memes, we’re totally prepared to sit down and chat about what’s on the upswing of popularity right now and which things are so totally out.

That’s why we’ve taken such strong note of the sudden popularity of crystals and gemstones in just about every facet, from fashion to home decor! Of course, our love for crafting still comes first at all times, so we’re sure it’ll come as no surprise to you at all that essentially our favourite thing to do is combine our DIY time with whatever’s trending most in order to finish a themed project and keep our personal style and living space right on trend. That’s how we found ourselves spiralling into a massive Internet search for just about every gemstone inspired craft we could possibly find!

Just in case you’re as enamoured with the idea of making gemstone themed crafts as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the best ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far.

1. DIY gemstone soap

Even if you’ve never actually tried making DIY soap from scratch before, we promise you that you’ll find this first gemstone craft completely awesome and surprisingly easy to make thanks to Tanamontana100.

Their tutorial shows you not only how to actually create homemade soap in the first place, but also how to get that nearly marbled gemstone colour effect, as well as how to shape your soap so it has the same angles and edges as any crystal or stone you’d find elsewhere.

2. Agate bath salt melts

Perhaps you’re actually such a fan of gem, precious stones, and crystal types that you know enough to have favourite kinds? Perhaps you’re just a very careful crafter who prefers to make things that look as detailed and authentic as possible when you’re supposed to be recreating something else. Either way, we have a feeling you’ll get along very well indeed with this fantastic DIY bath melt tutorial from The Makeup Dummy that is specifically shaped, mixed, and painted to look agate.

3. Stunning homemade painted crystals

Were you a huge fan of the crystallized blue and gold effect that you saw above but you’re just not keen on making a bath product because you don’t find that you use them very often? Well, that’s entirely fair, which is why we’ve found you another tutorial that will help you make something similar, but this time just as a decorative piece! See how it’s made and then painted from start to finish on Fashion By Ally.

4. Origami gemstones

Are you actually looking for a gemstone inspired craft that’s a little bit simpler to make because you love getting your kids involved in making the things you love with you? Then maybe it’s time to start teaching them origami techniques! We think these adorable folded paper gemstones (the full instructions for which are featured on HGTV Handmade) are a super easy beginner project, and also rather impressive looking if you made them from fancy, shiny paper you see here.

5. Design inspired gemstone coasters

If you’re going to go to the effort of making a gemstone inspired craft from scratch, would you prefer to make it something that is both decorative and practical? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how The Decor Guru created these fantastic hand painted drinking glass coasters that featured angled lines design to make them look just crystals and gems! We love the way they made a whole set in two different shades.

6. Miniature crystal shaped gemstone soap

Are you still quite intrigued indeed by the idea of making gemstone and crystal inspired soaps but you’d prefer to make them a little smaller and you’ve also been wondering about whether or not you can get that wonderfully clear effect that you see in one end of many real crystals? Then we’ve got the perfect tutorial for you thanks to Mimi’z World! These adorable miniature soaps make great gifts and party favours.

7. DIY clustered crystal soap

Just in case you’re still very interested in the soap idea but you’ve never tried it before and you’re feeling a little bit intimidated even though you’re also rather determined, here’s another tutorial that will help you make a cake soap that only requires shaping and textured on the top! Check out how Makoccino teaches you to create gemstone inspired soaps that look whole crystal clusters.

8. DIY gemstone lotion massage bars

Perhaps you’re really loving this whole idea of creating custom bath products and moulding gemstone shapes for yourself from scratch but you simply don’t need soap right now? Then maybe you’d be a little more interested in this lotion bar idea instead! Get the full ingredients list and step by step instructions for these fantastic homemade massage products from The Makeup Dummy.

9. Decorative DIY geodes

Have your favourite semi-precious stones and gems actually always been the ones that you find inside regular looking rocks that you can actually find in nature if you’re careful, smashing them open to reveal a fantastic surprise inside? Well, of course, you can’t really synthetically make something that occurs naturally outside, but PauAdell sure can show you how to recreated the stunning look for a decorative piece using your crafting skills!

10. Easy marbled gemstone necklace

Perhaps you’re not too bothered about actually creating the gemstone or crystal part of your project from absolute scratch, so long as you get to enjoy something stunning in the finished product? Well, if your plan all along was to create something that you can actually wear, here’s a fantastic necklace tutorial from Mahum Tariq that shows you how to turn any crystal you already have into a pendant on a nice, long chain.

11. Steven Universe inspired mini gem cakes

Have you been scrolling through our list hoping to stumble across a food based idea because your best DIY skills actually lie in the kitchen and you’re an avid cook or baker? In that case, we’ve absolutely found the best tutorial from you! Check out how Cartoon Network created these fantastic little Steven Universe inspired gemstones that, believe it or not, are actually cakes. They’re completely edible, right down to the sparkly gold dust on top!

12. DIY geode bath bombs

Were you completely enamoured with the decorative geode idea we showed you earlier on our list but you actually do want to create a version that’s a bath product because that’s your favourite idea so far when it comes to actual concepts? Then we think you’ll be very pleased indeed to see this tutorial from The Makeup Dummy that teaches you how to make a surprisingly realistic geode bath bomb!

13. Crystal cluster water colour paintings

What if your best creative skills are a little more art based rather than pure crafting and moulding so you’ve been scrolling through our list hoping to come across a gemstone tutorial that is painting based? In that case, you’d better reach for your water colour kit and brushes, because The Neoclassic is here to walk you through the process of creating stunning multicoloured crystal clusters that your friends will hardly be able to believe you painted yourself.

14. DIY faceted gemstone wall art

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about gemstone inspired paintings but, rather than creating that kind of clustered crystal effect, would you rather concentrate on a singular subject and really get those gem- angles involved? Then you simply must check out how Wandeleur created these stunning little gemstone portraits, framed them, and arranged them in different colours to make a whole wall art installation in their home.

15. Precious gem nail art

Are you actually still feeling so obsessed with gemstones that you’d rather wear them incorporated into your personal style in an even longer lasting way that just wearing something a necklace? Then we have a feeling you’ll get along very well indeed with this fantastic manicure tutorial featured on Chalkboard Nails! They show you how to create neat lines, highlighting “shine” effects, and different shades on each nail to really get that angled gemstone effect right there on the surface of your fingernails.

Do you know someone who adores colourful crystal clusters and gemstones just as much as we do, if not more, and is always looking for new ways to combine that passion with their best creative and DIY skills? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of fantastic projects to try their hand at!

Source: https://www.diys.com/gemstone-inspired-crafts/

Geode Decor

15 Agate And Geode Bathroom Decor Ideas

by Umbra

In stock on May 19, 2020.

“So On Trend, But Tedious” – by Max Siegel (Milwaukee, WI USA)

These are absolutely adorable! So on trend. I only subtracted a star because assembling them to put on the wall was tedious & time-consuming, and a few of them fell off my walls, even though I scrubbed the wall before applying them. My advice is to use your own double-stick tape; don't bother with the tape provided.

It's nice that it came with all the hardware to mount it to the wall or ceiling depending on your preferences!

I also only gave it four stars because the mounting hardware is clear for the gold and brass sets, but black with the black set, so the attachments stand out sore thumbs.

Overall, though, they're so versatile and trendy!

rockcloud Agate Sliced Geode Wind Chime Home Garden Decoration Figurine

by rockcloud

In stock on May 25, 2020.

“Aesthetically pleasing” – by RHFFR

They are very pretty! The fishing wire and wood is very cheap though. Something you’d find at a Walmart for $5. The geodes are pretty though, but I think they are actually glass. They sound glass when the wind clinks them together and the cheap fishing line tangles easily then somehow untangles itself after awhile (usually). Aesthetically pleasing none the less.

by The Oliver Gal Artist Co.

Only 4 left in stock (more on the way).

“Beautiful and realistic. Very modern look with deep rich colors.” – by CurrentPassion (Denmark Township, MN)

This was the perfect addition to my en suite guest bathroom. A narrow wall with a light switch proved a small challenge. This canvas and some mirrored art work provide the texture and color needed.

The teal tones add to the feeling of calm I wanted and the bold design keeps the bathroom from feeling too “dainty”. The gold paint looks gilded, so adds dimension. This modern artwork doesn’t require a frame.

You can see by the way the wall sconces reflect off the surface, there’s a slight sheen. Many compliments. The pattern has some flaws in it, just nature. Very happy with purchase.

by Rivet

“Neutral” – by Eohany (Georgia)

We hung these above our bed and the silver/blue tones went nicely with our grey/blue wall color. The prints are exactly as pictured.

The frames are lightweight which makes them perfect for hanging but easily scratched once removed from the protective shipping padding.

The prints arrived very securely packaged, but some of the packaging was stapled directly to the back of the frames which was annoying and tedious to remove. Overall, they're nice and neutral and will complement a variety of wall shades and room decor.

by HemingWeigh

In Stock.

“I wouldn't recommend using them with votives only because it would be …” – by Julie

These are lovely tea light holders. I don't know if they purify the air, but they definitely add warmth to a room. They're very assymetrical and natural looking which is what I wanted.

I wouldn't recommend using them with votives only because it would be difficult to remove the wax. The only issue I have encountered was the salt collecting moisture from the air cause the bottom of the holder to accumulate droplets of water.

I moved them onto some thick felt coasters I had around and voila problem solved.

Source: https://www.amazon.com/slp/geode-decor/vy4xjq3x6jru6h9

20 Ways to Rock Your Wedding Using Geodes, Crystals, and Stones

15 Agate And Geode Bathroom Decor Ideas

These ideas are total gems.

See All of Our Real Weddings

Stop reserving rocks and gems for your ring finger and start incorporating them into your décor.

Jewels and the are absolutely gorgeous, so why not sprinkle them throughout your special day? The wedding world has a thing for organic accents, and the love affair goes beyond flowers and greenery. Crystals and stones make beautiful decorations, and blend right in with other natural add-ins.

Saturated jewel and gem tones contribute to show-stopping colorscapes, as do metallics and earthy neutrals. Plus, rocks and stones are totally versatile—use them as favors, centerpieces, and more.

From incuding dazzling half geodes and vibrant agate slices to decorating with rustic rocks and majestic slabs of marble, the possibilities are endless and entirely up to you. Ready to see all that minerals and gems have to offer? These examples from real weddings will have you awestruck. Who knew geology could be so cool and romantic?

Pyrite Paper Weights

Ooh la la, just look at that tablescape. This glitzy pyrite paired perfectly with pastels and rose gold. 



Get More Boho-Chic Wedding Ideas

These raw quartz tokens served double duty: They weighed down the seating stationery and tied into the wedding's décor. 

Browse Through All of Our Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Shoot your invitations on an eye-catching background—this  Storkie Express suite sat pretty on colorful stone slabs.


See More Wedding Menu Cards

This beautiful mealtime stationery was inspired by a geode—the gorgeous blue design was truly one-of-a-kind. 

Get More Great Wedding Cake Inspiration

Turn your gem obsession into an edible confection with a deliciously-decorated wedding cake. This one (by Sweet and Saucy Shop) was coated in rock candy and topped with paper jewels.

See More Table Numbers from Real Weddings

Locally-foraged stones were adorned with gold foil digits at this wedding. 



Get More Personalized Jewelry Gift Ideas

This bride gave each member of her entourage a necklace with a different stone. This one—made of quartz—came from Mimi & Lu.

See More Chocolate Wedding Favors

Optical Amusements

Get More Creative Seating Card Ideas

These dazzling purple crystals (from World of Rocks) accompanied succulents as favors for guests. In addition, they were tied to the escort cards—gem-shaped tags with names penned in gold. 


Read Our Essential Wedding Day Photography Tips

Another great photography idea? Styling your ring snapshot with stones. This couple had their Chinchar/Maloney bands placed on contrasting rocks. 

See More Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Natural quartz and hand-painted rocks supported the four corners of this wedding's ceremony structure.


Acqua Photo

Get More Creative Ideas for Setting Your Reception Tables

Rock candy may just be the tastiest way to crystallize your wedding. These chic black cherry treats were a part of this celebration's place settings.

See Wedding Vow Booklets We Love

Swap vow stationery for something unexpected—this groom had his hand-written on a dreamy slice of agate.

Get More Marbled Wedding Ideas

Weren't convinced by the amethyst or quartz? Marble slabs might be right up your alley. These classy cuts were calligraphed by Anne Robin. 


Shannon Von Eschen Photography See More Non-Floral Wedding Centerpieces

This large rock showcased the couple's initials and sat in the center of the wedding reception's head table.

Alissa Noelle Photography Get the Best of Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

 Holly Fox baked gem-shaped cookies for this bride's bachelorette party. If these pastel sweets aren't Pinterest-worthy, we don't know what is.

JBM Photography

Put These Geode Finds on Your Wedding Registry

For a nature-inspired look, greenery and geodes go hand-in-hand—these cracked stones (styled with the help of Alex Brannian) shared their plates with simple sprigs.


Lani Elias Fine Art Photography Get All of Our Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Inspiration

Sure, your bling is already photogenic, but why not up the ante? This bride prepped her rings for the camera by setting them on crystals.

Shannon Von Eschen Photography See More Rustic Wedding Ideas

These rocks—from a local lake—were transformed into seating cards with the flick of a white gel pen. 

Source: https://www.marthastewartweddings.com/611575/geode-gemstone-crystal-rock-wedding-ideas